Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e16 Episode Script

The Globby Within

1 Aah! [grunts.]
Hey! Globby, I thought you weren't a thief anymore.
I'm not.
But I am making sure all of San Fransokyo knows about the new Krei Tech K Phone.
A Krei Tech K Phone? It's got all the phone features you love, plus daily affirmations from Alistair Krei.
You smell great, name of customer.
He's talking about me.
Thanks, Globby.
If I can make the switch from villain to hero, you can make the switch to the Krei Tech K Phone.
It's not that far of a stre-e-e-e-e-etch! Mm-hmm.
K Phones are flying off the shelves, and it's not just because of how weirdly slippery they are.
- Glob-man, you are a star.
- Thank you, Mr.
We really have to fix that.
- Hey, it's Globby.
- Hello, citizen.
- I love you, Globby.
- Well, I love you too.
- Marry me, Globby! - Uh, I'll get back to you.
- Ooh! - What a day, Felony Carl.
Yo, Glob, you're just in time.
Guess what's on? Extreme Celebrity Whistling.
Oh, yeah.
Ooh, I'm rooting for Bluff Dunder.
His trilling is impeccable, reminiscent of a turtle dove.
What's up? You okay? I'm more than okay.
For the first time in my life, I feel - happy.
- I am elated to hear that.
It seems, at this point, that nothing could go wrong.
I'm Bluff Dunder, and here's a little something I like to call my "Ominous Doodle.
" Hello.
I am Baymax.
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh And then they voted off Bluff Dunder even though his whistle was hauntingly beautiful.
- Ugh.
- I know, so unfair.
Chief Cruz is here again.
He's been in for coffee every morning this week.
Oh, good morning, Chief Cruz.
I have your usual ready.
Half-caf latte with whole milk.
- Am I that predictable? - Um yeah.
- Eh - He doesn't even like coffee.
I don't think this is about the coffee.
He likes Aunt Cass! Fred is correct.
Chief Cruz is showing physiological signs of attraction.
An excess of norepinephrine is causing sweat glands in his palms to Okay, Baymax, I get it.
Sweat glands, in our palms? - Over 3,000 per square inch.
- Uh, mm-hmm.
So, how are things out on the streets of San Fransokyo? Challenging.
Thanks to Big Hero 6.
Really? I'd have thought they'd make your job easier.
Just the opposite.
Once superheroes make an appearance, it's only a matter of time before the supervillians follow.
Top you off, Chief? Let me get you the big one.
No! I mean, don't get me wrong, I love coffee.
Gotta run.
Police business.
- So Chief Cruz is not a fan.
- I know.
I don't get it.
Her coffee is primo.
- Of us, Fred.
- And he's at our hang every day.
- Not good.
- See, guys, this is why we need a secret headquarters.
Again with the secret headquarters? When have I ever talked about a secret headquarters? In the past month, you have said the words "secret headquarters" 478 times.
But only because a secret headquarters would rock so hard! Four hundred and seventy-nine.
It is harder than it looks.
Maybe if I had lips.
Globby! I have your special booth already.
I saw your K Phone commercial again last night.
I was so entertained, I almost bought one.
But not in my budget, but still.
I can get you a deal, Joe.
Ooh, Joe Dog or Chili Joe Dog? Hmm? Ooh, they've got a Joe Corn Dog? Hmm, chopped salad or pork chop? I know I want some chop.
Globby! What are you doing?! What are you Huh? - Globby! Stop.
- I can't.
Something's wrong.
Is it because I didn't buy the phone? - I'm sorry.
I'll buy three.
- No, Joe, this isn't me.
- I'm sorry.
- Put him down! You're coming with us, Globby! It's not what it looks like.
I lost control of my arm.
Oh, sure, I've heard that one before.
- Officer Flynn.
- I'm a good guy now.
You've gotta believe me.
Huh? Good day, my fellow Big Hero 6ers I've gathered you all here to talk about something very important.
Do not say it.
Do not say "secret headquarters.
