Billy The Kid (2022) s02e01 Episode Script

The Road to Hell

Previously on Billy the Kid
Travelin' west is a
dangerous business, Billy.
Things don't always end
up the way we want 'em to.
This is not a toy.
You never point that at a man
unless you intend to use it.
What is it you want to be, Billy?
You're an outlaw now, boy.
You ain't got a lot of options.
I still have a hankerin'
to go straight, Jesse.
How's that gonna happen?
You're wanted in two counties.
You're gettin' pretty famous now.
Your face is all over the
place. People talk about you.
That don't mean nothing
to me. I sure as hell
don't wanna be famous
for killing people.
Señorita Del Tobosco.
I just wanted to introduce myself.
Do you imagine I had no idea
of what happens in this town?
Shame on you.
This guy Murphy he owns
a big store in Lincoln.
They got a company called The House,
and they run it outta Murphy's store.
Well, Billy, I want to
say it's a great honor
to finally meet you in
the flesh. Great honor.
My partners here
Johnny Riley, Jim Dolan.
This is my kingdom. I'll
be damned if I'm gonna let
some prick Englishmen
take it away from me.
You may have seen this new store
down at the end of the street.
What the hell are you doin'?
Don't get smart with me, boy.
Hey, we're done here.
No one is gonna
foreclose on us. No one.
You threathenin' us?
'Cause if you are
Hey, hey!
And no one is gonna outgun us.
I told you not to sell
grain to Tunstall, all right?
You have a contract with us.
I'm talkin' about the
war that's brewin',
the war between Murphy and Tunstall.
- Fuck you.
- Murphy's got the loudest pocket.
Billy, these people,
they don't mean anything.
I agree to meet with Tunstall.
It has to be in secret.
This is the time and place
you have waited for all your life.
I'm quittin' Major Murphy's payroll.
I accepted a job with
the Englishmen, Tunstall.
Do you really think we're
just gonna let you leave?
Let him go his way. Our time will come.
Yeah, it will.
Okay, let's go. Let's go!
You two, you're up next, all right?
Over the wall and you're safe. Okay?
- We'll cover you.
- Billy, I can't.
This is the only way, all
right? Charlie. You ready?
- Yeah.
- Go, go, go. Go, go, go!
Come on out through this!
- Come on out!
- Fuck.
You fuckers!
Johnny. Table!
Johnny, we gotta go!
We gotta go. Come on!
You ready? 3 2 1.
Gentlemen, I believe we
all know why we're here.
There is no hiding the fact
that we are now effectively
at war with Mr. Murphy and the House.
I hear Murphy's hiring more guns.
I know, but I've been recruiting, too.
I think you gentlemen have
already made the acquaintance
of Fred Waite and John Middleton.
Yeah. We mostly all know each other.
And most of you will
also know Juan Patrón,
as a leading member of
the Hispanic community.
He's very important because
he can persuade that community
to trust and support us.
Now, I promise you
the last thing I want
is a shooting match.
But if it comes to it,
we have to be ready.
I want you all to know
that I'm appointing Billy
as my second-in-command.
So, if I'm not around, you'll
take your orders from him.
I thank you for your
gesture, Mr. Tunstall.
But I think you should
give the job to Dick Brewer.
Of course. If that is
your wish, Billy, I concur.
So, let's be clear
about the way forward.
I will not be intimidated
by Murphy and his crooks.
On the contrary, I intend to
pursue my business freely
expanding my store,
my cattle stock, and
even opening a new bank
a bank that will offer
the people of Lincoln
easy credit and a way of escaping
the House's corrupt business practices.
I don't want to be the fly
in the ointment, Mr. Tunstall.
But I must remind the meeting that
Murphy still has powerful friends.
We're not just taking on the House here.
We're also taking on the Santa Fe Ring,
and that is a different
proposition altogether.
You know, I really did appreciate
the offer, Mr. Tunstall.
