Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

Seventh Wheel

1 [music.]
Your Kaiseki is exquisite.
So very unique.
And I understand you posses unique skills as well, Ms.
Liv: We are all guided by our passions, aren't we? Allow me to present your dinner.
- You have a gift.
- Obviously.
But I want more.
You know, my company is looking for a certain kind of investor.
- Oh.
A wealthy one? - Let's say, motivated.
At Sycorax, we believe in progress at any cost.
And if I invest, I can expect a certain return, yes? [sips.]
I make dreams come true.
How about nightmares? Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh [music.]
Okay, Mini-Max, this is actually what we call a teachable moment.
What we learn here is that using your thrusters to make s'mores is a bad idea.
Indeed, Fred.
In spite of my clear and insistent warnings, your marshmallow folly is now evident.
Okay, finger-pointing is not helpful, Mini-Max.
You speak the truth.
I repeatedly pointed my finger at you as I suggested you immediately cease you ill-advised activity.
Have you considered that maybe when I'm done, your thrusters will be better than ever? Your far-fetched statement calls for laughter.
We'll see who's laughing when [yells.]
Whoa! [grunts.]
Oh! [alarm blaring.]
Is your home equipped with a folly alarm? No! Just a regular alarm.
That means somebody's breaking in! Mini-Max, defender of justice, is here to Hey! Hey, Hey! Ow! Okay, Okay.
Ow, ow! Ow! [whirs.]
That happened too rapidly for perpetrator identification.
The perpetrator did not count on rich people paranoia.
To the microwave cam! Go Go: Microwave cam? Seriously? Baymax, enhance.
Baymax: Enhancing.
Well, that was helpful.
Carry on with your surveillance analysis like I'm not even here.
: I still can't get used to Professor Granville knowing we're Big Hero 6.
- Again, pretend I'm not here.
- Aah! What did they take Fred? That's the thing, nothing's missing, not even my most valuable collectible.
The actual underpants from the Captain Fancy movie.
Yeah, I was wondering about those.
- Mr.
Fredrickson - Aah! your collectible undergarments are not relevant to the situation, and Oops.
I'm not here.
Professor Granville, what were you gonna say? I don't want to tell you how to superhero.
But you have to look for the details within the details.
- That is not just any case.
- It's temperature controlled.
Whatever the thief stole, had to be stored at precisely 1.
6 degrees Celsius.
That is the factory recommended temperature for consumer refrigeration.
So the thief stole something from Fred's fridge? A burglar that steals leftovers.
How exciting.
- Thanks for the tip Professor Granville.
- Yeah, good catch.
I'm available any time you need assistance.
- DM me! - Did she just say, "DM me"? [music.]
Go Go: Fred, is there anything missing? Nope.
Even my Yaki Taco from last week is right where I left it.
Baymax: I would not advise [crunches.]
eating that.
But we should probably check out my parent's fridge too.
Your parent's have their own refrigerator? Yes.
Your point? Warning: stinky cheese ahead.
Baymax, how are you on cheese analysis? Downloading dairy database.
Analyzing enzymatic characteristics.
White Stilton Gold.
Whoa, it's worth more by the ounce than actual gold.
Thus, the awesome cooler.
- I gotta get one of those coolers.
- Professor.
Students, rare truffles have been stolen from Nobu Hills' most exclusive restaurant.
And we just figured out the burglar stole an expensive cheese from Fred's parents.
Our thief has good taste.
Yes, high-end foods.
That makes the most probable target the Caviar Bazaar, or the Exotic Spicery.
Looks like we're splitting up.
Thanks again for your help, Professor.
Of course.
And again, do not hesitate to DM me.
All quiet at the Exotic Spicery.
- Stay sharp.
- Thanks Go Go.
The only crime here is what they're charging for saffron.
Nobody steals from my parents.
Let's catch this thief.
Hiro: White beluga caviar.
Wait, it's how much? For fish eggs? Wait.
That's what caviar is? Ugh! Capital barf! Nausea.
I am equipped to treat such - [clattering.]
- Fred: That's the thief! [grunting.]
