Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e20 Episode Script

Portal Enemy

1 Roddy: Uh, Chief.
I need you to sign off on plans for the next room.
Wow, Roddy.
Looks great.
Yeah! Our headquarters is really coming together.
Hold it! There's a problem.
I don't see where the lazy river's going to go.
- Lazy what? - River.
I don't think we have room for that, Freddy.
Um, yes we do! It could go here and here and through here ooh, into here.
- Oh! My blueprints! - Baymax: There, there.
Fred: That's a tunnel.
Fred, this is a headquarters, not an amusement park.
Yeah, you're right.
So, just a wave pool then? - [others groaning.]
- Water slide? Rain room? - Ooh, I know, I know.
A fish tank! - Tell you what.
I can do an extra-large sink in the little hero's room.
Nice work.
Hi, yes, I need to cancel my order for a large number of pool floaties.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Well, I'm in a hurry, Mother.
I have to get to the opera, but I forgot my glasses.
I can't go without them.
Oh, I don't care about the opera.
The glasses are for hate-watching the audience.
Last time Harold Stubing fell asleep right on Marjory Templeton's shoulder.
A single strand of drool fell like an angel's tear.
I think they're - Aha! Got 'em! - [phone vibrates.]
Hold on, Mother, I have to take this.
Chief Cruz! My favorite client.
How are those Buddy Guards working out for you? - [computer beeping.]
- That sounds like that hurts! Uh, could you just turn it off and turn it back on again? Wha? Aah! Get back here! Sorry, this phone, it's weirdly slippery.
Aah, for pity's Oh, you slippery fish! Chief? Mother! How did you? Probably all the dropping.
Anyway, I've got to get to the show.
Oh wait.
Where's my earplugs? You want me to listen to an opera? Don't be absurd.
Wait a minute! No, not you, mother.
"Download"? Aah! I think I've just been robbed.
- Chief Cruz: Megan! Heading to work.
- Oh, okay.
- Home for dinner? - Definitely.
Love you! - Love you, too! - Phew.
Proper hydration is crucial to good health.
- Good to know.
- Enjoy! Hmm.
- Hey, Hiro? - Hey! What's up? Uh, nothing.
Well Actually, I wanted to talk to you about some [phone vibrating.]
Oh, uh, sorry.
- [phone beeps.]
- [text message chimes.]
- Shoot, I have to, uh, run.
- Your study group? Yeah, you know, always studying.
As a group.
Can we talk later? - Actually, it really has to be - Later! Bye! Baymax: Goodbye.
Hiro: So, the thief was behind you the whole time.
Krei [on tape.]
: Slippery slip slippery.
- Go Go: Wow.
- Okay, maybe there could be - less mocking, more solving? - [clears throat.]
Can you, uh, think of anything the thief would be after? There's a lot of top-secret development information on my computer.
- It could be anything! - Go Go: Is that a unitard? Yes.
- [phone vibrates.]
- [phone beeps.]
Baymax, can you see if there's any visible biometric data? Scanning now.
I have identified a match.
Celine Simard.
Hiro: She studied physics.
Put herself through school working as an acrobat in Lyontreal.
- Acrobat? - Yeah.
Stage name's Sirque.
That explains the unitard.
And how she was able to flip around unnoticed.
See? That could've happened to anybody.
- Sure.
- [Krei groans.]
Her troop performed all over the world.
Go Go: And she was stealing all over the world.
- So, an acrobat and a thief.
- And a physicist.
Which means whatever she took from Krei's computer She actually knows how to use.
Hiro: Krei wasn't kidding.
He's got hundreds of projects in development.
Geoengineering, optogenetics.
Sirque could've been after anything.
- Sirque? - [stammers.]
Megan! - Baymax: Hello.
- What's up? - Why'd you turn your screen off? - Oh, uh, no reason.
Been staring at it all day.
[chuckles nervously.]
It's a, uh, health thing.
Help me out, Baymax.
Baymax: Here is a handy tip: Adequate lighting, proper screen placement, and taking regular breaks reduces risk of eye strain.
- Right.
- Y-Y-You want pizza? - I think Aunt Cass just made - I know who Big Hero 6 is! Oh, uh, really? - Who? - You.
You can't tell anyone! You can't tell anyone we're Big Hero 6, Megan.
- [chuckles.]
What? - Especially not your father.
So instead of apologizing for lying to me this whole time, you're giving me orders? - Megan, this is important.
- Exactly! Which is why my dad needs to know.
