Billy The Kid (2022) s02e02 Episode Script


Previously on Billy the Kid
How come groups of
rich men get to decide
what's right and what's
wrong, who lives and who dies?
That's a betrayal of America.
[MURPHY] We have
information that Tunstall
wants to open up a bank here.
If you two don't do something
about closing that bank
and stop this Englishman
from running his store,
Mr. Catron has no other option
than to remove you two
gentlemen from the equation.
[RILEY] You're an embarrassment
to yourself and to this business.
Go on. Pull the trigger.
[RILEY] You never
know who could be next.
Find out 'cause I need to know.
Who the hell is Billy the
Kid? How can I get to him?
- [BILLY] Go, go, go, go, go!
- [MAN] Hey, Billy!
[BILLY] That's Dulcinea.
Who's that with her?
[CHARLIE] I heard she's
engaged to be married.
You wanna come with me?
- Ana!
- Papá.
- You pay.
- [JESSE] Put that down, old man.
If I want it, I'll have my way
and not just with your daughter
but with the whole world.
There is no hiding the fact
that we are now effectively
at war with Mr. Murphy and the House.
The last thing I want
is a shooting match,
but if it comes to it,
we have to be ready.
[JESSE] I know Tunstall
keeps some of his stock
down at Dick Brewer's ranch
his cattle and his horses.
- I say we raid 'em.
- Raid 'em?
Jesse Evans and his gang
are all practiced killers.
They gotta be thinkin' we're easy meat.
It's not exactly what I
wanted to hear comin' from you.
This here is Buckshot Roberts.
He's joined us. He's
an amazing sharpshooter.
[BILLY] What's your name?
Tom O'Folliard. Billy's my hero.
I've come a long way to join his gang.
[TUNSTALL] Jesse Evans
is a real danger to us.
[BILLY] I came to ask you if
you'd stop working for Murphy.
He's crooked as the Devil, Jesse.
And who are you? Fuckin'
Archangel Gabriel.

- Hyah!
[MURPHY] What'd you find out?
[RILEY] He has smallpox. He's
in a hospital in Las Vegas.
- Great. Maybe he'll die.
- Sure, and maybe he won't.
So perhaps someone should
pay him a little visit
and remind him of the facts of life.
I see what you mean.
- Whoa!
[MURPHY] I always find it's
nice to get some visitors
when you're stuck in hospital.
Maybe time to bring some
flowers or somethin'.
It's smallpox.
Glad we agree.
- Over there.
- [BREWER] Howdy, Sheriff.
- Anything I can help ya with?
- [BRADY] Not really, Mr. Brewer.
You see, I'm here to shut
down this illegal bank.
- [MAN] It's closed!
- [BREWER] Excuse me?
You have no right to do this.
[BRADY] On the contrary.
I have every right.
- This is my legal authority.
- Signed by whom?
[BRADY] These proceedings
were instigated in a court
in Santa Fe by District
Attorney Thomas Catron.
Who also just happens to
own Catron Bank and Trust.
This is bullshit.
Sheriff Brady, I wanna
put this on record.
I do not believe you are serving justice
or the ordinary people of this town.
It looks like you're only
working for the House.
Mr. Brewer, my reputation as a
law officer is pretty spotless.
I don't show favoritism.
My job is simple.
I uphold the law.
Good day. Let's go.
You want me to try and
hit those there things?
- I can't hardly see 'em.
- It's like this.
How often do you practice?
You gotta practice every day.
You got to work at it,
so the gun just becomes
an extension of your hand
just like pointing your finger.
Well, hey, well, that's
gonna take time.
Well, you ain't got much time, Tom.
This thing's about to
get real messy real quick,
so you either practice, you
work at it, or you leave.
I ain't leavin'.
I'm with you two.
You can fire with your
left hand too, can't you?
I ain't never gonna be able to do that.
[CHARLIE] No. Me neither, Tom.
Hyah! Hyah!
[JESSE] Come on. Let's gather 'em up!
- Hyah, hyah, hyah, hyah!
Hyah! Hyah!
