Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e09 Episode Script

The Impatient Patient

1 [beeping] All right, we're here.
Now what? - We wait? - Aah! Don't do that! - Didn't know you were back there.
- Talk to yourself much? No, I was thinking out loud.
[phone beeps] This is Krei.
Computer voice: I see you have reached the drop point.
Coudn't we've done this in the office? No.
You will transfer the funds.
How do I know you'll deliver? This is a staggeringly large amount of cash.
That is why it was the winning bid.
- [tone] Done.
- And? Aah! Hit the deck! You might wanna see this.
[beeps] [whirring] [chuckles] It's good to win.
Got our target.
[Claps] Let's fly.
I am Baymax.
[Title music] Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh 1x09 - The Impatient Patient Baymax: My flight function is not at full efficiency in suspended water droplets.
Hiro: It's just fog, Baymax.
Yeah, it's not the greatest for night patrol.
Night patrolling in the fog I can't see my feet Oh, oh, oh, oh I probably shouldn't be jumpin' around Hiro: Fred! Did you see that? No! I can't see anything, not even my feet.
I thought I was clear on that.
I mean, did you not hear my song? Come on! Out over the bay.
Too small to be planes.
Helicopters? Baymax: I will scan for heat signatures through the fog.
Please be UFOs, please be UFOs, please be UF Baymax: I detect three humans [groans] Baymax: wearing jet turbines.
Triple pound! All: Jacks rule! [Music] Aah! [screaming] [clank] [grunts] [grunts] That's the stuff! Ohh! [grunts] [chuckles] Nice job, Baymax! - Greg Jack: Look sharp, Jack.
- Jack: Roger that, Jack.
- Jaq, you got this? - Jaq: Copy, Jack.
Hiro: Aah! - Nailed it, Jaq.
- Back at ya, Jack.
[coughs] [Music] Hey? Aah Lesson one: Don't mess with the Mad Jacks.
[whip cracks] Jack/Jaq: Jacks rule! - Wait, so you're all named Jack? - Actually, my real name's Greg.
But I go by Jack.
Team cohesion, man.
Well, uh, that makes no sense.
Yeah, well, you make no sense.
[yelling] Wa-ha-ha-ha, Baymax! [beeping] Aah! Aah! Ah.
[sneezes] You have sneezed.
- A sneeze is a semi - I'm fine.
Come on.
We have to check out that yacht.
I am scanning the occupants.
One of them is - Alistair Krei.
- Welcome aboard.
Is this another revenge against you thing? - No? - Unethical business deal? - That is offensive and also no.
- Then what? Look, I was out on the bay enjoying my yacht, Kreifisher, and then those flying maniacs swooped in.
[blast] Ah! Ah, ah! [splash] Baymax: It is advisable to wear a flotation device - when boating.
- Noted.
[blasts] Ahh! Ah! Baymax, I'm thinking rocket fist.
Three targets will require precise timing.
Now! [grunting, splashes] [chuckles] Nice shot! That had to hurt! I do not detect any major injuries.
[chuckles] Bet they're mad, though! Mad Jacks? Because they're Never mind.
Hiro: Mr.
Krei, are you sure there's nothing you wanna tell us? - Uh, there is one thing - Good night! [sneezes] Hiro, I am detecting unusually thick mucus in your nasal membranes.
Well, that's disgusting.
No viruses around the CEO.
That's the rule.
Good night.
O-kay, let's go, Baymax.
I will monitor your symptoms.
Why didn't you tell them? I mean, they did save you.
I do not need that kid lecturing me about how "that technology is too risky.
" - Is it risky? - No risk, no reward.
[thud] What'd I miss? Hiro, what did you just do? - Uh, changed my mind? - You touched the apple.
But I decided I wanted the orange.
There There's no comparison, really, it's apples and oranges.
[chuckles] Do you know how many microbes you left on that apple? - No, but I bet you do, Karmi.
- This is cold and flu season.
All it takes is one careless [sniff] [silverware falls] Come on, it was one sniff! Hi, Hiro.
Aw, do you feel okay? - Hm, you're a little warm.
- You look like death.
Go home.
- Why does everyone think I'm sick? - Me? I never get sick.
Every year, I get stung by an irradiated bee.
- So I'm protected.
- An irradiated bee? Yeah.
I close my eyes, the doctor says I'll feel a pinch, - and then - Fred, that's a flu shot.
No! Irradiated bee! That's what my mom says.
- Uh, hey, Wasabi, new computer? - Oh, it so much more than that.
[classic music] It is a perfect extension of [sneeze] [screams] Sorry.
Let me help you [sneezes] [crazy scream] I am concerned about the sneezing.
[screaming] Also, the screaming.
Situation report: Um, let's see At approximately, t twenty-three hundred hours, You were defeated by a child.
- The kid had a robot.
- Yeah, tell him about the bot.
Finish the job.
Understand? F-F-Finish it! Roger that.
Good copy.
Mad Jacks out.
Such a tenacious young man.
