Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e23 Episode Script

Fear Not

1 [whirring.]
You're a sharp dresser.
- [spraying.]
- You smell great.
Everyone says you're as smart as a bag of hammers.
- You can do this.
- [electric fizzling.]
[rockets humming.]
Ah! Oh Oh man.
- Nana, come on! - Over here, Stu! Oh, okay.
Yeah, sorry, Nana.
I think I'm still a little wonky from the smash and the hit, - and then I thought you were - Aw, such a sweet boy.
Bustin' through walls for your grandma.
I wish we came up with a safer way for me to stop.
Grandma will make a mental note.
Did you bring my gear, sweet pea? Stu: One hundred.
Oh, my bad, Nana.
What happened was I completely misjudged the distance between us.
Aw, you tried your best, punkin.
Oh, thank you.
I did try my best.
Time to make our skate-away, sugar plum.
Whoa-ho! [whirring.]
Supersonic Stu me, Nana, like when I was little! I thought you'd never ask, pookie! [whirring.]
Sue: Supersonic Sue me, why don't ya? [smashing.]
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh [blasting.]
Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh [Fred slurping.]
Hm? [beeping.]
It is time for a standing break.
Baymax: Sitting less than three hours a day can increase life expectancy by two years.
Does that mean that if I never sit again, I'll live forever? - No.
- Oh, man.
- [ringing.]
- Wasabi.
The teaching assistant for first year quantum optics had a family emergency.
I'd like you to fill in.
[voice cracking.]
Me? [coughs.]
Me? Teach a class? Optics is your specialty.
As much as I'd love to, I just don't have the time to prepare.
Sorry, gotta go.
I outlined your lesson plan for the rest of the week, along with bios of all your students.
This is very prepared.
Just out of curiosity, how many students are we talking about? - It's a small class of 15.
- [gasps.]
That's 30 eyeballs! True.
An odd thing to note, but true.
Good luck.
Mm-mmm, no.
No, no Wasabi went into ball mode.
What's wrong, Wasabi? You're gonna be a great teacher.
You're a quantum optics expert.
But when I see all those eyes staring back at me, I start to sweat, my mouth dries up, I feel nauseous, my heart races then I freeze up.
Those symptoms are consistent with glossophobia, - the fear of public speaking.
- Is there anything I can do? One way to manage fear is with relaxation techniques, such as yoga.
Of course! I love yoga.
Good call, Baymax.
Deep breath.
Now, imagine you are in front of a large group of people.
- [shriek, wailing.]
- Hiro: Just try to sit still.
Imagine you are in front of a smaller group of people.
Are you filming this?! - No.
I'm streaming it.
- [notification chimes.]
Guys! Supersonic Sue just broke out of prison! [Wasabi grunts.]
I purchased these Buddy Guards from you to prevent breakouts! You see this as failure.
- I see this as opportunity.
- How? I give you my word that I will have my team come up with something bigger, better, and obscenely expensive.
I don't know about the expensive part.
Oh, you heard that? - Hiro: Basemax, scan for Supersonic Sue.
- Scanning.
- [beeping.]
- Hey, folks.
Which of these do you like better for the vehicle hangar? You can't go wrong with classic metallic, but they're having a really good deal on giant crystals right now.
- All: Classic metallic.
- Fred: Crystal! Classic metallic it is.
Fred: Aw, man! Basemax: Supersonic Sue located.
She appears to be traveling with an accomplice.
Who would team up with Sue? [growling, rumbling.]
Come on.
My headquarters is right around this - Corner? - [grunt.]
Uh Your headquarters is a Noodle Burger? That's amazing.
[shushing, kiss.]
Leave the thinking to Nana, baby beluga.
- But, Nana - And the talking.
You can't be a true criminal without a headquarters.
- We can use VillainBnB! - [beep.]
Oh, Steamer's place is available.
Oh, that's on account of him being in jail.
That's too bad.
- Oh, it has a steam room! - Everyone knows where Steamer's lair is, and what did Nana just say? [groaning.]
