Billions (2016) s03e07 Episode Script

Not You, Mr. Dake

Previously on Billions I have the case, I just don't have the evidence.
- Wrong answer.
- If you ain't got video, you ain't got shit.
Well, we ain't got video, Oliver.
We got theories.
I'm granting Mr.
Connerty one more week.
At that time, the prosecution will produce evidence compelling enough to sustain the case.
Or I will grant Mr.
Axelrod his dismissal.
We know Axelrod used a doctor to help develop the toxicant.
I told you: I disposed of the slide.
How? How? Talk me through it.
You have to trust me.
One particular fund made a killing that day.
It's Wendy's.
So I get a buddy of mine who works for the NSA to find out where she was You had the NSA look into Wendy? - I could end up - Jail.
But I will not let that happen.
If one of us goes to prison, we all do.
We are all going to sit here and calmly discuss how to undo this.
Full transparency.
I give you my word.
You want transparency? How fucking clear is this? I was a bookish kid.
Read a great deal of military fiction.
Accounts of great battles.
That sort of thing.
I was fascinated by the paratroopers in World War II.
And the moment right before they leapt.
The point of no return.
That's what they would say, yes.
"No shame in backing out now, son.
It's a suicide mission.
" And the young soldiers would set their jaws, clip onto the static lines and jump.
I didn't realize the military gave them the chance to back out.
Of course, despite the sergeant saying there was no shame, everyone knew there was nothing but shame, so they jumped.
And that's where we are.
The slide is being planted at Axelrod's this very instant.
Oh, Jesus.
- How? Where? - As to the how, that involved distraction of the principal, subterfuge, stealth.
The trifecta of chicanery.
As to the where: His refrigerator, of course.
To keep it cold.
Tape it to the bottom of a ketchup bottle or something.
So he won't see it until Exactly.
Federal agents will burst in while Axelrod is having dinner with his boys, and discover the slide.
With that physical evidence, he will be immediately brought to jail.
The courts will deem him a flight risk, so he will be behind bars for the duration of his trial.
I almost feel bad.
As do I.
Are you certain you can stand up to all this? That you can swallow framing someone, even if that person is, in fact, guilty? I can live with it.
I need to be sure.
'Cause we are, as you just said, at the point of no return.
It's no different than emergency room triage after a mass casualty event.
You save who you can and force the fate of the rest out of your mind.
I hoped you'd see it that way.
So we agree this thing can never go to trial.
We all know what we're doing? My number one priority: Getting Wendy clear of her short position.
That's my priority too.
I believe you.
But how? Connerty has my trade, from Spyros.
And the log with your visit to me.
And he can draw that to look like many things: co-conspirator in your scheme or mine chief amongst them.
And nobody will believe it was a marital tiff, which is what it was.
You guys fight? Who'd've figured? Cell phone records will show me calling Mafee from Chuck's office.
I'll handle that part.
I have people who will work to massage those records.
My mouth is dry.
Adrenaline leaving the body, right? Mm.
So should we talk about the part we've been avoiding in front of her? You mean who we're dumping this on? That's right.
When there's a body, as the corpus of this juice company most certainly is, there has to be a gunman in the depository window.
Otherwise, they keep looking for the killer.
And there'd need to be a financial trail laid in, showing how he profited too.
So that'll be your department.
You've proven yourself quite adept at financial trickitude.
No one's proven that, actually.
Which is all the proof I need that you can pull this off.
Well, I imagine I can But we couldn't have this going to trial, with this person ending up on the stand revealing all the holes No.
He needs to be put in a mortal vise, so he takes a plea.
That's the only way the pilot light on Eastern's case can be snuffed out completely.
This player would need to be leveraged.
Broken That's dirty work.
You have the stomach? Of a billygoat.
When necessary.
For her.
For her.
You think she can handle framing someone who didn't do it? Wendy's got steel in her, but I've never known her to go that far.
So we're either gonna have to keep it from her or s So who's going to be our patsy? Come on, boys, I think we all know someone needs to go down for this.
