Billy The Kid (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

The Rampage

1 Previously on "Billy The Kid" This guy Murphy, he owns a big store in Lincoln.
They got a company called The House, and they run it out of Murphy's store.
Well, Billy, I want to say it is a great honor to finally meet you in the flesh.
Great honor.
My partners here, Johnny Riley, Jim Dolan.
The Santa Fe Ring run most things out here in the West, Billy.
They are secret societies of wealthy people.
An important aspect to your work will be to enforce our business interests.
This fellow Tunstall, you may have seen his new store down at the end of the street.
You see, what you need to understand here is that this is my kingdom.
I'll be damned if I'm gonna let some prick Englishman take it away from me as long as you're around, Billy.
We don't wanna see you within five miles of our cattle or our grain stores.
Tunstall's got legitimate business interests here.
We're on the verge of a big war.
A war between Murphy and Tunstall.
I would like to introduce you to my wife.
This is Irene.
It sure is nice to meet such a handsome outlaw.
See, everyone here, they want to see what you can do with a gun.
We expect you to do it.
Charlie, who is that? Her name is Señorita Dulcinea del Tobosco.
These Mexican farmers think we won't do anything about them breakin' our deals.
You need to show them that we mean business.
Murphy wants you to stop selling grain to Tunstall, right now.
This is my home.
I will never leave! No! No! Sheriff Brady, he wants to talk to Pat Garrett.
What about the people here? They're screaming for justice.
Maybe he goes go away for a while.
Comes back over to your side as a lawman.
We've heard rumors that Tunstall has hired McSween, the lawyer that used to work for you.
I agree to meet with McSween, it has to be in secret.
A great pleasure to meet you.
Unfortunately, I discovered that Murphy himself was a crook.
But after tonight, your whole life will change.
This is the time and place you have waited for all your life.
We've all heard quite a bit about you, Billy.
But the main thing from our point of view, that is myself and my partner, John Tunstall, is, of course, that you work for Mr.
Murphy and The House.
As you undoubtedly know, we are commercial rivals of Mr.
Have you ever heard of the Rings, Billy? Especially the Santa Fe Ring? As a matter of fact, I have.
A journalist named Ash Upson told me about 'em a few years ago.
The Rings take different forms.
Here in New Mexico, the Rings concentrate on amassing huge landholdings through the manipulation of Spanish land grants.
That's where Murphy comes in.
He's been here long enough to control the local Republican Party, the election of judges, sheriffs, district attorneys, territorial governors, you name it.
And that is what Mr.
Tunstall wants to challenge.
I don't see how Mr.
Tunstall could challenge any of that, even if he wanted to.
Well, Mr.
Tunstall is an Englishman, an outsider.
He has private wealth, and he doesn't need the Ring.
He purchased a big range, between 3,000 and 4,000 acres, and he's been stocking it.
That's what we're doing, Billy.
Building a business, so that we can deal honestly and fairly with the farmers out here.
I think Mr.
Upson would approve of that.
If he's someone who cares about justice in this part of the world, then I'm certain he would also approve of Mr.
"You may not believe this, but they are training me up to be a lawman.
It's the only way they can keep me out of jail.
Everybody laughs about it.
But watch out, William Bonney.
One day, I might be coming for you with my new badge.
Regards to all the boys, your friend, Pat Garrett.
" What the hell? Is Garrett for real? Hey, Jesse, what do you think of Murphy? Oh, I don't know.
He's, uh, rich, I guess.
He gets what he wants.
You think he plays fair? You know, with all the farmers? - Oh, you mean the Mexican farmers? - No.
I mean all the small farmers.
Seems like he owns them.
And this Englishman, Tunstall, I think he's fair competition.
How come you know so much about Tunstall? You hear things.
And I don't like Murphy's henchmen.
I don't like them either, Billy.
But, uh, I'm not being paid to like them.
I don't see that there's much justice in the world.
I figure that's just the way that things are, the way they've always been.
What if you could change that? By doing what, exactly? I don't know.
I'm just thinking.
As far as I can see, Murphy's a crook.
What if he didn't run things? Well, then you and I We wouldn't get paid, Billy.
Get some sleep, will you? Be careful.
You don't bite the hand that feeds you if you know what's good for you.
- Billy.
- Howdy.
Wet your whistle.
Bet you're thirsty.
Welcome to our regular meeting.
Today we want to discuss some new business we have for you.