But Brewer's been here longer.
He knows your operation,
and the men trust him.
Well, if he has your support,
he'll certainly have mine.
You know, boys
maybe Jesse Evans went too far,
killing those farmers,
even their children.
Dragging my name and my
business through the mud, eh?
Tunstall is trying to break us.
Listen to me.
I can ruin Tunstall just like that.
Same way I ruined anybody else who
tried to muscle in on my business.
It's no longer your business.
We bought you out, remember?
And right now, our business
is staring bankruptcy right in the face.
We're not just dealing with
Tunstall and a few local farmers.
He has Billy the Kid working for him.
So? You don't get it.
I don't want a war.
You don't have a choice.
We have information that
Tunstall wants to open up a bank here.
Our biggest lender, Thomas
Catron, who just happens
to be the President of
Catron Bank and Trust,
isn't exactly gonna like that.
I know who Catron is.
Need I remind ya's that Mr. Catron and I
are old friends and that we
still do business together.
Catron will deal with the bank.
- Even so
- Jesus!
So, the two of you make me laugh.
You make me fuckin' laugh.
Are you kiddin' me?
Do you really think that
they're going to open up
a bank here in Lincoln? Really? Who for?
Most of them are Mexicans and
piss poor, for Christ's sakes!
What in the name of God
do they need a bank for?
Will you tell me that, eh?
Keep Jesse Evans on a leash.
We're done here.
I'm glad you wanted to ride out with me.
Why did you think I wouldn't?
Because you're an outlaw?
Although I'm not anymore.
Mr. Tunstall saw to that.
I'm so happy to hear that, Billy.
What about your parents?
Will they be happy?
My family still has a
strong Spanish heritage.
They are tied to the old ways.
And yourself?
I think it's better to adapt
to this new way of life.
We can't change it,
but they don't agree.
The past is so important to them.
I hear things,
and I'm scared that
if the rumors are true,
we may all be dragged into war
between these two shopkeepers.
Nothing will happen to you.
Why don't you come back
and see the stables with me?
What about your parents?
They're not home.
- Gracias.
- Gracias.
- Hey.
- It's Spanish.
An Andalusian horse.
I broke and trained him myself.
Ven. Vamos.
Muy bien.
Thank you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I don't think we've,
uh, been introduced.
This here is Buckshot Roberts.
He's joined us. He's
an amazing sharpshooter.
Well, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Mr. Roberts.
You have something to tell us?
We met with Mr. Murphy.
He thinks he might have
gone a little bit far,
and he doesn't want to
wage a war with Tunstall.
Seems the old drunk's got a
tender conscience, God help him.
What did you say?
Come on, we all know
that we're already at war.
I've been checking out
Tunstall's operation,
and I know where he keeps most
of his cattle and his horses.
If we're going to war,
what say we raid 'em?
Raid 'em?
Good then.
We're agreed.
But hang fire for a little while.
We don't want to give Tunstall
any excuses to go to the law.
Then what the fuck are we doin' here?
Well, what you're
doing here, Mr. Evans
is you're gonna keep
an eye on your friend,
Billy the Boy, 'cause
he's a danger to all of us.
Don't you worry, Mr. Evans.
You'll get your excitement.
Charlie, you know this
business with the House
might get messy, right?
With your wife carryin'
your first child and all,
you got a lot to lose.
I can't walk away.
Not now.
Come on, girl. Attagirl.
Come on.
Here, girl. Come on.
If you get killed
what do I tell the child
who will never meet their father?
You look like a soldier now, Charlie.
It's it's strange, Billy,
but I I feel like I know you already.
Of course, I don't, really.
- Tell me something about yourself.
- What is there to know?
Well, tell me about your family.
I had a mother, a father,
little brother Joe.
They all died.
I have three sisters
back home in England, and
they all mean the world to me.
My mom was a very special person.
Saw the world different to most.
Just didn't make it.
