Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e15 Episode Script

El Fuego

1 [music.]
Yama: Yes! New Mega-Yama, get me out of here! [whooshing.]
Baymax, clothesline.
- [whirring.]
- [whooshing, thud.]
What's going on? New Mega-Yama, why did you stop smashing? Fred: Nice take down, Baymax.
- [crashes.]
- [yells.]
- He can't handle all four of - [clanging.]
[all shouting.]
Uh, guys [grunts.]
- Push harder! - Fred: I'm known for my wit.
Not my strength.
- [grunting.]
- Yay! He gave up! You spoke too soon! [yells.]
Ah! [grunts.]
- [thudding.]
- [shattering.]
- Thanks, Baymax.
- Baymax: You are welcome.
- Fred: Baymax, with the win! - Wasabi: Yeah, way to go, Baymax! What happened? Where'd you go, New Mega-Yama? Hurry! Before Big Hero 6 shows up.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Announcer: Welcome, fight fans! - It's time for mech wrestling madness! - [crowd cheering.]
I've never been to a mech wrestling match.
Seems loud.
Baymax: Sounds under 85 decibels are generally considered safe.
- So we're safe? - [meter beeping.]
- No.
- Too loud.
Too fake.
Too male.
You know, cheering for the good guy, booing for the bad guy.
- Who are both male.
- I love mech wrestling so much that I actually tried to buy the league.
But I was out-bid by an anonymous Announcer: Everyone, put your hands together for the new owner of the Mech Wrestling Federation: Richardson Mole! [anguished.]
Whyyyy! - You okay, buddy? - [chuckling.]
Oh, I will be! Once I take something from Mole - that he wants more than anything! - So, not okay.
Announcer: Now for the main event.
He brings the heat.
He loves to cheat.
- He's a bad guy with bad breath.
- [cricking.]
Announcer: El Fuego! - [flames bursting.]
[all booing.]
Keep booing, keep booing.
It's just more fuel for - the fuego! - [fireworks popping.]
Get ready to get extinguished, El Fuego! You're going down, son! Sorry.
I guess I just got wrapped up in the moment.
Announcer: And his opponent.
He's mech elite.
He can't be beat.
He's a good guy with a smile that lights up a room.
Uncle Samurai! [all cheering.]
- [bell dinging.]
- [flames roaring.]
[crowd cheering.]
[both yelling.]
- Feel the revolution! - Ah! - [punching.]
- [El Fuego yelling.]
End him, Uncle Samurai! You're doing so great.
- All: Ooh! - Fake.
[all booing.]
Whoa! Whoa! [laughs.]
Ooh, snap.
El Fuego's about to do his signature mech slam: "The Sparkler.
" - El Fuego: Da, da, da, da! - [fireworks popping.]
Baymax: Severe dizziness can lead to extreme nausea.
Don't worry, Baymax.
It's not real.
It's just for show.
- [whirling.]
- [yelling.]
That's against the rules.
- Oh, come on! Conflict of interest! - [Wasabi grunts.]
You can't be the owner and the ref! - You just got your first warning.
- A warning! Ooh! [grunts.]
Baymax: Uncle Samurai may be in need of medical attention.
He's fine.
[crowd cheering.]
- [fists clanging.]
- [grunting.]
Yeah! Uncle Samurai: No surrender! - Yes! - [crowd cheering.]
- [clanging.]
- This is classic! While the ref is conveniently distracted, El Fuego is able to cheat.
Hi, dream girl.
You pinned my heart.
Say "kiss goodbye" to your dramatic comeback.
Announcer: That gives a whole new meaning to "getting benched.
" [El Fuego yelling.]
He cheated! - Tag me! Tag me in! - [chuckles evilly.]
- [crowd booing.]
- [growling.]
[joints clattering.]
Oh, no.
How are you doing this? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! [cheering.]
Uncle Samurai: Loser! Let freedom ring! - [grunts.]
