Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e22 Episode Script

Major Blast

1 Bluff: Breaking news, our helicopter is spiraling out of control over the Torii Gate Bridge.
Sources at the scene are saying, help! Help! Ooh, Gene, make sure you're still getting - my good side.
- Fred: Hang on, Mr.
Dunder! Help has arrived! Hiro: Baymax and I are on the way.
- Get everyone out of there.
- Fred: This is just like in Danger Face number 13.
A Face Full of Sadness.
Hiro: Fred, stay focused.
'Cause when that school bus full of orphans - How is that relevant? - Oh! Fred: That is just what Danger Face did! Oh! Oh.
Fred: Oh man! Missed the mark.
- Pilot: Oh! - Oh, Oh! This just in, all hope is lost.
Please tell my pot-bellied pig, Noodles, - your daddy loves - Baymax, Ready to catch? I am ready.
[people cheering.]
Now for an update Ah! - Bluff: Ah! - Baymax: You are now safe.
- You may stop screaming.
- Ah! Ah! Oh.
Thank you.
Just one more, I think.
- Ah! Now I'm good.
- Rescue accomplished! Yeah! [chuckles.]
I think somebody earned a victory noodle burger.
I've been hit by Wait.
Who are you? [electricity crackling.]
Whoa! You may have the coolest suit ever.
Let's see if it can take this! Oh.
Now we know it can take that.
Fred: Oh! [grunts, screams.]
Hiro: Hey! Get away from him! Face me alone.
Fred: Face you alone? [gasps, chuckles.]
Does this mean you're my personal arch-enemy? You are not yet a worthy opponent.
We shall clash again.
- Friend of yours? - Fred: I think that's my new arch-enemy! [laughs.]
It's all coming together for me right now.
Hiro! I've made it.
- Oh! - Baymax: I have got you.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh So he's a jet-pack flying, plasma cannon-wielding, mask-wearing villain.
He is also fireproof.
- Pretty impressive arch-enemy, Fred.
- Yes, he is! Wait.
Yes, he is.
- Oh, no.
- Are you okay, Freddie? Fred is in good health.
Except for the tiny toy car lodged in his ear canal.
Had it since I was eight.
Thank you very much.
Oh, this villain wants to face me alone.
He beat me once.
What do I do when he comes back? Maybe if I make myself as small as I can, he won't see me.
Oh! I think the better way to go would be to get some training.
- Fred: Better than rolling around on the floor? - Yes, Fred.
- I'll train you.
- Really? Yeah.
You're a tripping hazard.
Go Go is correct.
- Thanks.
- No.
No problem, Go Go.
Baymax is way more of a hugger.
I was built for hugs.
- Fair enough.
- [chuckles.]
Oh! Go Go training me will be just like - when Danger Face mentored Chin Boy.
- Let's not start it like this.
I've got something to show you guys that I think will help.
Suit up and follow me.
I'm a Woweroo - I love science Yes, I do - [Hiro clears throat.]
Just having some, uh, "Roddy time" while finishing up.
Hey, what do think? [snap.]
Base-Max: Welcome to Sim-Max.
State of the art situation simulator.
This is so realistic.
Nature without the dirt.
I like it! Roddy and I collaborated on the design.
This little guy right here knows his circuits and whatnot.
Fred? You wanna try? [chuckles.]
Um, do I have a toy car lodged in my ear canal? [grunts.]
That car really messes with the ol' equilibrium.
Base-Max: Welcome, Fred.
Choose your location.
Let's go with Night Market Square! - Whoa! I mean whoa! - That's slightly creepy.
Base-Max: Choose your opponent.
Hold on, I've rethought Night Market Square.
Um, how about the Lucky Cat? Base-Max: You have selected "Momakase.
" Momakase? But that's not who Whoa! She's coming at me! You know, this is kinda cool.
It's like she's here [screams.]
It's like she's here! [grunting.]
