Beyond Skinwalker Ranch (2023) s01e07 Episode Script

Navajo Nation

NARRATOR: Tonight on
"Beyond Skinwalker Ranch"
The Skinwalker
is a shapeshifter.
They sacrifice somebody
in their family
that's very, very dear.
When you say sacrifice, you
you mean kill them?
Kill them. Yes.
If you go up there,
you'll never come back down.
This phenomenon can be deadly.
What was that?
- What was that?
I'm telling you guys, it's here.
It's definitely here.

For years,
scientists have been working
to reveal the secrets
of Skinwalker Ranch.
But is it possible that
the clues to unlock the mystery
are located beyond the borders
of this hub of high strangeness?
- Whoa.
an ex-CIA agent
and a veteran journalist
have been recruited
by the Skinwalker team
to go on a high-stakes mission
across America.
Look at all this activity
that's happened.
That's unbelievable.
- Oh, my gosh.
Look at that. Look at that,
look at that, look at that.
The goal uncover evidence that
may finally expose the truth.
What is that thing?
- It's getting more intense.
Ever seen anything
like this before?

This is just the beginning.
Gentlemen, it's great to have
you back on the ranch.
I know Erik and I can't wait
for you to tell us
what you've got today.
Well, I think this one has
has a particularly
kind of a special tie-in
to Skinwalker
'cause we are going to, really,
the heart of Skinwalker country.
Now, you guys know Jon Dover?
Oh, yes, very well.
Been a friend of
your investigations here before.
So, you know, Jon's
a retired Navajo ranger
and has been doing
on Navajo Nation for years.
He and his partner Stan
they really were
sort of the real life
"X-Files" squad out there,
running down all kinds
of reports of Skinwalkers,
really anything paranormal,
Now, by Navajo Nation,
you're talking
about geographically,
the Navajo Nation, right?
Yes, sir.
- Okay.
So, I've got up
on the screen here,
Navajo Nation
from a bird's-eye view.
Now, this place is massive.
It's the size of Connecticut
in terms of square miles.
And Jon and Stan have
actually researched phenomenon
all across the nation
in their time as rangers.
The idea is
to go to Navajo Nation,
pair up with Stan and Jon,
and then get
firsthand experience from them.
What did they research?
What data
were they able to collect?
We also are hoping to
shed some more light
onto the question
of Skinwalkers.
The topic of Skinwalkers
is extremely taboo
on all of Navajo Nation.
It is not common
to talk about them.
It is not common
to say the word.
And saying the word carries
its own kind of connotation
among the local people.
It's certainly
taken from the purview
of being a curse, right?
I you
I've heard it said that
that mention of the Skinwalker
is like an invocation.
You can actually bring
the Skinwalker into your space
by talking about that subject.
Yeah, the whole topic
of the Skinwalker
is what has me really excited
about this investigation.
We're going
into the belly of the beast
where this myth-curse-legend
and we're going with an eye
towards data and science.
- What can we actually collect?
What can we record,
what can we observe
that lets us bring information
back to Skinwalker Ranch
and hopefully advance
some of what you're seeing
and researching here?
That's absolutely fascinating,
I think I think
it's absolutely necessary.
That's really valuable
to our investigation
here on the ranch.
Hey, if you guys can come back
with more data
that we can look at into that,
that would be awesome.
That's the goal.
All right, well,
we'll see what we find.

