Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Lie Detector

1 [music.]
Wasabi: I see the monster.
Guys, I'm right behind him.
[tires screeching.]
- Oh.
- [cars honking.]
Scratch that, I lost him.
- [car honking.]
- Come on! Baymax: He's moving toward Night Market Square.
- Rapidly.
- Go Go: I'm gonna cut him off.
Where'd he go? Honey Lemon, you see anything? [device beeping.]
Wait! He's on a bus.
Like, riding the bus? - Kind of.
- I see him.
Go Go, you've got intercept.
This ends now.
- Hiro: Nice, Go Go! - Yeah, but did you have to throw the disk so hard? You're the one who wanted to do a monster training exercise.
Good monster hustle, Freddie.
Hiro: Phew.
That was a workout.
- Anybody else hungry? - Yes! Let's hit up Noodle Burger.
I wanna try the new Frugal Noodle menu.
- [cars honking.]
- Wait! I'm hungry too.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh [music.]
Ugh! It's not working.
Nothing's working.
Sounds like somebody needs a Chris Cake.
Chris, not now Wait.
What's on it? Gold flakes.
Adds a fun flair.
You're worth it.
- Gold? - Completely digestible.
Bio-compatible? Nanoparticles? Yes! Chris, you are a lifesaver.
I started a competitive ironing team in high school.
I collect vintage typewriters.
And I knitted my first sweater when I was seven.
Hmm This is a tough one.
I mean, they all sound true-ish.
Yeah, but one's a lie, right Wasabi? Yes! I know how to play the game, guys.
I said two truths and one lie.
Huh, well.
The ironing thing's real.
- I've seen the trophies.
- Still undefeated.
- Go Go: Because you were the only team.
- Irrelevant! What's your guess, Freddie? [gurgling.]
I guess that the lie is Baymax: Wasabi did not knit his first sweater when he was seven.
Yep! Baymax is right! I was six.
Wait how did you know that? Your heart rate increased and your pupils dilated when you made the third statement.
How closely were you looking at my pupils? Cool! Baymax is like a walking lie detector! Yeah Baymax, I didn't know you could - Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Liv Amara! - Where? She's the one behind all the monsters.
- But you can't prove it.
- Now, I can.
Lie detector.
Are you sure you really want to know when everyone's lying? - Not everyone.
Just Liv.
- What are you gonna do? Just follow her around with Baymax listening to what she says - until you catch her in lie? - Well, yeah.
Actually, that's not a bad plan.
Ooh, oh! Okay, okay.
Okay, okay.
But first, can I go? Please? I haven't had had my turn yet and I stayed up all night crafting the perfect lie.
- Okay, Freddie.
You're up.
- Ooh, here goes.
I like too many pickles on my Noodleburger.
I own 59,497 comics.
I speak fluent Lithuanian.
Good luck with that.
Baymax: You do not speak Lithuanian.
Huh? This game is a lot less fun when Baymax is cheatin' by knowin' all the answers.
- Fred, we all knew that one.
- True.
I enhanced your lie detector interface.
[clicks, whirs.]
Let's test it.
My name is Fred.
- [buzzes.]
- Lie.
Ha! Perfect.
The sky is green.
- [buzzes.]
- Lie.
Nice! The Earth is round.
- [dings.]
- True.
I think we're ready.
Let's go get Liv.
I see her.
- Hey! - [honking.]
- Move it! - Sorry, we gotta gotta go! Well, I guess we're getting lunch.
Here you are, a nice table in the back.
Actually, could we be a little closer to the window? Impossible.
That table's reserved.
- [buzzes.]
- Baymax: That is not true.
Oh! Will he be eating? - Baymax: I am a robot.
- So I take it that's a no.
But we need the menu.
Keep it together, Sydney.
Amara, thank you for your time.
Okay, Baymax.
Listen in to what they're saying.
Big fan right here.
Big fan of yours, Bluff! [buzzes.]
So, Liv, about your latest research? Well, my team and I are working on a cure for a rare disorder.
Ooh, tell me more.
I'm not an expert, but I'm quite knowledgeable on the subject.
- [buzzes.]
- [chuckles.]
- I'll just turn that down.
- [trumpet blares.]
[harp sings.]
[car honks.]
[wolf howls.]
[cow moos.]
Um, sorry.
Do you hear a cow? [mooing stops.]
