Big Hero 6: The Series (2017) s02e24 Episode Script

Legacies (Part 1, Part 2)

1 - [thuds.]
- [Fred yelling.]
I am El Fuego! - [whooshing.]
- [crashes.]
Fred: You can't fight right! - [light bursting.]
- Bad move.
El Fuego loves the spotlight.
Da da da da! - [clattering.]
- [clanks.]
Today I prove I am the best! Come on, Big Red.
Rematch time.
Baymax: A hug would be healthier.
I am not a hugger.
- Fred: Fire blasting! - [flames bursting.]
Hey, you shoot fire, too? You stole my gimmick! - [flames shooting.]
- Fred: Aah! What? I was shooting fire way before you! - Nuh-uh.
- Fred: Yuh-huh! - Nuh-uh.
- Fred: Yuh-huh! - Nuh-uh.
- Fred: Yuh-huh! Baymax: I detect three robots flying this way at high velocity.
- Nuh-uh.
- Fred: Yuh-huh! Uh, guys.
- [whooshing.]
- [thuds.]
[gears whirring.]
You couldn't beat me three on one, - so you had to call for backup.
- Uh, they're not with us.
- Baymax: Hello.
I am - Robot: Surrender, in the name of the San Fransokyo Police Department.
- Police? - New challengers? Bring it on! - [wheels screeching.]
- [motor whirring.]
- [clashes.]
- Huh? [crashing.]
I will beat you so bad your ancestors will - [energy crackling.]
- [yelling.]
Fred: Wow.
Great job, guys.
Up top.
Uh Down low? - To the side? - Baymax: To the side.
I am Baymax.
[title music.]
Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Wah-oh-wah-oh Baymax: Perhaps we should run.
Chief Cruz [over radio.]
: Too late for that.
So, Chief Cruz, you got new toys.
You like them? Buddy Guardians.
Krei Tech finally stepped up their game.
- Heh.
Krei Tech? - What's that supposed to mean? Come on, Krei Tech? How good can they be? - Why don't you see for yourselves? - [beeps.]
- Fred: Fire away! - [exploding.]
- [clamps.]
- Fred: Aah! [smacks.]
- [clattering.]
- [grunts.]
Fred: Okay.
We should have taken your word for it.
- Baymax, rocket fist.
- [whirring.]
- [fires.]
- [clangs.]
- [clattering.]
- [crashing.]
- [thudding footsteps.]
- [clangs.]
Baymax: Oh, no.
Finally, a worthy challenger.
- [fire bursts.]
- Fight me! - I am El Fuego! - [fireworks exploding.]
Let's rumble! - [singing.]
: Da da da da! - [crashing.]
I am the greatest in the history of - [metal clashing.]
- [thudding footsteps.]
- [crashing.]
- [shattering.]
[helicopter whirring.]
Hiro: Uh, looks like you have El Fuego under control.
- Uh, bye.
- [rocket whooshes.]
Fred: Um, quick question.
Why does - [firing.]
- Fred: Hot butt! Hot butt! Hey, come back! I helped you! Return the favor, jerk! [whooshing.]
And then, I was, like, "Roar!" But the bots were, like, "Bam!" - And Cruz was, like, "Grr!" - So, you lost.
To crazy, scary, killer robots! And my butt got burned.
[scanner whirring.]
Baymax: Fred, I have scanned your buttocks.
Your buttocks are unharmed.
- That's good news.
- Which we didn't need to know.
And these robots were made by Krei Tech? News to me.
I've never heard Krei, or anyone talk about these Buddy Guardians.
They sound surprisingly effective for Krei Tech.
Which means the police can handle supervillains on their own now! And also us.
They can arrest us! Not if we're just regular students.
What? Since we've been laying low, we were actually able to finish our final projects early.
Yeah, We can graduate without any supervillain interruptions! - Yay! - Turns out you can get a lot done when you're not protecting the entire city.
I feel so betrayed right now.
- Here we go.
- But we have to be superheroes! We just got our secret headquarters, kids dress up like us at Halloween Think of the kids! - I'm with Fred.
