Billions (2016) s03e06 Episode Script

The Third Ortolan

1 [Wendy.]
Previously on Billions They're in this.
I can't look away from it anymore.
The Ice Juice short, how do I get a piece of that? - I can make it happen.
- As much as I can get.
Will your father hold up under questioning? He's not taking my counsel at the moment.
Do you want access? Yes, I believe I do.
Just trace amounts on my signal.
We have you pissing in the soup.
And people's lives were placed in jeopardy.
I was told they weren't in any danger The man who instructed you.
Describe him.
Glasses After 18 hours, the toxin would evaporate.
Do you want us to check his lab? And his home.
I told you: I disposed of the slide.
How? You have to trust me.
If you don't want to get on the stand, then there needs to be physical evidence.
An item that could speak for you.
Finally got my read.
He's made a deal with the government, and I'm fucked.
dramatic music [Son Volt's "Sinking Down".]
Keep me Sinking down [Wags.]
We wear them for two reasons.
To keep the aromas from escaping, and to hide this shameful and depraved act from god.
Well, if there were a god, I think he'd know.
Keep my feet On the ground [zipper opens.]
[envelope rustles.]
Fifty thousand.
The other 50 and the visas for your family you will get on completion.
- Thank you.
- If all goes well, we'll have them out of Congo and in the States by summer.
And your Axelrod will be where I once was.
You have the item? In here.
Now, the slide has an 18 hour half-life at room temperature, so make sure you plant it in Axe's medicine cabinet or someplace away from sunlight.
Infiltration of Axelrod's penthouse involves the highest degree of difficulty.
However, he will be at Art Basel in three weeks The luxe life rolls on unabated Mechanical work is scheduled while he's away.
I will, uh, execute then.
suspenseful music dramatic music [speaking indistinctly.]
Look, I don't want you to get in trouble.
I won't.
Do you even know who I Why don't you get on the little earpiece and talk to the people in there? I am Head of Compliance.
Authorized personnel only.
They'll authorize me.
You're not on the list.
But those two are? [Security.]
Jury consultants.
You give a guy a little bit of authority.
Mason, Taylor.
They're clearly jealous of my standing in the company.
suspenseful music Status on the slide? The slide is not in evidence at Eastern.
Somehow that doesn't give me comfort.
Even if we could compromise an assistant at Eastern or remotely access the FBI case file They'd hide it under a code name.
Our motion to dismiss is a much more direct solution.
If Eastern has the slide, the motion forces them to reveal the evidence to prove they have a case.
And if they don't? [Bach.]
Bryan Connerty has very little on which to mount his prosecution.
- You need me? - Do you need me? If you come in, you got to retain Bach's services.
Attorney-client privilege.
I don't need ya that bad.
suspenseful music [Dollar Bill.]
Thank you.
Nice weeds.
So, this guy or girl or whatever couldn't spring for roses? I'd have gotten you a k.
Lang album and tickets to UFC, cover all the bases.
They're delphiniums.
The petals are clustered according to the Fibonacci Sequence.
[Ben Kim.]
Also called the Golden Ratio.
It's a series of numbers in which each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers.
It's frequently echoed in art and in nature.
That's a good gift too, then.
So, who's the lucky person? Hmm.
From "Oscar.
" Recent trip to Silicon Valley.
Langstraat? A big Billie.
That long distance shit works for you? If we were in the same place, but each drawn to work with 90 percent of our time, it would be awkward, or make it seem like our feelings didn't matter.
This is better.
slow music Yo, quants.
You have back-test results for me? This is based on the exact specs you gave me.
Not exactly, no.
The specs I gave you were not a wish list.
They included a threshold for returns, which this simulation fails to meet.
Can you give us next steps, then? Vary position size when the system underperforms the market, re-test and report back.
[door opens.]
[indistinct conversations.]
You know, every time I eat pig's ears, I'm reminded of how alert and alive they once were.
Makes me feel a little bad.
Favorite thing on the menu.
Of course, you can have them slice it for you if it offends your sensibilities.
I feel a little bad about a lot of things I do.
Doesn't stop me.
That's the way.
Mmm! Zinfandel goes nicely, too.
We need to begin time-lining your run.
Scheduling events.
Introducing you to some people.
