Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e19 Episode Script

Hiro the Villain

1 [clatters.]
You two are going to jail.
[Go Go grunting.]
- [sword tings.]
- [bracelet whirs.]
Go Go! [bracelet whirs.]
- [trash can clatters.]
Fred: Hey! - Sorry, Freddie! [whimpers.]
- Hello, again, Wasabi.
- [blade whooshes.]
Hey, the villain first-name-basis thing? Not actually comfortable with it.
- [blades clank.]
- Or that.
Fred: [grunts.]
I never thought Momakase was the sidekick type.
How'd you two meet? [screens whir.]
- Fred: Aah! - [clattering.]
Cool weapon! Whoa! - Great.
- Sorry, Go Go! - This just isn't my day.
- Wasabi: Uh, guys? Over-matched over here! - [grunts.]
- [crackling.]
[grunts, shrieks.]
Both: No! - Who are you? - [clangs.]
Let's see.
- [gasps.]
- Fred: What? [chuckles nervously.]
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back up.
- It's, uh kind of a long story.
- Ooh, do we have popcorn? - I really want popcorn.
- [thuds.]
- Huh? - No popcorn! Fine.
I guess we'll just listen without snacks.
It all started at Joe's Diner.
And that's why Krei wears a cow costume every Mother's Day.
I get it.
- Megan? - Sorry, Hiro.
I've kind of hit a dead end with my story for the school blog.
Dead end on the Big Hero 6 story? I'm not any closer to figuring out who they are.
Oh, man.
That's terrible.
Well, at least you tried.
- [phone chimes.]
- [huffs.]
It's my dad.
He's gonna be home late.
Some criminal escaped from prison.
Mommykase? - Momakase.
- You know who she is? Oh, I, uh I know who she is because funny story.
- She poisoned Krei.
- That's a funny story? Well, he lived, and his pants fell off.
Wanna quit saying weird things and go to a movie? - Yeah, I would, but, uh - School project? [gasps.]
- What? - [shrieks.]
Yes, uh, science sure is great.
Uh, gotta go do some! Okay.
Call me later, when you're less jumpy.
- [car alarm blaring outside.]
- Fred: Sorry! [laughs nervously.]
Will do.
[birds screeching.]
Momakase escaped two hours ago.
- We have to catch her.
- Yeah, 'cause if we don't, - I may never sleep again.
- Fred: Don't worry, Wasabi.
We have an advantage this time.
- Basemax! - That's right.
Basemax, time to power scan for Momakase.
- [beeping.]
- Basemax: Scanning.
Scanning used to be your job, huh? - I am still capable of scanning.
- Yeah, but she's doing it now.
I'm here for you, buddy, always.
Basemax: Scan complete.
I do not detect Momakase.
She must be using the scan jammer she got from Obake.
Uh, guys, we can still scan for her graphene blades.
Basemax: Scanning for graphene blades.
Don't let her get to you.
I am not imbued with human emotions.
Oh, Baymax.
You're not fooling me, big guy.
Basemax: I do not detect Momakase's graphene blades.
She knows we can scan for them.
She's being careful.
- Now what? - I have an idea! - Was tacos your whole idea? - Uh-huh.
Even though the police are after us, - I think we have to risk night patrol.
- Agreed.
- Split up to cover more ground.
- I'm with Go Go.
And we're gonna call our team Fire and Slice! Happy to work with you, but we are not calling ourselves that.
You like it, I can tell.
Megan: Hiro said Krei was poisoned by Momakrazy, or whatever.
[keys clacking.]
Megan: Thank you for letting me interview you - for my school blog, Mr.
- Happy to help a student who wants to write a complimentary profile about me.
How are you going to describe my jaw? Rugged or strong? Chiseled! Go with chiseled.
You're not writing.
I'd like to start with your relationship with Big Hero 6.
Ah, starting out with a "gotcha" question.
- I didn't ask a question yet.
- Ha.
Well, we can argue about what is and isn't a question all day.
- Let's get back to my jaw.
- What inside knowledge can you share about Big Hero 6? None! Never met them.
Now, who wants an ice cream sundae? - No, thanks.
- [snaps.]
Assistant! Two sundaes.
But Big Hero 6 battled Yokai at Krei Tech.
Had nothing to do with me.
They recovered your anti-gravity device from Momakase.
- Was that them? - They saved you from a scientist you double-crossed named Mel.
They also saved you from the Hibagon with the help of a cat.
Not to mention that time they saved you from Globby.
Again, chiseled.
C-H - I I wanna say Z? - [Assistant whirs.]
Sir, you clearly know them.
Why won't you talk about them? Ah, would you look at that? The sundaes are here! - Thanks for coming in.
Can't wait to read your post.
- Megan: But I Tell security to never let her in the building again.
[Assistant whirs.]
You can, uh, you can leave the sundae.
Uh, both of them.
- Way to go, Hiro.
- [camera shutter clicks.]
[blade whirs, tings.]
- [pops.]
- Well, that was a waste of time.
