Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e11 Episode Script

Killer App

1 [music] [mechanical whirring] Ahh! Ah! Go! [grunts] Catastrophe averted in Night Market Square tonight when Big Hero 6 came to the rescue of citizens trapped atop Telegraph Tower by weaponized micro-drones run amok.
Why are San Fransokyo tech attacks rising, and what would we do without our mysterious homegrown heroes Whoa! Thank you, Big Hero 6! Baymax: You are welcome.
Did you see that? That was really close.
Obake [sing-songy]: Disappointing.
[clatters] Big Hero 6, what a busy bunch you have been.
Time to really get to know you.
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x11 - Killer App [music] [beeps] [children laughing] Hiro: Since when do you have your own table here? Fred: Since I became a Noodle Burger Titanium member.
I also get priority seating in the ball pit.
[laughing] - Feel free to try it out.
- No thank you.
Ball pits are where germs go to party.
The microorganism level of the ball pit is safe for humans.
Yeah, it's fun.
Try it out, Baymax.
One, please.
Thank you.
Are you having fun? Yeah! Oh! Hee-hee! Yeah! Oh! Hee-hee! I'd do anything for a Noodle Burger 'Cause Noodle Burgers are really swell, yeah If I could, I'd marry Noodle Burger 'Cause Noodle Burgers ring my bell Ding-dong! Guys, meet Noodle Burger Boy.
He's Noodle Burger's new customer happiness mascot bot.
Howdy and hello, Mr.
Welcome back to Noodle Burger, where we do swell well.
You can't beat Noodle Burger! I'll have our noodle dudes make your Friday favorite, a Noodle Burger, crunchy style! Bring the heat! WTMP.
What did any of that mean? "Crunchy style" means I like my noodle bun extra crunchy.
"Bring the heat" means add chili sauce.
And "WTMP" stands for "way too many pickles.
" Obviously on that one.
- That is way too many pickles.
- Yeah.
He's basically psychic.
- Can I get a little - Ketchup? Coming right up! A-ha! See what I'm talking about? Sorry, misters, since we just met, I am unable to predict your orders.
But I can't wait to get to know you! Not exactly psychic, but it is a killer prediction algorithm.
Gee whiz, mister, would you like some Noodle Burger stickers? Of me, Noodle Burger Boy? - He is a robot.
- Yes, he is.
- What is his function? - I spread happiness.
And stickers! Yay, me! You look extra swell.
[hisses] - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
[beeping] [door opens] Howdy, and hello, mister! Noodle Burger is now closed.
Can I help you with something else? Yes.
I believe you can.
And then Noodle Burger Boy, guess what? - He gave me some stickers.
Look! - Mm-hmm.
You guys aren't looking.
I don't understand why you wouldn't look, they're stickers! That's great, Freddy.
You seem really happy.
Uh, yes, Honey Lemon, I am happy.
I have stickers.
I was not designed to remove stickers.
Baymax, my man! Did you get scratch 'n sniff? [sniffing] Yes.
Yes, you did.
Good morning, students.
[sniffing] And others.
[still sniffs] The International Space Agency has contacted all the top science institutions about a competition.
Space junk is collecting at at exponential rate.
The challenge is to design a machine to gather all the debris and dispose of it.
Are any of you interested? [together] I'll do it.
It's a tight deadline.
You two can work as a team.
Oh, um, I was thinking I'd enter myself.
Yeah, and that I also would enter, but just myself.
- Not that there's anything wrong with Wasabi.
- Or with Hiro! That's not what we're saying.
- We just want - You want to work individually.
Yes, I get it, but you're not going to.
Your skill sets compliment each other, and I want to win, so that's what's happening.
Working prototypes are due next Thursday.
Good luck! We're friends, we can make this work.
- Absolutely.
It will be fun.
- Guys, we've got a situation.
Bluff Dunder on the scene reporting on a anonymous tip that some disaster would occur in this area at exactly three o'clock, which is, um Now.
Yes! [passengers screaming] [clears throat] Horrible news.
