Big Mouth (2017) s04e10 Episode Script

What Are You Gonna Do?

So, I'm in the haunted house,
and there's this creepy clown chasing me,
but then it turns out
the clown is really Nick Starr.
And he's you from the future?
And then "future" me stabbed
"me" me with a knife!
Wow! Halloween has gotten
so much more exciting!
In my day, we'd just go around
begging people to smell our feet,
hoping they would give us
something good to eat.
It was so real, Duke,
and now I just feel weird.
Hmm, my one thought is
maybe it's because you're a ghost.
A ghost?
Holy shit, I'm dead!
My family must be freaking out!
- Oh, God!
- Whose attic are you gonna live in?
'Cause I'm not looking for a roommate.
Mom! Dad!
Everyone, I'd like to make a toast
by warming up some bread
and putting butter on it.
That's a morning joke,
but I do wanna make a toast
to humor.
Hello! Guys!
Can you hear me? Oh, God, no.
- Good morning, family, and God bless.
- What the
Who the fuck is that?
Very spiffy, Nicky. What's the occasion?
Me going out in public, Diane.
- Wait.
- And I say this
with genuine condescension,
you could all dress a bit better.
Oh, no. Is that Nick Starr?
I think you look like a tiny, precious
Audi salesman.
How about a breakfast hug?
Hard pass. How about
a nice fist bump instead?
So, hold on, am I actually dead?
Not if that creep took over your body.
You must be a lost soul.
A "lost soul"?
A disembodied spirit.
You're not dead, but part of your soul is.
Like Mark Zuckerberg.
Ciao, family. My Uber Select is here.
- Love you, Nicky!
- What am I gonna do?
Yeah, what are you gonna do?
Not now, Rick. I'm a fucking ghost!
You wanna fuck a ghost?
Okay, who do I know?
Ooh! How about Casper?
He's cute. He's on TV.
He's got that mattress money.
Uh, cha-ching, baby!
I'm going through changes ♪
I'm going through changes ♪
Oh, in my life ♪
Oh, ooh, ooh! ♪
So, I tell Lola I love her,
and she just says,
"Aw, thanks. You're cool too."
That's bullshit, Jay.
What an icy cold twat.
Yeah, bro!
I can say "I love you" so easy.
I fucking love you with everything I am:
mind, body and polyurethane foam.
I don't know,
maybe Lola's right not to love me.
Are you insane?
You're a sexy 40-year-old magician
with a ridiculous dick!
Hell, yeah!
I'm getting hot just thinking about
your hanging flapper resting on my chin
- Hang on.
- I wanna blow your Greek penis.
- Ooh!
- Oh, Lord! Me too!
I want you to bang me so hard
I get Bell's palsy!
Wow. Okay, I don't know, guys.
I'm kind of in
a relationship right now.
With someone who doesn't even love you.
Exactly! Look, bro, do what you wanna do,
but I'm just gonna bend over
and pick up this penny right now
I can feel the breeze hit
my open, dirty ass.
Okay, here we go.
I'm gonna try
this gratitude thing in real life.
That's right. Go get him, little red.
Ugh, but Matthew's gonna think
I'm so corny.
I'll tell you what's corny, me poops.
I had some grilled corn last night.
So good!
- Gift of the Americas.
- Okay, I'll go talk to him.
Hi, Matthew.
Why are you smiling like a clown?
Are they putting Miles Teller to sleep?
I just I know you're having
a tough time at home,
and I wanted you to know
how grateful I am to have you in my life.
And also that you're mean as fuck,
but not to me,
and I really appreciate that.
Jessi, thank you.
But next time, please communicate
your appreciation through text
and not in person like a lunatic.
You did it!
Rub-a-dub-dub in the gratitude tub.
Ooh, yeah!
Let's have ourselves a bubble bath!
I'm having a blast!
Being grateful
does feel surprisingly good.
Jessi, why don't you use
the Gratitoad on Nick?
