Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Issue 188

1 Hiro: Whoa.
Woman: Mr.
Hamada? Mr.
Hamada! - Hiro: Huh? - Follow, please! Uh, Professor Granville.
Just, uh, taking a little break.
- You know, studies show all work and no - Do not play me.
Fair enough.
Uh, so, what's up? I would imagine being a 14-year-old surrounded by college students presents certain social and emotional challenges.
N-N-Not really.
But, uh, hey, I'm sure whatever you have in mind is gonna show me just how wrong I am.
Hamada, meet Karmi.
[tense music] Hiro! When Professor G asked me to connect with you, I thought this is gonna be super great, and it is! - So great! The greatest! - Uh hello.
Karmi was the youngest student ever admitted - into San Fransokyo Tech.
- Until you! So she knows what you're going through.
Oh, I'm I'm going through something? [chuckles] Oh.
That's news to me.
Now you know.
Here's what we're going to do.
- We? - You.
- So super! - I want you to "hang" with Karmi.
I think you can learn something from her socialization experience.
Um, sure, I can probably do Thursday morning.
Every day! All week! Keep a journal! I want a full report on Friday! Bye, Professor G! So pumped to have a new friend! [chuckles] Here's the deal.
[gasps] Stay out of my face.
Stay out of my space.
Um, what happened to "hanging"? Of course you'd ask that.
You think you're some special white blood cell, but you're nothing but a common red blood cell! What? What-what-what, uh What? Shark attack! Oh! Baymax: Hello.
I am famous.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Observing mutated virus.
Day 57.
[gasps] Looking good, A1-004.
You, uh You talk to the virus? That was a private conversation! But, yes.
A1-004 is a dear friend, as are R69-5, L4-382, and 95-414, who I'm still getting to know.
- [kisses] Okay, sure - Oh, you think talking to viruses is weird.
You, the kid who talks to a mechanical snowman? At least my dangerous microscopic organisms are actually alive.
All right.
No judgment.
Can we just move on? I I need to put something in the journal for Granville.
Not my problem.
Just make me look good because I want this to be a wonderful experience for you! Oh, you are good.
Karmi, take Mr.
Hamada to lunch at the dining hall.
- My treat.
- So super! Get acquainted, you two.
Have fun! - Mandatory fun.
- Super great idea! On it! I'm sorry, A1-004.
I know we were gonna do a DNA extraction over lunch, but you're just gonna have to incubate a little longer.
Let's go, genius boy.
And Granville thinks I need socialization help? What is Karmi's problem? Baymax: Without a thorough scanning, I am unable to determine if she suffers from any health anomalies.
Go Go [over comm]: Are you really not getting this? [music] Karmi doesn't have friends.
The only thing she had going for her: being the youngest genius at the school.
Now, that's your thing.
You took her thing.
I don't want it to be my thing! I have my own thing! My scanner is picking up a disturbance, nine blocks to the west.
And there's my thing now! [music] [whoosh] Turn up! Who's got the power? Turn up! Turn up the power We've got dance power [cheering] Okay, Juniper, practice is over.
- I want you to show me you have "it"! - Oh, you know I have it! 'Cause I'm about to bring it! Electricity, surge through me Spotlights shine on my behind Who's got the power? Hey! We've got dance power Who's got the power? Hey! We've got dance power Who's got the power? [cheering] Hey! We've got dance power Megawatt amplifier, I'm a real live wire Whoo! Circuit breaker, head shaker Uh-huh! Uh-huh! No faker, money taker, uh-huh! Um I'm not sure what's going on here, but you're gonna have to give the money back.
I'm a star! You don't interrupt a star when - she's leaving it all on the stage! - And, uh, you are? - I'm Barb! - I'm Juniper! Both: And together, we are High Voltage! Voltage Baymax: Electricity may cause severe burns.
I've got this.
High Voltage Aaah! [clatters] Juniper, I need more flare in those backflips and more sparkle in that smile! On it! We've got the power [beeping] [clangs] Baymax: Oh, no.
Okay, we need to power these two freaks down.
- Juniper, an electric fence.
