Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e04 Episode Script

Something Fishy

1 I think I'll call it Fredmeleon.
Also, I found some other cool things chameleons can do.
Can we add them? Please, please, please, please, please! Okay, okay.
But first, get in, and let's test the camouflage function.
- Fred? - Fred: Already inside.
So excited.
Of course you are.
Okay, hit the button on the left.
- Aunt Cass: Hiro! - Baymax: Hello, Aunt Cass.
What are you guys doing in here? Hey, uh, what? Hey Yeah.
Just, you know, working on a project for school.
You know school project? Well, hit pause, because I have some very exciting news.
I ran into an old friend who just moved back to San Fransokyo, - and - [clanks.]
Baymax: And? He has a daughter named Megan, and she's the same age as you! Wow! W-What are the odds? - [clattering.]
- [Fred grunts.]
- What was that? - Megan, that's a name.
[phone rings.]
[Gogo over phone.]
: High Voltage busted out of prison, again.
That sounds fun.
But, I, uh can't make it.
Uh, Fred's on his way, though.
- Baymax: Fred is there.
- Was there.
[nervous chuckle.]
I mean here, earlier.
So, Megan Yes.
I set up a lunch date for you to meet her.
Fred: Date? That was Baymax.
- [Fred grunting.]
- [air hissing.]
I'd love to, but I'm just so busy with school and big sss school projects! Big school projects! [air squeaking.]
I'm not taking no for an answer.
You work so hard, Hiro.
You need some normal kid time.
- [air squeaking.]
- What's not normal about this? Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh [video game music.]
- [thudding.]
- [Fred in video.]
: Ow! Ow, ow, ow! Richardson: Ha! You're roadkill, Fred! [laughing.]
- Fred: Ahem! - Huh? [shrieking.]
Are you lizard guy? - Yes.
That's not actually my - I love the new suit! Hey, and you're also in Big Hero 6.
But lizard guy! Oh, wow, wow, wow, wow.
I-I can't believe you're here! [squealing.]
- Please stop squealing.
- Do I know you? - Nope.
- How about a lizard guy autograph? Nice.
I can't wait to shove this in Fred's stupid face.
He's gonna be so jealous.
My face is [coughs, clears throat.]
I mean, what is wrong with this Fred person's face? Oh, I don't know Everything! He's the worst.
Have you ever thought that maybe you're actually - the one who is the worst in that brand-new - Go Go: Anyway We're here because High Voltage escaped from prison.
Fred: We have a hunch they'll come for their orb, which you have.
- And now, we wait.
- I'm wow so honored.
You can stay as long as you like.
In fact, how about I make us some smoothies? No time for tropical refreshment, citizen.
This is an official superhero stakeout.
Superhero stakeout? [squealing.]
That's a good one.
Oh, that's even better.
- [beeping, thudding.]
- [Fred in game.]
: Ow, ow, ow! [camera shutter clicks.]
Maybe we'll, uh We will take those smoothies.
[electricity buzzing.]
[bubbles popping.]
- [slurping.]
- [Richardson snoring.]
- And I'm out.
- Fred: But High Voltage! - Is clearly not coming.
- [whooshes.]
Barb: You are such a sweetie for getting us out of that nasty place.
Are you kidding? Us ladies have to stick together, right? Woo! - Where's my woo? Woo! - All: Woo! - I see a co-opportunity here.
- Is that a word? It is now! Listen, it just so happens I need a pair of specialists.
- Specialists, in what? - Crime dancing.
I'm sorry, honey.
Can't help you.
- Our crime dancing days are over.
- I'm sorry.
What? You see, we had an incarceration realization.
- The criminal life - It's not normal.
That's not going to work for me.
What do you have to do with it? - Well, there's the matter of my payment.
- Payment? What happened to us ladies sticking together? - We woo-ed.
- Please.
Woo or no woo, we both know nothing comes free.
