Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Big Roommates 2

1 - Mm what is that? - It's Mystery-Loaf.
'Cause it's Mystery-Loaf Monday.
So you have no idea what's in that thing? Well, then it wouldn't be a mystery, would it? Although it does not have the shape, color or texture of any known natural foods, consuming it will not cause permanent damage.
Well, that's good enough for me.
Mmm, I detect notes of beef by-product or is that hair net? No, no, no, no, no, it tastes like cilantro?! Why? So gross! I'll eat around it.
- Hey! - Oops! Sorry, Fred.
Uh, Honey Lemon, this might not be the best place to reload your chem-purse.
Maybe not, but this is the way I get to mix my two favorite things, my best friends and chemistry.
All done.
Honey Lemon! You're alive! - I didn't think I'd ever see you again! - Did you go mad scientist again? Oh, it was no big deal.
My roommate made lemonade, and I tried out a new formula for instant ice.
Don't worry, my roommate's fine.
Look, she's right over there.
Hi, Regina! Sorry again.
I am Baymax.
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh 1x03 - Big Roommates 2 So, uh, where are you gonna live, well, you know, until your apartment thaws? Hiro, the world is a good place.
Something will work out.
You have your own place, don't you, Go Go? You live in a giant mansion, don't you, Fred? I do, but my parents insist on an in-depth, three-year background check for overnight guests.
Can't be too careful.
- Lots of weirdos out there.
- Well, you wouldn't like my place.
And it's a sketchy neighborhood.
There's no such thing as a bad neighborhood, just bad attitudes.
How big of a smile would it take to get a "yes"? - Fine.
- Yay! A move? Oh, I am so in.
This is totally my jam.
See? When you have amazing friends, no problem is too big.
I think I saw that on a bumper sticker on a bashed-up old car in a junkyard.
Anyone need anything? I'm getting more water.
My glass is half empty.
Actually, it's half full.
I have scanned the glass.
It is 51.
2 percent filled.
Boy, you weren't kidding about this neighborhood.
It's crawling with jaywalkers! - Any sign of Honey Lemon? - Oh, yeah.
She's already here.
I think you're gonna love it! - What do you say? - Mm-hm.
Yay! You you might wanna stand back.
And you might wanna be careful with your stuff around here.
I am.
I asked uh, what's your name? - Felony Carl.
- I asked Felony Carl to watch it.
- You might just wanna go by "Carl.
" - Yeah, talk to my mom.
Love the glitter.
It showcases how comfortable I am with my masculinity.
Lookin' good, Judy.
When are you gonna take me out for coffee? Ha! Classic Judy! Call me! - What's up, Dibs? - Just goin' to work, Felony Carl.
You know you're a rotten thief, right? Pretty sure you mean "awesome thief.
" It's not meant as a personal attack, simply an observation.
Not a good look, Felony Carl.
The glitter's cute, though.
Huh? Aah! Give it up, Dibs.
Second shelf, sub-category, drink-ware.
Ohhh! Aah! And that's how you steal a purse! Whoa-aah! Darn! They all said, "Dibs, you don't have the skills, the brains, or hand-eye coordination to make it as a thief.
" Well, they're about to look pretty stupid.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
So what are we doing here? Uh-oh.
You remember that neurotransmitter that Hamada kid invented to control his microbots? Hm.
It was a genius invention.
- Too bad it was lost forever.
- Or was it? I was able to study it from our security footage, and it inspired me to make this.
- You made this? - Not personally.
I hired a team.
You wear this, you can control anything linked to it - with your mind.
- So it's a rip-off of his invention.
- No, it's a better version of it.
- Better how? Legally different enough that I can't be sued.
That is better.
Right now we only have this prototype, but eventually, this thing will be worth billions! Billions! - Rats.
- That's the drawback to secret labs and abandoned warehouses.
Billions! Who's a rotten thief now, Felony Carl? Oh.
Uh ooh! Aah! Aah! Hey! Aaah! Whoa-wa-ha, what? No! Oh, I am not liking where this is going at a Darn it! Aah Uh! Aah! Morning! Do you realize you snore? All night? Huh.
My old roommate used to say that.
I always thought she was just being mean.
Well, sorry.
- I said I'm sorry! - Aaah! Has anybody seen my chem-purse? I told you to be careful with your stuff.
I was.
I put it on a box.
- The "purse" box? - Yeah, well, if you just left it on a box, - it was probably stolen.
- That's the sleep deprivation talking.
Deep down, most people are good.
Sleep is important for cognitive function.
Between seven and nine hours is optimal.
That's nonsense, Baymax.
