Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e01 Episode Script


1 Fred: San Fransokyo.
Greatest city in the world.
Once threatened by nefarious forces, now a beacon of peace, thanks to the fearless fortitude of Big Hero 6! - Baymax: You are unstable.
- What? Falling from a chair is a major cause of injuries.
Would you like a step-ladder? Oh, no.
I'm good.
I guess I just got carried away with my excitement about today.
Wednesday? No although, Wednesdays are pretty underrated.
I mean, today is the start of Phase Two! - Uh Phase Two? - Ah, Hiro.
Sometimes I forget how young you are.
Defeating Obake was the epic conclusion to Phase One.
- Phase One - Of the Big Heroverse! And now, it's time for all new adventures.
Thus, Phase Two.
Is it still Phase Two if nothing happens? [chuckles.]
So young, so innocent.
Something always happens, Hiro.
Only in Phase 2 it's way bigger.
Who knows what darkness lurks out there in the vast unknown? [water sloshing.]
Hee hee.
Hee hee.
Hee hee.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Honey Lemon: Wow Sycorax is even more amazing than I imagined.
Wasabi: And even cleaner than I imagined.
- And I imagined immaculate.
- It's fine Liv Amara pledged a fortune to the school.
I expect best behavior.
Ah I know it said "no photos" but - I didn't know it meant "no photos.
" - Mmm I trust you will all be supportive of Karmi and her new internship.
- It's an internship, it's-it's not a big deal.
- You're right.
It's a huge deal.
Hiro, are you feeling competitive with Karmi again? - What?! No, I - Grace! Sorry to keep you waiting.
I was stuck in a holo-conference.
You know how tedious those are.
Let's get this tour started! This is my assistant, Chris.
Oh! Do the joke, do the joke with my name.
My Chris-sistant.
She makes me laugh anywho.
Your name tags have been individually programmed to display your age, height, interests - And names? - Of course Wasabi.
He knows my name! I don't see Sycorax as just another bio-tech company.
Mother nature is an artist, and I see myself as her protégé.
Studying and even improving on her work.
I favor a holistic approach to the work-life balance.
In fact, right now, you're walking on bio-metric scanners, which are linked to your name tags.
- Watch - Name Tag: Liv Amara.
Your readings are normal and healthy.
Have a great day.
You'll also notice these little guys flying by.
Liv: Employee lunches are made fresh, and delivered right to their desks.
I sourced the ingredients myself.
Ooh! Of course, we're proudest of our state-of-the-art gen-tech lab.
- [beeping.]
- All: [gasp.]
Ohh This must belong to someone doing really important work.
- It does.
- Maybe not that important.
- Karmi, this is your lab?! - Oh, just temporarily.
My real lab is being modified to my specs.
We treat our interns well.
Now, let's keep this tour moving.
- Ugh Hm? - Ceviche? [chewing noisily.]
Howdy and hello, Trina! Hey, Noodle.
Come on, help me put myself back together.
- [mechanical whirring.]
- [thuds.]
[mechanical whirring.]
Can't complete that order now, big sis! I-I-I-I have to go home.
- What're you talking about? - Home.
Home is gone, father's gone.
Not daddy's house [giggles.]
my real home! - See ya around, later style! - Wait! I need my body! [metal clanking.]
- Ugh! - [mechanical whirring.]
Nice shot.
Yes! Yes! [giggling.]
So cool, I love it.
- Yes! - Ba-la-la-la-la.
- Hello.
- Was Sycorax the coolest? It was incredible! - [chuckling.]
- It wasn't so great.
- Uh, did you see his smile? - [sniffing.]
Hold on.
Do I smell locally-sourced ceviche? - Yes.
- Honey Lemon: Hiro's got Karmi issues.
- Again.
- She got an internship.
Woo-hoo, when's the parade? - [triumphant music.]
- Baymax: Tuesday.
We have all just received invitations.
[phone notifications.]
- [phone notification.]
- Yes! - Hard maybe.
- Ughh! I'm gonna need an internship.
No one's gonna hire you if you're just in it to be competitive.
Yeah, it's kind of shallow.
Competitive shallow yeah! I usually don't take same-day appointments.
But when you want to talk, it usually means my life is in danger, so I made an exception.
Plus he's been procrastinating putting together a presentation.
CEOs do not procrastinate, they contemplate! So, what's out to get me? Actually, I'm here because I want to be your intern.
Intern? I don't need an intern, I have my assistant! [quietly.]
She only makes slightly more than an intern.
I just thought you might be interested, seeing how much Liv Amara loves her intern.
Hold on a second.
Liv Amara has an intern? Yep.
A genius SFIT student.
But you're not interested, so I'm just gonna Wait! I have an idea: I need an intern.
Yes! You know, I've been working on this, uh, - miniature magnetic tech that I figured - Yes, whatever.
- You start tomorrow.
- Thanks, Mr.
How do you feel about parades? Uh nevermind.
[mechanical movement.]