I'm sorry.
No need to be sorry.
You've given me a chance at a life
I'd almost stopped believing in.
Well, you must believe
in it, Billy, you must.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
But I I know you
gave up a lot to join me.
You had friends?
Jesse, sure.
Jesse and I go a long way back.
He always liked living outside the law.
I don't.
That's why I'm here.
Good evening.
Allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Edgar Walz.
I am the son-in-law
of Mr. Thomas Catron,
as well as his agent.
Now, I presume you are
Mr. Dolan and Mr. Riley?
Indeed, Mr. Walz. Johnnie Riley,
and it is our absolute
pleasure to meet you.
And I'm Jim Dolan.
We're glad you could make it, Mr. Walz.
You sit. I'll pour.
By all means.
I think we should drink to
the success of the House, no?
Yes. Why not?
I am here on important business
on behalf of Mr. Catron.
Mr. Catron is deeply concerned
about the current financial
position of the House,
and he's actually wondering who
the hell is running this show?
Because he knows that
Mr. Murphy is somewhat
But to be honest, he expected
more from you two jokers.
That seems a little bit
unfair, doesn't it, Mr. Walz?
It's business, Mr. Dolan.
It's business.
We share Mr. Catron's concerns.
We know that the House is losing money,
and we know the Englishman Tunstall
is comin' to some of our markets.
He's also opened a bank.
A fucking bank, right under your noses.
Now, that is totally
unacceptable to Mr. Catron.
And if you two don't do something
about closing that bank,
and stop this Englishman
from running his store
Mr. Catron has no other option
than to remove you two
gentlemen from the equation.
You got that?
I wish you two a very pleasant evening.
He got lucky.
We've got something to say to you.
We've decided that
it's time to take over
runnin' the business ourselves entirely.
You see, when we acquired the House,
you told us you were planning to retire
and live a nice,
comfortable life in Santa Fe.
Did I say that?
Well, I ain't ready to retire.
We think you ought to.
Well, then, that's
your mistake. Isn't it?
Let's get on with the game, shall we?
No. We're gettin' tired of
this, and it's got to end.
See, Lawrence, we're
not asking ya to retire.
We're telling ya.
You can fuck off if you think
I'm gonna leave my
business over to you two.
Pair of fuckin' hustlers.
You don't know jack shit
about runnin' a business,
and you never fuckin' will.
And you are a useless
and pathetic drunk.
You're an embarrassment to
yourself and to this business.
And you're fuckin' nothin' without me.
Fuckin' nothin'.
Go on.
Pull the trigger.
You better play bold, Murphy.
Things have changed.
You never know who could be next.
It's good to have you all here with us.
It's particularly gratifying
to have Mr. Saturnino Baca here
and his two beautiful daughters.
Saturnino has been a great
supporter of the House
for many years, and
he has brought with him
into the fold many of our
Mexican friends and neighbors.
But one of the reasons
that we did want you
here with us is to, uh, reassure you
as to the future of the House,
after the tragic demise of my partner
and our friend Jim Dolan.
Jim was a good man. He will be missed.
But you may be rest assured that
our business is in good hands.
We have the financial
backing of Mr. Thomas Catron,
who happens to be the single most
powerful individual in New Mexico.
And together, we will
deal with the threat
of the Englishman, Tunstall.
The man will soon be
history. You have my word.
That's why your future
and lives are safe with us.
I have heard that Tunstall
is going to Las Vegas,
so it might be a good time
for you and some of your boys
to damage his interests.
We run things here, not him.
I know Tunstall keeps some of his stock
down at Dick Brewer's
ranch down on the Ruidoso.
Then you have my permission
to fuck with his herd.
You all right?
You want to come with me?
Go have some fun?
Come on, then.
You gotta close your eyes.
- Ana!
- Papa!
You violate my daughter, gringo.
- You pay.
- Put that down, old man.
I didn't do anything to your daughter.