Anyway, you were saying? Yes, we're still in the development phase, but a key component is actually gold.
Gold? Well that sounds like an expensive ailment! [both laughing.]
Oh, Bluff, you're too much, but you're right.
It would be expensive, but luckily, I only need the tiniest amount.
So she needs a lot of gold - [phone vibrating.]
- Sorry.
- [messages ring.]
- [Hiro groans.]
Come on.
- Are you ready to order? - Sorry, we have to go.
I don't know who you are, but get off my ship! What do you mean you don't know who I am? I'm Mr.
Sparkles! Ha-ha! Ha! Ha, ha, ha! [laughing.]
[laughing maniacally.]
Eh eh? - Mr.
Sparkles! - Whatever, just get off my ship! [Baymax approaching.]
Aye-aye, Captain! [grunting.]
[water splashes.]
[Mayoi chittering.]
Gotta love 'em.
Bon voyage! - Great.
- Skymax can bring the underwater gear.
I guess I have to wait here.
- Why? - I don't have underwater gear.
Actually, I've been working on that.
[water bubbling.]
Oh yeah.
I like it.
Go Go: Sorry, Sparkles, but you should've had a better plan.
Hey, don't be so harsh! I'm on my own here! - [buzzes.]
- Hiro: Huh? - [screeching.]
- Hiro: High Voltage? [dings.]
Go fish! [electricity cracking.]
- Now what? - Point forward.
Okay But why would I? [yells.]
Pretty awesome.
[electricity crackling.]
Baymax, sonic blaster.
[sonar whirring.]
Got any more freaks helping you? Uh-huh.
That big guy! - Right behind you! - What? [Baymax buzzes.]
- [sighs.]
- [panting.]
Do you want to get him or should I? Hiro: We got it.
No touching! [electricity crackling.]
- Oh no.
- That's it.
Aaaah! [grunts.]
Had enough yet? Aren't you two supposed to be the muscle? - This is embarrassing! - [screeching.]
Oh, fine.
I'll take care of this myself.
- What is he - [rumbling.]
Go Go: Hiro! Heads up! Who's doing this? [squeaking happily.]
Baymax, aqua fist! [heroic music playing.]
Go Go: Great.
They got away.
Hiro: Yeah, but at least they didn't get what they came for.
Can you open it, Baymax? Go Go: That's a lot of gold.
That's a lot of proof they're working for Liv.
I am sick and tired of Big Hero 6 getting in our business! - I know, right? - We need gold.
- And we're running out of time.
- I know, right? Would you stop saying "I know, right" and be helpful! I'm sorry, right? - Not helpful! - Right.
Chris Cake? It worked before.
Liv: To counter Big Hero 6, I need something special.
- Oh, you're good.
- I know, right? [whirring.]
[ping pong bouncing.]
Bonjour , friends.
What do you think of my new hat? - Like, love, or double love? - It's nice.
What are you thinking, Wasabi? Hm? Like it? - Love it? Double love it? - Look at the time.
Gotta go to class.
Um, why is Baymax buzzing? I buzz to indicate l - Love of hats.
- [buzzes.]
Ha ha! All right! Thanks, Baymax! I we have to go.
See ya! And nice hat! [Baymax buzzes.]
Yeah, this is good.
This is working.
- Fred.
- Not good? - Nope.
Not good.
- But Uh-uh.
Your presentation on particle physics was awesome.
- [buzzes.]
- Thanks.
Your presentation was really good too.
Of course I didn't forget your birthday! - [buzzes.]
- Baymax: People lie frequently.
Yeah, it's just kinda the way things work, I guess.
Looks like we're almost out of time.
Any questions? Will there be a test next week on the material we just covered? No.
- [Baymax buzzes.]
- Whose phone is that? It wasn't a phone, Professor Granville.
- It was Baymax.
- Hello.
- He's got a glitch and - Uh-uh.
Save it, Mr.
Clearly you've forgotten my classroom rules.
Sorry, Professor Granville.
It won't happen again.
Any other questions? Just to follow up on that test.
- I did not say there would be a test.
- Not even a pop quiz? If there were going to be a pop quiz, I would not say so.
That's the pop part.
So there is going to be a quiz? - There is now.
- [Baymax dings.]
[classmates groan.]
Chris: Your next meeting is downtown at 3:00, - then you have a conference call - About my "special" project.
- I have a mission for you.