No, the Fulbright is a capstone, the Marshall is for real scholars.
Both prestigious, though? Yeah.
Absolutely! - I'm getting one - I'm getting one too.
Well, I'm gonna get some more ice cream.
Does anybody want some? - FBI! - Fan out! Step back.
Gilbert this is a properly executed search warrant.
- Um - Dad? What's going on? - Why are these men here? - It's a mistake.
I-I haven't done anything wrong.
You sure about that, Doc? Get after it, people.
You've got this backwards.
I've been working with Rhoades Oh.
He didn't.
- Not the ketchup.
- Oh, my God.
Ari! I guess I'm not the only one who can triage.
Gilbert, my name is Chuck Rhoades.
I am the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York.
Are they watching us? No one is watching.
'Course not.
You would never let them know you did all this.
Oh, on the contrary, sir.
I am here this fine evening to offer you the chance to admit that you're the one who planned and executed the Ice Juice sabotage.
To avoid the embarrassment of a public trial.
Avoid embarrassment? You had me arrested in front of my children! And you know I'm innocent.
Innocent? No.
I cannot credit that assertion.
I want my lawyer.
I want a trial.
I want to stand up in open court and tell them exactly what happened.
I will admit to everything I did, just so I can air out what everyone else did.
What you did.
When your lawyer arrives, they'll notify me.
But if I escort him in here, the FBI comes along.
And they won't be interested in your fanciful stories.
Only in the physical evidence they found in your refrigerator.
And the profits you made around Ice Juice.
I didn't make any 'profits'.
And I still want a lawyer.
I'm going to step out for a cup of coffee.
Huh? Why's it always a cup of coffee? Car salesman pretends to get coffee.
Cops on TV.
Well, it goes down easier than hemlock.
There are few days such as this, huh? It's like when the custom cutters show up at grandpa's farm.
It's a true day of reckoning.
Circled on the calendar for a year and your crops better be ready.
You've had your week to prepare, Mr.
I'm happy to report there's new evidence, there are theories on the crime and the larger picture has come into view Status? We've run into an impediment.
What kind? Cyber.
OneSky Wireless.
Wendy Rhoades's cell provider And we are currently unable to hack it and manipulate call records related to the short.
Time frame? Eight to ten days.
Too long.
I pay you to accomplish tasks in the window required.
This entire thing is a wide ranging conspiracy.
"Conspiracy"? That's a four syllable word which means you'd better be able to prove it.
Respectfully, Your Honor.
The only conspiracy here is the daft one my opposing counsel is engaging in.
Though, in fairness to him, it might be more of a complex delusion.
Respectfully, the pathetic delusion here is that your client might avoid trial, much less prison.
Well, one thing is absolutely clear.
Neither of you know the meaning of the word respectfully.
The government has had ample time to present not even evidence, but the evidence that there is evidence and they have not done so.
If there was a conspiracy, someone else is behind it.
There are witnesses who have described a bald man, with a goatee, dressed in black.
This is a smokescreen, designed to distract the court from the real villain in this matter, now as always, Bobby Axelrod.
Have you given much thought to the nature of guilt.
- Where's my attorney? - En route.
Guilt is tricky, isn't it? You know more about that than I do.
And you're guiltier, too.
Oh, no.
That is a question of fact.
But guilt is also a state of mind.
Some of our greatest works of literature probe this very issue.
What is guilt? Who should be punished, for what? What is the cost the grinding, wearing, price of carrying internal culpability even while escaping external blame And often as not, right at the very center of the question, stands a great man who has transgressed.
But I haven't.
And you are the one person who knows, with absolute certainty, that I am not guilty.
Oh, I'm not sure what you say is true, if we go deeper than just facts.
In a criminal proceeding, facts are the thing.
I'm gonna stop talking until my guy is in the room.
I'd do the same in your seat.
But facts are merely a place to start.
No, we're past them, you and I.
