Billy The Kid (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

The Agony

[BILLY] Previously on Billy the Kid
[ANTONIO] Why are you interested
in my daughter, Mr. Bonney?
I love her. I wanna marry her.
My ancestors would
never approve of this.
I think your daughter
deserves that choice.
[WALZ] Mr. Catron is deeply concerned
about the current financial
position of the House.
We know that the House is losing money
and we know the Englishman Tunstall's
coming to some of our markets.
[JESSE] I know Tunstall
keeps some of his stock
down at Dick Brewer's ranch.
His cattle and his horses.
I say we raid 'em.
[BREWER] Hey! Get off my
property, you damn thieves.
[BREWER] I recognized Jesse Evans.
- Hiya!
- [BREWER] And I suspect
the rest were a part
of his 7 Rivers Gang.
And as Deputy Sheriff,
I have the authority
to insist that you organize a posse
and go and recover the stolen goods.
- [JESSE] Let's go, come on!
[BILLY] Come out, Jesse.
- [BILLY] Keep your hands up.
- Don't shoot.
Smallpox ward.
Mr. Tunstall.
We'll give you a fair
price for your stock,
your herds and your real estate.
And in return?
[WALZ] You get rid of your employees,
and you leave Lincoln County.
[TUNSTALL] And what
if I refuse your offer?
[WALZ] You'll be killed.
[TUNSTALL] I have a plan.
It involves helping Jesse
and his gang escape from jail.
What? Why would we do that?
I have given you a second
chance in life, Billy.
In return, I expect your loyalty.
Mr. Evans. John Tunstall.
Think of it as a, uh, a peace offering.
- [BILLY] Don't move.
Nice work, Billy boy.
- Thank you.
By forcing you to go
along with my stupid plan,
I nearly got you killed.
[JESSE] Hey. Hands on the
table please, new friends.
You were prepared to stand up for me
even though you knew the danger.
What the hell are you doin', Jesse?
[JESSE] Tunstall's a fool. There
ain't no chance at peace here.
If you want me to be a partner in this,
if you want to be victorious,
you need to trust me.
We have a war to win.
It starts tomorrow.
[TUNSTALL] Thank you.
Sam, go fetch Mr. McSween.
Yes, sir, Mr. Brewer.
Sheriff, how can I help you?
- I have something for you.
- What's this?
It's a legal writ against this store.
You're gonna have to close up.
This store is no longer trading.
You're all gonna have to go home.
Please go home.
You can't do this.
This store has been trading illegally.
That's for the courts to decide.
And you known damn well we'll fight you.
[BRADY] Mr. Brewer, you have no chance.
And you can expect warrants
from Mr. Tunstall and Mr. McSween.
I'm a Deputy.
You can't just go over my head.
Mr. Brewer, your
appointment as Deputy Sheriff
has been rescinded, by
order of District Attorney,
Thomas Catron in Santa Fe.
And I'm obliged to ask you
to surrender your badge.
[MAN] Whoa.
What in hell's name is happening here?
What are you trying to do, Sheriff?
I'm only serving a
legal writ, Mr. McSween.
I'm only trying to do
my duty and nothing more.
How much did they pay you?
I got to tell you, Mr. McSween,
that you too are being
investigated for serious crimes.
So I suggest that you mind your manners,
keep your mouth shut.
[MAN] Whoa, whoa, whoa!
So, I've heard that
Sheriff Brady and a posse
will arrive here in the morning,
to serve you with a writ
and seize all of your horses.
They don't give a hang
about the legalities.
I see.
Dick, what do you think we should do?
That's up to you, boss.
We should defend the ranch.
Protect your property.
We gotta fight 'em.
Billy's right.
We have to take a stand.
One of you should ride into
Lincoln and tell Juan Patron.
Tom, go get Charlie and George.
We need every gun we can get. Now.
Mr. McSween, would you like a gun?
I was a pastor all these years
and I've sworn off
ever using a gun myself.
Then you best go home, Alexander.
- We'll manage.
- I know you will.
God bless you.
And you.
[MIDDLETON] Let's stack
these as barricades.
[MIDDLETON] Block the gate.
[GEORGE] Outta here.
[GEORGE] Who's got no chips left?
You okay?
I was just thinking about things.
If you really want to know, I was, um
thinking about my father.
What about him?
Well, he was a
Well, I suppose he was rather
typical for an Englishman
of his class and background.