I'm doing just fine Hey, uh, Aunt Cass, do you have a blanket? You want a pillow with that blanket? We're covered.
One blanket, hold the pillow, coming up.
Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! - Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys! - Calm down, boy! What are you trying to tell us? There's a monster in San Fransokyo! Breaking news.
Reports of what is described as a "monster" is loose in San Fransokyo.
Please note, we have no hard evidence to support this claim.
But I repeat, a monster is loose in San Fransokyo! Fred, the there's no such thing as monsters.
That's what all the normals say right before they're attacked by a monster! Are you disappointed we weren't just attacked by a monster? Of course! Defeating a monster is a glaring omission on our superhero resume.
Hiro's right, Fred.
Monsters aren't really a thing.
You know a real thing.
How do you know? Because that's what your fancy, - so-called "science" books say? - Yes.
Well, let me tell you about some other fancy books.
Comic books! Silver age, full of monsters! You're not going to let this go until we check it out, are you? That is correct.
- Okay, guys.
I'm on it.
- Baymax, would you mind? I am on it.
This is where people first saw the monster.
I don't see any buildings knocked over or giant footprints.
Well, maybe this particular monster doesn't have feet.
Oooh! Open your mind, man.
Well, if a monster had been here, there would be some evidence.
But stop gloating, because nobody likes a bad winner.
- Uh, Fred? What's that? - Mm, lemme touch it.
Mmm that my friend, is clearly monster goo! Who's the cool guy who's always right? Who's real awesome and out of sight? Who's biggest fear is a spider bite? It's Fred, it's Fred It's Fred, it's Fred It's Fred, it's Fred It's Fred, it's Fred Hello.
Oh, come on.
Where is it? Where is it? - It clearly isn't here.
- But it has to be! The box is labeled "purses.
" If the purse isn't in the "purse" box, nothing in my world makes sense! Don't worry.
I'm sure it'll turn up.
Well, unless for the millionth time someone stole it.
- You know, your negativity isn't helping.
- Okay, I'll be positive.
Positive you're not getting your purse back.
Conflict resolution through a third party is often effective.
It's third-party time.
And who has a box full of butterflies? - They were caterpillars when I packed them.
- Respect and un Exactly, Baymax.
It's hard to respect somebody who's always, like, "I'm so happy about everybody and everything" all the time! And understanding are Well, I don't understand why you're all "I'm so serious and cool, and I have bubble gum.
" - Perhaps - I should find somewhere else to live.
If that's what you want.
That was not effective.
Disgusting! I think we found Fred's monster.
- What is that thing? - He's hideous! Yeah, like you all look amazing! Wha ohh! Ooh? Ooh! What? Baymax, can you scan it? It? I'm still a person in here! I think.
Scan complete.
- The monster - Hey! consists of a mix of human DNA and an unknown chemical compound, which is controlled by an electronic device.
It also contains fragments of Honey Lemon's purse.
Oh, no, did my purse do this to you? Purse? Purse! Ha! Yeah, I don't know anything about a purse.
You stole her purse, didn't you? Oh, I see how it is.
Something goes missing, and the first thing you do is blame the monster! Oh, yeah.
He stole it.
You should've listened to me.
Oh! Thank goodness! It wasn't a labeling error! I know this is terrible for you, but for a few minutes, I didn't know who I was anymore.
You guys seem like you have some issues to work out, - so I'll just - You're not going anywhere, thief.
Yes, I am! Oof! Ooh! Huh? Aah! Get it off! Get it off! - Haah! - That that is a monster.
- I stand corrected.
- Yes, you do! Everyone look at that disgusting globby monster! - He is globby, isn't he? - Well, then it's settled.
Mind if we call you "Globby"? Of course I mind! Ugh, could this day get any worse? You gotta watch where you're standing, Globby! - What a mess.
- And it's all my purse's fault! No.
I I should take responsibility.
I should've listened to Go Go.
She was totally right.
I was totally wrong.
Uhh I'm sorry.
I'm everyone, I'm really, really sorry.
Really, really, really, really sorry.
Too much apologizing.
You're right.
It's uh mm.
Guys? Bad news.
I'm pretty sure this is not coming out! How do you feel about the monster's name? "Globby's" short.
It's accurate.
I feel it's apt.
Cool! I named the monster! This will be my legacy to the world.
Your new chem-purse is almost ready, Honey Lemon.
Hey, that's good news, right? Now you can come up with something to stop Globby.
I'll give it a shot I guess.
Cheering people up isn't really my thing, but be happy! Because even though you feel terrible, everything's actually great! You're right.
It's really not your thing.