- Richardson/Crowd: One, two - three - [bell dinging.]
- [cheering.]
- Honey Lemon: Yeah! That's what I'm talkin' about! Baymax: You are being dangerously loud.
But OMG, that was so much fun! If it isn't the best heel in the biz.
I'm sick and tired of losing on purpose.
You know I'm the best wrestler.
Bad guys never win in wrestling.
- [El Fuego grunts.]
- You're a heel.
And the heel's job is to make "the face" look good.
See? Total heel move.
- [splashing.]
- Richardson will rue the day that he took something from me that I wanted.
And I'm pretty sure "rue" is a bad thing.
[Baymax's joints whirring.]
Um, hello! Earth to best friends! - I'm vowing revenge, here.
- Right.
We've heard it before.
- You vow revenge.
- And set off on some ridiculous vendetta.
Just to prove you're better than Richardson.
Baymax: It has never ended well.
- Hey, guys, where's Honey Lemon? - Her new "happy place.
" Bring it on, Fuego! Uncle Samurai's gonna dance on your face! [both grunting.]
- [yelling.]
- [whirling.]
- Da da da da! - [all booing.]
Yeah! Go ahead, celebrate now.
You're going down in a minute, son! You're just fanning the fuego! - [clattering.]
- [grunts.]
Whoa! Whoa! [grunts.]
Oh! Aah! - Fuego! - [all cheering.]
- Not today.
- [neck cricking.]
- [clattering.]
- [grunting.]
What are you doing? Aah! - One, two, three.
Yes! - [Richardson grunting.]
- [gasps.]
- [bell dinging.]
- [crowd cheering.]
- That's right.
- The heel is the winner.
- [fireworks popping.]
[El Fuego laughing evilly.]
- El Fuego: All hail the new heel champion! - I don't think so.
Pack up your mech suit, Fuego.
You're fired.
Fired? I'm the greatest mech wrestler this league has ever seen.
You're the bad guy.
Bad guys don't win.
- It's not good for business.
- [snaps.]
You'll regret this.
I'm bigger than this league.
And I'm going to prove it.
I'll show the whole world.
I just need to find the biggest, baddest good guy to fight.
Once again, Big Hero 6 proves to be the biggest, baddest, good guys in town.
[Fred scoffs.]
Frederickson! Welcome to my wrestling federation.
Or is it mine? There's an airport hangar full of these with your name on them.
If you sell the federation to me.
Tantalizing proposition, and although I admit, I don't even like wrestling [grunts.]
I'm sorry.
Will you all excuse me for one second? So, dream girl.
- No, nightmare boy.
- [Fred yelling.]
Anyway, about my generous offer Not for sale! I only bought it 'cause I knew it would drive you crazy.
And to think, at one time I actually felt sorry for you.
Well, now I rue you.
I rue you as no one has ever rued before.
I was born on Rue Street, on a Ruesday in Feb-rue-ary.
- Rue away.
- I rue that we agreed to come here.
Hiro: Uh, I think we can call it.
- Nothing's happening.
- Baymax: A combustible mass - of incandescent gasses is incoming.
- What? - Hiro: Whoa! - [laughs.]
Say hello to El Fuego Grande! - [yelling.]
- [flames roaring.]
Eh! [laughs.]
[flames bursting.]
El Fuego: I'm looking for a real fight.
You ready, Big Red? All: Ooh! - Baymax: No, thank you.
- What do you mean, "No, thank you"? - Come on, cream puff! Fight back! - [fists clanking.]
Baymax: I am programmed to assist when someone is in danger.
There is currently no one in danger.
Yeah, there is.
You! - What do you say now? - Baymax: Expressing anger can be healthy.
Baymax: This is not healthy.
Neither is this! We're live on the scene of what seems to be a surprisingly boring superhero battle.
Baymax, just fight back.
Baymax: There is no reason for violence.
What's his problem? These are quality taunts.
- He's programmed to help people.
- Wait.
