Billy The Kid (2022) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Previously on "Billy The Kid" Feel real sorry for your loss, Mrs.
Gonna need a man to look after you.
Come on! - I got her! - Get away from her! - Give me that gun! - No.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name's Henry Antrim.
There are great forces at work here in the West, determined to bring the rule of law and a God-fearing justice to all the people who live here.
He's lying to you about everything.
Then let's go play some Monte.
Fill our pockets.
I don't lose, not to this fucking lousy Mexican.
The Santa Fe ring run most things out here in the West, Billy.
I just want justice for my friend.
Hattie, I just want to know who did this to you.
He's one of my regular customers.
If it isn't the kid! Seems I'm more in debt than I thought.
We have to get away from this place.
- And go where?! - I don't know! - You don't have to stay with him.
- I do.
And I married him under God.
Apart from the mines, there are big cattle herds and open ranges all over the county.
You can be anything you wanna be.
I own your mother.
Cross me one more time, and all of you will suffer.
It's a fuckin' snake! You go up, and I'll set the loading material.
All right.
Okay! You hear the fuse spit? No.
Fuck the hell! Get in there and see if it went out! Norm? The fuse must've spit, and neither of us heard it.
Jesus Christ.
- Poor Norm.
- Poor Norm? What about me? Nearly lost my eye.
And I think this arm is broken.
I am done with mining.
It's too dangerous.
I spoke with Dr.
He said they pulled a rock outta Norm's eye the size of an egg.
Mm! Yeah! Well, you just pick up my hat there.
That's it.
Yeah, feel around the rim.
See? My head had been one inch the other way, and I'd be dead, too.
You gotta be smart.
You gotta know when to get out of things.
Mining's just not for me.
Oh, it never was.
Why you get educated only to end up digging the earth like some, some animal? I think right now you just need to get some sleep.
And in the morning, we can talk about what kind of job you might be able to do instead.
Wife, I just fucking nearly died, and you're talkin' to me about gettin' a new job? Henry, we could only afford to borrow the money to buy this house because both of us have jobs.
Heartless bitch.
Billy, please.
I'm going out.
See if I can make some money on cards.
Good luck, Billy.
Shame his head hadn't have been an inch the other way.
He never shows me no fucking respect.
Two players remain.
Gentlemen, the showdown.
Gentlemen, show your cards, please.
Four threes wins.
Thank you, gentlemen.
Hey, Billy.
Hold up there.
Sorry I took all your savings.
Just got lucky.
Hey, what are you doing later today? You, uh, wanna do some practicing? I don't know, Jesse.
I'll bring the Winchester.
Later, kid.
Hey, Ma.
Hi, Billy.
Here, let me.
Thank you.
Hello there, Kathleen.
How's your day going? Not bad, Mr.
Always nice to see you.
Ready? - How do, Billy? - Mr.
Any chance I could get some coffee? Sure, you can.
So, how are things going? Keeping busy.
There's no real work around here.
Nothing regular, anyway.
I lined up at the mines, but they said they're not issuing licenses right now.
- Here you go.
- Ma'am.
You could always join one of the railway gangs.
That'd take me away from Ma and Joe.
You know I can't do that.
So, there's a rancher by the name of Billy Matthews.
He has a big place just outside of town.
I could try putting in a good word for you.
How's your investigation going? Well, there are some people here in Silver City who know more than they're telling.
Some of them are getting quite nervous.
There you go.
Your mother works too hard.
I'm gonna introduce you to Matthews.
Thank you.
Not bad, young'un.
You ever do any work on that gun? How'd you mean? You could have the trigger tightened.
Like mine, see? What does that do? It's not a hair trigger but, uh it's close.
You got to know what you're doing, though.
It goes off so easy.
Hey, Jesse.
How do you, uh, earn a living? I mean, aside from playing poker.
Well, I help people out, piecemeal; moving timber, helping build cabins.
And, uh do a few things kind of-on the side, you might say.
What kinda things? I do a little cattle rustling.
There are some guys in town I know who are into it.
There's plenty of cattle out there on the ranges.
Don't really hurt no one.
You wanna come try? Naw.
Hey, I got I got something for you.
For me? Jesse, this is your gun.
I bought a new one with my winnings.
See? Figured I probably owed you one.
Thank you, Jesse.
See that rail post? Yeah, I see it.
You reckon you could hit it? Maybe.
Go on, then.
Whoo! Kid, I reckon there's not much I can teach you after all.
