Bittersweet Hell (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

(All people, incidents, and backgrounds)
(in this drama are fictitious
and unrelated to reality.)
(Also, children and animals were
filmed under production guidelines.)
(Emergency closure, Road
closed due to snow and ice)
("Great Expectations")
(Chapter 1. The Pigeon House)
You're here.
I made dinner. Come and eat.
I'm tired. I'll eat later.
Don't be like that. Just eat.
It'll be more of a hassle to eat later.
No, I want to rest now because I'm tired.
I made food for you. Why
are you getting angry?
It's not that.
("No Yeong Won's Everlasting Solution")
(The couple doesn't understand
each other's communication style.)
I get why they were called
the Can't Communicate Couple.
From the husband's perspective,
he did something for his wife,
but his wife got annoyed.
That must be why he
expressed how upset he was.
Yes, the husband is definitely a
nice person who takes good care
of his wife.
this is gaslighting.
- "Gaslighting?"
- Yes.
Recently, we have suggested
that people use the term,
"emotional and psychological control."
Since it usually happens
between close relationships,
it takes the form of attachment.
It sometimes even happens among
family members without recognition.
It could be something that
anyone may have experienced,
and I could have gaslit someone else too.
Yes, people often say this.
"Family is precious."
"I'm saying all of this for
your sake as your family."
I'm sure it's all said
out of affection and love,
but overly insisting on something
and blocking the emotional
independence of a family member
is not all right.
After hearing that, I think I
should consider what I say
to my husband and child too.
In relationships with your
spouse, parents, and children,
we must think about whether or not
we are emotionally controlling someone
in the name of love.
- Gosh, good work, everyone.
- Good work, everyone.
- Thank you for your hard work.
- Thank you.
- Honey.
- Hey, did you sleep well?
Gosh, you're beautiful
so early in the morning.
One second.
You sure look good in olive green.
Is that so?
Get ready and come downstairs.
I'll go and wake Do Hyun.
All right.
There's nothing you don't know
about me, right, Dr. No Yeong Won?
Of course.
Do Hyun. There you go.
It's hard going to school
every morning, isn't it?
Can I just sleep for ten more minutes?
How nice would it be not to do
something just because it's hard?
(Exchange rate and the value of money)
(The strategy of companies in negotiations)
(Korea Science Olympiad,
Participation Award)
(Reading Debate Competition,
Gold Prize, Choi Do Hyun)
Isn't your schedule too tight?
Mom, I think I could run for mayor.
There are too many people I meet every day.
What did I say?
Studying is for yourself, not for me.
Every decision is up to you.
Yes. I chose this.
Oh, it's seasoned just right.
- Father will like it.
- Yes.
Our eyes met.
Our hands grazed one another.
And our lips touched.
I unbuttoned his shirt,
and his hands
grabbed my head
and pulled it closer.
Like that, we became one.
He was a partner I would never meet again.
It was just like playing
with fire for one night.
However, the partner who
played with fire with me
showed up at my house the next afternoon.
He throws a bomb.
"Take responsibility."
It is a dog gone afternoon.
("Take responsibility." It
is a dog gone afternoon.)
"It is a dog gone afternoon."
Hey, that smells good.
It's your favourite, sea bream.
It's fresh, since it's in season.
Gosh, sea bream sounds great.
Then, I should taste it.
That's perfect.
You and I have the same taste buds.
Let me see.
That looks good.
It's good. Hurry up and serve it.
- All right. Let's eat.
- Okay.
Ma'am. I'd like toast for breakfast.
We're a family.
A family is supposed
to share the same food.
My gosh.
What is a family?
You can't even communicate
with me on an emotional level.
Gosh, you two. Why are you
bickering this early in the morning?
Ma'am, I'll do it.
Mother, I'll make you some toast.
The arugula is nice and fresh anyway.
- Eat. Go ahead.
- Okay.
Did you say Dr. Choi's award
ceremony was next month?
Yes, early next month.
People are already sending their
congratulations and making a fuss.
My son is so amazing.
Oh, Yeong Won.
That doctor's award you're getting.
A married couple receiving
it together is a first, right?
Oh, yes.
Gosh, Dr. No is great, indeed.
Dr. No is a national doctor.
It's obvious that you
should win this award, right?
It's all thanks to Jae Jin.
Reconstructive surgery is
not something anyone can do.
But you've also done a good job, Ms. No.