As you know, some of the farmers down on the Bonito and the Hondo have broken their contracts with us, therefore forfeiting their rights to their farms.
Now, I've just returned from a business trip to Santa Fe, and I found a number of investors both willing and eager to buy those properties.
These current occupiers, now in default, they need to be driven off the farms.
So, here's a list of them and where you can find them.
Don't use unnecessary force.
But on the other hand, we do expect you to do your jobs.
This is a perfectly legal operation.
These people have no right to remain on our land.
Boys, uh Well, you decide how you're going to handle it, right? It's nothing to us.
Now, Major Murphy's throwing a party this evening, and he'd like you all to attend.
It's a request he's made.
I hope you all find yourselves able to oblige.
Not gonna miss out on a party, are we boys? Of course you don't.
And how about you, Billy? Sticking around, are ya? Jesse.
Excuse us.
What's up, Billy? When do you plan to drive those farmers out? Tomorrow.
Why? I won't be going with you.
Why the hell not? I don't want to.
You do it.
Hello there, Billy.
I wanted to see you.
I want to talk to you.
I need to.
- Uh, maybe now's not a good time.
- Oh, no.
Definitely now.
I have something to say.
Get me another drink, will you? Sure.
What did you want to say? I want to tell you about my husband.
What about your husband? I I hate him.
He treats me so bad.
You can't even imagine.
Maybe this isn't the place to talk about this.
Light my cigarette, will ya? Thank you.
You know, you're very good-looking, Billy.
Can we go somewhere? I like you.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Please, Billy.
I told you I hate him.
I have to get away.
I'm sorry, Mrs.
Never mind.
It's not your fault.
Hey! Oh! - You fucking lousy fucking bitch.
- What do you mean? I saw you in there with Billy.
I know what you were doing.
You was trying to get him to fuck you, because you're a little fucking whore.
- I'm tired.
I want to sleep.
- I've had enough of you.
Do you understand? You're a fucking embarrassment.
You're always out there in heat.
It's fucking disgusting and I've had e-fucking-nough! So have I! I've had enough of you! I hate you! Aah! She's dead! What did you do? She shot me.
She tried to kill me! Now, you get me some fucking help! Hey, hey, hey! What the hell is happening? - Your friend killed his wife.
- She shot me! - Look at me! - Okay, okay, okay.
Just Billy.
Billy, put it down, all right? Hey, go fetch the doctor, huh? Hey, come on.
Come on.
Let's go inside.
I'll help you, all right? Come on.
- Oh, fuck.
- We need a fucking Sheriff! Just go! Come on.
Come on.
Is Tunstall back yet? Sure is.
He wants to meet you up at my farm.
All right.
Hah! Hah! Whoa.
Let's see if we can't chase these fellas outta here.
- Yeah.
- Let's go, boys.
- Yup, yup! - Hyah! Hyah! - Yup! - Let's go, boys! Get back.
Let's go, boys! What the hell you boys up to? You gotta clear outta here! The hell I will.
Now, you get off my property! You hear? We don't wanna kill ya! Just come out and give yourselves up! - This is our property! - Not your land anymore! You got no right being here! We got every right to be here! Get in behind them.
- You got us? - Get around behind them.
- Yeah.
- We got you.
Come on out, now.
Drop your guns.
We ain't gonna kill you.
Me and my family have worked this land close on 20 years! I'm not giving it to people like you! You cannot fight the future, boy! Just come on out here! Come on! Come here, sweetheart.
Come on! Help! Help me, somebody! No! No! Stop, please! No! No, please, stop! No, please! Don't! Hola, Billy.
Hola, Manuela.
Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Gracias.
I'm so very glad to meet you, Billy.
My name's John Tunstall.
Hyah, hyah! Get in the barn.
Get in the barn! Get back! Go! Run! John! Get in the house! Get in the house! No! No! John! Come on! No! No, leave us! Leave us! No, John, no! You gotta clear off this land! You killed my husband! My sons! My poor daughter! We never did anything wrong! You got till the end of the day! No! No! Come on, boys! Yah! Your lawyer, Mr.
McSween, told me about your ambitions.
Want to start a business to rival The House.
Well, I realize that a lot of what goes on here, in Lincoln County, especially, is rather up for grabs.
And, frankly, I plan to grab every bit of land I can, for as little as possible.
Can't fault you for that, Mr.
Please, call me John.
And, if I may, I shall call you Billy.
That's all right by me.
The fact is, Billy, John is prepared to pay us farmers fairly, whatever we produce.