Ugh. Why would I be grateful for Nick?
Yeah, he yelled at you in the park
and then tried to french you at a funeral!
That selfish little prick can rot in hell
with my parents.
Yeah, fuck him.
And my parents!
You know, Maury, I died a million
times last night, and I still feel okay.
I think the breathing thing
is really helping.
Ah, yes, breath is life.
All right, let's continue
with downward-facing dick.
In through the nose
…out through the pee hole.
Nick. Oh, chic jacket, mon frère!
Is that a linen blend? Oh, it's to die.
Andrew, my childhood friend.
How is the masturbating?
Very well. It's going very well,
thank you.
Duke, there he is!
Come on! We gotta get you
back inside your body.
Your tiny, weird, pale body.
I mean, the world does seem
brighter today, doesn't it?
That's probably because
there's no ozone layer
and the sun is caramelizing us
like a brûléed grapefruit,
- a treat that every child enjoys.
- Uh, what's that now?
The Earth is hurtling towards
its ultimate destruction.
- What?
- Hashtag brûlée boys. Dab.
Ultimate destruction?
Me, brûléed?
I suddenly can't breathe again.
Oh, Andrew.
Hi, Nick. I'm starting an affinity group
to bring students of all races
and backgrounds together.
Would you like to participate?
By sitting in a room with you
and apologizing for my immense privilege?
Oh, well, I mean, yes,
that could be a part of it,
but I'd say it's really about seeing
other people's points of view, and
- Great. No, I will not attend.
- Oh.
This guy's making me look like
such an asshole.
That's why we gotta get you back
in your funky little body.
- Okay.
- With your big fat head ♪
And your teeny little weenie ♪
It's a damn shame
You can't fuck with your head ♪
Ugh, I can't go in there, Maury.
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
Come on, it's just a casual conversation.
Yeah, with someone who thinks I deserve
to burn in hell.
I think she actually said "bake" in hell.
But don't worry,
I hear it's more of a light sear.
- What?
- Now get in there!
Hey, Mom, can we talk for a second?
I'm busy making dinner, Matthew.
Can't it wait?
Actually, no.
Mom, I know you think being gay
is a choice for me, but it's not.
You're doing great, Matt.
And I love you, but I need to be who I am,
not just at school, but also here at home.
What? What does that mean?
Well, for starters,
it means I have to tell Dad.
No, Matthew, no!
You can't do that!
He is a traditional man.
Do you remember when Aunt Lydia
deep-fried the Thanksgiving turkey?
That's why we don't see
Aunt Lydia anymore.
What? I thought she died of a brain tumor.
Matthew, if you love this family,
please don't say anything to your father.
Oh, Maury. What do I do?
Matthew, step out of the room.
I'm gonna have a word alone
with your mother.
Are you fucking kidding me, Kim?
You got the best goddamn kid in the game!
So, get the fuck on board
before you lose him!
- Oh, how'd it go?
- Oh, she didn't hear a word I said.
Oh, yeah!
All right. So, to enter a body,
- you've got to truly let go of yourself.
- Right.
Really try to understand what it's like
to be them for a moment.
- Got it.
- And then,
- you slip right in through their butthole!
- Wait, what?
The poop chute, Nick!
If you wanna be spooky
You gotta go dookie ♪
- Now, get in there!
- Okay!
Ooh, outrageous!
Wait, wait, wait.
Is this Nick Starr's apartment?
Oh, Nick, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Uh, I'm here to take my body back.
Of course, great.
Well, let me show you around, then.
This is my Infinity fridge.
It's filled with carbonated egg whites.
These are all of Lauryn Hill's Grammys.
And this is the room
where I keep all the bugs.
The bugs?
Oh, Jesus!
Oh, that's sweet. They like you.
Ugh! Get them off! Help me!
You got it, buddy.
That's right.
You don't want any part of what's in here.
For I'm loco, ese.