Baymax: Although we did not locate Momakase, we did increase our database of where she is not.
Ah, that's one way to look at it.
I am in need of recharging.
Otherwise, I will [giggles.]
start a tickle fight.
- Ticky, ticky.
- I'm gonna go fix the Fred-meleon suit.
- But the tickle fight! - Maybe another time.
- Baymax: When? Now? - No! How about now? Now works for me.
Now is charging time.
- [beeping.]
- Baymax: Okay, okay.
Y-you're a good guy.
- [inflating.]
- Sleep well, buddy.
- Aah! - Welcome, Captain Cutie.
[clangs, clatters.]
Momakase, if you did anything to Aunt Cass Relax.
Your food-warrior aunt is blissfully unaware of my presence.
- Then why are you here? - You are going to help me steal something.
You're crazy if you think I'd help you.
Oh, I feel quite confident you will.
Obake knew everything about Big Hero 6.
- Notably, your identities.
- Huh? It would be a shame if that information got out.
[computer beeping.]
- You and your sad friends would be arrested.
- We're not criminals.
The police seem to be under the impression that you are.
Plus, what would your beloved aunt think when she learns you've been lying to her this whole time? We're going to make a great team.
Cruz, I appreciate your interest in attending SFIT.
However, looking at your science grades, I think a different post-secondary path might be in order.
That's too bad.
I was really hoping to at least interview.
Actually, an English major would be - No, I was hoping to interview you.
- Me? Why? I'm curious about SFIT's affiliation with Big Hero 6.
There is no official affiliation.
- How about unofficial? - Why are you asking these questions? Why aren't you answering? - I think we're done here.
- A lot of weird things have happened at SFIT.
A criminal named Yama broke into the school.
Big Hero 6 fought that Obake guy and a team of supervillains here.
And one of your students, a girl named Karmi, was turned into a monster, and then was saved by Big Hero 6.
Big Hero 6 is active all over San Fransokyo.
We are all in their debt.
Best of luck with your research.
- Good day.
- [door slams.]
- [beeps.]
- This looks familiar.
- It's Yama's lair.
- Yama? We're stealing from Yama? While he's still in prison.
And this job requires some technical expertise.
Genius level expertise.
Yama's security uses advanced auto-tracking infrared cameras.
- Hiro: Yeah.
They're everywhere.
- Momakase: Exactly.
- And we need to get from here, to here.
- [beeping.]
If we trigger the alarm, the whole place immediately goes on lockdown.
- Couldn't you cut your way out? - Sadly, no.
Reinforced titanium security doors.
Even my blades can't cut through that.
An electromagnetic pulse could disable the cameras.
Already considered that.
The cameras are EMP blocked.
Momakase: You have two days to find a way.
I'm confident you'll succeed.
After all, your friends and family are counting on you.
I need to know what you're stealing.
I won't do this if it's something that will hurt people.
Very heroic.
But don't worry, it is nothing like that.
I'm afraid you're just going to have to trust me.
This is Chief Diego Cruz.
As part of my investigation into the fugitives known as Big Hero 6, I'm conducting an interview with inmate Robert Callaghan, a.
I'll answer to the best of my knowledge, but to be frank, I don't know much about Big Hero 6.
During your attack on Mr.
Krei, you fought them.
There's clearly some connection.
I suppose they were concerned citizens.
I believe the term is "vigilantes.
" Those "vigilantes" saved two lives that night: Alistair Krei, and my daughter, Abigail.
So you're not bitter that because of them, you're here? I'm paying for my mistake, an unforgivable mistake.
You're referring to the fire at SFIT.
You're wrong about Big Hero 6.
Let's see what sonic waves can do.
[waves warble.]
- Hiro! Hey! - [exploding.]
- Hey! - [Hiro yells.]
- Sorry, Fred! - [Fred grunting.]
- [pops.]
- [grunts.]
That's okay.
What are you working on? - School project? - Um yes.
Hey, did you fix my Fred-meleon suit? I wanna use it to scare Richardson by pretending to be a ghost.
Uh, as well as for regular superhero stuff, of course.
It might take me a while.
You really messed this thing up.
[tongue snaps.]
I think I'm gonna have to replace the flexible display cloth.
I appreciate it, buddy.
I really wanna scare Mole.
[in ghostly voice.]
: Whoa, Richardson.
Why does your face look worse than everyone else's face? [knocks on door.]
Hi, Dad.
You're home late.
Yeah, I was working on a lead on Big Hero 6.
- Any luck? - He didn't say much.
He definitely knows more than he's admitting.
So frustrating.
I know the feeling.
- Chief Cruz: I'm going over it again in the morning, fresh.
- Sounds like a plan.
- Love you, Dad.
- Love you, too, kiddo.
Don't stay up too late.
Sorry, Dad.
I'll return it by morning.
Diego [over recording.]
: So you're not bitter that because of them, you're here? Callaghan [over recording.]
: I'm paying for my mistake, an unforgivable mistake.
Diego [over recording.]
