Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

Supersonic Sue

1 - [alarm blaring.]
- [bell ringing.]
- What are we looking at? - Bank robbery.
Baymax, scan the perimeter.
Baymax: I detect one suspect in motion, on wheels.
- Wheels? - [clattering.]
Well, don't you kids look cute in your colorful getups? What are you, some kind of circus family? - Baymax: Hello, I - Baymax.
You don't need to introduce yourself to the bank robber.
Didn't your mommy teach you to share the sidewalk? Baymax: I do not have a mommy.
- Baymax, look out! - I'm a robot.
Aah! Baymax: On a scale of one to ten Time for Supersonic Sue's famous "Electric Elbow!" [grunts.]
- Whoa! - [exploding.]
Go Go: Hey, Grandma! Why don't you pick on someone your own speed? How adorable, skater tot! [Go Go shouts, grunts.]
Deviskated! [laughs.]
No one's ever out-skated me before.
Power jam! Baymax: She stole my rocket fist! Namaste, suckers! - Baymax: Namas - Nomaste, Baymax.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh - Namas - [beeps.]
She got away with Baymax's rocket fist? Yeah.
I had to rush this.
Hope it's ready.
It's not quite ready.
Wow, that lady can skate.
Even better than - Me? - Do we have a file on this new villain? I bet her origin story starts with some tragic event, which scars her deeply, and still haunts her to this very day.
Ooh! Ooh! I'll start an in-depth psychological profile.
Or maybe we should just ask your dad.
He's more of a punch first, psychological profiles later type of guy.
He might know Supersonic Sue.
They do both have kind of a '70s retro vibe happening.
Fred: Hmm.
Yeah, I see here.
- You have a point.
- [Hiro grunting.]
Fred's dad: You've reached the Boss Awesome hotline.
Leave a message.
I'm out ropin'.
Must be at the family ranch.
I'll try him again after vittles.
In the meantime, I have a very exciting event to go to! - Woo-hoo! - The dry cleaners? - [Hiro grunting.]
- Whoops.
That's a wrong ticket.
"Noodle Burger cordially invites you to a sneak tasting of our newest creation: the Noodle Bigger Burger.
" It's like a regular Noodle Burger, but bigger! Fred: Uh, yeah, A hey, hey I'd do anything for a bigger Noddle Burger [sniffing.]
- Mole! - Frederickson.
Get out, get out, get out, out, out, out, out! Ah, weak.
I could win a staring contest with my eyes closed.
Are we the only ones here? I wouldn't wish the experience of dining with you on my worst enemy, which is you.
So, I'm a little confused about how to feel.
Look, Mole.
What do you say we call a truce? You know, so we can enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience? As soon as the tasting is over, it's back to all-out war.
Count on it.
Both: Grrrrr! Huh? [ethereal music.]
I'm getting a smeck of hickory.
And, uh, mm What is that? [chomping.]
Truffle oil.
Ho-ho! A super-taster! I give it two thumbs up! - Ew, ew, cilantro! - Cilantro? There's cilantro in this? Aah! Uck, uck! [both retching.]
- Well, that was, uh - Upsetting.
I did not know you were a cilantro hater, too.
- It is my number one - Both: Herbal enemy! - Well, I guess we have some - Both: Things in common.
This is getting weird.
Fred's Dad: Hey, gang.
Don't mind Benjamin.
He likes to tussle.
Isn't that right, Benjamin? [bellowing.]
- Looks like more than a tussle.
- [doorbell rings.]
[ringing rapidly.]
- You.
- Hello, loser.
I was just in the neighborhood.
You forgot your souvenir photo.
Kind of funny.
Looking back on it, now.
I never thought I'd meet a fellow cilantro-phobic super-taster.
- What a glorious time.
- Thanks for bringing the photo by.
Very, uh I want to say "nice?" Yes, it was.
Well, back to being enemies.
You know, Richardson - I'm having a Kentucky Kaiju movie marathon - All seven? Up to, and including, Son of Kaiju.
A surprisingly emotional end to the whole saga.
Uh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but, Mole do you want to join me, shall we say, tomorrow at sunrise? [strained grunting.]
Oh, I can't believe I'm going to accept your invitation, but I think I just did? Mr.
Frederickson, do you remember a Supersonic Sue? I haven't heard that name in years.
- She was a Roller Derby queen.
- [Benjamin bellows.]
So she was kicked out for using performance-enhancing rocket skates.
So she turned to a life of crime? She broke down a lot of barriers for lady villains.
Frederickson, do you know where we might find her? No clue.
I don't stay in touch with old foes.
But maybe they stayed in touch with each other.
- You're thinking Baron von Steamer.
- It's worth a try.
Well, looks like we're going to prison.
- [Benjamin bellows.]
- [smacks, thuds.]
Uh, Mr.
von Steamer.
Uh, we we need your help.
