Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e14 Episode Script

Mini-Maximum Trouble

1 [music.]
Hmm? - Phew.
- Uh, what was that? What? Nothing.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Thank you.
The thing with the salt, why did you do it? Why? Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why?! Okay, okay.
Spilling salt is bad luck, and throwing a pinch over your shoulder - reverses the bad luck.
- I don't know, Wasabi.
Sounds like some weird superstition to me.
Shh! I'm a scientist.
I'm supposed to believe in facts and data, not bad luck and superstitions.
What are you doing? Helping you by proving bad luck isn't real.
Wait for it.
Wait for it.
See? Nothing bad happened.
Are you sure you don't want to throw a little over your shoulder? [cell phone ringing.]
- Hey, Megan.
- Hi, Hiro.
I'm so sorry, but I can't hang out today.
I have to work on a story for the school news-feed.
No problem.
What's the story? It's huge.
I'm going to find out the secret identities of Big Hero 6.
- [coughing.]
- Aah! Oh.
Wow, that sounds, uh Exciting! Isn't it? I can't wait to get to work.
See you later.
Uh, should we be concerned about this? No way.
Superhero identity, nobody can crack that code.
Except Obake Momakase, Krei Well, I guess Granville knew the whole time.
Fred, it'll be fine.
I hope you're right.
Eee! [cat yowls.]
- [screeches.]
- [clattering.]
Hello, I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Fred: Okay, you don't see anything, right? Listen, Fred, I don't see how blindfolding me is gonna help me get over my superstitions.
Mini-Max: You are once again free to enjoy your visual abilities.
Why is there a ladder in Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
I have created a superstition obstacle course which I will go through, after which I will not have any bad luck, thus proving there is no such thing as bad luck and you shall be cured, Wasabi.
He doesn't mean it! He doesn't mean it! He doesn't understand! [humming.]
Oh, oh, oh, he's under the ladder! Oh, oh, he's under the ladder! Look, a broken mirror.
Is the forecast calling for rain? No! Don't do it.
Don't! [whimpering.]
- Not inside, man! - Okay, okay, I'll put it away.
- Right in here.
- [meowing.]
Ah! Not a black cat.
It's crossing my path.
There it goes again.
- [meows.]
- [screaming.]
Whoa! [powering up.]
You've ruined both our lives.
Uh, maybe if I No, no.
That's not working.
Mini-Max, help! Stand aside! Water is a precious resource! Yeah! Conservation [gurgling.]
Whoa! [crackling.]
- Oh, that's probably not good.
- Mini-Maximum bad luck.
Please work.
Please work.
Please work.
- Please work.
Please work.
- [beeps.]
Hey there, buddy.
It's me, Fred.
Fred? Are you okay? I am Mini-Max! Mini-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma Okay, gonna be honest.
Need a little more rice time.
Max [knocking on door.]
Come in.
You have a visitor.
A boy visitor.
Hiro! I want to show you what I've been working on.
- This is impressive.
- Right? I've had a team of my best detectives on this for weeks, and they've gotten nowhere.
Dad, I haven't had any breakthroughs yet.
You will.
Hey, you kids want some cookies? - No.
We - I'll go get some cookies.
Cookies for the kids who are pre-dating age.
So, what's your, uh What's your, uh, approach on this? I'm starting with the timeline before I really dig in.
This is where Big Hero 6 first appeared.
There's got to be some reason they showed up when they did.
Yeah, or it could have just been random.
Why are you acting weird? Weird? I'm not acting weird.
[chuckles nervously.]
But did you ever think that maybe Big Hero 6's identity should stay secret? - No.
Why? - I don't know.
Maybe anonymity is what enables them to protect the city? No.
Their superpowers are what enable them - to protect the city.
- Yeah, but Hiro, this is the biggest story ever.
And as a journalist, it's my job to find out the truth.
You, uh, sure, you want to do this story? Why not something else? Oh, like the big game coming up? [chuckles.]
The big game? What game? Isn't there usually a game? I own this story, and I'm not letting go.
- Got those cookies, kids.
- Dad! Yeah! Ooh! Gotcha.
Right in the candy.
[cell phone ringing.]
My main man.
What's what? It's Megan.
We have a problem.
Relax, buddy.
It's like I said before, no one can crack She has a conspiracy wall.
- Is there red yarn? - A lot of red yarn.
[explosion on game.]
[arcade machine beeping.]
- Electronic Voice: Game over! - [sighs.]
This is serious.