[BREWER] Hey! Get off my property!
[JESSE] Let's go! Get out of here!
They're my horses, you goddamn thieves!
- Hyah!
[UNDER BREATH] Son of a bitch.
- Hello, Billy.
- [BILLY] Whoa.
Here, let me.
Thank you.
Okay, what's wrong?
I don't understand.
Why are you so quiet?
I saw you in town the
other day with a man.
Sure looked like you
were in love with him.
Of course I love him.
He's my brother.
Am I not supposed to love my brother?
Someone said you're
engaged to be married.
It's true.
My father arranged my marriage
while I was still a child.
A good marriage with the eldest
son of a rich Spanish family.
We're supposed to get married next year.
- I have never met him.
- That's crazy.
You should be able to marry
whoever the hell you please.
You don't understand.
I could lose my future,
my honor, if I disobey my father.
Aren't you risking
that now with me, here?
[BREWER] Sheriff Brady.
Mr. Brewer.
I want to report a crime.
Then I guess you better come in.
[BRADY] What do you
got for me, Mr. Brewer?
I've been looking after some of
Mr. Tunstall's stock at my farm.
And just yesterday, a gang of thieves
broke into the corral and
stole a number of fine horses.
I see. Did you recognize
any of the gang?
I recognized Jesse Evans.
And I suspect the rest were
part of the 7 Rivers Gang.
I'll certainly look into it.
What do you mean, "no"?
It means you aren't following the law.
And as Deputy Sheriff, I
have the authority to insist
that you organize a posse
and go and recover the stolen goods.
I'll look into it right away.
Get on to it.
- Now!
- All right.
Mr. Brewer.
I'm pleased to tell you that
our good friend, Juan Patron,
has discovered where Jesse Evans
and members of his gang
are holding the horses.
They've set up camp down in Pecos.
[NURSE] "Sheriff Brady
is rounding up a posse
to flush them out and arrest them.
In the meantime, please get well.
Your friend, William H. Bonney."
- Let's go! Come on! Hyah!
Mr. Tunstall.
- I got to get back.
You are going nowhere.
I've got to get back.
[NURSE] You're a very sick man.
[TUNSTALL] Please, you don't understand.
You don't understand.
[MAN] Whoa. Whoa, whoa.
There's the horses.
Now remember, we're
just here for the horses.
[BECKWITH] Buckshot, what
the hell are you doing?
- [BRADY] Scatter!
Get the horses!
Somebody in there's a good shot.
My guess is it's Buckshot Roberts.
I heard he joined the 7 Rivers lot.
Let's go, let's go, come on!
Get inside! Come on!
Take a shot!
Come on.
This is Sheriff William Brady!
You're in possession of stolen
property! You're surrounded!
And this is your only warning.
[JESSE] Haha! Nice try, old-timer!
[BILLY] Now!
Go, go, go!
Come out, Jesse!
Come out now! You don't wanna die here!
Come on! You're outgunned.
Come out! It's me!
[JESSE] Okay!
Okay. Okay. Yep. Boys, boys, we give up!
All right, don't shoot!
Put 'em down, boys. We're coming out.
[MAN 1] We're coming out!
- [BILLY] Keep your hands up.
- Don't shoot.
[MAN 2] Hey, keep your
hands up in the air.
[MAN 1] Coming out.
Which one of you is Buckshot Roberts?
I am.
[MAN 2] He fired the first
shot. He needs to pay.
[MAN 1] This ain't over, Billy.
Looks like we win.
Just the first round.
I'm sorry. You can't be in here.
Smallpox is very contagious.
I'll take my chance, nurse.
Mr. Tunstall.
Here we are.
Good morning.
So, I am Edgar Walz.
I'm the son-in-law of Mr. Thomas Catron.
Now, I believe you know who that is.
My name's Walz. I represent Mr. Catron,
who owns the Catron Bank and Trust
and is also the major shareholder
of the House in Lincoln County.
Yes, yes.
I've heard of him.
Mr. Catron.
That's a very good start, Mr. Tunstall.