Uh, we couldn't, not while I'm still in office.
Not as an official candidate, of course.
But we'll have some dinners.
But not at all casual.
For the money folk, it's a lot like watching morning workouts at Churchill Downs.
They get a feel for you.
They, uh, assess your stride.
Then they decide how much they're gonna wager.
While I work up a good sweat.
I look forward to it.
I need to know you're squared away.
I'm as locked down as a Firstie at West Point, sir.
The Axelrod situation will resolve itself very soon, and favorably.
Then I will be unencumbered.
How's your marriage? Well, a man who makes proclamations on that tempts fate.
But solid.
Well, if you do have a good one, the campaign'll push it to the brink.
- Mm.
- If you don't if there are any weaknesses it'll blow out like a bad sidewall.
No concern there.
I'll need to sit with her.
Do it.
Well, very good, really.
Nice eye contact.
You've always been a man of purpose.
Which is exactly what we need.
But we'll also turn you into a man of the people.
I look forward to meeting Wendy.
dramatic music [Dollar Bill.]
This is it, right, the dismissal hearing? Boss, I got a good feeling about this.
Glad you're so confident.
Already put the Pink Champipple on ice.
[Dollar Bill.]
Any day now, you're gonna be back to trading, [Dollar Bill.]
and everything'll be like it's supposed to.
Hold the bubbly, Billy Buck Buck.
- No premature Cele - Today's about recon.
I'll look in their faces; see if they have something to hide.
Great suit.
Bespoke? Are those surgeon's cuffs? Not a good time, leech.
Am I gonna have to Mills Lane every interaction between you two? - 'Course not, come on.
- You're on your way to court.
Remember this: I've worked with Bryan Connerty, studied him.
I can mirror the way the guy thinks.
You ever want to bounce anything off of me We know where to find ya.
Anyway, I'm right.
I feel it in my 'nads.
Are they ever wrong? Spring break senior year.
Señor Frog's.
Other than that hundred percent.
[clicks tongue.]
Go get 'em, Axe! dramatic music [Dake.]
Ready? I guess.
I have the case, I just don't have the evidence.
Wrong answer.
You know the mantra over at the DEA? If you ain't got video, you ain't got shit.
Well, we ain't got video, Oliver.
We got theories.
If I were DeGiulio I'd dismiss this case.
Well, I do that too; try and make each person's argument in the courtroom ahead of time so I can make the counter argument.
But we don't have to this time They need to deal with the high bar to dismiss, the customary deference to Prosecution.
Not to mention that dismissal would be poor optics for DeGiulio.
- He wants to sit this case.
- Mm.
You know Axelrod is guilty.
Carry yourself with confidence in the courtroom, and DeGiulio will know it, too.
Confidence? Not even Evel Knievel could jump the gap between what I know and what I can prove.
Then I suggest you do what Mr.
Knievel always did.
Rev her high.
Pray for mercy.
Try to put her down on the ramp.
And hope you are one of the elect.
Bach, it's your motion.
- Move me.
- I will.
Like Brian's Song.
Because like Mr.
Piccolo's sad, short life, Prosecution's case starts off hopeful but ends in an untimely demise.
Your Honor, to date, the government hasn't alleged sufficient evidence that Mr.
Axelrod is guilty of any charges.
Yet my client has been unfairly stripped [Bach.]
of his ability to trade [Bach.]
while his firm, his employees, [Bach.]
and his family have all been destabilized.
We ask that you bring this baseless campaign to its conclusion.
Your Honor, this entire motion is premature.
The jury gets to decide issues on material fact.
Whether or not they believe the evidence.
Bach is saying there's no evidence for them to decide about.
We are pursuing several threads.
So maybe it's not this motion that's premature.
Maybe it's your whole prosecution.
Testimony that we initially promised to have, that we meant to have, should have is not available.
We have reason to believe that several of our witnesses have been tampered with.
Your Honor Mr.
Bach, there's no jury to hear your pained objections.
Connerty, do you have any evidence to back up that claim for why you don't have any evidence? Not at this time.
Then what do you have at this time? We are pursuing information about an operative we believe is a direct link between Mr.
Axelrod and the contaminant [Connerty.]
that sabotaged the juice company.
