Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e07 Episode Script


1 Krei: A-a-a-assistant? Assistant? - Assistant? - [irritated.]
: Judy.
If you say so.
Would you please tell Intern I need to talk to him? Mr.
Krei needs to talk to you.
I thought you were a weird plant.
I have a very exciting project.
How are you with bugs? I've written my share of code.
Fixing bugs isn't exactly my strength, but I'm up for it.
- [buzzing.]
- You didn't mean computer bugs.
I meant the kind that itch, and leave welts.
Krei, why did you drag me out to Muirahara Woods? I've been considering buying some land out here for Krei Park, my new tech campus.
Ah! Smell that pine! [sniffs.]
Or fir.
Or ham.
What is this? Is somebody eating something around here? - I've always loved the woods! - Me, too.
- Liv Amara.
- Alistair Krei.
What are you doing out here on my land? Sycorax wants to acquire this land for a nature conservatory.
We infuse business with heart, and nature is Mother Earth's heart.
Find another "heart.
" I'm buying these woods.
- Putting in an offer, now.
- [phone beeps.]
My offer will be higher.
Chris? I'm not getting a signal.
- Ha! Well, if you were using a Krei Tech phone - [signal beeps, bloops.]
Well, we're in the middle of nowhere.
- It's the signal's fault.
- Uh, no, it's Bessie's fault.
- Bessie? - A meteorite that messes up technology.
Krei: Well, that's inconvenient.
- Why hasn't someone gotten rid of it? - Well, there's this guy.
He protects Bessie by pretending he's a monster.
- called the Hibagon.
- Fun! - You haven't met Ned Ludd.
- Ned Ludd? The real estate guy? Ha! He used to be an old golf buddy of mine.
- He'll see things my way.
- Look, the woods changed him.
Oh, how much could he have changed? [crunching.]
Ned: Whoo! Squirrel Wars is on! [squirrels chittering.]
I love this show! Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
# Whoa-oh # # Whoa-oh # # Whoa-oh # # Whoa-oh, whoa-oh # # Whoa-oh, whoa-oh # This calls for the good stuff: sparkling lemonade.
To the Muirahara Woods, which I officially own.
- All: To the woods.
- Exactly! - Huh? - To the woods! Tomorrow! I have to convince Ned Ludd to take Bessie and leave.
Good luck with that.
Thanks! You, too, since you're coming.
Get some sleep.
You need your wits in the wilderness.
- Yeah.
Uh, no.
- I'm so sorry.
You're the only person who knows where Ned Ludd lives.
And Assistant? Your contract contains a mandatory spontaneous camping trip clause.
Incredible! Six months of searching for that meteorite, and Krei's intern just shows up and tells us where to find it.
Chris: What about Krei and the hermit? We'll kill two birds with one stone.
So I guess we'll need a pretty big stone.
Liv: Monstrous.
I just got a great last-minute catering job.
- Oh, but I can't leave the Lucky Cat.
- [Mochi meows.]
- Sorry, Aunt Cass.
I wish I could help.
- [Mochi purring.]
But I have to go to the woods with Krei.
It's in my contract.
Spontaneous camping trip clause? Yeah.
That'll get you every time.
Mini-Max: You eat like an animal! And you can't even bring Baymax after what Bessie did to him last time.
Goodbye, Honey Lemon.
Who's this Bessie? Baymax: Bessie is not a person, Aunt Cass.
Bessie is a A breed of chipmunks that are attracted to large, white surfaces.
- They swarm.
- Right.
Anyway, Krei has no idea what he's doing.
- I'll go with you.
- Really? Thanks, Go Go.
Well, I guess I should cancel my catering job.
The three of us can run the Lucky Cat.
Aw, that's sweet.
Are you sure? - Absolutely.
- It'll be a piece of taco.
- Don't you mean cake? - I prefer tacos.
Wasabi, Honey Lemon, you're for sure gonna be here, too, right? [Fred grunting.]
Bessie, girl, if I didn't have you, I think I'd lose my mind.
- Oh.
You haven't touched your sap.
- Liv: Hello? - Mr.
Ludd? - Hey! Git! Who are you? An eco-forward innovantrepreneur.
Ha! Where'd you come from, handsome? The world's most advanced genetic lab.
Who is what, now? Ned: Okay.
Hey, dum-dum! You show yourself! - Up here! - Huh? [yells.]
Ooh! Ow! [sighs.]
Thank you, Chris.
We'll have Ned take care of Krei for us.
- Will the patch work around that? - Liv: Oh, Bessie? I have plans for her.
It's my SUV.
Why can't I drive? Because I know these woods better than you know your private island.
Which one? Krei-topia or Krei-tucket? Or Little Hawaii? [SUV knocking.]
Looks like we're in Bessie territory.
