Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e05 Episode Script


1 [music.]
[train whooshes.]
[upbeat funk music.]
- [pigeons cooing.]
- Huh? Okay.
- [horn honks.]
- [Globby screams.]
Globby: Darn it.
- So sorry I'm late.
- Oh! Well, did you bring your résumé, Mister, uh - uh Globby? - Please.
Globby is my father.
Or would be if my dad went through a freaky mutation.
So, uh just Globby.
Your résumé? - Ooh.
- [flutters.]
Here you go.
I'm not sure about the formatting.
Sorry, but it's [grunting.]
It's a little stuck.
Maybe you could just tell me about your work experience.
Well, I can do this [roaring.]
- That is something.
- Globby: Something awesome! [giggles nervously.]
Something not that useful - for making Noodle fries.
- [sighs.]
: Oh.
Thanks for coming in.
We'll let you know, okay? Oh, come on.
Please give me a chance.
I need a job.
I just want to be a regular guy.
[Globby shouts.]
- [clatters.]
- [yelps.]
Globby: Darn it! Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Honey Lemon: New purse? Oh, it's so cute! It's still just a prototype, but we've got to test it.
- Push that button.
- Okay.
Ooh! [gasps.]
- Extended range and accuracy.
- Sweet! [screams.]
That was my sixth interview this week.
Whoa! - [clattering.]
- Darn it! - [shrieks.]
- Okay.
Slight problem with the accuracy.
- Sorry, Globby.
- Nobody wants to hire a monster.
You'd think Monster Pizza would be open-minded.
- But no! - Oh! You're not a monster-monster, Globby.
You're a good person.
Well, that's just it.
Being a monster was easy.
But being a regular guy and a monster is impossible.
- Would you like a hug? - Uh-huh! - There, there.
- I am so sorry, Globby.
This is all my fault.
- It was my chem-purse that did this to you.
- Which he did steal.
- But if I had been more careful - No, the kid's right.
I did this to myself.
I'm a mess.
Come on, Globby.
I'll talk to Aunt Cass.
I'm sure she could totally use help around the Lucky Cat.
Oh, you're the best! You know, that comes out real easy with club soda.
- Professor Granville, I need your permission - Honey Lemon? to use my lab for a very important non-school project.
I want to fix Globby.
I know what you're thinking.
How, right? - If you'd Well - First I want to try chromatography.
But before you say no, let me reassure you that this project - will not interfere with my school - Good! But I'm not saying no.
You have my permission.
- I do? - Take yes for an answer.
- Now, may I please resume my work without any - Thank you, Professor Granville! - of that.
- Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you! [giggles.]
This has potential.
Grace! Who's up for a Buddha bowl? - How do you know him, again? - From, uh SFIT.
- What happened to his everything? - He stole The spotlight! When he did this next-level experiment, but there was an accident, a horrible accident.
- Oh.
Poor guy.
- Exactly! That's why I thought you could give him a job.
Oh, Hiro, I don't know.
Has he ever worked in a cafe before? - Baymax: Globby was a - Personable guy, and a fast learner.
- Globby: Foam.
- Man: Huh? Oh, that's sweet.
Also kind of disturbing, but - Okay, I'll give him a chance.
- Oh, thank you! Oh! Um, you're welcome.
You won't regret this, Aunt Cass.
I hope.
He has to wear gloves.
Okay? Hmm.
- Hey, Honey Lemon.
- Hi, Karmi.
You looking for Hiro? - Why would I be looking for him? - Oh! [coughs.]
I thought you two were friends.
No! Gross! Professor Granville said you could maybe use some help, - with the bio-chem project? - Yes! I would love that! The chemistry, I've got, but the bio part isn't really my area.
- What are you working on? - I just need a way to extract the foreign chemicals from Globby's tissue, but - so far, no luck.
- Globby? Like the monster Globby? - Not a monster, but yes.
- Cool.
I've never seen anything like this.
Did you lyse the cells? Yeah, but as soon as I get through the membrane, his cells regenerate too quickly.
- What if you slowed down the regeneration? - How? Bio 101: starve the cells of nutrients.
That's a great idea, Karmi.
You're brilliant! - Yes.
I know.
- This is gonna work.
I just know it! - You're way optimistic.
- Yes, I know! [giggles.]
Oh, I'm late for class.