You have him in custody? We are pursuing the thread to him.
So, in other words, all you have is evidence against someone who isn't me.
Axelrod, do I look like I need your help? Mr.
Connerty, what do you know about the operative so far? [DeGiulio.]
Does he have a name? That's part of what we're trying to ascertain.
We do have witnesses that can ID him.
If you find him.
You a music fan, Mr.
Connerty? [smacks lips.]
Much as the next guy.
Yo-Yo Ma, Clancy Brothers and such.
I'm thinking of the great George Clinton.
Who most famously said, "Free your mind and your ass will follow.
" [DeGiulio.]
But only slightly less known and far more apt in the case at bar is, "You can't fake the funk.
" [DeGiulio.]
As much as I want to dance to your tune, if the groove isn't fat enough, I'm just gonna stand in place.
And right now, my feet aren't tapping.
That said, I don't think you're lying.
I'm splitting the baby.
I'm granting Mr.
Connerty one more week.
At that time, the prosecution will produce evidence compelling enough to sustain the case.
Or I will grant Mr.
Axelrod his dismissal.
[gavel bangs.]
suspenseful music Hello? Our project has been fast-tracked.
It needs to be accomplished within the week.
Well, the risks in execution are significantly greater.
I'm going to need to double my price.
suspenseful music So be it.
You rattled? Do I look rattled? If you weren't a little rattled, you'd have come right to my office when you saw the top floor annexed like that.
But you played it cool.
You're right.
I wouldn't use the word "rattled," but The situation upstairs indicates increasing odds of a worst-case scenario.
And you're sitting here trying to figure out what? It's on me to be ready to address any subsequent instability.
You're wondering if Axe Capital can survive Axe himself going to jail.
Not as we know it.
It'll be about mutation.
The capital will still need to be managed.
The people here are capable and the right ones to do it.
But can it thrive, grow, and continue to really live if Axe goes to jail? That'll come down to one thing.
You know what that is.
But that's not news to you.
Because part of you wants that challenge, part of you is terrified of it, and part of you hates yourself for hoping he does go away, so you get a chance to see.
Even now I measure myself against him, as though he were gone.
And the thought of coming up short Measurable successes are seductive.
Especially when we're young.
But when it comes to dealing with other human beings, we have to steer from instinct.
I don't trust instinct.
That's because you're defining it in some woo woo spiritual way.
Instead, think of your gut as the deepest part of you, the part that can do internal calculations on the highest plane.
Axe, at his best, does this.
You want to be on his level, in the purest way, the most profound, then you must, too.
Identify it.
Separate it from your fears, your hopes, the other voices in your head.
Because if you don't cultivate instinct, and listen to it you're fucking doomed.
dramatic music You know what? Now I am rattled.
[door opens.]
Bobby, they don't have the slide.
Connerty's slow playing us.
He'll roll it out at trial.
If he were, this was the moment he would have produced it.
So now, we run out the clock and game over.
It's pretty to think so.
When did you become a dyspeptic? When I started facing jail time.
When did you become a fucking Pollyannic? You're convinced this evidence is out there, fine.
Then tell me what you want me to do, because you're leaving me no options.
You're not interested in taking a plea, you won't leave the country What's the physical security like at the FBI evidence lock-up? - [Bach.]
Come on.
- State of the art.
We'll look into it.
Get back to me when you know more.
dramatic music [door opens.]
We're almost home.
Don't let your paranoia make you take unnecessary risks.
Not unnecessary if they keep me out of jail.
[indistinct conversations.]
[door closes.]
Come with me.
[siren wailing in distance.]
I'm sorry, man.
The deal is off.
Aduba Roland I won't accept that; I can't.
Axelrod's residence is wrapped in barbed wire.
There's simply no way to penetrate it in a matter of days.
The whole fifty.
A full refund.
You know, I usually don't do such a thing.
And your family? Without me, they may never set foot on these shores.
If I'm in jail again, then I'll be useless to them.
I can shield you from that.
I cannot perform miracles.
Neither can you.
dramatic music Perhaps there's an employee at Axe Capital you can persuade to put it there.
Such as your wife.
Good luck, mukuyu.
I didn't know you were a runner.
Just about at my lactate threshold.
Really clears the mind, optimizes my performance at the office.
