Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e06 Episode Script

The Fate of the Roommates

1 I trust your funny book club was illuminating, - Master Frederickson.
- 'Twas, indeed, Heathcliff.
We took a deep dive into the new Captain Fancy.
Mini-Max: Fred dazzled with his superior comic insights.
Fred: I was the only one who noticed that the artist, A.
Dohertz, drew himself into the issue as the nosy neighbor, Mr.
Cameo! - Oh.
Delightful discovery, sir.
- Oh, yeah.
You should have seen Richardson's face when - Fred: Whoa! - [engine roars.]
Mini-Max: Brace for impact! You might wish to hang on.
- [tires screeching.]
- [Fred yelling.]
- Mini-Max: Loud noises are exciting! [tires screeching.]
[horn honks.]
- [engine roars.]
- [tires squealing.]
My apologies, sir.
Please, continue your riveting story.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh - Fred: Guys, guys, guys, guys - [clattering.]
Guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys, guys.
Guys, guys, guys, You should have seen these cars.
They looked like they were from the future.
- Maybe they were from the future! - [clattering.]
- Baymax: Oh, no.
- Wasabi: Fred, that was a $12 cold-pressed juice! My bad, Wasabi.
You know time travel gets me all worked up.
Let me get that for you.
And there you go.
Oh, and look! A bonus tater tot.
Baymax: You should breathe now.
There was a bank robbery last night.
Maybe those were the getaway cars.
: From the future.
- Or not.
- One way to find out.
- Night patrol.
- [eerily.]
: In the future.
Wait, no.
I mean, tonight.
Let's do it tonight.
I feel terrible, but I can't make it.
I'm throwing a sticker party.
It's BYOS.
- "Bring your own stickers.
" - Great.
- Not another sticker party.
- What was that, Go Go? I was just saying, how sad I am to miss it.
But duty calls.
Don't worry.
We'll have a sticker after-party, just you and me.
"Fine" is Go-Go for "Yay!" Ugh.
It's so hot.
Oh, I turned on the heat.
Warm stickers stick best! Of course they do.
Also, I just got these mood stickers.
They change colors.
It looks like someone needs a hug! - [engines roaring.]
- [tires screeching.]
- Ugh! - Baymax: Go Go, your clenched jaw indicates you are frustrated.
That's because I just can't with Honey Lemon's ba-gillion hobbies.
Oh, come on.
How bad can they be? She also plays the electric harp, has a butterfly aviary in her closet, - and don't forget her smile-ates.
- What are smile-ates? It's Pilates, but you have to grin like a nit-wit - through the entire workout.
- Eee! Guys, I can feel it.
My cheeks are getting so swole.
Eee! Oh, and she keeps painting portraits of me without my knowledge or permission.
[easel clatters.]
Surprise portrait! - Eee! Huh? - [warbling.]
[cars whooshing.]
Hiro: Baymax, let's go! Wait.
Can we go back to the surprise portraits for a second? - [engines roaring.]
- [tires screeching.]
Fred: Hey, quick.
Important question.
What year are you from? Wasabi: Really should have brought my car.
- Baymax: This is an unsafe speed.
- [car whirring.]
- It jumped.
- Uh, guys.
These cars can jump.
Fred: Yeah? Well, so can I.
Oh! I should have come up with the second part of this plan! Aah! [moans.]
My swole cheek saved me.
Nuh-uh! [grunts.]
- [tires screeching.]
- Hmm? [thuds.]
Go Go: All right.
Out of the car.
- [beeping.]
- Remote driver? Huh.
Wasabi: Sorry, guys.
There was a lot of traffic.
Fred: What's that? "Maximum Insane Driving Challenge.
" [gasps.]
[laughing maniacally.]
Too bad, so sad.
Wah-wah-wah! Racer numero uno, you are black-flagged! Not fair! Big Hero 6 got in my way! Hey, the Maximum Insane Driving Challenge is a real-time race, on the real-live streets of San Fransokyo.
There's gonna be obstacles, and the occasional superhero! - Still not fair.
- I know.
Like life! - [buzzer buzzes.]
- [screams.]
Only the winners of Maximum Insane Driving Challenge win a pair of these fabulous, cashmere-lined driving gloves.
- [clapping.]
- Not you.
You go now.
I'll find a new driver worthy of these luxurious, cashmere-lined driving gloves.
This is a private moment between me and the gloves! - [muffled laughter.]
- Honey Lemon: This is so exciting! Oh, great.
The sticker party's still here.
Uh-oh! Go Go's in the house! Um, what's going on? Go Go, I know how much you treasure your space, and I know I've invaded it with my stickers and my smile-ates, and my surprise portraits.
