Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Something Fluffy

1 [laser blasting.]
Do I like this? Nah.
Ooh! Golly, sis! What about this? Ugh! We want to upgrade, not lame-grade.
It's shiny! It's like trying to have a conversation with a blender.
Hello there! This might work.
Trina! Figured I'd find you in the trash.
Baymax: Many items here are recyclable.
That's what I'm doing, Hugs.
Sis says we are "keeping up with the biologicals.
" Got to.
Every loser in town is going monster these days.
- Noodle Burger Boy: Time to scrap! - [clangs.]
- Baymax: Scrap? - I think he's making a joke.
Oh, trash is also referred to as "scrap.
" - Synonyms.
- Noodle Burger Boy: Hee-hee.
- Hee-hee.
- [laser blasts.]
- Hiro: Aah! Gross.
- And that's our cue.
- Let's go, bro.
- Sounds swell, sis! Baymax! Rocket fist! [whooshes.]
Always gotta have the last word, don't you?! I will be shiny! We are due at the symposium in eleven minutes.
- You are covered in garbage.
- [sighs.]
: Let me just Aah! Perhaps it would be advisable [clattering.]
Oh, no.
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Bluff: Any more questions for our tech pioneers Liv Amara? Or Alistair Krei is there, too? - Uh, this is a question for Liv.
- Great.
Another one.
Hey, Liv.
Big fan, probably your biggest.
How do you find the time to have it all? I have it all, too! Investing in Sycorax is investing in a Hiro and Liv: have it all future.
Do I even want to know how you knew she was gonna say that? [sniffs, gags.]
And why do you smell like a dumpster? Baymax: Ninety-nine percent of Liv Amara's answers contain the words investing, Sycorax, and future.
- We fell into garbage.
- Eww.
Too bad someone doesn't ask her a real question.
- Challenge accepted.
- [Wasabi gags.]
Aw, looks like we have a question from that little boy.
[audience laughing.]
Amara, you never talk about what you guys actually do.
Sycorax invests in the future.
- Were you even listening, Hiro? - No, I I heard that.
I mean, what's the product that you make? Oh.
Who really wants to hear about the minutiae of reprogramming siRNA and its effects on recombinant DNA? But fantastic question.
Who's next? - [feedback whines.]
- Another question! Uh, how many people have the actual technology and skill set to turn someone like Orso Knox into a monster? No clue.
I don't make monsters.
- I cure them.
- [audience applauds.]
Follow-up: Have you ever seen one of these? - I've seen something similar.
- It's a transdermal patch.
Ooh, "transdermal.
" Big word from a tiny, tiny child.
- [audience laughing.]
- He's small.
- I just haven't hit my growth spurt yet! - [feedback whines.]
Looks like somebody's tired.
Look, this was used to turn Ned Ludd into the Hibagon right around when you were trying to buy the Muirahara Woods.
Pure coincidence.
Now, if anyone would like an autograph It just seems like whenever monsters show up, Sycorax does, too.
Maybe you should come up on stage.
Uh, Jim, can we get a booster seat up here? He's tiny.
I have a question, Bluff.
Given that this young man is an intern at Krei Tech Yes! Why aren't you asking me a question, intern? Well, we're all out of time, but that was fun.
Normally, both questions and answers bore me, if I'm being honest.
[audience applauding.]
[Liv humming "Happy Birthday".]
And perfect, as usual.
[steam hissing.]
- [beeping.]
- [electricity buzzing.]
Isn't it beautiful? [computer beeping.]
[glass squeaks.]
- [crackling.]
- [whirring down.]
- What is it? - Meet our new insurance policy.
[steam hissing.]
It is so adorable! Mayoi! [drones whizzing.]
Hello, I am Baymax.
Everyone knows.
Why were you attacking Liv with your baseless accusations? Baseless? Sycorax is super-secret genetic modification research! - We are the future.
- No, you are a monster factory.
: Okay, crazy.
- Do you have any proof? - We do.
- Baymax: We do not.