After all, I once, quite recently, gave you the chance to affirm that facts alone like who actually had the slide, like actual proof against Axelrod being manufactured don't matter when true guilt is on the line.
And now I'm giving you another chance, to remember who you are, to examine your own complicity, your willingness to take another's freedom.
Axelrod did the thing.
You aided in it.
You used your skills and abilities to help him at one point, and then against him at another, when that suited you.
And you jumped at the chance to torpedo his life to save your own.
What does that say about you? What does that say about your own need to atone? I'll atone on my own time.
Now, why on earth would you atone for anything when you're an innocent man.
I'll take a moment with my client.
You lost there, pal? You've become quite the bluenoser, haven't you.
Well, I'm guessing you're not here looking for the nearest Timmie Ho-Ho's.
The team's coming up short.
They can't hack into Wendy's wireless carrier.
They say the cyber defense is too tough for the time frame.
Well, they're who I would use and they do know that when you can't hack a system, you've got to hack a person.
Should I tell them to do that? They're so young and spry, it's possible they'll leave a lot of broken pieces on the floor when they're done.
Well, then I'm gonna need you to suit up.
What happened? He came to me.
Called me in actually.
Come in.
What was he looking for? Thanks for, uh, crossing the river.
Ah, West Highland single malt.
Fourteen years old.
When old colleagues friends get together, why not? So, how are you finding Southern? It's a spinning top.
And it spins just my speed.
Glad to hear it.
Is Chuck a facet of your day to day? We've been known to rub elbows around the bubbler.
Pure velvet.
You know what? Take the bottle with you when we're done.
Warm up your temporary quarters.
Beware of US Attorneys bearing gifts.
What do you want, Oliver? I'll I'll put it plainly.
I'm worried Connerty is going to cough this thing up.
And it's going to splatter on me.
I'm wondering if Chuck might be working angles on his own, to help? Or only to help himself Then you should ask him.
I'm asking you, Karl.
Because you're the one I got the job for.
You're the one I had the deal with that at the right moment you would be there for me, telling me what was going on from the inside.
This is that moment.
Well Are you backing Chuck Rhoades instead of me? Whoa, what a thing to say.
Look, Chuck Rhoades had to know this deal between us was a possibility when he took me on board.
So maybe that's why he's being cagey.
Or maybe there's nothing going on.
Either way, I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for the hooch.
There are too few old-line professionals in the field these days who recognize nuanced shifts in loyalty.
When I meet one, it is an honor to imbibe with them.
Ok, let's say there are indeed other bad actors involved.
In fact, I intend to prove there are.
Accomplices, medical experts, bag men these people don't exonerate Axelrod, as opposing counsel suggests, but they further show how Axelrod did what he did.
And they show that this wasn't just a case of a rogue billionaire acting out of spite, but one who was very much like a bull in a ring, using or enriching an equally dangerous figure, the wife of one who sits high atop the federal power structure in the government, and a major investor in the company.
And I intend to explode the whole thing Just a minute! This isn't the Politburo, you can't just slander your neighbors to get ahead in the bread line Whoa! I invited you to my home for a nice dinner, you people are trying to turn it into the Animal House toga party.
There are limits to what I will tolerate in all areas of my life.
For instance, I'm fine with slightly undercooked pasta.
But overcook it, and we are no longer eating together.
I see it exactly the same way.
I also don't like brown nosing, Mr.
Connerty, it seemed as though you were about to detonate a bomb in my courtroom without regard for casualties.
Instead, do it in here.
If you'd have given me a little leeway, you'd have heard that my case isn't overcooked at all.
It's Al dente.
To the tooth My last name's DeGiulio, I know the phrase.
Throw what you got against the fridge, let's see if it sticks.
- You're thinking of flax.
- Hemp protein is out now Mafee.
What do you have there? These are açai bowls.
They taste like dessert - but they're filled - I asked Mafee.
I'll finish at my desk.
Supposed to be healthy.