Ma? What are you doing? Just putting aside some of our savings, Billy, I don't want Antrim to know about.
Where is Antrim? Tomorrow I'm goin' to speak to a rancher called Billy Matthews, ask him about a job.
Upson says he'll give me a reference.
So, I can work the range, play the saloons.
We'll have plenty of money.
How would we manage without you, Billy? I'm doing this for you, Ma.
We can't depend on Antrim.
I know you think I'm foolish.
But I still believe people can change.
I have to believe that.
Please promise me that you'll never hurt Antrim.
For your sake, Billy, not his.
You know what they do to people who You okay, Little? How are you feeling? Not well.
I'll get Dr.
Casson over to see about that cough tomorrow.
Come here.
Come on.
"The city sleeps, and the country sleeps.
The living sleep for their time, the dead sleep for their time.
The old husband sleeps by his wife.
And the young husband sleeps by his wife.
And these tend inward to me, and I tend outward to them.
And such as it is to be of these, more or less I am.
And of these one and all, I weave the song of myself.
Whoa! Whoa.
- This the one, Mr.
Upson? - Yes, sir.
Don't look more than a boy.
Can't help but wonder why you think I should hire a kid.
Billy, sir.
- Billy what? - Antrim.
- Billy Antrim.
- Yeah.
You know, bein' a cowboy's a hard life.
Yes, sir.
You ride a horse? - Yes, sir.
- Use a lasso? Fire a gun? Sleep on your own? Yes, sir.
Well, we'll see.
Now, this cowboy's gonna show you how it's done.
Once he's finished, all you got to do is the same thing.
- You got that? - Yes, sir.
Yes! Yeah! Yeah! All right.
Now you git 'em, boy.
Come on, Billy.
Hell, I seen enough.
He ain't no cowboy.
Come on, Matthews.
Give the kid a chance.
What the hell you think I just did? You see that he can do it.
He just needs a little practice.
Well, we don't pay for practice around here, Mr.
And we don't need any publicity, especially from the likes of you.
- Come on, hold on! - Goddamn it! I'm sorry, Mr.
I could've done better.
No, I'm not upset with you, Billy.
Matthews is in with the Santa Fe ring.
He clearly knows that I'm investigating how it operates.
He was never gonna give you a job just so I could find out more.
That wasn't about you, Billy.
That was him sending me a message.
Well He sent me a pretty clear message too, Mr.
How is he? Your son is suffering from consumption.
Is he gonna die? Is my son gonna die? Younger patients have a much better chance of surviving.
I wish you good day.
You're gonna be fine, Joe.
All right.
No, I've done it before.
So, let me see it.
See this line here? So that, that's your life line.
That's, uh, that's gonna tell everybody how long you'll live.
That means that you'll probably live to an old lady.
Old age.
And if you're lucky This is my friend, Billy.
Get lost, will ya? Go on.
You got a girl, Billy? No.
No time for that.
Oh, I like them, all right.
Not so much to talk to, I just like riding 'em.
So, how is everything? Pretty good.
Goin' out with the boys soon, do a little rustling, make some good money.
What? Are you good? My brother's sick.
It's consumption.
- Someone's gonna need to pay the doctor.
- I know.
- If it takes a long time to cure - I know, - I know.
- You got no money? Why don't you come out with us? And you can make some real money.
- I can't.
- Sure, you can.
I can't.
It ain't right.
Yeah? You know the herd that we're gonna steal from? It's Billy Matthews' herd.
He ain't got one ounce of Christian religion inside of him.
That cripple he pays his cowboys jack shit.
He cheats on everyone.
And you don't owe him nothin'.
Do ya? Listen.
I'll I'll take care of you.
Man, it's real easy.
We just run some of Matthews' cattle off the range.
He's got so many, he ain't gonna miss just a few.
Then you pay that doctor for your little brother.
Come on, man.
What do you say? You have to watch out for Matthews' cowboys.
That's really the only thing.
Here's the boy I was telling you about.
I call him Kid Antrim.
He's okay.
I'll vouch for him.
Your call, Jesse.
Stay close to Jesse, kid.
And if you get spotted, we don't fight, we run.
You get shot, that's your own bad ass luck.
Let's go.
Let's go get 'em, boys! Get 'em up! Get 'em up! Come on, let's get 'em up! - Whoo! - Go get 'em, boys! Come on, Kid! Yah, yah, yah! Yah, yah, yah! Get 'em, boys! Yup, yup! Come on! Come on! Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup! Whoo! Come on, Billy! This way! Yah! Yah! Yah, yah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yah! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yup! Yah! How was that, Billy? Come on.