But I can stop by tomorrow if you want.
- Oh, bio besties! - [chuckles.]
O-kay [music.]
[electricity crackling.]
You need a puppy, Go Go.
Everyone needs a puppy.
André, I named the puppy.
André [Honey Lemon still snoring.]
- How's it going? - I'm awake! - Oh, hi.
- So, did you extract the chemicals? Actually, our conversation yesterday got me thinking.
- What if instead I - [both.]
: Neutralize them! - Jinx! - It would definitely be faster, and - Oh! - Hi.
Hey, Honey Lemon.
What's up? - Being bio besties! - Baymax: Please define "bestie.
" - Oh, it's a friend, Baymax.
- Really? With Karmi? Hey! We made a major scientific breakthrough.
You made any of those lately? Oh, if you must know, I'm working on a - Sorry, did I say I was interested? - Wha You asked.
- Rhetorical.
- Argh! You are [sighs.]
- Come on, Baymax.
- Goodbye.
- That was - So annoying, right? Actually, Hiro's a really nice person.
No way.
He's so, me, me, me.
You're a 14-year-old genius.
We get it.
Do you ever think you two don't get along because you're so similar? - Karmi [scoffs.]
: I am nothing like Hiro.
- In a good way.
Wait! It worked! - Ha! It worked! - We did it! Bio bestie hug! - [grunts.]
I'm really not a hugger.
- You are now! Ma'am, I ordered a green tea.
This is purple and sticky and gelatinous.
I'm so sorry.
I'll make you a new cup right away.
Coming right up.
Yummy muffin.
And don't forget your Frost-iccino! Thank you! Come again.
Let me get the door for you.
I found a cure, Globby! [screams.]
- Oh, no.
Are you okay? - [whispers.]
So he's going with you now, right? [machine beeping, whirring.]
I think we're ready.
- Is it normal to be nervous? - Cracker? I find crackers help.
- This won't hurt.
I promise.
- I believe you.
- I mean I think.
- What? [yelling.]
Oh, that's refreshing! [beeping.]
Hmm "Hmm"? A "hmm" is bad, right? What's wrong? - It doesn't seem to be working.
You should be - Wait.
I think I'm feeling something.
Yeah [yelling.]
False alarm.
Is it the exact formula from earlier? Yeah, unless I miscalculated or - Maybe our test was a fluke.
- Could it be the delivery system? Ugh.
No! We thought of that, already.
Okay, sorry.
Just trying to help.
- Uh, guys - What? What? What's happening? - I think it's working.
- It's working? [beeping.]
[Globby yelling.]
[steam hissing.]
It worked! Does anyone have any pants? - How do you feel? - I don't know.
How do I look? - Baymax: You appear human.
- Goodbye, Globby.
- And welcome back, Dibs.
- I can't believe it.
Now I have to get up and walk over to get it.
- Here.
- It's me.
I forgot how good-looking I am.
Not bad.
- Cell regeneration? - Yes.
If I can figure it out, this could be the breakthrough.
- You mean for - What else? Now, let's see if I can amplify the tissue's regenerative abilities.
[gurgling, sloshing.]
[glass cracking.]
Pretty neat, right? Put it in a containment cell.
Get it something to eat.
Hey, you got knees.
You enjoying those? Oh, loving it.
All my joints are wonderful.
I mean, elbows Come on.
It's pretty great.
And, hey, how about teeth? Yeah, teeth! A lot of fun.
I don't want to overstep my boundaries here, but your enthusiasm seems forced.
Mm! You must have X-ray eyes, Felony Carl.
You see through my knees, elbow, and teeth all the way to my soul.
- They're regular eyes.
- Well, you're right.
Being fully human again is kind of boring.
No offense.
Hey, you're in a safe space.
I mean, my life as a mutated freak was often gross, painful, embarrassing but so exciting.
I was a valued member of a team of super-villains.
But then I turned good and joined the heroes.
And I helped them save San Fransokyo and everyone in it.
- I was special.
- No, no, no.
- You are special.
- Aw, thanks, Carl.
You're welcome.
Now, be a champ.
Pick up the check.
I gotta go meet a guy about a thing.
The guys is my dad and the thing is his birthday.
[Dibs sighs, groans.]
[beep, whirring up.]
Who's excited for an artisanal cheese plate? [alarm beeping.]