I gotta start watching it now, I'm not a 20 year old laxer anymore Lacrosse right.
I had football in my head somehow.
Want some? Uh, maybe later.
Good for you though.
Taking the next step in your growth.
Making a commitment to a healthy future.
Even if it's the hard thing.
I'd like to think that I can count on that commitment.
You can.
You totally can.
Even if it's hard.
Even if it costs you something.
- Yeah? - Yeah, well, you know, real commitment isn't just açai bowls.
It's a lot murkier.
Would you get into the murk, the muck? For the firm? For me? For your co-workers.
Would you back them, all the way? I'm sorry, are we talking a hypothetical or something specific? I mean, you know I'd kill myself for the job.
That I'll do anything that's expected.
But if you need me to do something beyond the scope of trading or whatever, well Don't sweat it, Mafee.
We're all good.
Enjoy your wholesome and healthy snack.
A while back you told me I no longer had a feel for all the personalities in here.
I'm sure when you first started the place you knew - everyone's spouse's name.
- Yeah.
And what sports the guys played in high school.
There's no way you can anymore.
The place is too big.
And you're long past really caring.
If you ever did.
That's true.
- But you - Yes.
I "care.
" I can see that.
Especially for some of them.
Like Mafee.
You and he seem to have a special bond.
He brought me in, and supported my vision before even you did.
Well, he recognized it.
I kind of took it from there.
You did.
Mafee? I need to understand what motivates him, beyond the money and the trappings.
The idea that he's serving something greater than himself is what drives him.
But he has an old fashioned sense of honor, chivalry almost not in any paternalistic sense of the word.
He took the fall with his frat for a hazing incident even though he wasn't part of it.
Anyway, he'd skirt the line if he couldn't see the harm in it, especially if it benefited the organization as a whole, but he'd never do something truly against his sense of wrong and right.
Something that would cause him dishonor.
I see.
Do you think he'd consider lying dishonorable by its nature? It would depend on the situation.
He might lie to protect a friend.
Or someone he loved.
But that's it.
Is there something I can help with? Something I can do No.
Nothing right now.
What the fuck?! Shhh No need to upset her.
What is this? What do you want? I want to know the price of a keystroke.
You're blackmailing me, over her? You think my wife gives a shit? Got a different kind of a relationship, man Ah.
Well, what makes you think I give a shit? I'm not here because of that.
I'm here because of the sixteen celebrities and politicians whose OneSky accounts you sold access to.
That's a federal offense and you will go to prison for it.
Or This is like a country song where the guy drowns his sorrows in whiskey only you're using powdered chocolate.
Growing up in Aurora, for pocket money I used to shovel driveways.
Money was good.
Best part was the hot chocolate.
Sometimes, it's still the only thing that works.
I thought you were watching it, eating clean.
I was.
What drove you to it this time? Just a feeling.
I guess I was thinking about how much this job has given me.
Like how I don't have to worry about pocket money.
Well, you have given to the job also.
And I'm proud of that.
Couple times a year I go home and see the guys.
This one's got a weed shop, this one's still doing driveways during the winter with a plow truck now, but a shitty one.
This one needs a loan.
Shit, they all do.
Which you give them? I do.
Because I can.
Sometimes the guys make jokes about how I earned it.
That at least weed is legal out there.
That what I do is even worse.
But I've always laughed along because I know I'm not one of the bad ones.
That they're not gonna hear about me on the news.
That my reputation is good.
You know? Yes.
I do.
The Feds interviewed me last week.
So, in the matter of the Ice Juice short that you booked, we will need you to stip to Wendy Rhoades calling in the order.
This is the part where you talk.
My client prefers not to answer.
I bet he does.
We will subpoena you to testify in court.
My client will not lie under oath.
I'm not a liar.
There you have it.
My lawyer said I shouldn't talk to anyone about it but I just don't know if I should dive on a live grenade for this place or not.
Would you? It would depend on the reason and the circumstances.
Without knowing the specifics, and I'm not asking you to tell me, I cannot give you a complete answer.