Now I really do need you
to concentrate right now.
Because what I'm about to say
to you is all for your own good.
Well, I suppose I'd
I'd better listen then,
Mister, uh
Walz. [CHUCKLES] Edgar Walz.
Like the dance.
Are these your, um
Your sisters?
They're so pretty.
I thought you said that you
had something to tell me.
Mr. Tunstall
You are involved in an economic
war with Mr. Catron's clients,
the owners of the Murphy
store in Lincoln County.
It's a well-established business,
and you have set your
heart on making it bankrupt.
The House
is a corrupt, illegal,
and criminal organization.
I don't want to waste your time,
so I'm going to make you a good offer
for the sale of your business.
Now, Mr. Catron is a
very reasonable man.
He won't cheat you.
We'll give you a fair
price for your stock,
your herds, and your real estate.
And in return?
You get rid of your employees,
and you leave Lincoln County.
It's as simple as that, Mr. Tunstall.
We are going to court right
now to expose the fraudulent
and criminal activities of the House.
Well, unfortunately, there
is no court in New Mexico
that will ever, ever, ever,
find against Mr. Catron,
and that's a fact.
And what if I refuse your offer?
You'll be killed.
You have 24 hours to give me an answer.
- Señorita.
- You're alone?
- Sí.
I want you to come meet my father.
- Shall we go?
[CHUCKLES] Are you nervous?
You'll be fine.
Papá, this is William Bonney.
Otherwise known, I
believe, as Billy the Kid.
Nice to meet you.
It's my honor, sir.
Please come in.
imagined that I would be here
talking to a famous outlaw.
Life is strange, Mr. Bonney.
No, gracias, señor.
tells me that you've abjured
the outlaw life?
Mr. John Tunstall offered me a good
job working for him, and I took it.
John Tunstall, the Englishman.
Yes, I've heard of him stories.
He seems to be in a
quarrel with Major Murphy.
Of course I don't involve
myself in such matters.
- What about faith, Mr. Bonney?
- Huh.
Do you have it?
Sir, I've seen enough
of this world to know
that there's no one up
there looking out for me.
I had a friend once.
Something really bad happened to him.
"He lost his faith in God," he said.
He never went to mass again.
And when he was on his
deathbed, I went to see him.
I held his hand. And I asked him,
"Are you still an atheist?"
He looks up at me and said,
"Yes, still an atheist.
Thank God."
Please. Come in.
Sit, please.
Why are you interested in
my daughter, Mr. Bonney?
- Truth be told, sir?
- Por favor.
I love her.
And I-I wanna marry her.
Ay, Dios mío.
These are all my ancestors.
And they would never approve of this.
Sir, America is a new country.
And the Americans don't rightly hold on
to a lot of the old traditions.
In some ways, I agree with
them. In others, I don't.
But when it comes to
whether a woman should choose
who she wants to marry,
I'm with the Americans.
I think your daughter
deserves that choice.

- Welcome back, John.
- Good to see you.
How are you feeling?
Well, a lot better than I
was feeling, Mrs. McSween.
- I can tell you that much.
Want some help, huh?
Oh, no, no, no. I can manage.
After you.
Sheriff Brady and his
posse, including Billy,
arrested Jesse Evans and
five members of his gang
and locked them up in
the cellar jail in town.
- They still there?
- Mm-hmm.
But we got news that they are
arraigned to appear in court
on several counts of theft
and the attempted murder
of a United States Sheriff
in the course of his duty.
About a week's time.
The law has finally
acted against the House.
I mean, we ought to celebrate.
I think I ought to go home.
I still feel a little tired.
Yes. Of course.
Why don't you go home
and, um, get some rest?
I'll come over tomorrow, if you like.
Very good.
[BILLY] Yeah. I I don't get it.
Why don't you want this
trial to take place?
It's what we've all been fighting for.
Well, I've had time to
think things through,
and I think this trial
will only make things worse.
But I have a plan
a plan that might actually
put an end to this war,
even before it's really started.
It involves helping Jesse
and his gang escape from jail.
