Billy The Kid (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

The Rattler

1 Previously on "Billy the Kid" The powers-that-be have decided the city's full up and we have to move on.
There's plenty of jobs out west.
The land of opportunity.
Just seems wrong to give everything up.
I don't think we're giving everything up.
We're just going on a journey.
We barely have $50 each.
It's all I have in the world.
All right, then.
Two wagons.
$50 each.
Traveling west is a dangerous business, Billy.
Billy! Things don't always end up the way we want 'em to, Billy.
You know everything is going to be just fine, Billy, don't you? I promise.
- This is it, folks.
Coffeyville! - It's a shithole.
I need to find a job.
We've just arrived, and my husband is sick.
I fear the wound, in your case, is not physical but in the mind.
When you're older, take time to look up at those stars.
They reflect the light that's in you.
Take care of your mother, Billy.
- She's a very special woman.
- Goodbye, Pa.
This is not a toy.
You never point that at a man unless you intend to use it, huh? I really don't wanna kill you.
What's that? I dunno.
Looks like a dust storm comin'.
Dust storm? What will that be like? Well, let me just say, if it comes, you'll wish it never came.
Now, Billy, don't be bothering Mr.
He has better things to do.
You come in the back now.
Sit with Joe.
- Come on.
- Okay, Ma.
Uh I feel real sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Thank you.
And with two young'uns.
Sure gonna be tough.
It's one hell of a tough world out here.
- We'll survive.
- Nah.
Gonna need a man to look after you.
I just recently lost my husband, Mr.
I need to take my family somewhere that offers better opportunities, so right now I don't need anything but a good job and a new home for my boys and me.
Well, seems like the storm's swinging our way.
We'd better get out and prepare for it.
Hyup! Would you like a drink, Miss Kathleen? - No, thank you.
- Oh.
Well, I thought all you Irish liked a drink.
- I'll wish you a good night, Mr.
- Nah, stay.
- Please.
Come on, get off! - Come on! Sit down.
Get off! - No! Get off me! - I ain't done with you yet! - I ain't done yet! - No! No! Stop struggling! - Get off me! - Hold still! - I said, hold still! - Get away from her! Give me that gun! - No.
- I said, give me the gun.
You better give me that gun, boy.
You don't need to hurt nobody! Come any closer I'll shoot you.
- No, Billy.
- It's all right, Ma.
Now, come on, boy.
I wasn't doing anything to your mother.
Now, no need to mess up your life over something that ain't important.
It's important to me.
Billy? Thank you, Mr.
Put it down now.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for the manager.
Well, you just found her.
I'm Emily Townshend.
What can I do for you? I wondered if you had any vacancies for a cook or a waitress.
- What's your name? - Kathleen McCarty.
- These your kids? - Yeah.
My name's Billy, and this is my brother Joe.
Got a husband? No.
He He died back on the Trail.
Sorry to hear that.
Don't take that ring off.
It'll give you some protection here in town.
I'll take you on for a period, see how things work out.
Give you a guest room for now, three dollars a day.
Working day's 12 hours.
Food's free.
How's that suit you? It seems very little money for so many hours.
I thought you said you wanted a job.
Those are the terms.
Take it or leave it.
I'll take it.
I'll be up in a minute.
Come on.
Hey, where are you off to so fast? Look, boys, her hands are full.
Maybe we should give her a hand.
Let me pass.
Nothing's stopping you.
May I offer you a ride? That's very kind of you.
Any decent gentleman would do the same, ma'am.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name's Henry Antrim.
I served with distinction in the Union Army during our recent Civil War.
Antrim is an Irish name.
My name is Mrs.
Kathleen McCarty.
I'm from Ireland, too.
County Down, in the north.
I ain't never been.
But my family's from there.
The north, that is.
One day I'd love to see it.
I hear it's very green.
That's because it rains all the time.
They say if you can't see the mountains then it's raining.
And if you can see them, then it's just about to rain.
Ah, it's a spring seat.
Better hold on.
What do you do for work, Mr.
Antrim? Construction, mainly.
But other things, too.
There's plenty of opportunities out here, Kathleen.
If you don't mind me calling you that? - You're late.
- Sorry, Ma.
I was putting Joe to bed.
Hey, Carlos.
What? ¿Qué? You got to learn to speak American, my friend.
¿Qué? What? Miss.
Do you want anything else? We're closing.
Have you finished your work? - Yeah.
- Then sit down.
Have some champagne.
- I don't - Shh! Don't say no.
Thank you.
You work so damn hard.
I've watched.
How much do you earn? Just got paid.
Three dollars.
Three dollars? Jesus Christ.
You want to know how much I earn? How? How do you think? My name's Hattie.
What's yours? Kathleen.
Well, what do you want to do with the rest of your life, Kathleen? I want to run a restaurant and maybe a boarding house.
You'll need more than three dollars for that.
You think I should? What else is there for a young woman to do here? She either whores or gets married.