Sponsored by Four Loko, ese.
Give me my body back!
But, Nick, this is who you are,
an emotionally unavailable success junkie
with a two handicap.
Duke, is he right?
Am I destined to be cold and alone?
No. There's still time to change.
You gotta try it again.
Get back in that body!
No, you weren't in there!
It was like American Psycho, but without
the charming references to Phil Collins.
What can I do?
Yeah, what can you
"are you gonna do," baby?
Jesus, Rick! I didn't even say it!
Enough with your stupid catchphrase!
"What are you gonna do?"
I don't sound like that.
I sound cool, like Bill Clinton.
Watch this. "I did not have
'what are you gonna do' with that woman."
You withered piece of shit!
You wanna know what I'm gonna do?
I'm gonna give up.
I'm gonna be a lost soul forever.
Well, then my job here is done.
No, it's not!
Then why am I drinking a piña colada,
I was totally gonna say it back.
I mean, literally everything inside me
wanted to scream,
"Jay, you're my burly-ass king,
and I love you so hard,
it could make me shit,"
but I just couldn't say "I love you."
Oh, gloomy day!
'Tis too painful to see thee weep,
Your Majesty.
Help me, Knights of St. Joseph.
What the hell do I do?
Pray, my queen, why was it so hard
to tell Sir Jay that you love him?
I guess it's because everyone I love
always ends up
leaving me.
But Sir Jay, he's not like the others.
He hath been kind to thee.
Indeed! 'Tis rare to find a knight
who fights for both your honor
and your pleasure.
Also, I, like, came when he fingered me.
Yes. That's what I was alluding to,
Your Majesty.
But, like, what if I put my heart out
on the so-called symbolic limb
and he ditches me?
But, my queen, if you shut thyself off,
you've already sealed thy fate.
You must lower your drawbridge,
Okay. Thank you, Knights of St. Joseph.
You may return to your rounds.
We shall protect thee from all enemies!
Behold! A ghastly creature encroaches.
Is it fucked up that this turns me on?
Oh, God, Nick's right!
The planet is boiling.
And if the wildfires don't get us,
the war over water surely will!
Oh, man, Nick Starr really spun him out
this morning.
And those thin polar bears
aren't gonna be very happy about anything!
Andrew, stop quivering!
I can hear you downstairs!
Dad, I'm just feeling very anxious.
Well, of course you are!
You're a weak boy,
and everybody's against you.
Oh, no.
Andrew, I wish I could help you
feel better.
Wait, maybe I can.
The world is a gorilla cage,
and you're a banana
with peanut butter on its ass!
Ooh! Outrageous!
Whoa, this is crazy.
I'm actually controlling Marty's body.
Dad, are you okay?
You sound exactly like Nick.
That's because I am Nick.
Nick, are you in there?
What the hell's going on?
My evil future self
has taken over my body.
Oh, God! That can happen?
So, I possessed your dad
through his butthole, and I
- What the hell are you talking about?
- Oh, God, I was trying to calm you down,
and now I realize
I'm freaking you out more!
- Yeah, a bit!
- Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm the worst,
and I'm gonna be like this forever!
Shut the fuck up!
You're making me more nervous.
- Just let me breathe.
- What do you mean?
Fucking listen!
Inhale for four.
In for four.
There, that's better.
Okay, I'm still a little wobbly,
but it might just be the sheer weight
of your dad's balls.
It feels like I have two paint cans
hanging from my taint.
Hey, wait
Nick, while you're in there,
would you tell me that you're proud of me?
- Oh, this is kinda sad.
- Come on, I
Uh, sure, Andrew, I'm proud of you.
No, damn it, say it like my dad.
Oh, okay, uh
Andrew, you useless sack of nothing.
I'm proud of you!
Oh, thanks, Dad. I'm gonna hit you again.
You You can see me?
Andrew, did you just slap me in the face?
I did, twice, and I'm sorry.