What? Why would we do that?
[TUNSTALL] Hear me out, Billy.
If we can spring Jesse
and the others from jail,
then I believe it could lead
to some sort of accommodation
between us and the House.
We We could end the fighting
and share the many
economic opportunities
that I know exist right
here in Lincoln County.
And you're sure Murphy's
ready to make peace?
He knows the House is
in a lot of trouble.
He needs new partners, new investment.
I truly believe that
this gesture of goodwill
could change everything.
And I truly wish I could share
in your optimism, Mr. Tunstall.
But I know Jesse Evans,
and gestures of goodwill
mean nothing to him.
I do not support this plan.
I have given you a second
chance in life, Billy.
In return, I expect your loyalty.
[DULCINEA] Papá, may I join you?
Please. Sit.
What were you thinking about?
About your mother
and how long we have been married
and how much I've taken her for granted.
Did you like Billy?
- Did did he say that?
- Mm-hmm.
And I think he means it.
And what did you say?
him about our ancestors.
And let's say that he made me
- see them in a
completely different light.
How do you mean?
with her when you married her?
I was in love with someone else.
I have never told this to anyone.
Did it make you unhappy,
being forced to get married?
It devastated me.
But time went by and I forgot.
We were so young.
And the more I got to know your mother,
the more my respect for
her grew and my admiration.
Because she is an amazing
woman, an incredible wife
and a magnificent mother, too.
But it's wrong.
Everybody should be free to choose.
And no one has the right
to tell you who to marry.
I do love you, Papá.
- Get up.
- Yeah.
[MAN] Jesse, get out of here.
Billy. What you got there?
Presents for y'all,
courtesy of Mr. Tunstall.
[DEPUTY] Now wait a
minute. You can't do that.
- Hey!
- These are for you too, officer.
[TUNSTALL] No, no.
This is for all of you.
Mr. Evans. John Tunstall.
Think of it as a, uh, a peace offering.
What the fuck's goin' on here, Billy?
We're gettin' you out.
No way.
Mr. Tunstall wants it that way.
He wants to make peace between us.
[SCOFFS] This is fucking crazy.
- [MAN] Jesse.
What in the name of
God is going on here?
Um, Mr. Tunstall said
that you gave permission
for him and his friends
to come in, Sheriff.
Did he indeed?
Take the prisoners back to the cells
before I lose my fucking temper
and lock all of you in the cells.
[TUNSTALL] Can I talk to
you for a moment, Sheriff?
[BRADY] I think you'd better.
- [BRADY] Now
- [MAN] Move!
[BRADY] What's this
all about, Mr. Tunstall?
[TUNSTALL] Now, Sheriff,
I'm willing to overlook
the theft of my horses,
but these men will still
be tried for attempting to shoot you.
And, uh, I'd be grateful
if you would overlook the incident.
Now we both know that Mr. Murphy
will be relieved to get his men back.
I want to try and end this feud,
make peace with Murphy.
Now you can understand that, can't you?
I don't want it to
look like an inside job.
I'll have most of my deputies
removed for the night.
You're gonna have to break in.
That work for ya?
You're doing the right thing, Sheriff.
Don't insult my
intelligence, Mr. Tunstall.
[TUNSTALL] Okay. Now listen up.
You five, you're going to double back,
you're gonna ride into
Lincoln without being seen,
and then you're gonna spring Jesse Evans
and his gang from the jail.
Here are the horses you
can use for their escape.
[BILLY] You know there'll
be a shooting war.
You saw all those guards.
Sheriff Brady has promised me
that most of them will be off duty,
and, uh, you'll find
ways of breaking in.
- Why would he do that?
- I made him a very good offer.
After you break them out, you
head to Dick Brewer's ranch.
This escape will be the beginning
of a new relationship
between my business
and Murphy's business.
Now I hope you're up
for this, gentlemen.
It means a lot to me.
- Don't move.
No, sir.
You got the keys to these doors?
No, sir. But there are
some rocks left outside.
What are you talkin' about rocks?
So it don't look like an inside job.