Head of Compliance, is it? That must be quite a job, keeping those hooligans in line.
I'm tough with them, and they respect me for it.
And I got to say, it's nice working for a winner for a change.
Wasn't that long ago we were working alongside each other to nail Bobby Axelrod, and now he's a winner? You never did nail him.
Guess you got me there.
So, what can I do for you, Chuck? It's a simple assignment, easily accomplished.
Use your access to help close out this case against your momentary boss, then rejoin the righteous.
You want me to be a cuckoo bird, sneaking my eggs into another mother's nest.
Yes, when the egg cracks open: destruction.
Beautiful and total.
You would be well-rewarded.
How? Well, when Axe Capital is inevitably found guilty of securities violations, you have my assurance my word that you, as Head of Compliance, would be protected.
[smacks lips.]
Look, see, the problem is: I'm not some cuckoo bird, Chuck.
I'm a golden eagle.
So why would I do anything for you? It's unfortunate I have to say it.
You know what I have on you.
You mean accusations of a decades-old impropriety Date rape.
We're not in Hollywood, Chuck.
Nothing's gonna happen.
Say it loud enough, they might even make me president.
mid-tempo music [knock on door.]
Probably not your best move right now.
I need you to hear what you wouldn't let me say - in the courtroom.
- I heard what you said.
But you hear me: Men like Axelrod do what they need to do.
You counter not in here, in the courtroom.
With evidence.
- In a week? - In a week.
Goodbye, Mr.
[pages turn.]
No! Why the hell would you risk coming to my chambers just to turn heel and walk out? What weak cheese is that? You said "goodbye.
" I'm a judge.
I give orders all day.
You're a litigator.
You find a way to disobey them without getting nailed for it.
Then I'm not leaving until you give me an answer.
That sensation you're feeling, it's known as the Dip.
Seth Godin coined it.
Feels like the moment before defeat.
It's actually the moment before success.
Feels more like Death Valley.
You care so fucking much.
I love that.
I love that.
You're meant for this shit.
Dig in, man.
The world has lost countless artists and artisans and engineers and even politicians who quit because they cared too much to come up short and yet also too much to keep going.
You push through that Dip right now, maybe you put Axelrod where he needs to be.
[breathing heavily.]
Why are you out of breath? Bike ride.
I have a recumbent.
Great for the hills out here.
Of course.
More aerodynamic.
Where are you? Meditation room.
I'll go to mine, too! Why you hiding out in there? I'm not hiding.
My office has been commandeered.
I'm working through issues with my algorithm and it's the only place that's quiet.
You ran another back-test? My programmers didn't correct for slippage.
They're software, not finance.
I have a vision for it that I haven't yet been able to realize in my design.
A phrase uttered by the architect of every great invention.
I can keep tweaking it and improve it incrementally, or Or start over.
I'd have to gut it.
Feel like I just kicked over your Lego city.
What you said is true.
Just frustrating.
Breaking trail is a lonely calling.
Hang in.
dramatic music Fuck.
[intercom beeps.]
Send in Orrin Bach.
They're gonna like this.
You're doing a great job.
- I promise.
- Sorry.
I know I'm not allowed in the clubhouse, but Axe? The baton is in my hand.
Sign this standard retainer letter.
[door closes.]
You know what my favorite Olympic event is? [sighs.]
It's the four by 100 meter relay.
Because it's about teamwork.
It's about the pass.
Right now, I've got the baton.
But I'm passing it to you, Axe.
You're the anchor.
You're gonna bring it home.
You are gonna win.
What am I gonna win? [Spyros.]
Your case.
Because of the baton? Yes.
Which in this case is not an actual baton, but is Dr.
Wendy Rhoades.
- What? - Wendy? I've been doing a little sleuthing about the IPO; you know, winners and losers.
And I discover that one particular fund made a killing that day shorting the stock.
So I look to see whose account it is, and I notice there's an irregularity.
So I keep digging, and lo and behold it's Wendy's.
The name on the account had been flipped with someone else's.
Now this is the first time she has ever even made a trade, herself, in her whole history at Axe Cap.
So I get a buddy of mine who works for the NSA to find out where she was when she called in - the order for the short.
- Wait.