Noodle Burger Boy: Yeah, haw-haw, a hee-hee-hee-hee Ooh Noodle Burger Boy! Why'd you try to destroy the city? You broke assistant manager Brad's heart! Ooh, but right now, I'm just so happy to have you back.
Can you tell me how to get home? But you you are home, baby.
No! I need h-h-home cooking! - You want a hot noodle pie? - No! If you can't help me, then Order up! [beeping.]
Wait, no! [pounding.]
I-I-I have to go home.
Yeah, haw, a hee-hee.
I'd do anything for a Noodle Burger, 'cause Noodle Burgers are really swell, yeah! If I could I'd marry Noodle Burger, 'cause Noodle Burger rings my bell ding dong! [distorted, malfunctioning singing.]
Ahhh! So long, lady! I'm going home! [phone line rings.]
Brad I have bad news.
Whyyy?! So long, lady! I'm going home! Bluff Dunder: A familiar noodle nuisance attacked a local fast food franchise.
Don't worry, little brother, soon as I finish this, - I'll find you.
- [electricity crackling.]
Ugh Bluff Dunder: Lettuce hope Big Hero 6 will "ketchup" to this mechanical menace.
I wrote that myself.
But seriously, the property damage was extensive.
How did Noodle Burger Boy survive? What do you think he meant by - "home"? - We have to find him.
So, day patrol? Hiro, your internship at Krei Tech starts this afternoon.
Oh, right.
Sorry guys, I'm out.
- That's okay, Hiro.
Freddy? - "Patrol" is my middle name! Well, actually, it's "Flamarion," you know, my mother's maiden name, but still.
Pretty close! I should probably go get ready But first Baymax and Go Go: Oh, no.
Hey Karmi.
Didn't see you there.
I'm just heading over to my internship.
Uh, where? Loser, Loser and Associates? Actually it's at Krei Tech? Maybe you've heard of it? Honestly, I think it's sad you feel the need to copy me.
But Liv did warn me I'd get "fanboys".
I am not ugh, look.
I've got very important work waiting for me.
Picking up Krei's dry cleaning? Congratulations, he must see real potential in you.
I thought my job was doing parade-worthy research.
You were wrong.
Oh, and don't ask about the cow costume.
I can't believe we had to pick up - Ugh! - Watch where you're Hiro? We picked up dry cleaning.
Wow, you were right, that's very important work.
Oh, uh, this? Uh, th-th-th-this isn't for Krei, this is You have a text from Alistair Krei, quote: "Pick up a cappuccino on your way back from the dry cleaners".
- End quote.
- [whispers.]
Bad timing, Baymax.
I've gotta get back to my lab.
Liv and I are working on a super exciting science project.
Oh! I think you dropped this.
Fred: [singing.]
They're the ultimate super duo! Makin' the city super cool-o! - It's Honey Lemon and Fred-o! - Honey Lemon: Shh! I know, I know, "cool-o" and "Fred-o" doesn't exactly rhyme It really doesn't, but what I meant was look! Picking up notes of dill.
Briney [gasps.]
Pickle juice! Noodle Burger Boy: [repeating.]
Ow, ow, ow, ow ow, ow, ow ow, ow, ow, ow, Howdy! Ugh, the head spin is so creepy, right? Relish it.
Ha-ha, ha-ha ahh! [Honey Lemon screams.]
You c-can't stop me from going home! [people screaming.]
- Super jump! - Do you wanna be fried with that? Order up.
There's an evil fast-food mascot on the loose! - Again? - Phase Two.
[robotic laughter.]
[robotic laughter.]
[girl crying.]
- Ah! - [zaps.]
I've got him, H-Lemon.
[electricity crackling.]
Toodle-doodle! [both gasp.]
Krei: So I said, "You think you're sweating? I'm dressed as a cow!" - Anyway - [sips, spits.]
- This is a cappuccino.
- You asked for a cappuccino.
Yes, but I meant macchiato.
Get your head in the game, intern! R-right.
Sorry, Mr.
Krei Um, about that magnet project Nothing, just my intern.
Hello? Biscotti.
What am I? A Neanderthal? [laughs.]
So that's two fries, two orders of fries, two large fries.
Would you like fries with that? Yes, fries-fries-fries ahh! He's acting weird and he was pretty weird to start.
Let's move! Noodle Burger Boy, you're coming with us.
No can do! I've got to go home! Where is home? H-hh home style [repeating.]
fries, fries, fries! Laser, laser, laser, laser.
Oopsie, workplace injury! Oh, that's just wrong.
Workplace injury! Workplace injury! Workplace injury! Order up! I-I-I-I have to go home.
Noodle Burger Boy: Delivery! [grunts.]
Gross wait "Home" is Krei Tech.
Both: Hiro! Hiro, you are receiving a call from Go Go.
Call her back.
This is important.
What do you think, intern, smile one Mm.
Or smile two? Mm-mm.
Smile one is more handsome, but smile two says, "I came to play, and I don't follow the rules.
" They are 99.