: You're referring to the fire at SFIT.
Megan: Fire at SFIT? [gasps.]
Hiro's brother.
- It's pizza nachos.
- Baymax: And kale pancakes.
- [splats.]
- Aunt Cass: Oh.
That's wonderful.
Wouldn't have thought of putting those two things together.
Baymax and I probably should have coordinated.
Baymax: It was more efficient to work separately.
It's perfect.
Well, not the combo.
The combo is unsettling, but I love having you around more often.
It's been great having more free time.
But I actually have to work late.
At school.
Well, it was nice while it lasted.
Sorry, Aunt Cass.
I just want to follow Tadashi's lead, and - try to make the world a better place.
- He'd be as proud as I am.
Baymax: Hiro, you do not appear to be getting ready for night patrol.
I'm not.
We're not going tonight.
- Baymax: Has Momakase been apprehended? - No.
I have to do something to protect the people I care about.
Baymax: That is a positive goal.
Yeah, but it's risky.
I just hope my instincts are right.
Baymax: Your friends and Aunt Cass trust your instincts.
So did Tadashi.
- Thanks, Baymax.
- Baymax: I am programmed to provide emotional support.
[siren blaring.]
- Thug: Nobody double-crosses me! - [man whimpering.]
Huh? - So.
- [yells.]
What did the teen genius come up with? The cameras won't be a problem.
Wear this.
The district attorney is releasing this criminal early in return for information about the fugitive Momakase.
- Yes! Ha-ha! - I do not agree with this decision.
- Hey! - I thought the public should be aware that this potentially dangerous person - is back on the streets.
- Feels good.
Yama and Momakase do not seem to be getting along.
- Um, I don't think anyone gets along with Yama.
- Basemax: Alert.
I have detected Momakase's graphene blades.
- She's not being careful anymore.
- Huh.
That's Yama's place.
Hiro and Baymax must still be on night patrol.
Basemax: I have sent a message to Hiro and Baymax.
- They can meet us.
Come on.
- [beeping.]
[wind whistling.]
- [whirring.]
- [beeping.]
- [wave warbles.]
- [glass cracks.]
[static crackles.]
Did you see the Ninjas game last night? - No, it was on against Celebrity Whistling.
- [wave warbles.]
[glass cracks.]
- [thwacking.]
- [yells.]
[glass shatters.]
- [warbling.]
- [shattering.]
- Sonic waves for the win.
- Amazing.
You're wasting your talents being a hero.
[blade tings.]
[taps softly.]
[doors rattling.]
Why did you want these? I mean, you have graphene blades.
Are they worth a lot of money? Momakase: They were my family's.
Passed down from generation to generation.
Their value is not measured in money.
- What happened? - Gangsters threatened my family.
So my father traded them for our safety.
I vowed I would never be pushed around again.
- How did you know Yama had them? - He has a big mouth.
I've been searching for these my whole life.
They're my last connection to my family.
I know how important holding onto that memory is.
Yama: How touching.
Those belong to me.
You have no right to them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Everyone calm down.
I agree with tiny ninja.
Let's just wait for the police.
- You called them? - Me and the chief, we're like this.
Huh? Where'd they go? Find them! [grunts.]
- You do good work.
- Yeah, I do.
Let's get out of here.
Aah! [Hiro gasps.]
Whoa! [grunts.]
[Momakase grunting.]
[Hiro panting.]
Hiro: Aah! You're lucky you're good with tech.
Fred: And you're unlucky we found you.
'Cause we're gonna turn you in to the police, - because you're a villain, and we are - Fred.
Less is more.
What is going on with you and Yama? And who's your friend? Unfortunately, I'm not taking questions.
Fred: Hey! That's my trick! Um.
Fred: Ow! - Aah! - Freddie! - [thuds.]
- [clattering.]
On it! Hiro [whispers.]
: Do not hurt them.
Momakase [whispers.]
: Then contain the situation.
- Compelling story.
Family swords? - [clattering.]
- Are we up to speed now? - You had no choice.
I would have done the same thing.
Honestly? Still a little uncomfortable about this.
- [helicopter whirring.]
- [gasps.]
Chief Cruz: Hurry! I heard something over here! - We have to get out of here now.
- There's no way out.
I'll lead the police away, then you and your friends can escape.
I can't let you hurt anyone.
I won't, this time partner.
- This is weird.
- Lovely seeing you all.
Looking for me? [blade clangs.]
That was Momakase.
Move out.
[sirens blaring.]
[tires screech.]
[sirens blare.]
Hero-villain team up? [groans.]
I am so jealous of you right now.
Do you think Momakase got away? - Baymax: Scanning.
- [whirring.]
Baymax: I do not detect Momakase.
Baymax scanning.
That takes me back.
If the police had Momakase, they'd take her scan jammer.
- She's good.
- And bad.
Let's not get carried away.
- Thanks, Hiro.
If people found out who we are - We'd be arrested.
And everyone we care about would be in danger.
Big relief.
Our identities are safe.

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