Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Fred's Bro-Tillion

1 Lucky Cat special, funny-side up.
- Aw, it's so cute.
- I don't like my breakfast cute.
[whispers] The eyes, they follow you.
Um, I think that's why Fred likes it.
[clanking] Come on! Work! [grunts] Maybe it's time to replace it.
I wish I could just buy a new one, but they're too expensive.
Remind me never to mess with her.
[rattles] There, fixed.
Oh! Baymax: I suggest you back away.
Oh! Watch out! Sorry.
[cat yowls] I will get it.
I have got it.
Uh, well, maybe I can fix it? [rattles, hisses] [thunks] Can we still call it a coffee shop if we don't serve coffee? - Fred's eggs didn't make it.
- Wait.
Where is Fred? Baymax: Scan indicates, Fred is not here.
- Should we be worried? - We could worry or we could call him.
[phone rings] Or he could call us.
Guys, emergency! Help now! [music] [file rasping] Baymax: This does not appear to be an emergency.
Baymax: Hello, I am famous.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x04 - Fred's Bro-tillion - So, Fred, uh, what's wrong? - This better be good.
If you're lookin' for someone to cut your toenails, the answer is no, never again.
That hangnail was majorly infected, okay? - A man can't operate on himself.
- Freddie, why are we here? Because it's here.
There's no escape.
There's no hope.
All right.
Drama king, explanation, now.
It's my bro-tillion.
- What'd he say? - He's reptilian? Oh, something with his costume.
No, Bro.
- Bro.
- Heathcliff.
Translation? The time has come for Master Frederick's bro-tillion, a grand gala held in his honor where he will be formally presented to the city's monied elite.
- Fred, translation? - It's a stuffy party where I have to stuff myself into a stuffy suit and talk to stuffy people about stuffy things.
And that's not even the worst part.
And then there's Binky.
I do not have any data on Binky.
Beverly Samantha Mole, aka, Binky.
The reigning queen of San Fransokyo's snob society.
She's rude.
She's arrogant.
She's Quite insufferable.
Not at all down to earth like you, madam.
Which is why everything must be perfect.
[sighs] - Right, dear? - Right, Mom.
Why does your mom care what this Binky lady thinks? Well there was the time I defaced priceless art.
In my defense, the concept of priceless art was still new to me.
Binky, wait! Then, there was the monkey incident.
[monkeys screeching] In my defense, the monkeys looked up to me as their leader.
Binky, wait! Fred: And I'm still not allowed at the yacht club.
In my defense Well, I don't really have a defense for that one.
Binky, wait! - Wow.
- Yeah, wow.
I can't let my mom down again.
You guys have to help me.
I need to become a proper young gentledude, - and I need to do it by Saturday.
- Saturday? - Which Saturday? This Saturday? - Okay.
We can do this.
You've already taken care of personal grooming, your mom's handling wardrobe, - what's next? - Preparing for the moment I fear more than anything the dance.
That really wasn't worth the dramatic pause.
- Yeah-huh.
- Uh, don't worry, Fred.
I got this.
Allow me to introduce, Baymax.
Now with dance mode.
[gum pops] Five, six, seven, eight.
[bright music] [Irish music] [disco music] Huh? [hip-hop music] The Robot.
Really? Baymax: The waltz.
Your arms go here and here.
Well, this is kind of nice.
- I will lead.
Ready? - Ready? - Step, side - Whoa, wait.
- Which side? - Very good.
- Step, side.
You're movin' real fast.
- Step, side.
- Uh, step, side, close.
- Step Terrible news, Frederick.
Avalanche on the family mountain.
Of course, your father is leading the search party.
- So, my party's off? - Don't even joke about that.
Madam, more terrible news.
- The caterer has canceled.
- What? No! No! Did you tell him I I would pay him obscenely? - Of course.
- Oh, this cannot be happening.
Come, Heathcliff, we have to find another caterer or the bro-tillion will be ruined.
I'll be ruined! Mm Be right back.
This is a disaster.
All the best caterers are committed.
What am I going to do? No canapes, no crudites.
- [gasps] Oh, Binky's going to have a field day.
- Maybe not.
You know, it just so happens I know of a hot new caterer.
- You do? - Oh, yeah.
Totally undiscovered gem.
Does this "undiscovered gem" have references? References? You mean, living in the past? Look, she's not some stuffy old caterer making the same stuffy old stuff.
She's exciting.
She's hip.
- You'd be on the cutting edge.
- Me, on the cutting edge? Oh, that would make Binky's blue blood boil.
Hiro, you are a lifesaver.
[phone beeping] Guess what, Aunt Cass? You're gonna be able to buy that new espresso machine.
You have done catering before, right? [waltz music] It's hopeless.
I can't do it.
You know who else thinks you can't do it? Binky Mole.
Are you gonna let her be right? Or are you gonna be on the cutting edge? On the cutting edge of what? I-I-I don't know.
It worked on your mom.
The point is, you're going out there on Saturday to show Binky Mole what you're made of that you're Frederick Frederickson the Fourth - and you're not afraid of anything.