We walk from here.
Welcome to the Lucky Cat Café.
Mini-Max: Your dining experience will be exemplary.
- Ooh, this must be one of them robot cafés! - Sit anywhere you like! [gasps.]
Aw! [gulping.]
Mm-mmm! Who knew running a café could be this much fun? [purrs, meows.]
- Mini-Max: Was the feline supposed to exit? - Oh, no! Mochi! He's gone! House cats can run up to a speed of 30 miles per hour.
- We have to find him! - Honey Lemon, Wasabi, watch the café.
Baymax, Mini-Max, we've gotta bring back Mochi.
Dead or alive! Well, you know, let's just go with "alive" for now.
[squirrel chitters.]
Just Just don't-don't worry about me! - Why would I worry? - Which way, Hiro? I think we're getting close.
Ned! Golf buddy.
Hello! You're going to need to shave if you want to get back in the club.
There are spiders living in your beard.
Think you can jump on my head Intern, did you jump on Ned's head? out of nowhere, from above, handsome sky man, beautiful eyes.
He's acting weird er than normal.
The containment unit should cancel Bessie's disruption field.
I think it's sweet he named it.
Everyone names their pets.
I named you, didn't I? Good boy.
Now shut it.
- [beeping.]
- [high-pitched whine.]
Show yourself, dum-dum.
Ooh, city folks think they're so smart.
[high-pitched whining.]
- [Ned jabbering.]
- Does that seem right to you? - [groaning.]
- [bones cracking.]
- Oh, definitely not right! - Ned: What is happening? Argh! - [whimpers.]
- Getting more "not right" by the second.
- What is going on? - [growling.]
- The Hibagon is going on.
- [Hibagon growling.]
Intern, am I dreaming? Please say yes.
Please say yes.
- No.
This is very real.
- Unfortunately.
- [Krei yells.]
- [Hibagon howls.]
Please, not in the face.
It's new.
Go Go: Run! We can lose him in the trees.
- [Hibagon howling.]
- [Hiro grunting.]
- I think we lost him.
- [Hibagon bellowing.]
[birds cawing.]
But let's keep running just in case! - Go left! - No, we need to go right! [Krei grunts, gasps.]
Would you hurry up! [yells.]
We're going the wrong way! [grunting.]
Well, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so! [Baymax whirring.]
Mini-Max: Are you certain these visual notifications are the most efficient way to find the feline? Definitely, Mini-Max.
Somebody will be able to help.
Hey, I got your missing cat, here.
That is a dog.
Oh, wait.
Here you go.
Mm, what else you got? [grunting.]
Go Go! Well, this isn't good.
- Aah! - Ga Ga! Grab onto this! It's Go Go! [grunting.]
I am so out of shape.
I need a new personal trainer.
Or a standing desk.
[all panting.]
- I hate this river.
- Why didn't you listen to me? Why did you go right? Because the opposite of anything you say usually works.
The right part of the path had lush foliage, a clear indicator of a significant body of water nearby.
What? I can know things.
- I thought the Hibagon was fake.
- Not anymore.
Maybe whatever happened to Orso Knox happened to Ned.
Shh! Did you hear that? [howling.]
Okay, not fake.
I get it.
Uh, what are you doing? Masking my scent.
Do you know anything? - Go Go, come on.
- I'm already freezing and wet.
There is absolutely no way Okay, I'll just take those leaves, now.
Thank you.
- [howling.]
- [screams.]
[Krei, Hiro yelp.]
[Habigon sniffing.]
What have we learned about masking our scent? [puffs.]
- I think we lost - [yells.]
Mochi! Mochi! Where are you, Mochi? - Baymax: Here, kitty, kitty.
- Mini-Max: Show yourself, calamitous cat! If we don't find Mochi, Aunt Cass is gonna freak! Wait, wait! Maybe we can dress up Mini-Max in a cat costume! How's your purring? Mini-Maximum cat impression! Purr, purr! In the name of all that is cute.
Purr! Hmm.
She might not buy it.
Hey, Baymax.
You can scan for things and stuff.
I can scan for many things, and also stuff.
So, why haven't we scanned for Mochi yet? Scanning for Mochi.
Mochi is over there.
- Mochi! - Mini-Max: I will get him! - [clattering.]
- [meowing.]
Baymax: A fall from that height would be hazardous.
Hop on down, Mochi! Pretty sure I gotcha! [meows.]
[Mochi meows in distance.]
Well, then, I guess there's only one choice.
Mini-Max: I shall ready my furry disguise! Actually, what I meant was [signal beeping.]
- Can you walk? - Ow! My ankle's messed up.
What are you doing? [muttering.]
Krei: The sheep goes in the hole and back around and there we are.
Ta-da! It's a ? It's a walking boot that I made just now.
Put it on.