Baron? [snoring.]
Baymax: Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea.
- [alarm bell rings.]
- Give me back my pudding! Oh! If it isn't Big Millennial 6.
- To what do I owe the displeasure? - Supersonic Sue.
That's a name I haven't heard in years.
- We're not looking for a long backstory - We were young rogues, with an appetite for trouble.
She was tough as nails.
I was handsome as all get-out.
- Really? We just wanna - Naturally, we became bitter rivals.
She wanted to be Boss Awesome's number one enemy, but I had already called dibs.
Couldn't you just be his number two enemy? - Second place is first-place loser! - Yep, he's right.
- Do you know where we can find her? - No.
But if you see her, tell her I said her catchphrase stinks! - What's her catchphrase? - [exploding.]
Supersonic Sue me, why don't ya? Yeah, that could use some work.
It's reinforced.
Guard! Guard, help! - Later, skaters! - Steamer: Big Hero 6, save me! Baymax, rocket fist! - [thumb pops.]
- Baymax: Oh, no.
So, I know we're superheroes and all, but are we really obligated to rescue Steamer? Yeah, I know he's technically a "victim," but he's also technically annoying.
A real hero helps everyone in need, even your worst enemies.
Hey, gang! You forgot to hang up earlier.
Sorry, Dad.
Love you.
And watch out behind you! - Thanks, son! - [bellows.]
I guess we're doing night patrol.
I can't go out tonight.
Sorry, guys.
I have to get up early.
- For something stupid? - No! It's for my Kentucky Kaiju movie marathon.
- With Richardson.
- Called it! - Wait.
Richardson Mole? - It turns out we actually have a lot in common.
Sometimes bitter enemies who disgust you to your core - can become, um - Friends? Let's go with less disgusting for now.
We'll see where this goes.
Whoa, Frederickson! I didn't expect your fan cave to be so, uh dare I say, off the chain? Even your Captain Fancy collection is bangin'.
- Wait.
Is that ? - The original underpants Captain Fancy wore in the first Captain Fancy movie? The one and only.
Oh! How did I misjudge you? You're obviously a man of taste and intellect.
Yes, and you are a boy of taste and intellect, obviously.
I look forward to this new relationship based on respect, and pop-culture references.
Now let's do this! See you on the other side.
- [clangs.]
- Steamer: How dare you, woman? You're a relic, Steamer.
Ever hear of a little innovation called electricity? And during the great blackout, whose operation stayed up and running, hmm? Not the Dark Volt, I can tell you that.
Volt was a good bad man.
Made me these.
[electricity crackling.]
Let me at least sit in my steam room one last time, so I can perish with clear sinuses.
- Perish? - Don't you plan to liquidate me and become Boss Awesome's number one nemesis? No.
Don't be stupid.
I have a proposition.
- Super villain team-up! - With you? [laughs.]
I can defeat Boss Awesome myself.
Although that has not transpired as of yet, admittedly.
- Don't get steamed.
Get even.
- Ooh.
- That's pretty good.
Can I use it? - Knock yourself out.
Boss Awesome will never see the two of us coming.
[both cackling maniacally.]
You can untie me now.
[baby monster coos.]
[soft rumbling.]
We did it, Mole.
- We watched all - [snoring.]
Good night, Mole.
[tense music.]
Rise and shine, Mole! Mini-Max is gonna make you one of his famous breakfast burritos.
Mini-Max: I substitute a pancake for the tortilla! Wakey-wakey! Who wants a pancakey? [Fred gasps.]
No way! Richardson has a pillow double? Mini-Max: Mini-Maximum suspicious! It appears that your prized undergarments are missing.
No, they aren't.
They're right [shrieks.]
Mole! - [beeps.]
- Richardson: Thanks to you, Frederickson, - my Captain Fancy collection just got fancier.
- What? I set up that Noodle Burger tasting to lure you into my trap.
I thought we were buds! I knew you'd think we were buds! [laughs.]
You can't get away with this! And I'm gonna get away with this.
- But I have evidence.
- Burn.
- [crackles.]
- Fred: Ow! Mini-Max: I will cool it.
- I should not have used water.
- No, probably not.
What are you going to do? There's only one thing to do, Mini-Max.
- Revenge of - Fred, we got a message from Steamer.
Meet us at school.
Blast! Looks like revenge will have to be served cold.
Steamer: Big Hero 6, I'm recording this while Sue is in the potty.
I don't think she washes her hands, - so I have to be quick! - Not cool, Sue.
Not cool.
Steamer: Take heed, heroes.
Sue's secret skate lair is in an abandoned factory near the docks.
I can't believe I used this precious amount of time to record a wax cylinder instead of escaping.
- Anyway, hurry.
- That is a trap.
- Yeah.
She probably made him record that.
- But we still have to go.
Right? I put my underpants revenge on hold for this.
I'll explain on the way.