Mini-Max, I'm going to the comic book store.
I need to research superheroes unmasked.
Specifically, how bad is that.
Wanna come? My enemy must be-be-be-be-be - Okie-doke.
Back in the rice.
- be-be-be-be-be be-be-be-be-be-be-be [deeper and slower voice.]
Be! Be! Be! Goin' to the store gonna get some more Comic books.
Heathcliff! The porch broke! [humming.]
- [thud.]
- Huh? [creaking.]
[screams, grunts.]
That was a little weird.
Watch out, Danger Face.
Doctor Tobox is right behind you.
- Watch out! - Actually, it's a comic.
They can't hear us.
Can they? Women: Watch out! - [bell dinging.]
- [screams.]
Wasabi was right! Bad luck is real.
[bell dinging.]
Enter Fred-meleon.
Ouch! Aah! - Ahh! - [birds tweeting.]
[bell dinging.]
This isn't great.
- You're welcome.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
So Megan's here.
Okay, we got bigger problems, people! Ouch! [screaming.]
- Oh, no! - [kids screaming.]
Hiro: We're on it.
Hiro: Oh! [wheels squealing.]
[all cheering.]
Excuse me.
Could I ask you a few questions? [deep voice.]
Gotta go.
- Ugh! Hey! - Let's roll.
[Fred screaming.]
- Oh, come on! - Whoa! Excuse me.
What is your real name? Why did you become a superhero? [grunts in frustration.]
Hey, give that back! Thank you? [beeping.]
Wait, you took the memory card! [grunts in frustration.]
[man screams in pain.]
Ooh! Sorry.
I don't know what to do about Megan.
She's connecting the dots.
- Big Hero 6 - To Callahan - To SFIT - To us.
Little salt here.
Little salt there.
Freddie, are you okay? You look - Terrible.
- What happened to your arm? Fred has an oblique radial fracture.
Yeah, because of the bad luck! [screaming.]
What's he talking about? Mini-Max got soaked, then I got hit by part of my house, then a bookshelf, then almost a cable car.
Uh, Sorry, Fred.
That was just yesterday! Today was worse.
I need to break this bad luck streak.
- Told ya.
- You were right.
I shouldn't have messed with the forces of bad luck.
But, please, for the love of all that is good, help me.
You sure this will work? Positive.
The only way to counteract the bad luck is with something that brings good luck.
Like a heads-up coin.
I see one! - Wasabi: Is it heads up? - Yes! - Pick it up! - I'm free, I'm free! The curse is broken! Mwah! - Don't kiss the dirty street money! - But you said it was lucky.
Lucky, yes.
Sanitary, no.
All I know is [sing-songy.]
I broke the curse.
Bad luck is really yucky But now I'm super lucky Just got to see Kentucky Kai - Whoa! [grunts.]
- [clattering.]
This story is really important to her, and I feel bad discouraging her.
But, on the other hand, she obviously can't find out who we are.
Ahh! [sighs.]
I don't know.
What do you think? About Megan.
- Baymax: Megan is here.
- What? Oh, no.
[grunting, screaming.]
- Hey, Hiro! - Oh, hey! What's up? Well, Super Sleuth Megan Cruz managed to get security footage of Big Hero 6.
Oh, wow, that's, uh great.
It would be, except the footage is super blurry.
Do you think you could do the whole "enhance" thing? It would really help Super Sleuth Megan Cruz.
- Uh - Please? What if I promise not to refer to myself, Super Sleuth Megan Cruz, in third person ever again? [laughs.]
But it's going to take a while.
No problem.
I'll just chill over here with Baymax.
We've got a chess game to finish.
- It is your move.
- [groans.]
[keyboard clacking.]
- Megan: Gotcha.
- [startled gasps.]
- Check! - Oh! - Hiro: Is that - What is it? Uh - What? - That's as good as it gets.
- Sorry, Megan.
- Oh, well.
Thanks for trying.
Guess I better get home.
Later, Baymax! Good game.
[yells, grunts.]
- [line ringing.]
- Come on.
Pick up, Fred.
- [phone ringing.]
- [moaning.]
Exposed pipes? Beams? Plastic tarps? Oh, no! I've been captured by an evil doer! [ringing continues.]
Okay, plan B.
Help! Help! - Somebody help! - [door opens.]
Hmm? Mini-Max? Mini-Max! Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
Can you untie me? Mini-Max: I could.
Great, thanks, bud But I'm not going to.
You are my prisoner! Evil laugh sequence initiated.