A runaway streetcar is careening down Nobu Hill.
Is there no one to stop it? [screaming] [honking] We better hurry.
A lot of people up ahead! Well, howdy and hello, Big Hero 6! This is your stop! Watch your step.
Do not worry! I'm not an actual lizard.
This is just a very convincing costume.
I'm here to help.
[crying, whimpering]: Oh, thank you! Thank you! - Uh, guys, I've got a clinger! - Hiro: We're on it! I've got you! [grunts] One for you, you, and you! Go, go, and go! [grunting] [streetcar bell clanging] Whoa! Ah! Ah! - Baymax: It is now safe to disembark.
- I don't know what happened.
Emergency brake just failed.
It's the weirdest thing.
Hiro: Baymax, can you take a look? Baymax: Scanning.
The emergency brake has been disabled.
I detect a small amount of ketchup on it.
Ketchup? That's really weird.
Yeah, and who sent us the tip this was going to happen? - And how much hugging is too much hugging? - Oh, thank you, thank you! Noodle Burger Boy: Special order! Uh guys? [missile whistling] Oh, that's not good! [grunts] Phew! Are you okay? Eww! Thanks! That's gross, but thanks.
Order complete.
What if it's a mech suit that either a robot - or a human could wear.
- That's interesting.
And to break up bigger pieces of space junk, we could add a plasma blaster.
We'd also need something to contain the debris.
But a vacuum won't work in space, so, maybe a high-capacity, super strong net? Great idea! Let's sketch it out.
- Um, Hiro? - What? Your feet.
My desk? Uh-uh.
Okay [laughs awkwardly] Let's let's work in my lab.
What do you think of this? - I can't see it.
- So come closer.
I don't think so.
I need order to think clearly and your lab is the opposite of order.
No boy spreads joy like a Noodle Burger Boy Ta-ka, a-ta-ta-ah, ta-ka [gasps] What? Noodle Burger Boy's missing? I'm afraid so, Mr.
When I opened this morning, his dock was empty.
- Empty? - Poor little guy's out there alone.
He doesn't know what the world's like.
[sniffles] It's not all sunshine and noodle pies! Do not give up on him, Sara.
We will get through this.
You're right.
He'd want me to be strong.
[sobbing] Hmm [sobbing continuing] [grumbles] - Noodle emergency! - Sorry, Fred, I have too much work to do on the mech suit to go looking for Noodle Boy.
Noodle Burger Boy.
How could you forget the burger part? - That's where his face is.
- It sure is.
Wasabi, why don't you go? I-I could handle things here.
That is so generous, Hiro, but I volunteer to stay and continue our work in an orderly fashion.
Wasabi and Hiro are showing elevated stress levels.
May I offer you a sticker? You guys should work out whatever it is you're working out.
We can go with Fred, right, Go Go? How else would I want to spend my free time? Thanks, Go Go.
Man, you're the best.
You will not regret it.
- The night was dark - I regret it.
but what was even darker was the thought of a world - without Noodle Burger Boy.
- No sign of Noodle Burger Boy.
It may be time to call it a night, Fred.
But we can't give up.
This was his last known location.
There has to be a clue around here somewhere.
Anything! Footprint, a piece of clothing, a strand of hair, which, you know, thinking about it, I guess that would be lettuce.
Gee whiz, mister How about Noodle Burger Boy showing up in person? Well, yeah, that's more than a clue, but I like the positive thinking Noodle Burger Boy.
Wait a minute, if you're here, - then that means you're here! - Howdy and hello! - Golly, look over there, mister! - What? Where? Crunchy style! - Whoa! - No! Hee-hee.
[screaming] Freddy! Noodle Burger Boy, how could you? Gee whiz, miss, it was awful easy.
I just kicked him! Yeah, we got that part.
Why? Well, golly, because I'm programmed to collect information and adapt, so I adapted to the evil style, with all the fixings! - Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee.
- Well, adapt this! - Looks like your usual order, miss! - Take that! You can't beat Noodle Burger Boy.