I'm so sorry for your loss, Kathleen.
My poor boy.
I guess it was his time to go.
God called to him.
He was so very young.
He never had much of a life.
And that's the truth.
It's okay, Ma.
He's with Pa now, in heaven.
If I could do anything for you, Kathleen you know I would.
Very kind of you.
But you can't do anything, and I wouldn't want you to.
My life is in God's hands, and I can't change that.
Come on.
I came to pay my respects.
What respects? You're too late, Henry.
He's already in the ground.
- He's still my son.
- He's not your son! You never did anything for him! You probably never even knew he was alive.
Come now, Kathleen.
I'm your husband.
I want to make things right, Kathleen.
I want us to be a family again.
I want to prove to you that I've changed.
I've prayed to the Lord, and He has heard me.
I intend to be a good husband to you.
So, you caught me.
This is my money.
You haven't earned any of it.
Not a fucking penny! You pay for drink.
Pay for whores.
You cheat on my mother.
And now you fucking steal from her.
I got no choice.
Sure you have.
You coulda been a good man like my father.
Oh, yeah.
And your father was such a good man.
He skipped out on life.
Ah! What, you gonna shoot me? You deserve it! I know how much you hate me, Billy.
I told lies all my life! Thing is, all I ever wanted to be was respected.
I wanted to be admired.
A true gentleman.
The first time I saw you and your mother I thought, if I can marry her I thought I would turn into a a good man.
Because your mother is such a good woman.
I really had those thoughts, Billy.
- Sure you did.
- Yeah.
It's just a shame you couldn't do it.
I really hate myself, Billy.
I always have.
It's good to sit with you.
Everything that's happened do you think it's been worth it? Did we have any choice? I don't want to bring God into this.
Can if you want.
Then, no, I don't think we have a choice.
God works in a mysterious way, Billy.
And do you know what else I believe? A wise woman said it a long time ago, because she knew.
And she said "And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.
" Billy, it's your mom! Move! Move! What is it? It's the same disease that carried away your brother.
I'm sorry.
- Ma? - Billy? Ma.
Billy? Yes, Ma? I'm not ready to go yet.
I know, Ma.
I won't allow it.
You're so funny.
I mean it.
I mean I already lost Pa and Joe.
I can't afford to lose you too.
It's okay, Ma.
I have to go, Billy.
And you, you have to let me.
I can't bear this.
You can bear anything, Billy.
I've looked in your soul, and I know how good you are.
You know, you know I believe.
You know I believe I'll see your father and Joe.
I'm not afraid.
Oh, Ma.
I love you, Billy.
I love you with all my heart.
I love you too, Ma.
I'll take ♪ You home again, Kathleen ♪ To where your heart ♪ Will feel no pain ♪ And when the fields ♪ Are lush and green ♪ I'll take you back ♪ Again, Kathleen ♪ Ma? Ma.
I'm really sorry, Billy.
You don't know, man.
I found my old man dead.
He blew his brains out.
I know just what you're going through.
First thing, you gotta get money.
- You're broke, right? - Yeah, I guess.
What? Chinese laundry? Yup.
They do good business.
All them Chinamen working on the railroad.
Figure it's pretty easy to get in, get out.
There's a door round the back, nothing around it.
What the hell? They're Chinese.
You in? When? Tonight.
Drawer's over here.
Aw, shit! - What? - The money ain't here.
They probably keep it under their mattress.
- No, Jesse.
- Just a couple of Chinamen.
You afraid? Let's just leave it.
Come on.
Let's get out of here, Jesse.
Billy, come on! Let's go! I still have one barrel left.
You want buckshot? We find the defendant, William Antrim, guilty of attempted burglary and theft at the said Chinese premises and sentenced hereby to a total of three years in jail.
Young as he is, we hope the defendant will use his time in confinement to reflect on his crime, and when he emerges back into society, to commit himself to more lawful and productive pursuits.
Remove the prisoner.
Wait! Don't I get to say anything? The sentence is plain unfair.
I didn't steal anything.
I didn't hurt anyone.
- I said, remove the prisoner.
- Come on.
Let's go.
This is a travesty.
To make a kid pay for the things I've done? Shame on you, Judge.
Goddamn it.
Antrim? Antrim! Give me two minutes.
Don't fuckin' yell, or I'll come back for you.

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