Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e12 Episode Script

Small Hiro One

1 Baymax: Coordinates indicate that this is the location of the stolen shipment of nickel-titanium alloy.
Take us in easy, buddy.
Need to get down there.
I will alert the team.
That's okay, I'm just gonna have a look.
- I will come with you.
- It's just some stolen metal.
I will wait here.
[music] [alarm sounding] Hmm.
Huh? [chuckles] Well, what do we have here? - Yama - Yes, it! Wait.
I know you.
Y You do? [clears throat] [lower voice] I don't believe we've met.
- You're that Big Hero 6 kid! - Oh! Uh, that's right, I am.
And I must insist you return the stolen alloy.
Oh you want it back? There's your nickel-titanium alloy.
Aah! [crash] Meet Mega-Yama! [beeping] Aah, Baymax, I think I might need backup after all.
[distant crash] Baymax: I fell down.
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x12 - Small Hiro One Whoa! Whoa! [grunting] Baymax: This position can be calming.
I am not calm! Hey, Baymax, uh, any word on backup? Wasabi: Back-up is here! - Um what is that? - [scoffs] It's obviously a giant robot.
I'm surprised it's taken this long to face one.
[grunts] [gasps] I'm scared! I gotta admit also pretty impressed.
Aah! I'm just scared! But I use that fear.
[shouting] Over here, big guy.
A falling robot can be hazardous.
You'll pay for this! Ohh! Go Go: Oh, great.
Fred: Under the cover of darkness, the villain escapes.
- Now what? - [yawns] Let's call it a night.
Don't forget what tomorrow is.
Wasabi: Trevor Trengrove! Wow.
It's a good thing we got here early.
Looks like the whole school showed up! Yeah, come on.
An inventor's workshop with the Dr.
Trevor Trengrove? The Dr.
Trevor Trengrove! [shutter clicks] Your heart rate has accelerated to 119 beats per minute.
Indicating either tachycardia, extreme distress, or - Excitement? - Baymax, Dr.
Trengrove - is like a science rock star! - He's okay for a male scientist.
He's SFIT's most famous alumni.
Tadashi idolized him.
There'd be no Baymax if it wasn't for Trengrove's breakthroughs in artificial intelligence.
I'm gonna get him to sign Tadashi's copy of his thesis.
I hear sometimes he picks some students to work with one-on-one! I'm pretty sure we all know who he'll pick today.
I think we do.
Aw, thanks, Hiro.
Glad we agree.
[cheering] Who's jazzed for some science? Me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me, me! This guy gets it! - What's your name, little buddy? - Hiro Hamada, - and I am such a big fan - Here! Have a sports drink! Ooh! - "Little buddy!" - At least he signed the Kiro! All right, students! Single file line.
I will distribute your wrist bands for entry.
I'm sorry, Mr.
But per Dr.
Trengrove's request, this event has a strict age cut-off at 16.
Bummer, "Kiro.
" Professor Granville, this isn't fair.
I'm an SFIT student just like everyone else.
Except that you are significantly younger.
But not to worry.
I've arranged for you to assist at an equally prestigious workshop.
It's wower-roo time! [kids cheer] - Wendy Wower? - Wendy Wower! Hey, I have an idea.
Let's sing the Wendy Wower Wowerooskidoo song! [plays mandoline] Fred and Kids: I'm a woweroo I love science, yes, I do I'm a woweroo I love science, yes Everyone say "Trengrove"! - No.
- Trengrove! Wait! I don't wanna be in your [shutter clicks] Just gotta pick a filter! Ooh, Puggle Face [phone buzzes] Oh, that's a keeper.
Okay, woweroos! Who's ready to make gloop? [kids cheer] Fred: Gloop! My super special helper, Hiro, is going to pass out the gloop-gredients.
Gloop is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means it's a little bit liquid, a little bit solid, and a whole lotta fun! - I want mine to be green! - Green's a great gloop color! Ooh, ooh! Can I name mine Herman? Herman's a great gloop name! I fear nothing.
- Fred, what are you doing here? - Oh, [chuckles] I'm a long-time woweroo.
Wendy Wower's Science Hour used to come on right after my favorite show, Bright Lights, Loud Noises.
Well, glad someone's having fun.
[splat] Oh.
I asked SFIT to send me its best and brightest.
And, lookin' around this room, I can tell they listened.
Darren, can I get a follow spot? You're a lucky bunch.
[music] After all, without SFIT, I wouldn't have my career.
I assume most of you are familiar with my thesis, "Artificial Fun-telligence.
" [cheers and applause] With a little luck and just a bit of that Trengrove magic, the work you do might catapult you to fame and fortune as well! Like me! That's enough, Darren.