What does it take, I wonder, to lay you low? [sneezes, groans] Rise and shine.
I made your favorite, breakfast tofu-dilla.
Okay, well, not anybody's favorite yet, but I need an honest opinion.
- [sneezes] Hiro? - Morning.
[groans] My primary patient is sick.
I am his personal health care companion.
Doctor: Okay, Hiro, let's just check that temperature.
Oh, you do have a moderate - Fever of one hundred and one.
- Right.
Point two nine.
Let's take a peek in your ears.
Just what I suspected.
Doctor/Baymax: Fluid, in the auditory canal.
Indicating a possible viral infection.
[chuckles] You know, typically a patient seeks a second opinion after the diagnosis, not during.
Sorry, Doctor.
He cares a lot.
Let's see if he agrees that you need to stay in bed for a few days.
But uh uh I don't want to.
Bed rest is advised for viral infections.
Patience, Sheila.
It's the future.
Go home, have some soup.
Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.
I guess you're too old for a lolli pop! Baymax: Enjoyment of a lollipop is not age conditional.
Okay, Fred what did you find out? The Mad Jacks are an elite shadows ops.
Hiro, I have brewed tea for you.
Uh, no thanks, Baymax.
I'm not thirsty.
A patient diagnosed with a viral infection should drink plenty of liquids.
Okay, I'll drink it later.
Hey, where's Wasabi? One more pass with the sanitizer, and Oh.
[classic music] Sorry I'm late.
[Baymax fluffing pillow] Hiro, a patient diagnosed with a viral infection should rest.
A viral infection? It was a brand new computer! Oh! Uh A-And And feel better, Hiro.
Here's what I dug up.
The Mad Jacks not only have a web site, they have a theme song.
[rock music] - When you need down and dirty action - Mad Jacks - With a guaranteed satisfaction - Mad Jacks Who's got might to the max Massive surprise attacks Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Jacks You got a mission? Don't sweat it.
We'll crank it up to Jacks-imum overdrive! All: Jack attack! [explosion] Mad Jacks Announcer: The Mad Jacks are a high-octane action team.
They will wreak havoc.
The Mad Jacks will not be responsible for said havoc, - but it will be awesome.
- Wow.
Somebody's been pounding too many sports drinks.
If someone hired the Mad Jacks to go after Krei, whatever he's hiding from us is a big deal.
I will tuck you in.
Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Jacks I'll admit their theme song is catchy.
Did you know it costs a small fortune to hire these Mad Jack guys? It's nice to know someone thinks I'm worth it.
They think that chip is worth it.
I bested every black market bid for this chip.
It is the cutting edge.
It is the future.
- And you have no idea what it does.
- No.
But I will.
The next step is to have my tech security team analyze it.
- That's surprisingly cautious for you.
- I'm cautious [thud, thud] I upgraded my office windows.
- Just your office? - Yeah.
Why? [glass breaking] Did you by any chance upgrade your floor? [crash] Wah-ha, I see what you mean.
[blowing nose] [groans] Dispatcher: All units, disturbance reported at Krei Tech Industries.
Something's up.
I knew it.
Reports of an aerial attack.
The Mad Jacks.
[beeping] [music] Aah! Shouldn't you be home in bed, short stack? You don't even know.
Greg Jack: Jack, talk to me.
You got a 20 on the bot? - Negative, Jack.
- Yeah, well y-you're in for a surprise.
Kid's bluffing.
Bot's not here.
Maybe, uh, that was the surprise.
Taking Mad Jacks on alone? That is surprising.
- And idiotic.
- Aah! [crash] Ah! [groans] I will scan you now.
Looks like you got yourself a hairline fracture of the tibia, Hiro.
- Great.
- A fracture? You mean like, broken? Hiro, how can you break your leg when you've been sick in bed? Well, um, it was a it w [chuckles] it was a video game accident? - Is that a thing? - We don't get a lot of it.
In fact, this is the first.
Baymax: Doctor, there is also a second, smaller fracture in the fibula.
My scan is more detailed.
I will share it.
I said "family only.
" He wants me to be satisfied with my care.
[phone vibrates] It's from Baymax.
Yes, well, it appears the leg is fractured in two places.
What game was it? I don't think you should play that one anymore.
[sighs] There.
A smile helps you heal.
- Now get well fast, Hiro.
- Yeah.
And quit doing dumb stuff.
Can't be too careful.
It's outrageous.
To sneak outside in your condition, to chase down flying daredevils, and not call me?! [sighs] There are no words! Hey, I knew Krei was in danger.
- And you had to prove yourself right.
- I was right.
And now Aah Haa Haa Haa Your leg should remain elevated.
Also, you still require fluids and rest.
People, the health care companion has spoken.
- Visiting hours are over.
- Right.
Rest up and wise up.
And no secret missions.
[whispers] But if there are, you got my digits, right? Krei's the one in danger, not me.
This situation requires persistence.
I know.
That's why I can't just give up.
Persistence is part of my health care matrix.
[grunting] [rock music] Ahh.