[evil laughter.]
Wait, prisoner? You brought me here? Indeed! I am also responsible for all of your "accidents.
" Finger quotes intended! [old-timey villain music.]
[Fred screams.]
[Fred screams.]
But why? We're best buds.
We're supposed to be on the same side.
- Fighting for justice! - Ha-ha! I laugh in the face of justice! No.
Wickedness is my aim! And you, Fred, are my foe! Wait a minute.
Why are you The water! It must have messed with your inside worky parts.
At least I think that's how Hiro would explain it.
I wonder if there's a large vat of rice around here? Ugh! Empty carbs can't save you now, Fred! Maybe not, but Big Hero 6 can! I bet they're on their way here right now! I'm counting on it! Why only take out one when I can destroy all of Big Hero 6? Mini-Maximum villainy! Evil dance sequence initiated.
[electronic dance music.]
A hearty hello, nemeses! It is I, Mini-Max! If you ever want to see your Fred again, you must come and face me.
Good luck! The water must have damaged his personality chip.
Initiate evil laugh.
- [evil laughter.]
- Nope.
We need to find Freddie now.
Baymax, can you scan the city for Fred? - Baymax: Scanning.
- [trilling, beeping.]
Hiro [over radio.]
: Fred's on the twenty-third floor.
On our way.
There he is.
Fred, are you okay? No! My side-kick betrayed me! [alarm blaring.]
Please note.
I am unable to move.
It's too heavy.
- Ha-ha! - [startled gasp.]
You have taken my bait! - And now I will take this! - That is my rocket fist.
And now your powerful fist will do my bidding! - [evil laughter.]
- [elevator bell dinging.]
- Wasabi: Wow.
Mini-Max did this? - Guys, look out! Evil stolen fist sequence initiated! [shrieks.]
Close! Close! Close! Close! [grunts.]
[heavy thud.]
Okay, he can't get in.
And we can't get out.
- Oops.
- Well, that was fun.
We might be able to go this way.
- Mini-Max: I am right here! - [shrieks.]
[evil laughter.]
No, no.
Please don't do that.
Sorry, lowly adversary, but you are going down.
Mini-Maximum literalness! [screaming.]
Guys, hold on! [screaming.]
[Honey Lemon grunting.]
Okay, this is better.
Don't worry.
I have a plan.
Just need to work this a little and yes! Fly! Fly like the wind, Skymax! [beep.]
Fred? Fred! - Thank you.
- Over here! [straining.]
Where's Fred? Mini-Max: Yes! I would like to know the same thing.
This ends now, Mini-Max! Never! Villainy everlasting! - Aah! - [grunts.]
Where'd he go? - Mini-Max: Down here! - Huh? - [shrieks.]
- [laughs.]
- I'll take that.
- No! [cackles.]
- [energy blast.]
- [groans.]
[both groaning.]
[Hiro groaning.]
[Mini-Max laughs.]
And that's how you do evil! [cackles.]
Huh? Fred: Sorry, Mini-Max.
This is gonna hurt me just as much as it's gonna hurt you.
Mini-Maximum revenge vow! We are gonna need a whole lot more rice.
And now you're waterproof.
So nothing like what happened will ever happen again? Exactly.
[powering on.]
- Mini-Max: Fred? - Mini-Max! - Mini-Max: Fred! - Mini-Max! Fred! - Mini-Max! - Mini-Max: Fred.
Please tell me you're not gonna drop any more heavy stuff on me.
Hearty chuckle! Of course not! You are my best friend.
[sobbing softly.]
Would you like a tissue? No, thanks.
Glad to have you back, Mini-Max.
Glad to be back.
I apologize for the wayward fist.
Mini-Max/Baymax: Ba-la-la-la-la.
- Hey, that's our thing.
- [Fred chuckles.]
- [knocking on door.]
- Come in.
Your dad said I could come up.
- Hey.
- So, how's it going? Did you figure out who Big Hero 6 is yet? Unfortunately, no.
But I have made an interesting discovery.
Each dot represents a Big Hero 6 sighting.
As you can see, they seem to show up most often here Krei Tech.
- Megan: here.
Megan: and here.
The Lucky Cat.
Why these three areas? I don't know.
How would I know? - You okay, Hiro? - What? Oh, yeah, fine.
- I'm just, uh, blown away.
- You and me both, Hiro.
Amazing work, Super Sleuth Megan Cruz! This is the first step to unmasking Big Hero 6.

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