Billions (2016) s04e07 Episode Script

Infinite Game

1 [Douglas.]
Previously on Billions Taylor wants to destroy us.
They took the firefighters not because they needed that particular money but as a straight-up "fuck you" to me.
What would Axe say if he knew about this? This has nothing to do with him.
Commissioner Sansome, I wonder if I could trouble you on the small matter of a carry permit for a client of mine.
I'd like your permission to see someone professional.
A dom? You know I'm committed to my government post The Secretary of the Treasury.
But, I do like to keep an eye peeled for opportunities.
We need a strategic partnership.
Brian Dana's the right partner for this project.
Taylor needs to be the one to crush it.
That will be the most devastating blow.
With their dad in town, they're working on something together.
- Sounds sweet.
- Right.
Could be big too.
Applying for a wiretap.
On Charles Rhoades, Senior.
Junior, too, actually.
FBI observed father and son on the building site in question.
[dramatic music.]
You said 'emergency.
' [sighs.]
Look out there.
It's a Belgian Malinois.
Is that your dog? Neighbor's.
- Is it? - Dead? Yes.
Are you drunk? No.
I've been drinking.
It's different.
What the fuck did you do? The wife and I had a fight.
She decamped to the Baccarat.
That storm earlier? Rain was coming down.
It was dark as hell.
I hear this banging at the back door, saw a figure and fired.
It was instinct.
I'm a man of action.
Why did you call me? You're my Michael Clayton.
I'm the Attorney General of the State of No.
Cops come yet? I'm hoping anyone around who heard the shot, they thought it was thunder - [knock on door.]
- Who's that? The cops.
You know, "They don't call.
" Uh, I can buy us some time, but we're in a big fucking jackpot here.
You'd better engage a lawyer.
Try this one.
Now I'm gonna go out there and try to make it that you don't get arrested tonight.
Oh, hello, officers.
Perhaps you recognize me.
Attorney General.
Ah, you can call me Jock.
- Jock.
- [urinating.]
I always assumed you got your nickname because you were an athlete.
Yeah, not exactly.
I see that.
Those little flies painted in the basin, they're good targets, aren't they? Indeed.
Yeah, men need targets.
Keep things neat.
Sometimes men become targets.
No one likes to get pissed on.
You should know that you are a target.
Chuck Rhoades has you in his sights.
I'd appreciate any details you could provide.
Well, I have been singing the tune of the tufted titmouse, but now I gotta go silent.
[urinal flushes.]
[doorbell rings.]
You want some Uova Picante Purgatorio? - That's Eggs in - Purgatory, yes.
But no.
Close enough to that place as it is, Commissioner.
- That's why I'm here.
- [chuckles.]
Sure is.
Come on.
There it is, huh? The Little League trophy! To the victor.
You know, I'm glad I was able to help you with that.
That thing's in the rearview.
I'm already onto next year.
Right to it, then.
This is why you don't put a weapon in the hands of an amateur.
I suppose we both bear some blame for that.
I bear nothing.
And you're gonna make sure of that.
And to that end, the neighbor might not yet know his dog is dead.
Even when he finds out, he won't find this.
You brought that fucking thing here? So we can make it go away.
Hey, stop with the "we" shit.
Neither of us should be in the middle of this.
Well, Brogan says I'm his fixer.
What, like Michael Clayton? We did get him the carry permit, so it's reasonable that he believes We again! Stop that or I'll brain ya with the trophy.
[dramatic music.]
What the real Michael Clayton would know is, we are the exact people who can't.
I can't.
My signature's on the permit.
It'll look like I'm helping myself.
No, counselor.
You, alone, have to make this right.
For all of us.
Because if it comes out that you influence peddled a gun permit that killed a dog, our reps and our careers are gonna be deader than that poor mutt.
It was a pure-breed.
Just like you.
So go fix it.
Leave me to my damn eggs and gravy.
Let's call this off-site to order.
That's a little extreme, isn't it, meeting here in your secret clubhouse? Well, no one needs to see this or you coming in and out of Axe Cap while we're about to give you this task, should you choose to accept it.
Besides this idea's a winner for you.
Aerospace innovation.
Plenty of upside, or I wouldn't have brought it to you.
Brian Dana, 375Y.
He's the VC partner.
Smart guy, good shop, for his scale.
I'm not gonna lie to you.
The developer behind this tech is Douglas Mason.
Taylor's father.
Big fucking drop.