You had the NSA look into Wendy? Completely off-book.
But guess where it pinged? Southern District of New York.
Chuck's office.
We got some real Whitewater shit here.
Needless to say: with this in Bryan Connerty's hands, [Spyros.]
the spotlight moves off of you and shines all over Mr.
and Mrs.
Chaos grenade.
[makes exploding grenade sound.]
If this were the four by 100 meter relay, you would be disqualified for sniffing glue on the team bus.
This is the worst fucking idea anyone's brought me in over a year.
Um Eh, you know, I am gonna try and forget we just had this little moment.
Also, the two thousand that I spent retaining Bach for you.
He's not wrong.
Exposing Wendy's short could be good for us; I've said it before.
Yeah, and I've said: she is off limits.
You still here? Problem is: I already told Connerty.
I went full Le Carré.
suspenseful music dramatic music The only reason you're not flying is because these windows don't open.
And we can't fire you right now because it wouldn't look good.
But get the fuck out of our sight.
And stay there.
dramatic music - [door closes.]
- I have to tell her.
slow distorted music [Wendy.]
Come in.
[keys clacking.]
[door closes.]
Are you okay? dramatic music Bobby.
Out with it.
The Feds have your Ice Juice short.
It was Spyros.
To Connerty.
He thought he was helping me.
I just found out.
Are you sure it wasn't you? Not how it happened.
I promise.
So, Spyros.
He gave him everything: size of the position, your trading history.
Even when and where you called in the order.
I could Chuck has said if these events get interpreted in this way painting me as a co-conspirator I could end up Yes.
But I will not let that happen.
I'll get you whatever you need.
The best lawyers; I'll pay for everything.
You have the best lawyers.
Look where you're at.
I thought I had this locked down.
Well, you didn't.
I know you did what you did with the same intention: to protect those you love.
And I, too, failed.
What words do you need me to say to make you feel safe? Are there any? [Voice breaking.]
Really? No.
Not really.
I need to go.
How do you communicate with people in these kinds of situations? Oh.
Take my burner.
Don't you need it? No.
I got plenty.
Call me anytime.
- [elevator bell dings.]
- It's me.
I need to see you.
Remember back when I asked you for those SEC files? The transactions of all the people who bought and sold stock in the Ice Juice IPO? You know how you never got them for me? [folder smacks.]
I got 'em anyway.
Tell me again how we have to leave Chuck out of this investigation.
suspenseful music [sighs.]
Forgive me, Lord.
You're right.
It's time.
ominous music It wasn't Axe; Axe is fighting for me.
Ari Spyros told him.
He thought he was protecting Axe.
And he knew he was fucking me.
How are we gonna make this okay? Chuck! I need you to tell me something.
There is one avenue that may still be open to us.
Connerty? I need to make him want to get Axelrod more than he wants to get me.
What if I took a plea? I understand you have an attachment to Wendy, but this isn't just a question of you sacrificing yourself.
In every battle there are casualties.
You're talking about surrendering your kingdom to save a single loyal soldier.
She saved me.
And she's not just a loyal soldier, she's the company's fucking spirit animal.
My people come unglued, she puts them back together, and better than they were before.
Your own personal Oscar Goldman.
If you will.
You owe her, too.
That spread of yours out in Sagaponack? You wouldn't have that without me, and I wouldn't have Axe Cap without her.
[smacks lips.]
You'd have to make a statement that precludes any notion that you were baited.
Otherwise Connerty could still pursue them for conspiracy.
You'd be absolving Chuck Rhoades of any blame.
You'll get seven years.
And you'll do over 80 percent of it because it's Federal.
Lara will be a pariah.
Your sons will be scarred; it'll haunt them all their lives.
Maybe more than it will yours.
suspenseful music I'll let you know what I decide.
- Jesus Christ.
- When you're hungry in an hour, go get yourself some real sashimi.
Oh, god.
Is that pineapple? You got something to say to me, do it through proper channels.
Don't hijack my lunch.
Or open your mouth and make things even worse for yourself.
There's nothing you can offer me anymore to keep yourself out of this.
There's a chance your wife can.
If she says exactly what I need her to, in court, under oath.
You won't even do me the courtesy of listening for a minute - to what I have - Oh, I'll do you a courtesy: I'm gonna come by your house tonight, and the three of us will talk.