- Juniper: Oh, yeah! Let's go! - Barb: Two, five, seven, eight! - Ooh! Aah! High Voltage - Crowd [chanting]: Juniper! Juniper! - Barb: And Barb! - I love you, Juniper! - They're robbing an ATM! No! We're telling a story through dance! We've got dance power [tires screeching] Girl: We love you all! [horn honking] - Ugh! - Baymax: Oh, no.
[beeping] They got applause, the bad guys! - People clapped for the bad guys! - Telling a story through dance.
The story of kicking our butts.
Oh, and there's gonna be more butt-kicking.
Why did I choose a yoga elective over martial arts? One: You centered yourself.
Two: You strengthened you core.
- And three: You love the big ball.
- Duh-huh, yeah.
Big ball.
Colorful villains underestimated because of their ridiculous personas? Like so many things, it was foretold, in comic books! Yeah! We should probably run out and study a bunch of comic books to figure out how to beat them! [scoffs] Yes! But in this case, I choose one in particular: Captain Fancy, issue 188.
Don't ask.
Don't ask.
Don't aah! - And what happened in Captain Fancy? - Captain Fancy lost battle after battle to a mother/daughter acrobat team.
- Wow, that is similar! - Mm? Mm? Did they have a floating shock generator, too? Close! They had a trained bear named Grizzlovech.
- Shouldn't have asked.
- Speaking of fighting a bear [indistinct conversation] Whew! Hi, Karmi.
Uh, hanging out in the cafeteria, too! [chuckles nervously] Uck! So I was thinking, maybe Granville is right.
Maybe the two youngest students should - Wait, is that - Eyes on your own work, creeper! [music] Hiro: You know, I don't get it.
Why would she draw superhero me? Because Big Hero 6 Hiro is a hero hero, and regular Hiro is just some boring, run-of-the-mill boy genius.
Baymax: But there is only one Hiro.
In this dimensional timeline.
[beeping] Hmm? - Go Go [over comm]: It's High Voltage, again.
- Let's go! - Crowd [chanting]: Juniper! Juniper! - My dreams are coming true! You hear that, Mama? They love me! They really love me! Us, Juniper! They love us! Hey! You two got lucky last time.
[grunts] Juniper, squat dance, with feeling.
High Voltage [grunts] [crowd cheering] Probably not the right time right now, but your dance moves are perfection! - She does have my thighs! - Ow! High voltage [cheering] Rubber insulates electricity! [grunts] Aah! [crowd cheering] [chuckles] We got dance power Hiro: Watch out! [whimpers, screams] Baymax! Baymax: Power-power-power-power surge! Power-power surge! [gasps] - You all right? Aah! - [chuckles] I-I am now.
[drone whirs] Six to two, and they still kicked our butts.
I'd call it six to three.
I'm counting that energy orb thing.
You mean the thing that makes it like that circus bear in Captain Fancy, issue 188? Am I right? I'm surprised we're the only ones who see the connection.
As if losing wasn't bad enough, - Karmi got a good look at my face! - Tell her you have a clone? Wasabi, she's biotech.
She'd see right through that.
[sighs] Might as well get it over with.
- Hi, Karmi - Looks like I caught you.
Hey, Karmi, um, any chance I could convince you to keep this quiet? Ew! You think I want people to know you have a crush on me? - Ew! What? - It's so obvious! You're always saying stuff like, "Hey, Karmi, we should work on our project.
" - N5-4 totally called it.
- Wait.
No! What about this? That guy saved my life! He could say, "Hey, Karmi" to me any day.
Um, okay [chuckles] Bye, Karmi.
Oh, no.
She knows? - Well - Oh! A memory wipe! - Actually - And this, and this, and this! Ooh, and this! A little of this.
A little of that there.
Ooh! One amnesia-ccino coming up! - She didn't know he was me! - Wait, wait.
How could she not know you were you? You are so obviously you.
It gets worse.
She's in love with him uh, me! I don't know, it's complicated.
Fred: Ah, the power of the secret identity.
Intrepid investigator Rita Rampart never realized cab driver Lash Looper was secretly Captain Fancy.
[grunts] This is a comic book thing again, right? Indeed! Quickly, to the Fred Room! [music] We'll start you with the basics: BattleMax and Avenger Duck, maybe throw in a little Maya Mayan.
Skip the training wheels.
I'm going straight to Captain Fancy, 188.
