Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s01e13 Episode Script

Kentucky Kaiju

1 [excited noises] So, what is this movie about again? I will download the plot summary.
Hiro: "'Kentucky Kaiju.
A mutant lizard" Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah! No spoilers! Freddie, you've seen it six times.
- But every time's like the first time! - Seriously? Six times? - This is actually my eighth time.
- [chuckles] Aw lucky.
Who are you people? Dude, don't listen to Wasabi, all right? - He's never loved anything this much.
- That's not true.
I love corduroy.
Mm Oh, that's nice.
You have a thing.
[phone chirps] - Bank robbery.
- Honey Lemon: It's Globby! - We've gotta go.
- But But they just opened the doors! Oh, I can smell the movie butter! Oh Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music] Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh 1x13 - Kentucky Kaiju There's the bank.
Wasabi: Welp, guess we know how Globby got in.
All right, Globby.
Let's make this quick.
I've got a movie to watch for the seventh time.
Wait, guys! He's He's not in here.
Nope, I'm over here! [laughs] So, Globby's gotten scarier.
- Ahh - You can't just break into a bank! I just did! Ah-aah! - Baymax: I will protect you.
- Hiro: Ahh! Now let's see how you do without Big Red.
[screams] Gotcha! [laughing evilly] Baymax: Oh, no Fred: Ow! Baymax! Stay here.
Ooh! [laughs] Aah! Ahh! Hold on, Hiro! [grunts] Really? I'm made of this stuff, you idiot! Ahh! Choose your next move very carefully! It's a good thing you've got friends with firepower, kid, 'cause you're useless without 'em! [Globby laughs] Mmm! Hiro I did what you asked, but I'm gonna be honest.
I don't get it.
Well, of course not.
It's beyond you.
- You planted doubt.
- I did? Yeah, I did! Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinkin', too.
Let's see what the boy genius does now.
Wracked with doubt.
[grunting] - Oww - I was alerted to your Pain.
Yeah, plenty of that.
A cold compress can help.
Heh, help.
That's all I've been getting.
I don't want any more help.
Would you like me to deactivate now? Sorry, Baymax.
I I just hate feeling weak and useless all the time.
For a 14-year-old boy, your strength is statistically average.
That's the problem.
A-A superhero shouldn't be average.
Everyone else has a superpower I need my superpower.
I'm thinkin' super strength.
A protein-rich diet, coupled with exercise, can increase muscle mass.
I've got a better idea.
[music] [ship's horn blows] Oh, oh, oh! The waiting is killing me! If I may ask, Master Frederick, what are we waiting for? Only the most awesome thing in the history of awesome things! - A snowcone machine? - No, but I like that answer.
I bought the actual Kentucky Kaiju animatronic from the movie! And it's being delivered today! Uh, Heathcliff, that's your cue.
Oh, right.
[clears throat] "Awesome.
" Okay, you can definitely do better than Wait! wait! Here it is! [laughing] Come to me! Come to my hands! Just right here in my hands [grunts] What? This can't be right.
No No.
No! - Is that not a Kentucky Kaiju? - Well, yeah, it is, but, I thought it was gonna be bigger, like, way bigger.
Like, as big as that giant crane bigger.
Hmm wait a second.
Heathcliff I technically own everything here, right? Heh! Wait till the guys see this! I fail to see how punching concrete makes you a better superhero.
I won't be punching concrete, heh, I'll be [phone chirps] Hold on.
- Hey, Go Go.
- Noodle Burger Boy's back.
Sending the location now.
[beeping] Got it.
Baymax and I will meet you guys there.
Let's do this.
[crash] Baymax: Ba-la-la-la-la-la-la.
[music] There they are.
[screaming] Welcome to drive-through! - Ohh! - Is it me, or are all the supervillains getting stronger lately? - Maybe not the just villains.
- What's that supposed to mean? Baymax, you're not gonna let him go over here alone, are you? I have been instructed to let Hiro "do his thing.
" Howdy and hello! I sure am glad you could join us! Wouldn't miss it.
- Whaaat? - That is Hiro's thing.
I thought "boy genius" was his thing.
Gee whiz, mister, how did you do that? The same way I'm gonna do this.
Whoops! I think I broke it.
Hello, what's the matter? Having trouble predicting what I'm gonna do? You are really starting to shred my lettuce! [grunts] [grunts] Oh, gosh! Howdy and goodbye! [chuckles] Whoa, Hiro, look at that! [chuckling] Well something's different.