- I can't remember? - Oh, I love these cheeks.
We need a hideout where we can actually hide.
Hiro: I know where you can hide! In jail.
Oh, really? Hm Wait, what kind of rent are we talking? Angel bunny, have a cookie while Nana talks to the heroes.
Who's your friend? My adorable grandson, Supersonic Stu! - Fred: What does he do? - [licking.]
He does this.
Freeze, punk! [blasting.]
- [grunt.]
- Hip check and mate! - [zooming.]
- [blasting.]
Ha! [clang.]
[flame blasting.]
Ha! Stu in your own juices! Baymax, rocket fist.
- Hiro: Whoa! - Baymax: Whoopsy-daisy.
- Hiro: Ah! - Who wants an elbow sandwich? - [zapping.]
- [yelling.]
- You missed me.
- Give it up, training wheels! [zooming.]
- [chewing.]
Mmm! - Woo! - [grunts.]
- [laughing.]
Ow! What? So you just throw this guy into people? Lame.
Not everything has to be rocket science, skater tot! [sirens blaring.]
Hey! It's the fuzz.
Oh, I'm way more worried about the police.
We've gotta go.
We'll deal with the Supersonics later.
Fred: Yeah, I've got a 3:00 with Roddy to go over my snack room ideas.
[sirens continue.]
They can only be talking about Roddy Blair, King of Lairs.
He's the best.
And he's going to work for us, whether he wants to or not.
I can totally do this, as long as I don't look up.
No eye contact, no eye contact, no eye contact.
Um, I'm your new Wasabi.
I mean [chuckle.]
teaching assistant.
My name is Wasabi - Why are you looking down? - What's that? [whimpering.]
Sweating, check.
Dry mouth, check.
Nausea and racing heart, check and check, and now I'm freezing up.
I wish I could just disappear.
[heart pounding.]
Professor Granville! How long have I been standing here? Well, the class ended six hours ago.
- Really? - It's not uncommon for first-time teachers to be debilitated by stage fright.
- Really? - I trust that wasn't a problem for you.
Not really We need to work on our reaction time.
All right, Basemax.
Supersonic Sue me.
[beeping, clicking.]
- [zooming.]
- [thud.]
Fred: Come on, slow down! [flame blast.]
[shriek, grunt.]
They're so powerful together.
So, we'll get more powerful.
Go Go, where do you get all your confidence? I don't overthink things.
Just do you, and you can face anything.
Me doing me means freezing for six hours.
- Six hours! - Instead of thinking you're afraid of speaking in public, try thinking you like it.
I don't know, maybe you will.
Reverse psychology? Does that even work? You know what? Don't try it.
- It's probably not for you.
- No, no, no.
I'll give it a shot.
Oh Very clever.
Thanks, Go Oh! [grunt.]
We probably shouldn't have casual conversations - in the training room.
- Nope.
Okay, reverse psychology time.
I love public speaking.
I am great at it.
People are inspired by my words.
- Why am I standing up here? - [snap.]
- [upbeat song playing.]
- 'Cause I am the kind of inspirational leader you look up to! We were a class without a teacher They called but couldn't reach her To our rescue, you came Our world would never be the same Though you were not meant to stay Since you're paid by the day Look who's best in class Why can't this temp gig [vocalizing.]
Last? All my admiration A sincere dedication To you, sir, we salute There is no substitute For you - [song ends.]
- [glass shatters.]
- Six hours? - Yes.
- [door opens.]
- [Wasabi sighs.]
Wasabi, your body language indicates you are feeling sad.
You're right, Baymax.
Guess who froze up in class again.
- You.
Live-streamed it.
- You didn't.
Fred: Don't worry.
Not many people stuck around for the whole six hours.
Don't worry, Wasabi.
We'll help you conquer your fear.
Conquering a fear typically takes considerable time and effort.
Which we will do! Visualizing a serene location, like a beach, can help relieve anxiety.
Hey! This is working.
Wait, a ship is pulling up to the shore.