- Whoa! No! - Fred, it's the only way we'll figure out how to beat High Voltage.
I won't crease its stupid pages or anything.
Stupid? You need to dial it down before you crease our friendship.
We don't rummage through classic comics like we're barbarians.
These are works of art.
They must be treated as such.
And gum? Thank you.
And the backup.
Come on.
Hands up! Also, I should probably tell you I don't have Captain Fancy, issue 188.
Okay! - What? - I only know what's within its pages - based on whispered rumor.
- Do not start at the beginning.
I'll start at the beginning! June 1963.
Disgruntled artist AJ Dohertz slips a wildly inappropriate drawing of Captain Fancy into issue 188.
It wasn't until after it was printed that people caught the offending hmm image.
[gasping] The entire run is pulped, save for one copy, smuggled to freedom, few have ever seen it.
[sirens wailing] To my eternal frustration, I am not one of the lucky few.
- So, where is it now? - In the clutches of my arch-nemesis.
Be forewarned, he's a dark and dangerous foe.
[thunder crashing] [Muzak playing] [sighs] Hey, kid, is your dad here? [bell dings] We need to talk to the owner.
You're talkin' to the owner, dream girl.
Chilling, isn't he? Richardson Mole, San Fransokyo's most eligible 11-year-old.
- And you are? [kisses] - Much older than you.
- Nice.
- Fred, talk to him.
Hey! This is a business call, Richardson.
Let's keep this professional.
- Very well.
- We need to see Captain Fancy, 188.
Ah, the very issue I sniped from you at that online auction.
You cut the power to my house! Almost almost al [power clicking off] Moooole! Those charges were never proven.
[yells] Can we just see the dumb comic book? Ooh, I like you angry, dream girl.
Follow me to the Mole Hole! I'm waiting! Hmm? [shrieks] [grunting] [groans] [video games beeping] [electronic voice] Ow! Ow! - Finish Fred! - Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! - I told you he hates me.
- Beat my high score of any of these, and I will let you see Captain Fancy, 188.
[beeping] Whack-A-Fred? Let's do this.
Ooh, poor choice.
This is my favorite game and my highest scores.
Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! [beeping] High score! - [thuds] I'm impressed.
- I'm concerned.
[beeps] [whirring] Gum! [Sniffs] Strawberry.
[beeping] [electronic voice] Hello, me.
- [gasping] It's beautiful.
- Oh, just give it.
Bup-bup-bup-bup-bup bup-bup-bup Gloves.
N5-4, you've put on some weight.
There's some junk in your nucleus.
Pathogenic amoeba appears thermostable.
Hey, Karmi Uh! I mean, hi! Hello! How is it, uh, goin'? Um, should I be wearing a biohazard suit? Are your eyes bleeding? They are currently not.
Then you're fine.
So, y-y-you like dangerous organisms? Duh.
By studying them, we can figure out therapeutic uses for them.
It's called "science.
" That's actually interesting.
Maybe when you're done, we could talk about my journal? Uh, you know, just just the one that's due Friday.
- Nobody cares.
Hand me N5-4.
- Oh, uh, sure.
[phone buzzing] [petri dish clattering] [alarm blaring] [gasps] No! You killed N5-4! This is a fortunate result.
N5-4 would have soon reached a contagion factor of 10.
N5-4 was the first pathogen I ever grew.
I will download instructions for proper disinfection methods to ensure no part of N5-4 survives.
He was more than a flesh-eating virus.
He was a friend.
If you have any more N5-4 in storage, we should also dispose of Shut him up! You are upset.
I have relaxation suggestions.
[phone buzzing] Some relaxation techniques include - Well, answer it! - Drinking herbal tea Wasabi: High Voltage! San Fransokyo Trust! Now! Okay.
I I'll be there as soon as I can.
So, something came up, and um, we I need to, um - Baymax and I gotta go.
- You think I want you to stay?! Baymax: a warm bath, whistling, racquetball Mm-hmm.
- Mm [gasps] - Good luck unseeing that! [groans] Oh, come on.
Grow up.
Read faster! A wise man once said, if you want to find a solution, you can't rush Fred.
Ow-ow-ow-ow-ow! I'll read faster.