" A clandestine central meeting location from which we can exact justice.
He did not say "secret headquarters.
" I've been working on this in my head.
You know, where ideas come from.
First, we'll need doorways tall enough for Honey Lemon.
- I'm seriously not that tall.
- Wait, guys.
News alert.
Local hero and Krei Tech spokesblob Globby has reportedly returned to a life of crime.
We go live now to police Chief Cruz's press conference.
The criminal known as Globby attempted to rob Joe's Diner.
Home of the beloved Joe Dog.
Be advised, the fugitive is considered stretchy-armed and dangerous.
Anyone aiding Globby will be treated as an accomplice.
- Globby tried to rob Joe's? - But he loves Joe's.
Something isn't right.
I am perplexed as to Globby's current whereabouts.
Even if I did, I would never betray my Globs like that.
We just wanna keep him safe.
All right.
I'll arrange a meeting, under one condition.
Give him a hug for me.
There, there, champ.
Where is he? Globby is behind you.
Hi, guys.
- Hello.
- Globby.
- You should stay back.
- Why, what's wrong? I just lost control of my arm.
I don't know what happened.
Baymax, anything on evil arm syndrome? Evil arm syndrome does not exist.
Well, then how do you explain this? Hiyah! Hands off! Thank you.
I was hoping somebody would do that.
Who's there? And what's so funny? Uh, Baymax, anything on evil back face? - No.
- Nega-Globby.
Oh, this is so wrong! - How is this possible? - You did defeat him by eating him.
- He wasn't destroyed.
- Just weakened.
But now, he's getting stronger.
Does that mean he'll eventually take over all of me? We won't let that happen.
Law enforcement has arrived.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Several reports of Globby in the area.
He was here.
We're getting warmer.
- That was too close.
- And too gross.
We need to hide you.
- You could stay with me and - No.
Never mind.
Ooh, you could stay with me and Mini-Max.
Aw, you mean it? - Thanks, Fred.
- No sweat.
I'm going to solve this.
What did I ever do to deserve great friends like you.
Oh, I don't know, maybe saved millions of people in San Fransokyo.
Oh, yeah.
I earned this.
Welcome to Fred Talks.
Today's topic, "Secret Headquarters.
" Every great superhero has one.
Captain Fancy had Fort Fabulous.
Dangerface had, well, The Headquarters.
Boss Awesome has his secret home office - right here in the casa.
- Uh-huh.
Well, I'm just gonna lay down.
It might seem like I'm sleeping, but I'm not.
Even if I snore a little.
So where should Big Hero 6 have our supercool hideaway? We'd want it to be near good schools and restaurants, obviously, and, ooh, a yard would be nice.
See, Nega-Globby's into it.
Wait No, no, no! Hey! Oh-ho-ho! Did someone cry out in pain for Mini-Max? When villainy oozes out the back of the head, Mini-Max will treat it with the two-by-four of justice! Thank you.
You are most welcome, gelatinous life form.
It was like before, except this time, both his arms went evil.
Nega-Globby is getting stronger.
Where's Globby now? Chop, chop, chop! Um, what are you doing? Intimidating the villainous parasite within you.
I've gotta get back soon.
Karate mode is rough on Mini-Max's battery.
And I haven't come up with a way to get rid of Nega-Globby.
I need more time.
We need to find some place to keep Globby where he can't hurt anyone.
I've got an idea.
Another creepy, abandoned building.
I detect traces of chocolate, nougat, caramel, and tree nuts.
Exactly, Baymax, a creepy, abandoned candy factory.
So, fun! This was built by my great-grandfather Fredediah Frederickson.
You can still smell the sugar.
Why are we at a candy factory when I'm a living candy factory? Huh? Mm! See? - I'll pass.
- My family owns this place, but no one uses it anymore.
So, we can keep Globby here until Honey Lemon fixes him.
But what if my legs turn evil and try to go for an evil jog? Don't worry.
We'll take turns guarding you.
Oh, I don't wanna put you guys through any more trouble.
No trouble, Globby.