But I can say this: The kid you were, the one who went out with a shovel on freezing days while everyone else slept in, that kid earned his way here.
And will earn his way in this business whether Axe Cap exists or not.
You really think so? The individual sacrificing themself for the whole can be the most beautiful thing there is.
But not if it's done under duress or for the wrong reasons.
I don't understand why you didn't just put a number in front of Mafee.
I felt like trying to buy him wouldn't work.
Make him feel dirty somehow.
- And that's a bad thing? - To him.
I think.
Then we threaten to fire his ass.
I'd be careful there, Wags.
You would.
You're a lawyer.
But I'm a ruffian.
I say we let him know: it's not just Axe Capital, but it's every shop on the Street.
You'll be dead man walking.
Might actually harden his stance.
Well, we gotta solve this somehow He papered the trade.
The Feds will be questioning him.
If they haven't already.
And once he goes on the record, we're gonna be wrapped up in a straitjacket on this thing.
His unwillingness to lie his sense of honor his great, big, sweet heart.
All these things that seem like impediments.
We can use them.
I can use them.
How? He likes me.
We all like you.
He likes me.
- Ahh.
- Ahh.
- That tracks.
- It could work.
Oldest trick in the book.
Go to it.
How do you know it's okay? You could be asking about one of six things.
All of it.
How do you know you have the right to give advice, to get into the motherboard and move around the processors.
Wouldn't that render it non-functional? It's a visual representation of the idea.
I could say I've trained for it.
But you're not asking about my skill.
I'm asking about your authority.
How you give yourself permission? Are you asking about me or you? We all do it.
With our assumptions and our own biases and egos competing with our desire to do good.
But to be frank, I'm asking about you.
As in all things, I balance the issues in question, remember my oath, proceed from there.
The doctor's oath.
Do no harm.
Three words.
And yet.
Almost impossible to put into practice.
I need to know what brought this on.
Axe was asking about him.
There are meetings going on.
I could see he was in extremis.
Why? Don't you know? Why would I? I assumed he'd talk to you.
Which made me feel good.
It did? Yes.
Because I knew, or felt I knew, that you would only give him the wisest counsel.
That which would be in his best interests, both professionally and personally.
As you always do for me Yes.
Yes, of course.
But he hasn't come to me.
I wonder why that is? I'm sure he has his reasons.
But should he come to me, that is exactly what I'll do.
That's what I expect you to do.
The right thing.
I got trading records.
They'll prove Wendy Rhoades is a co-conspirator.
She was on the Bad News Bears, playing right alongside her husband.
Bad News Bears are the good guys.
Bad guys were the Yankees.
The rich kids.
I was going for the team image.
Point is: She was in on the securities fraud scheme.
And she did it with her husband's help and guidance, or at least his assent.
Now, their actions further highlight Axelrod's.
There is no way that you can prove I have data placing her in Chuck Rhoades's office, after he'd heard about the impending Ice Juice disaster but before she traded on the stock.
What kind of data? Data I'm in the process of substantiating.
And I have records proving she made the call ordering an allocation while she was standing in the office of the US Attorney for the Southern District.
That puts both of them in it.
This is wrong, it is criminal, it is relevant to this case, and I can prove every bit of it Hi, Mafee.
Nice place.
I had a roommate.
But then I started doing well, so now he's gone Right.
Do you want a drink or a snack or something? I'll have what you're having.
Let's sit down.
Oh, god, here it comes.
I'm getting fired, aren't I? Why do you think that? I knew it when you texted about coming over.
They think I'm not playing ball, and they sent you over here to pop me, so there wasn't a scene in the office That's not why I'm here.
Wait, what? I'm not here to fire you.
So what's the visit about? You.
The two of us.
- Us? - The truth of us.
Which truth? Well, there can only be one truth.
Right? Absolutely.
You've never known me to try to bend facts, warp them to my needs in order to benefit, to profit.
No, you're you're a straight shooter.