That's true.
I think Murphy is exploiting his position here, forcing the farmers into debt, and then forcing them off their lands.
Now, I don't intend to do that.
But John and all of us are aware that Murphy isn't gonna let go of his position without a fight.
He's got a lot of guns.
I noticed your lawyer, McSween a very religious man.
He is.
He has his faith, and he has his principles.
He's a very unusual man for around here.
What about you, John? What are your principles? "To thine own self be true.
And it must follow as night the day.
" - Hyah, hyah! - "Thou cannot be false to any man.
" Come on, come on! It's from Shakespeare.
Come on, come on now! Come on! Hyah! Hyah! What are you doing on this land? This is our land.
Oh, no, no.
Not anymore it's not.
Whoo! Billy I would regard it as a great honor if you would consider leaving Murphy's employment and joining mine.
I realize I'm asking you a great deal.
You must be working with good friends, being very well remunerated by The House, and I doubt I can offer you as much.
On the other hand, I think I can offer you something that is perhaps more important than money.
I want to run a legitimate business.
I'm not a crook, like Murphy.
Now, I know in certain places you're wanted for murder, and in those places, there's a bounty on your head.
Even so, I am willing and happy to take you on.
If you go straight, and you work hard, both of which I believe you're very capable of, in due course, I will petition the governor on your behalf.
A very big offer to make, Mr.
Tunstall especially for someone you don't know from Adam.
I know.
I believe, and Charlie here also believes, that you are trustworthy and honest.
Whatever your reputation.
If I switch sides, there'll be consequences.
I just needed to say what I've said.
This is a big undertaking.
I would really like you to be a part of it.
Hey there.
How much for one of your melons? It's all right.
We ain't gonna hurt ya.
Come on.
Toss one over here.
Olinger, give me that drink, man.
Here, here, here.
Oh, yeah.
Oh! Uh-oh.
Whoo! Come on, boy, run.
You gotta go faster than that.
- He's running.
- Look at that.
Run, boy! Whoa.
This is cold-blooded murder.
I'll send someone out to Sheriff Brady to report it.
We know exactly who's behind this.
No doubt about it.
Seems like Murphy's gotten desperate.
You think Sheriff Brady will do anything about this? I can't say.
He's an honored war veteran and a good sheriff, all things considered.
But? But he's also had a long-time friendship with Major Murphy.
I think that answers my question.
I'm so sorry, Mrs.
I will get their bodies back to town.
You and your daughter can come over to my house and stay with me until the funerals if it suits you.
Thank you, Mr.
What is it? You all better come over to Jose Chavez's farm.
More killings? Afraid so.
Hey, Billy boy! Hey, hey! Missed all the fun today, Billy.
Yeah, what kind of fun? Well, we did what Mr.
Murphy wanted us to do.
We drove those farmers off their property.
- Billy! - Hell, yeah, we did.
You kill any of them? What do you think? 'Course we did.
Some of those fuckers fired back at us.
Shot and killed Arly.
How many did you kill? Oh, I don't know.
Now, why do you care about those farmers so? Huh? Are you gonna cry now? Is that it? Glad you had fun.
Oh, yeah, it was real fun, Billy.
It's what we get paid for.
Whoo! Bob Olinger.
Dirty, dirty bastard.
What the hell you guys doing here? What are you doing here? What the hell you doing here? Howdy, Sheriff.
How's that arm of yours, Jim? Pretty good.
Thank you, Sheriff.
It's a shame when a woman like that goes off the rails.
As Sheriff of Lincoln County, I want to open this inquiry into the deaths of 14 persons by firearms in this county.
Who wants to speak to the violators of these crimes? Well, I do, Sheriff.
I'm a lawyer acting for Mr.
John Tunstall, and we have already registered that Major Murphy has openly declared war on my client.
Sheriff, you don't have to listen to this Santa Fe law-speak.
All right? We don't need lawyers in Lincoln County.
We're perfectly capable of sorting out our difficulties all by ourselves.
Dolan, the law has to be respected at all times.
No one can run roughshod over it.
Do you have any idea why these people were killed? No, sir.
These killings, they were nothing to do with The House or Mr.
Murphy personally.
He was just as shocked as everyone else to hear about them.
Major Murphy is an interested party.
It's obvious that he wanted these farmers and their families run off the land, one way or another.
They were random shootings by persons unknown.
Probably some criminal gang just passing through Lincoln County.