999% identical.
You didn't answer my question.
Let's try again.
- I can't do this anymore! - I'm sorry.
You're too small to hold such a big mirror.
Robot! Robot, what are you doing? Come on, hold the mirror.
No! I-I mean, this internship.
No more dry cleaning, no more coffee runs, and I have so many questions about the cow costume.
So, what you're saying is smile two.
Look, I am missing out on helping the team find [explosion.]
Hello! Did somebody order a noodle burger! - No, I ordered a cappuccino! - But he meant macchiato.
Honey, I'm home! I need all the fixings! Home ? Because he's malfunctioning, and needs to be fixed he's come back to where he was made! Ding ding dingty ding ding ding! But I don't know how to fix you! I am management.
N-no problem, mister! He does, order to go! You're not going anywhere.
I'm calling security ahh! [beeping.]
So! Where to? Bienvenido a la Fry Works.
Where the magic happens! Are you okay, Baymax? I cannot move, but I am safe and-and-and- and surrounded by potatoes.
- Fry the - [electricity zapping.]
- Fry the bun! - [klaxon blares.]
Soy sauce.
Secret spices! Fryer! [grunts.]
Ugh! This cannot be sanitary.
- [gasps.]
- Noodle Burger Boy: Nope! And nope.
Ahh! You're not going anywhere, hee hee! No, n-n-n-no! This is crazy! Noodle Burger Boy, let Krei go, and let's just talk about this.
After you fix my burger, I'll let that burger go! Okay, okay.
L-let me take a look.
Salt water corroded your logic circuits.
Ring bell! Burger burger! Really swell! Yeah! M-m-marry noodles [demonic voice.]
Secret sauce! [struggling.]
Come on Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What did we learn? Go Go: Hey looks like he's on two legs again.
- Do you think Krei fixed him? - No way, he's management.
- But his intern - Hiro he's in trouble! Fred: Um, guys, I think we might be in trouble, also? Ya think? I think.
We don't have time for this.
Ahh! Uh quick question, Trina.
- Did you change your hair? - Got in the way.
- Ah! [groaning.]
- Later! - Ow - Ah, you said it.
- Me, too.
- Yeah [groaning.]
Ow! I should never have built you! I'm more of a Yaki Taco guy anyway! Ring ring ring ring ring ring.
A ring ring ring ring ring [giggles.]
I do not understand this song.
Ugh! [whimpers.]
Ha-ha! Come on! Ahh! I get dizzy! Hang on, Mr.
Krei, almost done.
[powering up.]
Aw, thanks Mister! I feel really swell! I just have to reboot you, and the fixes will be permanent.
Don't mess up my order, mister, or your friend will be crispy-style! Hurry up! They're seasoning me! A-choo! This is the last step.
I promise.
Krei: Whatever it is, do it now.
[beeping, ejecting.]
Obake's chip.
- Hands off, Hamada! - Trina?! I gave myself an upgrade.
I just tried it out on your friends.
I've been trying to find my little brother for days.
- Guess you found him first.
- [beeping.]
Uh-uh, I found him! Your little brother okay Really, Hamada? We're weird? You hanging out with Mr.
Hugs over there? My name is Baymax.
Oh, shut it, hugs! Howdy and hello! [claps, music.]
Hi, sis! Something is different.
Is it the hair? I cannot believe we're related.
Krei: Do something, intern! Ha! Ya missed.
- Did I? - [button beeps.]
- Wee! Hee hee! - Hey! This is a powerful pickle.
Ultra-powerful mini-magnet, my design.
Cool but what about me?! - Ah, no! - I don't wanna be deep fried! - Ahh! - Got you! Well done, intern! You have to call me "intern"? Well, that's your title, isn't it? You can call me CEO.
I prefer it, actually.
Toodle noodle! They have escaped.
If your obvious-bot is finished, how about you get me out of here? So, I guess Trina and Noodle Burger Boy are now a team.
Oh, yeah.
Classic Phase Two super-villain team up.
- Phase Two? - Defeating Obake was the epic conclusion to Phase One of the Big Heroverse.
- Now - Uh-uh, never mind.
[door opens.]
- Oh-oh-oh, uh, hi, uh, um - Judy no one ever asks.
Krei's outside, he wants to talk to you.
- Thank you, um - Judy.
[clears throat.]
Really? Huh Uh, Mr.
Krei, I tricked you into my internship.
It wasn't a good idea for me or you.
- Let's forget this ever happened? - Hiro, wait.
Thank you for saving me.
I'm sorry I had you pick up my dry cleaning.
- That's what my assistant is for.
- Okay Your mini-magnet was really impressive.
Is there any way I could convince you to stay? Uh pass.
I just want to go back to school and be a regular student.
Oh that's tough, because you signed a contract.
Mm-hm I own you for the next year.
- [door closes, window opens.]
- Krei: But you're getting your own lab.
And my coffee.
Or do I really want a cappuccino? Keep your phone handy, might be a frapa-something.
I'll text you.

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