That's actually not bad.
How do you know all this stuff? Every summer, when I was home from boarding school, my parents would ship me off to Fire Scout camp.
Who's a Fire Scout? I'm a Fire Scout.
Fire! I didn't really have any friends there, so I spent most of my time in nature, by myself.
I guess it's why I still love it out here and don't mind that I don't have any friends.
Single tear.
[cell phone buzzes.]
"Everything is fine, and Mochi isn't lost.
" - Aw, great.
- Wait.
You got a text out here? - It's working.
- Mine, too.
- So, what happened to Bessie, then? - [distant roaring.]
- Uh-Oh.
- [tree rustling.]
Definitely uh-oh! [trees crashing.]
- Do you guys trust me? - Is now really the time? - [roaring.]
- [all exclaim.]
- Do you guys trust me? - Fine.
- Thank you.
That means a lot to me.
- [distant howling.]
Also, there was a "trust me" clause in your contract.
You should read those.
- [howling.]
- For the record, I didn't say I trusted him.
[roars, howling.]
[horn honking.]
I figured if our phones work, our car would work, too.
Told you to trust me.
- Just so you know, I trusted you.
- Um, thank you, Ga Ga.
- I'm touched.
- Go Go: Mm-hmm.
Go Go.
[loud thump.]
Fred: Mochi! Baymax: I have detected Mochi on the bridge.
Fred: Nice work, Baymax! Let's go get him! Mini-Max: Salvation is near! Small carnivorous mammal known as Mochi.
Baymax: We have found Mochi.
Also Hiro.
Also Go Go.
Also Alistair Krei.
Fred: And the Hibagon! It's real! Wait a second.
Is that Baymax? Hiro: And Fred and Mini-Max? Fred: Watch out behind you! [roaring.]
- [howls.]
- [yelps.]
Fred: Well, now in front of you! - [tires screech.]
- [honking.]
[tires screeching.]
[woman screaming.]
[car alarm chirps.]
- [roars.]
- [fire crackling.]
Mini-Max: Prepare to shake hands, foul beast! Avenge me! Fred: No! For Mini-Max! Mr.
Hibagon, I know we're in the middle of a battle, but I just gotta say, I am a huge, huge fan.
[Hibagon roaring.]
Mini-Max: Now I will avenge you! [meows.]
Baymax, rocket fist! [rocket whooshing.]
Baymax: Oh, no.
- [clattering.]
- [glass shattering.]
Fa, la, la, la, la.
Intern, if this thing eats me, tell Assistant that deep down I knew her name was Joanie.
- Judy.
- I'm pretty sure it's Joanie.
[Mochi shrieks in the distance.]
- Baymax: Good kitty.
- [Mochi purring.]
[Ned grunting.]
Where in the blazes am I? Wh-what's goin' on? Who won Squirrel Wars? You've been through a lot.
- But you're safe, you're with Krei.
- Krei.
I knew a fella named Krei.
Cheated at golf.
Baymax: I will scan you for injuries.
Scan? I don't want to get scanned by a robot.
Well, sounds like Ned's back to normal.
Baymax: You have sustained minor abrasions but are otherwise in good health.
- Would you like a lollipop? - Yes, I would! What? I got a weakness for sweets.
Uh, Mr.
Krei? I'm sorry I misjudged you.
I can't say I blame you.
I know how people see me.
A wildly handsome business tycoon who only understand the finer things in life.
- Because he's earned them.
- I said none of But I want you to know, I've made a decision.
Krei Tech won't build in the woods.
That's really nice of you.
Yes, it is.
If the woods don't exist, how will tomorrow's executives impress their interns with survivalist know-how? That'll be three dollars and 21 cents.
Thank you so much! Have a wonderful night! [gasps.]
Another tip! Today has been super easy, and fun! [laughs.]
And we've made so many new friends! [panting.]
Mini-Max [slurring.]
: We finded the hairy baby! Baymax: I love him so much! - So, I take it your day was - Draining.
Not as drained as them, though.
Baymax [gasps.]
: I just realized, you're like me, only mini! Ha, ha, ha! It's true! Everything makes finally sense.
You are the best.
- Baymax: Bist fump! - Hey! [thud.]
I feel like a complete dum-dum.
I can't remember a lick of what happened.
It's over, and you're safe.
That's what's important.
You're not right about much, kid, but Wait a second.
Why isn't Bessie stopping your vehicle from doing vehicular things? - Look, a transdermal patch.
- Someone turned Ned into a monster.
I think I know why.
Ned: Bessie? Bessie's gone! Bessie, no! [sobbing.]
The stolen rock is floating.
- Now what? - I'm thinking makeover.
[whirs, zapping.]
Ooh, pretty.
But when I'm done with you, Bessie, you'll be beautiful.

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