You can go off and be normals after you pay me.
- I don't take orders from you.
- Fine.
Then I'll just give the police a jingle.
Then we'll tell them that you broke us out.
Oh, sure.
Like they'll believe you.
Who do you think donated their new canine unit? Okay.
We'll get you your money.
But we'll need our energy orb.
Ladies, I think we can do better.
[electricity crackling.]
- Megan, this is Hiro.
- Nice to meet you, Megan.
- Nice to meet you, t Oh, we're moving.
- Sit.
Sit, sit.
I'll get food.
So, a robot.
Baymax! He's a personal healthcare companion.
- So, he's not a robot.
- No.
He is.
- Cool.
- Yeah Baymax: Social interaction can be initiated with an icebreaker.
Common topics include the weather, sporting events - We're good.
Thanks, Baymax.
- You are welcome.
Uh, Baymax? Could you maybe go stand over there? Wow.
I've never met anyone who has their own robot.
I guess it's kind of weird.
- Are you kidding? I'm totally jealous.
- Really? Oh, look at you two.
Pretend I'm not here! So, uh - How long have you been in San Fransok - Aunt Cass: Who needs lemonade? - Aunt Cass.
- Sorry.
I'll leave you two alone.
But if you need anything, I'll be right over there.
Baymax: Goodbye.
So, that's my Aunt Cass.
She cares, a lot.
I get it.
My dad's the same way.
How 'bout we go somewhere else - the next time we meet up? - Yes, please.
[alarm bell ringing.]
- Go Go: Give it up.
- Fred: Yeah.
Without your orb, you're just bad dancers.
[both gasping.]
Go Go: Oh, yeah.
This is gonna be too easy.
[Go Go grunting.]
Super jump Oh, no.
Different suit.
[Fred jabbering.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- [Fred jabbering.]
Help! [grunts.]
You're right.
That was too easy.
High Voltage High Voltage - Barb: Bye-bye.
- How did they do that without their orb? - [buzzing.]
- Fred: I was hoping you'd know.
Megan: So, I got home from foreign language club.
Or was it photography club? Doesn't matter.
The point is, I was only seven minutes late.
But my dad already had the entire police force looking for me.
Oh, wow.
Anyway, I've told you way too much about me.
Your turn.
I go to SFIT.
I know that.
I mean, what do you do for fun? I don't have much free time, really.
When I'm not in school or doing schoolwork, I'm busy saving money! [laughs.]
I have an internship.
Hiro, we're going to have to change this all work, no play lifestyle.
- It's not healthy.
How 'bout a movie? - [cell phone buzzes.]
I gotta go.
- School stuff.
- On Saturday? Yeah.
It's a study group! [nervous chuckle.]
Six of us.
It's a big study group.
Bluff Dunder: I'll venture to say, we haven't seen the last of these dancing divas.
- Go Go: See? No orb.
- Huh.
How are they doing that? That electricity has to be coming from somewhere.
In other news, still no developments in the disappearance of San Fransokyo Aquarium's beloved electric eels: AC and DC.
Wait, wait, wait.
Did you just hear that? "Electric eels?" - Yeah.
What about them? - Maybe there's a connection.
High Voltage's new power it's like an electric eel.
- Come on.
Really? - Yes, really.
Baymax, science me.
Electric eels have the ability to generate electricity to Science! Settled! Ha-ha! High Voltage is part eel! - Interesting, but - Wrong.
- Yeah, Freddie.
That would be kind of - Crazy.
They must be using something new as a power source.
Eels ssss! - Gum bun? - Oh, bunnies! So cute! I-I-I can't bring myself to eat one.
Inspiration! [electricity crackling.]
The scary lady's been paid.
Now what? We're law-abiding citizens, now, Juni.
Juniper: Maybe we can go to the movies and not rob them, for once.
Just like normal people do.
Oh, Mama, I'm so happy! [stomach rumbles.]