Don't you dare apologize!
For the first time ever,
I'm proud of ya, son!
Oh, maybe one day I'll kill you.
Okay, Steve. I'll pay you $2
to eat your own underpants.
This is beyond epic.
I should pay you for this. I'm starving!
What's Nick's deal lately?
He's been a really rude dude
with a bad attitude.
Yeah, he's an asshole.
No, that's not me!
- Shh, shh. Ladies, women, shush.
- What, Andrew?
You're not gonna believe me at first,
but that's not the real Nick.
- What?
- What are you talking about?
He wants us to think he is,
but that's evil future Nick.
The real Nick is floating right next
to us, okay?
Shut up!
There's only one Nick,
and he has always been a selfish jerk!
"Always"? Boy, she really hates me.
Well, I don't believe
that there's only one Nick.
If I learned anything
at the horrority house,
it's that we're made up
of many different parts,
- and we must embrace them all.
- Thank you, Missy.
Yeah, no problem, Nick.
Ah, Nick! Jinkies, he is a ghost!
You can see him too?
Oh, my undies are wrapped around my heart.
Nick, you gotta get back inside
of your body.
It's impossible. I already tried.
But you didn't have us.
Yeah, us!
Missy and Andrew, back together.
In love until we die in each other's arms.
- What?
- What? Nothing. Let's go help Nick.
Ugh, why is Andrew defending Nick?
Because you have bad friends
and you can't count on anyone?
Let's just go home and send
Michael Angelo that very long text
you've been drafting in your notes.
Then we can count the seconds
until he replies.
Oh, God, why hasn't he replied yet?
Hold up!
Let's stay focused on what's important,
all right?
- Now, Nick is a prick!
- Yeah.
And he seems sad and lost,
like something's going on with him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Why are you taking his side?
Hey, now,
let's take a quick hop back here.
Isn't there anything about Nick
that you are grateful for?
Uh, no.
Well, come on.
He did come to help you
in the depression ward.
It sounds like the little fellow was there
when you needed him.
Not lately.
Yeah, ever since I've met him,
he's been, like, really anxious,
and frankly, it freaks me out!
Hold on, all this time,
you've been bothering Nick too?
Not "bothering." Protecting, helping
Maybe you and Nick, y'all got more
in common than you thought, huh?
Yeah, I
Hey, who smashed my car?
Oh, yeah, the Masked Principal!
Ooh, is this when we get to find out
who you are?
Oh, hang on. Are you Katherine Heigl?
Tune in next season to find out.
Here's a hint: I'm Roman Polanski.
- Oh, Andrew.
- Hey, Nick.
A surprise drop-by, how unwelcome.
- Yep, I'm here to hang with my best bud.
- Terrific.
The only thing I like less than surprises
is hanging with my best bud.
Wait, Nick. You see, I know your secret.
What secret?
- That you're about to get a headache.
- Quinaz!
And now DJ has her own kids,
and the house is even fuller! Have mercy.
Sounds cool, Dad.
Come on, tell him.
Tell him how gay you are.
Hey, can I talk to you about something?
Oh, that's usually your mom's
department, isn't it?
Well, yeah, but I'd like to talk to you.
All right. Permission granted, sailor.
Okay, so, um, I wasn't really
at an Interfaith Council meeting.
You weren't?
I was at my friend Aiden's house.
My boyfriend.
Because I'm gay.
And that might mean you're gonna send me
to a conversion camp
or pretend that I died of a brain tumor
or make me watch Wedding Crashers.
Whoa! Hold your horses, son.
- I already knew you were gay.
- You did?
I know who you are, Matthew.
I drove you to tap classes.
Oh, but Mom said not to tell you.
Well, she worries about you,
and she might need more time
to wrap her head around this.
I don't know, I
It's okay, son, we'll figure this out.
Just like the Tanners had to figure out
the bedroom assignments
when Kimmy Gibbler moved in.
