Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e17 Episode Script


1 [video game music plays.]
[video game beeping.]
- [video game music.]
- [laser sound effects.]
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
Diego! Hey! The usual? Yeah! Th-thanks, uh, Cass.
I got a fresh pot right here.
"Diego"? When did that happen? - Morning, Hiro.
- Uh, morning.
Congratulations, by the way.
I saw the report on the news.
Crime is down.
A lot! It is down precisely 27%.
And a huge part of that is due to Big Hero 6.
- Really? - Ever since they became fugitives, they've been off the grid.
No superheroes makes my life easier.
What makes you say that? Simple.
Superheroes attract super-villains.
No heroes? No villains.
You know, Hiro, if you're really interested in crime fighting, you and Cass should drop by the station.
I'll give you a tour.
- He's seen it.
- I've seen it.
He doesn't get us at all.
Uh, Fred? Did you hear what I said about Chief Cruz? Yeah, totally.
Great guy.
What are you doing? Fred is playing with his food.
I'm not playing with it.
I'm working on my design for our secret base! Fred! Cruz is right there! Please.
This is advanced superhero-ology.
He'll never figure it out.
What's that? Some kind of food fort? It is a secret base.
I made a few of those myself.
You know, as a child.
Your foundation needs work.
I think I Well, you two kids enjoy playing.
Okay, maybe this situation calls for a professional.
Mmmm, still delicious, though! Hello.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh [video game sound effects.]
What is the purpose of this game? Just blowing off steam, I guess.
I do not detect water vapor.
It's relaxing.
[grunts and groans.]
My scan indicates your stress levels are elevated.
That is the opposite of relaxation.
It's fun, Baymax.
And not to brag, but I always win because I build the coolest weapons.
Hiro: Hardlight? Okay.
[video game beeping, whirring.]
A sword? Oh, what a noob! [video game beeping.]
[laser sound effects.]
Hey, hey, hey! Whoa! What the Unfair! - [Mochi screeching.]
- [furniture clattering.]
- [air hissing.]
- This does not seem relaxing.
[video game sound effects.]
Judy: Sorry, intern.
Your one o'clock with Mr.
Krei is canceled.
- What? But - A new buyer is showing up.
Could be our biggest contract of the year.
Must be someone important.
We can set you and your team up with all the latest "security-friendly" options - by this time tomorrow.
- Chief Cruz? He's the buyer? - Today is better.
- Today is great! Today is my favorite! We can do today.
Actually, Mr.
Krei, I don't think [elevator dings.]
Today it is! Intern! - Hey, Hiro! - Hey.
I don't pay you to just stand there.
- You don't pay me at all.
- Right.
Love that.
Go get Chief Cruz some snacks.
I I don't need the snacks.
Really? 'Cause we have crackers shaped like animals! Blew my mind! [music.]
It is done, Master Frederick.
Actually, it needs a little more lightning.
I was referring to the appointment you asked me to make with Rodderick Blair, the esteemed architect behind Boss Awesome's secret super-chamber.
You did it? You did it! He said yes? Tell me he said yes.
He said yes, sir.
[wild laughter, screams.]
Okay, I'm done.
Your appointment is this afternoon.
Wait, I've got a few more joy screams in me.
[wild laughter, screams.]
- Fred: Ahhhh! - [glass shattering.]
- [Go Go grunts.]
- Wasabi: Oooh! Why are we wearing our gear? Because Rodderick Blair can't know our real identities.
It's superhero-slash- outside-contractor-101.
- Go Go: Your guy's late.
- Fred: Well, that just makes sense.
What do you mean, Freddie? I bet he's doing something covert to make sure he's not being tracked here by our enemies! [rats squeaking.]
- Go Go: Unlikely.
- [gasps.]
You're right! He might already be here, secretly watching us to make sure we're legit.
- [car honking.]
- [gasps.]
- [car honking continues.]
- [brakes squealing.]