- Well, spiders, a little.
- I mean, not debilitating.
- Hiro: Fred.
Oh, okay.
Get over here, Mr.
We gonna waltz now.
Oh! [stately piano music] Ooh, look.
A panda.
Look at his little face, isn't he cute? I named him Parker.
And that kitten over there? That's Rodrigo.
- Isn't he adorable? - Honey Lemon, don't get emotionally involved with the hors d'oeuvres.
Okay, guys.
Get out there and circulate.
Leave no mouth unappetized, no hand unbeveraged, and most importantly, have fun.
[breathes deeply] Uh, excuse me! Coming through! [chattering] Can I interest you in a cute panda? Or perhaps an adorable kitten? [crunching] Parker - Told you.
- Ah! Huh? [sputtering, hissing] [reinflating] Up-up-up.
Don't forget a napkin.
You're welcome.
I am Baymax.
Your recent rhinoplasty is approximately 73.
9 percent healed.
I thought you said it wasn't obvious.
[feedback] Good evening, all.
Thank you for coming.
It is with great pride that I introduce the bro of the hour, my son, Frederick.
[applause] [piano music] Fred: Binky! Baymax, help.
[tray clatters] I forgot the steps.
My mind is blank.
Everything is swirling around me.
Your symptoms indicate acute anxiety.
I recommend deep calming breaths.
[breathing deeply] Oh, no.
Now you are hyperventilating.
Breathe, into this.
[breathing deeply] It's not working.
It feels like the whole room is shaking.
[rattling] [rumbling, clattering] [screaming] Guys? What is that? [steam hisses] Greetings, San Fransokyo.
It is I, Baron Von Steamer.
[steam hisses] I was a pretty well-known villain in my day.
No? Steam? Steamer? Nobody remembers? Ah, well, I guess there's not room in your fancy pocket-vest telephones for history.
[feedback whines] This is a private affair, sir, and you did not RSVP.
I did not RSVP, and I didn't bring a guest, but I am taking one Frederick Frederickson the Fourth! Wait.
What? Does this mean I don't have to dance? Help! [screaming] [clattering] Here you go.
And one for you.
Lucky Cat Catering.
Tell your friends.
Binky, wait.
There's a perfectly good explanation for all of this, I think.
Binky, come back! Wow.
A super-villain crashed my bro-tillion.
A super-villain crashed your bro-tillion! Protect Fred.
Hiya! [steam hissing] [laughing maniacally] Scanning Huh? [grunting] [gasps] [steam hisses] Honey Lemon! [steam hisses] [grunts] We need our gear.
Baymax: Steam is hazardous.
It can cause third-degree burns.
That is the ambition of the weapon, pale dirigible.
[steam hisses] Baymax: That is hot.
[creepy music] He melted my face? A bro should not have to see his own face melted.
Wasabi: Don't look at it! [piano clatters] [grunts] Oh, come on! Ah, young Frederick.
You have grown since the baby child you presumably were at one point.
- So, I'm guessing you two haven't met.
- I think I'd remember? You are the spitting image of your accursed father.
What the? Oh! Guys? Help! Hiro: Wasabi! [Steamer laughing manically] Let him go! Hmm? - I'm not Fred.
- Silence, prisoner! Tell Boss Awesome he has until midnight to surrender if he ever wants to see his precious baby child again.
[laughing maniacally] 'Kay, not sure which way your creepy laugh is coming from.
Could you cackle again, please? Steamer: No! - He got Wasabi! - I think the super-villain thought he was me.
I'm also confused.
Who's Boss Awesome? [heroic music] Your dad was a superhero? - Named "Boss Awesome?" - 'Twas the '70s.
Fred, you sure we should be in here? No, but Dad's halfway around the world in Switzerstan.
We can keep a secret.
[clears throat] I'm glad somebody can.
- Uh, hey, Dad.
- Hi, Mr.
Do you mind telling me what you and you friends are doing in my secret superhero den? Well, we're at my bro-tillion, then this guy Steamer shows up - Baron Von Steamer? - Yeah.
That's the one.
I can't believe he's still in the game.
He was old back in the day.
Well, he's back.
For revenge.
Of course he is.
He was my arch-nemesis.
Sir? He captured our friend.
Any idea where he would take him? He had multiple hideouts, as I recall.
But he did have a couple of favorites.
Hit that button there.
[beeps, buzzes] The lights indicate the locations of Steamer's old lairs.
Can't be that one.
It's a Noodle Burger now.
Yep, and that's a Noodle Burger, that's a Noodle Burger, Noodle Burger, and another Noodle Burger.
Oh, wait.
No, no.
You know what? - That's a Yaki Taco.
- So the only two that aren't Noodle Burgers, the abandoned subway station and the old ironworks.
They're on opposite sides of the city.
- Great.
- We'll have to split up.
[growling] Finally! After all these years, I will get my revenge.
I will best my mortal enemy by taking the thing he treasures the most.
[laughs] His offspring, his heir, his baby child! For nigh upon half a century, your father and I have clashed.
[grunting] My condolences, baby child.