But it's a solid play.
It's been vetted.
Vetted for making money or for making Taylor's head explode like in Scanners? Bit of both.
Glad to know up front this time.
And know this up front, I'll lock in a price so that I can buy it from you once you control it, at a healthy profit.
So get in there.
Make 'em an offer they can't refuse.
Go in on an entire slate, so you can disguise the intent.
Oh, I will.
That's what I do.
We have already won.
We've doubled up.
Big VC player Rebecca Cantu wants to put in a hundred million and ramp up the timetable to production.
That's what I'm talking about! People seeing the intrinsic value.
What kind of controls will we have? What kind of say when it comes to development, deployment, personnel on a go-forward? All to be negotiated.
But my father, he'd still be driving the R&D, the production Exactly what I was going to ask.
This Rebecca Cantu is clearly a very smart woman.
She's buying your idea, she's buying you, right? It's a good point.
So you'll sit with her as soon as we close.
I imagine the moment she sits with you, she'll realize how crucial you are.
"Imagine me and you.
I do.
Happy together.
" Most folks think that's a love song, but if you listen closely, you'll hear it's about a relationship that never actually happened.
The key to unlocking it is that word, "imagine.
" Taylor and I are going to step out for a microsecond.
[door opens.]
I see where you're going with this.
And now is the pause where we think this through before you do.
Because we would clear 38% on our investment in a matter of months.
And your father walks with over five million The walking part is the problem.
They will broom him if not right away, then soon enough.
Returns like this could tell the story of our firm for the next five years.
You're right.
And you were right to pull me out here, so I could have a moment to think, hear what I need in order to frame the decision.
This is exciting, but Taylor Mason Capital passed.
[dramatic music.]
Really? You pass? How can you pass? Keeping my father in place is my highest priority and the key to our success.
If we can't guarantee that, then there is no deal.
And if this is just the early action, I'd rather let the interest grow We'll do even better later.
Okay, Taylor.
If that's what you want to do, that's what we'll do.
[clears throat.]
I'll walk you out.
Thank you.
Taylor chose their father over the short term hit for their business.
Great stressors can be bonding agents instead of tearing them apart.
And Taylor will feel quite good about themself right now.
But the other pressure living up to this perfect vision of who they're trying to be everything to their father that will build.
How fast? - Depends.
- Can you accelerate it? How far do you need me to push this? - All the fucking way.
- You really wanted this, and I'm sorry that I couldn't make it happen for you.
No, it was a useful attempt.
Just showed me there may not be a standard business solution to get Taylor to betray their father.
Well, then I guess we're done looking for standard solutions.
Goody gumdrops.
I'll be at the office.
Sure, say it, scheming.
All righty.
Uh, get you gentlemen anything? How are your whiskey stores? Shut for winter.
Well, hold onto your shtreimels, because I got this done.
Purchased your neighbor's silence for 100K.
- Okay.
- Oh, and a new Malinois puppy, of show quality.
That's gonna cost me thousands more.
Especially if I have to jump up the line at a top breeder.
Feature me in a beret and I'll paint you a picture.
You'll do time for illegal discharge of a weapon.
My public service career will be burnt toast.
And you'll be known the world over as a drunken dog-killer.
Well, when you put it that way, I accept the deal.
[dramatic music.]
- Ready to hit it? - Yeah.
Hey, Bobby, heard you were talking about buying something before, and I've been waiting to tell you about something like that too.
Now seems like the best time.
I got an offer to sell this place.
Had my eye on a property in Florida.
I can roll the money right into it.
They offered me close to a million dollars.
You imagine that? An old paesan like me.
So we'll open in Florida? No, kid, can't.
You can't.
The water's not the same so the crust wouldn't be either.
Well, I'll fly in the New York water.
People do it.
You know, beach time for me.
Calm, calm.
Let's do this.
I'll advance you the money so you can get that property that you want.
Against a purchase price.
Meanwhile, you train a replacement for here, spend a couple of months in the winter down there.
Come back refreshed.
And we plan for, what, five years from now, transition is complete, and you're living down there full time.
Yeah, yeah.
Sure, Bobby, if you think that's the way that's best.
Yeah, good.
- Okay, good.
It's settled.
- Good.
And we'll work out a number.
Whatever you think.
You should head back to the city ahead of me.
I'll catch up later.
All right.
I need to use the back office for the next few hours.
Go right in there.
Help yourself.
All right.