Whoa, hey.
Sorry I'm late.
Bridge traffic was bustin' my chops out there.
Roddy Blair, King of Lairs.
[door squeaks, crashes.]
Okay Not what we were expecting.
Which one of you is Fred? I am Wait, hold on.
You know my name? Oh, your dad, Older Fred.
Me and him go way back.
He told me all about you.
What a guy, your dad.
Boss Awesome! You're throwing a different vibe.
Maybe not awesome.
More adequate? Yep, that's him.
Boss Adequate.
Well, it's hard these days to come up with a handle.
All the choice names are taken, am I right? No! [whistling.]
What a dump-a-roo! Guess I'd better get to work.
Secret bases don't build themselves.
I thought he'd be cooler and, you know, nicer.
That is not normal.
[power-up sounds.]
Oh! Maybe he's a street magician, - and this is his show! - Gross! I hate street magic.
- Hardlight: There we go.
- Uh, are we supposed to clap now? Hardlight: Now, let's play! - [people screaming.]
- [Hardlight laughing.]
- Back up! - [tires screeching.]
- Should I call Skymax? - We are wanted criminals.
We are supposed to be laying low.
[screaming continues.]
- [laser blasts.]
- [explosions.]
[sirens wailing.]
Ooh, the police can handle this.
You! Put the weapon down! [Hardlight laughing.]
I'm warning you.
- [remote beeps.]
- [Buddy Guards whirring.]
[lasers firing.]
- [sword blasts.]
- [explosions.]
Hardlight: Ah, points for effort! But not a lot.
Who are you? Hardlight: Hard core.
High score.
I am Hardlight! Is that a name? Hardlight: Game master.
Weapons builder.
Under-appreciated genius.
Wannabe super-villain.
I thought we moved past this.
Okay, I'm nipping this in the bud.
Let's go.
Hardlight: No way! I need a sweet IRL challenge.
Hardlight: Aw, I really wanted to meet Big Hero 6 today, not mine XP versus cops.
Ugh, this random encounter is KO'd.
You're boring me, Chief.
Come back down here, and I'll find a way to entertain you.
Hardlight: Pass.
NPCs aren't worth my time.
Oh, but while I've got your attention, I'm gonna steal the biggest diamond in this city.
Tomorrow night at the Museum.
- And you're announcing it? - Hardlight: It's an invitation! Not for you, Chief Snooze.
It's for the real players, Big Hero 6! So, do me a solid and pass that on to the superheroes, m'kay? [Hardlight laughing.]
Go, go, go! After him! [sirens wailing.]
So, not a street magician.
I want to assure the public that the police have this Hardlight situation under control.
Yeah, but you lost.
Like, by a lot.
We're working with an outside consultant to provide more effective countermeasures.
Why don't you just let Big Hero 6 handle it? I mean, it is kind of their thing.
If the wanted fugitives, Big Hero 6, feel the need to interfere, we'll take them down, too.
Good television there, Bluff.
[Roddy humming.]
How do you feel about a zero-gravity game room? - Seems useless.
- Hm.
Uh, zero-gravity snack room? More useless.
How about a zero-gravity storage room or a zero-gravity training room? Wait, wait, wait.
Let's just go with a vault.
- But with zero gravity.
- Are you delirious right now? So, are you just like super pro-gravity - or just anti my ideas? - Yes.
Wait! Yes to what?! It's the same weapon.
He has to be the same guy I played in "Mind Smith.
" - And he's like champion level.
- Baymax: Yes.
He defeated you with extreme efficiency.
It wasn't that bad.
The total time elapsed in your match was 4.
25 seconds.
- Way to go! - Yeah, um So what? This guy got bored and decided to make - real life into a video game? - Looks like it.
He must be using some kind of advanced force field tech to mimic the game's weapon builder.
- Isn't that impossible? - Uh, it should be.
I mean, Krei Tech's been working on something like it, - but we haven't cracked it yet.