- Yes! - Mostly.
- What? Krei hid the Buddy Guardians from me.
Why? - Something isn't right.
- Mr.
A gentle reminder that graduation is almost upon us.
And I just finished clearing out my work space for the summer.
That's not why I'm here.
I want to check on your speech.
For accepting Tadashi's honorary degree.
I know this is not an easy task.
- I'll be ready, Professor Granville.
- Excellent.
I'm always available if you want to talk.
- Are you okay, Hiro? - Yeah, uh, sure.
- Where are you doing? - I gotta talk to Krei.
Find out what's going on.
Krei: What's going on is none of your business.
Just tell me which division made them.
The secret one.
- But I - Look, intern.
I've come to think of you as more than an intern.
More like an unpaid friend.
But it's important to remember, you are just an intern.
- That didn't make any sense.
- It doesn't have to.
I'm a CEO.
I do lots of things you don't know about.
I started selling the city fully automated garbage trucks last month.
The future is garbage! - [truck beeping.]
- [trashcan clatters.]
[bangs twice.]
- [truck rumbling.]
- [thuds.]
So, what's the big scoop you texted me about? I don't actually have it yet, which is why I need your help.
So you and your weird body suit need me to - What, exactly? - Help me get into the police station, and get a closer look at the Buddy Guardians.
You mean, break in? Hiro, we may be friends, but I'm not just gonna let you sabotage my dad's job for no good reason.
Look, there's a secret division of Krei Tech making police robots.
I I think they might be dangerous.
For us, and for your dad.
I called you, because it's super sleuth stuff.
- But, you know, I understand if - I'm in! But only if I get to come.
- I had a feeling you'd say that.
- Aw! My own weird body suit! - Hiro: Ready? - Megan: So ready.
Here's the El Fuego report, Chief.
The Buddy Guardians caught him in less than three minutes.
But Big Hero 6 still got away, like they always do.
- We look like fools.
- That ends today.
Put the plan into action.
- Hiro: This might take some time to hack.
- Megan: Try 0-4-1-9.
Dad's password for everything is my birthday.
- [whirring.]
- Megan: It's super embarrassing.
- Megan: This is way creepy.
- Hiro: And way advanced.
Electromagnetic servos.
Heat and projectile-resistant shielding? [grunts.]
- [grunts.]
- [pops.]
- Aah! - [thuds.]
- Chief Cruz: What was that? - Megan: Uh-oh.
Hey! Who's in here?! Show yourself! [whirs shut.]
We are gonna return that, right? Yeah.
You know, eventually.
Baymax: Aunt Cass is approaching.
Hey, what are you kids up to? I need some willing taste testers.
Uh, we're just working? Isn't school almost out? What are you working on? Uh, Megan was just helping me with the, the speech.
You're a good friend, Megan.
- Are those crepes? - Crepe-a-dillas.
French-Mex, like Paris, Texas.
Ooh, that's a place, isn't it? Anyway, I'll leave you two to it.
[chuckling continues.]
- What speech? - It's nothing.
Baymax: Hiro is giving a memorial speech to honor Tadashi.
Oh wow.
Uh, that's big.
I could really help you with that.
You know, if, if you want.
- No, uh, it's fine.
- [beeping.]
- I'll uh Oh.
- What is it? [beeping.]
Hiro: Obake.
- Obake? - Bad guy.
Really, really bad guy.
Baymax: Obake tried to destroy San Fransokyo.
He failed.
- We need to warn my dad.
- Yeah.
If I can just isolate this code, we can use it as evidence.
- [crackling.]
- [Megan gasps.]
- [flames roaring.]
- [Hiro and Megan gasp.]
Baymax: The fire has been contained.
You are now safe.
Actually, I don't think we are, buddy.
- Hiro, everything all right? - [beeping.]
Uh, fine Aunt Cass.
- How's that speech coming along? - Oh, r-right.
It's fine.
That sounds like teenager for very "not fine.
" It's just [sighs.]
I-I want to talk about Tadashi.
But it reminds me that he's not here.
Hiro, I can't know how hard this is for you.