I think your dad might be done
with this conversation.
I love that reboot.
Whoa, butt-fuck party!
I should have knocked.
In the future, you should hang a scrunchie
on the doorknob.
Also, the butt-fuckee needs to be awake.
No, it's for easy access, Duke.
I'm going back in.
Jesus H. Jazz, you're Duke Ellington!
I'm a big fan.
You know, Duke once entered my body
and punched me in the penis.
Not really a brag, but
- What?
- Hey, is Nick Starr waking up?
What the Oh, you again.
Give up, Nick.
You've seen your future,
- and it's me, Nick Starr.
- Maybe he's right.
Don't listen to him, Nick.
Fly into your own butthole
in front of all your friends.
Hello. Oh, I am sorry!
Oh, shit!
They doing a butt-fuck party?
I didn't see a scrunchie on the door.
Jessi, it's cool. That is future Nick,
and his ass is out 'cause we need to get
real Nick and jam him back up there.
Jessi, my female friend.
I'm the real Nick.
Hearing the radio
makes me absolutely boogie!
Okay. I don't know what's going on here,
but I came to give Nick something.
Should I leave it on your butt or
You're a ghost.
Technically, a lost soul. But, yeah.
Ooh, how about an introduction,
little red?
- Nick, this is the Gratitoad.
- Oh.
He's got this, like, goofy Southern
drunk-on-moonshine vibe,
but most importantly,
he's really helped me with my anxiety.
Pleasure to meet you, Nick!
Really liking your wisp.
Oh, okay.
Well, nice to meet you, Mr. Toad.
Oh, please, Mr. Toad was my daddy.
He was known for taking wild rides.
I was thinking
maybe he could help you too.
Thank you, Jessi.
Look, I know I've been a dick to you,
and I'm I'm really sorry.
Pretty wonderful to have a friend
who knows how to say "The Big S."
I'll tell you that.
Wow, you're right, Gratitoad.
Nick, I'm grateful for your apology.
It means a lot.
Ugh! All this sincerity is making me want
to crap my pants.
In fact, good luck getting in my butt!
Hurry up, Nick!
You don't wanna have to fly through shit!
Go, go, go!
Ooh! Outrageous!
Oh, God! What the fuck was that?
I can't do this, I
I gotta calm down.
Okay, just remember, in for four
Why are you fighting this, Nick?
I'm everything you wanna be.
I'm infinitely rich, medium famous,
and I don't answer to anyone but myself.
Well, except for French's Mustard,
with whom I have
a lucrative endorsement deal.
French's Mustard, taste the yellow!
Uch, yuck! I hate yellow mustard.
You'll learn to accept it.
You can't beat us, Nick!
You'll have to squirt yellow mustard
on everything!
- Ice cream!
- Cereal!
The dogs you'll fuck!
Your destiny is unavoidable!
Is it? Is it?
No, it isn't.
I like spicy brown mustard
and honey mustard.
I like the salad dressing my mom makes
with Dijon mustard!
I like my mom!
I like my whole family,
and my friends, even Jay.
I'm grateful for all of it!
So you can take your destiny
and go fuck yourself!
Grateful for that monologue right there.
And I definitely want that recipe
for that salad dressing.
Shut up! Your positivity makes me sick!
I'm gonna kill you
once and for all, Nick Birch!
Not if I kill you first, Nick Starr.
- So what did you wanna talk about?
- Okay, this is really hard for me,
but I didn't say "I love you" back
because, as history has proven,
it is such that I have been hurt
by putting myself out there. But
Jay, I do love you.
If you really felt it,
you would've said it!
Yeah, cutie pie.
You're a day late and a dicking short.
And what a dicking it was!
Jay, what the hell?
Did you fucking cheat on me
with your exes?
Sorry, babe. You snooze, I cruise.
Oh, yeah,
he cruised right into my sloppy ass.
Let's just say it was a butt-fuck party!
Oh, it sure was.