Excuse me, Dr.
Trengrove? Hi, Karmi.
Love everything about you.
Um, how exactly will you be selecting the students for the hands-on portion of the workshop? Get out the hose, we've got a spitfire! What's your major, Karmi? - Bio Tech.
- Guess what? Bio Tech majors get first dibs on the free ice cream in the lobby! - Go check it out! - Okay! Wait.
[grunts] - Did he just kick Karmi out? - I like this guy more and more.
You want some of mine? Ugh! We get it, Brooke! Yours is perfect, of course! You're perfect, too, Herman! Just in your own special way.
I love you.
Thanks for helping with the cleanup, super glooper Hiro.
- Wow eroo.
- Hey, are you okay? If you want, I can see if that big Woweroo wants to be my helper instead.
No, it's it's fine.
You just wish you could be in Dr.
Trengrove's workshop instead, huh? Look, I get it.
Even when we were back at SFIT, he was the star.
You went to SFIT? You know Trevor Trengrove? He was my lab partner.
For a while.
We had different ways of doing things.
Oh-ho, man! It must've been awesome to work with him! It was an experience.
I am unable to remove the gloop from my hands.
Come here, big guy, I'll fix you right up.
Baymax: Thank you.
Oh hyper-spectral cameras.
Carbon fiber skeleton? Killer actuators - ooh, are those super capacitors? - Uh yeah.
Wait, were you a robotics major? Sure was.
Nifty bot you got here.
Hey, that's not a bad song title.
That's a real super-duper nifty bot Nanofluids keep it from getting too hot [phone buzzes] Hey, would it be okay if Baymax and I went - to explore the rest of the museum? - Oh, well, sure.
Exploration is the backbone of science.
Where there is explora [footsteps running ] Discovery is never far behind! Aw.
Come on, you geniuses, show me what you got! Speed counts! Um don't you think it's weird that he's having us race to build a piezoelectric generator? No weirder than us being secret superheroes.
I have to find a way into that workshop.
Maybe Granville isn't checking the door anymore.
Baymax? Okay, I used to come here all the time when I was a kid.
Physiologically, you are still a kid.
I'm not I I remember there's a periscope somewhere.
Does it resemble that periscope? That's weird.
[throat clearing] Sorry.
Didn't know there was a line.
Hey, I notice you're wearin' a Space Hike shirt.
- Yeah.
I'm an astroscience major.
- Well, guess what? Astroscience majors get second dibs on the free ice cream! Go on! Take a space hike out to the lobby! He's kicking out everyone who isn't a physics, - engineering, or chemistry major.
- I'm sure he has his reasons.
- He's the Dr.
Tren - Done.
Go Go! You can Stay Stay! Wasabi and Honey Lemon: Done! Mmm, yes.
These look promising.
Oh, do you wanna test them, or Everyone else, enjoy that free ice cream bar! Just save some for me! I loves me some ice cream! [laughs] Also, I need your phones.
[sighs] I'd love to know what Dr.
Trengrove's doing.
We need to get a better look.
[frog croaks] I have reservations.
Just tell me what you see.
It is partly cloudy, with a 30 percent chance of No! Trengrove.
Baymax: I see Dr.
Trengrove taking Go Go, Wasabi and Honey Lemon into another room.
And Yama is standing outside - the Pavilion entrance.
- Yama? Wakes you up faster than java A big volcano spoutin' lava - Everyone have their partner? - Kids: Woo! Yeah! Have we filled our volcanoes with baking soda? Okay, then.
Goggles down - Huzzah.
- Add the vinegar and stand back.
No, that's fine.
Brooke gets to pour the vinegar, of course.
Oh-ho-ho! Whoa! What?! - Fred! Something's wrong! - No, I'm pretty sure that's what baking soda and vinegar are supposed to do.
Come on, Hiro, I thought you were supposed to be a science genius.
- Yama's outside.
- Yama Yama? Fred, how many Yamas do we know? You won this round, Brooke.
Let's go, Hiro.
- I can hear the tiny screams.
- Uh, yeah cool.
Wower, I need your help.
Everyone's help, really.
And, uh, a bunch of volcanoes.
- Hm this isn't gonna work.
- Make it work! [shrieks] I mean, I could show you how, but then, what would you learn? Nothing! [screams] Hmm Dr.
Trengrove? Um I really don't understand - why we can't work together.
- Well, you like selfies, right? Well, think of this like working by your-selfie.
But you took our phones.
- Here, have a sports drink.
- No.
Wower: Volcanoes on the move! Stay with your buddies, Woweroos! [baby talk] Hi, little boy.