For tonight, Boss Awesome will perish.
Look, scary steam guy, I have no idea who Boss Awesome is but I can assure you, I am not his baby child.
[laughs] That's exactly what your father would want you to say.
What? No.
You're not listening to me.
I'm not Fred.
You got the wrong guy! Save your breath, Frederick.
If your daddy doesn't show, it could be your last.
My last breath? No, no, no, no.
I have lots of breaths.
[inhaling, exhaling] Steamer: Salutations, nosy interlopers.
You have made the grievous error of transgressing on the lair of Baron Von Steamer.
[clatters] Thanks, Baymax.
Old timey booby-trapped, but, uh, still, booby-trapped.
I will search for more booby traps.
Whoa, hold on.
I'm picking up a heat signature.
- Could it be a furnace? - Do furnaces typically move? Not typically.
It is moving toward us.
It's another booby trap! Oh, no.
[horn blares] [steam hisses] [horn blaring] I suggest we leave.
- That was unfortunate.
- Baymax.
Power lift.
[horn blaring] [debris clattering] - Baymax: You are safe now.
- [coughs] Thanks, Baymax.
Steamer: Salutations, nosy interlopers.
Where is he? You have made the grievous error of [thuds] error error error error - Baymax: Baron Von Steamer is not here.
- error error error er We need to get to the old ironworks, fast.
[music] [squeaking] - Well, this place is disgusting.
- Yeah.
Steamer really nailed it.
Honey Lemon: Guys, look! - It's Rodrigo.
He made it! - Wasabi's leaving us a trail.
Hmm hmm [crunching] [full mouth] Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you wanna eat this? [whimpers] Rodrigo.
Steamer: Boss Awesome thinks he's so special.
- Boss Awesome thinks he's the bee's knees.
- Ugh, of course.
Tonight, Baron Von Steamer is the bee's knees! [whimpers] [cage creaking] [grunts] [beeps] Ah! [grunts] Oh, no.
[shatters] Oh, yes.
Midnight is nigh, my captive buffoon, and your daddy's not here.
I'm not Fred, and my daddy's an orthodontist.
Steamer: Nice try, baby child.
Fire up the ironworks! [laughing manically] Aah! No! Up! Stop! Aah! - Well, what if I say I am? Fred? - Super jump! Aren't you supposed to be saving me? Aah! [yelping] Okay! Okay! [grunts] - You can open your eyes now.
- Not ready yet.
[growls] Millennial! Uh, did he just give up? I think we should get out of here now.
Could not agree more.
Aah! [alarm blares] [Steamer laughing maniacally] Go Go: What is that? Fred: Hey, guys, I lied.
My fear of spiders is debilitating.
Where is Boss Awesome? You're not bosses, or awesome.
Watch out! So it's a spider, with a hammer.
Go Go: I don't see what this thing [grunts] has to do with steam.
Steamer: Well, you can't tell from the outside, but it's steam powered.
I guess we'll have to take your word for it.
[grunts] There you are, baby child Frederick.
Uh, Fred, you wanna say somethin' right now? [hyperventilating] [shattering] - Run, Wasabi! - Aah! Oh! - Hiro: Gotcha! - Huh? How many of you are there? Baymax, am I glad to see you.
Scanning You are unharmed, but damp.
Yeah, well, it's hot in here.
And I, uh, maybe peed myself a little.
Oh? That's it! [grunts] Hiro: Baymax, look out! [Baymax grunts] Hiro, are you injured? - Fred.
- Huge spider, so big, so many legs.
Oh, no.
Everybody? Come on, Fred.
You can do this! That's it! You wanted Frederick Frederickson the Fourth and here I am, in a lizard costume.
You're Frederick? Ah, yes, I see the resemblance.
You scoundrel.
How dare you impersonate a Frederickson.
Yeah, that's what I was doing.
At last, I will exact my revenge by defeating my arch-enemy's little baby child.
Listen, Steamer.
Today is my bro-tillion.
Today, I'm not a baby child, I'm a man child! [waltz music] Step! Side! Huh? Step! Side! Steamer: Hold still, you fidget! Cease your prancing! Stop melting my legs! Step! Side! Waltz! Kaboom! [waltz music ends] You crashed the wrong party, Steamer.
[groans] Steamer: It appears you have bested me, Frederick, but I will have my revenge.
Villainy defies gravity! [thunks] [pneumatic hissing] Eventually! [music thumping] Hiro, do you see? All these are catering jobs.
I'm booked solid! I love this new espresso machine.
[rattling] [yelps] [steam hisses] See? This is nice.
[gasps] - [sighs] What's his name? - Sienna.
[waltz music] May I have this dance? Do you think Binky's havin' a good time? Your stress level is elevated.
Would you like a hug? I'm sorry my bro-tillion got ruined, Mom.
I know how much you wanted to impress Binky.
Oh, I don't know.
I like this one better.
It's much more you.
Besides, I think it's time we both stopped worrying about what Binky thinks.
- I'm so proud of you, dear.
- Back at you, Madre.
[waltz music ends]