Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Bridgewater Triangle

ANNOUNCER: Tonight on
"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"
I felt this intense cold
move right past my back,
as if it was a person.
Oh, my gosh. Look at that.
We're seeing four or five times
the average level
of magnetic activity.
Do you see the orange
right above the trees?
Can you see this?
- Yes, I can.
That's a solid glowing ball.
We have a burning hot burrow
of some sort.
That's hot like
there's something in it.
I had an orb experience
not too far from here.
It's coming straight
toward the shore right now.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
All of a sudden,
I am much less excited
about going out there
looking for this.
For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible
that the clues to unlock
the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Whoa!
An ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high-stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this activity
that's happened.
That's unbelievable.
- Oh, my gosh. Look at that.
Look at that,
look at that, look at that.
The goal-- uncover evidence that
may finally expose the truth.
What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense.
You ever seen anything
like this before?

This is just the beginning.
Paul and Andy, it's good
to have you at the table again.
Good to be back.
- Yeah.
Well, from the looks
on your faces, I feel like
we're at the top
of a new adventure.
Absolutely, and our thought here
is to go back as far as we can
to kind of the starting place
of high strangeness
in the United States.
This area predates
the United States itself.
It's an area called
the Bridgewater Triangle.
It's outside of Boston.
Really, the oldest recorded
UFO sighting
in the United States
was in Boston in 1639.
John Winthrop reported seeing
some kind of fireball in the sky
that moved about for hours.
As you can see,
it's, you know, now
you know, highly populated,
but still to this day, lots of
incidents of high strangeness.
Why the particular points
of the triangle? Do we know?
This triangle was actually built
in the 1970s by an investigator
who was investigating claims
of different types of phenomenon
throughout the area
and literally just putting
a point on a map over the course
of multiple data points
and came up with this triangle.
And those reportings
include UFOs,
orb sightings, cryptids,
and other types
of paranormal activity.
This was the scene of
a particularly bloody chapter
in the country's history.
Are you familiar
with King Philip's War?
Heard of it.
During this-- this war
between the British,
well, then the British colonists
and the native Wampanoags,
on a per capita basis, it was
deadlier than the Civil War.
Really ended with a--
with a surrender
and then a massacre
not too far from an area
called Anawan Rock.
Did it leave some kind of mark
on the landscape?
Some kind of history being
left in the land itself,
not unlike what we hear
about here with the curse.
You said cryptid.
Is there any mention of
anything akin to a Skinwalker?
There's a cryptid
that they call a Pukwudgie.
A what?
- A Pukwudgie.
- Pukwudgie.
Pukwudgie. Yeah.
This woodland creature
that would almost lure people,
uh, to their death.
Is that a Wampanoag term?
- Yes.
We understand this idea
of a curse,
and we understand
that there's cryptids locally,
but we want to dig more
into what is the explanation.
Do they mimic the Skinwalkers
that we hear about here
in Skinwalker Ranch
- Mm-hmm.
and other parts
of the United States?
If there's a curse, who knows?
They might have put some
being or entity or demon, uh,
to protect or terrorize
the location,
so-- which would fit
in the Skinwalker sort
of, uh, description.
I think one of the things
that's really
gonna make
this investigation unique
is that Bridgewater Triangle
has this verbal history.
There's no hard data behind it.
- Right.
So I'm okay with taking
the stories,
the ghost stories, as data.
- But then we got to figure out
what hard scientific
measurements and data
we can gather from that.
Once we're boots on the ground,
our goal is to go out there
with the instrumentation
that we have
and see if
we can't put some data
behind the claims
that exist verbally.
I really like
the sounds of that.
It looks like swampy area,
so, uh, be prepared to, uh,
trudge through some mud
and some
- some muck.
Well, be careful, guys.
- Yeah.
And, uh, be safe, right?
- Yeah.
Well, good luck.
- Thanks, gentlemen.
- Thank you.
Go forth and conquer.