Just a second ago,
we were in bright sunshine,
and the road was clear,
and now we've got
snowstorm blowing in over here.
Looks like we're
driving right into one.
It's got multiple microclimates
inside the Navajo Nation.
That's right.
I'm super excited, man, because
every legend that we've ever
heard about Skinwalkers
starts with
the Skinwalker curse,
and this is where
that Skinwalker curse
is said to have started.
- This is the opportunity
to really get to the heart
of this story.
What is the origin
of the Skinwalker?
What are its powers?
- Yeah.
And And how much
can we measure?
What data can we collect?
Yeah, one of the things that I
think really excites me the most
is the access
that we've got here
and the people
who have agreed to speak to us,
because this is not something
that the Navajo
take lightly at all.
Yeah. To have two outsiders
like you and me
come in as investigators
and work side by side
with Navajo-licensed
and badged law enforcement
- like Stan and Jon
is really unprecedented.
- Yeah.
And we have eyewitnesses
and interviews lined up
with people who are going to
openly share
their Skinwalker story
story they can't even
tell their neighbor
- for fear of some kind
of social shame or worse.
Yeah, we're gonna have to
be ready kind of for anything.
To learn more about
the Skinwalker phenomena
occurring in Navajo Nation,
Andy and Paul arrive
at No Water Mesa
to speak with
Navajo Rangers Jon Dover
and Stan Milford.
How did you get involved
- Yeah.
in doing investigations
on phenomenon
and high strangeness reports?
The people that are experiencing
these different phenomena,
they're traumatized
a lot of times,
and they don't have anybody
to turn to.
The chief ranger
he called us all in
and basically said that,
"People are asking for help,
and you're gonna provide help.
You're gonna go out there,
you're gonna listen
to what they have to say.
From now on, when you deal
with these kind of cases
involving the supernatural
or the paranormal,
you're going to investigate it
as you would any other case."
The chief turns
to Jon and I and says,
"And you two are gonna be
the ones that are gonna
lead the investigations."
One of the things
that we're really interested
in learning about here
is the history
of Skinwalker activity.
Can you tell us
a little bit about
what the Navajos
believe a Skinwalker is?
JON: The Skinwalker is
a shapeshifter.
It's somebody who's offered
themselves, so to speak,
and they sacrifice somebody
in their family
that's very, very dear,
very loved to them
in order to attain this power.
When you say sacrifice, you
you mean kill them?
Kill them, yes.
- Wow.
When this happens,
then they're brought in
to a group of people,
and they're taught
how to do this shapeshifting.
They'll use
the skins of animals.
They can change
into any animal out there
that they have the skin of.
Once they do, they're able
to run at incredible speeds.
So, regular people
as well as law enforcement
have seen
these things personally?
Most people out here
have seen them.
Most people?
- Most people?
Yeah, And have had
some experience with them.
Within their families.
- Within their families.
- But they don't talk about it.
The only thing
that's different with us
is we've investigated
these cases,
and we're not afraid to talk
about it.
This is exactly what we need,
'cause we're here
to gather data.
You know, we're here
to look for evidence.
We're We're here to try
to put some facts to some
of these stories
- Yeah.
These things that,
you know, happen
throughout this region
that seem connected
to what we've seen
at Skinwalker Ranch.
You know, I just I think
you guys are gonna be
the perfect guides for us to
to get into this part of our
our investigation.
While Paul heads off
with Jon and Stan
on a ride-along to learn more
about Navajo Nation's
Andy is meeting with
local medicine man Art Hardy
outside his former residence
at the base of Satan's Butte,
an area rumored to be a hotspot
of Skinwalker activity.
What is this property here?
This is a place that I used
to live in years and years ago,
back in 1992, I would say.
That is, uh, where
it takes a dark turn.
The first encounter that
I've had with a Skinwalker.
You had an encounter here
with a Skinwalker?
Right. I-I caught one.
I caught one.
You caught one?
I've got to hear this story.
I was about 17 years old.
I'm all home alone.
It's probably like
8 or 9:00 at night.
I keep seeing something
moving around the window,
and that window particularly.

I go outside, turn the corner.
Bam. Me to you,
he's standing right there.
Just this far away.
- Right.
And I turn on a flashlight,
and I see this thing
just standing there.
And I catch him right off guard,
and it startles him.
He actually jumps. He
What does he look like?
There he is standing there
with a horsehead.
It turns into a human body.
And it's got paint and all kinds
of stuff all over it.
But I just specifically
remember the horsehead
being attached to this guy,
and he he slowly turns
towards me,
and, uh, we just stand there.
When he starts to run,
it sounds like a horse.
Exactly like a horse.
I know he has hooves.
You know, it's got
the whole clucking going on.
I mean, this is very creepy.
There are stories in this area
that talk about a trail
that exists right along
this mesa.
And this trail is
what they use to travel on.
One of the things I'd like to do
while we're here, then,
I want to get a sense of what
the energy baseline
is in this area.
Sure. Sounds good to me.
- Yeah. Let's take a look.

