Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Prey Date

1 [video game beeping.]
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Snack break! Oh Ooh! Five second rule! Baymax: The five second rule is a common myth.
Harmful bacteria will cling to food - immediately upon contact.
- What? Come on, Fred.
I'm in the middle of a 12-hit super combo.
But this is a snack emergency! And I'm out of clean popcorn! Yeah? Well, you're also out of HP.
[electricity crackling.]
No fair.
I wasn't paying attention.
Time out.
- Fred, no time outs.
- [Fred's mom screams.]
Both: Time out! Ouch! [barking.]
- It's so darling! - Okay.
Ah, not what I expected.
My mom's a joy screamer.
Honestly, it's embarrass Ah! Are those cupcakes?! Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh [barking, panting.]
Boys! Look at this hilarious puppy.
I hate to admit it, but I'm addicted to these viral videos.
My scan indicates zero viruses on that video.
It is safe.
Literal robot.
Also cute.
I bet the internet would love him.
Cupcake? Before we talk about investment opportunities, Ms.
Amara, I've been meaning to ask about your progress curing my dear friend, - Orso Knox.
- Oh.
Orso Knox of course.
I'm confident we're two to three weeks from a breakthrough.
Well, that's a relief to hear.
Oh, Liv! - Have you seen the sleepy hedgehog? - Have I? [laughs.]
I made it into a meme on Sycorax's "life-smile" blog.
Uh, what Liv just said.
Does that sound familiar to you guys? Baymax: Yes.
I am often told that I am cute.
I am not programmed to know what that means.
No, I mean here.
Random aside, Liv.
How is that mutated fellow? So horribly mutated.
What is his ? Orso Knox.
I'm confident we're two to three weeks from a breakthrough.
See? It's the exact same answer.
And this was two months ago.
Something's not right.
Whoop! Baymax: These microbes are dangerous.
Which is why there's a sign! [klaxon blares.]
Baymax: It is advisable to be cautious when working with hazardous organisms.
The point is to make them less hazardous with modified viral vectors that reprogram DNA.
- Oh, the old vector method, eh? - You don't know what that is.
Well, I know it involves vectors, and and a method.
- What do you idiots want? - We're just checking up on Orso Knox.
- So, any progress? - And why is that your business? [sighs.]
You were right, Fred.
- Karmi doesn't know anything.
- What? I never said I mean, why would Liv tell an intern - anything important? - Liv and I are BFFs.
If I wanted to, I could find out all about your monster friend by lunch tomorrow.
Great! I'll put it in my calendar.
- Wait.
Did you just ? - [Fred yelling.]
[dishes crashing.]
[alarm buzzing.]
Ah, that can't be good.
All your cultures are now destroyed.
[cell phone buzzes.]
What the ? What? Ambitious and adorable intern Karmi to see you.
Of course.
Send her in.
How are you? Can I get you anything? Sustainable water? Pseudo juice? Air brewed tea? - Oh, no.
That's - Chris, bring Karmi some tea.
He makes the best air brew.
I'm sorry to bother you, Liv.
I know you're super busy.
Are you kidding? My door's always open for you.
The door recognizes your bio-signature, and whoosh! Open.
We're connected, and our body language is empathy-positive.
- Talk to me.
- Well I kinda happened to run across the Orso Knox file, and for some reason, I can't open it.
Well, that's because the Knox project is for my Knox team.
- And only my Knox team.
- But I think I could help.
I've been working with viral vectors to re I cherish your enthusiasm, Karmi.
It's exactly the kind of kick this company needs to drive change, but I need you and your kicky enthusiasm to just keep doing exactly what you've been doing.
- Oh.
- Cupcake? [elevator dings.]
What are you losers doing here? Well, you were taking too long, so we thought we'd come see Liv.
You can't just "see" Liv.
She's busy.
Baymax: Liv Amara is right there.
What are you trying to do to me, Hiro? And whatever your name is, no eating in my lab! Oh, but it's lunchtime! Yaki taco? So, did Liv let you see anything on Knox, or not? As if a bio amateur like you would understand, anyway.
Baymax: Please allow me to help.
I have a complete library of She's bluffing, Baymax.
- Karmi: What are you doing? - Checking out the Knox file.
Karmi: Oh, yeah? Well, it's locked.
Good luck accessing it.
Encrypted file? I don't need luck.
- Ha! Who's the amateur now? - You can't just ugh! Hiro: Looks like they're keeping him in a high-security lab in Wow.