I'm really excited
about this one.
This feels like
we're going sort of
deeper into history
than we have before.
The curse
that we're chasing down here
predates the Skinwalker curse
at Skinwalker Ranch
by more than 200 years.
PAUL: In many ways,
this is where it all began,
and this is where these stories
of high strangeness began.
ANDY: And what's fascinating is,
as you drive through here,
you see that we're not
in the middle of nowhere.
We're in the middle
of essentially
suburban neighborhood.
People live here full-time,
year round.
- And this phenomenon
is happening
just in their backyard.
PAUL: It's very concentrated.
I mean, in the middle of it
all is the Hockomock Swamp,
I mean, which is--
which means in Wampanoag,
"the place
where the spirits dwell."
I mean, it's-- it's written
all over the landscape.
And I'm actually really excited
that we get to have
a resident along with us
on this investigation.
We actually have
Matty Blake joining us.
People know him
from "Drilling Down"
and from "Beyond Oak Island,"
but what they don't realize
is that he's actually a native
from not far from here.
Right, right,
and long before those shows.
I mean, investigating
the Bridgewater Triangle
has been his passion for--
for decades.
It's really gonna be
a big asset for us.
Andy and Paul are
meeting with Matty Blake
to check out a spot known
as the Skim Milk Bridge,
where many strange anomalies
have been documented.
Welcome to
my original home state
and the Bridgewater Triangle.
The Hockomock Swamp,
to be specific.
The crazy thing is
it feels like sort of
a little middle of nowhere
in the middle of everywhere.
A suburb.
- That's really well said.
In a little short walk,
you won't feel like you're
in the middle of civilization.
I promise you that.
It's vast, and it is desolate.
I'm excited to see it.
Let's get to it.
All right. Straight ahead.
I'll lead.
It's gonna be a cold one, boys,
so bundle up.
- Yeah.
One of the common things
you'll hear
about this whole area
is that you feel like
you're being watched.
I do believe that to be true.
In fact, I stopped coming out
here, to be completely honest.
ANDY: What happened?
Well, um, I had
an orb experience
not too far from here,
and I saw a classic orange orb
following me as I walked.
I started walking quicker.
Every time I looked up,
it was there.
I felt like I was being urged
to just leave.
So, the history,
I mean, people have been seeing
strange things here
for hundreds of years, right?
Yeah, absolutely. I mean,
you have reported UFO sightings
you know, hundreds of years ago
outside of Boston,
not far from here.
Whatever's happening
has been going on a long time.
I think the most compelling
UFO sighting
happened right over there
in the '70s.
Two local newscasters saw it.
Hundreds of witnesses
said it was the size
of a football field.
That's a ton of eyewitnesses.
- That's massive.
That's massive, yeah.
- And a local woman,
according to reports,
said that that craft
landed here in this swamp.
- ANDY: Uh-huh.
PAUL: What, disappeared
into the swamp?
And I'm not sure that science
is gonna give you
the answers you want.
I think it's maybe
beyond science,
but they might decide
to show you--
put on a little show
for you tonight.
How do you feel about being
out here at night with us?
Uh, however I can
help you guys, I will.
I mean, I'm still apprehensive.
It's-- It's-- It's not--
I'm not comfortable.
I'll be-- I'll be honest.
Um, I think it's a bit of
a malevolent energy here.
- Hmm.
The more that I see,
the more that I want to explore.
So can we get
a little bit deeper in here
and see where
we might be able to set up camp?
Yeah, let's--
Let's get into the bridge.
The Skim Milk Bridge's origin
is a mystery.
No one knows
when it was constructed,
who built it,
or where the 4,000-pound
stacked stones came from.
Wow. So, what's the story here?
What's the significance
of Skim Milk Bridge?
Well, there's been
a lot of paranormal activity,
you could say, associated with
the bridge, over the years.
People have claimed to have seen
colonial-era people
walking across the bridge.
People have seen a lot of
light anomalies around here.
There were three orbs
seen in the '90s.
There's also a terrible story
of a 20th century woman
canoeing the river
and disappeared.
And they found her canoe
in perfect condition.
Everything inside it was dry,
but she was gone.
And her body was found, uh,
under the bridge, unfortunately.
Under this bridge right here?
- Yeah.
What-- What do they think
happened to her?
The-- The-- Her parents
always said foul play.
Perhaps really lured
by somebody or something.
I would say this.
This is like the heartbeat
of the Bridgewater Triangle,
in my opinion.
Um, this is-- this is the source
of-- of most of the stories.
It's where all the action is.
It's where all
the creepy things happen.
So, if there is
some sort of anomaly,
I think you'll be here. I think
you're in the right place.
Well, this is
a great place to set up.

So, one of the key pieces
of equipment
that we're setting up tonight
- Yeah, it's pretty cool.
is called a UFODAP,
and it's actually an AI device.
It scans
a set portion of the sky,
and anything
that passes across that frame,
it's gonna get picked up,
and it can actually determine
whether it's a plane
or something unknown.
No kidding.
So, 109 is connected.
Tell you what,
you guys are bringing
the Bridgewater Triangle
into the modern era.
This is next level.
If there's anything out here,
we're-- we're gonna capture it
one way or another.
Cool. We got 99% on the Jackery,
so I'm going to try to
bring the UFODAPs online.
All right,
we've got 108 and 109.
Hunter tracker are both up.
You see positive? You see--
Confirmed, yep.
Paul, I just lost, uh,
the UFODAPs went offline.
I just had it when--
- It just shut off?
Yeah, that's not seeing them.
Well, we just lost power
You said 99%, right?
- Yeah.
I didn't mishear you.
This said 99%.
Yeah, this is fully charged.
All right, so we've
got no power right now.
Did we literally-- It just died?
- Yeah.
The whole thing just died?
- Completely.
We're dark.
We'll see if
we can get this back up.
But in the meantime,
I'm gonna switch everything
over to the smaller Jackery.
- Yeah.

