Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

Food Fight

1 [chopping continues] My people tell me, you're one of the better sushi chefs in town.
Your people underestimate me.
I am the best.
I'll be the judge of that.
[music] [gasps] You do not drown the finest otoro in soy sauce.
How about you don't tell me how to eat, okay? You work for me, right? - Mm, mm.
- Of course, Krei-san.
It's only that I hate to see you robbed.
- Hm? - Of an exquisite experience.
Wait, is that the fish that's poisonous if it's - not prepared properly? - Do not doubt my skill.
And do not worry about the fish.
Mm! Mm.
[chuckles] Delicious.
Hm? Oh.
[slurred] No What's happening? - [slurred] You said that - Not to worry about the fish.
You should, however, worry about the special toxin I added to it.
- Oh! - Relax, you'll survive.
If I give you the antidote.
Want it? [groans] And I want the prototype that I assume is in your secret safe.
You work for me now.
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x05 - Food Fight [humming] There you go, boys.
[all gasp] All: Hey! Ugh! This cappuccino is too cute.
- Oh, thank you.
- No, I don't do cute.
Okay, here.
Hello! I ordered a berry boba smoothie, - but it's full of these gross blobs.
- That's the boba.
I'll whip you up a blobless one.
[slurping] [gasps] - Hey, Aunt Cass.
- [quietly] Hiro, do you know who that is? - Hiro: Turtleneck Guy? Should I? - Bolton Gramercy.
He's top celebrity chef! [phone vibrates] Oh, that's cool.
Huh? I I've gotta go.
- Is everything okay? - Yeah.
I just need to study.
- Upstairs, right now.
- Oh, go.
Study hard.
- I love you, Aunt Cass.
- Love you too.
[clears throat] Excuse me, uh, Mr.
Gramercy? Uh, I just wanted to say, I am a huge fan.
Oh, please.
Seriously? I don't do autographs.
Uh, no not I just Well, I just wanted to make sure you're enjoying your meal.
[groans] You're one of those.
Look, dear, sometimes I must choke down pedestrian swill as simple body fuel.
Preferably, accompanied by peace and quiet.
Lady, you're out of soy milk because I spilt it all.
Go Go: [over headset] Hiro, where are you? On our way.
What's going on? Go Go: Krei ate some bad sushi.
Baymax: You will be okay.
But while the antidote takes effect, your major motor systems will be significantly impaired.
No kidding.
Try to stay relaxed.
I will rub your back.
No, g Ah, that's actually nice.
What did she steal? That's oh classified.
It's top secret.
- Gravitational disrupter.
- An anti-grav device? - And you lost it? - This is bad.
Don't worry, she only made off with half of my prototype.
The other half is still secure in my other secret safe.
Where's your other secret safe? I'm not telling you and you'll never find it.
Found it! These days, the only reason people have globes is to open secret safes.
I mean, it's pretty obvious.
You better not tell anyone that's there.
Pinky promise.
[yawns] Oh, what a day.
Good night, Hiro.
Hiro? [meows] Hiro! [phone ringing] Everybody, shh! It's my aunt.
Er, uh, hiya, Cass.
Where are you? You said you were going upstairs to study.
I'm in your room and you're not! I actually meant I was going upstairs at the library.
[shatters] With friends.
You know, like a like a study group.
- Yeah, a "study group.
" - Oh, uh, yeah, we're making flash cards, quizzing each other, eating healthy snacks.
[clattering] Seriously, is there anything in this room she didn't cut in half? Aunt Cass: Who cut what in half? Go Go, so we can share those healthy snacks.
Aah! Ow! [groans] Now the numbness wears off.
- Hiro, what's going on? - I'm almost done! See you in a bit.
Don't wait up.
Love you, bye.
What are you going to do? Hey! Ha-ha! I can stand.
Bot fighting! What is he thinking going to Good Luck Alley at night? Wait What am I thinking? I'm not going unarmed.
Wasabi: I've never seen a cut like this.
Not even my plasma blades are this precise.
- What? - Graphene blades.
Thinner than paper but stronger than steel.
This tech is cutting edge! No pun intended.
Okay, okay.
Pun intended.
[keyboard clacks] Whoa, her knife is so thin, - you can't even see it from this angle.
- I told you it was amazing.
Baymax, can you put a name to that face? I do not have any information about that face.
Good thing I do.
My dad has a state-of-the-art bad guy database.
Everyone, to Fred's house! [sirens wailing] [music] [door opens] [yelling] [clattering] Nice place.
Hm Excuse me.
Is this where the fight is? - Yeah.
- What's in the bag? Hey, that's mine! Give it back! Oh, you're a fighter.
Why didn't you say so? - Fighter? I'm not a - Come on, fighters this way.