Sub-level nine.
Fred: That's the most mysterious sub-level there is.
Unless there's a sub-level ten.
- Is there sub-level ten? - Wait, stop.
Go back.
Baymax: It would appear that Orso Knox is experiencing Baymax, Karmi: An over-expression of various mutated gene sequences.
Baymax: Correct.
Karmi: Except the patterns in these base pairs aren't similar at all.
Baymax: Perhaps it is being caused by a specific regulatory region.
Yes! Somewhere upstream.
Maybe someone else jump in now.
So, what I'm hearing is you can fix him! Well, yeah.
But I am not risking my internship.
Karmi, please.
Someone has to help.
But how do we even get down there? - I don't have access.
- That's not gonna be a problem.
See? Not a problem.
[whirring up.]
[heartbeat thudding.]
Ah! Yep.
Just lost my appetite.
- [growling noise.]
- [Hiro gasps.]
Uh - [growling.]
- [energy surging.]
Excuse me, Mr.
It's me.
Of the San Fransokyo Fredericksons.
Couldn't he talk before? Liv: The longer he spends like this, the less human he gets.
- He's been sub-verbal for weeks now.
- [low growling.]
Now, a question for all of you.
- What are you doing down here? - Karmi: Uh, I can explain.
Karmi, I thought you were a value adder, not a rule breaker.
This is my disappointed face.
It's not Karmi's fault.
- I-I made her - Hi.
I'm talking to Karmi.
- I'm afraid I'm gonna have to - [computer beeps.]
You did all this? Just now? [sighs.]
And I'm so sorry.
This is impressive.
Both: It is? I have a meeting, so let's close the loop on this.
Karmi, keep working, with permission this time.
- Wait.
I'm not fired? - [laughs.]
I can overlook the breaking of a rule now and then.
I'm the boss.
Frederickson, walk with me.
- Uh-h-h sure? - I trust you can show yourself out.
I can do that.
Liv: Great.
How's your mother? I haven't had a chance to follow up with her after our investment discussion.
- So, what's next? - What's next is you leaving.
- [alarm blaring.]
- [growling.]
[alarm blaring.]
- Oh, no.
- Do not, "Oh, no.
" I don't want to hear any "Oh, no'ing" from you.
Uh, Karmi? Karmi: Oh, no.
- [footsteps.]
- Uh [whispers.]
[heartbeat thudding.]
[low growling.]
[heavy footsteps.]
- [crashing.]
- [growling.]
- Hiro: Run! - [Karmi shrieks.]
[Knox roars.]
[steel rattling.]
The whole building became a super-villain-style deathtrap! I mean a super cool, super-villain-style deathtrap, but still - a deathtrap, nonetheless.
- It's our auto lock down.
A containment breach in sub-level nine, which means - Knox.
He's out.
- B-b-but, my friends.
- They're still down there.
- Even I don't have the authority to override lock down protocol.
Excuse me.
I need to gather my team.
Me, too.
I have fallen.
And I cannot get up.
Thank you.
- Hiro: This way! - Karmi: Over here.
[relieved sighs.]
What are you doing? - I can override a containment protocol.
- You can't! - Thanks for the vote of confidence.
- No, I mean The protocol is there for a reason.
If Knox got out, it'd be bad.
Karmi is correct.
Knox has a bite - Both: One-hundred times - Hiro: that of a human.
Because, monster! Look, that monster used to be a person.
So the only way out of this is to turn him back into one.
No offense, Karmi, but I don't think we have time for you to show off your "mad bio skills.
" Just because you say "no offense," doesn't mean you weren't way offensive, you know.
Look, if we trap him in his cell, then we're good to go, right? You want us to go back out there without a cure? Baymax and I will.
You stay put.
As if I'd just sit here and wait.
- Honey Lemon, can you dissolve the walls? - Sorry, Freddie.
Titanium is pretty unreactive, so it's hard to melt.
Then let's blast through.
- I'll kick through.
- Go Go: Nah, not so much.
We can't beat the tensile strength of this alloy.
Well, not with that attitude, we can't.
I could try cutting it, but Is it okay that we just break in? - If you can, please do.
- Hey, Chri I mean, guy I've never met before.
May your blade be as true as your heart.
That guys is good lookin'.
- His face is very symmetrical.
- So symmetrical.
Can we please focus? Ah, we just need something to get him back into his cell.
Guess he's a big eater.
Baymax: My scan indicates that there is food in that refrigerator.