- He must have figured it out first.
Hey, it looks like there's some metal on his gloves.
[computer beeping.]
- Baymax: Yes.
- Hiro, could you use your magnets - to pull them off? - I'd have to get really close.
That's gonna be really hard with his sword.
We're gonna have to beat Hardlight at his own game.
Won't the police also be there? Yeah.
We'll need a way to keep them out of this.
Ooh! Fighting crime while being fugitives is a classic hero rite of passage! I feel tingly! How d'ya feel about cutting two from the team? - Six seems like overkill.
- We're not cutting anyone.
You sure? 'Cause I got my eyes on the two who should go.
Why me? Because you're standing next to him.
[goofy giggling.]
No one gets into that building.
Got it? On it, Chief.
- No sign of Hardlight.
- Go Go: Yet.
He'll show.
Honey Lemon? Oooh! I've never tried one of these outside before.
[smoke hissing.]
Go Go: Nope.
Just in our apartment.
- What's happening? - Looks like the fog's rolling in.
Hiro: Nice.
Go Go: Yep, it's a big diamond.
Hiro: Stay alert.
Hardlight could come at us from Hardlight: Anywhere! - Welcome, challengers! - Hiro: Give up, Hardlight.
You're not scoring this diamond.
Hardlight: Calm down.
This is just the opening cinematic.
Let's build the hype a little.
Go Go: What language is he speaking? It is English.
Hardlight: Did you guys bring any special weapons? Well, no, but Hardlight: Oh, no! [makes buzzer sound.]
Player has failed to equip their party.
That's too bad.
Let's hit start.
[laser blasting.]
[Go Go grunts.]
[Wasabi grunts, shrieks.]
Baymax, rocket fist! [glass shattering.]
They're inside! [Buddy Guards whirring.]
Stay focused! Keep Hardlight away from the diamond! [Honey Lemon grunting.]
There are too many Buddy Guards! And they're annoying! [Fred grunting.]
- Hey! My art! - [explosion.]
My art! Go Go: This needs to stop! No! Hardlight: Ah, this level, extreme let down! It felt like a tutorial! There weren't even any cool Easter eggs! Hardlight, Big Hero 6, surrender! You are all under arrest! We're trying, uh, trying to help you! The force doesn't need your "help"! Hardlight: Not here for NPC theater, Chief.
NPC? You keep saying that! What does it mean? It's a non-player character.
Stop him! - [laser blast.]
- [explosions.]
Hardlight: Okay, Big Hero 6, you're terrible at treasure quests.
Maybe you need higher stakes.
How about saving a princess? Cruz: Let me go! Hardlight: I think you do kinda need their help, noob.
Let's try this again.
Same time tomorrow, challengers.
Night Market Square.
- Uh, freeze! - We can do that.
Well, she can.
- [canon firing.]
- [ice crackling.]
Honey Lemon: Sorry! [music.]
Baymax: Hiro, body language cues suggest you are frustrated.
May I be of assistance? Perhaps some posture exercises? This is just like "Mind Smith.
" If we're going to beat Hardlight, I have to design a better weapon.
I have to get inside his head.
Will you use nanobots? I mean, I need to anticipate what he's gonna do.
But there are so many options.
Should I design a long-distance weapon? A close-up weapon? A shielding weapon? Perhaps you could settle this amicably through open communication.
[clearing throat.]
All right, all right.
Hate to butt in, but I'm buttin' in.
You know what kind of weapon I should build? - Kid, you're overthinking this.
- Oh, really? Like with me, I do what I know works simplify the job and pad my hours.
I can't "simplify.
" This is a complicated situation.
Nah, it's only complicated 'cause you're playing the other guy's game.
He's better at his game.
- Play your game.
- Aren't we both playing the same game? Look, your buddy Fred wants everything zero G's for some reason.
That's his game, not my game.
Are you suggesting that Hiro should capitalize on his strengths? Yes! I love this guy! Maybe you're right.