Whoa! [audience cheers and applauds] [over PA] Welcome, fighter.
I am Yum LaBouché, ringmaster of this underground extreme cooking competition.
The time has come to cook for your life.
The time has come for food fight! [cheering] I have made a bad decision.
[audience cheering] Who are you? And do you have what it takes to vanquish your enemy? Well, Yum, uh, I'm Cass.
Hi, everyone.
And we're just cooking, right? [laughter] Woman: "Just cooking?" This is no-holds-barred cooking.
Cheating? It's not only allowed [chuckles] it's encouraged.
[audience jeers] - Are you prepared to cook dirty? - That does not sound sanitary.
Spoken like someone who's about to lose.
And now, your opponent, a man who needs no introduction, Bolton Gramercy! Bolton Gramercy? Wait, you're that little bird from the café today.
- Is this a joke? - Um, well, I didn't actually mean to enter.
I'm just here to look for my nephew.
So I'm gonna [clicks tongue] you know Give up.
Good move.
Leave the cooking to the real chefs.
[audience boos, jeers] Oh, we'll see who's the real chef.
You're about to get stir-fried.
Audience: Ooh! Fiesty.
Time to cook! Tonight's challenge: the perfect crème brûlée.
Oh, I can do that! But you must use gummy iguanas, cilantro, and an ostrich egg.
What? [laughs] Let the food fight begin! [buzzer] - You said it was state-of-the-art.
- Well, it was in 1972.
But don't worry, my dad keeps the data totally up-to-date.
- Punch cards, really? - Yes, hello, but look at them, they're up-to-date punch cards.
- Okay, let's get started.
- Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! First, we have to let the tubes warm up.
Guess what guys? It's punch card time.
FEW HOURS LATER [bell dinging] And just like that, we have a match.
[yawns] Finally.
[gasps] - Ooh.
I believe that's yours.
- Sorry, Wasabi.
Her name is Momakase.
She's the best thief and sushi chef in San Fransokyo.
Considered extremely dangerous.
So she's definitely coming back for the rest of that [yawns] grav disrupter.
Hiro, you are scheduled to wake up in five hours.
You will not get the recommended level of Oh, no! I didn't realize it was so late.
I-I've gotta go.
Hiro: Aunt Cass is gonna kill me.
[beeps] [music] [gasps, grunts] [beeps] [music] [indistinct conversation] Tonight's chef supreme is Cass! [audience cheers] She won without cheating.
I didn't think that was within the realm of possibility.
Present your knives to the victor, you hack.
- But these knives were a gift from my nana.
- To the victor Audience: Go the knives! Oh.
No, that's not really necessary.
I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.
- Take the knives.
- Sorry.
Audience: Cass! Cass! [audience cheers] - You have the gravitational disrupter? - I have acquired it.
This is only half of the device.
You expect me to pay you for only stealing half? You hired me to get the device in Krei's safe, this is what was in his safe.
So, yes.
I expect to be paid.
This is useless to me without the other half.
Then I guess you need to hire me to steal the other half.
[growls] Fine.
When you have the whole device, let me know.
I will.
Maybe I'll let some other buyers know as well.
Okay, I'm gonna need a good story.
Aunt Cass is not gonna be happy.
Honesty has been shown to have significant health benefits.
Not in this case.
Aunt Cass, I'm home.
I do not see Aunt Cass.
Perhaps she has gone to bed.
Aunt Cass? [whispers] Aunt Cass? Scanning.
[beeps] [purring] - Baymax: Aunt Cass is not here.
- Oh, no.
She must have gone out to look for me.
She could be anywhere.
Baymax, suit up.
We gotta find her.
- Oh, Hiro.
- Hi.
Wait, you were out? Um, yes.
Doesn't seem like a big deal.
Do you have any idea what time it is? You scared me half to death.
You are in good physical condition.
Your approximation of a 50% proximity to death is inaccurate.
Yeah, so don't be so dramatic.
I just took a night off, okay? [meows] You didn't even leave a note.
Where were you? And why do you smell like gummy fish? Aunt Cass: I don't.
I smell like gummy iguanas.
Now, it's late, so I am going to bed.
- Hiro: No, we're going to talk now.
- [sighs] Fine.
Tell me all about your robot-building study group.
[yawns] You know, it's pretty late.
Let's pick this up tomorrow.
Works for me.
Good night, guys.
Shall I set an alarm for picking this up tomorrow? Both: No.
[meows, purrs] Wow.
Gramercy's nana had good taste in knives.
Hey, Aunt Cass.
I, uh, I have another study group tonight, so don't worry about me for dinner.
Bye, Hiro.
Guess I've got tonight to myself.
[music] [grunts] - Hey there, looking for something? - Well, this is cute.
You really think you can stop me? [grunting] Knives can be dangerous, especially when thrown.