They got those thieving Mexicans! What is it? Don't worry, Joe.
I'll go down and see.
Out of the way! Come on! String 'em up! Hang them! Mexican bastards! Coming down! - Fetch the sheriff! - I do nothing to you! String 'em up! - Son of a bitch! Come here! - I say we lynch 'em! Mexican fucker! Come on! This rope's gonna send you to hell, you thieving bastard.
Get him! Come on.
Get him up! Here's the Sheriff.
Here he comes! Hang him! What you gonna do, Sheriff? Mexican bastards! Not much I can do now, 'cept let justice take its course.
Come on, boys.
My new friend is excited to meet you both.
- Afternoon, Ma'am.
- Good day.
Come along.
Well, here we are.
I hope you like him.
- Hello.
- Buenos dias, señora.
Welcome to my humble home.
My dearest Kathleen.
So, these are your boys.
This is Billy, and this is Joe.
Billy and Joe.
Glad to make your acquaintance.
I have something for you.
Thank you, sir.
Billy? What? Aren't you going to say thank you to Mr.
Antrim? I have to tell you, Kathleen, that it's such a great pleasure to meet your boys.
You've spoken so much about them.
You're proud of them, quite right.
Thank you, Henry.
I confess that things haven't been easy for the boys, but through it all, they've helped and supported me.
What is it, Billy? Are you unhappy? You helped kill those three Mexicans.
I saw you.
- Now, Billy - No, no, no.
It's all right, Kathleen.
Billy has every reason to talk about this, if indeed he was a witness.
You see, Billy What you think you saw isn't actually what happened.
You have to think about the deeper things.
In this society, there's a very fine balance between good and evil.
Thankfully, there are great forces at work here in the West, absolutely determined to bring the rule of law and a God-fearing justice to all the people who live here.
But a lot of Mexicans, they don't see it that way.
They think that stealin' and shootin' people is the natural order of things.
But we Americans, we're trying to change all that.
And one of the ways we change it is to punish those who transgress the new American laws and the laws of God.
And who made you the judge? Billy.
What is the matter with you? This isn't like you.
What is it? Seems to me that Mr.
Antrim is a decent, honest, religiously minded man.
He's lying to you about everything.
Billy, I want you to know, whatever happens, Mr.
Antrim will never replace your father.
How could he? This has nothing to do with Pa.
It's about that man.
I have to be realistic, Billy.
Antrim is quite wealthy, and he can support and provide for us.
Without him, frankly, I don't know how we'll manage.
Look at that, huh? Always thought I'd like to buy a ranch drive cattle.
That's what a man out here is supposed to want.
You don't want it anymore? It was a dream that died along with other things.
I understand.
My husband, he died.
I don't know Felt like he died of disappointment.
I haven't told you until now, but I lost my wife.
We hadn't been married long.
I'm so sorry.
But at least I know she's in heaven with our Lord Jesus.
It's a great comfort.
Do you still have dreams? I guess so.
I'm not too old.
I have to tell you, Kathleen, all these weeks we've been seeing each other have meant a lot to me.
I thought a man could get used to being lonely, but it ain't true.
We're all human.
We need other people.
It's got to be the right person.
Sometimes, one just gets a feeling.
Comes out of nowhere.
But you know it's always the Lord's doing.
It's true.
Will you marry me, Kathleen? Will you make me the happiest man in Santa Fe? Billy? Billy? My mother just decided to marry an asshole and a liar.
Do you understand? Then let's go play some monte.
Fill our pockets.
Place your bets.
Bets in? Come on! Win.
- Good evening, ma'am.
- Good evening, young man.
Come on, deal! Place your bets.
Bets in? You win.
You lose, sir.
No, no, I don't.
I don't lose.
I never lose.
Not to this fucking lousy Mexican! Don't even think about it.
Carlos, no! Fuck! You're gonna fucking pay for this! Some advice don't mess up your own life for people who don't matter.
He matters to me.
Will somebody fetch the fucking Sheriff! Where's the Sheriff? What are you waiting for? Deal the fucking cards.
Yes, sir.
He's right this way.
Billy? Billy, please.
I want to introduce you to one of our guests.
This is Mr.
Ash Upson.
I thought you might be interested in talking to him.
He's a journalist.
He has information about what happened last night.
Mind if I sit down? I'll leave you to it.
Hello, Billy.
Your mother told me about your loss.
I'm very sorry.
That kind of thing happens too often around here.
- Want to talk about it? - Not really.
I hear the guy who killed your friend - isn't being charged with murder.
- What? They're saying there were aggravating circumstances, - that it was self-defense.
- That's bullshit! It was in cold blood.
I was there.
- I saw what happened.
- All right.
Sit down.
- It's him.
- I know.
But just don't.
Unless you want to die.
Just don't.
What do you mean? - Sit down.
- No! You don't know what you're dealing with.
Sit down and I'll tell you.