Night Market Square is huge! How will we know where he is? Hiro: I don't think it'll be too tough.
[tower rumbling.]
We need their help for this.
Hardlight: Welcome to the raid! I have to tell you, I redesigned this tower like eight times since yesterday.
You like? Let's go, Baymax! [video game sound effects.]
- [Hiro grunts.]
- Hardlight: Oh, what? You didn't think you could just fly through the floors, did you? No bonus points for that, Big Heroes.
[video game sound effects.]
- Go Go: Ahhhhh! - [Fred grunting.]
[video game beeps.]
[Fred yelping.]
- [Go Go grunts.]
- Fred: Oh, no! Oh, no! [Wasabi grunts.]
[power-up sound effects.]
- Go Go! Honey Lemon! - Go Go: Right! [both grunting.]
- [Go Go grunts.]
- [game over sound effects.]
- [Honey Lemon grunts.]
- [game over sound effects.]
- [Fred laughing wildly.]
- [Wasabi grunts.]
- [power-up sound effects.]
- [beeping.]
[Hardlight laughing.]
Wasabi! Fred! While he's distracted! Wasabi: Heights cannot hurt me Heights cannot hurt me Heights cannot hurt me! [grunting.]
Hardlight: Come on, this isn't even nightmare mode! [grunts.]
Falling can hurt me Falling can hurt me Falling can hurt me! [gulp, beeping.]
What? No! This is not cool! Fred: Let him out of there! [grunts.]
Ahhhhh! [Go Go grunting.]
[both grunting.]
Hiro: Ahhhh! [beeping.]
Honey Lemon: Ahhhh! [grunting.]
Hardlight: Way to whiff the big boss battle, players! - Time to end this! - Hiro: I agree! - Chief Cruz! - Hardlight: Huh? Gotcha! [power-down sound effects.]
[both yelping.]
- [Fred laughing.]
- [Wasabi grunts.]
- [power-down sound effects.]
- [Hardlight screams.]
Cruz: Ahhhhh! [music.]
You cheated! He's not a challenger! He's an NPC, remember?! In your game, maybe.
But not in mine.
Fair enough.
Your win.
But that was just my first life.
What does that even me - [ray whirring.]
- [laser blasts.]
Take your positions! Now! Sir, I think Big Hero 6 saved you.
That changes nothing.
Fred: Shouldn't you be working? I get a mindfulness break every 90 minutes.
Plus, I finished the first room.
Take a look.
Fred: This better be go [grunts.]
Did I forget to mention it's voice activated? It's voice activated! Hello.
I am Baymax.
Basemax: Voice authenticated.
Hello, Baymax.
I am Basemax.
Fred: "Basemax"? [laughing.]
Like "Baymax.
" I love it, I love it, I love it! [Fred gasps.]
Basemax: Welcome to the conference room.
[Fred laughing wildly.]
Fred: Conference room! We have a conference room! I mean, it doesn't have zero-gravity, but there's logos on the chairs! It's still amazing! I thought you were just kind of, a little bit, well, mean.
But if that's the price of genius, I'll take it! - Whoa, I'm not a hugger, Champ.
- Shhhh.
Let me have this.
Ugh, fine.
You get 3 2 1 And I'm done! To the chairs! Okay.
First order of business? Find out who Hardlight really is.
Krei: Ethan, progress report.
How is that force-field tech coming? Chief Cruz is practically knocking down our doors for more anti-vigilante gear.
Uh, my name is actually Ian if that's all right.
Yeah, I like Ethan better.
Oooh, is that a mockup? Tell me everything! Well, I've had some you know, some pretty significant breakthroughs.
Those are the words I love to hear! And also, you know, some major setbacks.
Those I don't like.
Ethan, first rule of business: no bad news.
- Ian.
It's, uh, it's Ian.
- [sighs.]
I guess I'll go see what Intern's cooking up, then.

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