But I do know one thing.
Even if it hurts to think about what happened, when I remember Tadashi, it makes me happy.
Me, too.
Thanks, Aunt Cass.
- Honey Lemon: But isn't that - Impossible? Yeah.
Baymax: We've searched, and found no sign of Obake.
He's back.
I can feel it! Feelings aren't facts.
Basemax, scan for Obake.
Basemax: Scan complete.
Obake not detected.
Guys, hello? He has scan jammers! - So, what do we do? - Suit up, and, uh, well, um Just suit up for right now.
That's as far as I got, plan wise.
We need to warn Chief Cruz.
He's the only one who can decommission all the Buddy Guardians at once.
It makes sense, but it also seems risky.
Yeah, on account of he wants us all behind bars.
Prison orange does not look good on me.
You could make it work, Wasabi.
Ooh, try it in, maybe, like, a fun scarf.
Guys, don't worry.
I have a plan.
- [whirring.]
- Hiro: Chief Cruz? - Oh! You! - Hear me out.
I'm not interested in what the leader of Big Hero 6 has to say, unless it involves surrendering.
I came to warn you.
Your Buddy Guardians are dangerous.
- They were created by Obake.
- Nice try.
Obake's dead.
If you just check the chips inside the bots The only reason you want the guardians gone is because you know you can't beat them.
Please, Chief.
You, of all people, know how dangerous a supervillain can be.
How'd you know about my father? Uh, we found an old newspaper article.
I'm really sorry.
You did a background check on me, huh? Well, if you'd dug a little deeper, you'd know I never give up.
You have to listen! - [crashing.]
- [Hiro yelling.]
- [yelling.]
- [clanging.]
You're under arrest.
I would be.
If I was actually here.
- [yells.]
- [cuffs clatter.]
That went well.
Baymax: That, in fact, did not go well.
- Baymax: Oh.
- Yeah.
I do that sometimes.
Chief Cruz is never going to believe us unless we show him some real evidence.
- Then I'll find some.
- [groans.]
You're not gonna sneak into the police station again, are you? Nope.
Krei Tech.
I need access to Krei's personal computer.
So, it's decided.
We all suit up and storm Krei Tech! To the power of six! How about the power of two? - It's probably best if I just go with Baymax.
- He's right.
Could we at least do the thing? You know what? This feels wrong.
We'll do it when something more exciting happens.
- [Go Go grunts.]
- Hey! [dinging.]
- Great.
She's not here.
- Baymax: Hiro - I was worried we've have to make up some - Baymax: Hiro - ridiculous story to get into Krei's office.
- Baymax: Hiro - But we can just walk right - Judy: In? Aah! Hi.
Uh, Mr.
Krei sent me to get, get his, uh, cow costume.
The udders are clogged.
Baymax: I can help with that.
I am a robot.
That is a ridiculous story.
But I'm on my break.
I'm not professionally obligated to care for the next 10 minutes.
Knock yourself out.
- [mouse clicking.]
- [beeping.]
Now, to hack into Huh.
Or not.
- [keys clacking.]
- [beeping.]
Hiro: This warehouse must be where Obake's been hiding.
- [beeping.]
- Hiro: Guys, I got an address.
Forwarding it now.
Baymax and I will meet you there.
[gears whirring.]
Baymax, what are you doing? Baymax: Cleaning the clogged udders.
Krei: Yes, Mother.
My birthday is coming up.
Hiro: Baymax, let's go.
Krei: Uh, no, Mother, I do not need another monocle What's the point of two? Why not just get glasses? Where is that? Assistant! What's my password? Krei's Assistant: Uh, password? Yes! That's what I'm asking! - [trolley bell dinging.]
- Wasabi: Can I just say, I do not like the thought of facing Obake again.
- No one likes it.
- I was so sure he was you know, gone.
Oh ho ho, my sweet, innocent Honey Lemon.
No one's permanently gone in the multi-verse.
I mean, unless your parent company sells the license, I guess [distant explosion.]
- What was that? - One way to find out.
Wasabi: No.
It's time.
[tires screeching.]
- [engine revving.]