Oh, no! The circus is in town! How did you ever find me? - Steamer: You fell for our trap! - Just for the record, I didn't.
Aw, were the "wittle" heroes outsmarted by maturity? - Why are you talking like that? - 'Cause it's funny.
Lighten up! [grunts.]
Ha-ha-ha! [yells.]
- Who's ready for a butt to the gut? - Fred: Bring it oh! [groans.]
Goal! One down, five to go.
[ice crackling.]
Supersonic Sue: Thanks for the whip, toothpick! [yelps.]
Name-calling is totally immature! - Supersonic Sue me, why don't ya? - How about this instead? - [Supersonic Sue laughs.]
- [Wasabi grunting.]
That all you got, laser paws? [panting.]
- Give me a second.
- Okay.
- [clattering.]
- Who else wants a shoulder sandwich? - Hiro: Wasabi, watch out! - [Wasabi shrieks.]
[Steamer grunting.]
This isn't my first rodeo, junior! [grunts.]
- [grunting.]
- [yelling.]
Baymax, rocket fist! [mockingly.]
: Playmac, rocket fist.
Well, looks like it's down to you, fire truck.
Baymax, overdrive mode! Baymax: Overdrive mode initiated.
Hey, Steamer.
Can your bug thing do that? Oh, please.
It's all flash.
Steamer: Ow! Those were load-bearing legs! - Baymax, nice! - [groans.]
Okay, you got the power, Red, but you got the endurance? Oh, no.
Baymax: You're so fast.
Look at you go.
Aw, baby fall down! Baymax: Time for nap-nap! - No substitute for a bad attitude.
- We've still got it.
[both cackling.]
Are you actually competing for the last laugh? - We'll finish this later.
- Agreed.
- [cackles.]
I win! - I give this trap a C-minus.
Oh, we're not through yet.
This was just the trap's preamble.
Supersonic Sue: With Big Hero 6 on the ropes, Boss Awesome will be forced to come here to save you nitwits.
Steamer: But he won't expect Supersonic Sue, and Baron von Steamer to be fighting side-by-side! - And finally - Both: We'll have our revenge! - [both cackle.]
- Steamer: Wait, who's the cowboy? Fred's Dad: Hey, this isn't my first rodeo.
I said that just five minutes ago! Didn't I just say that? But not just like this.
Now the quip has layers.
Both: Boss Awesome! - Dad! - Good to see you, too, son.
- That is you in there, right? - Fred: Yeah.
Oh, and BT-dubs, this is a trap.
I knew you couldn't resist a classic villain team-up.
You know me too well, Susie.
So you know I'm not gonna let you win.
Ha! You'll never beat the two of us.
Mostly because of me.
But also because you've been out of the game, Boss Dinosaur! She's right, Dad.
It's been a while since you were in an over-the-top, climatic superhero fight! Be careful! Thanks, kids, but I got this.
- Ah! - Let's tango! [Supersonic Sue cackles.]
[steam hissing.]
I call this one "The Blender.
" [Steamer yelling.]
Oh, yeah? Well, I call this one "The Flying Squirrel!" - [electricity crackling.]
- [exploding.]
- [cackling.]
- [crackling.]
Prepare to be defeated by your real number-one enemy.
- [steam hissing.]
- [yelling.]
There's only room for one Boss Awesome number one enemy, and that one is me! [cackling.]
- Fred's Dad: Hammer Swing.
- Fred: Whoa! Nice one, Dad.
The inverted hammer.
It never fails.
- You know, I gotta thank you, skater tot.
- Oh, yeah? For what? Inspiring me to lace up after all these years.
I saw you tearin' it up on the news, and I knew I had some skate left in me.
- Supersonic Sue me, why don't ya? - [Chuckles.]
Let's do this again sometime.
Say, 10 to 20 years? Ha-ha.
Settle one thing.
Which of us is your arch enemy? My arch enemy? Cabbage soup.
I love it.
It doesn't love me.
Nooo! Baymax [imitating.]
: Nooo! Right? Well, there's just one more thing to wrap up.
Richardson: I know you guys didn't think I could pull it off.
Well, get ready to be amazed.
Meet the newest addition to my Captain Fancy collection.
Okay, who's hungry for pizza? Anchovies? Not again, Christopher.
Oh! Good idea, Hector.
I'll go see if we have any coupons.
Oh, don't worry, Brittany.
We'll get a gluten-free option.
Mini-Max: Was vengeance served? I do not detect your prized undergarments.
No, Mini-Max.
Mole needs those underpants a lot more than I do.
Turns out he collects to fill a friendship void.
I felt bad for the little jerk, so I let him keep them.
- Mini-Max: Your nobility is immense! - It's like my dad says: a real hero helps everyone in need, even his enemies.
Mini-Max: Help an enemy? You have blown my mind! [laughing.]
I am in need of repair.

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