- He can predict every move.
- Predict this! Ah! - Ah! Ahhh! - Thank you! Come again! Hop! Would you stop throwing people off the roof? Come on! If you are not happy with your service, please fill out a comment card.
- I'd love to hear from ya! - Hear this! - Feel the flavor! - Ugh! Ketchup? And mustard.
Say hello to Noodle Burger, then say goodbye to the hungries! Noodle Burger Boy, where is all this anger coming from? Ah, ah, ah! Why won't you surrender? Gosh, I can predict your moves, but I cannot defeat you, unless I upgrade to combo size! Aw, man.
I always wanted to make a daring go-kart escape.
And his go-kart had racing stripes! So cool! And evil, yes.
I forgot to add evil.
If we're gonna beat Noodle Burger Boy, we need more information about how he works.
I already called the manager at Noodle Burger.
- She doesn't know where he was made.
- Wait, I have a clue.
He left a footprint on my butt.
- Whoa.
- Hmm.
Thats the Krei Tech logo.
Which can only mean one thing Krei makes shoes, you guys.
[silent voice] Or Krei made Noodle Burger Boy.
Okay, good.
So that's two very strong possibilities.
Wasabi and I will withdraw from the space junk competition.
- This is more important.
- Don't worry, we can handle it.
Are you sure? I think it might be better if Hiro and I go.
- Not that we don't love working together.
- A lot.
Ooh, that sounded a little forced.
Are you guys still clashing? You can fix that by just calling each other before you get dressed in the morning.
It's very easy.
We just have different ways of doing things.
One of us is right, and the other is wrong.
One of us is super controlling, and the other goes with the flow.
Well, one of us acts like a civilized human being, and the other acts like an uncivilized human being.
So One of us is good at insults and the other is terrible.
Whoa! Come on, come on! Whoa! - This is getting too personal.
- No, that last one was fair.
Here's how this is gonna go.
You guys are gonna find a way to work together because you're dear friends who care about each other.
Got it? - I'm good with that.
- Me too.
The others are right.
Friends should be able to work together.
Maybe we're just too different.
One key to understanding another person is to try to see things from his perspective.
- I guess we could try that.
- Or we could just split up the work and do our parts separately.
I like where you're going with this.
My way works for me, and your way works for you.
Like why mess up a good thing? Avoiding a problem means it could recur in the future.
- Luckily, we're in the present.
- Let's do this not together! [music] - Nice! - I think this is gonna work! Sorry! I just ate an almond butter and jelly sandwich.
Hiro has a mild peanut allergy.
Now all we have to do is test it on some real junk at the dump.
The dump? Yeah sounds fun.
- Uh, you don't have to go.
- No, no, I'll go.
Doing things apart together worked out, let's try finishing up together apart.
Krei: Noodle Burger asked us to build the ultimate nostalgic robot boy mascot, and that's what we did.
Ah! He makes me wish I was an old-timey boy.
Is he made out of military-grade titanium? Well yeah, funny story.
The inner mechanism is from an abandoned robot soldier project.
It was taking up space in R&D.
[groans] So that means, in addition to being able - to predict our every move, he's - Indestructible, yes, yes.
But adorable.
You can't fight that smile.
I can't believe I gave my heart to Noodle Burger, and now its boy is going to destroy me.
Yeah, that's a tough break.
Anyway, if that's it, you can leave.
[mechanical whirring] [squawks] Howdy and hello, mister! I'm here to upgrade, so I can defeat my mortal enemies, Big Hero 6.
Want some stickers? They're the coolest.
Have a swell day, mister! [squawks] Hiro: All right, well, I think that's the last of it.
Wasabi: Hang on, let me check the connection.
Ooh that meal comes with a free toy.
- Okay, let's see what this thing can do.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're putting it on all wrong.
You want to start with the waist strap.
It doesn't matter what you start with.
[mocking laughter] I'm gonna pretend you didn't say that.
No way! I built the robotic skeleture, I'm testing it.