- Huh.
Look at you.
- [engine revving.]
- [tires squealing.]
Hiro, we've got a crisis in the Bay.
We gotta help.
Hiro [over ear piece.]
: Okay.
Coming to you.
Water rescue! - [beeping.]
- [engine revving.]
- [firing.]
- [splashing.]
[boat creaking.]
[motor whirring.]
- [tires screeching.]
- [engine revving.]
Everyone, stay calm! Fred: We are here to save you.
W-Whoa! Guys, new development.
I think I get seasick now.
[helicopter whirring.]
The police.
It's a trap.
[crashing, thudding.]
[helicopter whirring.]
It's over, big heroes.
- Fred: Oh, this is bad.
- Yeah, obviously.
No, not [heaves.]
Sorry, I just need to [retching.]
Sinking boat.
I knew you couldn't stay away.
You knew we'd come help, but you still think we're bad guys? More like dangerous and delusional.
Fred: Um [heaves.]
Is that better? - Maybe a little? - Chief Cruz: Doesn't matter.
If you four come quietly, I'll put in a good word with the DA.
- That's gonna be a hard task.
- [blades whirring.]
Sorry, Chief Cruz, but the city's in danger.
We need to go.
- [fires.]
- [thuds.]
- [freezing.]
- [bursting.]
- [firing.]
- [thudding.]
Aah! - [clangs.]
- [grunts.]
[energy crackling.]
- [firing.]
- [thuds.]
- [energy crashing.]
- [crackling.]
- [crashing.]
- [Wasabi yells.]
- [crashing continues.]
- [Wasabi grunting.]
- [slashing.]
- Aah! Aah! - [energy crackling.]
- [metal straining.]
- [yells.]
- [crashes.]
Fred: Whoa! Whoa! - [clangs.]
- [Fred yelling.]
Aah! [splashing.]
My car! Not again! - [crashes.]
- [Wasabi yells.]
- [energy crackles.]
- [Wasabi sighs.]
- [Wasabi sobs.]
- [crackling.]
[energy crackling.]
[Wasabi yelling.]
Fred: Still a little seasick.
If I'm being honest.
- [exploding.]
- [yells.]
Hiro [over radio.]
: Guys, Baymax and I are two minutes out.
Hiro, it's a trap.
Stay away.
Hiro [over ear piece.]
: If it's a trap, then you'll need our help even more.
Honey Lemon [over earpiece.]
: You need to stop Obake .
Go Go [over earpiece.]
: Yes.
We got this.
We'll come back for you as soon as we can.
Okay, Baymax.
Let's get to that warehouse.
We have to find Obake before it's too late.
[heavy footsteps.]
[heavy footsteps continue.]
[energy softly whirring and pulsing.]
- [crashing.]
- [Wasabi yelps.]
- [whirring.]
- [Wasabi exclaiming.]
- [Wasabi yells.]
- [thuds.]
- [groans, then grunts.]
- [beeping.]
- [screams.]
- [explodes.]
- [crashes.]
- [grunts.]
- Call me crazy - [net firing.]
But this doesn't seem to be going our way.
Fred: You are crazy, but also right.
- [thuds.]
- [Fred screams.]
- [firing.]
- [exploding.]
- [whirling.]
- [firing.]
- [Fred yelling.]
- [clamps.]
Fred: I don't like the way these bots hug.
- [thuds.]
- [whooshes.]
- [firing.]
- Aah! - [explodes.]
- Aah! [firing.]
They're too strong! [grunting.]
[thud, yells.]
- [thuds.]
- [Go Go grunting.]
That's four down.
Two to go.
Fred: You will never catch our friends! [grunts.]
You gotta stop squeezing me so hard, 'cause I might hurl again.
- Load these heroes up.
- My pleasure, sir.
Best thing to ever happen to this city.
- Trina.
- Hamada.
I've been waiting for you.
Thought it was Obake, didn't you? [lights clicking on.]
That's probably why you're still just an intern.
Meanwhile, Krei made me head of a top secret robot department after one meeting.
And look what my bots have done! - Sorry, not sorry about your friends.