- Oh, everything just fired up.
We got 94%
on this guy right now.
These monitors just fired up.
- Yeah.
All right. So, we're gonna
have to work fast, though.
It's not gonna
leave us a lot of time.
- Hey, Paul, we've got power,
but for some reason,
the software is not connecting.
in the operating system
was triggered
to take security steps.
Tell you what,
while you do that,
let me just try
and power up the FLIR.
It's not dark yet, but
Yeah, you wanna do
the handheld, too?
Let's just see
We're rebooting here.
Push comes to shove,
we got the three of us.
- That is the
- Isn't that amazing?
This FLIR has been
so incredibly reliable.
Go ahead and trigger record
on that bad boy
to make sure that we have it.
- Yeah.
What, we got a bad card here?

Card not saved?
- Not saved.
The memory card?
- Are you kidding me?
Have you ever had
- No, it's done.
This thing's not working either?
We have lost every opportunity
we have to record tonight.
I have never seen this level
of equipment failure
in any
of our previous experiments.
We have no software
- Not the card.
and some kind of failure
with the memory card.
- We've got no tech right now.
Welcome to
the Bridgewater Triangle,

So I reset everything, and we're
just getting total failure.
Look at this.
I have a complete shutdown
on the software system
for the computer.
What's our plan B here?
I want to pull out
our analog equipment
and see if we can kind
of get a sense
of what's driving
all this failure.
So, one of the first things
I want to look for is
any kind of magnetic
or electromagnetic anomalies.
- Sure.
TriField meter is gonna give us
a sense
of the magnetic impact here.
We've seen technology failure
in other investigations.
We've also seen anomalies
that we can measure.
So right here Wow,
you're seeing that right, Paul?
Yeah. Whoa!
- Oh, my gosh. Look at that.
Look at that. Look at that.
Look at that.
Whoa, whoa.
We're at 2 milligauss.
2.9 milligauss.
Look at-- this is crazy.
Look at this activity.
What is going on?
- You see that?
- In a normal location
anywhere in America,
you're looking at .1, .2.
We're seeing four or five times
the average level
of magnetic activity.
Not only are we getting
those spikes,
but the baseline seems to be
- It is.
between 0.5 and 1.5
almost all the time.
That is an intense amount
of magnetic activity.
Look at our radiation right now.
See that?
[steady beeping]
- What?
Look, we're at 17 Micro Rem,
dropping slowly right now.
This is seven points higher
than what you would expect
to see
- anywhere else.
That means we have both
magnetic activity and radiation.
What I'm seeing is
completely blowing my mind.
I mean, we're looking
at electromagnetic energy
in this area that's
10 to 15 times higher
than anything that I would
expect to see here right now.
I mean, this could be attracting
all sorts of strangeness
all around
this Hockomock Swamp area.
What-- What could cause something
like a radiation spike?
Some sort of energy source is
putting out more radiation.
- And this confirms that
that same power source
is also putting out some kind
of electromagnetic field.
What I've got to wonder now
is this magnetic field
what's-- what's spiking
all of our equipment?
There's a very good likelihood
that that's what's happening.
I got to tell you, actually,
in my estimation,
that's scarier
than any ghost or orb
I could have seen tonight.
I-I did not expect that.
Everyone I love lives here.
I live in this area,
so that's not-- that's not good.
You know, that's-- that's
disturbing to me,
and, um, I'm glad you did it,
I'm glad you-- I'm glad
you got those readings,
'cause the people should know.
All right, let's head back.
- All right, let's do this.
After intriguing results with
Matty Blake at Skim Milk Bridge,
Paul and Andy are on their way
to investigate
the historical Anawan Rock,
another notorious site located
within the Bridgewater Triangle,
where they're meeting
with researcher Andrew Lake.
This is where this
whole story begins, right?
Anawan Rock has a reputation
of being very haunted
by the Wampanoags
who made their last stand here.
- As you can see by this sign,
this was the end
of the King Philip's War.
Historians said it was probably
the bloodiest conflict
in North America.
Some of the nastiest crimes
against humanity
you could think of.