This is nano-dex.
It's a smart fabric that can contract to enhance natural muscle movement.
- Nice.
- Impressive.
- So great, Hiro! - It's just like the Human Fist.
By day, he's just a big hand.
But at night, the glove! Goes! On! Yep.
Now you guys won't have to have my back.
I'll have my own back.
How can you have your own back? Oh metaphor.
[grunts] Morning, Aunt Cass.
Morning, Hiro.
Come on, you [grunts] Ahh, give it a shot, but I don't think Whoa, someone's been drinkin' his milk.
Thanks, Hiro.
Aah! [thud] Mr.
Hamada! Aah! Who is throwing doors? - Uh, Professor Granville, hey.
- Sit.
Good idea.
I'll just, um Aah! [screams] - My bad, Karmi.
- What is your problem?! Nothing, uh It, uh, it, uh, slipped.
That was not a slip.
That was a throw.
Back me up here, people.
- Definitely a throw.
- He threw it so hard.
- See? - All right, all right, everyone, that's enough! Karmi, are you all right? Yes, Professor Granville.
- I'll be fine.
- Good.
Hamada, are you done destroying school property? I hope so.
[funny music] [splat] [groans] Hiro! You totally did that on purpose! - No, it wa it was an accident.
- An accident? This doesn't look like an accident to me.
Definitely on purpose.
Here Aah! [crash] Ugh! What is going on with you? Nothing! That table must've been, uh, cracked, because that's the only logical explanation for why it would break like that, right? - Yeah, it was it was cracked.
- You are cracked! [silent whirring] [grunts] Come on! Ew! Uh, Hiro? What are you doing? Nano-dex.
Won't come off.
Here, let me try.
[grunting] Yep.
[grunting] It's [grunt] really on there.
Guys? Weirdest thing.
I'm just standin' in the hallway, and outta nowhere, I get hit by a flying aah! Ow! Okay! This is not my day.
- Sorry, Fred.
- Seems like this might be a problem.
Ugh, super strength, such an obvious choice.
Yeah, I woulda gone with laser eyes.
- Like these? - Aah! [crash] Show off.
I bet you'd like a sticker.
Stop talking.
Nano-compression circuitry.
Pity he rushed it.
Baymax: The nano-dex appears to be malfunctioning.
I know! But every time I try to pull it off, it just gets tighter.
[gasps] Maybe you could short out the circuitry? Uh Use your defibrillator hands.
I am concerned about your safety.
I'm insulated.
It's fine.
[Hiro screams] Well, I wanted a superpower, and now I can't get rid of it.
My caregiving matrix is not equipped to deal with this problem.
Maybe if I really concentrate and take it slow, I can control it.
Yeah, it it's working! Heh Look at [smash] [meows] [thud] I'm gonna switch you to decaf, Mochi.
Come on, Baymax, let's go to Fred's house.
Maybe he knows some comic book way out of this.
- That seems unlikely.
- Desperate times.
[door opens, closes] - More coffee? - You're too kind.
How do you like that blueberry scone? Delightfully fruitful.
- Well, they're in season.
- Yummy.
[slurping] [exhales] Yeah, I don't know what to tell you.
Sorry, my friend, this is unprecedented in the comic book multi-verse.
- And I'm pretty familiar.
- Ugh unbelievable.
[phone rings] I need to take this.
Is it ready? Is it ready? Is it ready?! It's ready! Ow! Still in pain, but it's ready! I'm on my way! Yeah! I need to excuse myself, just for a bit.
Stay as long as you want, but I gotta go, bye! - Ah! - Great news, Fred! Wait a minute, you're not my son.
- Or my wife! - Uh, heh, no.
I'm I'm I'm Hiro, Mr.
I guess I should go.
Hold it! Hold it right there.
What's that you've got up your sleeve? This? W Well, uh, I call it nano-dex.
Heh It's a smart fabric that can contract to Enhance natural muscle movement.
Genius! Well, not quite genius, I can't get it off.
Classic! I tried to give myself super strength when I was a rookie hero, too.
- You did.
- Yep.
Until I realized, you don't have to be strong.
You just have to find your true strength.
I'm not sure I follow.
Well, in my case, my true strength was my can-do attitude.
And having truckloads of cash didn't hurt, either.
Huh I guess I don't know what my true strength is.
