Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e13 Episode Script

City of Monsters (Part 2)

1 Fred: Previously, to take on all the monsters, Hiro made us new gear ultra awesome! Meanwhile, Karmi was looking for a mystery cure at Sycorax and decided that robot stuff was the key.
She needed a robotics super genius super quick.
Team up time! Could Hiro and Karmi put aside their differences? Yeah, they could! Meanwhile, there was a big monster attack and we got to use our new toys! Hiro and Karmi had a big breakthrough - but then - [screeching.]
- We have to find Hiro.
- Uh-oh.
- Not good.
- Fred: What do we do? We're going to the monster factory.
Let's go over the plan.
We know Liv is holding Hiro and Baymax inside, so I'll do the distraction thing then while Liv sends her monsters out to get me The rest of us will super jump Or chem-boot bounce on top of the building.
- Then I'll cut a hole in the roof - And I'll throw a slide Great plan.
Go on three? [all scream.]
It just sounded so exciting! Give us back our friends! Or there will be consequences.
Sounds good.
Let's go talk inside.
I made red velvet cupcakes! I don't like this.
At all.
Me neither.
But cupcakes Admit it.
Liv's behind all the monsters.
- Absolutely.
- Oh.
Appreciate your honesty.
[hums happily.]
Fred, pay attention.
The man is a baking wizard.
Take us to Liv.
[hisses sharply.]
That's gonna to be a problem.
Liv's super busy.
Why don't you pencil us in for now.
"Now"? Hmm.
That won't work for you.
You're going to be super busy, too.
Wasabi: High Voltage are in Fishtown! Go Go: And there's Sparkles.
Fred: And Momakase too! - They're all over the city! - Oh no.
Your friends are going to be gone a while.
Let's get started.
- [snarling.]
- I will never help you.
Really? They're not going to last long out there without you and airbag.
- I am Baymax.
- You're wrong about my friends.
Without his muscle and your brains, they're Dead meat.
Do what I ask and I'll call off the monsters.
Oh and also, Karmi goes back to being Karmi.
All it takes is a swipe on my phone.
And what is it you want me to do? Save Liv Amara.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh Wah-oh, wah-oh [music.]
Oh yeah, Mini-Max! Welcome to the party, bud! I would never miss an opportunity to punch villainy in the buttocks! Hmm usually one kicks butt.
Not Mini-Max! I punch butt! For justice! Okay.
Make it your own.
I like that.
[people screaming.]
They may be bigger, but we are mega powered by decency! Punch butt! [roars.]
That's how you lighten the mood! Fred, watch out! [people screaming.]
There's a deranged man-child in there! Found Sparkles.
You're gonna get through this, Sidney.
What do you think of your strict "no pet" policy now? - That it should be stricter? - Sparkles! I'm glad you could join us for our holiday party! - What holiday? - Pranksgiving, of course! - [Mayoi snarling.]
- [Go Go grunting.]
Sparkles: Happy Pranksgiving, one and all! [Sparkles cackles.]
[Wasabi yelping.]
Ew! They use their tongues now! - [screeching.]
- [Wasabi yelling.]
Okay, so Fred has Knox and Bessie, Go Go has Mr.
Sparkles, Wasabi has High Voltage.
I guess that leaves [both grunting.]
The best for last! - If she's Liv, who are you? - Sorry.
Not taking questions.
[electronic whirring.]
Baymax: You and she are genetically identical.
- Hm.
Impressive bot.
- You're her twin? Baymax: That is incorrect.
- She is a clone.
- Clone.
- You made her? - Close.
She made me.
Why would Liv clone herself? We're running out of time and I need you focused.
Chris, bring up lab report, day 147.
Immortality Project.
Day 147.
Do you like butter? I do not eat.
Liv: I've genetically-engineered these organisms to guard against disease, exponentially increasing life expectancy.
- Parasynths - Exactly.
No one believed in her project.
So Liv tested the parasynths on herself.
But they mutated.
The best doctors in the world couldn't save her.
She had weeks to live.
Day 159.
I am preparing to enter cryo-state.