- Not helping, Baymax.
Look, genetically altered bad guys have been showing up at an increasing rate ever since Liv and Sycorax did.
Wow! You said all of this to Karmi? - What did she say? - There was name-calling.
- "Stupid loser," "jealous" - Uh, they get it! - Baymax, they get it.
- Guys, Hiro's right.
And Sycorax is the only place with the biotech - for that monster stuff.
- Yes, exactly! Thank you.
Except Karmi was also right, because we can't prove it.
- Can't we? - Hiro, don't even say it.
- We could sneak into Sycrorax.
- And he said it.
Ooh, heroic corporate espionage.
I like it, 'cause it sounds dangerous, but also probably has good hours and benefits.
Except we've seen their security protocols, remember? Yes, and they were [shivers.]
- [bubblegum pops.]
- It's a bad idea.
Well, we need to do something before another monster crisis - [news alert beeping.]
- Breaking news.
San Fransokyo is being invaded.
- And monster crisis! - Ooh, ultra-armor up! [music.]
Fred: Um Okay, where's the invasion? I repeat, San Fransokyo is being invaded - by these guys - Mayoi.
[creatures purring, giggling.]
- Mayoi! - Mayoi! Mayoi! Mayoi adorable.
It's so cute! I can't even stand it! I do not understand.
What makes this creature cute? It's like how puppies are cute.
Or stickers.
Or you.
I was designed to appear friendly and non-threatening.
Is that cute? I'm gonna be honest.
Ultra-armor you? Pretty threatening.
But marshmallow you? - Primo cute.
- [giggling.]
He's so Look.
Just because those things are cute doesn't mean they're not dangerous.
Negative worldview.
I like where you're going with this.
Baymax: I suggest gathering more data.
Yeah, Baymax is right.
We need a Mayoi.
- Yay! - [Go Go groans.]
[chittering, purring.]
[children giggling.]
Hey! Nom! [Mayoi squeaking.]
- [grunting.]
- [squeaking.]
- Anything? - Fred: Nope.
And remember, nothing gets by me.
[Mayoi trilling.]
- [Honey Lemon gasps.]
- What was that? - [squeaking.]
- [clattering.]
I don't know what those mean! Pizza? You want me to pizza? [groans.]
Just follow my lead.
- Shh! - Fred: Oh! - [grunting.]
- [loud clattering.]
- [Go Go gasps.]
- [purring.]
- Go Go: Gotcha! - Mayoi! All: Aww! What? I feel things.
Why is everybody so into these things anyway? Baymax: Is it because they are cute and adorable and fuzzy? They look like a hotbed of bacteria to me.
I'm not falling for the whole "cute" act.
- No, we are not.
Huh? - [purring.]
Mayoi! [purrs.]
Daw! [music.]
- Seriously, guys? - Hey, Baymax said we needed data.
There's our data.
So cute.
That doesn't explain toys or the treats or the laser pointer behind your back, Fred.
Oh, that's 'cause we're keepin' him.
- Forever.
- Friend Fred.
I have kept a list of the things your mother has banned from the house: All animals with fur.
All animals with feathers.
All animals with scales.
- Certain tree nuts.
- Oh, right.
- Thanks, Mini-Max.
- You are mini-maximum welcome.
We're still keeping him forever.
Not at my house.
Oh! Go Go and I can keep him at our place.
Maybe? [cooing.]
Who's my fuzzy-wuzzy? Who's my fuzzy-wuzzy? Sure.
Even Go Go couldn't say no to these big, adorable eyes.
Are large eyes an indicator of cuteness? [giggles.]
Yeah, they are! Right next to being extra round and fuzzy, [cooing.]
with your wittle face and your teenie-weenie, itsy wittle feet! [giggles.]
I see.
Foot size is also a factor.
- Indeed! I am adorable! - I have noted this in my database.
Can we please focus? We don't know anything about this little [sneezes.]
We know it needs a bath.
Yes, it does.
It's dusty.
I'm just being sanitary.
[yawns, chitters.]