I myself have
had some experiences here
that make me feel
that this place is always
gonna hold on to that history
and that energy.
I mean, I'm really eager to
actually get eyes on the rock.
Well, yeah, let's go in.
Let's go in,
and I can continue the story.
What happened
in the King Phili's War was
the English authorities
in Plymouth
uh, kept pushing
the Wampanoag tribe,
making them give up land.
At one point, they wanted them
to hand over their firearms.
It was
an absolutely brutal conflict.
General Anawan,
a much older man,
he became their leader
whether he liked it or not,
and he had retreated
to this spot.
This is the last stand.
- This is it.
And Benjamin Church
snuck up on them,
and without firing a shot.
Anawan surrendered,
and they were drawn
and quartered and beheaded,
and their heads
were put on spikes.
So this place has
a reputation of being
very haunted by the Wampanoags
who made their last stand here.

What was your experience here?
Well, my experience here, uh,
was in, uh, 2008,
two days after the anniversary
of the surrender.
And I was here helping
some friends
with their radio program.
And I volunteered to come
out here
with their scientific advisor,
Matt Moniz.
And we were up
on the top of the rock,
and what I saw was
what they call phantom fires.
There was a fire burning with
no heat, no smoke, no sound,
campfire light under the canopy.
And it looked like--
like a film overlay.
But it just faded away.
I had heard
these stories about people
seeing these phantom fires.
But then to be
standing up there that night,
look out there and see it,
it was just crazy.
That wasn't the end of it.
We were standing up on the rock,
and Matt was facing toward 44,
and I was facing out this way,
and it was August.
It was very warm,
and I felt this intense,
and I mean, intense cold
move right past my back,
as if it was a person
walking right past me.
My brain immediately thought,
something is moving past me,
and all the hair
stands up on me.
And I immediately spun around,
and there was Matt with this--
probably the same look
on his face,
And he goes, "What the eff
just walked between us?"
And that's exactly
what I was thinking.
It was like a fluid movement
of something, and it was gone.
Andrew Lake has an incredible
depth of historical knowledge.
He also is
an experiencer himself.
Now, our job is to come
and measure real data,
to take
real, meaningful findings,
real results
back to Skinwalker Ranch.
And Andrew seems like the right
person to help us do that.
Now, this is
the actual campsite where
Anawan had set up camp
that night.
Right here
along the backside of the rock.
I mean, this--
I think this is the place.
This is where we want to set up.
Yeah, I completely agree.
- Yeah.
Based on Andrew Lake's
firsthand experiences
of strange anomalies
at Anawan Rock,
tonight's investigation
will focus on visual, thermal,
and energy phenomena
in the surrounding area.
[high-pitched electronic whine]
- We are recording on the FLIR.
- Got us looking right
into the heart of the swamp
over there.
Yeah. I'm just gonna scan
with the night vision.
Just go for it.
What I've got here are
night vision goggles
that we can use to record.
So you'll see them
projected here on the screen.
So, what we'll do is
we'll step down here
and we'll start
taking a look as well.
Paul, we're gonna look in
this direction, over this way.
Okay. And I'll keep my eyes
on the FLIR as well.

So, the main thing
we're looking for here
is any kind of light
reflecting off of eyes.
Or if we see
a light source somewhere
in the woods,
it's gonna be amplified,
but it might only
come across as a flicker.
So, just keep your eyes open
for that.
That is just black swamp.

All right, Paul, it looks quiet
so far on thermal and
- night vision.
I'm wondering if there's
something that in the past,
Andrew, has caused a response.
Yeah. One of the things
that folks have tried to do
is speaking Algonquin.
- Mm-hmm.
So, I mean, I don't know
if you want to try to
- Well, we don't have
an ancient
Native American language,
but we do have a recording
of an ancient Hebrew prayer.
- We have the same prayer
that was chanted at Skinwalker.
- That's right.
In 2020,
the Skinwalker team used
an ancient Hebrew prayer
as a catalyst
while attempting
to open a portal.
What they documented
were strange thermal anomalies
throughout the entire area
near Homestead Two.
[chanting] Shalom.
[speaks Hebrew]
Erik, come here a minute.
You seeing something?
Look at the difference
in the FLIR imagery now.
It's completely changed.
Now Andy and Paul are conducting
a thermal test at Anawan Rock.
They'll be using the exact
same Hebrew prayer
recorded by Travis and his team
to see if it will similarly
trigger any thermal anomalies,
like the phantom fire
or cold flash
that Andrew Lake described.
[chanted Hebrew prayer
playing on recording]

[chanting continues]
Paul, am I seeing something?
[chanting continues]
Does this look
like a plane to you?
Do you see the orange
right above the trees?

Andrew, can you see this?
- Yes, I can.
What is that? It's right
through the tops of the trees.
Look at it.

That's a solid glowing ball.
That's really strange.
right through Hockomock Swamp.
[chanting continues]
And it seemed
to come out of the air
when we started the rabbi chant.
- It doesn't have--
It doesn't have
any flashing lights at all.
[chanting continues]
- It's going very fast.
Are you recording on that?
- I got it.