On the record.
So whatever you want to say, save it for there.
And get Wendy ready, too.
If you'd rather do it in an interview room at Eastern, that's okay by me but you better bring a lawyer.
And I bet it isn't gonna be Ira Schirmer.
[horn honks in distance.]
Redecorating? Bedroom, yeah.
You here to help me pick out the duvet? No, I'm here to give you a heads-up.
I think I'm gonna take a plea.
You swore you'd never do that.
Well, things have changed.
Like what? Doesn't matter.
So what does this mean? You're going to jail? We're gonna need to work out a visitation plan.
Figure out what's best for the boys.
We'd probably move.
Maybe California.
You'd move? You just said we need to figure out what's best for the boys, and that's what would be best.
What, them never seeing me? They barely see you now.
And that hurts them, but at least they still worship you.
I'd be protecting that.
You'd be ripping my heart out of my chest.
I'll do it without hesitating.
And no family court judge will stop me with you in prison.
What do you think it'd be like for the kids, going to see their dad on the inside? Do you really want them seeing you cut down like that? No.
I don't want any of this.
But California? Yeah, it's better not to be surrounded by people who know who you are.
Not to mention where you are, and why.
Be too hard on them.
slow music Bobby, you and I we ended up here, for now, but I know I didn't make a mistake about you when we met.
About who you were.
Who you are.
And that guy would never give in, because that guy would never believe, even for one second, that he couldn't find a way to convince not one, but all twelve jurors to see things his way.
Especially if it meant losing not only his freedom, but his family.
When we spoke this morning, you were in California.
Too much? I've been dealing with this with my performance coach.
I can be unreserved, a quality others have found off-putting.
I don't.
Not in the least.
Twizzlers, Bit O' Honeys, Juicy Fruit.
Standard coding provisions.
You came to help me with the algorithm? To keep you company.
You don't need my help.
I'm grateful, but I have to wonder if this is really the best use of your time.
Or your jet.
This morning you got me thinking about my first job in Silicon Valley.
The whole time I worked there, we never knew if the company was gonna be alive at the end of the day.
So? We kept our heads down and grinded.
My work was exciting.
But there were nights I'd be in my cube, the only one around.
I remember feeling like it would've been nice to have someone around to play Dragon Quest with.
slow music We'll go to my place.
I'll get my coat.
I know you and Dake had some kind of deal.
Kind of had it figured from day one.
I mean, how does that guy get appointed U.
Attorney? But things got really interesting the day your best friend was supposed to testify against Axelrod and instead came in and rolled on you.
Whatever Ira may have said Sure, I know.
He's a disgruntled investor.
Hmm? That's what your dad said.
He's looking at a perjury charge when I puncture that bullshit affidavit but that's later.
Ira said you baited Axelrod, which, I admit, seemed a little farfetched.
And then I learned about the role Wendy played.
And Ira's statement began to seem pretty credible.
I know it all sounds very bad.
And I might conclude the same thing if I was you, but you have to believe me, I didn't have a role.
There was no conspiracy.
A jury's gonna have a really hard time buying that.
It's a little premature to be talking about juries.
There doesn't have to be a jury at all.
You can turn yourself in right now.
This can go one of two ways.
You decide to fight this, and I charge the two of you equally as co-conspirators.
Or, you both take a plea and cooperate against Axe.
Chuck'll do time but you won't.
Whatever the medical board decides to do with you is their business but at least Kevin and Eva will have someone at home with them.
dramatic music What is this really about for you? I think you used to have a moral compass.
And it served you got you where you are, made you great.
Then it got warped, or broken.
[inhales deeply.]
But mine wasn't.
And you saw that and it killed you.
So you found a way to use it and my loyalty to your advantage.
Oh, by making sure you lead the Axelrod investigation? By getting rid of me.
Shipping me to Eastern so I wouldn't be around to see you pulling Dake's strings.
I have done nothing but guide you.
Mentor you, prepare you to take my place at that office.
I gave you yet another career-making case, and you fucked it up by focusing on me and some phantom crime you think my wife and I committed.
Next time we talk, there should be lawyers present.
dramatic music You know who this is? He works for Axelrod.