Did you learn to make pretend volcanoes with a fake scientist from a kid's show? - Uh, what are you doing out here? - Just taking a break from all the cool, grown-up science stuff.
[whispers] She lies.
- Trengrove kicked me out.
- Sorry.
Both: Ugh! How's it comin', Honey Lemon? Well, the schematics you gave me appeared to be for a lightweight, protective exoskeleton.
Protective exoskeleton yes.
That's exactly what they were for.
It would weigh less and be more durable if you used a colloid fluid as liquid armor.
Right! Right, which means - talk it out with me - Which means, if I stick this pencil in slowly, it will go through.
But if I try to jam it in fast See? In an attack, the particles, they just stick together.
- And it's pink because? - Because pink.
Love it! Hey, buddy, how's it going with the mmm The fast-paced projectile system? Right! The mega fast-paced projectile system.
See, that's where the "M" came from.
Well, if you use plasma instead of traditional projectiles, you can make the whole thing more powerful - Ah! - Ooh, sorry about that.
Science! I dig it! - Go Go! - Back off! I'm in the zone.
Fair enough.
You have one hour.
Deliver! Or this goes viral! Hey, hey put that away.
I'm almost there.
[sighs] Hey, new friends! These little guys have been working on a very special project all day, and were hoping they could show it to you.
- Not interested.
- Please, mister? It's real cool.
[quietly] The explosion will be magnificent.
Okay, Woweroos, one, two [Fred grunts] What was that? Zero! [gasps] [grunts] I told Trengrove, no 14-year-old brats to keep out that 14-year-old brat! - What happens next? - He said he had to evaluate our projects.
[pops] Where's our ice cream? Something's up! Yama's outside! Hey! You're not supposed to be here.
Don't worry, Dr.
We'll get you out safely.
Time's up, Trengrove! Where's my robot?! Wait, what? You should all be very proud of your work.
Hiro, Fred, and Wasabi: Ahhh Thanks, Dr.
Phony! - Honey Lemon: Was that? - Hiro: Mega-Yama.
You were working for Yama? Yes.
But only because he was blackmailing me with some very incriminating information on that flash drive, so so, I think that makes it okay, right? No, you tricked us into helping you build a weapon! Ugh, to defeat Big Hero 6! I can't believe we upgraded Mega-Yama.
I wonder what Yama had on Trengrove? That his sports drink tastes like dumpster juice? [slurping] Oh! That's what that taste is.
[slurping] Guys! [screeching] Yama: Little Hero 6! Mega-Yama's ready for our rematch! Get them! [grunting] Uh-oh! That magnetic levitation system works great! What a relief.
[grunts] [grunting] Go Go: Good job on the plasma launcher.
Baymax, rocket fist! Ohh! Oops.
Colloid fluid.
My bad.
Cute shade of pink, though, right? Right? It's fireproof, too? Oh, why did we have to be so smart?! My volcano! Aah! Ah, ah! [beeping] Ah! [beeping] [grunting] Honey Lemon! I need a ball of sodium hydrogen carbonate, and a ball of acetic acid! But that's just baking soda and vinegar! Yes! Thanks! Fred: Volcano time! I love science! Yes, I do! Aah! Oh, I wish Brooke were here to see this.
Pest resistance, fuel production And bioremediation, those are just some practical applications Of biotech in the field of agriculture Yeah, yeah, yeah That was very catchy.
[door opens] Wendy? [whooshing] [gasps] It's him! Hello, Karmi! You know, you should be nicer to people.
Like that genius kid at your school.
He knows my name! Doctor? I think this belongs to you.
- Trevor? - Yes! The flash drive is proof that the thesis I built my career on was stolen from you, okay? I was just going to say, it's good to see you.
But I'm glad to hear you admit that after all these years.
You stole her thesis? I based my entire career on her work.
I haven't felt great about it, if it helps.
Wendy, I'm sorry.
And I wanna try to make things right.
[sighs] It's time for the world to know the truth.
Were you birthed in flame? My origin story.
Why, yes! I was.
A thousand years ago, lightning struck a volcano as it exploded, sending a shockwave of energy through the magma, causing it to come to life and form Fred-Zilla! - It's just a guy in a suit.
- Huh typical Brooke.
Trengrove was a fraud and you're the real deal.
Heh, I can't believe I had it so wrong.
Come on, I wanna see how SFIT's changed since I was a student.
Well, the robotics lab, of course.
- There's Tadashi Hamada Hall.
- This place is so special to me.
It's where I really learned to believe in myself.
All thanks to the most caring, lovely, enthusiastic teacher I've ever had Professor Granville.
Granville? I thought Granville just started at SFIT this year? Nope.
She was here 20 years ago.
Why didn't she tell us?