Look, if you tell him, he'll shut us down.
- Maybe that's a good thing.
- No, it's not.
People in this city will get hurt because we won't be there to help.
Have you ever thought that the city doesn't need Big Hero 6? No, I have not thought that, because it's ridiculous.
- We have the police.
- The police can't do what we do.
Baymax: Megan is leaving.
Come with me.
Shadow us.
I'll prove it.
Yeah, no.
My dad would kill me.
I'll even take you to our secret headquarters.
A behind-the-scenes look at your headquarters will be a great sidebar to my article.
Yeah, but maybe if you learn more about us and why we do this, - you'll change your mind.
- Don't count on it.
How did you figure it out, anyway? Tadashi.
His connection to Callaghan, that was the missing piece.
You really are Super Sleuth Megan Cruz.
[birds cooing.]
[metal creaks.]
- This is your headquarters? - [chuckles.]
Base-Max: Alert.
I have detected an intruder in Okay.
I'm impressed.
- Don't touch anything! - Who's that? - Oh, that's Roddy.
- Roddy Blair, King of lairs.
Paint's still wet.
Wait, there's seven of you now? - No, this is Megan.
She's my friend.
- A reporter.
You brought a reporter to your lair! [laughs.]
Rookie move.
Boss Awesome would never do that.
[chuckles nervously.]
And then I said Wait.
What did you say? - [coughs.]
- Megan? You said "Megan"? - Why would you say "Megan"? - Because I'm here.
Hang on, Megan, I'm trying to get to the bottom of this whole "Megan" thing? - [shrieks.]
Oh! Megan! - Uh, welcome to our candy factory! Care for a gumdrop or perhaps some jelly beans? I know you're all Big Hero 6.
What? No! Big Hero who? [beeps.]
- [whistles nonchalantly.]
- [groans.]
- Hiro, a word.
- [Hiro grunts.]
- [whispers.]
Why is she here? - Seriously, Hiro? This is a big superhero no-no! Right up there with traveling back in time to stop yourself from doing something you already did.
Guys, listen.
She figured out who we are, so I had to bring her here.
What if you traveled back in time to stop yourself from bringing her here? You just said that was You know what? Never mind.
Look, I think if she sees what we do, she'll keep our secret.
[phone vibrates.]
Ha! Perfect! Bank robbery.
We'll suit up.
You deal with this.
- What are you waiting for? Let's go! - I don't think that's You offered to let me shadow.
This is shadowing.
Or I could just publish my story.
Megan: Whoa! - Hey, how's the shadowing going? - Fine? [Megan screams.]
- [laughs.]
- [shrieks.]
- Okay, Megan.
Wait here.
- No way! I'm going in.
- Hey! Ugh! Come on! - Hiro: Let's go.
[grunting, groaning.]
- Someone's in the vault.
- Hey, you've got no way out! Yeah.
It's surrender o'clock! Sirque: Okay, I guess you got me! I'm coming out! Oh, she's cooperating.
Good, but keep your hands where we can see them! - Or that works too.
- Sirque.
- Bonjour, Big Hero 6.
- Oh, I love the accent.
- Oh, I love your outfit.
- Guys! Robbery in progress! Oh, no, I'm done.
Au revoir! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Whoa! - Fred: Wait.
Where'd she go? - Baymax, can you locate her? Scanning now [Baymax beeping.]
Sirque is located in Torii Gate Park.
- Torii Gate Park? - That can't be right.
- Yeah, that's miles from here.
- We've gotta go.
Oh! Please.
Don't do that again.
[sirens approaching.]
- Megan, come on.
- Wait, what are these? Huh.
I wonder - It's magnetic.
- And super fun to play with.
They must work together somehow.
- Some kind of magnetic containment field? - Yeah, but for what? [sighs.]
I know what Sirque stole from Krei.
Project Silent Sparrow.
[Fred laughs, grunts.]
Megan: What is Silent Sparrow? Krei Tech was testing portal technology.
It wasn't ready.
The pilot got trapped.
We got the pilot out, and the project was abandoned.
- But I guess Krei kept the files.
- And Sirque got them.
- Now she's using the same tech.
- Yeah, the same unstable tech.
- Which means? - She's creating a miniature, localized portal.
That she uses to get from one place to another instantly.
But the portal could blow up at any minute.
How big an explosion are we talking about? I don't know.
Do you want a jelly bean? - How big? - City block big.
We can't let that happen.
This is crazy! I have to go talk to my father.