[phone beeps.]
- Ooh, this should be fun.
- I'll have it tonight.
- Good.
Amara! Do you have a minute? I'm so sorry, but Liv has a very tight schedule today.
But, it will just take a second.
If you just let me Wait! I want to know if Liv Amara is creating the monsters! No, Liv Amara is not creating the monsters.
You didn't buzz? - This should be red.
- She was telling the truth.
What? That doesn't make any sense.
[owl hooting.]
[bear roars.]
- [growling.]
- Easy easy I'm not going to hurt you.
I just need a little scoosh of fur.
Almost done.
[electricity crackling.]
- It's perfect.
- Goodbye, Big Hero 6.
I hope you're hungry.
I came up with a new recipe today and I think you're really gonna like it.
- Acai and salami bowl! - Oh I know what you're thinking.
Do those two things go together? And my answer is yes! The sweetness of the berries mixes with the funk of the salami - to create full-bodied flavor! - Oh, I bet it does.
Go ahead, taste it! [chewing.]
- [gagging.]
- Well? What do you think? Mmmm it's, um, tasty.
- [buzzes.]
- Oh, what's that? - Nothing! - [buzzes.]
- Baymax just has a glitch.
- [buzzes.]
- He's been doing it all day.
- Oh, well can you fix it? Yeah, totally! In fact, I'll go do that right now.
Come on, Baymax.
What about your salami berry bowl? Hiro: I'll finish it later! [Baymax buzzes.]
Ugh! Can't believe Hiro likes this.
[beeping, whirring.]
Hiro, why did you lie to Aunt Cass? Well, I didn't want to hurt her feelings by telling her I didn't like what she made.
But that is the truth.
Yeah, but saying that would be mean.
And lying is good? No, lying is wrong.
In general But sometimes, in certain situations, people lie so other people don't get hurt.
It's complicated.
Hiro, you are not eating.
Do you have gastrointestinal issues? No, I'm fine.
Aunt Cass just gave me leftover salami bowl for lunch.
What are you eating? And why? - Don't ask.
- How'd it go with Liv? According to Baymax's lie detector, - she isn't the one making the monsters.
- Really? Yeah, but it doesn't make sense.
My gut is telling me she's behind all this.
There has to be something I'm missing.
Well, I'm sure you and your gut will work this out.
- [buzzes.]
- Did you just? - Did Go Go just lie? - No.
According to my data, Go Go has never lied.
It was my phone.
There's a monster robbing the San Fransokyo Trust.
- As in the city's gold reserve? - Yeah.
A monster? Gold? This has to be Liv.
Ultra armor.
Let's go.
Fred: Big Hero Six, in Ultra Armor Gonna fight a big scary monster Which monster do you think it's gonna be this time, huh? High Voltage again? Maybe Orso Knox? Ooh! Perhaps Momakase? Haven't seen her in a while.
Fred: Or a totally new rock monster! So - Wasabi: Big.
- awesome! [growling.]
Guys, protect the vault! We can't let it get that gold.
[Fred grunting.]
Oh [roars.]
Guys, help! - I've got no power! - [snarling.]
Go Go: Gotcha.
Thank you.
A rock monster knocking out our tech, like [whirring.]
Bessie! Guys, it's a Bessie monster! Yeah, my gear's totally dead.
- [Fred grunting.]
- [snarling.]
I think it's part bear.
Sounds about right.
Also help! Leave him alone.
Aah! Oh no! [roars.]
Definitely part bear! Hang on, Honey Lemon! Oh! Hiro: If you want the gold, you're gonna have to go through us.
No! - I have been hit - Baymax! [music.]
Ha! Baymax! How did you do that? - I thought you were hit? - I lied.
- What? - So that you would not get hurt.
Thanks, buddy.
Huh? Hiro, are you okay? - Yeah, but Bessie got away.
- Go Go: With the gold.
Liv got what she wanted.
[beeping, whirring.]
'Night, Hiro.
Don't forget to floss.
- I did.
- You better fix that glitch.
Aunt Cass is right.
Yes, flossing can help prevent gum disease.
No, I mean fixing your glitch.
Turning you into a lie detector wasn't my best idea.
No matter what Liv says, I know she's behind the monsters.
The real question is "why?" [lights clicking on.]
Good news, I got the gold.
I promised you I'd do whatever it takes Liv.

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