Highly intelligent, highly
principled, very successful.
He set this absurdly high
bar for me to achieve,
and then whenever I failed,
he found ways to scold and punish me.
I was always desperate to impress him.
That's why I came to live here.
I wanted to create something of my own
that would make my father
at least proud of me.
I think that's exactly what you've done.
Is it?
Seems to me that I'm making
rather a mess of things.
Mr. Tunstall, you're up against
some real mean motherfuckers.
I'm proud of you for standing up to 'em.
Just look around.
You got some of the best souls
in the territory behind you.
Good, honest people.
That alone tells me you're succeeding.
And if your father had
any sense or understanding,
he'd see that himself.
Thank you, Billy.
You are not going to want to hear this.
But I can't put the lives of
all these people on the line.
I don't want to see
all these honest and decent
folk getting killed in my name.
I don't want a showdown.
Not yet, anyway.
You said we had to stand up to 'em.
You said we didn't have a choice.
Well, maybe we do have a choice.
I was just thinking that we could move
the horses before the sheriff gets here.
I bought another farm up near the fort
and we can take them
there and then figure out
the next step and I don't think
the sheriff will follow us.
No, we can't keep runnin' away.
You think I'm being a coward, don't you?
I don't want you or any of
these people to die for me.
I couldn't live with myself.
Now if that makes me a coward, so be it.
- [BILLY] Come on.
[BILLY] All right,
get 'em out. [WHISTLES]
[BREWER] We gotta clear out
before the posse gets here.
Mr. Tunstall thinks the
sheriff won't try and follow us.
But I ain't so sure.
You two take it in turns
to drop back and check.
So, what about your father?
What kind of a man was he?
He was a proud Irishman.
He never wanted to leave.
There just wasn't much
left for him there.
Turns out there wasn't much for
immigrants in New York either.
- So, you were poor?
- Oh, dirt poor.
That's why my parents
decided to come out west.
To find a better life.
It must have been hard.
Somewhere along the wagon
trail, my father got sick.
He kinda gave up.
Did you love him, Billy? Your father?
He was my father.
But he quit on me.
I swear to you, Billy,
I won't let you down.
They're not here, Jesse.
All right! You think I can't see that?
[JESSE] Let's follow 'em, boys!
I don't think we should do that.
Why not?
[BAKER] We're just Brady's posse.
Legally, all we're supposed to do
is serve Tunstall a
writ, seize some horses.
Not chase him halfway
across the country.
We are the fuckin' law!
- We do what we want, boys.
- [BECKWITH] Jesse's right.
That's what we've been told.
That's what we outta do.
It's a bad idea.
We gotta talk to the sheriff.
What is wrong with all of ya?
We all know what we are
really meant to do here.
I tell you, my knife is sharp
and I feel like scalping someone!
So, let's get after 'em, boys! Come on!
Hiya! Hiya! Hiya!
[MAN] Jesse, these tracks look fresh.
Anyone following, George?
No. All clear. Didn't see a soul.
All right.
You boys hungry?
[MIDDLETON] Yes, and
there's our lunch. Come on.
- [WAITE] Let's go get 'em.
[WAITE] Let's go!
Go on, Billy. You're the best marksman.
Go get us some lunch.
Come on, Tom.
[TOM] Mind the horses, Mr. Tunstall.
- [MAN] Let's go! Ya!
- Think we gonna eat today?
Maybe if they can actually hit anything.
Ah, shit!
It's Jesse and his boys.
Where's he goin'?
[JESSE] Hiya! Ya!
Ah shit. That's
Tunstall. He's on his own.
I'm gonna go get him. Wait here.
- I shouldn't have left him.
I shouldn't have left him.
- Fuck!
They struck out from Tunstall's
ranch around dawn, with horses.
Picked up their trail,
and we caught up with them.
And then?
And there was a firefight.
Now we had legal authority
to seize those animals,
but they were bent on resisting.
We were afraid for our lives.
Finally, we tracked
down Tunstall himself.
We told him to surrender,
but he just refused.
He fired at us, and we fired back.
And you're saying he's dead?
Yes, sir.
Resisting arrest?
Yes, Sheriff.
In what fucking universe
do you find this amusing?
What you've done may
have terrible consequences
for all of us.
So don't look so fucking happy.
You gave me hope.
A new life.