Which is why it's so ironic they'll be coming after me for this trade.
You know I was acting on what you said.
'Axe never gets a position of this size wrong.
' You said that.
- I did? - You did.
You may not remember it, but I do.
Because it was my only direct trade.
I'd gone to see my husband when I decided.
So it's ironic, but they're gonna paint it to look like I was engaging in some kind of conspiracy, cheating No fucking way! That's that's not how it happened.
We know that.
But it doesn't matter.
All you can say is that I called you.
Because that's the truth.
Your truth.
I'll tell them my truth.
It'll be what it'll be That's terrible.
I could I don't know How bad could it get for you? No one else at Axe Capital would ask how it would be for me.
That's what makes you so special, Dudley.
I know you prefer your last name, but can I call you that? Now I have to go.
You never answered me.
How bad? Really, really bad.
What Wendy Rhoades did, by shorting Ice Juice, not only destabilized a failing company but benefited herself, and her husband, Chuck Rhoades, too.
Which makes him guilty twice over.
Care to speak to Ms.
Rhoades's part in this, Mr.
Bach? This is all far fetched, it sounds like science fiction to me.
You can really prove this? My team has pulled the digital phone records that will do so.
We will have hard copies and originals by the time we get to trial.
As well as calling the executing trader as a witness.
That's persuasive.
Certainly worthy of a trial.
Let's go back to the big room and button this motion up.
This is why I love being a judge You never know the direction the day is going to turn.
Can you say that from the bench? Why not? So many people complain about their lot in life, why not celebrate it every once in a while.
See, the thing is, I was sure this case was headed for dismissal.
You're not supposed to admit that you have a feeling, but I did.
Now, though, I have an opinion, which is an entirely different thing.
Judges are most definitely supposed to have opinions.
And mine is: we're going to try this case, in open court.
Let's set a date for trial Mafee made the call to Wendy.
He initiated.
I have something to say.
- I need you to hear it now.
- Alright.
Why would he say that? Why would he do it? He said that he has feelings for her, and he saw a way to make money for her, - so he did it - That's bullshit Maybe, but I just got the hard copies from the cell phone company backing up his statement I am looking at the week of Judge.
Judge DeGiulio.
When a man is about to give you exactly what you want, you don't interrupt his train of thought.
Didn't they teach you that when you were a line pros? I have to, Your Honor.
Based on new information I just received, I need to confer with my superiors.
I have to ask for a recess before you set a date for trial.
Well, make it a short one, I already gave you a week.
I want this settled by end of day.
I had to scramble the jet up here for this.
No need for niceties.
Now let's run through it, see how the hell we got here, who walks and who doesn't Yeah.
Connerty, the headline is: you're going to have to fold your hand against Axelrod.
That much is clear.
Your case just fell apart like a cheap bed in a La Grange whorehouse.
Fuck Excuse me.
Understandable utterance, given the circumstances Now, Chuck, I don't know how your wife got into the middle of all this.
But it's a damn good thing your office isn't prosecuting otherwise we'd be tossed for conflict, gross misconduct.
You name it.
I agree.
She did get in it innocently, accidentally but now she's out of it.
So it appears.
All right.
Any way we can take some scalps? The correct answer to that query better be a resounding 'sir, yes, fucking sir.
' What about this lovestruck trader, Mafee? He's clearly perjured himself.
And is guilty That's civil, young 'un.
SEC's problem now.
They'll hit him with a big fine.
As of this moment, we are no longer publicly tangling with Axelrod anymore.
So Axelrod and his firm get to walk? We can re-file No.
Let it die, God damn it.
SEC again, they'll slap 'em with a big fine.
They'll take it.
That way, when they run us down for losing the case, we can at least trumpet that.
We do have a guilty party, General.
The doctor behind creating or at least administrating the toxin.
Maybe not the initiator, but a bad actor all the same.
I would like to prosecute.
This doctor may be a little grimy, but he's no substitute for the real defendants in this case.