He doesn't fight? I thought he was a cutting-edge fighter-bot! But he's nothing but junk.
The show's over, El Fuego.
You're surrounded, son! [crackling.]
- I mean, sir.
- Six against one is cheating.
I want a fair fight.
With your chicken-bot.
Tomorrow evening, in Night Market Square we tango.
And if you don't show up, everyone will know Big Hero 6 is really Big Coward 6.
- [Hiro grunts.]
- Bluff Dunder: Is it true you're considering - changing your name to Big Coward 6? - [Hiro grunts.]
- [grunting.]
- [pops.]
Baymax: A deep sigh can indicate frustration.
You're not junk.
You're one of the most sophisticated robots ever built.
State-of-the-art A.
Kinesthetic force sensors.
High dynamic range cameras.
Not to mention saving the city multiple times.
Baymax: You are right, Hiro.
I am not junk.
- El Fuego is incorrect.
- I know, but I I can't stand that he thinks he's right.
It's not just that he's saying my work is junk.
He's saying Tadashi's work is junk.
Baymax: El Fuego's opinion does not diminish Tadashi's achievements.
I know you're right, Baymax.
Fred: Ladies, gentlemen, and gentle-bots.
I present to you my latest Richardson revenge scheme.
- K.
? - Kindergarten wizard falafel? Ooh! I would eat that.
But no.
It stands for Kaiju Wrestling Federation.
You're starting a Kaiju wrestling league? Yes! All the matches are going to take place in space! - Uh, how'd you get my exo suit? - I totally broke into your lab! But that's not what's important.
What's important is that you need to make the actual space Kaijus much bigger.
- So you want me to do all the work.
- [chuckles.]
No! Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Go Go will help out, too.
Um, this seems a little bit extreme.
- Definitely.
- Big time.
Professional wrestling is a sacred institution, Freddie.
- This is making a total mockery of it.
- Fine! Don't support my excessive revenge scheme.
I'll continue recklessly pursuing it by myself.
Richardson can't always win.
He just can't! - [thuds.]
- [whirring.]
- [whooshing.]
- Aah! El Fuego, do you have a prediction for your fight against the biggest hero in Big Hero 6? Oh, yeah.
If that chicken-bot has the circuits to show up, I'm going to eat his CPU for lunch.
I'm feeling like a sandwich.
It sounds like you're predicting victory.
Clean your ears out, Dunder.
Whoever programmed that bag of bolts had no idea what they were doing.
I'm going to blast its stupid carbon fiber skeleton back to the junkyard! - [roars.]
- [shattering.]
Well, all right.
I'd like to thank El Fuego for being my guest on this week's segment of "Community Corner.
" I wish there was another local news channel.
- [growling.]
- [knocking on door.]
It's official! I just secured the rights to the name "Kaiju Space Wrestling Federation.
" - [chuckling.]
- Okay.
I can't wait to see Richardson's face when we launch.
Pun intended.
- Who's Richardson? - Fred's enemy.
Arch enemy.
Ooh, he makes me so mad! I'm going to destroy him! - So, this boy likes to make you mad.
- Yes.
- He does stuff, says stuff.
- And I get mad.
Sounds like you're letting him win.
That is why I must destroy him! - Or you could ignore him.
- Hmm.
Go on.
Well, if you didn't let him get to you, he'd be losing.
And I'd be winning.
Aunt Cass, you are simply diabolical.
- It's actually just being mature.
- Whatever! You are a genius.
- Fred: Ow! - Okay.
Glad I could help.
- [door closes.]
- I feel for Fred.
It's hard to not let jerks get under your skin.
- Uh-huh.
- [beeping.]
[heroic music.]
Baymax's voice: I am Baymax.
An unsanctioned street fight in a busy city center.
Seems dangerous.
And seems like - good television.
- Woo! All: Hasta luego, El Fuego! Hasta luego, El Fuego! Boo me all you want.
Your hero is a big chicken.