There's certainly
something about
the radiation levels here
that are elevated.
You see how we're pushing
that 1,000 counts per minute?
We should be seeing
closer to 200 or 400 counts,
not 1,000 counts. You can
Look at that.
It's already up to 1.4.

These levels are some of
the highest that we've seen
in any of
our investigations so far.

And I don't think
that it's a coincidence
that you have a suspected trail
of Skinwalker right here.
2.2, 2.4 holding and it's cons
Look. Did you see that?!
- Whoa.
Did you see that spike
to 5,000 CPM?
I saw it.
- What is this?
A lot of these rocks
came from Satan's Butte.
These rocks came from
the butte just over there?
That could very well
explain why it's got
such an elevated reading.
This is all
one consistent source.
I absolutely want to see
what the similarities are
between this building
and that butte.
Let's go.
- Let's do that.

As Andy and Art head over
to Satan's Butte,
Paul is on a ride-along
with Jon and Stan,
learning more
about the Skinwalkers
in Navajo Nation.
So, guys, when we talk
about Skinwalkers,
it sounds like we're talking
about a couple things, uh,
some kind of a human
who has been initiated
into this dark magic, who has
now some kinds of powers, right?
They shapeshift?
- And what what else?
What What are these
things capable of?
They can travel very fast.
They're known to keep up
with cars at highway speeds
and, you know, bang on the side
of your car as you're driving.
Running like an animal?
- Running, uh, on two feet,
but as an animal.
This is all
so sort of unbelievable,
but, you know, you said
this has been reported
for y well, really forever.
I spoke
to another police officer.
This officer
ran into two of them,
And as he would chase one,
it would just, in a flash,
zip away, and it would
be standing on the hill.
And he says
that as he ran after it,
the other one would
try to get to his vehicle
and take a bit of the decal,
you know, scrape it off
and take it with them,
probably to
to render a curse on it later.
And he would chase
the other one,
and it would zip off faster
than than the eye could see.
It was just like you sped up
a film in fast motion.
He says this went on
for a little while
until he finally drew
his weapon,
and he was ready to shoot
at them, and they both left.
I'm a skeptic, but when
I'm sitting next to someone
who is so informed and
and passing that on to me
in such a calm
and authoritative way,
you can't just write off
thousands of years
of human experience
just because you're a skeptic.
Hard to believe this place
is called Satan's Butte.
What is the history
of this place?
Where did that name come from?
So, there are
things here on this mesa
that scare most folks.
There is a location on this mesa
that has a very dark value
to it.
This is a dark place.
There's dark things
that happen on there,
and that's where
they named it Satan's Butte.
This is a place of evil.
This is where the Devil resides.

The taboo entity that we're
talking about here
is a Skinwalker.
Andy is at the base
of Satan's Butte
with local Navajo medicine man
Art Hardy,
who grew up next to this mesa
that he believes
is a hotspot for Skinwalkers.
How did these Skinwalkers
connect with the Satan's Butte
where we're standing right now?
There is an old cave.
It's caved in now.
Um, that's where
they would congregate.
When we were kids, we were told,
you know, "Don't go over there.
Don't hang around there.
If you go up there,
you'll never come back down."
Is it safe? Is it safe
for us to go explore?
Is it safe?
- You know, during the day,
there's there's no problem.
It's It's at night.
That's usually when you have
more problems,
more more encounters.
For their next plan of attack,
the team regroups
at the base of Satan's Butte
so they can investigate
an area at the top
where it's said
that Skinwalkers gather.
Hey, welcome
to Satan's Butte, man.
- My name is Art.
Art, nice to meet you.
- Good to meet you, gentlemen.
So, believe it or not,
this area here
is on the same longitude
that Skinwalker Ranch is.
That's incredibly coincidental,
if it's a coincidence at all.
We've also had a lot of reports
of Skinwalkers up here.
I mean, Art's told me stories
about encounters
with Skinwalkers,
and it does not sound like
an easy experience.
It sounds like an upsetting
and worrisome experience.
Well, these things can actually
kill you pretty easily.
Uh, they can poison you.
There's There's a lot of
different ways they can do it,
and, uh, so we tend to treat it
very seriously out here.
The nature of the Skinwalker is
coming from the use
of witchcraft.
- And that's uniquely found
within all of these
different Indian tribes.