- Aw, I love it so much! - The cuteness is a trap! - Mayoi.
- Look what you did.
- Baymax: I love him so much.
- [Hiro groans.]
Professor Granville is a total hardcase.
She won't buy the cute act for a second.
Being cute can be an act? Yeah! Sometimes! This time.
I have noted this in my database.
- [gasps.]
- [Granville coos.]
Who's my fuzzy-wuzzy? You're my fuzzy-wuzzy! [purring.]
[door creaking.]
Does nobody care where these things came from? Baymax: Their cuteness seems to be the primary focus.
Karmi, wait! I was about to come see you.
- Ew, why? - Did the Mayoi come from Sycorax? - What? - Right? The Mayoi? Liv thing? Stop projecting your paranoid delusions on my boss.
Paranoid? I-I'm not paranoid! It's so pathetic.
I'm actually starting to feel bad for you.
Well, I feel worse for you, because Liv created these things, and even if they look cute, they're monsters.
- Yeah, I'm terrified.
- [purring.]
- [camera clicking.]
- Mayoi.
- Mayoi.
- Mayoi! [purring.]
I never knew how much of my heart - I was not using.
- Mayoi! [purring.]
Not you, too, Aunt Cass.
What a good boy! Yes, I'm talking about you.
- You're a good boy! - [Mochi meows.]
Does being a "good boy" make one cute? Well, it doesn't hurt.
Come pet Mario.
No, thanks.
I'm good.
I do not understand why you dislike the Mayoi.
Do you not want to scratch their chins? Liv's messing with us.
I-I know it! [sighs.]
Or maybe everyone is right, and maybe I'm just losing it.
- [alert beeping.]
- [Hiro gasps.]
We have a problem! - What's the problem? - [purring.]
- [all grunting.]
- Fred: It grew.
I hate to say I told you so.
- Mayoi! - [groans.]
Then don't.
- But I did warn Aah! - Mayoi! [groans.]
Fred, what did you feed it? - I gave him a bunch of tofu nuggets.
- Tofu nuggets? Heathcliff always said they're good for growing boys.
And I guess he was right, because this boy is grown! If this Mayoi suddenly got big, what about the others? Maybe it's just ours? - Baymax: It is not.
- [news alert beeps.]
Breaking news.
It looks like our darling Mayoi are all grown up and destroying the city.
But come on.
I mean, adorbs.
[gruff voice.]
Mayoi! [purrs.]
- [clattering.]
- Aah! Still cute! [sighs.]
I know who can help us find out what's going on.
- You're kidding, right? - Will you just look at it, please? [gruff voice.]
- Hmm.
- Is there something in the fur? [groans.]
It's not fur, genius.
It's fungus.
Ew, I cuddled it.
Karmi: The Mayoi are more - plantlike than mammalian.
- That's possible? Scanning for hybrid characteristics.
Yes, the Mayoi are photosynthetic.
Exactly! They get energy from the Sun, but they're also processing regular food, which explains [gasps.]
The accelerated growth rate! Whoa! It's fur is vibrating on an atomic level.
Nanochemical oscillations, it's how plants communicate.
I don't know what they're saying, but with a little more study - Are they done growing? - [elastic crackling.]
[deep voice.]
Mayoi! Mayoi! [grunting.]
Does that answer your question? Baymax: Yes, it does.
Thank you.
- Can you reverse this? - Maybe.
I need time, and space! [muffled.]
We might not have either.
Mayoi! [gurgling.]
Baymax: Is this still considered cute? [cooing, giggling.]
- [woman screaming.]
- [car alarm blaring.]
- Mayoi.
- Remember when they were small? - Wasabi: I miss that.
- Fred: Ow! Ow! Fred [chuckling.]
: They grow up so fast, don't Ow! Ow! Literally.
Honey Lemon: Guys, bring them towards campus.
- Roger that! - We'll try! - Mayoi! - [Fred sighs.]
- Mayoi.
- Hey, I got an idea.
You wanna play? You wanna play? Okay.