Honey Lemon, what are you getting at? I just found out that SFIT is allowing me to return to the dorms! - You can have your apartment back! - [cheering.]
- [party horns toot.]
- Oh.
I'm free.
So, what's with airbags, here? Baymax: I am a personal healthcare companion.
You seem extremely hug-able.
Look, we need some information.
Globby said you know what's up, what's going down, what's going around pretty much all of the directions.
Felony Carl and I go way back.
I knew him when he was just Misdemeanor Carl.
Yeah, and you were still human.
Time flies.
Carpe diem, so they say.
- Well, the Romans, anyway.
- Recognize this? I may or may not have heard about an emotionally unstable man-boy handing them out.
- Mr.
- Sparkles.
Okay, if you say so.
The freak's running some kind of drone car race for well-to-do thrill-seekers.
How "well-to-do" are we talking? Ascots and monocles.
Ascots and monocles.
Hmm Why are these rich people drone car racing? - Because poor people can't.
- Why not? Oh.
The money One more thing.
Spankles is working with a big fella, volatile, dry-cleans his track suits.
- Both: Yama.
- Baymax, can you bring up a map of San Franksokyo? Baymax: Tap to zoom.
Felony Carl, show us where you saw Yama and Sparkles.
I'm not sayin' nothin'.
But Now, we hug.
Hey, Go Go.
Sorry for all the boxes.
I'm gonna try to be out by the end of the week.
Really? So, you're just going to stiff me for your half of the rent? Of course not.
I already Cash Guru-ed you my half of the rent for the next three months.
That's really nice of you.
- Hey, we got a lead on Sparkles.
- Yay.
What did I say? Baymax: I am programmed to provide emotional support.
Baymax, I'm fine.
Your slumped shoulders and the lower pitch of your voice are indicators that you are not fine.
- I don't need - Sharing feelings can be difficult, but can lead to a better outcome.
Maybe you're right.
Hey, Honey Lemon.
It might be a good idea for me to share.
My pencil! There you go.
Oh, thanks.
That's really sweet.
Just stop judging me with your blinks.
Hey, Go Go.
I ran some aerodynamics on the hyper-cycle and, uh well, you're good to go.
- Great.
- What'd I say? Go Go is emotionally vulnerable at the moment.
Fred: Okay, so what's the play, here? I've always wanted to say that.
Normally, we'd send someone in undercover to get more info, but Mr.
Sparkles and Yama would instantly recognize all of us.
- Exactly.
- Okay.
So we need someone we can trust.
- Who looks extremely rich.
- And is also a great driver.
May I be of service, Master Frederickson? Wait.
That's it.
I know exactly who our driver should be.
Mini-Max: I'll do it! I think somebody's ready for their napity-nap, sleepity-boop.
I am not ready for my napity-nap, sleepity-boop.
I am ready to defend justice! Hush, little Mini-Max, go to sleep, boop! So, Dad, you got any words of wisdom for 'shaboy Heathcliff, here, before he faces Sparkles? I always hated fighting screwball villains.
No respect for the game.
What about going undercover as a rich thrill-seeker, Mr.
Frederickson? Heathcliff doesn't need my advice.
He's the best in the biz.
Back when I plucked Heathcliff out of butler school, I schooled him on undercover work: doctor, banker, hot-air balloon enthusiast.
He could pull the wool over his mother's eyes.
Oh, indeed, sir.
I relish the opportunity to serve Mr.
Sparkles some hot justice under glass.
I like the way you talk about justice! Oh.
Um, thank you, Master Mini-Max.
[silent whirring.]
I'm gonna help Honey Lemon move her dresser, Go Go.
- You good? - Yeah.
Thanks for your help.
- Bye, Go Go.
- Bye.
What now? More emotional support? - Baymax: Yes.
Would you like a hug? - I'm good.
But thanks.
Baymax, come on.
I'm emotionally supported.
Sir, we have arrived at the abandoned warehouse the felonious gentleman identified.
Now remember, if you get in any trouble, - Fred-meleon's nearby.
- Well, thank you, sir.
I'm sure we'll make a cracking good team.
I am a well-to-do thrill-seeker, in pursuit of a new pair of driving gloves.
Cashmere-lined, perhaps.
Nice sell on the monocle! Heathcliff: Good evening, gentlemen.
Rumor has it you are organizing a test of competency operating automobiles at high velocities.
- Hmm? - Uncle Money Bags wants to race! You're in luck.
My boyo, here, just cranked up our ride, so nobody can touch them.
Not the heat, not the super-weirdos.
- Sounds peachy.
- How peachy? Extra peachy.
Well, well, well, well-to-do thrill-seeker.
You're in.
- [laughs softly.]
- [inhales.]
Fred: Ew! Oh, a thousand apologies.
My monocle is squeaky.