That's okay.
I'll wait until you're in the witness box, under oath.
I feel bad for the kids.
suspenseful music [door opens, closes.]
We're gonna need lawyers.
Separate ones.
Keep even one of us out of prison.
suspenseful music If I ever do have a last supper, it's gonna be hard to top this.
Which is why I wanted you to have the ortolan tonight, commander, as a reminder of how alive you yet are.
Wylie, how do I eat it? Whole, sir.
In France, ortolan were only ever to be eaten [Wylie.]
by royalty or in the monasteries.
And hunters would bring them as absolute tribute [Wylie.]
for being allowed to work the land.
The birds are trapped where grapes grow so their insides have the flavor of the terroir, [Wylie.]
the taste, of the land, all the way down to the guts and the bones.
Which is why we don't carve them.
It's against the law to eat them in France now, isn't it? Illegal the world over.
Because there are those who don't recognize what truly matters.
Because they're so delicious? Because, in a crueler time, they were blinded.
Their eyes would be gouged out so they would think it was nighttime, [Wylie.]
which makes them ravenous.
So they would gorge themselves until they were three times their natural size.
That we don't do anymore.
But it's still death by Armagnac, they're drowned in it.
Very much how I'd like to go.
slow music [crunching.]
I don't know about you, but I just had a religious experience.
At the climax I felt the crack of its little rib cage, then the hot juices rushing out down my gullet.
[wine pours.]
[bottle thuds lightly.]
It was.
Got any more? I'm still a little peckish.
You know what they say about ortolan one is bliss, two is gluttony.
How about three? Let's find out.
[chair scrapes.]
How you doing? A bit like one of those little birds we just ate right before they turn out the lights.
You know what this reminds me of? The night we cracked ten billion.
You and me, night fishing off City Island.
What a beautiful fucking night.
Stars out, stripers hitting.
One tub full of fish, the other tub full of bourbon.
Most newly minted deca-billionaires would have checked out with a few Spiegler girls and enough mushrooms for a three day binge in Chamonix.
How often do you get to come home at dawn with six striped bass in your trunk? Jesus, what the fuck happened.
You fought the law.
The law won.
I'm going out to face them alone.
You slip out the back.
I'll be fine.
Yeah, you will.
So will you.
I'm gonna miss you.
Thanks for the friendship.
[David Ramirez's "I'm Not Going Anywhere".]
I'm not going anywhere No, I'm not going anywhere You can bury me in the ground [cellphone thuds lightly.]
Or spread my ash I don't care I'm not going anywhere Oh, did I wake you? No.
Where'd you get that? Oh, I came down looking for the rest of Eva's birthday cake.
You told me to toss it.
So I walked to the corner deli and I got this.
And how long are you gonna sit there staring at it? I can't quite bring myself.
I want it, but I don't.
I should have called Foley's office and canceled for tomorrow.
Last thing I need is to be forced to smile for an hour over breakfast pastry.
Better that you didn't cancel.
We're gonna need him on our side, whatever may come.
I thought he was on your side.
Yeah, well, meeting you will cement it.
There isn't a person alive who wouldn't fall under your spell.
Thank you, but I don't even know what that means anymore.
I'm so scared.
I will turn myself in tomorrow.
To spare you a lengthy sentence.
For the kids' sake as much as for you.
That is a magnificent gesture.
[David Ramirez's "I'm Not Going Anywhere".]
And not one I'm willing to live with.
You can bury me in the ground [sighs.]
Or spread my ash I don't care I'm not going anywhere Had it ever come to pass, I think we would have been damn good at being governor.
I just went up to meet with Ernie and Jack Gonna have a couple, three beers Have a couple, three laughs [keys clacking.]
And when you shake hands With grace And pass through the pearly gates Dad.
What the hell could you possibly want? You can bury me in the ground Or spread my ashes I don't care I'm sorry.
I'm not going Anywhere Okay.
I'm not sure I'd know how to operate with the finesse and delicacy that you do, Mrs.
Rhoades, serving two masters, or should I say, having the two actually serve you.
You came up in Albany politics, I can't imagine there's an alignment of forces you haven't seen before.
Well, I just think it's fascinating.
That's not always how it feels.
'Course not.