Baymax, rocket fist.
To break the window would cause damage to private property.
Hello, boys.
- Hey, that was - Baymax: Momakase.
Underpants! [yells.]
At least they're clean.
Super jump.
Not good! Baymax; Do you wish to voluntarily surrender? Told you it wasn't gonna work.
- Baymax: Hiro.
- [Momakase yells.]
Balance awry.
I will fall now.
Baymax, overdrive time.
Warning: Overdrive mode.
[whirs, clanks.]
[Momakase grunts.]
Huh? [electronic fizzing.]
Low battery.
: Low ba-ba-battery.
No! I am in need of repair-pair-pair Oh.
Poor Baymax.
- What happened? - Momakase happened.
- She's our gourmet burglar.
- What?! That actually makes perfect sense, doesn't it? Baymax, can you still scan for Momakase? [speaking in Spanish.]
Oh no.
[speaking in French.]
His language setting is fried too.
[speaking in German, Japanese.]
Don't you guys think it's weird we haven't gotten any alerts - about Momakase getting out of jail? - Momakase escaped.
They kept it quiet.
Didn't want to alarm the public.
Wow, Professor Granville, how did you know that? I DM'ed the warden, Gary.
[romantic saxophone plays.]
Who's hungry from some Noodle Burger? Or should I say Chicken Noodle Burger? - The Cock-a-Noodle-Doo is back?! - Only for a limited time.
Granville: No.
Fred [echoing.]
: Whyyy?! Superheroes should eat super food.
That's why I made you kale nuggets.
Uh, kale? - Uh - Hmm Thank you.
- Capital bar I mean, capital yum! - Yeah.
[speaking Yiddish.]
You four will have to go on night patrol while Mr.
Hamada stays to fix his robot.
We have created a monster.
[kale squelches.]
[owl hooting.]
Try and remain as still as possible.
[machine beeping, whirring.]
You might feel a slight pinch.
Baymax: Diagnostic mode: Scanning capabilities offline.
- Any sign of Momakase? - No-makase.
I could have sold that better if I wasn't so sleepy.
It looks like you've been up all night too, Hiro.
Yeah, I fixed his language setting but his scanner is still buggy.
[air whooshes.]
Hiro: Also, there's that.
I am concerned.
This may alarm potential patients.
[air sputters.]
[all snoring.]
- [air horn blaring.]
- Cock-a-Noodle-Doo! Rise and shine, heroes! It's high-intensity workout time.
How long has she been up there? You need to be faster, stronger, smarter.
Today, we're focusing on faster.
[air horn blares, screams.]
I think we'd be faster [yawns.]
after a nap.
A nap? Do you think Momakase is napping right now? She's probably just regular sleeping 'cause it's 6:00 a.
- [air horn blaring.]
- Let's go, let's go, let's go! Baymax: Goodbye.
[Honey Lemon sighs.]
I know she means well, but Professor Granville must be stopped.
She's totally out of control.
Yeah, she "upgraded" my blades the other day and now they make this annoying buzzing sound.
[blades buzzing loudly.]
Maybe one of us could ask her to take it down a notch.
How about all the notches? Yeah, someone with a rebellious, anti-authority streak.
Don't look at me.
I didn't listen to her last semester, and almost destroyed the city.
You know what? I think I like it when Professor G bosses us around.
It's actually relaxing.
I don't have to think, like, at all.
I've made a decision.
We need to take the fight to Momakase.
Ah, well, we could try her old hideout.
Too obvious.
She wouldn't go back there.
Or maybe she'll think we'll think it's too obvious.
Or maybe she'll think that we'll think that she'll think that we'll think People.
It's the only lead we've got.
Now, here's my plan.
At dawn, you will raid Momakase's old hideout.
Dawn might be tricky for me.
I have to be up late for this fancy dinner thing.
I'm meeting my mom at a super exclusive meal prepared by a mystery chef.
She paid a fortune! - What's with the flower? - The mystery chef chooses a color and only uses the most expensive ingredients with that color.