Needs waxing.
That'll happen.
I guess.
Nine o'clock, be ready for the ride of your life.
I have a dedication to acceleration.
Wax that monocle.
Cha-ching! - [thuds.]
- [grunts.]
My bad.
Thought you're gonna catch it.
- I'm not your boyo.
- You're right.
That gorgeous smile belongs to the world.
Sparkles! Get serious.
Someone's going to Figure out Maximum Insane Driving Challenge is just a diversion to keep the law busy while we commit crimes? That's the insane part! But this one last heist is going to be worth all the risk.
Stealing Captain Fancy number 8! A comic book? I have a reputation! Not just any comic book, silly! The most valuable comic book in the world.
- [grunts.]
Where is it? - Richardson's Rare Comics.
Oh [squeaks.]
You're sure it's the most valuable.
Ha! I knew you couldn't resist.
Boyo! Don't call me boyo! Freak! Robbing banks is one thing, but comic books? Now they've gone too far! - Looks like you're all packed up.
- Yeah.
I should be out of your hair by tomorrow.
That soon? - Honey Lemon? - Yeah? Look.
I don't know how to say this, but Do you want your pencil back? - 'Cause I really don't need it.
- No, I [phone buzzes.]
Yama and Sparkles are hitting Richardson's comic book store tonight.
Meet us there.
Oh, no.
I'll go grab my chem purse.
Oh, well, this is going well.
- Fred: Good luck.
- Thank you, invisible sir.
Sparkles: Ready, roadsters? Time to play Maximum Insane Driving Challenge! [laughing eagerly.]
Who will win these silky-soft cashmere-lined driving gloves? [tokens clinking.]
[whimsical beeping.]
Anyone ever tell you that you look like a butler? Yeah.
Can you fetch me an iced tea? - Nice one, Derek.
- Thanks, Peter.
[Derek, Peter laugh.]
I'm going to relish this.
[engine revving.]
On your marks.
Get set.
Go! [Wasabi yelling.]
Hiro: They're already here.
- [clattering.]
- Ow! - Looking for something? - It's not here.
Nice try.
Hand it over.
It's not here.
I looked everywhere.
- Then why would Mr.
Sparkles say it was here? - Unless [phone dings.]
Little freak set me up! [sirens wailing.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [crashes.]
[siren wails.]
[tires screeching.]
Aw, fiddle! [splash.]
Game over, loser! [buzzer buzzes.]
Be a dear and fetch me an iced tea.
Hiro: Fred, Mr.
Sparkles double-crossed Yama.
- He's gonna get away.
- Fred: All good.
Fred-meleon's on it.
- [tongue snaps.]
- Fred: Ow! [whispering.]
: Sparkles isn't here.
Wait, I don't know why I'm whispering.
Sparkles isn't here.
Oh, boy.
And he emptied the safe.
Honey Lemon: If Mr.
Sparkles isn't there, where is he? Oh, like a butterfly's kiss.
Maximum Insane Manual Mode! [laughs maniacally.]
I've lost control of my car! Thanks for not playing, loser! - [buzzer buzzes.]
- [splashing.]
This is for all the butlers.
- [beeping.]
- [whooshing.]
Eat my sparkles! - [rooster crowing.]
- Huh? [screeches.]
[tire squeaking.]
Guys, Sparkles is in one of the cars and just took out Heathcliff! - Heathcliff: Indeed.
- [splashes.]
- You'll never catch him.
- And you're wrong.
[engine revving.]
We'll stay with Yama.
Sparkles is all yours, Go Go.
[tracker beeping.]
Welcome to the party.
Too bad you weren't invited! [gasps.]
- [electricity crackling.]
- [grunts.]
- Bet your cycle can't do this.
- [beeps.]
You haven't seen the last of me! [rooster crowing.]
- Honey Lemon.
- On it! [grunts.]
- [gasps.]
- Both: Wow! [baby coos, giggles.]
- That was amazing! - Nice driving! We did it! [laughs.]
Yeah! [sirens wailing.]
- [tires screech.]
- Not again.
Baymax: You failed, because you and Mr.
Sparkles did not communicate honestly.
I get it.
Well, I think that's everything.
Go Go: Wait.
- Go Go? - [sighs.]
Everyone knows I don't do feelings, but sometimes it's worth it to make an exception.
Honey Lemon.
Look I've really gotten used to living with you, and if you leave, well, I'll feel - You'll feel? - Lonely.
- Oh, Go Go.
- I'd really like it if you would stay.
Yay! I'd love to stay! Emotional-moment selfie! [camera clicks.]
- This does not get posted! - [beeps.]
Can't even with Big Hero 6 anymore.
But, alas, that's why I'm here.
I hear you can give villains interesting abilities.

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