Isn't that right, King Finger?
What? I gave him that name!
I knighted him King Finger!
Whatever! It's my finger!
Why did I even come here, Jay?
I knew you'd leave me!
What? Me? You started this!
If you can't say "I love you"
the second I say it to you,
then you don't deserve me at all!
You better watch your back, Jay Bilzerian,
'cause this means war!
Bring it on, lady!
You are so fucked next season!
Oh, I will be fucked, by my pillows,
who know how to say
"I love you" right away.
And guess what, bitch?
You ain't the home screen
on his phone anymore!
Oh, yeah!
Pillow titties on the home screen!
Cum! I'm going to miss eating their cum.
Oh, my God! Holy fuck!
Jesus! This doesn't look good.
Ooh, smooth moves, Tito Mosquito.
Stop appreciating me!
- Hey!
- Great throw!
Aww, throw's only as good as the catch,
All right.
Yes, destroy him! Protect yourself!
So, Nick, what are you gonna do?
Yeah, Nick, what are you gonna do, baby?
I'm gonna
go up my butthole again!
Ooh, outrageous!
Oh, hi.
Do you hate me?
Are you gonna kill me?
Uh, no.
Why not?
I'm such a piece of shit.
But you're a part of me.
And I have to embrace you.
Are you getting a boner?
What? No, why would you say that?
I can't help it.
I make jokes when I'm uncomfortable.
Yeah, me too.
Hashtag me too.
Nick, can you hear me? Nick?
- Nick Birch?
- I-It's me. I think I'm okay.
- Oh, thank God!
- All right!
that's exactly what Nick Starr would say.
Andrew, shut the fuck up and untie me.
And that's exactly what the real Nick
would say. Gimme those ropes.
Whew, I'm exhausted.
Hey, you're not so scary
when you're small.
Yeah, a mosquito is actually
pretty manageable.
And they taste delicious.
When those bugs come back, and they will,
you call your old friend the Gratitoad.
But I'm not going anywhere, Jessi.
Oh, my God. Look at you, you're so cute!
Oh, shit!
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Whoa! Honey, you shrunk the cat!
Wow, I guess helping Nick
made me feel less depressed.
Ladies, and don't take this weird,
but I'm always grateful
for a little pussy.
Hey, man, peace and love,
but I'm kinda the guy who gets to make
those jokes around here.
- You did it, Nick! Ha-ha!
- Yeah, I guess I did.
- I used Andrew's breathing
- I saved the day again.
and Jessi's Gratitoad.
And, Missy,
I embraced all parts of myself.
Oh, that's beautiful!
So, now do you wanna join
my affinity group?
email me, okay?
I just wanna say, I'm proud of you,
Thank you, Connie.
Ahem. You look good.
Thank you. You too.
Oh, I miss you!
Oh, baby, I miss you so much!
But don't worry, I'm in good hands.
Oh, the best hands!
Hey, that's cool, baby!
- Oh, God! Ew!
- What the eff is that?
- Jessi, Missy…
- Ew!
…this is Rick, my hormone monster.
He's a rotting mess,
but he's mine, and I love him.
And besides, baby, I'm your only choice.
So, what are you gonna do?
Hang on, Rick,
you been saying that forever.
What does it even mean?
When the ghosts of fear and failure
Come to haunt you ♪
And the gleaming lights of hope
All fade from view ♪
When the armies of doubt and dread
Are marching in your head ♪
Then the answer, my friend
Is tried and true ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
When a mother leaves her babe
To cry in darkness ♪
And the storm clouds of betrayal
Begin to brew ♪
When the fortune-teller lies
And the faithful hide their eyes ♪
Then the cosmos has but one answer
For you ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
When you think that you're da man
'Cause they told you, you da man ♪
And you want to be da man ♪
But it turns out you're not da man ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
- Whatcha gonna do? ♪
Whatcha gonna do?
"Good at Bizness."
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