- Chris: We have a problem.
It escaped.
- Liv: So I see.
- But don't we need it for - Dead end.
It's too unstable.
It's the city's problem now.
Hello, students.
Honey Lemon, how is your special project coming? It was a complete success.
Globby, or should I say, Dibs, is cured.
- I knew you could do it.
- But I couldn't have without Karmi.
Uh, guys.
We have to go.
Oh, no! This is impossible! - Is it me or is Globby a lot bigger? - And meaner? Yeah.
Whatever you did to him made him way worse.
He's gone full phase two.
I thought I neutralized the mutation, but maybe his cells were too unstable.
- Whatever.
He's going down.
- Wait.
He's our friend.
Just let me talk to him, please.
- Be careful.
- Globby.
Globby, listen to me.
I know I failed you the first time.
But whatever happened, I know I can fix it.
You don't have to do this.
Listen to me, Globby.
This isn't who you are.
Huh? I think she's getting through.
Hey, guys.
Who's the monster? - Dibs? - [gasps.]
It's a whole new Globby? Oh, my gosh.
I get to name it.
I get to name it.
Yes, yes, yes.
It's not It's, like, the opposite of Globby.
It's a negative Nega-Globby! Nega-Globby! Don't worry.
I'll handle this.
Form of a bull.
Oh, right.
Hiro: Let's go.
Oh! I'm so glad you're okay.
But you should get out of here.
It's not safe.
Fred: All right, Nega-Globby.
Prepare to be fire [yells.]
Ooh! [growling.]
Whoa! [grunts.]
That's enough.
Hiro: Baymax, rocket fi Whoa, whoa, watch out.
- Baymax: I cannot move.
- [grunting.]
Me, neither.
Don't worry, guys.
I've got this.
Wait, no! My purse! Someone has to help.
: Why won't you break? [shouts.]
It's working! Oh, I forgot how much this part hurt! [groaning.]
- [roaring.]
- Just Let's just take it easy, Nega-Globby.
Nice Nega-Globby.
- Guys, my purse is gone.
- Coming Ow.
I'm all out.
Fred, where are you? Um I have no idea.
- Hiro, I need that prototype! - I'll signal Skymax.
I just have to get to my phone.
Stay back.
Globby: Gotcha! - You're safe now.
- Globby! - You changed back! - You guys needed help.
And I realized being a freak is my happy place! Stay here.
I'll deal with the big guy.
Hey! The position of Globby has been filled, by me! And I'm about to show you my special skills.
Globby! When you're back out on the street And there's danger in the air When you feel the flash of heat, come out It's time to take the dare Standing tall, the winner takes all You've earned the right And you're gonna grab that right And take that fight Oh no.
To your own worst enemy Standing tall, the winner takes all Step into the hot nights Got no fear, no fright Go face-to-face with the mighty-might Of your own worst enemy Now everyone is gonna see It's coming down to you and me You and me, me and you Doin' what we gotta do Fightin' for the right to fight In a blazing white-hot spotlight [whooshing.]
[music continues.]
Globby: Okay.
How about this? [roaring.]
[screeching roar.]
Oh, no! Thanks, Skymax! Globby: Yeah.
Not good.
- Hold still, Globby.
- I'm trying.
- But I am gelatinous.
- Don't worry.
This won't hurt.
I mean, I think.
But you act like you don't care [music.]
Yeah! Honey Lemon! I can feel the flash of fear, Come on It's time to take the dare Stand tall, winner takes all, you've earned the right And you're gonna grab that right And take the fight to your own worst enemy And that is how you monster.
When your name is Globby - Way to go, Mr.
- Thanks, Sara! Oh, I'm so glad you're all right.
Did you guys see that? Globby ate the other Globby? - Great job.
Both of you.
- Yeah.
Thanks for saving our butts.
I couldn't have done it without my new Wait.
Where are Hiro and Baymax? Baymax: We are still stuck.
Hiro: I still wonder where that other Globby came from.
Come on.
Remember I named it, like, right on the spot? - It was pretty genius.
- Okay, I wonder where Nega-Globby came from.
I don't know.
But there have been a lot of weird things - happening in this city lately.
- Globby in the house.
- Who didn't get a picture? - [crowd clamoring.]
- You mean like that? - Aw, I'm glad Globby's happy.
[dramatic music.]

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