No, when you're in it, it's, uh well, it's like being at the bottom of a waterfall.
You can't decide whether to dive in and swim or cover your head and try to get one decent breath [chuckling.]
before you expire.
Much like a campaign, or being the First Lady of the state.
It's a shame most folks will never get to see your act, Jack.
Ah, you and I have a lot in common that way.
You know, I always found the most satisfaction and the most success on the sidelines.
Reading the field, calling the plays.
Eventually, it, uh Well, it was no longer that I simply had the ears of titans.
I learned to like moving them around too.
suspenseful music What do you do when there's no play to be made? When no matter what you choose, it'll end in disaster? Classic double-bind.
There's a Zen koan where the teacher holds a stick.
He says to his student, "If you tell me this stick is real, "I will beat you with it.
"If you tell me it is not real, I will beat you with it.
If you say nothing, I will beat you with it.
" And so, the student reaches out, grabs the stick, and breaks it.
If a situation is untenable, Mrs.
Rhoades, you break that fucking stick.
suspenseful music There is no reason on this earth that you should go to jail while Axelrod doesn't.
If you have taught me anything, you have taught me that.
I swear, Axelrod is going down with me.
Do you know how you're gonna do that? I had procured a piece of evidence, a slide, and I had planned to use an unsavory character to plant it in Axelrod's home; was prepared to pay dearly for the operative.
However I now seem to have run out of options.
Don't tell the kids anything until the verdict is announced.
And never let them see your shame.
Bearing, son, is all.
[cellphone vibrates.]
More bad news? Perhaps the contrary.
I have to go.
Uh I've been given a last chance.
That slide may yet find purchase.
suspenseful music [cellphone vibrates.]
Where are you? I need to see you.
Name the place.
Have Allerd get a judge standing by to execute a search warrant by 7 a.
tomorrow, at the latest.
Has to be Allerd, can't be you.
More details to come.
You know where we are, right? And you know this is the only way.
Does he know? Not yet.
[elevator bell dings.]
Oh, I should've known something like this was coming.
Can we come in? [scoffs.]
You know, last time I saw you, you were behind bars.
Tell me, does living in a space this palatial actually erase the memory of that badly lit cell in Brooklyn? Or maybe you just felt the need to swing your dick one last time in anticipation of a place far worse.
You managed to get your foot caught in the rope tossing me overboard, there, Chuck.
Now, I may pop to the surface, but you are going under.
- Congratulations.
- [Wendy.]
I didn't bring us all together so I could mediate your puerile bullshit.
This is how we ended up here in the first place.
Because the two of you, at your absolute fucking worst, went after each other like a couple of pit bulls.
And now we're all three of us royally fucked, in a way that's so incestuous that if one of us goes to prison, we all do.
Conversely, if we want to get ourselves out of this clusterfuck It's one for all and all for one? Sit.
Oh, she has you well-trained.
Chuck, calm down.
And I don't remember giving you permission to speak.
Sit down.
She is effective.
Now, we are all going to sit here and calmly discuss how to undo this thing.
And we're not leaving until we solve it.
Yes? suspenseful music I'll discuss it.
- Why I'm here.
- [Wendy.]
As much as you two fucking hate each other, your only objective right now is survival.
And if you are going to save yourselves and me [Wendy.]
you both need to surrender your weapons.
Empty the caches, all of it.
It all goes on the table.
[taps table.]
Understood? How do I know I can trust him? How do I know I can trust him? Trust me.
Uh, is it all right if I go to the bathroom? Yeah, sure.
It's down there.
Take a left.
[chair scrapes.]
suspenseful music [Son Volt's "Sinking Down".]
Keep me From sinking down Keep me Full transparency.
I give you my word.
You want transparency? How fucking clear is this? Give me bread When I'm hungry Give me bourbon When I'm dry Bread When I'm hungry Bobby Axelrod is enriching the wife of one who sits high atop the federal power structure in the government and I intend to explode the whole thing.
(Dramatic instrumental music) Man: I don't know how your wife got into the middle of all of this, but somebody's got to fry.
You think she can handle framing someone who didn't do it? I expect you to do the right thing.
That is exactly what I'll do.
Physical evidence is being planted at Axelrod's.
He'll be behind bars for the duration of his trial.

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