I swear on my mother's grave
I will kill every man
involved in your murder,
or die myself in the
attempt, so help me God.
We finally got the fucker!
Happy fucking Christmas, everybody!
Gentlemen! Ho-ho!
Listen up, boys. Listen up.
Today is a great day for the House.
And that is why I want
to salute the founder
Major Murphy, a war hero.
To Major Murphy.
Major Murphy! Major Murphy!
[OLINGER] Where's the music?
What's your business here today?
I have a meeting with
Mr. Riley at the House,
if it's any of your business.
- What's your name?
- My name's Edgar Walz.
I represent Thomas Catron.
I heard of him.
Who might you be?
I'm Jesse Evans.
I've heard of you.
They, um, they tell me
you're a dangerous man.
I like that.
Yeah, well, depends on what
you mean by dangerous, Mr. Walz.
What I mean is I might
have a use for you.
In due course.
I'm glad we met, Mr. Evans.
Call me Jesse.
That's very kind of you.
Now Jesse
May I pass?
I came to inform you that
Mr. Catron is very pleased
with the termination of
John Tunstall's interest
in the economic affairs
of Lincoln County.
Thank you.
It's something that no one wanted,
but the fact remains that
Tunstall was a criminal.
It's all been very sad.
However, I must remind you
that you are still in
substantial debt to Mr. Catron.
And Mr. Catron remains unhappy
with the current situation.
Well, I don't understand.
With Tunstall outta the way,
things have completely changed.
Do you take me for a fool, Mr. Riley?
There's a serious war going on,
and Mr. Catron is very concerned
that this, um, Billy the Kid can,
on his own account,
inflict serious damage
on your business and employees.
We can handle it.
We've got the guns
and the House is a fuckin' institution.
And I think it's about time
that you start
respecting that, Mr. Walz.
Wanna know how I see it, Riley?
The House is facing
imminent financial disaster.
So, in view of this perilous situation,
Mr. Catron is suggesting
that you mortgage to him
all your holdings in Lincoln County.
In return, Mr. Catron will
lend you 25,000 dollars,
repayable in three months' time.
If you default on the loan, however,
Mr. Catron will own
all mortgaged property.
I thought that we were
in business together.
Mr. Riley, don't you know that
in all business transactions
there is one leading partner.
How the fuck am I supposed
to find this money?
That's your business.
But I suggest you
bring an end to this war
as promptly as possible.
Come, come, Mr. Riley.
I've told you before, this is business.
There's no sentiment in business.
Now, if you accept the terms
of this mortgage agreement,
please sign this legal
and binding document.
Been a pleasure.
I'll see myself out.
What'd you expect?
I told you a long time ago,
you are too naive be dealing
with a man like Catron.
He's smarter than you'll ever be.
I don't need any fuckin'
advice from a stupid old drunk!
You won't shoot me.
The minute you shoot me,
Riley, you lose everything!
Think about that.
I'm the only person
that can talk to Catron.
And I'm the only person he'll listen to.
Go on, shoot me.
Fuckin' shoot me!
O that thou wouldest
hide me in the grave,
that thou wouldest keep me secret,
until thy wrath be past,
that thou wouldest appoint me
a set time, and remember me.
If a man die, shall he live again?
All the days of my
appointed time will I wait,
- till my change come.
Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee.
[MCSWEEN] Thou wilt
have a desire to the work
of thine hands. For now
thou numberest my steps.
Dost thou not watch over my sin?
My transgression is sealed up in a bag,
and thou sewest up mine iniquity.
And surely the mountains
falling cometh to nought,
and the rock is removed
[MCSWEEN] Gentlemen, please,
let's have some order!
[CLEARS THROAT] Thank you.
I have to tell you that our first duty
is to try and find a legal solution,
rather than take the
law into our own hands.
So tomorrow, I will
charge all the members
of Sheriff's Brady's
posse, as well as Riley
and Murphy of the House,
with complicity in the
murder of John Tunstall.
I will also demand the
return of Tunstall's store
to myself and Mr. Brewer.
Mr. McSween!
I understand your faith in
the due process of the law,
but I do not share it.
Not here in Lincoln. Not in New Mexico.
It is clear to all of
us that Sheriff Brady,
along with the courts of Santa Fe
and all the other lawmakers are corrupt,
and no longer deserve our trust.
Billy, I beg you. We
need the law on our side.
What law, McSween? There is no law.