Whoa! Hiro, this is your coolest invention ever! Freddie, look out! [alarm blaring.]
You lose, pal! Eh, had to give it that "Roddy signature.
" Hiro: We need to find this villain, but we don't have any leads.
How do we search for him? - I will search for - Base-Max: Hiro - this villain.
- you requested a search for the villain.
- I will search.
- No, Baymax is already - Hiro, I found new information - Base-Max: Hiro, I found new information - by searching - by performing a search - for relevant news broadcast.
- for relevant news broadcast.
Thanks, uh, both of you, but Both: Hiro, would you like to see the news broadcast? Well, yes.
Both: This aired in 1973.
- Playing video.
- I'm gonna have to fix that at some point.
Duff Dunder here, reporting live from the Channel Nine news couch.
In today's lead story, Boss Awesome, San Fransokyo's hot young superhero, battled a new cat, Major Blast.
Pretty groovy name if you ask me.
When reached for comment, Major Blast had this to say.
Boss Awesome is not yet a worthy opponent.
What a square.
And now for a word from our sponsor, Morty Krei's Rotary Phones.
Hiro, I have questions.
Why did Duff Dunder - call Major Blast a "cat" - [meow.]
- when he is clearly not feline? - Base-Max: Hiro, I have questions.
- What does "groovy" mean? - Hiro, I have questions.
Why did Duff Dunder call Major Blast "a square" when he does not have four equal sides and four equal right angles? I am just as confused as you are, but at least we have a name to go on, Major Blast.
Go Go: Here's the thing, you get so excited - about so many things - I know! Just like Lady Enthusiasm - and her curio cabinet of interests.
- that it's a distraction.
Sorry, were you saying things to me? And, follow up, what were those things? Distraction bad.
Focus good.
Hmm, I'm sorry, what? Base-Max: Choose your location.
Whoa! You can even hear the waves! Is that a seagu Ahh! Hey, what was that fo Oh! I get "distracted.
" - Yeah.
- So how are we going to train together? Because here's how I see it going.
It's a montage, things get off to a rocky start.
But you, the very serious sensei and me, the diamond in the rough pupil, persevere through many comic setbacks.
Attempts to strengthen my core yield mixed results.
But there's no way I'm giving up.
Oh, and there's this cool part where we're silhouetted against the sunset.
And eventually, through your tough love training techniques and my unyielding spirit, the student becomes the master.
- Fred, What did I say about distraction? - I'm sorry, what? Thanks again, Go Go.
"Distraction bad.
Focus good.
" I think I get it.
Nothing's gonna get by me.
[pop music.]
- She's blasting on the beat.
- Good observation.
One time, Captain Fancy had a dance battle with "The Maest-bro," who tried to use his - Fred! - [Fred yelps.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- Ooh, that's gotta hurt! [laughs.]
I'll never get better.
I'm just so easily distracted.
- Oh, hey, a penny! - Hmm.
Wasabi: So a villain who hasn't been active in decades is after Fred.
- I earned this.
- Where has he been all these years? We need more information about Major Blast.
Would you like me to search for - Major Blast? - Base-Max: Searching for Major Blast.
- Base-Max is doing it again.
- Results, Major Blast, - "a large, destructive explosion.
" - I will search Searching result, Major Blast: frequently used to describe a good party.
I have found zero villains named "Major Blast.
" - Searching for "major blast" - Okay.
This isn't gonna work.
Hey, Fred, did your dad ever talk about a Major Blast? You mean his parties? They were legendary.
Your arch-enemy.
His name is Major Blast.
Not ringing a bell.
But my dad should have a record in his - punch-card database! - It's pretty impressive you didn't say anything the whole way here.
It's called "dramatic effect!" And I just used it perfectly.
All right, if there's any information about Major Blast, it would be right More dramatic effect? Not this time.
I don't see anything.
It should be right there, between "Major Annihilation" - and "Mister Catastrophe.