There is indeed a criminal gang operating inside Lincoln County, and it's our contention that The House pays them for their services.
You got any proof there, Mr.
McSween? Hmm? - Not yet.
- Yeah.
Do you think you should get Colonel Dudley up at the fort - involved in this, Sheriff? - No, I do not.
This is a civil matter, and before I do anything else, my deputies and I will make inquiries to determine the facts.
Thank you for your time, gentlemen.
This meeting is concluded.
My good friend, Jose Chavez y Chavez they killed his sons.
He is so sad.
Está muy desesperado.
His whole family gone.
I understand, Señor Baca.
It's a terrible crime.
Terrible crime.
We're friends, right? Claro.
I've always told you the truth, yes? Sí.
Men who killed Chavez y Chavez's sons were hired by the Englishman, John Tunstall.
Do you know who that is? Sí, I know who he is, but I never thought Now, he's trying to drive me out of business.
Which is It's gonna affect you.
Because you and me, we have a business together, no? Sí.
You want to keep it that way, yes? Sí.
So we don't want any trouble with any of your people.
No trouble.
So, what I want you to do is, I want you to tell everyone that those shootings had nothing to do with me, they had everything to do with the Englishman.
Will you do that for me? Sí.
I don't want any trouble.
We'll send flowers to the funeral.
Those poor boys.
Why do things have to be like this these days, my old friend? Why? I agree.
Things used to be so peaceful here.
This was a beautiful place.
And it'll be a beautiful place again.
Believe me, my friend.
Soon as we get rid of that Englishman.
Do you see those stars up there, Billy? You are just like one of those stars.
You can burn so bright.
Those are bright, burning stars up there.
They reflect the light that's in you.
Just a minute.
Easy, boy.
- Adios.
- Buenas noches.
Señoritadel Tobosco.
Perdón, Señorita.
- Wait a minute.
- Who are you? I'm Billy.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
Well, that is not a very good reason to ambush someone in the street.
Do you have another motive? I'd like to see you again.
- Why? - Step away, friend.
You're annoying the Señorita.
Gracias, Señorita.
Did you imagine I had no idea of what happens in this town? Shame on you.
You may see me again.
If you wish.
We're meeting at McSween's tomorrow.
Are you with us? Mr.
There is little doubt we are now as good as at war with Major Murphy and The House.
So far, in this commercial conflict, the law has not been on our side.
I think we all know the reason for that.
The Rings.
Murphy has powerful friends in important places, but that doesn't mean he isn't vulnerable.
His business is failing, partly through our own efforts.
It's really a house of cards.
You take away a couple of the bottom cards, the whole house starts to fall.
We can take them to court for their illegal activities.
The way they cheat the army with their beef rations, their tyrannical attitude to their farmers.
I'm already preparing the papers, but there's no point going to court in Santa Fe.
The head of the Santa Fe Ring is a man called Thomas Catron, and he turns out to be a good friend of Major Murphy.
Meanwhile, The House is hiring more guns.
I'm afraid that's true.
I've heard of the recruitment of another six sharp-shooters, joining those already in Murphy's employ.
This war is never going to be won just in the courts.
The truth is, all our lives are at risk.
If we are to fight this war, more blood will be spilled.
We'll hire more guns ourselves.
But we'll need an advantage to survive this.
I'm ready to go to work.
Where you been, Billy? Around.
And where's that? I came to tell you something.
I'm quitting Major Murphy's payroll.
I've accepted a job with the Englishman, Tunstall.
I'm leaving today.
Well, you are a little piece of shit, ain't you? Huh.
What'd I say? Hmm? Billy, I'm your oldest friend.
We've ridden together a long time.
We had some good times, we had some bad times, but our friendship has always remained.
I can't believe that you're gonna quit on me now.
It don't make any sense.
I'm sorry, Jesse.
This wasn't an easy decision to make.
I've made up my mind.
That you're a traitor and our enemy.
I just came here to tell you in person.
Some of us have been friends.
When this is all done, we can be friends again.
Is that what you're hoping? That we're gonna be friends? Do you really think we're just gonna let you leave? - After what you've just done? - Boys, boys.
We've all slept, starved, fought with The Kid.
See, he's trusted himself amongst us.
He didn't sneak out.
He came right out and told us.
Let him go his way.
Our time will come.
It will.
Yah! Yah, yah! Chickenshit.
My family came to America on the promise of just and fair treatment for all.
I wanna believe that promise.

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