Go fetch! Fred: Oh yeah! Woo! Hey, they like shiny things, too? See the light? Follow the light! They're following the light! Mayoi! [music.]
Good job, guys.
We just need to keep them happy and relaxed.
- [warbling.]
- What? All [echoing.]
: Mayoi.
Mayoi - [static crackles.]
- Hello, San Fransokyo! [flames whooshing.]
Are you enjoying my adorable little gifts? Except they're not so little anymore, are they? - No, they're really big! - That was rhetorical.
That's right, San Fransokyo.
I've been cooking up all sorts of monstery surprises! It was me! Wasabi: They're not moving! [grunting.]
I need a shower.
Liked Orso Knox? Loved the Hibagon? Enjoyed Momakase? Disturbed by High Voltage? I made eels, people! Eel people! Sparkles is behind the monsters? All me! I have a very good brain! - Why? - For the notoriety, doi! [cackling.]
[breathes deeply.]
Watch me work.
- [all gasping.]
- Baymax.
[rockets firing.]
The main attraction starts now.
Can you guess what it is? It's me destroying the city with my fat fur babies! May I, Mayoi? [laughing.]
: Still talking! [roaring.]
Go Go: How is he doing this? Wasabi: It's like he's controlling them! [warbling.]
Vibrations! Sparkles is communicating with the Mayoi.
- Using nanochemical oscillations! - Just for fun, this time, let's explain it in comic book terms.
- Hiro: Pseudo-telepathy.
- Mind control? That's number eight on my top ten list of superpowers! And number one on our list of problems.
How do we stop it? [grunts.]
[disc thuds.]
Oh, did I mention that I can see whatever the Mayoi see? [growls.]
I now have eyes in the back of my head.
Not literally.
It's an idiom.
Never stop learning! Say bye-bye to your big heroes, folks.
- [Sparkles cackling.]
- [Mayoi roaring.]
- Aah! - All: Hiro! Baymax: Oh, no.
[Mayoi squeaks, purrs.]
Mayoi! [squeaking.]
Plot twist.
Who's this? Liv Amara, and I am here to save this city! Fred: What? I saw the trouble on TV, so I synthesized a method to return the Mayoi to normal.
Sorry I asked.
Crush her! [roaring.]
[Mayoi whimper.]
I think you need this.
- [engine revs.]
- [tires screech.]
Hey! Big Hero 6! - Baymax: It is currently the only option.
- Thanks.
[Mayoi roaring.]
- [Mayoi squeaking.]
- It's not over yet! [roaring.]
[Sparkles cackling.]
- Uh-oh.
- [roaring.]
- Baymax, shoulder throw.
- [Sparkles shrieks.]
Super jump! - Mayoi.
- Sparkles: This is not how I saw this going! - [Sparkles shrieks.]
- [Mayoi squeaking.]
Baymax: They are cute again.
Hiro: Yeah, real cute.
I find your sarcasm hurtful.
[mewing, purring.]
Have a great weekend, everybody! - Non sequitur.
Look it up! - Hiro: Hey! I'll be back with even more masterful monster mash-ups.
Try it! Mayoi.
- [cheering.]
- Crowd: Yay, Liv! Liv! Liv! [chanting.]
: Liv, Liv, Liv! Liv, Liv, Liv! Thank you! Helping, it's what I do.
In conclusion, we are very lucky to have Liv Amara in our fair city.
Since Mr.
Sparkles took credit for the monsters, everyone thinks Liv is a Baymax: Hiro, you appear agitated.
I have used my data to create an image of something cute.
Perhaps it will soothe you.
Thanks, Baymax.
That's very special.
Yes, he is a good boy.
Good boy! Look at his big eyes, pudgy waist, and fuzzy-wuzzy wittle feet.
There's no way Sparkles could've been behind this.
Liv showing up as the "surprise hero"? - Ugh.
Typical villain fake-out.
- She's good.
Yeah, but what's her endgame? [buzzing, beeping.]
[switch on.]
I won't let you down.

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