So, are you downsizing? Uh, no.
It's Right now, a change feels necessary.
I understand.
We'll find just the buyer.
I'll let you know what price I recommend.
This place will be a hit on Zillow.
You're going to do very well when we sell.
- [scoffs.]
- [door opens, closes.]
We haven't listed it yet.
I should hope not.
But I did ask her to come over and put a value on it, a price at which she thinks it'll move.
I don't remember us talking about this.
Oh, I know why.
Because we didn't.
I don't want to blow up our family.
Or accept that you did.
But I don't see us staying intact here after everything that's happened.
I mean, you sent us out of this very house, that another woman could come in and Using our house was your idea.
You didn't have to say yes to it.
But that's not nearly all.
This place doesn't feel very much like a home to me right now.
I know that feeling.
It's how I felt, often, growing up.
I promised myself I'd never create an environment where Have I ever told you the pancake eater story? No, I'd remember the name of something like that.
Yes, you would.
Sundays as a kid, it was when we were the closest thing to what most folks would consider a family.
I'd wake up to the smell of pancakes and bacon inundating the apartment.
My mother always gave the girl the day off on Sundays.
That's how she'd put it anyway.
And took great pride in preparing this incredible spread.
Orange juice, fresh squeezed in a carafe.
The effect was stunning.
And as my mother put out these perfectly prepared pancakes pat of butter on top, syrup running down the sides right on the plate, Dad would sit down with the paper, at the head of the table, and he'd tell her, and me, that oh, ho this this was living.
Oh, Chuck, it's spooky when you do that.
You sound just like him.
Look like him, too Maybe don't do it again.
Spooky part's coming.
Usually, he'd congratulate her on the effort.
Thank her.
Let her know that, uh, this was his ideal way to spend a Sunday.
And as you might infer, this brought me great lightness.
A respite from the norm.
But then, uh, maybe once a year, perhaps twice, upon landing at his seat, but before sitting, a scowl would come across his face.
And my father would sweep the bacon, carafe of juice and, yes, those perfect pancakes, off the table and onto the floor in a fit of rage.
And he'd look at my cowering mother and scream, "What the hell do I look like, a goddamned pancake eater?" And then he'd storm out.
And my mother would fall to pieces even as she scrambled to clean it all up and put it away.
She'd spend the rest of the day fretting over what she'd done to set him off, and hoping he'd come home.
And eventually, he would.
And she'd apologize to him.
[dramatic music.]
Good lord.
Yeah, that's not the punchline.
No, the punchline is the night when I was about eight-years-old, and he came into my room, after one of these fractious mornings.
"You know why I did what I did, Sonny? "Keep things fresh and exciting for her.
"So she doesn't take it all for granted.
"And to make her appreciate "the Sundays I don't break it all apart.
"A woman has a subconscious desire to be dominated.
"Remember that.
Use it.
" I That's where I come from, Wend.
I don't get violent, throw things or cheat.
But I can't seem to be normal either.
I'm trying though.
As hard as I know how.
And I implore you, don't put our home up for sale.
But rather work with me, love me as I do you, and, uh, let's find our way back.
I'm touched by you going this deep.
This excavation.
I understand what it takes to go there and pull it out.
And I want that all to be enough And maybe it would've been if you told me before your own pancake eater moment on TV, in front of the whole world.
Yeah, I know, I know.
But can you just I'm trying to.
The best I know how.
But I can't promise you anything, Chuck.
Your mother's gonna love this place.
She'll think it too expensive.
Do you? I wouldn't have offered it to you if I did.
Besides, the company will pay for it.
As it should.
It's exactly what I needed.
Enough room to pace.
Enough buildings and sky to induce productive ideation.
And it will convince Mom, as well, I hope.
I can't wait for her to be here, too, actually.
Feelings she also holds.
I can't tell you the number of times she wanted us to come visit.
I just wasn't It's good you're ready now.
It is.
Reunited and it feels so good.
Dad, did you just quote a pop song? [chuckles.]
I guess it's catching.
I come bearing my war club, to join with yours.
Who are we bludgeoning? I'm here to tell you that our interests are finally 100 percent aligned.
I got that part.
Who? Chuck Rhoades knows about my Cayman Islands activity.
We can take him out together.
It's what you've always wanted.
Ah, so that dogged prosecutor has picked up your scent.
- Not fun, is it? - No.
Got that river of sweat running down your crack like a bombing comedian? Yes.