Anybody else notice that everything Momakase stole has the color white in it's name? Freddy, where is this mystery dinner? Let me check the Internet-vite, or, "invite," as I call it.
Oh, look.
We're going to the same place.
[heroic music.]
[blades buzzing loudly.]
If we split up, we can surround Momakase.
Momakase got away because you split up.
Stick together this time.
- But together we're more vulnerable to a - Trap? She doesn't know you're coming.
She won't be able to handle all of you at once.
See? She does the thinking for us.
Just go with it, guys.
That's how I get through most of my life.
Okay, I guess we're going in together.
[asian music.]
[chair scraping.]
Liv Amara, I presume.
Richardson Mole.
Big fan of your work at Sycorax.
- Thanks.
- Actually, I'm such a big fan, I was thinking of making a big investment Okay, stop twisting my arm, I'll take a selfie with you, young man.
- Boy.
- [camera clicking.]
Am I supposed to know who you are? - Alistair Krei.
- [camera clicking.]
Of Krei Tech Industries.
- Still nothing.
- [grumbles.]
I made your phone! I invented the Internet-vite! Remember, we're not splitting up this time.
Give up, Momakase! You're outnumbered! Let me think about it.
Get her! - Where'd she go? - Fred: There she is! - Ow.
- Stand back.
- That's weird.
- This is a job for fire breath! [all groan.]
Apparently it's fire-breath proof.
Momakase: Sorry, kids.
This pantry is impenetrable.
You won't get away with this, Momakase.
I already have.
- Hmm.
- What are you thinking, Freddy? "Impenetrable pantry.
" Impen Impen.
Im-pantry-able! Yeah! [sighs.]
Never ask him that again.
Now what? - [beeping.]
- Professor Granville? I don't know if you'll get this.
Momakase has us trapped and we need help.
- This is all my fault.
- Baymax: Yes.
Yes, yes.
No, no.
Laying your emotional baggage on a broken robot.
You've really outdone yourself, Grace.
Baymax: Yes.
[air sputtering.]
Let's fix this.
[tool ratcheting.]
Oh! [air whooshes.]
[speaking in reverse.]
Good enough.
Now let's find some appropriate dinner wear.
[funky rock music.]
[speaking in reverse.]
Now, what were you saying? - Do not look down.
- Got it.
[Granville screams.]
I looked down! I looked down! [beeping.]
This white chocolate soufflé could use a pinch more sea salt, don't you think? - I actually think it's perfect as is.
- Yeah, I agree with Liv.
Wouldn't change thing, Mr.
Are you able to locate the students? Yes.
They are in a small room behind the cooking arena.
That's it? You'd think for the price we paid, we'd get a little entertainment.
- [bars clang.]
- Where is Momakase? Wait.
That's the chef who tried to poison me.
Gross! [scoffs.]
You call that cutting edge? This is cutting edge.
[both grunting.]
[crowd screaming.]
I may be bad at fighting, but I'm really good at running.
Wasabi: These are not even in the right order.
Cumin before turmeric, people.
Who stocked this pantry? Baymax: Hello.
Baymax, rocket fist.
[door clangs.]
- Im-pantry-able.
- Overdrive.
Are you guys for serious? [thud, clatter.]
I could do this all day.
You're out of your league here.
But don't worry.
I'll make it quick.
Dinner's over, Momakase.
Yeah, you're no match for us without your sword.
Good thing I have these.
- Honey: How did you do that? - Why would you do that? [yells.]
Wasabi! [both grunting.]
Yes! No.
No! [clatter.]
[heroic music.]
Yes! I want to apologize for being so intrusive.
Heroics are your area of expertise, not mine.
It's all good, Professor Granville.
We know you meant well.
Guys! Guys! Guys I do not have a mouth.
Why didn't you tell me I was going too far? I was just trying to learn from my mistakes and be less rebellious.
Part of what makes you Hiro is questioning authority.
It's okay when it's in service of helping people.
Just reign it in when I [chuckles.]
I'm doing it again, aren't I? Yeah, just a little.
Can we talk about those nails now? Classic Phase Two villain upgrade.

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