The Skinwalkers are said to be
able to travel vast distances
by sliding into these, uh,
dimensional gates and jumping,
almost like a wormhole effect,
and come out again.
Would Would you guys say,
I mean, this is a hotspot?
Satan's Butte is as
a hotspot of this activity?
Oh, yeah, definitely.
- Definitely.
That's right.
So, Andy, why don't we start?
Why don't we start here?
I agree.
- Good a place as any.
Okay, Paul, I'm going to start
with a spectrum analyzer
so we can get a sense of what
might be happening around us
that we can't see.

What are you seeing there?
Just now starting
to scan the spectrum.
- Do you hear the voice?
Look at this.
Oh, now look at this,
I was gonna say, do you hear
- Look at this, look at this.
Did you hear that?
- I heard it.
Look at this. We have
a huge spike at 1.5 gigahertz
in this area.
PAUL: Really?
- ANDY: That's strange.
About 200 yards back,
I began getting a sense
of us being watched, um
And he and I, just
a few moments ago, heard voices.
- Just now.
What do you guys make of that?
What do I mean
What should we do?
I heard it coming
from that direction.
Up over the ridge?
- Uh, it sounded like it.
I can't help but connect
this activity with this location
and the fact that you just
heard voices in the same place.
We're gonna start
losing daylight.
Are you guys comfortable
sitting up with us
and doing some nighttime
investigation on the mesa,
looking for Skinwalkers?
We're looking
for scientific data here.
We're not hunting
for Skinwalkers,
because if we do, we'll find
them, or they'll find us.
And if something does happen,
and Art or Stan or I say,
"Okay, it's time to wrap it up,"
we wrap it up.
I can do that.
This phenomenon can be deadly,
and it can.
It can take your life.
All right, lead the way, Jon.

PAUL: It looks like there's
caves and fissures
all over the place.
- ANDY: Yeah.
This is the Skinwalker cave.
You're basically standing
at the at the ledge here.
PAUL: Yeah.
And the cave
used to be pretty huge,
but now it's washed out
in the past 30 years.
So, there's no longer a cave,
but there's remnants of it,
and it's just gonna be right
down on the edge of this ledge.
And the story that
that we tell around here is
this this is the area
where they would congregate,
where they would get together.
So, uh, we have
to do the investigation,
get whatever information
we can, verify it.
There's, uh, a lot of
anomalous, uh, occurrences here.
Well, let's get unpacked, man,
'cause I want to make sure
we have our stuff set up
when night falls.
PAUL: Let's get going
before it gets too dark.
We'll run our test tonight
and and see what we get.