Will you help me? Of course, Todd.
You merely had to ask.
Shall we prick our thumbs and bleed them together like Tom and Huck? You know, to become blood brothers? I feel we already have.
Jesus, that pizza smells sweet.
Can I get a slice to go? I'll trade ya a whole pie, plus solve your Rhoades problems, for an introduction to a certain guy who works for your outfit.
Yeah, anybody.
Who? Robert Beaufort.
"Hard Bob" Beaufort, huh? He brooks no bullshit.
But sure.
I'll make the intro.
You'll have to take it from there.
Then I'll go get that pizza.
Make it a Sicilian? I don't have much experience with this.
Picking out furniture? With setting my parents up in a place.
Getting it furnished.
All of it.
And, yes, I want to use your eye for style.
You have a great and specific sense of style yourself.
Thank you.
But they don't necessarily share my Ah.
I'm closer in age to them than you are.
Yes, but you're not like them at all.
If they were here, all they'd notice is what things cost.
Argue about it.
Instead of noticing how these things might make them feel.
How the clean lines and angles make for a calm, ideal environment.
Yet you're clear you want them here.
I do.
But it'll be different.
It is.
It's a good thing.
For you.
But that doesn't mean it'll be easy.
Or should be.
Like when someone man, woman, whomever has a baby.
It's undoubtedly good, but it's not cost neutral.
Family creates obligation and stress, distraction, pain, vulnerability.
I mean, the hope is that the connection, the shared history, the love matters more.
Some people use it as a brand new source of motivation.
They do.
Then I guess I do see it that way.
That's the justification.
We have a new start at a family.
And I really want it to work.
Then I'm sure it will.
And whatever cost will be small enough to not even matter.
In the grand scheme.
Beaufort, come on in.
They call me "Hard Bob," and you know why? I have an idea.
'Cause I brook no bullshit.
Neither do I.
Now the reason I wanted to talk to you is because I have something of a special favor.
I only took this meeting because the Secretary asked me to.
But that doesn't mean I have to do what you ask or even listen to your ask.
Got it? [telephone rings.]
Hello, Dad.
Is this the daily "I love you" call? Son, I have neither time nor inclination to dicker around with protestations of emotion.
If you need my words as reassurance of affection Oh, no, no.
No, sir.
Your feelings are made manifest with each interaction.
I should hope so.
Now, look.
I have run into a financing snag with my development.
Banks used to be set up by gentlemen, for gentlemen.
But a couple of Keatings and Madoffs behave unscrupulously, and now the personal touch, the respect, is gone.
Banks have have become businesses without souls.
I'm pretty sure banks never had souls, Dad.
What's the problem? They want too much collateral.
Assets that I've otherwise outlaid.
Now, I know you have some banking contacts these days.
Highly placed.
If I could find some favorable terms And you want to discuss this with me here, while I'm at the epicenter of New York law? While I'm in the Attorney General's very chair.
I'm talking to you as a son, not the AG.
And you know how you know that? Because I would never tell some random AG how much I love him.
Fine, old man, [Chuck.]
I'll try to help.
Know why? [Chuck.]
Because I love you, too.
Oh, for the love o' Christ.
[dramatic music.]
So how are we going to skin this Who we looking to field dress, Secretary Krakow? You sold me over, you sonofabitch.
That's a very untextured way of thinking, Todd.
Don't do it.
I know this isn't what you were looking for.
But this is the best and only option out there for you once you ended up on law enforcement radar.
He's right.
And it won't be all bad.
Now have a seat, Mr.
Secretary, we have much to discuss.
Starting with your activities in the tropics [Chuck.]
but perhaps ending with you a free man, without any harm to your future prospects or reputation.
See? Not all bad.
Okay, counselor.
Hit me.
[door closes.]
It'll be a couple of weeks until the long form contracts are ready to be signed, but I'm eager to proceed.
I don't want paperwork to stop us from making certain project deadlines.
If we can start ordering the materials and equipment [knock on door.]
God, I hate interrupting.
But some guy from the government is here and kind of demanding to see you.
Hello, folks.
I'm Robert Beaufort.
I'm from the Bureau of Industry and Security.
I've become aware of your tech from my brethren over in the patent office.
In fact, they stuck a flag in it and fired it over to me in the old pneumatic tube.
Being humorous.
We don't use the tubes.
They emailed me.
Anyhow, we're going to need to hold up any production plans.
That's an insane request.