I suggest you focus on the gentle rhythm of the waves.
[seagull cawing.]
I can't.
A conga line of people are coming off the ship! They're all looking at me! They all want me to lead the conga line! They want me to lead the conga line! Your delusions are vivid and detailed.
I have concerns.
[wind blowing.]
Fred, where are we and why is it so breezy? I was gonna read about how to deal with fears, but instead, I followed my gut.
I do not like the sound of that.
And my gut told me the only way to deal with one fear is to make it seem not so bad by - overshadowing it with a worse fear! - [Wasabi screaming.]
You know how I feel about heights! Public speaking doesn't seem so bad anymore, does it? [yelling.]
They're both terrible! Gut! You told me this would work! [beeping.]
The only way to face your fear is head on.
So, we simulated your classroom.
[beeping, fizzling.]
- That was not supposed to happen.
- I-I can fix that! Hiro: Uh, working on it.
Don't look.
Don't look! Working on it! - [squishing.]
- Ah! Make it stop! Make it stop! [screaming.]
Sorry, Wasabi.
Feel like I just made things worse.
Much worse.
- Failure is a wondrous teacher.
- [beeping.]
It's okay, guys.
The truth is I have to figure out what works for me.
It helps a lot knowing I have your support.
Basemax: You have a prerecorded message from Roddy Blair, - King of Lairs.
- Mm Oh, that's some good pumpernickel Oh! Hi! Uh, I'm recording this in case I ever get abducted, which happens sometimes in my line of work.
- Abducted? - It's in my standard contract, section 12, paragraph two.
While working for any superheroes, it's their legal responsibility to rescue me if abducted on a job.
I always carry this doohickey.
It sends out a signal showing my exact location, so you better get on the ball.
Now, back to my sandwich.
What is it about chicken salad on pumpernickel? [chomping.]
- Let's go.
- I actually have to get to my class.
- Don't worry.
We can handle this.
- Yeah, good luck, Wasabi.
Thanks, guys.
Sue: So, here's the deal, Mr.
King of Lairs.
You're gonna build us a new headquarters, just like you did for Big Hero 6.
I do not know what you're talking about.
Oh, come on! N Nana, we grabbed the wrong guy.
Sir, I am so sorry.
- [grunt.]
- Have you ever experienced - the electric elbow - [fizzling.]
your highness? [sigh.]
I have a plan.
The plan will work.
I can do this.
My name is Wasabi, and, yes, you may have noticed I have a slight fear of public speaking.
Which is why I brought backup.
It is I! Mini-Max! Listen to him, and look at me! Ooh! Yeah! Mm-hmm! Okay.
Now, let's talk photons.
Open your textbooks to page 62.
All right, all right! I built them a headquarters, but I don't work for villains anymore! Ever since Dark Volt stiffed me on his remodel.
Oh, I think you'll make an exception - for me.
- Ah, ah, ah! I'll do it! I'll build your headquarters.
- Stu: Yes! - [zooming.]
Nana, coming in hot with the wind.
All right, so you guys have a location? You're looking at it.
Oh, you gotta be kidding me! I see Look at this over here! Look at that! I see some major structural instabilities in this dump.
- [gasp.]
- Gimme a break! Everyone knows you contractors exaggerate every little thing to raise the bid.
But, Nana, what if he's right? I can't sleep somewhere with major structural instabilities.
- I'll have nightmares! - Aw, don't worry, sugar cube.
We'll find another warehouse.
- [Sue grunts.]
- [sucking.]
- Ugh! - Mind your own bee's wax.
- [dripping.]
- Major water damage.
Eh, this roof could collapse, just like that! [snap.]
We should get outta here, pronto! Pronto, Nana.
I'm freaking out.
- Uh, excitable little guy, isn't he? - Shut it! Moving on.
- [beeping.]
- Roddy: Come on.
- What's taking them so long? - What about this place? Oh, no dice.
Hear that nibbly sound beneath the floor? Like [imitates nibbling.]
- [gasps.]