Well, somebody's gotta fry I'll grant you the latitude, Chuck, to pursue a case against this doctor.
Now, Mr.
Connerty, as the Axelrod matter is done, you are free to go back to the barn.
Go back to Southern? Yep.
That's the one.
Be good to have you back, Bryan.
And great to be back, Chuck.
As you've got some cleaning up to do in court, you are excused.
I suggest you lead with a sincere apology to the good judge for puking in his lap.
You nail this sawbones, Chuck, quick and quiet.
You know I will, General.
I'll certainly help any way I can.
Will you now? Well, isn't that just fine Head on back to the office, get started.
Not you, Mr.
Dake Your Honor.
It pains me to say this: Since this morning, I've learned I had misinformation.
I can no longer prove that which I told you in conference.
The facts seem to state that the trade was initiated by another party.
What can you prove at trial? Nothing on Mr.
Axelrod at this time.
The Eastern District we're dismissing the indictment.
Quiet! Quiet, quiet, quiet! Quiet! See, this is why life on the bench is so gratifying, as I was alluding to earlier.
Whipsawed this way and that.
Like a tetherball.
This will continue to go round and round.
Even as we withdraw, we will, I will, continue to investigate.
Because this sabotage did happen.
The stock was manipulated.
And we won't stop until the right man is brought to justice for it.
Well, we'll need to leave that out of the record But I look forward to watching from the bleachers, because we are done here.
You know, at certain times, I find myself coming back to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.
I prefer to read.
Not a film fan? That's too bad As almost everyone else I know did, I watched it over and over.
They used to run it on the 4:30 Movie.
There they were at the end, in Bolivia, wounded, pinned down, but sure they could shoot their way out of a bad situation as they always had The only problem was, they had incomplete information.
They were unaware that the whole of the Bolivian army had massed outside.
But it was that incomplete information that allowed them to run out, guns blazing, into what? Their noble deaths But you're a medical man.
You, more than most, know that this is a lie.
You know the only nobility is in living another day.
And yet here you are, holed up, the guns all pointing at you, and with incomplete information.
What is that supposed to mean? Yes, you can share what you have now or force us to file for discovery.
I don't I don't understand We've recently came into possession of your trading records.
Outlining your handsome eleven million dollar profit on the Ice Juice sabotage.
What the fuck? What do you need? An investor account established, showing a big short position in Ice Juice.
But dated back before it happened.
Sounds fun.
What's the name on this account? Ari Gilbert, MD.
Give me a moment.
Not a good idea Go I see you've stacked it all against me, for some reason, even though I'm not responsible.
I'm a cancer doctor.
I learned a long time ago all sorts of folks go down.
All sorts live.
It never has anything to do with who deserves which.
Do you allow yourself to judge them? No.
Do you find yourself rooting for some.
And caring, a little less, about certain others.
That's only natural.
But my treatment of them does not change.
Except in one case.
This kind man.
Donnie Caan.
And whether you convinced yourself that the payoff you took and devoted to research in order to save others was worth letting him die, you know that this is the moment you deserve to face.
And this is the place you deserve to be.
That's what this is all about not some slide, not some role you played, not some money but justice.
You're right.
I did it.
I-I let Donnie die.
He was a terminal case.
I withheld treatment.
To fund my research.
I believe you.
And I find myself rooting for you.
But we both know you belong in jail.
Five years.
No trial.
Just a plea.
I wouldn't even need to claw back that money, which is in your name and, I assure you, quite real.
I can get your lawyer back in here and make it official.
I-I-I asked you how you would plant the slide on Axe.
But how did you plant it on me? No, Doc.
The guilt must be doing things to your memory.
You had it the whole time Since you all managed not to shoot anybody on my raid, I'm buying.
And my credit card can take a lot of punishment, so get your drink on.
Old Fashioned for me.
And whatever these animals are having.
- All right! - All right! Planning to drink it away? - 'Cause it doesn't work.
- What's that? Your bleeding conscience over taking down Dr.