- And hungry.
- [stomach rumbles.]
Me, too.
And I'm kind of craving Both: Seafood! - Hmm - [slurps.]
One last crime.
Then, we're officially retired.
- [electricity crackling.]
- Huh? [engine chugs.]
- [static crackling.]
- [distorted audio from radio.]
Huh? Wh-what? Hey, what are you Barb and Juniper: Ooh! Ah! [chomping.]
Aah! [shrieks.]
- What's his problem, Mama? - Not a clue, baby! [chomps.]
And I thought my algebra homework was hard.
Algebra? Uh, I only got an A-minus in that.
Of course, I was nine.
- Wow.
Brag much? - Sorry.
I graduated high school when I was 13, so - So that's a yes on the bragging.
- No! I, uh um Yeah.
I guess it came out that way.
- [laughs.]
I'm just messing with you.
- [chuckles.]
A kid in high school.
Dances must have been way awkward.
- I didn't have time for stuff like that.
- Sad! Hey, there's a dance at my school this weekend.
You want to go? That sounds normal.
- Are you messing with me now? - No! I I mean, I'm in.
Oh, you guys are gonna have so much fun! More lemonade? Homework at Joe's next time? And they were eatin' the fish whole.
- Fred: Whole, you say? - Whole.
Fred: Mm-hmm.
Go Go: Baymax, can you scan for High Voltage? Baymax: Scanning now.
I am unable to locate High Voltage.
Scan jammer? I am not detecting any scan interference.
Fred: Which bring us back to Fred's eel theory.
- Go Go: Do we have to? - Yes! Did you hear what the man said? They were eating fish! - So? - Whole! I know.
But there has to be a less stupid explanation.
Right? - I'm liking the eel theory.
- Fred: And I like you.
- [ping-pong ball bouncing.]
- [Honey Lemon and Wasabi grunting.]
[grunting continues.]
Baymax: Hiro, you appear distracted.
How do you feel? Huh? Oh, uh I'm all right.
And he's doing great on his own.
- [Wasabi exclaims.]
- [thuds.]
- [whirring.]
- Baymax: Ba-la-la-la-la-la! - Hiro, is something wrong? - No, I just, uh Hey.
What was high school like for you guys? Ah.
Well, for me it was test anxiety.
I only remember the text anxiety.
Pre-test anxiety, post-test anxiety, mid-test anxiety High school's where I fell in love with chemistry.
And André, exchange student.
- [sighs.]
C'est la vie.
- O-kay.
- Why do you ask? - Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out.
You know, doing the stuff kids my age usually do.
Baymax: Hiro, it is time to get ready for the dance.
You know what? Tonight's gonna be as normal as it gets.
- A school dance.
- Yeah! You're gonna have so much fun, Hiro! Wear deodorant.
Baymax: That is excellent advice.
Your underarm apocrine glands become active in puberty Got it! Okay, let's go.
So, how do I look? - Baymax: With you eyes.
- Ha-ha, very funny.
- Baymax: But factual.
- Aunt Cass: Hiro! Megan's here! Hurry.
We better go, or Aunt Cass is gonna take a ton of - Aah! - [camera shutter clicks.]
Oh, you two look great! Ooh, Hiro's first dance! I can't believe it.
Get together and smile, okay? Smile! - [whispers.]
Sorry about this.
- My dad did the same thing.
- Aunt Cass: Just one more.
- [camera shutter clicking.]
Okay, that was three.
But I had to.
- Have so much fun! - Thanks, Aunt Cass.
We will.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
- Aunt Cass: Had to.
Okay, bye.
When you try to say my name You choke up on the phone - Megan: You ready to do this? - Huh? When you try to play my game You end up all alone If you wanna maybe try Well, it's official.
You're not a genius at dancing.
- Hey.
Little rude.
- [laughs.]
So rude.
Oh, yeah Keep it all yourself Oh, no.
