Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e10 Episode Script

Mr. Sparkles Loses His Sparkle

1 Honey Lemon: Ooh, I love the ping pong bot, Hiro! - Too bad it's gonna lose! - You sure about that? Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Guys! Baymax: Your increased perspiration and repetitious speech pattern - indicate alarm.
- I am alarmed, Baymax.
Fire alarmed! - Honey Lemon: What? - The Tiki Torch factory is on fire! Fred: We have to stop it from spreading to the paper mill next door! Let me guess there's a hairspray plant nearby, too.
Nice Go Go's familiar with the area.
Our gear's at Fred's.
Let's go! [beeping] - The suits aren't here! - Oh, yeah, we brought them back - to our place last time, remember? - Ah, ah, ah, ah Ouch! [crash] Has anyone seen my right shoulder pad? Ooh! [thud] - It's Fred-zilla time! - Actually, Fred-zilla time would've been handy about an hour ago, sport.
We really need to figure out a better way to suit up.
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x10 - Mr.
Sparkles Loses His Sparkle Aunt Cass: You guys have to see Mochi's latest trick! I mean, well, you don't have to.
It's completely optional.
No presh.
[meows] - Is shortening words still a thing? - Oh, totes.
That's short for absolutely.
Aah! I live for cat videos! Okay, Mochi, slow clap.
- Ohh! - Okay, it's cute.
- I am totally posting this! - Aw, sweet.
[meows] Aw, man, I almost forgot.
I have an extra ticket to "Maximum Insane Obstacle Challenge.
" - Maximum what? - "Maximum Insane Obstacle Challenge"! The number one online game show! Contestants compete in these maximum insane obstacle challenges.
[groans] [buzzer] - Thus the show's name.
- Huh, never picked up on that.
Basically a hidden message.
Looks fun, Fred, but I gotta work on something to deal with our suiting-up problem.
I'm busy too, Fred.
I'm reorganizing my organizer.
Hard pass.
No excuse.
- No, come on, but - There's nothing anyone can say that can make me go to a dopey game show.
I would go, Freddy, but I'm throwing a sticker party.
I'm in! I can't do another sticker party.
- What are you doing? - Did I happen to mention that our seats are in the Maximum Insane Gross Zone, and I only brought one poncho? Apologies, enjoy the show.
Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, today's show is presented by by Yaki Taco.
Break out of your hard shell.
[laughing] Now please give a maximum welcome to your insane host, Mr.
Sparkles! [applause and cheering] Hello, Sparkleheads! Oh, you're too much.
You're too much, stop it.
All right.
[cheering continues] No, seriously, you're too much! Stop it! I have a hard out at four! Now! Who's ready to play Audience: Maximum Insane Obstacle Challenge! Oh, I'm I'm sorry, does one of you wanna host? Last I checked, I'm the one with the magnetic charisma! [chicken bocking and crow] You know what that means time to find our first contestant! Bock! Bock! Seat number 65! [applause] That's me! That's me! In your face, 64! [laughs] Ooh! [laughs] Yes! Ooh! [quietly] Stay outta my light, you mummy! [clears throat] Always stay young at heart! Now, let's find out today's first challenge, shall we? [beeping] Woman's voice: Sushi limbo.
How low can your sushi roll go? Dodge the chopsticks, and don't get dunked in the soy sauce.
Come on, isn't this the best? [pops] - Hey! - Ready set limbo! Huh! Aah! [grunts] Aah! Ah! [splash] Ugh! [laughter] You don't even have to worry.
This is low sodium.
Sparkles: Here comes the loser hand! [baby crying] Uh-oh, sounds like it's time to Feed the baby! [cheering] Woman's voice: Feed the baby.
Don your diaper and squirt the food in the baby's mouth.
But be careful.
He's not feeling well.
And our lucky baby is two-hundred and three! Go on, Go Go, feed the baby! Wait, it's "Feed the Baby" but I have to wear the diaper? That's the maximum insane part! I'm not looking like an idiot in front of millions of people.
Don't worry about what other people think, Go Go.
I mean, look at me! I came prepared to be humiliated.
[crowd gasps] - It's fun! - Maximum hard pass.
Hiro, why are we in the middle of a field? [sneezes] Uh, yeah.
[sneezes] The pollen levels are killin' my sinuses.
This is the best place to demo the long range capability of our new suit delivery system! Ah-choo! Sorry.
[blows nose] Nasal spray can help relieve your congestion.
Uh thanks, Baymax.
But I think I'm good.
Right now, the suits are at Fred's, on the other side of the city.
[beeping] [groans] [grunts] Huh.
There appears to be an error.
Sorry, guys.
Uh, the code checks out.
I don't know why that didn't work.
Hiro, it's just a fluke.
Right, Wasabi? Totally.
Ah-ah-choo! Oh, I think I felt something pop.
- Ugh sticker party.
