Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e21 Episode Script

Fred The Fugitive

1 Fred: Rise and shine, coworkers! I brought rolls with holes! - Go Go: Bagels? - If you wanna be formal, sure.
One half of human adults will unconsciously yawn after seeing another person yawn.
Contagious yawning isn't a [yawn.]
[all yawning.]
It's totally a thing.
- So, uh, what's the emergency, Fred? - Yeah.
I don't do early.
A very pressing matter.
- Maybe just reinstating night patrol? - Honey Lemon: Freddie, you know Chief Cruz has units all over the city, just waiting to arrest us.
But, I haven't shot out my Fredmeleon tongue in days! It's gonna dry out! There, there.
Sorry, but we have to lay low.
Unless there's another catastrophe.
Hm Guys, there's been a catastrophe! Obake's back! [deep voice.]
Hello, heroes.
Did you miss me? I am about to unleash a devastating catastrophe! [imitating evil laugh.]
We better stop him, right? [all sigh.]
Guys, there's been an alien catastrophe! [beep.]
Honey Lemon: Meep, meep, meep, meep, meep, meep, meep, meep Ow.
He really wanted my help, and it was really fun dressing up.
Guys! Monster catastrophe! - [news music.]
- Breaking news.
The city is under attack by a giant monster.
- Fred: Heathcliff! You're in the shot! - Mini-Max: Roar! So, we better suit up, right? [groan.]
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Whoa, whoa! This should keep your creepy, slug-like mouth apparatus in proper working condition! Maybe, we should test it out on a secret night patrol! Mini-Max: But what about the multiple warnings from your more responsible associates? They said the police are looking for Big Hero 6, not a dashing superhero duo.
Ha ha ha! Your logic is complete nonsense! [whimpering.]
But I do not need sensible logic to defend justice! That's what I'm talking about, Mini-Maximus! To justice and nonsense! To justice and nonsense! Asparagus spear? Ah! Watch out! - Going somewhere fancy, Aunt Cass? - Fancy? [laughs.]
No! I'm just going to dinner with a friend.
- Chief Cruz? - Hello, Hiro.
- Uh, how's robot school? - Dad.
Well, I didn't wanna say nerd school.
- Cass, you look so - [Hiro clears throat.]
- Uh, presentable.
- Oh, well, thank you.
Both of your heart rates have elevated significantly.
Oh, well, that's because we're running late.
Yeah, we better get going.
Dinner's in the oven! Be back soon [grunt.]
- After you.
- Why, thank you.
Your heart rates are once again - Okay, bye! - [grunt.]
- That was, uh, weird.
- You can say that again.
That was weird.
- Would you like me to repeat the phrase again? - Both: No.
Your mouth whip locomotion is outstanding.
Fred: Isn't it though, Mini-Max? [laugh.]
- Now, where were we? - You were advising me on my narration technique.
So, the key to self-narration is to always note the location and time.
Oh, and insert dramatic pauses.
Our courageous hero Pause.
Mentors his sidekick Another pause.
Once again.
Okay, now you try.
Our noble sidekick looked at his Pause.
Comrade in arms and said Longer pause.
- [Fred groans.]
- "Watch out!" [screaming, grunt.]
I'm okay.
Woo! That could've been wor Ah! [grunting.]
- Ow ow ow ow ow! - [tires screech.]
[sign creaking.]
[tires screech.]
Ow [beeping.]
You have suffered no major injuries, but your invisibility mode is malfunctioning.
Hey! Don't move.
I don't think freezing in place is working.
Noodle Burger.
The intrepid sidekick had an idea! What is it? I'm still pausing.
No time! Run for it! [piano music playing.]
Welcome to the Waitlist.
We do small plates, meant to be shared.
Oh, uh, how many should we order? For two people, we suggest 14, if you're not very hungry.
I'll be back to take your order in 30 minutes.
Who wants small plates? Remember Joe's? The plates were big and the waiters didn't hate you.
I used to love going there, till we moved.
Well, you never told me why you moved away.
Yeah, I don't talk about it much.
- What happened was - [phone buzzing.]
Chief, we have an officer in pursuit of the lizard vigilante.
Really sorry, Cass.
I gotta do this.
I'll make sure Megan gets home safe.
Thanks, Cass, I-I'll make it up to you next time.
I mean, if you want a next time.
No pressure.
I gotta go.
- So, seven plates, I assume? - [groans.]
[sirens blaring.]