Keep it, keep it - You okay? - Yeah.
All good.
Jupiter: Look, Mama! My first non-crime dance.
- I'm a normal girl! - Barb: Smile, baby! Fred: Party's over.
You're coming with us.
Look, it's All: It's Big Hero 6! Why? I'm not doin' anything.
Just enjoying the dance.
A high school dance? Little weird.
- Wait.
Is that - Big Hero 6? Yeah.
Well, at least I think it is.
Leave us alone.
We are not bothering anybody.
That's true.
But you did break out of jail and go on a crime spree.
- That's in the past.
- We're reformed.
- [pop.]
- Oh.
Don't believe us? There comes a time [music.]
When a life of crime Dancin' is left behind Oh Well, Mama's made up her mind We're makin' a change I got a feeling It's gonna be strange not stealing your money Seriously? We did our time, well, mostly We're gonna shine Look closely over here - Mama! - Not now, Juniper, this is Mama's solo.
I gave you everything I could Through a larcenous childhood But now it's understood we're gonna go good We're gonna go good We're gonna go good Sorry.
It's catchy.
A change of heart and a change of pace A fresh new start, gonna show our face In public! [all cheering.]
We're makin' a change, We're gonna go straight We're stayin' out late, so before you judge us, wait Big finish! We're gonna go good, good, good We're gonna go good, so good We're gonna be great Great We are great! [all cheering.]
Man: Wow, that sounded great.
Juniper: What's happening? Why don't they love us? [both gasping.]
Your face! - [gasps.]
No, no, no! - [electricity crackling.]
Mama, do something! - [people screaming.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- Are you seeing this? - We should go.
[clamoring, screaming.]
[girl shrieks.]
Look at us! We're freaks! Calm down, honey.
It's not that bad.
It kind of is! Should not have said that.
Oh! hot, hot, hot! [yelling.]
Go Go: I'm so over these two.
Baymax: I have got you.
Guys, get behind me.
I told you I love gummy bunnies! Fred: Wow.
They really leveled up.
Phase two.
Tell me you have an idea.
What's the matter, Big Hero 6? Scared? - [electricity crackling.]
- [Honey Lemon groans.]
I don't know how long I can hold them off.
They're too powerful.
And disturbing.
Fred, ready to use those new powers you were talking about? Oh, yeah.
So ready.
Just something I'm working on.
We can talk about it later, if I say it or not.
It's up to you guys.
I really missed this.
So did I.
I feel more powerful than ever.
Who cares if we look like fish? - [thudding.]
- [grunting.]
Why would we want to give this up for normal lives? I don't know! I'm having so much fun! - Fred: Me too! - Huh? [clattering.]
Gotcha! [grunting.]
Not quite.
Fred: Huh? Nice try, though.
No, no, no, no! [Fred yelling.]
[Fred gasps, groans.]
- Fred: Total eel move.
- It actually was.
Some kind of electric eel mutation.
Fred was right.
Let's move on.
There's someone out there doing this crazy bio-engineering.
First we saw it with Orso Knox.
And now High Voltage? Aah! Megan! [screaming.]
Hiro, can you believe what just happened? Super-villains, at a high school dance.
This is not normal.
- Ah, for you, maybe.
- What? - Who can say what's normal, right? - [sirens blaring.]
- [tires screech.]
- Megan, are you all right? - I'm fine, Dad.
- Uh, Dad? Get statements.
So, when you said your dad had the police force looking for you, you He ordered it.
He's the new chief of police.
Dad, everything's okay.
Big Hero 6 was here.
- [scoffs.]
- You don't like superheroes? - Who are you? - Dad, this is Hiro.
Yeah, your aunt runs the Lucky Cat.
- Nice to meet you, Hiro.
- Uh, nice to meet you, too.
- Why do you hate superheroes? - You mean the vigilantes? No city with a skilled police force needs 'em.
A problem I plan to correct.

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