ANDY: This place is just
daunting-looking, isn't it?
Andy and Paul are investigating
the Native American legend
of a shapeshifting creature
known as a Skinwalker.
Tonight, they're investigating
the top of Satan's Butte,
an area that the Navajo believe
is a gathering place
for these entities.
Paul, can you set them up so
they got they got good light?
I got it. I got it.
And I'm gonna lower the
the temp.
Paul, I can't believe how fast
this weather
has turned south, man.
We've got a storm coming in.
We do not have a lot of time.
Keep a hold on the table,
or we're gonna lose everything.
The team will be using an array
of instruments,
including thermal cameras
to monitor for temperature
fluctuations in the area,
as well as
RF analyzing equipment
to track any unusual activity
in the radio spectrum.
All right, so, Paul, I'm
I'm gonna start scanning
the spectrum.
[wind gusting loudly]
Oh, my goodness.
These gusts are incredible.
50, 60-ish gusts coming at us.
The caves should be
down there at the bottom.
We got to get this stuff done
before we get blown
off this mountain.
Yes. Yes, we do.
Why are we seeing anything
like this at 900 megahertz?
Hey, Andy, what do you got?
Paul, we got some
strange activity over here, man.
We've got
a really active spectrum,
all in 900 megahertz.
Frequen Whoa. Did you see that
incredible uptick over here?
Paul, look at that.
- The whole baseline surged.
The whole foundation, yeah.
- Yeah.
What is this?
We've got this 3-peaked signal
that keeps
repeating and repeating.
Whatever it is,
it's replicating.
What's that on the left?
- 1.603.
[wind gusting loudly]
- Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
God, the wind is just
picking up all the time.
We're up here now
with a screaming storm
that came out of the blue
and a waveform pattern
that's constantly shifting
and repeating in a pattern
in privileged transmission zones
that are reserved for
for earth to space
and space to earth
[wind whistling and gusting]
I want to see if we're
seeing any activity
somewhere else on the spectrum.
[wind gusting loudly]
- Whoa.
Yeah, that got a reaction.
[laughs] Oh, my gosh.
It's interesting how the
how the wind kicks up so hard
right when you you go to that.
We're trying to hold our laptops
down before they blow off.
Whatever's here
doesn't want us doing this.
I think it's time to call it.
All right, Andy.
How are you doing?
I'm good, man. That was
That's got me unnerved.
I'm a little bit shaky.
- I'm gonna start
That experience
was kind of intense.
All right, I've got your voice
going through my head about
about expecting
Oh, wow.
Paul, what do you got?
- The wind it's gone.
As soon as we started to say
we're breaking down,
the wind just dropped
about 50%, at least.
Right, to to, like,
almost nothing.
They were definitely
talking to you guys.
You're right. It is
what it is, guys. Let's go.
Here comes the wind again.
- ANDY: Are you kidding me?
PAUL: We got to go.

It really felt like
Mother Nature, the mountain,
everything was just working
against us, fighting against us.
Yeah, I really think
that there was
something else involved there,
uh, an intelligent source
that knew what we were doing,
and then every time
we sat back and we says,
"Let's try this experiment,"
Here comes the
Here comes the wind again,
knock us over.
So, you're suggesting
that our experiments
were what was driving a response
in our natural environment?
We really speculate
that this has to do
with portals
and with other dimensions,
and some of them are
just right next to ours,
but at a different frequency.
And so we bleed over
every now and then.
It's not like a solid wall.
It's almost like a cloud that
intermingles with each other.
And this is one of those places
where that can intermingle.

Just so you guys know,
we have another case
in the works
that just came up recently.
This involves a young woman
that's having
all kinds of strangeness.
There's elements of haunting,
and there's elements
of Navajo witchcraft,
all involved at the same time.
Is this something
that Andy and I could sort of
ride along with you on?
We would love to
have you guys come along
because we wanna get
the scientific data
on what's going on here,
so, uh, we're gonna be
relying on you guys to get that.

Jon has told us
a little bit about your story.
We're very curious to hear more.
Paul and Navajo Nation ranger
Jon Dover
meet with a local woman
who claims her family
was forced out of their home
by Skinwalkers.
She requested her identity
be concealed
for fear that telling her story
could provoke further attacks
on her family.
Jon has told us
a little bit about your story,
and we're very curious
to hear more.
And when you say,
"seen Skinwalkers," tell me
tell me more about
exactly what you're seeing.
Walking upright like a person?
Could you see
what he was fighting?
It's What, it disappeared
into the ceiling of the house?
In Navajo culture,
you're if you're born
in a certain place,
you're tied to that land.
That's where you grew up.
That's where
you're gonna be buried.
They're tied in with that land
very, very tightly.
- And that's why
So, moving is not something
you would take lightly at all.
That's a major decision.
- No.
No, that's that's big,
big-time, major decision.
Thank you, first of all,
for sharing this.
- And thank you for being willing
to let us investigate your home.
We'll be very careful.