Ah! Whoa! [sirens blaring.]
The number in pursuit is increasing rapidly.
Ah! Pardon us.
[tires screech.]
- [brakes screech.]
- Oh no! Ah! [groaning.]
[tires screech.]
Fortune smiles upon us! We are in the clear! Fred: Oh! - Fred: Oh no! - We are not in the clear! Fortune is a liar! [grunt.]
We're trapped! Mini-Max, - you need to go get the others! - I will return with help! - May fortune stop toying with us! - [sigh.]
Our brave hero faced his Pause.
Unavoidable fate as we Another pause.
Cut to black! [Megan sighs.]
I still can't unpack that my dad and your aunt are friends.
Based on their heart rates and other nonverbal signals, I have determined that they are experiencing romantic attraction.
- Based on your heart rates - No! - We're good.
- [door opens.]
Hi, guys.
- Aunt Cass? You're home early.
- Oh, where's my dad? Oh, he got a really important call at dinner.
Something to do with a lizard guy.
What about a lizard guy? They're chasing him or something.
I don't know.
Anyway, Megan, I promised your dad - I'd get you home safe.
- Oh! Okay.
Good luck.
- [smack.]
- [screech.]
I'm here to report a catastrophe.
[glass squeaking.]
Cruz: Give it up, Big Hero! We have you surrounded! - Poor Freddie! - How do we save him? Yeah.
The whole police department is down there.
- We need a plan.
- Or we need a new lizard guy.
Just trying to lighten the mood.
It's what Fred would want.
Surrender, fugitive! You know, this is just like the scene in Ranger Stranger issue 233, where the Ranger and the police chief realize they both have a mother, so they agree - to let all their differences go.
- Yeah, that's not happening.
Okay, but just because your pauses are fire.
I've been waiting a long time do this.
No, no, no, no, you can't unmask a hero! Watch me.
It's stuck! Which is exactly what I was getting at.
Whatever shorted out Fred's invisibility Might be locking him in.
[groaning, straining.]
- Ha ha ha! - We'll just cut you out at the station.
No, no, no [grunt.]
Fred: [sigh.]
This is sad, even for me.
- We have to do something! - Fast.
I'll keep them busy.
You get Fred.
- Ouch! - [door locks.]
Police vehicle.
Reality starts to sink in for our protagonist.
He was going to jail.
Wait, jail!? I always just enjoyed the fun parts of being a superhero, without worrying about the consequences! Felony Carl: Dealing with the repercussions of your actions is a difficult, but important, part of growing up.
- Felony Carl? - It is an egregious misunderstanding which brings me to this place.
Prepare to move the prisoner! Stay focused, people.
Baymax: Hello, officers.
Thank you for your service.
Chief, he's here to save his friend.
After him! No! Stay with the lizard.
The big one's mine.
[engines whooshing.]
- So, that didn't work.
- Now, what? - There's only one thing left to do.
- [gasp.]
- She loves improv.
- How is improv the only thing left to do? I can think of lots of other things left to do.
[electricity zapping.]
- [ricochet.]
- [grunting.]
- Stay on him! - He's too fast.
Our buddies will slow him down.
Baymax, watch out! Ah! [blast.]
[electric crackling.]
- Yes! - [blast, fizzle.]
My magnets are jammed.
Perhaps we should seek shelter.
Muirahara Woods is ahead.
Guys, we're gonna try and ditch Cruz in Muirahara Woods.
Honey Lemon [on radio.]
: What about the Bessie monster? Hiro: Bessie just being around tech doesn't crash it anymore.
- [blade fizzling.]
- Yeah.
She has to blast you directly.
Still dangerous.
- Go Go is correct.
- Cruz: You are under arrest! - I order you to land! - Gotta go.
Whoa! [grunt.]
- Ah! Wasabi, you're up! - On it! [metal slicing.]
- [clatter.]
- [Fred laughing.]
Man oh man, am I glad to see you guys! Where do you think you're going? Myself and the reptilian gentleman - shared a poignant moment together.
- Sorry, Felony Carl.
- [crystallizing.]
- Let's go! Hyah! [crackling.]
Ooh, that's cold.
[owl hooting.]
[jets roaring.]
[glass shattering.]
Oh no.
Buddy guard, 3:00! - It is not 3:00.
It is 7:30 - Your right! - Thank you, Hiro.
- No! On your right! [blast.]
[electric fizzling.]
Oh no.
[Hiro screaming.]
- [crash.]