Let's do this.
He actually eats this stuff? [squishing, glopping.]
Baymax: It contains beef rump, and beef rump by-products.
Hiro: Baymax.
Aw, come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, monster uh, Mr.
- [roaring.]
- [Hiro yelling.]
Baymax: Hiro, I will protect you.
- [electricity crackles.]
- Baymax: Sorry.
Baymax! So now what? Almost there.
Hiro: Ah! Mr.
Knox could seriously injure bystanders.
It's time to make some hard decisions.
Is she saying what I think she's saying? But, Knox is human.
On the inside.
He's one of my The Frederickson family's friends.
Whoa, that is not easy to say, huh? - We've tried to cure him.
- But I haven't.
If I modify the viral proteins from - my work at SFIT and run some tests - Karmi, we're out of time.
Big Hero 6.
Please do whatever it takes to save the boy.
We are gonna need the ultra armor.
Tough choices.
Iced tea? - [Knox grunting.]
- [Hiro grunting.]
[Hiro yelping.]
Hiro: Bad idea.
Bad idea! [yelling.]
[Hiro grunts.]
You saved me? Why did you save me? You weren't trying to hurt me.
[clanking, clattering.]
You weren't trying to hurt anyone.
You're just a really big eater.
[cat meows.]
Hey, hey.
Calm down.
[truck horn blares.]
Wait! Hey! We we can help you.
- [tires screech.]
- [cars honk.]
- [Hiro gasps.]
- [heavy thud.]
Oh, boy.
Baymax, do you see anything? My scanning capabilities are damaged.
However, I am able to detect a sizable heat signature in the subway tunnels.
- Knox? - That is most probable.
Then I guess we're going underground.
I don't know if I'm mentally prepared for that.
- Get there.
- Fred: Heroes save Hiro is a go.
Does that sound confusing? Uh, Mr.
Knox? Where are you? Look, this is a big misunderstanding.
[distant roaring.]
Guys, in a horror movie, this is when the bad things happen.
Ooh, check it out.
Either Knox or a dinosaur, but if we're going to be realistic, probably Knox.
- [roaring.]
- Aah! Okay.
Definitely Knox.
Baymax, can you still fight like that? Baymax: I will do my best.
For Hiro.
This way.
[low growling.]
Fred: There! [roaring.]
- Hiro's not here! - What did you do with Hiro? [Go Go grunts.]
Fred: You're going down! - Okay, I'm going down.
- Freddie! Mr.
Where are you? [distant rumbling.]
Oh, no.
Honey Lemon! [grunts.]
Baymax! Rocket Fist.
[energy charging.]
- [thudding.]
- [roaring.]
No, no, no, no, no.
Hiro: Stop! - Everyone, just stop.
- You're okay.
I thought you were - Not okay! - Everyone needs to calm down.
It's all right.
Everything's all right.
Hiro, your position is un-advisable.
Don't worry, Baymax.
Knox wasn't trying to hurt me.
He wasn't trying to hurt anyone.
But didn't he take you prisoner? Oh.
Was this not a horror movie? Was it a buddy movie all along? - [growling.]
- Horror buddy? Just try not to make any sudden movements, or loud noises.
Oh, no.
So much dust! [yelling.]
Ah-choo! [roaring.]
- [thudding.]
- [cracking.]
[Hiro screams.]
Hiro! He saved you.
Now it's our turn to save him.
Captain Cutie! [giggling.]
[deep voice.]
Yup, that's me.
"Captain Cutie.
" I promise you, we'll cure Mr.
Karmi, I know you will.
What about Hiro? Was he hurt? - Ah uh - Your friend Hiro is fine.
He's not my friend.
I barely know him, really.
Let's go.
- So, Karmi, did your serum work? - Yes, but it's not my serum.
At Sycorax, we don't like words like "my" or "me.
" The breakthrough was a team effort, based almost completely on my work.
Well, I guess Mr.
Knox really owes one to the Sycorax team.
Knox has graciously agreed to invest in Sycorax's future.
- Generously.
- Thank you.
Uh The work Liv and Sycorax are doing is truly life changing.
- They cured me, after all.
- [audience clapping.]
Yes, they did.
[camera shudders clicking.]
Liv: You did so well, Orso.
Honestly, I have zero complaints.
Look, can I go? I've paid you, haven't I? Not paid.
In me, yes.
But also in you.
And your own future.
Remember, I can turn you back anytime I want.
[device beeping.]

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