Honey Lemon.
It is okay to be sad sometimes.
- There, there.
- Crying is pointless.
It's time to face the darkness of reality.
I'll need to create a compound to break down Globby's viscoelastic properties.
Hypothetically science term if someone in this room didn't know the meaning of visco viscosi viscodiddy I'm gonna make an "unsticky" ball.
I named the monster.
Ugh! Not enough tripropylene.
My beaker's half-empty.
It's half-full! Uch.
Can't believe I just said that.
And then I made a totally pre-planned escape by getting hit by a bus.
- Yeah, that's smooth.
- So, things are goin' pretty great.
Ah, but the one little hiccup is I can't really control my mutated body.
Here, watch me try to grab that spoon.
Nice kitty! Nice kitty! You're even worse at being a monster than you were a thief.
What's that thing with the blinkin' lights where your forehead should be? Oh, that? It's a billion-dollar invention that's supposed to control stuff.
Could it control your amorphous and yet still repulsive body? Maybe, but I don't know how it works.
- But he does.
- Cool.
You wanna split a scone? Could you speed this along? I'm out of things to think about.
Aah aah! Honey Lemon, how is that unsticky ball coming along? Ugh, who knows? The good news is I haven't ruined another person's life in the last half hour.
That's pretty gloomy for good news, Honey Lemon.
Baymax, is there anything in your data banks that can help here? Research shows that a pleasant image can improve a negative mood.
I will search for a pleasant image.
I think you've already found it.
- I'd say that's a sign.
- More like a coincidence.
I am Baymax.
But, you love adorable nonsense.
I'm not into nonsense anymore.
Uh, guys? I think we should watch this.
Our CEO, Alistair Krei, was taken from his office through that window by the monster we've all agreed to call "Globby.
" Is there anything you'd like to say to your boss, if he's watching? Mr.
Krei, if you're watching, we're keeping you in our thoughts, and also I'm going home early.
You approved it last week.
This is unacceptable.
I'm rich! I'm connected! This is high.
This is very high! - Are you crazy? - Just tell me how your fancy headband thing works and I'll let you go.
Aagh! Hey! That's my neurotransmitter! It's worth billions! - Give it back! - Hey! Get outta my head! This is Bluff Dunder, bringing you Monster Watch, live in the sky! Ooh! Aah! I might drop you if I can't control my body with your invention! There's nothing to learn, just think can you think? and it will naturally work! Yeah, but nothing comes naturally to me.
Ha-ha! Big Hero 6! Ah, you could've gotten here sooner, but, uh, you can work on that.
You might wanna save the critique until after we rescue you.
Your disgusting reign of terror stops now, Globby! Aahhhhh! - Baymax! - My visual sensors are impaired.
Nobody does that to Baymax and gets away with it! Aaaah! Waah! Aaah! So high.
Aah! Big Hero 6 has joined Globby on the roof.
You can count on Bluff Dunder for second-by-second updates on this developing situation.
Globby, this'll make you not sticky.
Stay back! You're upsetting the monster! - Let Krei go! - Wording, people! - Everyone just be quiet! - Can we just do this? Some of us don't wanna splatter all over the ground! Oh, I've been makin' a lot of bad decisions lately! He is in need of positive reinforcement.
- Oh! - Don't look at me.
But super positivity is your thing.
The superheroes appear to be working out some personal issues.
We don't need another glass-half-empty girl.
I've got that covered.
- Yeah.
- Your ridiculously upbeat attitude takes some getting used to, but it's good for me.
Thanks, Go Go.
You're the best.
Now make that freak of nature feel good about himself.
That sounded like an excellent pep talk.
Listen, Globby, I know things look bad now, but there's always a silver lining.
You can make this work! The hero says there's a silver lining for the monster.
Seems like a stretch to this reporter.
Oh, come on.
Nobody believes in me! Why would you? You don't even know me! Before, you were just a common purse thief.
Now, if you dedicate yourself to making the best out of the situation, - you can truly be special.
- Hmm? Nobody else has your abilities.
- Ya think? - I know.
You're right.
This is a new beginning for me.
It's very touching, but I want my prototype back.
Get in there! We need a better shot! Ah-haah! I am special! Gotcha! This is a little awkward.
Thanks I guess.
Thank her.
She believed in me.
My days of being a loser, small-time purse snatcher are behind me.
That's right! You're better than that! I am! And that's why I'm gonna be a super villain! No! That's really not The world will come to fear the name "Globby"! Hey, he stole my wallet! He just robbed the richest man in San Fransokyo? I think he's gonna make this super-villain thing work.
Darn it!