For the next part
of their investigation,
Paul, Andy, and the Navajo team
head to the Skinwalker victim's
abandoned homestead
located about 90 miles southwest
of Satan's Butte.
We've got eyes on this house
in every possible way.
They've set up security cameras
throughout the home,
as well as
additional thermal cameras
to monitor any temperature
anomalies on the property.
I'm already seeing
some strange activity on FLIR.
Do you see that?
- PAUL: Are you recording that?
Yeah. Do you see the FLIR?
The FLIR is an instrument
that gives us visual capability
into the thermal temperatures
around the building.
This is an abandoned building.
- Yeah, this should be
It should be cold,
but look at what's happening
around the entrance.
Look inside the window.
When the window opens,
do you see that?
Yeah, that's weird.
- Yeah, there's a hotspot inside.
Look at that.
That's exactly right.
That's really strange, guys.
This is the ambient temperature
of the doorway and the stairs.
And we see these
heat signatures that are
All around.
- Yeah.
And it's been cold here all day.
All day.
So it wouldn't have soaked up
any heat
- from any source.
This is absolutely suggesting
that there's
some kind of energy source
around that entryway
that we can see
Keeping it warm.
- With thermal imagery, exactly.
That's odd.
Wait, why is that camera
switching switching views?
What part of the house is that?
- Why does it keep moving?
There's a different image.
Do you see the different image?
What's going on there?
That's the one that's mounted
just inside the door, right?
Yeah, just inside the door.
JON: Let's go take a look.
- PAUL: Yeah, let's do it.
All right, Jon, I'm gonna
let you lead the way
'cause I'm gonna try and keep
my eye on the screen here.

Camera should be right up here.
Hey, Andy?
- Yeah, man.
Camera's come down
from the wall.
The camera's come down?
Can you replace it?
I'm going to try
and get up there and fix it.
But even with it falling down,
how the heck
were we still getting a
I don't understand.
- another image?
That's the weirdest part.
It's one thing if it just falls,
but why was it picking up
Seemed like
another room entirely.
Andy, how's that?
You're not gonna believe this,
The whole time
you've been in there,
there hasn't been
a single flicker.
The signal is strong and steady.
Boy, what a scene.
It feels like they left
in a hurry, doesn't it?
Yeah. Yeah. Big hurry.
Yeah. Look at how warm
these walls are.
Up around 41 degrees
on some of this stuff.

I mean, the wind is
blowing through here.
Yeah, you wouldn't expect that.
- No.
Here's dressers with
- Yeah.
items still in them.
I mean, it looks like they just
got up and ran. I mean
What's that?
- It's a little child's sandal.
PAUL: Weird.
This is the room where
there was a-a fight
with a dark figure
with red eyes,
and they said
it had antlers like a deer.
And that thing went up through
and into the attic
and disappeared.
PAUL: I mean, this this part of
the house just looks like
it's been completely
ripped apart.
JON: That's right.
PAUL: Completely different
from the other sections.
Really strange. I mean, this
this is this is
just destroyed in here.
There's a crib in the corner.
That bed frame
is a full 8 degrees warmer
even than
the material in the bed.
JON: And the window's open.

PAUL: Really strange.
I mean, this this is
this is just destroyed in here.

There's a crib in the corner.
That bed frame
is a full 8 degrees warmer
even than the material
in the bed.
I don't know what to make of
all this variation.
You'd think everything in here
would just be uniformly cold.
That just doesn't make sense.
JON: And the
the roof is gone.
PAUL: And it's completely open.
- JON: And the window is open.
PAUL: I'm just getting
a weird vibe from this.
Yeah, you can feel it.
Yeah, it's just this
- Almost oppressed.
Something weird in here.
Can you hear this?
Andy, come here.
Listen in this direction
right now.
Do you hear any howling?
It's a very faint howling
that came from this direction.
[wind blowing]
I don't
[wind blowing]
Jon, why don't
we make our way back
to the front of the house?
That sounds like a good plan.
- Yeah.