Come on.
Come on.
I don't know the shooter, but the gent he's sitting down with is a man by the name of Hennessy.
He's a well-known circuit judge.
He's also a prominent member of the Santa Fe ring.
What the hell is that? Well, the rings run most things out here in the West, Billy.
They are secret societies of wealthy people.
The Santa Fe ring is the oldest and most powerful ring of them all.
Which is why I'm here.
I'm investigating the whole damn system.
The wholesale corruption, the cronyism, the lawlessness.
These people, they buy senators, they buy sheriffs, they buy judges, they buy anyone they damn well please.
And they get rid of people who stand in their way.
So you think this guy is a member of the ring? Either that, or they protect him for whatever reason.
Well, if people know about these rings, why don't they just step in and break them up? Because these rings go all the way to the top.
That's why.
I just want justice for my friend.
I understand.
But justice True justice, Billy, doesn't usually come out of the barrel of a gun.
We have to expose the evil and clean up the system.
And how long will that take, Mr.
Upson? I don't know.
Possibly longer.
But I know it's the only way.
I don't know if I can wait that long.
Kathleen? Are you in there? Hattie? Hattie? What is it? Oh, my God.
What's happened to you? I don't want to say.
Do you want me to put something on those cuts? Who did this to you, Hattie? - Don't judge me, Kathleen.
- Why? Why do you say that? Why would I judge you? Poor Hattie.
I just want to know who did this to you.
I'm sorry.
What are you sorry for? This is my fault.
This is not your fault.
Just tell me.
I know you came here to tell me.
My husband? He did he did this? He was angry.
He said something had gone wrong.
Hattie You and Yes.
He's one of my regular customers.
Even before you came.
And he never stopped.
I'm so sorry, Kathleen.
I'm so sorry.
Ma? Ma.
Good evening, young man.
Can I help you? Where's Henry Antrim? - Tell me.
- There's no Mr.
Antrim here.
I do apologize.
Why, if it isn't the kid.
What do ya want, Billy? Wanna lose your cherry? That it? About time, I'd say.
Ladies, you may wanna leave.
Your ma never sent you over here, now did she? 'Course not.
She has every reason to be grateful to me.
So you just run on home like a good little boy, or God help me, I'll whip your fuckin' Irish Yeah, why don't you shoot me? Mm? How'd you think Kathleen would feel seeing you dangling from a rope? - Mom, would you like some? - No, thank you.
- Gracias, Sofia.
- De nada.
We have to talk.
The big property deal I was hoping to clinch fell through.
We're in trouble.
Seems I'm more in debt than I thought.
- But won't the bank ? - The bank won't give me any more credit.
I took out some loans.
They want to redeem 'em.
What are we supposed to do? We have to get away from this place.
- And go where?! - I don't know! Somewhere I can find a job.
And exactly what kind of job can you do, Antrim? You don't have to go with him.
- Yes, I do.
- No, you don't.
- You don't have to stay with him.
- Yes, I do.
He's my husband.
And I married him under God.
- And I have to stay with him.
- You don't.
I believe in the rites of the Catholic Church, Billy.
Nothing'll change that.
But You don't have to come with us.
I do.
Hey, Billy.
We have to leave here.
Antrim got made bankrupt.
Sorry to hear that.
Where will you go? Antrim says he needs a job.
The fact is, I'm leaving here, too.
- You are? - I am.
My life has been threatened.
There are some times, Billy, when the threats are empty.
This isn't one of them.
So, you're giving up on your investigation? Such threats only make me more determined to expose these stinking dogs for what they are.
Where are you gonna go? Well, I've been offered a job in Silver City.
It's a mining town, but it's getting pretty prosperous.
New businesses of all kinds are springing up.
Maybe even Antrim can find himself an occupation.
Naturally, because things are flourishing, the people running the rings will be moving in, too.
What is it you want to be, Billy? You can't work tables and play poker forever.
Or can you? No.
No, I'm not doing that forever.
Well, it's possible you might just find yourself a future in Silver City.
Railroad is going there.
Apart from the mines, there are big cattle herds and open ranges all over the county.
It's like America's last frontier.
Out there, you can be anything you wanna be, given the courage to try.
I reckon you got a lot of courage yourself, Mr.
Well, I don't know, Billy.
Sometimes I think courage is just the honesty to recognize your own weakness.
And then do something about it.
- Ma.
- It's okay, Billy.
The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away.
Silver City, here we come! Here.
Good night, Billy boy.
You little fucker.
The thing is, Billy, what you don't seem to understand, is that I own your mother, so I own you and your fucking little brother, too.
Cross me one more time, and all of you will suffer, and I mean truly suffer.
Do you understand that? Do you understand that? It's a fuckin' snake! There's a fuckin' snake! I swear! Dear Jesus, where the fuck is it? Where is it? Still here.
No, no, it's here.
No, still here.
Where the fuck is it? Dear Jesus!
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