- No.
What are you planning to do with the Buddy Guardians, Trina? I'm all about the show, don't tell, these days.
Plus, that's how Father would have wanted it.
Wanted what? Where's Obake? He is gone! You were there, right? You should know.
It was your fault! - Trina, I - But his plan lives on through me.
Baymax: His plan would have created a catastrophic loss of human life.
Can it, marshmallow.
I know the stakes.
You don't have to do this, Trina.
- Obake failed! - That's exactly why I have to do this.
Don't you get it, Hamada? I survived to carry on Father's legacy.
To fulfill his dream.
Say goodbye to San Fransokyo.
- [beeping.]
- [flames roaring.]
We're not gonna let you destroy San Fransokyo, Trina.
Pretty sure I don't need your permission.
- Baymax? - Baymax: Trina, please consider a more peaceful solu - Oh! - [Hiro yells.]
- [crashing.]
- [Hiro grunts.]
Baymax: I was alerted to your need for medical attention - when you said - [grunts.]
- Baymax: Yes.
- [grunts.]
- I like this look better.
- Noodle Burger Boy: Me, too.
We're the coolest bro and sis in town! - [chuckles.]
- Yeah.
We do fist pumps, too.
Get your new friends out here.
Order up.
Evil style.
- [energy whirring.]
- [clanking.]
[energy crackling.]
[chain breaks.]
Say hello to Father's latest creations.
So Obake did create the Buddy Guardians.
In a way, yes.
After I rebuilt myself, I went back to search for him.
The lair was gone.
Father was gone.
But I did find his legacy.
- [clinking.]
- I built on Father's work.
Obake's chip is in all of them.
With the help of Krei and Cruz, I built an army.
The robot revolution is here.
[gears whirring.]
- Don't do this, Trina.
Obake's plan was - Trina: Crazy? [Hiro grunts.]
His only mistake was including you in the future.
This time, it's robots only.
You should join us, Hugs.
Baymax: Robots are meant to help humans.
Now that's crazy.
Destroy them both.
- Baymax: Goodbye.
- Noodle Burger Boy: Order up! [whispers menacingly.]
Dressing on the side.
- Baymax: I do not understand that comment.
- [thudding footsteps.]
Big Hero 6 finally brought to justice.
- I think I'm gonna unmask you first, lizard.
- [Fred cries.]
Fred: Comic book protocol says that because you hate me now, we're gonna become best friends later.
- I wouldn't count on that.
- Dad, no! I'm sorry, Chief.
I tried to stop her.
- Megan, you should not be here.
Go home! - Don't treat me like a child.
- You are a child.
- You're the one acting like a child! I don't think we should be watching this.
This seems like a family-only moment.
Fred: You're right.
My future friend deserves privacy.
[energy bursting.]
I'll leave when you let them go.
Megan Amelia Isabella Cruz, you are grounded for a week! - Fine by me! - Two weeks! - Uh, guys - Both: Not now! Um, but you really might want to look.
- Fred: Yeah.
Because the, uh - Quiet! Buddy guardians, unmask Big Hero 6.
- [thudding footsteps.]
- [steam hissing.]
Hey, where are you going? - [crumbling.]
- [whooshing.]
[camera shutter clicks.]
The Buddy Guardians have gone rogue.
Shut 'em down! Hee hee! Hee hee! - [clanging.]
- [thudding footsteps.]
- [firing.]
- [gears whirring.]
- [firing.]
- [Hiro grunting.]
- Noodle Burger Boy: Woo hoo! - [thuds.]
Charbroiled flavor makes tummies happy! Buddy Guardian: Surrender, in the name of Baymax, overdrive mode! [beeping.]
[gears whirring.]
[energy surging.]
Buddy guardian: Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
Buddy Guardian: Surrender Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
[energy surging.]
Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
Baymax: Hiro.
Noodle Burger Boy: You can still change your mind! - Hiro: Baymax! - Buddy Guardian: Surrender, - in the name of the robot revolution.
- [Hiro grunting.]
- [shattering.]
- Globby: New plan.
You surrender! - [squishing.]