Don't worry about my conscience, it's all stitched up.
- You cool here, Kate? - Yes.
I am.
Unless you're going to swing on me like some Irish punk? Not gonna do that.
Over there.
You're embarrassing yourself, in front of agents that I work with, and who you work with, and will again.
I'm not the one should be embarrassed.
I guess Lugo was just a warm up.
It's like eating those potato chips.
Once you get going prosecuting people who don't deserve it, it gets hard to stop.
There's no linkage between those two cases.
Just one thing: Lugo is innocent.
And you know Gilbert is too.
Oh, he's far from innocent.
You should know that.
And you need to stop worrying about shit like that and more about how to make your own cases stick.
I used to admire your political fluidity.
I thought it was sophistication.
Now I realize you're just completely bankrupt.
And I used to admire your dogged sense of what's right.
Now I see it's just plodding ignorance.
- There she is.
- Kate! Bottoms the fuck up.
- Cheers! - All right! - Damn.
You did it.
- Cheers.
So here's where we're at.
We can wrap up the civil charges against Axe Capital with a no-admit-no-deny settlement and agree to a penalty of 390 million.
Or I can go back and try to chip them down Nope.
Done deal.
Thought so And they're whacking Mafee with a Tier 3 penalty for fraud, reckless disregard of regulatory requirement.
The fine is 181,000.
First check for 390 large to the SEC.
Other one for 181K to Mafee.
For 'expenses.
' You got it.
Technically you gotta pay the fine yourself.
Thanks, Axe.
Don't thank me yet.
You got the other thing? Thanks, Helena.
Mafee, this is for you.
For stepping up.
For being the kind of rock that great companies are built upon.
One million straight in crypto.
In cold storage.
Pagando blackjack! Thank you, Mafee.
Of course.
Thanks again, Axe.
You'd think a stick would make him smile.
Give me a stick, I'll dance like a Cossack.
He fired you.
It's a setback, Oliver.
Not a defeat.
For you it's a total victory.
Annihilation of the enemy.
And all in the vicinity, including me.
That's an unfair frame of the events.
I was fodder.
Don't try to tell me different.
I knew it, too, along the way.
But that's the thing: once you're inside the cannon, there's only one way out.
You took some clean cuts.
It could have all broken right.
And it will next time.
You'll be back.
Hey, Mafee.
I wanted to thank you.
For what you did.
For who you are Which is: my hero.
And I want you to know that this is strictly platonic Open it.
You know the joke, right? If you find yourself on a golf course in the middle of a lightning storm, grab hold of a one iron, and it'll keep you safe, because not even God can hit a one iron.
Now, this is the one that Hogan used on 18 at the Open in 1950 to get himself into the playoff.
Sixteen months after the car accident that most said would end his career.
The Miracle at Merion.
Hogan won that event.
Put the accident behind him.
That he did.
As we have, Dad.
Those perjury charges against you will not be filed.
This club is a memento to recognize the impossible.
And you? Are you out of danger, too.
That I am.
Hogan did win again.
And his swing looked the same.
But no doubt something changed.
He had to feel beat up, older, like the wins cost much more.
That how you feel? I feel as old as you.
I can see it in your eyes.
After a win like this, I like to grab the wife, roll out to Mohegan Sun, start with a couples' massage then party like it's 1999.
Orrin, I would say that's TMI if I didn't love it so damn much.
What are you going to do to celebrate? Oh.
Something quiet.
You? Same.
I really wanted to put on a show for you tonight.
It felt like we should but I just don't have it in me.
Well You know what, Wend.
I don't either.
Enjoy, my dauphin, you earned it I've been thinking about this moment since the second I gave up trading.
All new positions will be run through me.
The sitting United States Attorney cannot be coveting - higher public office.
- That's why you need to resign.
If you were in power? You've got to reverse the power dynamic.
I need someone who can act on the information.
I would never trade on privileged and on public information.
I'm here to ask you to honour your promise to me.

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