I'm sure you'll figure it out.
But you know, right now, you should leave.
[siren blaring] I didn't recognize you at first, so I alerted security.
They'll be there any second.
Go Go: Why did Fred want us to meet him here? I don't know, but he was acting strange earlier.
- Stranger than his usual strange.
- I wonder where he is? [booming splashes] - What is that ? - Hm? Ah! [booming splashes] [music] [growling] Uh, are you guys seeing what I'm seeing? You mean the giant lizard that just came out of the water? Oh, good.
You see it, too.
Ta-dah! - Freddie? - Oh, what did you do? Oh, I paid to have a one-to-one scale replica of the Kentucky Kaiju made out of a giant crane, obviously.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Of course.
Because that makes sense! Look at it! Isn't it glorious? - Hiro: It is pretty cool.
- Worth every penny.
Go Go: Okay, what do you plan on doing with a giant lizard? Well, I hadn't really thought that through, but, I mean, there's plenty I'm sure, I oww! Howdy and hello! Ho-ho! This is just like when the Human Fist got laser eyes! It was kind of a stretch, looking back.
You know, 'cause he was a hand, and hands don't have eyes.
Jeepers! You sure do talk a lot.
- Aah! - I have got you.
Thanks for the swell gizmo, mister.
- Oh, this is not good.
- He's heading toward the city.
We've got to stop him! I'm calling Skymax.
- Ugh! - Yeah.
I'll call.
[phone beeping] Can someone help me get dressed? [stomping] [screaming] I'd do anything for a Noodle Burger 'Cause Noodle Burgers are really swell, yeah If I could, I'd marry Noodle Burger 'Cause Noodle Burgers ring my bell Ding dong [growling] Wasabi: Did you have to do the fire?! Fred: I was going for accuracy.
Of course now, I regret that decision.
[screams] - Fred, you alive? - Uh-huh, yeah.
I think I should just lay here for a while.
[grunts] [gasps] [growling] [grunts] Ah! Ahh! - Oh, come on! - Hiro, we're out of firepower down here.
Hiro: Copy that.
Baymax and I are on it! [roaring] [roaring] Hiro: Baymax? Rocket fist! Baymax: He ate it.
Oh, no! [smash] Baymax: Oh, no.
Baymax? [grunt] Baymax! Are you okay? My systems are not responding.
I cannot move.
[growling] Wait here, buddy.
Hiro I will not be able "to have your back.
" Don't worry.
Got super strength, remember? [growling] [roaring] [grunting] [screams] [grunt] Ah! Ah! Wait, where's Noodle Burger Boy? Hoo boy! Looks like you have your hands full, mister! Have a tasty day! Who's driving this thing? [gasps] [groaning] [roaring] - I can't look! - Come on, Hiro! [Hiro screams] Aah! [groans] [roaring] [grunting] [roaring] [grunt] [roaring] [breathing heavily] Oh, no! Of course! Now it comes off! [roaring] Fred's Dad: "You don't have to be strong.
You just have to find your true strength.
" [roaring] All: No! [snarling] [music] [growling] Okay, you win.
Just, please don't hurt me.
Whoops should've told you to watch your step.
[howling] [grunting] You were amazing, Hiro! Seriously! You saved our butts out there! Boy Genius is definitely your thing.
Ugh! Wow.
I just had this crazy dream.
I was caught by the Kentucky Kaiju.
Also laser eyes? Fred, that really did happen.
Oh right.
Guys, seriously, sorry I inadvertently created a monster that almost destroyed the city.
[thud] Whoa ouch! But in my defense, who woulda thought it could cause mayhem and destruction? Everyone, Fred.
Baymax: Hiro, is something wrong? - What is that? - It's an incredibly advanced CPU.
This must be what switched the Kaiju into battle mode.
Where did it come from? Noodle Burger Boy must've installed it, but I doubt he could've made this.
This is way beyond his robo-burger brain.
And something else has been bothering me.
Now let's see how you do without Big Red.
Hiro: He didn't actually steal anything from the bank.
You're right.
That was weird.
He wasn't trying to get into the vault.
It's a good thing you've got friends with firepower, kid, 'cause you're useless without 'em! He was tryin' to get in my head.
- Someone else was behind this.
- But who? That's what I need to know.
Well, I wanted to find out just how smart this boy is.
I'll bite, how smart is he? [chuckles] Very.