Aw, see? He gets me.
Oh, no.
Huh? What? Uh-oh.
[grunting] Ha! Missed.
Did I? Lady, you're going down.
[both grunting] So the knives, graphene, right? You can tell me, it's kind of my thing.
Want a close look? [chuckles feebly] Ha! Huh? Aah! Huh! You boys lasted three seconds longer than I would have thought.
- Huh? Huh.
- Huh? Huh? Now she can mess with gravity.
We have to get it back before someone gets hurt.
Okay, but that was so cool.
[dramatic music] [dramatic music continuing] Audience: Cass! Cass! Cass! Cass! Cass! Not again.
[snoring] - Baymax: Good morning, Aunt Cass.
- What? Ooh! What time is it? 8:45.
The café should be open.
Who are you and what have you done with my Aunt Cass? Oh, relax, they can wait an extra few minutes for their coffee.
What's going on? You're supposed to be the responsible one.
[meows] Aunt Cass: There's nothing wrong with going out once in a while to cut loose.
"Cut loose"? What are you doing all night? Where do you go? Uh, the movies.
Gotta go to work.
She has no idea what it's like to deal with someone who is obviously lying to you.
[meows] [music] What's she doing in Good Luck Alley? This place is dangerous.
[dog barking in distance] What? [grunts] What is going on? I assume you got the device.
The whole thing this time.
Was it ever in doubt? One anti-grav device with a 70-meter-range radius.
- Fine, I will pay you double.
- Actually, things have changed.
I'm selling it on the black market to the highest bidder.
[beeps] Why you [choking] What the [groans] Oh, delicious, isn't it? The toxin gives it a real kick.
- Ah! - Take him home, then get him the antidote eventually.
[audience cheers and applauds] Who's that down there? - New fighter, undefeated.
- Not for long.
I detect Aunt Cass in the spotlight.
- Hey, Aunt Cass! Aunt Cass! - Hiro, what are you doing here? - What are you doing here? - Um, winning.
And now, back in the ring to defend her title, you know her as reigning champion Momakase! - Momakase.
- Oh, I've heard she's good.
No, s-she's bad.
Really bad.
- You've gotta get out of here.
- I will, Hiro.
Just as soon as I crush her and take her knives.
No, wait! You don't want to get near her knives.
Hey, it's inappropriate to mess with the fighters.
[Hiro shouts] [grunts] Oh, no.
[Hiro groans] [Hiro grunting] Go Go, I found Momakase and you are not gonna believe this.
Hm, let me guess.
A cook at some nothing café? You probably put cute animal faces in your cappuccino foam.
You wish you could make a panda-ccino like mine.
Tonight's championship challenge: speed sushi.
- Audience: Ooh! - Sharpen your knife skills, chefs.
This could get dangerous.
[audience cheers] Oof! Okay, fine.
You are going down.
Whoa! I never knew cooking could be so tense.
I am never gonna look at a sandwich the same way.
Baymax, scan the building for the gravity thing.
[beeping] Baymax: Gravity disrupter, located.
Let's go.
[grunts] It is in this room.
This is gonna be easier than I thought.
Oh hi.
You are not as good as you think you are.
Just have to be better than you.
Huh, we'll see about that.
What? [groans] [audience gasps] Oof, this looks bad for Cass.
She needs to get her dish to the judges before time runs out to qualify.
I'll be back to collect your knives.
Why is there even a net in here? They're no graphene blades, but they do the trick just fine.
- That is mine! - Really? 'Cause you stole it.
So you really shouldn't be that offended 'cause, you know, it's not yours and all.
- Oof! - I'm okay! [grunts] Ah! [groans] Wasabi, look out! [grunting] It really works! - It really works! - Whoa, cool.
Audience: Ten, nine, eight I guess you can't win them all.
I take it back.
You can win them all.
[buzzer] She did it! [laughs] It's all over now but the judging.
And the floating.
[glass shatters] - I won? Oh, I won! - Oh! [grunts] Aunt Cass! [grunting] Everyone, hold on, things are about to get heavy.
[grunts] Whoa! [audience chanting] Cass, Cass, Cass, Cass, Cass! [chanting and cheers continues] [grunting] Nobody steals from Alistair Krei and gets away with it.
And nobody tells Alistair Krei how much soy sauce to use.
Wow, can you believe that woman was a dangerous criminal? And you stood up to her.
Sometimes I forget how amazing you are.
Thanks, Hiro.
- Chef Gramercy, what are you doing here? - Uh, hello, Cass.
I should say Chef Cass.
First of all, I want to apologize for my atrocious behavior.
Thank you.
I really appreciate it.
Secondly, I was wondering if if you could find it in your heart You want your nana's knives back.
- Uh - So, which ones are your nana's?