- Hiro: Glad to see you, Globby.
Good to see you, too.
We should grab lunch.
You know, I'm actually pretty hungry right now! - [kicking.]
- [clattering.]
- [punches.]
- [clangs.]
- [energy crackling.]
- [gulps.]
- Hiro: Nice, Globby! - Feels good to be out of hiding.
Admittedly, not the best circumstances.
- Baymax: Hey! The burger-head man left.
- Hiro: What? Baymax: Oh, I miss burger-head man! He gets me.
[thudding footsteps.]
Noodle Burger Boy: Da da da! Never fear! - [tires screeching.]
- Noodle Burger Brother's here! Tell me it's done.
- Noodle Burger Boy: Heh.
Well - [groans.]
Not a problem.
- [siren blaring.]
- We've got the fire power.
[engines revving.]
[tires screeching.]
- I order you to stop in the name of the law! - Trina: Really? That's kind of a cliché line, Chief.
- It gets the point across.
- [high-pitched whining.]
[energy crackling.]
How about you get out of our way? You don't know me very well.
I'm not going anywhere.
- [whooshing.]
- Megan: Watch it! - [crashing.]
- [grunting.]
- Megan? How'd - [gasps.]
- Dad! Help! [screams.]
- No! - Daughter, huh? - [clangs.]
- Let them through! - [sirens blaring.]
- That's what I thought.
- [Megan yelling.]
[thudding footsteps.]
Noodle Burger Boy: Uh, yeah! That's what I thought, too! With extra cheese! [sighs.]
Hiro: Trina has us outnumbered, but I have a plan.
Mini-Max: I give you Mini-Max-imum effort! - I'm ready to get my good guy on! - [squishing.]
If loud little guy and weird jelly guy are in, who am I to say no? These designs.
Can you build them? [whistles.]
Uh, it's doable.
- With a lot of overtime.
- Great.
Let's get to work.
Mini-Max: Evil will wish it had stayed in bed, snuggling with its puppy, who I will assume is named Cooper.
[keys clacking.]
Mini-Max: Mini-Maximum teamwork! Baymax and Mini-Max: Fa la la la la! There's no way we can defeat Trina without the rest of the team.
Don't worry.
I can finish up with mouthy little sidekick here.
Mini-Max: I am no sidekick.
I'm more of a front-kick! - Yeah, sure.
Whatever, mouthy.
- Globby: Hmm.
[Fred humming a tune.]
Big Hero 6 are free to go.
- They are? - We are? I'm the chief.
I make the hard decisions.
Fred: Told you we're best friends! - [doors open.]
- Honey Lemon: Hiro! - Wait! Hiro? - You guys are cool, now? Did I miss something? Like, something really big? - [siren blaring.]
- I'll explain later.
We've gotta go before Fred: Wait.
Chief Cruz has an identical twin, who is also a police chief? Whoa! - Your parents must be so proud! - [squishing.]
Oh! Yeah, okay.
Chief Cruz, before you say anything, you have to listen to Trina has my daughter.
I need your help.
[scanner whirring.]
- Baymax: I have located Megan.
- [beeping.]
- [whipping.]
- [whooshes.]
[Megan grunting.]
- [thuds.]
- [squishing.]
- Let her go.
- Oh, Hiro.
You used to be so polite! Uh, we were kind of a thing.
Deal with them! Buddy Guardian: Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
- Make me.
- [firing.]
- [whooshing.]
- [squishing.]
- [thwacks.]
- [grunts.]
Um, guys? Kind of trapped, here! [grunts.]
Not anymore! - [firing.]
- [Wasabi grunts.]
- [Honey Lemon grunts.]
- [firing.]
He's all yours, Baymax! Baymax: Thank you, Honey Lemon.
I can turn into metal.
Surprise! - I'll be right back.
- [Megan grunting.]
- [Trina yells.]
- [thwacks.]
- [firing.]
- [Megan grunts.]
Fred: Gotcha! Ugh! Get her! Noodle Burger Boy: Did somebody say ketchup slide? Your order will be ready in three minutes or less! - Fred: Whoa.