My last, only hope is radical.
There's only one person I trust to find the cure.
Also known as me.
I'm Diane.
You can call me "Di.
" - Hello.
I am Baymax.
- [whispering.]
: We know.
I pretended to be Liv.
Nobody knew the difference.
What do the monsters have to do with all this? Research is expensive.
Luckily, I found turning people into monsters can be very lucrative.
This is crazy! I was created for one purpose.
To save Liv Amara.
And I will stop at nothing to accomplish that goal.
If I have to, I will have my monsters tear this city to the ground.
- Understood? - Uh-huh.
Good boy.
[snarling snores.]
Hiro: You are going to turn her back, right? Di: That's up to you.
Baymax: There was no need to abduct us.
I am programmed to help in medical emergencies.
And I'm programmed to make sure Liv is cured.
Let's just do this.
- Ready? - Yes.
Baymax: The blood cells appear normal.
There's Karmi's cure.
[powering up.]
Baymax: Subclavian vein.
This way to the superior vena cava.
Baymax: We have arrived at the heart.
Right atrium.
So the parasynths must be [creatures growling.]
Baymax: Surrounding us.
Fred: I think I made Bessie mad.
[Fred yelping.]
Had enough? No? Okay.
Mini-Max: Hey! Why don't you pick on someone much smaller than your own size? I can do this all day! As long as I can stop to recharge my battery every 90 minutes.
[Fred groaning.]
Guys, this isn't working.
- We can't beat them on our own.
- Fred's right! And I am going to have so many nightmares! - Yeah, I'm over this.
- This is no picnic for me, either.
Actually, it kind of is! Because I'm worth it.
Mini-Max: Fred.
We need a plan.
[Fred grunting.]
Mini-Max: I should specify, a plan that works! [roaring.]
We need a plan, but my plan is usually to ask Hiro for the plan, but Hiro isn't here, which is why we need a plan, but my plan is usually to ask Hiro Fred's broken.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
I have an idea.
If we lead our monsters to Fred and Mini-Max All the monsters will be in one place [grunts.]
Sounds good! I do not want to be alone with these two anymore.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
Where's Hiro? Need a plan.
What were you talking about? [all groan.]
[parasynths growling.]
It's working! - Karmi's cure is highly effective.
- All right! Ba-la-la-la.
Hiro: Might have "ba-la-la'd" too soon.
Baymax: That is a large one.
Relatively speaking.
We can go big, too.
[electricity crackling.]
Huh? - Baymax: Oh.
- [gasps.]
- [growling.]
- [Hiro gasping.]
[Hiro groans.]
Run! Or swim or whatever! Baymax: Aortic artery.
My diagnostics suggest we could destroy this parasynth, if it ingests the cure.
On a scale of one to ten, how hard will that be? Ten.
[Fred grunting.]
[Fred yelps.]
Hey, Mini-Max.
I just thought of something pretty crazy.
Whisper your folly into my audio receptors.
[whispering indistinctly.]
An ill-conceived plan, unlikely to succeed! I love it! - [laughs heroically.]
- [mimics laughter.]
I can laugh like that too.
It's fun.
[Fred screams.]
This is alarming! When I return, I will bring glorious victory! Awesome! If possible, also bring tacos! I will be the distraction.
I am here to distract you.
I hope this works! Baymax, now! Thirsty? [Hiro yelps.]
- [explosion.]
- [Hiro grunts.]
The treatment was successful.
Her vitals are getting stronger! Now, call off your monsters and cure Karmi.
So polite! How about an upgrade instead? - Not interested.
- Stay for dinner! You know, I've become something of a monster artist.
Don't fight it, Hiro.
Be my masterpiece! You don't have to do this, Di.
You're the only one who knows what I've done, so I think I kinda do.
[Hiro yelps.]
I've learned a lot about the brain.
I can send impulses to my pets to make them think what I want.
For example, that a friend is actually an enemy.
Huh? [screeching.]
Super jum oh! Doesn't work anymore.
I've been Bessied! [screams.]
Nothing works! I can't even fire blast! Freddie! [Honey Lemon grunting.]