- Ah! [rattling, powering down.]
Oh, no, no, no, no! [grunt.]
Guys! Can you hear me? Can anyone hear me? - [growling.]
- Ah! [trees creaking.]
Bessie, no! [snarling.]
- Cruz: Member of Big Hero 6! - [roar.]
Stay where you are! [growling.]
[helicopter flying away.]
You'll be safe here.
Well, this is useless.
[helicopter whirring.]
Incoming! [screaming.]
Wasabi: Whoa! [sirens blaring.]
They're catching up! [squishing.]
Whoa! Wasabi: They've walled us off! Whoa! Go Go: Up there! Roof! [grunting.]
[sirens blaring.]
You did this.
I couldn't help it.
I have a problem! We know, Freddie, but don't worry about that right now.
Let's focus on finding a way out of this.
[owl hooting.]
Ah! Ah! The woods.
Why'd it have to be the woods? Ah! [buzzing.]
Oh no.
- Chief Cruz? - Hiro?! What are you doing here? Um, what am I doing here? [laugh.]
Interesting story.
Ever since I came out here for an internship project, I fell in love with the woods.
- [croak.]
- [shriek.]
And n-now I come out here a lot to clear my mind and think! Well, I've gotta get you out of here.
I'm chasing the big red guy from Big Hero 6, and [growling.]
That thing is chasing me! [Bessie roaring.]
Mud! [laugh.]
Nice! - Uh, what are you doing? - Masking my scent.
- Here.
- Um Trust me.
[police radio chatter.]
- We can't fight the police.
- Well, we could.
- And we'd win, but - It wouldn't be very superhero-ish.
I know a way.
I'll take all the heat while you guys slip out the back, and don't try to stop me.
I deserve it.
Fred, we're a team.
Don't even think Exterior.
Our hero took in his last moments of freedom Painful pause.
Before facing justice.
- Honey Lemon: Freddie, wait! - Wasabi: Fred! [growling, sniffing.]
[both sigh.]
What is that thing anyway? Bessie.
I've crossed paths with her before when I was out here with my thoughts.
The last time I saw her, she was a lot nicer.
- I wonder what's bothering her.
- I'm impressed, Hiro.
Most people would panic in a situation like this.
- Yeah, I've seen worse.
- Big Hero 6 put us in this mess.
Why do you hate Big Hero 6 so much? You ever hear about a guy named Boss Awesome? Sounds kind of familiar.
He was a superhero, right? I was a kid when Boss Awesome first showed up in the city, and so did a bunch of bad guys all wanting to be the one to beat him.
One night, on the way home from a movie, my dad and I got in the way of a super-villain.
Dad saved me, but he paid the ultimate price.
Boss Awesome showed up too late.
I lost everything.
I'm sorry.
Superheroes can't save everyone.
I know you've lost people, too.
Fred: A responsible person makes mistakes, but when they do, they accept responsibility and make things right.
Take me away.
[helicopter whirring.]
[cuffs clink.]
- [rockets whooshing.]
- Fred: Ah! Whoa! I have researched the error with your invisibility mode! This should correct it! He's going invisible! Mini-Max and Fred: To justice and nonsense! [roaring.]
[snarling, sniffing.]
It's just that Big Hero 6 have kinda saved a lot of people.
I'm sure Big Hero 6 have good intentions, but they're harming more than they're helping, and I'll do whatever it takes to protect Megan and all the citizens of San Fransokyo.
Protecting family.
Maybe Maybe what? Hiro? Hiro! Hiro? A-are you gonna let me in on what's going on? [squishing.]
- Look! - [growling.]
Cubs? The monster is a-a mother? Weird things happen in these woods.
We've gotta get them back to her.
- [trees crashing.]
- [distant roar.]
I'll do it.
It's too risky.
Let's risk it together.
[inquisitive growl.]
- We mean no harm, Bessie.
- No harm at all.
- [cooing.]
- [sniffing.]
- [lowing.]
- [cooing.]
- We make a pretty good team, Hiro.
- Yeah.
I guess we do.
- I can see why Megan likes you.
- Wait! What did she say? [yawn.]
Baymax: Good morning, Fred.
- Rise and shine, coworker! - We called this emergency meeting to tell you how impressed we are.
You really stuck your neck out for us back there.
We got Cock-a-Noodle-Doo breakfast burgers in your honor! [whimpering.]
Morn - [chomps.]
- Fred, no narrating breakfast!
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