- Honey Lemon: Go Go, come quick! You know how I posted that video of Mochi slow clapping? It's gone viral! [shutters clicking] Oh! Hey! [phone buzzes] [sparse applause] [buzzing] [buzzing] Hang in there.
You're still a star! No matter how many fair weather fans unfollow you.
Keep sparkling! [knock on door] - Uh, Mr.
Sparkles? - What is it? Can't you see I'm giving myself a creepy pep talk? Sorry, sir.
I just thought you'd wanna know that Yaki Taco is no longer presenting us [flinching noise] They have to present us.
Who else would they present? Slow-Clap-Cat.
He claps.
[growls] No one can take away Mr.
Sparkles' sparkle.
No one! I give you suit delivery system 2.
[beep] [music] Whoa! Very cool.
Huh, that's weird.
The suits were supposed to pop out.
Something's not [groans] Why won't you work? [sighs, mutters] Okay.
Well, I'll leave you to it.
[sighs] Huh? Aah! [screaming] - Oh, no.
- Oh, no.
[screaming] This could be a medical emergency.
[screaming] [gasping] You have a minor abrasion on your left elbow.
Sorry, Wasabi, I I don't know what's going on.
Normally, my brain just comes up with solutions, and, uh, well [chuckles] I guess it's just not working lately.
I didn't wanna alarm you earlier, Hiro, but I think you're experiencing what all scientists fear inventor's block! [groans] - On a scale of one to ten - Hiro: Seven! Ugh! Not one idea all day.
Ah! Wasabi's right.
I do have inventor's block.
I will scan you now.
Your condition may be psychological.
Perhaps you should try therapy.
- Baymax, I don't think - Exercise one: Tell me, - what was your childhood like? - My childhood? What does that have to do with inventor's block? Early memories are key to an in-depth analysis of your psyche.
Is, uh, this gonna take long? Self-improvement is a lifelong process.
Yeah, I need faster results.
[tapping keyboard] We've made some real breakthroughs.
Let's pick up here next time.
[whistling] Whoa, chief.
We're at capacity.
Don't you know who I am? A guy with an overinflated sense of self? - I'm Mr.
Sparkles! - Called it.
- Maximum Insane Obstacle Challenge? - Now you're just sayin' words.
Look! It's Slow-Clap-Cat! [shutters clicking] Oh, my.
[purring] [sighs] Oh, how I love that cat.
Step aside, Spackles.
- Do you mind? - [chuckles] No, I don't.
Oh, no, I meant, do you mind moving outta the way? See? I could tell you were a nobody.
[quietly] You think you're a smart little kitty, don't you? Well, we'll see who has the last clap.
[whirs and buzzes] Ooh! - You okay, Hiro? - What if, I'm, uh, all out of ideas? Wasabi! What if I never get over my inventor's block? When was the last time you took a break? Break? I don't do breaks.
I've had some of my best ideas when I wasn't trying.
Breaks can lead to breakthroughs.
[bells chime] Uh! There's my meditation reminder now.
- Care to join me? - No, thanks.
Come on, what do you have to lose? You're not gonna stop until I cave, are you? Close your eyes, and imagine you're floating on a soft, fluffy white cloud.
Feel the surface beneath you begin to rise, as you float into the clear blue sky.
[tapping keyboard] Wait! What are you doing? I'm brainstorming some new suit delivery ideas.
- But that's not the point of - Goodbye, Wasabi cloud.
I'm just gonna try to work through this.
[slapping] Slow-Clap-Cat has become the most viewed video ever.
Tell me, how does it feel? Well um, pretty darn exciting.
"Pretty darn exciting.
" [quietly] Powerful words.
Stay with us.
Woman's voice: And we're clear! Thanks for having me on your show, Mr.
My dad's Mr.
- Autograph? - Oh, that's okay.
I think I'm good.
No, really.
Not a problem.
[meows] "To Slow Clap" [meows] - Guys, look! - Hello, world! Mr.
Sparkles here.
You might remember me from my old internet game show "Maximum Insane Obstacle Challenge.
" Well, today, I start a new show: "Totally Lethal Unfair Obstacle Challenge", where the stakes are out of this world! [meows] Mochi! It's my most insane challenge ever.
If someone can beat it in the next hour, Slow-Clap-Cat goes free! But if not, I'll just have to turn this internet star into a real star.
By sending him to space! - Poor Mochi! - We've got an hour.
We can save him! - Hiro! We need our suits.
- I know! Hold on! Voice integrated command.
VIC yeah, I like that.
Bring our suits to Lucky Cat Cafe.
Robotic voice: Okay, Hiro, I will bring your suits to the middle of the ocean.
VIC, come on! You're embarrassing yourself, that's not even remotely close to what he said.
- Lucky Cat Cafe! - The Ocean! Middle of the ocean! Seriously, VIC? - Please tell me we have backup suits.
- We do not.
- Unbelievable.
- Mochi's missing.
I have to hang up these fliers.
Baymax, you go with Aunt Cass.
Don't let her find out Mr.