This is intended for private sector, non military use.
This is not a request.
This is sensitive technology with national defense and security implications.
My understanding of the Bureau's your department's role is to aid and support innovation in the private sector.
It can be, and it is.
But above that our mandate is security, especially when it comes to the export of sensitive technology.
We have, under authority of the government, the power to seize and control said tech in the name of our nation's safety.
It's true.
We have determined that US 18/287,134 is vital to national security at this time.
You do have the right to challenge at an administrative proceeding.
If we do that, the tech gets public.
Which is why we prefer [Beaufort.]
to forgo the hearings [Beaufort.]
and the attendant publicity.
We do in extraordinary cases like this offer to cover R&D spending to date, plus an 8% premium on investment for an NDA on the matter.
We're going to need an opinion of counsel before any Of course.
Didn't expect anything signed today.
I will, however, leave you with this.
This is an order outlining which materials I expect to be turned over immediately.
You have my card.
We'll be in touch.
[door opens, closes.]
Listen, folks, my investment is entirely contingent upon you making this problem disappear.
I've got a meeting.
This was Bobby Axelrod.
[dramatic music.]
Holy fuck this one felt good.
You think about how to entice a man.
What he loves.
Of course, it all starts with girls and money.
But it gets more complicated from there Yeah, cars, property, jobs, access to special doctors, schools for their kids, life dreams, goals.
You know, sometimes it even gets spiritual Vatican tours, with the Pope washing their feet, meeting the Dalai Lama, whatever.
And in this case? Was it Vatican City? This case? Oh, no.
This case, no, it turned out to be girls and money.
Hard Bob Beaufort is a film fan.
Turns out, he really loves the classics.
Ladies, this is Hard Bob.
Hello, Hard Bob.
I'm Lisa Ann.
I know.
I know.
And you're That's right, Hard Bob, I am.
[up-tempo music.]
Well, this is not the zoo, Hard Bob.
You can come as close as you want.
Look at this picture.
Really look at it.
Uh, may I call you Shel? Shelby.
Eisen here is a trusted friend.
And when he asked if I could see you, I said yes.
But I fail to see Well, I can see how special the animal was, but I can't see how I have anything to do with this matter.
You can't, Mr.
Rhoades? Can I call you Charles? Chuck.
Well, Eisen here wants me to settle for 100K.
You did settle for 100K.
I have the papers.
And I gave you a check.
Here's that check right back at you.
And here's another picture for you to look at, Chuck, which might tell the story as to why I am in your office.
I know what this whole thing is.
Cover up.
- No such thing.
- That's a wildly overblown term.
The loss of my Charlemagne was worth more than the 100,000 and a new puppy.
How much more? I get 250,000 dollars, or I go public, way public, with this whole damn conspiracy.
There is no conspiracy Shelby.
But I see how pained you are.
And I'm moved by it.
Eisen here will get with Mr.
Brogan and produce the amount required.
[dramatic music.]
[door opens, closes.]
Just got off the phone with the lawyer.
She said what we're facing is similar to eminent domain.
They can do it, we can push back.
- Can we win? - [Hammon.]
She says maybe.
How long will it take? Two and a half, three years.
I spun like Katarina Witt in Sarajevo but there's nothing new out there ready to come on board.
I made the rounds with our current investors, too.
We may lose some.
I need to sit with the Firefighters.
Get me a meeting with Ken Shaddock.
[keys clacking.]
Your ex-protégé is a hell of a businessperson.
Sniffing out the initial trap was smart.
They are indeed.
That's what's gonna make it so rewarding when they take the smart business decision to crush their father.
Because what they won't know, until it's too late, is how hollow it will make them feel.
Uh, remind me to never stab you in the back.
Consider yourself reminded.
What's that you're devouring like a gluten-free croissant over there? Oh, kiss my ass.
You know I don't fuck with gluten-free.
And this is my next thing.
Saler's department stores.
That chain's like a wheezing elephant ready to stumble to its knees.
Uh, until I get a hold of it and hit it in the ass with a giant shot of B-12.
You're gonna restore it to its former glory? Oh, you're fucking right I am.
There's a lot of debt against it, babe.
- It's not gonna be easy.
- Well, I don't do easy.
If I wanted that I'd move to Florida and work on my tan with Bruno.
It's good that he seemed happy with what I laid out.
No? That is some sweet deal I'm giving him.
Are you gonna speak or just sit there silently doubting? Um Bruno knows you get what you want.