Plenty of rocks.
Nice work, Billy boy.
[BILLY] Come on, let's go.
Thank you.
Hey, Jesse.
Listen, I want you to know
that this is a sincere attempt
by Mr. Tunstall to make peace
between the two sides and end the war.
He wants Riley and Mr. Murphy
to know that he has no intention
of driving the House out of business.
The way he sees things,
Lincoln is big enough
for two businesses.
There's no sense in us
fighting and killing each other.
So from now on, we cooperate
or at least co-exist.
What exactly made him change his mind?
He got real sick in Las Vegas.
Thought maybe he was gonna die.
He reconsidered some things.
[MAN] Look at this.
[MOUTH FULL] I'm gonna take a leak.
[MAN] Hey!
[JESSE] Hands on the
table, please, new friends.
- [MAN] Hey, sit the fuck down.
- [BREWER] Fuck off me.
Or do I have to kill Mr. Brewer here?
Take their guns.
What the hell are you doing, Jesse?
Tunstall's a fool. There
ain't no chance of peace here.
This ain't a game, kid. This is war.
And you're on the wrong side.
All right.
Everyone calm down.
No need for any more violence, right?
Why not? We got the kid right
here at our mercy, Jesse.
Now's our big chance to do this.
Come on, Jesse! What are you afraid of?
[MAN 1] Yeah.
[MAN] Come on, Jesse.
I ain't afraid of you, Baker.
No one kills Billy in cold blood.
No one!

Just shoot him.
Go on, just shoot him!
- [JESSE] Right.
Now we got this tied up.
We take the horses.
Then we split. Right?
- Right.
- [JESSE] Right.
[BAKER] What you gonna
say to Riley now, huh?
Well, I'm gonna tell him that
we're winning the war, Baker.
What are you gonna tell him?
All right, boys, let's go. Come on.
We've had our breakfast. [KISSES]
- [MAN] Let's go, boys.
- Goddamnit!
[BILLY] Fuck.
You can go in now.
You have a son, Charlie.
A son? Are you sure?
You want to hold him?
Is that all right?
He's yours, too.
- He's so beautiful.
What do you want to call him?
If it's all right with you
I'd like to call him Billy.
I'm so happy.
And I'm scared.
[CHARLIE] Don't worry.
Everything will work out.
[MANUELA] I love you, Charlie.
[CHARLIE] Close your eyes.
Get some sleep.
[TUNSTALL] Friends.
Mrs. McSween. Judge Wilson.
- Gentlemen.
We tried.
That's the main thing.
I wanted to bring peace.
I wanted to avoid war.
Unfortunately, the other
side doesn't want peace.
All right then, this is war. So be it.
I have the best, most honest,
and decent people around me.
If we have to fight, we have to fight.
That's the way things get done out here.
I'm not a fool. I knew
what I was taking on,
and I am not running away now.
So let's "cry havoc and
let slip the dogs of war,"
as Shakespeare put it.
And I have no doubt, no doubt,
that we shall emerge victorious,
and that we together
will take the House down.
- [MAN 1] Yep.
- [MAN 2] That's right.
My friends, let us drink to it.
Let us drink
to victory!
- [ALL] To victory!
- [MAN 3] Cheers.
- [MAN 4] Cheers.
I want to apologize to you.
I forced you to support
my ridiculous plan
without even having the decency
to explain things to you.
What things?
While I was in the hospital,
I was visited by someone,
a significant player
in this whole business,
who told that me that
if I continued my war
against the House, I would be killed.
I panicked.
My courage deserted me.
Hmm. How come you've rediscovered it?
By forcing you to go
along with my stupid plan,
I nearly got you killed.
But you were prepared
to stand up for me,
even though you knew the danger.
I owe you a great deal, Billy.
You reminded me of
the value and the power
of true friendship, and I
will forever be in your debt.
Is that from Shakespeare,
too, Mr. Tunstall?
If you want me to be a partner in this,
if you want to be victorious,
you need to trust me.
We have a war to win.
It starts tomorrow.
Thank you.

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