Baymax's voice: I am not a chicken.
I am your worst nightmare.
On a scale from one to ten, how would Baymax's voice: you rate your stupidity? - [fists clanging.]
- [grunting.]
Baymax's voice: Bring it.
- [yelling.]
- [whooshing.]
Da da da da! [fire bursting.]
Give up, fire hydrant.
You're no match for my fuego.
- [flames roaring.]
- Baymax's voice: You wish.
[El Fuego yells.]
Baymax's voice: You are about to need medical attention.
Aah! Aunt Cass: Do you guys know where Hiro is? - It's getting late.
- Yes.
- I think he had a - A school project? At school.
I was getting worried there for a sec.
- I hope Hiro's okay.
- Guys! - [Wasabi yells.]
- You won't believe it! El Fuego is wrestling Baymax! - Hey, Baymax.
- Baymax: Hello.
If Baymax is here Then that's All: Hiro! Oh, no.
- [beeping.]
- [alarm sounds.]
Go Go: Something's wrong.
- Sorry, guys.
I disabled Skymax.
- But Hiro - [crashing.]
- I know you just want to help, but I have to do this on my own.
- To defend Tadashi's honor.
- [shattering.]
- [beeping.]
- Gotta go.
- We have to help Hiro.
- To the Big Hero 6 mobile! You know what? You guys go.
I'll catch up.
[El Fuego yelling.]
Ha, ha, ha, ha! Da da da da! Aah! - [crashing.]
- [clattering.]
- [crackling.]
- Enough.
Baymax's voice: You have been a bad boy.
You will not get a lollipop.
[electricity crackling.]
This fuego is just getting started.
- [clatters.]
- [tires screeching.]
Both: Ooh! Aah! I am the best! Oh, yeah! Da da da da! No, no, no, no, no! [evil laughter.]
- Oh, it feels good to win! - [fists clanging.]
- [fireworks popping.]
- [all booing.]
Yeah! - What can we do without our suits? - Wait.
Where's Baymax? There.
- [crackling.]
- Baymax, what are you doing here? Baymax: Protecting you from injury.
I don't know what you are, but congratulations.
You get to be the first victim of my new finishing move: "The Flying Butt!" Baymax: Oh.
Baymax: You may have an anger-related issue.
Da da da da! - [punching.]
- [El Fuego grunting.]
Aah! [yells.]
Baymax: Unprovoked aggression is usually a sign of insecurity.
Hang on.
I'm just getting started.
Baymax: Would you like a hug? All: Aw! What the Get off me! - [creaking.]
- I think I act out because I don't feel good about myself.
- There, there.
- Aah, ha ha ha ha! You fell for my fake emotional breakthrough.
Time for a power hug! [voice cracking.]
You win, Fuego! You're the toughest.
What? What was that? I didn't hear you.
[voice cracking.]
You're tougher than me.
Just don't hurt my friend.
[evil laughter.]
Your groveling isn't going to save you.
Or your inflatable friend.
Fred: Then I'll have to do it.
What do you think you're going to do, fly weight? - Something really smart.
- [beeping.]
[energy shimmering.]
What? No.
Oh, boy.
[El Fuego yelling.]
That's cheating! [popping.]
- [clattering.]
- [whimpering.]
Baymax: Would you like another hug? No! Everyone leave me alone! Aah! - [police siren blares.]
- Police officer: Freeze, El Fuego.
Hello, Officer.
Hiro: Thanks, Fred.
I wish I had just let all of El Fuego's taunts go.
- Like you did with Richardson.
- Oh, Hiro, Hiro, Hiro.
You just gotta learn to rise above.
Like me.
Maybe some day I could coach you in the mysterious ways of maturity.
I can't believe I lost control.
I know no one can tarnish Tadashi's memory because his work speaks for itself.
Baymax: His work has now become your work.
Hiro has Baymax against the ropes.
- Baymax: This is safe because it is fake.
- [Hiro laughs.]

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