So he's made peace with that.
But he wants to live in Florida.
What kind of life would it be? Playing canasta with a bunch of other retirees.
Dragging down to the drugstore to get his prescriptions? I don't want that kind of life for him.
Nothing to fight for.
Nothing to make him feel like he's still in it.
It's giving up.
For you.
For you, it would be giving up.
But maybe for him, after a lifetime in front of a hot oven, it would finally be living.
You put your faith in me.
There's something sacred in that.
And I'm not the sort to use that word.
No, no, it is a sacred trust.
There is no other word.
You made me believe you understood that.
And that you wouldn't let these firefighters down.
I won't.
Even as I wage this other battle.
You know, before the department I was in the service, so I'm a bit of an expert on two-front wars.
What happens, no matter how well trained and capable the army is, more people die.
I will personally be down in the muck Yeah, see, why is that a good thing? In a firefight, an infantryman's job is to zero in on his target and shoot.
To the exclusion of all else.
But he can't see anything else besides that target through the aperture of his rifle sights.
It's a very small picture.
That's why a leader, as much as he wants to fire, needs to keep his weapon at full port arms and scan the entire battlefield.
To see it all.
Let's measure it.
For a normal, disciplined person, this kind of engagement would cost 50 percent.
So even for you, will it cost you 20, or 10, even 3 percent? Let's say you're right, for the sake of argument.
At 97 percent focused, I am certain you will not see any change in results.
But to guarantee that, let's do this.
Stay with me as long as we're positive.
But the moment I slip into negative territory, I return your money that day.
It's virtually risk proof for you.
No deal, Mason.
You dump the other company or we go.
I'm sorry this didn't work out.
I know we would've done great work together.
[dramatic music.]
[door opens.]
So? He put me to a decision and I had to let him go.
How went it with Dana? He's out, too.
He says sorry and hopes to see us down the road.
And I talked to the lawyer, the bank and accounting.
You're gonna have to drive this yourself, carry the risk.
Bank's gonna want you to put up the money yourself.
Your bonus from last year.
Or we get the broker to do a securities loan.
But no margin.
I can get that done.
I'm not sure you should.
It's a big fucking commitment.
A big commitment has already been made.
And it holds.
It has to.
To my father.
You have another.
To Taylor Mason Capital itself.
You have to make both work.
Or none of it will.
I just got word.
The Firefighters Fund is gon-zo.
That's check.
You ready to go topple the king? [cellphone vibrating.]
[dramatic music.]
Hello? I need to see you.
Promise me this conversation stays private.
That's the understanding we've had the whole time.
I just want to restate it.
Because I need to tell you something, and it's it's a big risk for me.
You have my word.
Axe knows you lost the Firefighters.
He said they were the air support protecting the rest of your ventures.
He said you chose your father over your business.
I admire that.
He may not, but I do.
That you can be one of the people that finds the balance.
Who can be happy at enough.
He could never do that.
But you didn't let the fact that your father exploited your need for his approval stop you from choosing family.
That's truly impressive.
But Axe is coming for you now, and nothing's going to stop him.
So you came to warn me.
He's so far gone with negativity.
Annihilating you, in particular.
I've never seen such single-mindedness.
It's toxic.
I went to work for a financial genius, not Shiva the Destroyer.
It gets hard to be around.
How can you even stand working there anymore? I'm not sure I can.
I'm not sure I can be a part of what he's planning.
I'm thinking about quitting.
You're not here to warn me.
"I'm thinking about quitting.
" That's one too many.
I've trained myself to recognize when someone overplays their hand, and you did, just now.
But you've built the perfect box.
No escape without catastrophic loss.
That furniture will look good in this place.
I hope your parents are happy here.
Ken Shaddock, please.
Positive news, Dad.
My prostate is gonna shrink back to its former size? Not that, but it may make you smile just as much.
Qatar State Bank is going to be taken off the restricted list and it's ready to give you a sweetheart of a loan.
Well, you're right, that does bring a grin.
Are you sure about this? [Chuck.]
Got it straight from the Secretary Of The Treasury.
[clears throat.]
You know Jewish people have 613 rules mitzvot for determining what's kosher in life? - "Hey, what don't you know?" - "Innit?" And in this country we've got about a million banking regulations and this has got to violate a bunch of them.
Oh, this shit is definitely not kashrut.
- Oh hoh.
- You're not the only one who lives in the big city.