Hey. What the fuck's goin' on here?
Jesse, don't shoot him!
Saturnino, put down the gun.
This is what happens, my friend,
when you employ
gangsters, los criminales.
For your own sake,
amigo, put down the gun.
Now. That's it.
Don't ever point your
gun at me again, Mexican,
or you're a dead man.
If I want, I'll have my way,
not just with your daughter,
but I'll have my way
with the whole world.
That's who I am.
I, I just wanted to say
that the recent suicide
of Jim Dolan seems to
me to be a sure sign
that the House is now
in financial turmoil.
And Well, I'll let Mr. McSween
tell you about our
latest legal developments.
The fixing of low prices
for grain and cattle
has reduced many of
the farmers to penury.
On behalf of those
farmers, we are instigating
legal proceedings against the House.
And thanks to old Judge Wilson,
I've been appointed Deputy Sheriff,
despite the objections of Sheriff Brady.
You know what? I'm
really startin' to believe
that Tunstall can win this thing.
Me, too.
What say you, Billy?
If it comes to a shooting war,
the other side has the advantage.
You're farmers.
Jesse Evans and his gang
are all practiced killers.
They got to be thinking we're easy meat.
That's not exactly what I
wanted to hear comin' from you.
Come on, George, you
can't hide from the truth.
But there's another truth.
Ordinary folk can perform
extraordinary deeds,
especially if they believe in something,
and I believe in Tunstall.
I believe he's doing the right thing
fighting Murphy and the Rings.
And I will fight for his cause.
Uh, Billy, can I have a word?
There was just, uh, one
other thing I wanted to say.
Jesse Evans is a real danger to us.
Is there any way, perhaps,
that you can persuade him
not to work for Murphy?
Just think about it.
Thank you.
Whoa, Charlie.
I think it's okay.
Hey, kid, come here.
What's your name?
Hi. My name's, uh, Tom O'Folliard.
And, uh, you're Billy
the Kid, ain't you?
Am I?
I know you are. I've seen your picture.
Looks just like you.
Where are you from?
Billy's my hero.
I come a long way to join his gang.
It's all I want in my whole life.
I won't be no trouble, I swear.
I'll do anything you ask me.
I'm afraid you've made a
long journey for nothing.
I don't have a gang anymore.
And you came here at the wrong time.
It's gettin' real
dangerous here in Lincoln.
I don't mind, honestly.
- I just want to be with you.
- I mind.
You're young. Just a kid. I don't
want to see you gettin' hurt.
Or killed. Go home.
Your parents must be
worried sick about you.
Go on. Get!
When's the last time you ate properly?
All right. Come with us.
We'll get you fed,
then you're on your way.
Why'd you really leave home?
Tell me about your family.
I, uh
I don't know who my father was.
My mother married again.
My stepfather, he was
a he was a drunk.
A real violent man.
Attacked my ma.
You know, in a drunken rage.
Beat her brains out.
Left her dying.
You see, I don't
I don't have a home.
You know, I don't have anyone.
You send me away, I'll
just die in a ditch.
That's a fact.
You know I'm
I'm so happy I got to meet you.
Billy the Kid.
Now I should go. I don't want to
waste any more of your time.
Thank you for the food.
You're not going anywhere, Tom.
We can put you up here.
I'll teach you ranching.
How does that sound?
You serious?
- Tunstall's bank's doin' well.
- Sure is.
He said the Mexicans would use it.
That's Dulcinea. Who's that with her?
I heard she's engaged to be married.
Judge Wilson?
Judge Wilson
I'm I'm Alexander McSween.
I'm the lawyer working
for John Tunstall.
I remember you used to
work for Major Murphy.
That's before I knew the
truth about his organization.
Well, maybe you should
have looked more closely.
I know you're familiar
with what's going on
between Mr. Tunstall and Murphy's House.
Fact is, I'm going to have to fight
House's corrupt practices
through the courts
in order to expose and end them.