I don't know what that was.
It just went away.
It just disappeared
behind the trees.
Whatever that was,
just tracked right across here.
Right in the canopy.
That was weird. [laughs]
- It also moved really fast.
That was weird.
Of all the planes
I've seen around here,
they're all going to Boston,
and they're all moving,
you know, slow.
- And also, like,
it-- it seemed low, right?
- ANDY: It did.
It seemed low and fast.
So if it were a plane,
we would have heard it.
- ANDREW: Yes.
ANDY: That's a great point.
I mean, we are in an ancient
place with an ancient language,
speaking an ancient prayer
and seeing a phenomenon
that has been reported
in the Hockomock Swamp before.
This is happening
in front of us.
Our entire crew
is watching this orb
float through the treetops
with our jaws on the floor.
I mean, there, you can see,
it's clear as a bell.
No flashing lights.
- Look at that.
Just, it doesn't look
like an airplane, right?
No, it doesn't, not at all.
- PAUL: Nope.
Look at that.
- Completely steady.
That's a solid ball of light.
- Yes. Yes, it is.
And it's going really fast.
The flickering is from when
it's going through branches.
That is not a plane.
- No.
And I think this is
where I'm losing--
What was that thing?
- Yeah, and it's gone now.

The next day, Paul and Andy
broaden their investigation
by going to the town of Raynham
in the heart
of the Bridgewater Triangle
to meet
with local resident Bill Russo
to discuss an encounter he had
with what he believes was
a shapeshifting creature
from Native American lore
known as a Pukwudgie.
This is
a residential neighborhood.
This is-- This is not kind of
where you'd expect to have
some kind of cryptid encounter.
Andy, it's-- it's a quiet town.
I am not a ghost hunter,
not in any paranormal groups.
I don't look up in the sky.
I was a guy working a 3:30 to
midnight shift in an ironworks.
Now, every night
when I get home,
my Rottweiler Shepherd,
take our walk.
We walked back here.
When we got to about
that fire plug,
Sammy started doing this
on the leash,
and it was heart-wrenching.
- Right.
She was scared.
- The night was very dark.
That streetlight cast a circle
of light down on the street,
and into that circle of light
walked a thing, and it did this.
So, Bill Russo, you know,
he's classic salt of the earth.
This is not someone I think
is gonna make something up.
His impressions
are totally genuine
and, frankly, you know,
just really colorful.
He has a vivid memory of,
you know,
a completely bizarre encounter
in a neighborhood
that he'd lived in for years.
What did you think
was happening?
It's got to be a little kid,
could be in a costume,
but it just kept doing this.
- Right.
So, you ruled out
that it was a child.
It must be some kind
of natural animal from the woods
that you just hadn't seen before
that was aged--
Animal in the woods
that walks on two legs,
3 feet tall, had a pot belly.
It looked like some
sort of a hairy thing.
I got the impression it was old.
A pot belly?
- Yeah.
Like a humanoid?
- Somewhat humanoid in a way,
because it had hands
and relatively big eyes.
How did it come to an end?
Very simple. I gave in to Sam.
I wanted to get closer
to the thing,
but I was being held down by
an 80-pound Rottweiler Shepherd.
If Sammy's frightened of it,
it can't be up to any good.
What did you do?
I made a wide berth
and headed home.
Only saw one,
never saw it again.
But after I wrote a blog
about this,
and other writers
heard about it,
they told me,
"You saw a Pukwudgie."
The Pukwudgie is a creature
from Wampanoag mythology,
described as
a 3 to 4-foot tall humanoid.
It is said to possess the power
to hypnotize its victims
and lure them to their death.
I 100% believe what I saw.
Where do you think it came from?
If you go behind my house,
you'll enter an area
that's preserved.
The woodland is like it was
300 years ago.
You think that's
where this thing,
this Pukwudgie, came from?
Undoubtedly. Undoubtedly.
I mean, I feel like that's
the place that we need
to investigate next.
- Yeah, sounds like--
That sounds like
that's where we need to go.
Well, thank you again, Bill.
- Thank you.
Appreciate your help.
- Thank you.
All right.
- Take care, man.

Bill wasn't kidding.
This is right in their backyard.
And this place looks eerie
- Yeah.
even by day.
- Yeah.
After hearing
from local resident Bill Russo
about an experience he had
with what he believed to be
a Native American legendary
creature known as a Pukwudgie,
Andy and Paul are headed
to the area
where Bill thinks
the shapeshifter came from
in the Hockomock Swamp
to meet
with scientist Matt Moniz.
Beautiful evening,
but this-- this place is creepy.
to the Bridgewater Triangle.
It-- It feels like we're
in the middle of nowhere,
but we're right
in the middle of the suburbs.
We are approximately
50 miles outside of Boston.
This area was not as
thickly settled,
mainly because you can't
really build out a swamp.