- Maybe he can - Megan, the police don't have the tech to deal with this.
- The tech doesn't even exist yet.
- Yet? [monitor beeps.]
What do you think? Uh is it different? Okay, that's different! I just have to get the hang of Whoa! - Are you okay? - Hiro: Not really.
Baymax: There is a significant risk of injury.
I have run a diagnostic analysis.
Your thrusters are not coordinating properly.
I got that! I need you to catch me - when I turn off my thrusters! - I will catch you.
- [grunts, shrieks.]
- I have caught you.
Guys! Sirque's at the art museum! Aww, you're playing Baby Hiro? - Can I be the baby next? - Sure, Fred.
After the museum.
- Yes! - I've gotta make some quick adjustments.
- Baymax: I have concerns.
- Me too.
[sirens wailing.]
[Buddy Guards warbling.]
Okay, hang back.
We don't want the police to see us.
Ah, bonsoir, gendarmes! - How wonderful to see you! - Buddy Guards! Go! [Buddy Guards warbling.]
[electricity crackling.]
[foghorn bellows.]
For my next trick - I need a volunteer.
- Aah! [sirens chirp.]
Hiro: We need to stop Sirque and stabilize that portal.
Wasabi: Could not agree more.
Any ideas? - Hiro: I'm gonna follow her.
- Fred: Follow her where? - Into the portal.
- No way.
Go Go's right, Hiro.
You'd have to travel back through there.
- I know.
- But last time - Baymax - Wait.
What happened last time? Oh, nothing much.
Just Hiro almost died there! And he lost the original Baymax.
- The one Tadashi built.
- This is the only way.
- Look, someone has to go.
- Go Go: I'll go.
- Honey Lemon: No.
I'll go.
- Fred: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
If anyone's going in, it's me, Fred.
Guys, we don't have time to argue.
- I built this suit to do this.
- Baymax: It is not field-tested.
- Honey Lemon: Please be careful.
- I will.
Ready? [gum pops.]
Big Hero 6! You enjoying the show? - That's a no.
- Well, I can fix that.
Holding for applause.
Tough crowd.
No encore for you! Hiro: Here I go! [yelps.]
Hiro Magnifique .
- Still here.
- What? Aah! [trolley bell ringing.]
[Hiro shrieks.]
Whoa! [brakes screech.]
[Hiro yelps.]
[tires squealing.]
[cars honking.]
[over headphones.]
Keep it off my back, keep it out of whack You can just keep it, keep it Keep it out of sight, keep it on the line You can just keep it, keep [electricity cracking.]
[cat screeches.]
Ugh! You're getting very annoying! Huh? [cat screeching.]
- Huh? - [cat meows.]
Sirque! Listen to me! [meows.]
Hiro: Whoa! [both screaming.]
[both screaming, yelping.]
Qu'est que passe? - Your portal's unstable.
- Impossible.
Hey! You have to stop or it's going to explode! My show must go on.
Go Go [over radio.]
: Hiro, are you okay? I'm okay, but the portal, it's starting to go.
Hiro [over radio.]
: I've gotta stabilize it.
- Fred: Hiro! - Let's go! I wouldn't go in there.
How do we stop it? Your magnetic containment field isn't strong enough! - I cannot fix that here! - I might be able to.
[laser zapping.]
Move back! Sirque: Success! Merci, Big Hero! Do not worry.
I will perfect my tech before my next appearance.
A bientôt! - [sighs.]
- Megan: Oh, Hiro! Fred: Are you okay? Are you hurt? Baymax, quick! Do all the healing! Baymax: On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain? I'm all right.
But Sirque got away.
- Hey, the city didn't explode.
- I'm calling this a win.
- Oh, Hiro, I'm so glad you're okay.
- Me too.
And, uh, listen.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
It's just being in Big Hero 6 is so important to me.
To us.
- We started doing this after Tadashi - Someone has to help.
[sirens approaching.]
Wanted, remember? Gotta go.
I won't tell you what to do.
Keep our secret or don't.
It's your choice.
Megan what are you doing here? What happened? There was almost a huge explosion, but Big Hero 6 stopped it! - [police radio chatters.]
- Chief Cruz: Where are they? I I don't know.
They just disappeared.
- Megan's story just went live.
- Go Go: Oh, great.
[monitor beeping.]
"Why Big Hero 6's identity should remain a secret.
" Nice! Hiro, what are you watching? It's, uh, bodycam footage from when I went through the portal.
[computer beeping.]
What are you looking for? You.

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