[Fred gasps.]
Rejected! [Wasabi grunts.]
[hissing, screeching.]
[Mayoi squeaking.]
Ready for my close up? - Sparkles: Whoa! - [Momakase shrieks.]
- Fool! - I'm not a fool, I'm a celebrity! Go Go: When you're done, we'll accept your surrender.
This is everyone's fault but mine.
You can't beat a good plan! Except with a better plan.
[Bessie shrieks.]
Okay, well.
Did not see that coming.
So many monsters! Mini-Max: Fear not, brave heroes! Mini-Max! How'd the back-up plan work out? Mini-Max: Outstanding! And I brought tacos! You came up with a back-up plan? Yeah, and I did it without asking Hiro.
Which is weird because normally my plan is to ask Hiro for the plan, but Hiro isn't here, which is why we needed a plan, - but I couldn't ask - Ned Ludd: Bessie? [thunder cracking.]
- Fred, you didn't.
- Oh, yes.
I did.
Crazy wood-dweller Ned Ludd, everybody! Bessie! Oh, where are you, girl? - [energy surges.]
- [moose lows.]
Mini-Max: You're Mini-Maximum welcome.
[Karmi Monster screeches.]
No! Baymax, we have to get Di's phone! Really need that phone! - Chris, deal with this.
- I live to serve.
Whoa, what are you? I'm the biologically perfect assistant.
A mix of human, canine, gorilla and foodie.
[Karmi Monster roars.]
I hate to be a bad host, but [Chris grunts.]
Baymax! Ac actually Malfunction Baymax! Hiro, you are in d-d-danger.
You need to ru-u-n now.
Bessie? Bessie? Where's my Bessie, you dum-dums? Come home! [snarling.]
Bessie? What have they done to you, girl? We don't have time for this.
Hang on.
I want to see where this goes.
Let's go, Bessie.
You belong in the wood, girl! [growling.]
Oh, I can't watch! Intimidate the bear! [both growling.]
[blabbering aggressively.]
- Whaaat? - Good girl.
Let's get out of here.
Just me and you, Bessie.
Quit imposing gender on our meteorite-bear monster! [powering down.]
What? No! My leafy greens! Oh.
Now I wish I had watched.
[Bessie lowing.]
Momma! Are we going back to jail? - [Sparkles groans.]
- [Momakase grunts.]
Actually, to be clear, I'm not with them.
[Karmi Monster screeching.]
Karmi, you can fight this! Because you're the smartest person I know.
You're my friend.
I care about you.
Seriously? Just eat him.
Ugh! Chris, finish the job.
I'll take it from here.
[Hiro grunts.]
No! Let her go.
[Hiro groans.]
Sorry, Hiro, but I'm afraid you're a loose end.
- Wait.
Where's my phone? - [weakly.]
Over here.
- Liv! - Huh? - I did it! - What did you do? What you created me to do.
To save you.
I I never wanted to be saved like this.
- [beeping.]
- No! [screeching.]
- [Chris screams.]
- [objects clattering.]
Liv, what are you doing? I'm doing the right thing.
Karmi! I did my job.
You should be grateful.
I'm ashamed.
Hiro, are you okay? Fred: Uh and why are there two Livs? [rapid beeping.]
Bluff Dunder reporting.
I don't really understand what happened here at Sycorax today, - so onto sports! - [beep.]
- I can't believe Liv - Go Go: You mean Di.
Was an evil clone.
Yeah, pretty good twist for phase two of the Big Heroverse.
See, I knew you guys could beat the monsters - without me and Baymax.
- We're just glad you're safe.
I may not always show it, but I'm glad I have friends looking out for me.
Not everyone has that.
Which reminds me.
I should go check on a new friend.
He means Karmi.
- What happened? - Karmi's parents took her.
- Took her where? - Home.
They felt this city was not a a safe environment.
She's gone? I didn't say goodbye.
Karmi: Big Hero 6 was in trouble.
Their greatest enemies had teamed up and they had a captive.
You're in luck, Captain Cutie! I am Lab Lady! [music.]

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