But as you are probably also aware,
most of the courts and judges in
Lincoln are themselves corrupt.
Taking on Murphy was dangerous,
but I was compelled to do it.
And as a consequence,
my son was cut down
in a hail of bullets one Sunday evening.
I'm sorry.
But I guess you want me
to help you file charges
against the House in courts
and in front of judges that
just might still be honest.
Is that right?
Yes, sir. That that would be my hope.
Well, all I can tell you, Mr. McSween,
is that I hate the Rings
with every fiber of my being.
It's my belief that the Rings
have polluted every
aspect of American life.
How come groups of rich men
get to decide what's
right and what's wrong,
who lives and who dies?
That's a betrayal of America.
And as long as I have breath
in my body, I will resist.
Have I answered your question?
Yes, sir.
Hyah! Hyah!
What the fuck are you doing here?
I came to ask you if you'd
stop working for Murphy.
Just walk away now.
He is as crooked as the devil, Jesse.
Yeah, and who are you? Huh?
The fucking archangel Gabriel? Yeah.
Look, I I care about you, Jesse.
- Is that right?
- I do.
It may not seem that way after
everything we've been through, but I do.
Who told you to come here, Billy?
Your new friend Tunstall?
How's your practicing coming on?
You remember we did this once before?
- Jesse
- Um, it was
It was about some girl.
You remember?
Yeah, I remember.
I know you do.
You gonna shoot me, Billy?
Go on. Huh?
Come on, Billy.
Would you have?
I guess we'll never know.
I got my answer.
See you later, Kid.
Edgar Walz, sir.
Mr. Catron.
So tell me, how was
your visit to Lincoln?
It went very well, sir.
I met with the owners of
the House, Dolan and Riley
and, um, told them how unhappy
you are with the current situation.
With the bank?
Yes, sir, especially with the
bank. Especially with the bank.
But they assured me that
it will soon be shut down.
- So
- Good.
That's good. There must be more.
Yes, sir. Of course. Um
So shortly after my visit,
Dolan was removed from the House.
From now on, we only
have to deal with Riley.
Yeah, that's fine.
He's just a straw man.
How's my lovely daughter?
How come I never get to see her? Hmm?
You know what it's like, sir.
She's a teacher.
But, um, of course she would
like to see more of you.
It takes up her time.
Right. She could give a fuck, right?
No, no, sir.
"No, sir."
"No, sir."
You know, Edgar, I can
understand all you people.
I knew that Riley and
Dolan were chancers.
I know that Murphy's
fucking sick with drink,
which is why I choose
to keep him in place,
for sentimental reasons.
There's someone I don't understand
someone who really interests me.
I hear his name everywhere,
but I have no idea who he is
or what he wants.
I'm talking about the man
they call Billy the Kid.
The famous outlaw?
I know jack shit about him,
and already he haunts my dreams.
Suddenly, someone walks in
who seems to change everything.
And all I'm thinking,
is he my real enemy?
Do I have to deal with him? You see?
- Yes, sir.
- Find out.
Find out 'cause I need to know
who the hell is Billy the Kid.
How can I get to him?
Come closer. Let me see you.
You never point a gun at anyone
unless you mean to use it.
Old Moss?
- What are you doin' here?
- I just come by to see how
you were gettin' on, Billy.
Ain't never forgotten you.
Seems like yesterday,
we was on the trail.
You, just a boy.
- I ain't never forgotten you either.
- Gently.
I owe you my life.
How are you gettin' by?
Oh, oh, middling. You know.
But I've been, uh, followin'
your fortune in the papers.
Seems you got yourself a
good and decent job at last.
You know, I'm tryin'.
I tryin' to make my ma proud.
You're a survivor, Billy.
I knew that the moment I saw ya.
Just remember
things don't always turn
out the way you want 'em to.
Wait, Moss.
Let me in your soul.
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