But a lot
of the indigenous tribes--
they would not venture too far
into the swamp
unless they had to.
This is dark woods.
Are there stories
of the Pukwudgie?
Yes. Same kind of description
in most of the Algonquin Nation.
Small people.
- Small people.
- So, what we'd like to do
is actually go looking for them,
and we wanna do it here
in the swamp.
So, what-- what do you recommend?
How should we go about this?
- Carefully.
There's a lot of people
that do go missing around here.
What is your understanding
of the local lore
behind the Pukwudgie?
Pukwudgies have been seen in
this area for hundreds of years.
It is a thing that will lure you
into the woods
with balls of light,
or they'll call you.
"Follow me. Follow my light.
Follow my voice."
What is their objective
in luring someone away?
They're a type of soul stealer
and they--
So, it's a trickster, like--
like Coyote or lots of other
- Native American stories.
They are also known
to be shapeshifters,
and Coyote is one of the forms
that they are said to take.
When you start
to see how the Pukwudgie legend
aligns with the legend
of the Skinwalker,
you see these
really interesting connections.
These two tribes more
than a thousand miles apart--
how does that happen
if there isn't some sort
of connective evidence
between the two of them?
PAUL: I mean, if there's
somewhere where we can set up
sort of our base camp,
that would be great.
So, why don't you just
show us the way?

ANDY: I think right about here
could be really good.
PAUL: This looks like
a great place for our base camp.
We've actually got a great
view right where
Bill thinks the Pukwudgie
may have come from.
So, Matt,
let me introduce you to Pete.
This is Pete Kelsey.
Pete's a drone operator.
We brought Pete in
from the Skinwalker team.
He's gonna be, really,
our eyes in the sky.
In 2022, Pete Kelsey
used a thermal camera attached
to a drone to search
for temperature differences
in the Skinwalker mesa
that could identify
any openings leading to a tunnel
or underground cavern.
Heading for Thomas.

That's 64 degrees.
Whereas on the rock surfaces
you are--
Yeah, out in the sun,
just went to 102.
40-degree difference.
Good God.
That's concerning.
Now he'll use
this same technology
at the Bridgewater Triangle,
but this time,
the team will be searching
for any anomalies
that might explain
the Pukwudgie sightings
in the Hockomock Swamp.
The thermal camera will pick up
temperature changes
in the environment,
as well as heat signatures
from any warm-blooded animal
caught in its lens.
What exactly am I looking for
on a thermal camera?
We're looking for a specific
creature called a Pukwudgie.
Now, the dimensions
that we know of
stand somewhere
between 2 and 4 feet tall.
Yeah. Humanoid in shape
in terms of head,
arms, legs, bipedal.
If it has
a heat signature at all,
it should look like
something between a human
and a furry animal.
Which suggests warm-blooded,
which would work well.
And so what kind of range
do we have here, Pete?
[chuckles] As far as you want,
more than likely.
Okay, great,
- Um, 'cause I will be able
to see you guys, no problem.
- [chuckles]
As long as
you don't go hypothermic on us.
Yeah, we'll work on that.
- Yeah.
All right, before we head out,
guys, a friend of mine acquired
what they think is
a picture of a Pukwudgie.
- And this is what they caught.
Oh, whoa.
That's just the head.
Oh, I see it now.
- Yeah, exactly.
- That's terrifying.
I mean,
it looks like a small person,
But look at the chest.
- Whatever this thing is
is looking right
at the cameraperson.
All of a sudden,
I am much less excited about
going out looking for this.
You ready to rock and roll?
- Ready.
Keep us safe.
- Yep.
We'll keep an eye on you.
- Thanks, guys.
- I'll be watching you.
All right.
- Catch you later.
So, we'll get the drone
set up, and we'll be in touch.
Let's go.

Andy, we are up, and we're
gonna try and pick you up.
Copy that, Paul. Thank you.
So, I'm going to sit at 150 feet
'cause I know
I'll be clear of the trees.
Jeez, look at this.
Whoop. Whoa. Look at that.

I just discovered
how deep the swamp is.
We've got a visual on you, Andy.
You can hear
the drone overhead, right?
- That means they're
Directly overhead.
That's the sound
of a friend in sight.

What's happening there?
Look at that.
Yeah, that's pretty interesting.
Hey, Andy?
- I'm here, Paul.
Are you on the shore right now?
Paul, we are
at the waterside of the swamp.
You're not moving right now,
Correct, sir. We are
not moving. We are in place.
There is something large
moving in the water
maybe 50 yards to your left,
and it's approaching.
It's hugging the shore.
You got it?
No, sir,
I'm-- I'm looking for it.
PAUL: That thing is big.
PETE: And moving
at a pretty good clip.