" - Weird.
Better call Dad.
[line ringing.]
Hey, son.
- Hey, Dad, just had a real quick ques - [alarm blaring.]
- [high-pitched shrieking.]
- Baymax: Hello.
You should be training for battle.
Your reckoning is closer than you think.
Fred: And then Major Blast just cut off Dad.
- It was totally freaky! - Indeed.
That does sound quite, uh, "totally freaky.
" - Chef is about to leave, Frederick.
- Ah! Would you like a snack? He could whip up a quick frittata.
Thanks, Mom, but I'll pass.
I'm trying to get into shape.
You're already perfect the way you are.
I'll tell Chef to fire up the frittata.
My boy deserves a treat.
Mwah! Come to think of it, I do remember a "Major Blast.
" A very formidable opponent of Boss Awesome's.
We couldn't find his file.
What are his weaknesses? Not that I'm scared of him, because I'm obviously not.
Actually, I don't remember Major Blast having any weaknesses at all.
Um, remember how you used to always tell me what I wanted to hear? Let's do that for a little bit.
Oh, excellent solution.
But might I suggest you resume training after the comforting lie? Okay, Mini-Max, for tonight's sparring session, the goal is to stay focused.
I have auto focus! And zoom! "Distraction bad.
Focus good.
" So don't let me go off on a tangent about monsters or comics or monster comics Ooh! I just read Were-Vampire number fifty-seven, and it had this crazy twist.
Are you ready.
He was secretly a were-werewolf all along! Mini-Max: Fred.
Fred! Mini-Max.
Ahh! Have you become a worthy opponent? I have! Become worthy ish.
We shall see.
No distractions this time.
[Fred grunting.]
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
[electricity crackling.]
Hyah! Wait.
How did you know where I live? Ahh! [grunts.]
Having second thoughts on that arch-enemy thing! You will be given only one more chance to prove that you are worthy.
- Master Frederick, are you all right? - Thanks to you I am.
Mini-Max: Major Blast is here! Let the battle rage! He is very far away.
Freddie? You going to come out from under there? Chairs are for worthy heroes.
The floor is unsanitary.
I detect seven strains of Sometimes I think about how gross it would be to be a shoe.
- Really? - Okay, not sometimes, all the time.
If Major Blast knows where Freddie lives, that means he knows Freddie's identity.
Definitely not good.
We have to find Major Blast before he finds Fred again.
- Major Blast is back? - You know about Major Blast? Oh, sure.
Saw a rundown on him back when I was building Boss Awesome's secret room.
Really? There was nothing on him in the punch cards.
Of course not.
Boss Awesome put it on the most advanced security tech available at the time a floppy disk.
- Whoa! - I've never seen one up close.
Well, it's in the secret compartment I installed behind Boss Awesome's computer console.
Oh, boy! Probably wasn't supposed to reveal any secret compartments.
Oh well.
Live and learn! Remind me never to tell Roddy my secrets.
We've got to go get that disk.
Fred, you keep training with Go Go.
- Everyone else, come with me.
- To the power of si Still not catching on after all this time.
[grunting, screams.]
Whoa! [alarm blaring.]
- Epic fail! - I know.
- Thanks, Roddy! - My pleasure.
You lost to this guy? Ouch.
I'm trying not to get distracted, but to do that, I keep saying to myself, distraction bad, focus good, distraction bad, focus good.
Which is a little distracting.
Ha! You know your Dad had a weakness.
Could never come up with clever catchphrases.
He'd stay up all night, and then he'd be too tired to fight the next day.
- What did he do? - Eventually, he'd just say something that didn't make sense.
The villains would be all confused, and then he'd clean house.
Turned his weakness into a strength.
I think I see what you're saying.
My catchphrases are too good.
Absolutely, Fred, that is not what I was saying.
- Good luck, kid.
- Thanks.
I guess I better get back to training.
Base-Max: Choose your opponent.