Now, unless the bank came off the list legitimately, - in which case - In which case we could take a look at why it came off the list.
How, exactly? Why now? Who was behind it? You want to start getting those answers? - Love to.
- Great.
Dad, I have something for you.
What the fuck is this? A check for 1.
3 million dollars.
You caved.
You folded and took the deal? Government's gonna mothball my project.
Or worse, deploy it as they see fit.
I assessed all the options and it was the only one left.
It was not the only one.
It was the only one that allowed me to get the Firefighters back, which will save this place, because without it, there is nothing.
There's my life's work, my tech, my fucking dream.
Which to you is nothing in the face of recoupment of your investment plus 8 fucking percent.
I'm sorry it worked out this way.
It's unfortunate but my enemies seemed to have found a way to aim the government at us like a nuclear weapon.
How did they know where to aim? How did they know to hurt this venture? I did it.
I told Wendy about your dad.
Not Not really.
She seemed to know.
I just said the word 'startup.
' How, exactly, did you and Wendy Rhoades end up talking? S-She just She was supposed to meet a friend, and the friend didn't show.
Oh, Taylor, I got played.
No, Mafee, I got played.
You were mere confirmation.
I, too, spoke with her.
At first, I thought it was benign.
Then I thought I could use the forum, gain from it, but instead I was infected.
The fact that you have enemies like this, the fact that you were once aligned with such despicable people, maybe give that some thought while I'm gone.
So you're leaving? We could try ano You're damn skippy I'm leaving.
What's possibly going to keep me here now? Yeah.
This is one time I'm sorry my thesis proves out.
Thesis? You taught me, don't just have an idea.
Build the model that proves it.
Sara, call Shaddock with the Firefighters.
Tell him I did what I said and we're back in business.
Wait, this is all a test? Not a test.
A confirmation.
I needed to remind myself who you really are.
Wendy said it.
I didn't want her to be right, but she was.
I didn't chose the Firefighters over you, Dad.
I chose what you wanted over what I needed.
Don't you need me? Yes, and I always have.
But the version of you I really need the one who's a father first he doesn't exist.
'Cause all he cares about is his own advancement.
I'm leaving.
And I'm taking my fin technology with me.
No, you're not.
I owned it.
And I sold it to the government.
You people.
All you care about is fucking money.
You know what, kid? You are just like me.
Only colder.
So maybe I'll actually win.
Maybe, but I'll say this.
It won't feel like it.
[dramatic music.]
Sir, you're gonna need to come with us.
Why? What the fuck?! - Come on.
- Don't make us cuff you.
Hey! [door closes.]
I'm not easily scared.
Especially because you have no cause of action to arrest me.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You're not under arrest.
No, in the old days they called this a 'rousting.
' Now, that's old-fashioned policing, designed to send a message.
And where can it go? Well, you can be brought in.
Put in holding.
You ever visit the Tombs? It makes for a very edifying 24 to 48 hours.
Or you might be found to be 'resisting,' on the street, and then the boys get a little baton practice.
And these men are my personal force.
There's nothing that they won't do for me.
But I don't want to talk about any of that.
I want to talk about dogs.
And the people who own 'em.
I love a good dog.
I, myself, have had one for years.
But I don't fool myself, as so many do.
- Fool yourself? - Mm.
About which way the loyalties really run.
Do you know what happens when a solo pet owner dies alone? Nope.
Oh, you don't want to admit to yourself that you know.
But you do.
At some point, the pet decides that its own survival matters more than its fondness for its owner.
And what do they do? Well, most often, they go for the nose or cheek flesh first.
Now, is that because their love is so great, they want to be one with their former best friend? I don't choose to think so.
No, I just bet those are the most delicious morsels.
And I don't blame 'em at all.
Because when their very lives are at stake, how can they stand on ceremony? After all, their owner is already dead.
But I'm not in desperate straits as the dog in your story is.
Oh, but you are.
You don't really think Eisen put you in front of me without us knowing what would happen, do you? He brought you in so that, in front of a witness, you would try to extort the sitting New York Attorney General.
With threats to expose him if he didn't pay you off.
That's an open and shut case.
Your own lawyer would force you to take a plea the first day you engaged him.
But, because, as I said, I'm a dog guy, I understand why you felt you had to.
Still the dog is dead.
And you are sitting here starving.
I see.
But, and here's the day brightener for you.
I have no need to bring this into open court.