It's coming straight
toward the shore right now.
Man, this is creeping me out
that we can't see this, Matt.
Oh, stand by. Stand by.
We might have something.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Do you see that?
Andy, it looks like some kind
of large bird.
Maybe a swan.
That was an alarming
That was crazy.
- That was frightening.
All right, good to go.
Thanks, uh,
Thanks for the eyes
in the sky there, Paul.
All right, man, we're gonna
keep moving along the shoreline
if you're good with that.
Yep, good copy.
Okay. I think
what I'm gonna do now, guys,
is bring it home.
Oop. Okay.
- I'm at half a battery.
Andy, we're gonna return
to base here with the drone.
The battery is
drawing down very quickly.
You're on your own for now.

What have we got there?
- Magnetic field interference.
Hey, Andy, get this. We've--
We've got a message on the drone
that actually says,
"Magnetic Field Interference.
Fly with caution."
So, the drone is reading it.
Copy that, man.
[branch snaps, footsteps]
MATT: Did you hear that?
Hey, Paul,
I'm hearing snapping down here.
Have you guys seen us yet?
We do not have eyes on you
for now.
I'm moving across the, uh,
the ground.
Got it.
You're on your own for now.
So, this is really useful, man,
because temperature colors
are gonna show us that we're
seeing some kind of anomaly.
And let's just see
how far we can get out here
before we run into trouble.
Right behind.
[footsteps, branch snaps]
There it was again.
Did you hear that again?
MATT: Yes, I did.
Hey, Paul, we're working
our way close to base camp.
The snapping sound seems to
keep getting closer to you guys
On its way to your location.
All right, I'm gonna grab
the night vision.
All right, Pete,
I'm gonna go check this out
for a second with Andy.
- Okay.

Oh, my gosh. Look at this.
Oh-ho-ho. [laughs]
We have a burning hot
burrow of some sort. That's hot
like there's something in it.
Is that you, Paul?
What have you got there?
- I'm right here, man.
PAUL: What is this?
What I don't understand
is the heat signature.
If that's an uninhabited
animal burrow,
I would expect it to be cold
like the rest of the soil.
Oh, whoa, whoa.
There's a huge entrance here.
Oh, yeah?
- The thing just goes on and on.
Yeah, it goes way back there.
Oh, it's hot, too, man.
Something made this its home.
From down there,
we started hearing footsteps
on dry twigs.
That brought us here.
I feel like
we were following something.
Yeah, as we approach,
we heard it retreat.

Well, I think Andy,
at this point,
maybe we'll try to get the drone
back up, continue the search.
Maybe whatever was here
can be flushed out
or is gonna show itself again,
or we'll find something else.
Okay, let me just
make a couple of checks.

"Magnetic Field Interference.
Fly with caution."
- Yeah.
ANDY: Yeah.
I'm gonna take a look
at an old school compass,
and I just wanna see
if the compass shows
any kind of strange activity.
It is absolutely oscillating.
Let's get him away
from the metal
and and see if we still get it.
Let's do a side by side.
None of them are matching.
Look at that.
I see three compasses pointing
at three different norths.
There was a magnet or a motor
or even
the computers themselves.
Everything would point at that.
But that's not
what's happening here.
I feel like I'm looking
at three broken compasses,
which I know can't exist.
What? What?
Yeah, I see it too.
Oh, wow, look at that.
- I see it, too.
Nick, if you have that Sionyx,
I can catch it.
Look at that thing.
Completely steady.
- Yep.
That's super bright. It's going
right through the tree line.
That thing is so bright.
Let me see if it's on my app.
PAUL: That is intense.
PETE: That's nothing FAA
that's pinging.
PAUL: That's definitely
not an aircraft?
Are you tapped into
the FAA live feed right now?
There's nothing else
within miles.
The blue dot is us.
Now I-I just lost it.
- You just lost it?
It just sort of winked out?
- Yep.
I lost it on here as well.
And there's nothing,
so whatever it was
was not transponding,
which is pretty strange.
Right. That was amazing.
Great eyes, whoever caught that.
Wow. We just gathered our data.
Now we got to try
to make sense of it all.
We're kind of excited
to package these up
Was gonna say
and get these
to Erik and Travis.
We have a lot
for those guys to look over.
- Cool.
Well, I mean,
we-- we are in the heart
of the Bridgewater Triangle,
and-- and it delivered.