[chuckles] Great work, Jacks! Rendezvous status? Unknown.
Client's gone radio silent.
- Jaq: Dude's creepy.
- Hm.
Roger that.
Ha! Aah! - Okay, suit.
- It's actually more a blazer.
- Look.
Our employer just wants the chip.
- And he's kind of a freak.
So, I'd hand it over, if I were you.
[chuckles] Love to know who that employer is.
Not a chance.
[grunt] Mad Jacks are discreet.
- Hooah! Hooah! Hooah! - Hah! Hah! Heh! - Hooah! - Uh-yah! - Hah! - Haah! [both grunting] [phone buzzes and vibrates] Hiro: Hello? Ha-ha, hello, funny thing.
I really could use Big Hero 6.
- Mr.
Krei? - Yes! I've got a problem.
First of all, they ruined my blazer.
Big Hero 6 Fighting for the right Searching through the night Mad Jacks are the mercs Jacks are flying jerks.
Who have the chip.
And could be anywhere.
Fred: I'll incorporate that into my song, but you know, make it rhyme.
We just have to cover as much ground as we can, as fast as we can.
On my signal, we go silent! Honey Lemon: They should be easy to spot.
Yeah, flying jet pack people should stand out.
- Masquerade ball? - Sure.
Let's go with that.
Picking up anything, Baymax? No.
I have not detected the jet turbines.
How can you guys possibly search the entire city? [coughs] Hiro: I should be out there helping you.
That would be counterproductive to your recovery.
I know, I know.
In bed, leg elevated.
Right after I do this.
[music] I'm comin' up empty.
Dang it, I just know the Jacks are makin' their move.
[glass shatters] [music] - Good evening.
- Ah! Do you come bearing Alistair Krei's black market chip? You hired the Mad Jacks! The Mad Jacks guarantee success! Success and havoc.
[chuckles] And it's always awesome! [music] Ooh Big Hero 6, on the move.
All right, focus up.
This is how I see it.
We keep the enemy occupied, you escape with the package.
- Mission accomplished.
- Super.
- Although - 'Ey.
My plan is diamond.
The security of the package is paramount.
All right, all right, I I I hear you, lemme just, uh Okay, minor adjustment.
I will keep the package secure until the enemy is neutralized.
Boo-yah! Hey, you good catch.
Mad Jacks! Let's fly.
[music] Listen up, Jacks, keep your eyes peeled for hostiles.
Jaq: How many, Jack? Well, with a handle like Big Hero 6, I figure we're lookin' at somewhere between five and seven.
Roger that.
Perimeter sweep in progress.
I will Ooh! Give Fredzilla a piggy back ride? I'm in! [grunts] [thud] [gum pops] Huh! [blasts] Oww! Ahh! [thud] Not cool! Fred: Hey Hey Don't make me hurl in here! Ahh-wahh-whoa! [crash] [groans] Don't worry, Freddie.
We're here to help.
- Must be some kinda party, huh? - It usually is.
Keep the change.
It would be preferable to resolve this conflict without violence.
[explosion] Greg Jack: No way! The violence rocks.
It's a major part of the Mad Jack program.
Oh, have a taste! [blasts] [crash] And the bot is down for the count! Not a chance! That bot's been taking care of me.
Time for me to return the favor.
- Hiro? - Yah! Have you lost it? That is not Hiro.
Uh, I am being the perfect patient.
Leg elevated, plenty of liquids.
[sips, sighs] And of course, rest.
[blasts] [beeps] [electricity blasting] Taser.
Good call.
Ohh! - Thanks, Baymax.
- You are welcome.
Time to try out the boosters on this thing.
Oh, yeah! Eat my dust! [chuckles] W-Whoa! The bot! [grunting] Oh Jack down! Perhaps you should consider less dangerous activities.
Maybe you should think about whatever.
Krei's chip, please.
- Greg Jack: Ugh! - Thanks, Greg.
That's cold.
Jack extraction! ASAP! Three times the Jack to watch your back Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Jacks Can you guys get this back to Krei? No problem.
And get some rest, robo-genius.
Feeling better already.
And by now, the chip should be back in Alistair's hands.
The moment of truth.
The moment when you turn it over to the security team.
Instead of doing something stupid.
Is there something wrong, Alistair? The reckless tycoon showing caution? Restraint? I need the tech security team.
But Alistair, remember the abduction.
Who can you trust? Who's on your side? [whispers] Who knows? Actually, never mind.
The person who was after this, - whoever hired the Mad Jacks - What about them? What if they've infiltrated my security team? [chuckles] Like what, a spy? You're not usually this paranoid.
Hey, I was abducted.
It does things to you.
[beep] I'm not taking any chances.
There we are, Alistair.
That's the stuff.
We will be the only ones who see what's on this.
- Nothing? - No.
The money.
Th The abduction.
Everything that happened! It was all for nothing? It probably is better that we were the only ones who saw this.
So many files so many secrets! Obake: Ah, Hiro Hamada.