All right, guys.
ANDY: Now, Paul, while
you guys were inside
- Art heard a howling sound.
A howling?
A howling sound on the property.
There's certainly a lot
of activity concentrated
on this house.

The spectrum's not moving.
That's very different than
what we saw in Satan's Butte.
- But this
the power and consistency
- [howling in distance]
of this thermal anomaly.
- What was that?
I'm glad we all heard that.
- Yeah, I heard that, too.
I'm telling you guys, it's here.

That was a weird noise.
Still got yours?
- I think Jon has the other.
Jon has it?
- Yep, yep.
You got that one.

[high-pitched electronic whine]
[howl in distance]
[wind blowing,
low yelp in distance]
[howl in distance]
Did you hear that, Andy?
- I hear all sorts of things.
You didn't hear the,
like, the yell over here?
No, I didn't hear a yell.
[wind whistling]
Andy, what are
you guys seeing over there?
Hey, Paul, this is Art.
We got, uh, some kind
of yelling going on back here,
some strange noises.
We got Andy on the, uh,
night vision,
checking through with the IR
to see if there's any kind
of visual that he can make out.
ANDY: I can't make sense
of any of it.
And that's what they do.
And I'm not really comfortable
being too far away from Paul
'cause he's
Yeah, same.
- alone, which
Let's get back over there
and see.
I heard that. I heard that.
ANDY: That was another kind
of like a holler or yell.
That's where Let's make our way
back to Paul for sure.
I honestly
feel like we're hearing
some sort of call,
like a holler or a yell,
baiting us to go further.
Given everything
we've seen and heard tonight,
do you think that there's
really, right now,
a Skinwalker here with us?
Yes, I do. I do believe that.
It's not just the intuition
that's telling me that,
but it's
all the physical evidence
that's been presented
around us that says yes.
an oppressive feeling here.
I mean, you walk into it,
it hits you
just like a solid object,
this negative energy.
Yeah, I've had kind
of a pit in my stomach
up here the whole time.
- It just It doesn't feel good.
Well, as we acknowledge it,
all the noises have
somewhat dissipated now.
You don't hear
anything else now.
It's pretty pretty quiet.
Maybe we should
pack up while it's quiet.
Well, Paul and Andy [sighs]
I'm excited to find out
what you've learned
in your adventures
on the Navajo Nation.
Well, buckle up, 'cause we had
a pretty wild ride out there.
"Adventure" is
the exact right word to use.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- So as soon as we land
in Navajo Nation,
we had a chance to meet
with Jon and Stan
and get our bearings
on both their background
and where they wanted us to
start our current investigation.
So, we were introduced
to a local medicine man,
a community leader
by the name of Art Hardy,
and he took me to a place
called Satan's Butte.
And this is just
one geographic location
in the larger Navajo Nation.
Now, we went here specifically
looking to kind of dig into
and put data
around the Skinwalker legend,
and it seems like it centers
here on Satan's Butte.
The way they described it
to us, that this is
almost a jumping off point
where there was
of multiple Skinwalkers.
[keyboard clicks]
So, we decided
to launch a night investigation
up onto Satan's Butte itself,
actually go to the place
where nobody goes.
Fortune favors the bold, man,
So, we had a spectrum analyzer
that gave us both the ability
to observe the spectrum
and then also tune into
the spectrum and listen in.
Sure. Mm-hmm.
Well, we got some
strange activity over here, man.
We've got
a really active spectrum
all at 900 megahertz.
Let's see
what happens when we go up
and cross the boundary.
You got a comb function
that's all the way across.
That's all these spikes.
- Mm.
The reason why it's
called a comb function
it looks like the teeth
of a comb, right?
And it's spread
across the frequency there.
What's generating that?
That's a lot of energy.
That's very interesting.
So, one element
of the equation here
were the weather conditions.
We had scheduled everything
because the weather
was supposed
to be calm with clear skies
and a great
nighttime investigation setup.
As we set up
for this experiment,
the weather got
rapidly worse and worse.
As you'll see,
we just started getting
flat out concerned
for our safety.
The reason you see