Nibbly? - Oh, raccoon squatters.
Big ones.
- Ah! - [whirring, crash.]
Moving on.
- That beam right there, it's sagging.
- Nonsense! - You're stalling.
- Hey, if you don't mind dry rot.
Ew, gross! What's dry rot? I don't know, but I agree - it sounds gross! - Now, Honey Lemon! A sticky floor should slow you down! [splatter.]
Sorry! [grunts.]
- [zooming.]
- [laughing.]
[zooming, smashing.]
- [grunt.]
- [bang.]
- Whoa! - [squish.]
- [whirring.]
- [grunt.]
- [yelling.]
- [rocks rumbling.]
[tire screech.]
- Go Go: Well played.
- Thanks, skater tot! Who-hoo! Guys, I did it! I taught my class with a big assist from Mini-Max.
My dancing saved the day! [beeping.]
Basemax, where is everyone? They have not returned from their mission to save Roddy Blair, King of Lairs, trademarked.
Their location has remained the same for the last 30 minutes.
They must be trapped.
I smell the foul odor of mischief! Then it's up to us to save the day.
Your inspiring words stir a fire in my metal tummy! We can do this! You're darn right we can! If I can speak to a small group of students, I think I can handle a super-powered roller derby queen who throws her adult grandson into things.
Let's suit up! Mini-Max: Our fellow heroes are unharmed, but trapped under rubble! We've got to get them out of there! Let us collect more information, using our optical sensors.
We could put the roller rink in here.
Roddy: Was I not clear about the rot earlier? Sue: I thought it was just the one beam that had rot! [groaning, gasp.]
I can't say for sure.
Not until I do a full inspection.
- Which can take up to a month.
- A month? Quick, question, Mr.
Do you check for ghosts in your inspection? Not me, eh, but I know a guy.
This dim-witted villainy must not - be allowed to continue! - Yeah.
- We need a plan that works for us.
- Agreed.
We must become righteous magicians, who make injustice disappear! I'm not sure Wait.
Disappear? I got a plan, but it's risky.
I eat risk for brunch! Tell me your plan, fearful chum! Is it possible to catch [gagging.]
uh, you know what? From that beam? Dry rot? Oh, sure.
Seen it a million times.
It ain't pretty.
Ugh, awful.
Oh no, I think I feel it.
I feel it! I feel the rot! Gross! Are you contagious? - Somersault assault, Stu! - Wasabi: Wait! Please don't throw your adult grandson at me! I give up! - You do? - [thud.]
Yeah! I'll take you to our headquarters! You can have it! - He has a plan, right? - Let's hope.
Hang on.
Does this "headquarters" of yours have the - [gagging.]
the rot? - No! It's completely rot-free! - Oh, I like the sound of that.
- Okay.
- You got a deal.
- You don't think he's playing us, do you? This sad sack of phobias? He won't try any funny business.
- [whimper.]
- [zooming.]
Fred: Wait, was that Wasabi? Wasabi's here! [cheering.]
- [gasp.]
It's perfect! - Wait until you see the inside.
[door shuts.]
- [lights click.]
- Freeze! You are under arrest! [grunting.]
Nana, he played us.
He used the funny business, which you expressly forbid! But, why? You're wanted, too! [whimpering.]
What's wrong with you? Say something! [lights clicking.]
Mini-Max: Listen to him, and look at me! Normally, I'm afraid of speaking in front of large crowds, but I'll say this.
He was a ghost?! How was he a ghost?! Cruz: Go, go, go! - Ghost! [shrieks.]
- Oh, great.
It's gonna take hours to put him to bed tonight.
So you sent Mini-Max back to get some flexible display cloth - So you could turn invisible.
- Smart.
Thanks for saving me, kid.
I mean, they were pretty weak villains, but still.
Wasabi, you also overcame your fear of public speaking.
Today was a good day.
[phone ringing.]
- [beep.]
- Yeah, Cruz here.
Chief! My team just came up with something - that I think you are going to love.
- [beep.]

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