Well, this is shedding some new light on the subject.
[Phone ringing] - Yeah? - Wasabi: High Voltage! San Fransokyo Trust! Now! Yes! I get it! I totally get it! So you actually found an answer in that thing? - Couldn't be more clear.
- Great! Time to roll! Come again! Not you, Fred! Power dance We got the power Power dance We got the power Power dance - Big finish, Juniper.
- Oh, yeah! [grunting] [crash] Now freestyle into that vault and get that cash! On it! [Grunts] You don't need to steal.
You have real talent.
He actually makes a really good point.
You guys should audition for Top Feet.
- Stars don't audition! - Oh! I don't get it.
I don't.
What can I even learn from Karmi? She talks to those things! Look, I'm way better adjusted than she is.
Baymax: True.
You have a strong social network for support.
- Karmi does not.
- So, why did Granville [explosion] Let's finish this later.
I will set a reminder.
Who's got the power? [music] Ow! [shrieks] Baymax: Hello, Wasabi.
[music] [thuds] You will be fine.
Time to power down, ladies.
Step off! We're the headliners! It's Juniper's time to shine! Juniper, launch! Two, five, seven, eight! [grunting] Baymax: Oh, no.
Baymax: Reboot, reboot, reboot.
Data packet invalid.
Data packet invalid.
Reboot, reboot, reboot.
We've gotta tap out.
Anybody wanna tap in? Go Go: We do.
Fred knows how to beat these dance punks.
- Actually, I have no idea.
- What? Aah! You said you got the answer from the comic book.
Yeah, to explain Hiro's secret identity situation.
Was I not clear? [shrieks] [Go Go grunts] [thuds] - This is a disaster.
- Tell me about it.
So issue 188 didn't tell you anything that would help defeat them? No.
Overall, 188 was a letdown.
Maybe Richardson did me a favor all those years ago when he cut the power to my house.
Cut the power duh.
Honey Lemon, insulate me! - Go Go, you're a genius! - Reboot.
Reboot High Voltage [grunts] Use a catchphrase! Say a dumb line like it's a joke, even though it's not really a joke.
- Last dance, freaks! - Fred [laughs]: Good one! Escape dance, Juniper! Two, five, seven, eight! Not so fast! Juniper! Oh! Sorry, Mama, I'm going solo! [gasps] You can't stop the art of [clangs] Baymax: My system has been restored.
Is anyone hurt? [grunting] You're grounded! Have I missed anything of significance? No, we're all good, Baymax.
Just some pretty quick thinking from Go Go.
Big ups to Fred for the inspiration, even if it was completely unintentional.
- That's what I do! - Fred, secret identity.
What've you got? Ah, yes.
You see, Captain Fancy's alter ego, Lash Looper, may look like Captain Fancy in a sweater vest, but nobody ever recognizes him, not even ace reporter Rita Rampart! And that's supposed to explain why Karmi can't see me as Hiro Hero? Yeah.
It's a superhero thing.
- People see - What they wanna see.
- Take Lash Looper.
- Who? Uh, not important.
When people look at me, what do they see? A robotics major, a teen genius, or maybe just a guy tryin' to fit in.
Because that's what Karmi saw, and I thank her for that.
And the journal.
- Granville: Karmi? - I don't know what to say.
'Cause you're modest that way.
Professor, Karmi was great this week.
I learned a lot.
I'm happy to hear it.
So, all this wasn't actually about me, was it? We are through here, Mr.
It was actually about Karmi.
Am I right? I said, we are through.
[music] You could've sold me out in there, but you didn't.
You got it bad for me, don't you? I do not have it [grunts] It's just that Granville's right.
We have a lot in common.
The age thing, the genius thing.
The rush of hormones coursing through your pubescent bodies.
Pimples will start to appear on your face and back Thanks for making it awkward, Baymax.
Baymax: You are welcome.
I'm just saying, maybe we could be friends.
[phone beeps] Big Hero 6 news alert! High Voltage's rhythmic reign of terror became a reign of error when the mother/daughter duo ran into Big Hero [phone beeps] - [sighs] I wish he were here.
- Seriously? Big Hero Six "shocked" High Voltage by insulating them in a maximum security prison.
Yet another of [mutes TV audio] [music] [title music]