It is just us.
And what we're decided upon is a pledge
to form a fighting force, to
take this war to the House.
And we should call
ourselves the Regulators.
That's those who assemble to regulate
or set to right an intolerable
or illegal situation.
We nominate Billy to be our leader.
[WAITE] Here. Here.
Now's the time.
I'll lead you and we'll fight like hell.
But I will not ask you to do
anything I wouldn't do myself.
We're in this together.
It's the only way.
I understand what's been decided.
And, and I can understand why.
But I want you all to
appreciate that if you respond
to this act of violence in kind,
there will be no turning back,
and there will be a lot of bloodshed.
Then let there be bloodshed.
[BILLY] Gracias.
I just heard about Señor Tunstall.
I'm so sorry. I know
what he meant to you.
Come inside.
Billy, this is my brother, Yginio.
- Hola.
- How do you do?
Fine, thank you.
I love you.
I love you too.
The life I'd hoped for,
the future I pray for,
it's all gone.
[SCOFFS] What are you saying?
I have to kill the men
who murdered Tunstall.
[SCOFFS] You don't have to!
They will be arrested.
Put in jail. Hanged.
Not here.
There's no law here.
If I want justice, I have to
take the law into my own hands.
So, you'd be an outlaw again?
A wanted man.
Even if you live, you
won't have any peace,
they'll hunt you down.
Is that what you want?
No, it's not what I want.
But I don't have a choice.
Look, I know I can't get
your blessing on this,
but I need your understanding.
Well, I can't understand.
You told me you'd changed.
I wanted to be with you,
and now, it's all gone.
No wait.
No. No.
Please go. Now!
time I'll see your face
will be on a "wanted" poster.
[TOM] Hey, John.
- Who's that?
- [TOM] My name's Tom O'Folliard.
I've got some news you might wanna hear
- about Billy the Kid.
- [BECKWITH] What kind of news?
- [TOM] What's it worth to you?
I'm not gonna tell you
if you're gonna shoot me.
Well, I ain't gonna shoot ya.
Tell me what you got.
Don't make a fuckin'
noise or you're dead.
Now get the fuck up.
Shh. Shush now.
Now, I don't want to hurt you, Beckwith.
No, let me put that another way.
I wouldn't mind, but I won't
as long as you give us
the information we need.
[PANTING] I ain't telling you shit!
Now, I just want to know the names
of those who killed Tunstall.
I don't know. I wasn't there.
Sure you know, Beckwith.
I'll give you five
seconds and that's it.
- 5, 4, 3,
2, 1
Got the names.
The ones who killed Tunstall.
It was Baker, Morton and Olinger.
Not Jesse?
I don't know.
Beckwith says not.
First, we see if McSween has
made any progress in the courts.
And then?
And then we'll see.
[BILLY] Hey.
What is it, McSween?
All Judge Wilson was able
to secure was the return
of Tunstall's store
to its original owners.
As far as the criminal
charges are concerned,
no less a person than State
Governor Axtell has intervened.
Oh, this is bullshit.
I'm sorry, Billy.
The law has let us down.
The corruption shouldn't come
as a surprise to you, Alexander.
And they'll be gunning
for you now as well.
I suggest the two of you leave Lincoln.
- But
- No, dear. No.
We have to listen to Billy now.
You know all of this
started with them stealing
Tunstall's horses.
So I say we send them a fuckin' message
and take back what's ours.
I know where Jesse's
gang is holding them.
They're with Morton.
So the Regulators ride over there.
And we reclaim our legal property.
Those are our horses.
[BILLY] That's Baker with his horse.
Pretty sure that's Morton with him.
[BAKER] That's Billy's gang!
Juan, you secure the horses. Let's go.
Hiya, hiya!
[BILLY] Hiya! Come on!
Morton! The horse is done.
- Whoa!
[BAKER] Ride, ride, ride, ride!
Charlie, Middleton,
flank them on the left.
[BILLY] Cover.
[MIDDLETON] Ah! I'm hit, I'm hit.
Hold your fire.
Morton and Baker!
You got no chance!
Throw your weapons down and
come out with your hands up.
Surrender now and I promise you
safe passage back to Lincoln.
I don't believe that.
Billy's not gonna let us walk away.
[BREWER] You have my word.
Now throw out your guns and come on out!
All right, we're coming
out now. Don't shoot.
We're the law in Lincoln now.
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