- [Noodle Burger Boy yelling gleefully.]
- Ow! - [squishing.]
Noodle Burger Boy: Sis, you're upside down! Cool.
[rocket roaring.]
Buddy Guardian: Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
- Fred: Whoa! - [smashes.]
- Buddy Guardian: Surrender - [shatters, then thuds.]
Buddy Guardian: Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
- [whooshing.]
- [Globby grunts.]
- [exploding.]
- [whooshing.]
- Megan: Dad! - Megan! - I'm so sorry.
I just - Yeah, me, too.
Chief Cruz: Thank you for saving my daughter.
- That's what we do, Chief.
- Yeah, I I get that, now.
You save lives at the risk of your own.
That truly earns you the title of heroes.
- Hiro.
- Hey.
Frederick Frederickson the Fourth.
- Bestie! I called it.
- So what's the plan? Baymax, can you tell where the bots are headed? Baymax: The Buddy Guardians are spreading out.
Trina and Noodle Burger Boy appear to be headed for Krei Tech.
Baymax and I will handle Trina.
- Everybody else - Stop the Buddy Guardians.
- We're on it.
- All of us.
To the power of [stammers.]
a-a lot! [whooshing.]
Wow, Hamada.
You don't give up.
Guess that's how I'm programmed.
Baymax: That was a clever response, because she is a robot who was programmed.
Oh, now I get it.
Hee hee.
Hee hee.
- Hee hee.
- Hold them off, burger bro.
Noodle Burger Boy: I relish the opportunity.
- With extreme ketchup! - [squirting.]
Baymax: I was expecting ketchup.
- What did we talk about? - Not using condiments as weapons.
That's right.
So Noodle Burger Boy: Here's something off the secret menu! [clanking.]
Baymax: Noodle Burger Boy has been significantly upgraded.
Noodle Burger Boy: Oh, yeah! It's a robot revolution thing, baby! [grunts.]
Where are you, Roddy? Ooh, she's a beaut.
Okay, let's hit the road.
- Wait.
Where'd I leave the keys? - Mini-Max: I have them! - Well, hand 'em over.
I'm driving.
- Mini-Max: Never! Hey, I'm in charge! Mini-Max: If you were in charge, you would have the keys.
- [keys jangling.]
- [Mini-Max laughing triumphantly.]
All right, listen up.
We will provide tactical support to the superheroes.
Really? We're on the same side now? We've always been on the same side.
It just, uh took me a little while to learn that.
Would you like to add anything? Oh! We're supposed to say something.
- Uhhhh - [Chief Cruz exhales sharply.]
- Uh - Hi, everyone! You look great! Because you are great.
Everything is going to be great.
Right? - Sure.
Let's go with that.
- [clears throat.]
I'm sure you'll all agree this is just like when Captain Fancy joined forces with the Poshtown PD - We need to know your plan.
- Fred: Oh, right.
The plan.
Um, here's the thing.
We don't know what Trina's going to do, so we don't have a quote, unquote "plan.
" Oh, we've been in these kinds of situations before.
And we always pulled through.
Because we trust each other.
Fred: And when we trust each other, together, we can overcome - Anything.
- Whoo! Fred: Plus, we have a monster.
Hey, everyone! That's me! [whooshing.]
- [shattering.]
- [Noodle Burger Boy yelling.]
[energy crackling.]
[energy roaring.]
[beams whooshing.]
[energy crashing.]
[Noodle Burger Boy yelling.]
High-powered wireless induction? She's siphoning energy from the turbines.
[thudding footsteps.]
[Honey Lemon grunts.]
Looks like a team of Buddy Guardians is protecting a garbage truck? Same thing over here.
Fred: Yeah, weird.
It's not trash day.
Oh, wait.
Yeah, it is.
This is fine.
- [scanner whirring.]
- Go Go: It looks like - they're waiting for something.
- Hiro: I think the wait is over.
Krei Tech made the garbage trucks.
Trina must have done something to them.
[energy crackling.]
- [energy surging.]
- [exploding.]
- [rumbling.]
- [popping.]
[scared yell.]