the shake in the camera
is because our cameramen
were being blown off.
Whoa. Look at that.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, that got a reaction.
Whatever's here
doesn't want us doing this.
I think it's time to call it.
You could see it on him.
He was visibly shaken,
and he decided that it wasn't
a good place to be.
And then we were
invited to participate
in an active
Navajo Nation investigation
into a current
Skinwalker situation.
- We actually had an opportunity
to speak
with the woman involved,
and what she described is
almost an infestation
over many, many years
at their home
that had essentially
driven them out of the home.
The entire family
had abandoned their home.
What we had now
was an opportunity
to go and do an investigation
at the home.
So, Paul and I are on site
looking to collect hard data
with hosts,
with guides there with us,
who were more in tune
seemed more in tune with
the environment than we were.
- [wind whistling]
I don't
- Shh!
So, we started hearing sounds.
At first, some sounds
were being reported
that Paul and I couldn't hear.
And then we got
some kind of squeal
that was off in the distance
that we all very clearly heard.
The power and consistency
of this thermal anomaly
[howl in distance]
What was that?
- What was that?
[keyboard clicks]
- And the preponderance
of activity convinced Art,
our medicine man,
that a Skinwalker was present.
And our guides started
to see more and more activity.
They started seeing
shadowy figures
off of mesas
that were near the house,
and they just
they started warning us
of activity all around us.
I like the fact that you're
you're taking these side notes,
you know, the commentary coming
from those
who have been your guides.
Whatever they're picking on,
this may be what
we're here to understand.
It may be more important data,
that notetaking that you did,
than any of
the measurements you took
with the scientific instruments,
or at least
the correlation of the two.
We have scientific instrument
data and experience data.
So, Jon actually told us
he has an update
from our investigation when
we were in the field with him,
and I would love to pull him up
right now.
- Right now.
- Let's do it, yeah.
Hey, it's good to see you guys.
- Hey, Jon.
Hey, Jon. Great to see you.
So, Jon, we understand
there's a
there's an update
that you have for us, sir.
Uh, yes, there is.
I ran into the young lady,
and she gave me an update
on what was going on
with that case
out at the house
in the middle of nowhere.
She rushed up to me.
She was very, very happy,
and she wanted me to know
and wanted
everybody there to know
that as a result
of the investigation,
the attacks have gone away on
her personally and her family.
- It shined a light
on Skinwalker activity.
They don't want that light
shone on them,
and there are
no more occurrences.
So, this investigation revealed
that there was actually
phenomena taking place
that was affecting the family.
And as a result
of the investigation,
the government
with the Navajo Nation,
has offered to assign her
a new home site lease.
- Oh, wow.
This is unprecedented.
- That's fascinating.
- Jon, that's amazing news.
- We helped resolve this, maybe,
or at least move made life
better for someone, right?
Yeah, exactly.
It is clear that this is
being taken seriously.
Like, we created
something that
- the government is seeing
as evidence, and that evidence
is being used to advance a case
right there in Navajo Nation.
It makes you feel good
when you find out that, uh,
you did something good.
- Thank you, Jon.
Thanks, Jon.
- Oh, yeah.
We'll see you later, Jon.
- Thanks you, Jon.
Thanks a lot.
- See you, guys.
All right.
- I find that really interesting.
I wasn't really expecting
anything like that.
Yeah. The fact that it's
actionable or deemed actionable
by the tribe, right,
the Navajo Nation
A governing body.
- that says a lot to me,
and I applaud you guys for doing
this this particular excursion.
This has been very eye-opening
and fantastic.
- Absolutely.
What you guys are doing is
benefiting what we're doing,
and what we're doing is
informing what you need to do.
Yeah. What we'll do next.
This is a match made in heaven.
Together we're stronger.
It's a good way to put it.
- Thanks, guys.
Thank you so much.
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