What I propose to do instead is give you this.
That's a purebred Belgian Malinois puppy.
With papers.
And it's yours.
Along with the 100,000 already paid.
And you sign this.
Which says I drop my complaint.
It sure does.
Now and forever.
[dramatic music.]
- Hi, Mafee! - Not now, Ben.
Do you have any fucking idea what you've done? I used to think you were this idealized version of a person with all the answers and the ability to make each of us the best of who we could be.
I trusted you.
We all did.
Because you charmed, manipulated, worked us to.
All with that bullshit Buddha smile.
And now I know that what was behind that smile wasn't some serene and wise teacher.
- Hey! - It hid a sick, vicious phony.
Now I know that's what you really are a goddamned monster.
Hey! Traitorous motherfucker.
Yeah, leave her alone, you fucking goon! You tried to sabotage this firm! - Fuck you, Bill! - You don't talk to a man like Dollar Bill Stearn like that.
- Fuck you, too! - Guys.
Mafee I am gonna kick your ass! Bring it, asshole! Let it happen.
We both want it.
No fighting where Mr.
Axelrod is liable.
- I'll sign whatever! - That's two of us! Get him outta here! Let's do it in the ring then, fucknut! Any time, any place, motherfucker! Rumble in the Jungle! Thrilla in Manila! Zaire! You're a garbage person, Wendy.
That's what you are.
It's what you all are! Fuck you.
I guess we hit the target.
It's done.
Done means signed, sealed, delivered.
- Is that what you're telling me? - I am.
He acknowledges that his dog was a repeated menace and you acted in self-defense.
He releases you from responsibility and will not tell or sell the story.
Now we know, definitively.
You really are a power broker.
And, uh, I'm gonna say it directly, so it's between us and acknowledged.
Down the 'pike, I will ask something of you.
Something hard.
Something that will be very costly for you to do.
And you will deliver it for me.
I will.
You've shown me, by example, what might happen if I don't.
Can I have it back? [clears throat.]
That thing goes off again, lose my number.
[Joni Mitchell's "River".]
It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees They're putting up reindeer And singing songs of joy and peace Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on But it don't snow here Wendy says don't touch it.
Smells too good to leave untouched.
It's here to create the sensory impression of a perfect home.
That smell that drove you to get out fork and knife, even though moments before you had no idea you wanted pie.
It brings warmth.
And that's what's called for right now.
Why? People are coming to look at the house.
Real buyers.
Your kids are out with the babysitter.
And where's Wendy? Out.
It'd be good if you were out, too.
Stays pretty green I'm gonna make a lot of money Then I'm gonna quit this crazy scene Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on [sighs.]
I wish I had a river so long I would teach my feet to Fly Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on I made my baby cry He tried hard to help me You know, he put me at ease And he loved me so naughty, made me weak in the knees Oh, I wish I had a river I could skate away on Hey, Bobby.
Just catching up here.
Tell me what you really want.
Don't matter.
That other deal, I told 'em to get lost.
'Cuz we got a deal.
I asked what you want.
The way I drew it up in my head? [chuckles.]
Walk down to a cafe each morning, bright and sunny, have an espresso.
Go and do some surf casting, catch some pompano, some snapper.
Pack 'em in salt and bake 'em al forno.
Eat 'em with a nice vermentino.
Hit the track, hit the hit the links.
Definitely roll some bocci.
Walk home along the beach at night.
Kids come down and visit for the holidays.
Maybe meet a nice widow to share it with.
Uh huh.
That's it.
Go do it.
I'll buy you out.
With enough to set yourself up as you want down there.
And sell the place to you? Yeah.
And what are you gonna do with it, huh? - Make it a museum? - No.
One thing you're gonna need to realize, kid, your childhood, your heart, it ain't in that pizza oven.
It's inside you.
Yeah, that may be true.
But that oven makes a damn good pie.
That's a fact that.
Come on.
I think you got a full house out there.
Oh, yeah! [cheers and applause.]
What did you do? What did you do? The family just wanted to show you some love.
Hey, thanks for inviting me, Axe.
Hey, 'course, Freddy, you're family, too.
- Thank you.
- Here's to you, Bruno.
[both speak indistinctly.]
Love you.
Hey, salud, everybody.
Salud! - Oh.
- [glasses clinking.]
It's coming on Christmas They're cutting down trees They're putting up reindeer Singing songs of joy and peace I wish I had a river I could skate Away on [sobbing.]

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