This is what friends do.
Bring it in.
- And now we're covered in chocolate.
- Yum.
Oh! - Well, this isn't working.
- Come on, Nega-Globby.
Just knock it off with the getting stronger.
I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
I should have never eaten my enemy.
Would you like a hug? Oh, I would, but I don't want to put you in any more danger.
- Don't worry about it.
- Yeah.
Friends help friends.
Even when those friends have terrifying, unstable monsters hiding inside.
I just can't be trusted.
Any, uh, progress? I don't see a way to destroy Nega-Globby cells without also destroying Globby.
Huh? Maybe we shouldn't destroy Nega-Globby.
Maybe we should make him stronger.
So that Nega-Globby is powerful enough to burst out of Globby! Eww.
At least then we can take him on without hurting Globby.
I know just what to do.
The stronger Nega-Globby becomes, the more difficult he will be to contain.
I know.
But I think this is our best chance of saving Globby.
We've got a problem.
Globby's gone, and he left this.
"Dear Big Hero 6, thanks for looking out for me, but I'm too dangerous.
I must stay away from the people I love so you won't ever see me again.
I should have mentioned this earlier in the note, but this is Globby.
" Oh, no.
We have to find Globby before Chief Cruz.
We've looked all over the city.
Maybe he isn't hiding in the city.
Maybe under the city.
I don't think that's what he was getting at.
I never even got to say goodbye to Felony Carl.
Huh? Why are you here? I'm a monster in exile.
Get! Go! Leave me.
Oh, calm down, Drama Glob.
- We're here to help.
- Yeah.
We have an idea.
- But you might not like it much.
- I'll try anything.
This is the Glob Vac.
- I'm gonna strengthen Nega-Globby.
- What?! - Then, as soon as he bursts out of you - Bursts out of me? Eh, you'll be fine.
We'll contain him in here.
You're sure there isn't a plan B? I'm so sorry, Globby.
It's the only way.
Well, okay.
As long as it's not dangerous.
It is extremely dangerous.
Darn it.
Ready, Globby? No.
But let's do this.
One two Oh, well, it was a good I Hey, I'm just Globby again.
The Glob Vac.
I'm on it.
He's growing too big.
Let's surround him.
Baymax, rocket fist.
Baymax, the Glob Vac.
- Baymax! - I am okay.
I've got you guys.
Let me go! Globby! Huh? Hey, that's pretty good.
Nice extreme whistle.
Whoa! Whoa! I guess we're back To you and me You and me, me and you, you and me Something we do A rematch it will be To suck up Nega-Globby Hiro, I don't know how to use this.
Heathcliffe does the vacuuming.
So danger's there but act like I don't know Might feel a bunch of fear, come on It's time for you to go Stand tall, winner takes all, I've earned the right Gotta grab that right and take the fight To my own worst enemy No! 'Cause my name is Globby! Quick! Use your thing to stop that thing! You can't beat original Globby.
Nyah! - Who's ready to go home? - Huh, I know I am.
You are not going anywhere.
- Globby was telling the truth.
- I know what I saw.
There was something bad inside of him, but it's gone now.
Are you telling me you've been helping this wanted criminal? - Yes.
- This is not going well.
Big Hero 6, you are under arrest! We can't go to prison, we have midterms.
Jet-pack boosters.
Joe's looks great.
It's too bad Globby can't see it.
It's just until we find a way to clear his name.
- Hi, Felony Carl.
- Salutations, Hero Teen Stars.
- Not our name.
- But it's not bad.
I just wanted to thank you for saving Globby.
Wait, how did you know we were Big Hero 6? Guys, it's me.
Whoa! That is such a good impression! No, I am Globby.
He is Globby.
Now, do me! Do me! I realized I can hide in plain sight and still help people, even if I am a fugitive.
- I guess now we are too.
- Only we can't shapeshift.
But we can hide in plain sight.
Secret headquarters? - Secret headquarters.
- Ooh! - All right, fine.
- Yeah! Wait, this was my idea.
I call biggest room!
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