- [whirring.]
- [beeping.]
[energy crackling.]
- [crackling continues.]
- [energy pulsing.]
Something's definitely not good.
- [energy crashing.]
- [Globby yells.]
The Buddy Guardians are acting as thermal conductors.
[heat rippling.]
Fred: Whoa.
Check it they're, um, uh - [groans.]
Someone finish my sentence.
- Melting the city.
Fred: Okay, yeah.
Uh, I thought you'd have more of a technical explanation, there? Guys, not just the city.
Buddy Guardian: The robot revolution's here.
The age of humanity is over.
[energy crackling.]
- Noodle Burger Boy: This recipe's a cinch! - [clanging.]
[energy surging.]
How's about a laser pickle combo? Laser pickle, laser pickle laser pickle! - Hiro: Baymax, rocket fist! - [thudding.]
Noodle Burger Boy: Yes! Ha ha! - Baymax: That was not successful.
- Let's try something else! - Noodle Burger Boy: Oh, come on! - It's jet pack time.
- Noodle Burger Boy: I love you, sis! - Noodle! [groans.]
Baymax: Hiro.
- [crashes.]
- [shattering.]
- [thuds.]
- [ground rumbling.]
- Really need you here, Roddy! - Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
It's kind of an emergency on everybody's part.
Go Go: Hiro, we don't have much time.
This is the end, Hamada.
It may look that way, but it's really not.
Are you stalling? Why? 'Cause I was waiting for somebody.
- Say hello to Mega-Max.
- Mega what? [whirring.]
Aah! [whirring.]
Right arm throw, righteous chum.
Aye-aye, little weird dude.
Right arm throw! [whirring.]
- [whooshes.]
- [yelling.]
[clanging and clattering.]
- Nice work, Roddy.
- Roddy: Yeah, yeah.
Not bad for a rush job.
[energy crackling.]
[powering down.]
The garbage truck stopped heating up! - Way to go! We did it! - Fred: Yes! Oof.
Now I'm kind of cold, though.
[metal straining.]
Trina: Surrender, in the name of the robot revolution.
Mini-Max: Mega Maximum crush! Yeah, I don't know what that means.
So I'm just gonna do this.
[metal crashing.]
[muffled shattering.]
[gears whirring.]
Mini-Max: I can do this all day! [crashing and banging.]
Trina: Battling my Buddy Guardians will destroy San Fransokyo, anyway.
- [firing.]
- Trina: Father's legacy lives on.
Don't know about that.
[beeping and whirring.]
[tiny footsteps.]
I'm controlling them with a a neurotransmitter.
[tiny footsteps.]
[high-pitched chattering.]
- Buddy Guardian: Oh.
- [beeping.]
- [spraying.]
- Buddy Guardian: He will be fine.
- Enjoy.
- Pretty cool, huh? Trina: Raah! - [thwacking.]
- [Hiro grunts.]
- [firing.]
- [grunts.]
- [grunting.]
- [firing.]
- [grunts.]
- [firing.]
[energy surging.]
- [thuds.]
- [Trina yells, then groans.]
All your talk of, uh, Obake's legacy inspired me to keep another legacy alive, instead.
Trina: There's no one greater than Father.
Who are you talking about? His name was Tadashi.
- Uh, hello.
- [mic feedback.]
My name is Hiro Hamada.
Uh, Tadashi Hamada was my big brother.
And I'm here to accept his degree on his behalf.
I used to think that having a legacy just meant that people remembered you.
But now, I realize it's more than that.
It's when the things that are important to you live on in the people who loved you.
And what was most important to my big brother was helping others.
He believed that there's good in this world and that it's worth fighting for.
He knew that everyone was capable of being someone's hero.
The last words Tadashi said to me were, "Someone has to help.
" Even though he's gone, Tadashi is still helping me every day.
Tadashi wants us all to help.
And I'm going to try.
And, uh, I hope you'll join me.
Thank you.
[all applauding.]
Yeah! [whistles.]
[applause continues.]
Baymax: Hiro.
That was an excellent tribute.
[all clapping and cheering.]

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