Welcome back, guys.
I absolutely can't wait
to hear what you uncovered at
this Bridgewater Triangle place.
This trip was 100% worth it.
No kidding.
- We had no idea.
That's a good start, yeah.
- what we were going to find.
So the first place
that we started is
a location known as
Skim Milk Bridge.
Similar to running into some
really intense weather,
we also ran into some really
intense equipment failure.
We lost a solid state generator.
You know, state-of-the-art.
It's called a Jackery.
Oh, yes, I'm very familiar
with that, yeah.
But, I mean, it just
clocked out completely.
Our computers
had a strange reaction,
as if they were
trying to fight off a virus.
So we were not able to actually
collect the vast majority
of what we wanted to collect.
- Okay.
And we were out there
with Matty Blake.
Maddie, you know-- he told us to
be ready for this kind of thing,
and we were ready for it,
you know, physically,
but we just had, you know, case
after case of equipment failure.
Well, that's really interesting
because one of the things
we have seen here a lot
is batteries being affected
and immediately drained.
We just charged them,
unplugged them,
and their--
and their reading is dead.
I actually never made
the connection myself
between the fact that
our solid-state generator
is just a giant battery.
- Yeah.
So, to see it discharge or fail
to work really is in line
with what you guys see here
on Skinwalker Ranch.
- Yeah.
This is a classic example
of no data is data.
After our first investigation
at Skim Milk Bridge,
we moved on
to a second location here
called Anawan Rock,
kind of the center point for,
uh, a lot of the legend
that has to do
with the King Philip's War.
We paired up with a historian
named Andrew Lake.
And multiple experiences
that Andrew Lake reported
happened right at Anawan Rock--
thermal changes that he couldn't
understand, he couldn't explain,
as if, uh, some kind of figure
was walking past him.
And Andrew actually experienced
something that he described as
phantom fires
that he was able to see,
but there was no actual source
of the light
that he could discern.
Now, our objective
at the Rock was to set up
while we were there.
Now, we also wanted to
use some sort of trigger.
So, we brought along
a recording of the rabbi chant
that you all used here
on the ranch.
- Oh.
We thought,
we're in an ancient place.
- And there's very few things
as ancient as Hebrew prayers
and Hebrew chants.
That recording was made
during an exercise
to explore the possibility
of opening up a portal.
Well, I'm very excited now
to share the results
of what we actually had
at this location.
So, you'll hear the chant
in the background.
Andrew, can you see this?
- Yes, I can.
[Hebrew chanting playing]
- What is that?
It's right through
the tops of the trees.
Look at it.
Did that go in front of a tree?
- Yes.
Yeah, that's what
it looks like it's doing.
What is going on there?
And we'd seen
nothing like this until
we played the rabbi's chant.
- Right.
That is a very intriguing
piece of video footage.
You know, Erik,
that looks a lot like the orb
that-- that we got last year
in front of Homestead, too--
the one that kind of went
right across the house
on the road, remember?
It does.
The proportions are right.
What on earth is that?
There it goes in front of those
trees and behind that tree.
So that tells us
it's at least 30 feet away.
So, it's about the size of
a volleyball.
It's intriguing.
- Yeah.
I don't know what it is yet,
but, uh, you know,
that's why we're doing this.
Now, from Anawan Rock,
we actually found someone
who had a local experience
that was related to a cryptid--
a cryptid
that they call a Pukwudgie.
Even more interesting was that
the person who gave us
that report
that the Pukwudgies actually
were living
in Bridgewater Triangle still,
in this swamp
- Yeah.
called Hockomock Swamp.
So, we called in Pete Kelsey.
He's a great guy to call in
for such things.
Now, as soon as we were getting
ready to leave, this happened.
[keyboard clicks]
However, Pete-- I'll bring--
I'll show you
this footage as well.
- [keyboard clicks]
PETE: That's nothing FAA
that's pinging.
PAUL: That's definitely
not an aircraft?
ANDY: Are you tapped into
the FAA live feed right now?
Blue dot is us, but there's
nothing else within miles.
So, to-- to-- to-- to recap
what we just saw here,
we have an aircraft reference.
We can see the strobe.
We can see the colors.
- This thing is not strobing.
There's no color, apparently,
and Pete reports that he can
account for all air traffic.
I mean, it doesn't
look like a satellite.
Looks like it's much closer.
This looked to me
like it was falling down.
Um so, what in the heck
is that?
You've got multiple videos
of two events, right?
These-- whatever these
glowing balls are.
Two-- Two UAPs.
- Orb yeah.
- Yeah, UAP is--
is what I would say they are,
We don't know
anything more about 'em yet.
There's something at least
geophysically very interesting
about this location.
And I think this is helping us.
I mean, I had no idea
about this place,
and what's really interesting
to me
is the lore and legend
of this place sounds so similar
to the lore and legend
of this place.
Listening to you
describe your experience
and what happened informs
how I want to conduct our--
our work here going forward.
Well, there's never
too much data, right,
that you can collect.
- All right.
Well, thank you so much,
All right. I can't wait
to see what you bring us next.
We'll be back.
- Well, again,
the thanks go to you.
- Yeah, guys.
- Yes.
All right. Thanks, guys.

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