- Perhaps you - Hold on, Baymax.
This is between me and Wasabi.
- But there is a problem.
- Yeah, a big problem: you.
Uh, what's that supposed to mean? It means everything's by the seat of your pants.
You don't follow procedures.
You don't follow procedures, you obsess about procedures.
Like that's a bad thing? You know what? Forget it, I'm done.
Working on this project was a bad idea.
Fine! You don't want to work on it anymore? Neither do I.
Baymax: There is a problem.
We know there's a problem, Baymax, that's why we're arguing.
That is the problem.
Baymax! [grunting] Noodle Burger Boy: Howdy and hello! Thanks for the swell gizmo, misters! Golly, what does this do? Ahh! Run! - Ah! Ah! - We have to go back for Baymax! We will, but not like this.
We need our armor! You can't beat Noodle Burger Boy! Hee-hee! Hee-hee! Hee-hee! Noodle Burger Boy's at the dump.
He took our mech suit and now he's got Baymax! Hiro and I are going back to the lab to get our armor.
We've got our suits.
We're on our way! Noodle Burger Boy's at the dump.
Let's go! I fail to see how this makes you a better customer happiness representative.
That was my old job.
My new owner reprogrammed me to destroy Big Hero 6! Robots are designed to help humans.
Golly, mister, it looks like you're the one who needs help.
Big Hero 6 will be here any minute to try to rescue you.
Too bad I'm going to destroy them.
Sticker? - Look, Hiro - Sorry? Yeah, me too.
Maybe Baymax was right again.
- Wasabi, wait! - Yeah, I think I just had the same idea! Gee whiz, mister, keep trying to escape, and I'll deep-fry you, extra crunchy style! Deep-fry this! [grunts] [grunts] Fred: I always wanted to dive to save someone like this! Ya! Golly, miss.
So predictable.
- What do we do? - You try to short short out my suit with one of your chem balls, while she skates around me real fast and hits me with one of her discs.
Or I could suggest a new order.
- Clean up on table five! - Hey! Hee-hee-hee! I do swell, well! Fred: We will beat you! Our friends will be here to save us.
I know everything they are going to do, too.
That's the Noodle Burger Boy guarantee! Hiro: Hey! You might wanna rethink that.
Yeah! We'd like to place an order for payback.
Gee whiz, something changed! My algorithm is out of whack.
I cannot predict what you will do.
So, I guess I'll just have to beat you with brute force.
Hee-hee! Hee-hee! [screams] I bet you didn't see that coming.
[grunts] Golly, mister, I did not! You're really starting to grill my bun! The mech suit's working really great! Yeah, nice job with the blasters! [both grunting, panting] - Hello.
- Oh, hi, Baymax.
Don't worry.
We'll get you out of there real soon.
That is not swell, mister! Not swell at all! [Wasabi screams] Hey, there.
Let me tell you about our new menu item chop suey! [grunting] Aah! [groaning] Gee whiz, golly, howdy and hello! Howdy and hello this! Is this to go? Is this to go? Is this to go? Oh, come on, Go Go.
You need a new battle cry.
The whole "blank this" thing is getting a little repetitive.
- Nice going, Wasabi.
- You, too, little man! - Hiro.
- I know, Baymax, you were right all along.
I'll listen next time.
Noodle Burger Boy is getting away.
[engine revving] Yes! Whoo! Get you! - Ugh, gross.
- Yeah, but love that go-kart.
[slurps] Mmm And so, using the combination of a high-capacity net - Hey, watch it! - Sorry! and plasma particle blaster astronauts will be able to collect space junk cleaning up the cosmos, 'cause nobody likes a messy cosmos! - Or is that just me? - Nice teamwork.
Gentlemen, good work.
Howdy and hello.
I'm awful sorry, mister.
I totally messed up your order.
Did you collect all the information I requested? Golly, I I sure did, mister.
Well then, I'd say you did just fine.
Your database should help fill in a few gaps.
[beeping] [laughs] Big Hero 6, so nice to get to know you.
[theme music]