Definitely not ready for that one.
Base-Max: You have selected El Fuego.
No distractions and no brilliant catchphrases.
You know what they say, El Fuego.
Fight fire with Oh, I almost did a catchphrase [screaming.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- Embarrassing! [groans.]
- [alarm blaring.]
- Computer Roddy: Now, that's bad.
- [alarm blaring.]
- Computer Roddy: Congratulations.
You're the worst.
[Computer Roddy laughing.]
[alarm blaring.]
Computer Roddy: I just feel sad.
- [alarm blaring.]
- Oof, kid.
I'm running out of ways to say - "you're terrible.
" - Fred: Oh! I give up.
- [rumbling.]
- Okay.
- [clanking.]
- Fred: Uh You are not worthy and must be eliminated.
[blaster firing.]
Major Pain.
Get out.
- I would much prefer that you leave.
- Fred, get back! [both scream.]
I am not here for you.
- Fred! - Go Go! You must face me alone.
This will be our final battle.
Roddy said there's a secret compartment hidden behind that console.
- And it's really heavy! - It's so big.
- Maybe there's a hidden door? - Roddy does love hidden doors.
Baymax, can you scan the console? Where's Baymax? When we speak at the same time, it creates confusion.
Base-Max: I agree with your observation.
We must enact a protocol for when one of us should speak and when the other should remain silent.
Both together: Should I speak now? No, you go.
Let us begin again.
Maybe it's voice activated? - Hello! - Ooh, like a password.
- Classic! - Yes, it Ohh.
Nice! Is this it? I've never seen one before.
- I guess it must be.
- Oh, I thought it would be floppier.
Hiro: Now let's see who Major Blast really is.
[beeping, whirring.]
- No way! - I would have never guessed that.
[screams, grunts.]
Base-Max: Now generating "random locations.
" - [screams.]
- [crashing.]
You know, people say I light up the room! Sun glasses! No! Uh, how do you feel about taking a quick timeout.
- Go Go: Hey, let me in! - Base-Max: Access denied.
[frustrated grunt.]
Guys, Major Blast is here.
Fred's in trouble! Ow, ow, ow, ow! A good fight but not good enough.
[electricity crackling.]
Ooh, what's that over there? - What's what? - Fred: Distraction.
You are unworthy.
And you should focus because this room is tricky.
Oh, look at that! [laughing.]
[powers down.]
[Fred grunting.]
- Whoa! - [Major Blast grunting.]
Ha ha! Taste defeat! - Yes.
- Yeah! - Come on, buddy! - Whoo! You're probably wondering how I did it? - Actually, we saw it.
- Let me have this! - Uh - Go Go said "distraction bad.
" And Roddy said to turn my weakness into a strength.
So I combined them and made "distraction good.
" - Huh.
- That makes no sense.
Instead of me being distracted, I distracted Major Blast.
- Aw, yeah.
- Whatever.
It worked.
Fred: And now we see who this no-good, low-down jerk really is - Frederick, I am your mother.
- Uh what? [gasps.]
Mom? [Major Blast's voice.]
You defeated Major Blast.
[normal voice.]
I'm so proud of you.
I'm confused.
Like extra confused.
I'm sorry if I scared you.
I suppose I owe you an explanation.
I think we all need an explanation.
When your father became a super hero, I worried about him endlessly.
So I created Major Blast to expose his weaknesses, make him stronger.
It worked! When I was sure he could defend himself from any attack, I revealed my identity and retired Major Blast.
Big Hero 6 is facing even more powerful villains, and the police have turned against you classic Phase 3 complications That's what I've been saying! Wait.
How did you find out I was in Big Hero 6? It's the family business.
Frankly, I would have been disappointed if you weren't! Now I can sleep well, knowing that you can take care of yourself.
- I am so proud! - Aww, Mom.
- That is so sweet! - Aww.
Pretty weird parenting technique.
Classic! [sloth purring.]

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