Sparkles has Mochi.
She's already upset.
I will protect Aunt Cass from further emotional trauma.
Baymax, you go with Aunt Cass.
We'll start searching.
Yeah, we'll give it our "maximum" effort.
- Are you okay, Fred? - Yeah, I'm fine, I just have a "sparkle" in my eye.
You guys see what I'm doin'? - You guys notice? - Knock it off.
- Ohh! - Come on, Baymax.
You guys go to the studio.
Buy me some time.
- But what about Mochi? - I know what to do.
- And I know how to do it.
- Ahh! Sprinkles has the whole place booby-trapped! Police dispatcher: Stand by and wait for back-up.
[siren blares] Fred: Wow! Why don't we just ambush him and grab Mochi? Because he's booby-trapped the whole set! The only way to save Mochi is to complete his insane challenge! Totally Lethal Unfair Obstacle Challenge! Keep up! [beeping] Woman's voice: Scream of broccoli.
Sparkles: To save the cat, put on the broccoli suit and clear the Pot of Fon-doom! Then face the Veggie Cruel-dites! "Cruel-dites? " What is he even talking about? My destiny! - Ready? - Born ready! - Set? - Born set! - Go! - Born go! Ahh! Ah! Whoa! Aww, feta luck next time! Feta is a type of cheese.
Never stop learning! [tapping keyboard] Hang on, Mochi.
Uhh this isn't vegan by any chance, is it? - I'm trying to watch my dairy.
- Sorry! [groans] Whoo! Ooh! [grunting] - Nice! Way to use your core! - Woo-hoo! - Come on, Wasabi! - Boring! [grunts] Mr.
Sparkles: Broccoli loves company! Wah-ah! Hey! Aah! Ooh! Huh? Mr.
Sparkles: And now this is happening! [screams] Aah! Ah! These tomatoes are overripe! - Gross! Whoa! - Meanwhile, back at the ranch dressing! Looks like he got dealt a bad hand.
- I'm guessing this isn't vegan, either.
- No.
It is.
I hope Mochi turns up soon, Baymax.
If something happened to him, I'd I'd fall to pieces.
Are Are you okay, Baymax? Yes, Aunt Cass.
Are you? - How about a warm hug? - Aww, thanks! Wasabi: Yeah! All right! Ooh! [grunts] - I love that body control! - You got it, Honey Lemon! Ohh! You guys are too sweet! Here comes the unfair part.
Like when a cat steals your sparkle! Ahh! [video game noises] Oh, it looks like we only have time for one more unlucky contestant! Great.
Time to look like an idiot.
[cracking noises] Go Go, you're going out an idiot, but comin' back a winner.
Who looks like an idiot.
Sparkles: Smile, you're on loser cam! [laughter] Oh, that's not nice! Yeah! Way to go, broccoli! Yes, way to go, broccoli! Way to go down! Aah! [grunts] Aah! Wasabi: Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Fred: Body control! All right! [grunts] Wasabi: Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Broccoli! Stop cheering! There's still the most dangerous obstacle I've ever designed! Whoa! Aah! Mr.
Sparkles: Dun-dun-duh! - The blender - Woman's voice: The blender of affliction! Mother, I thought I was gonna say that! Broccoli in a tropical smoothie? Who would do such a thing? Me.
Hey, that's not fair! Unfair and lethal, it's in the name! One minute left.
[grunts] [grunting] [gasp] We will find Mochi.
Who doesn't like watermelon? It's refreshing! Whoa! [groans] [grunts] Uh-oh! Look out below! It's not a party without pineapples! [grunts, gasps] Aah! Aah! [gasps] Mr.
Sparkles: This is gonna get messy! [grunting] This is so stupid! [gasps] [buzzer] [cheering] I beat your dumb game.
Now give me the cat.
Well, that was the deal.
Nah! [beep] Mochi! Thanks for watching, everyone! Till next time, never give up on your dreams! [bocking noise] - Oh, no, he's gone! - I don't think so.
[beeps] [startled noise] [music] [beeping] [beeping] Mochi! [meows] [meows] Yes! Oh! It worked! - Ugh! - Ohh, thanks, guys.
Ugh! [gagging noise] Guys! Check it out! "Slow-Clap-Cat Reunites with Owner" has become the viewed video ever! Oh, I missed you, too, Mochi.
[meows and purrs] So, Hiro, how did you get over your inventor's block? When I saw Mochi in trouble, I guess I forgot I was blocked in the first place.
- It focused me.
- Bump the cloud.
And that idea led me to something else.
I have something to show you guys.
I re-purposed Skymax to be our new suit delivery system.
"Skymax?" Who's Skymax? He is.
Whoa! Nice to meet you, Skymax.
Hey, I don't suppose you also clean the suits? 'Cause mine's getting a little funky.
Robotic voice: Eh-eh-eh-no.
Fair enough.
Sparkles: Ten million views! I'm more famous than ever! Everyone wants the sparkle! [insane laugh]