Oh, Mother.
What should we do about our
outfits for the award ceremony?
I usually pick out Jae Jin's outfits,
but you know how to dress
for those formal events, Mother.
Our Dr. Choi looks great in anything,
but I'll tell CEO Kim about
your outfit too, Ms. No.
All right.
Grandpa, please send me to Jeju Island.
Jeju Island? Why?
What are you talking
about, all of a sudden?
Oh, So Yi said she was going
to Jeju Island during the break
for an English camp.
Can't you let me go too?
Do Hyun.
I see you're head over heels for So Yi.
So Yi?
Who do you take after that
you fall in love so easily?
I wonder who.
It's not wrong that my
grandson is a romanticist.
- Go on.
- Really?
- Yes, go on.
- Father, but the thing is
It's all right.
- Let's go, Father.
- Hold on.
Take this! Here.
You want this, don't you?
- Let's go.
- Let's go, Father.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
What should we do during lunch?
Hello. This is No Yeong Won's Clinic.
Yes. Thank you for the call, but I'm sorry.
Dr. No's schedule is fully packed.
Tell me about it.
Yes. Currently, appointments
are available after six months.
I apologize. Bye.
Dr. No, people are urging
us to take more appointments.
No. My son's in the 11th grade. I
have to care for him in many ways.
Yeong Won.
You need to strike while the iron is hot.
Then, I'll make it bigger
and drift apart from my family.
I tell you all the time.
Work is important,
- but my family is important too.
- Your family is important too.
You're really like Wonder Woman.
You deal with all your work
while taking care of your family.
Doesn't it suffocate you?
Breathe a little.
And my style of counselling isn't
small profits and quick returns.
- It should be on another level.
- Of course.
All right. Here's the
list of today's patients.
- It's a new patient.
- Right.
(Because Dr. No Yeong Won is pretty)
What on earth?
Because I'm pretty?
This way, please.
Dr. No, the patient is here.
Have a seat here.
Hello, Ms. Lee Se Na.
- Hello, Dr. No.
- It's good to see you.
I really wanted to see you.
I waited so long, you see.
Really? I'm very sorry.
On the visitation route column,
you wrote "because Dr. No's
pretty." You didn't mean it, did you?
- It's true.
- Oh, really?
It's quite pleasing.
How's your suffocating symptom?
What about you?
Are you okay?
I feel suffocated sometimes.
I guess everyone has something
that suffocates them. Right?
"I'm not the only one."
"It's the same for everyone else."
This way of thinking is one
of the defence mechanisms.
You'll get better as you take
time to look for the cause.
What do you think suffocates you?
The truth is,
there's someone I love.
But he doesn't know how I feel.
So I feel like dying.
Like dying?
What about the other person?
Does that person know
that you have this emotion?
He probably doesn't.
Which of your emotions do
you want him to be aware of?
I'm anxious and frustrated
that he seems unhappy.
He has a family that doesn't suit him.
A family that doesn't suit him?
How should I put it?
What frustrates me is that
it's not because of my happiness
that I want him to get divorced.
Why can't they get divorced
when they stay married for show?
Why do they meaninglessly live together
just because they're family?
Kind of like this.
I only
want him to be happy.
Still, people might
point their fingers at me.
Are you afraid of people's criticism?
Not really.
That's not important.
I wonder
what will happen if his family
finds out about our relationship.
They know nothing about each other,
but they act like they do
just because they're family.
It's a little pathetic.
Dr. No.
What about you?
What do you mean?
Do you know everything
about your family?
a family doesn't always mean
they know all about each other.
I see.
("Beast's Yesterday")
"It's boring as expected."
(It's boring as expected.)
You're more boring.
(I liked it. Don't mind them.)
Are you sure you haven't had a meltdown?
Would you not have a
meltdown if you were me?
I bet a woman like her has no husband.
Even if she does, her husband
will cheat on her for sure.
(I bet a woman like her has no husband.)
(Even if she does, her husband
will cheat on her for sure.)
A little bit higher.
What are you doing?
I'm appreciating that art piece right now.
I know that you have a weird taste,
but let's please get
rid of this iron plate.
I think I have a nightmare
every night because of this.
What are you saying? This is my room.
Can't we turn off these lights?
Fine. Okay.
Who knows?
That thing might fall off.
Let their lives be valuable.
We thank you, and may you
bless us in the name of Jesus Christ.
- Amen.
- Amen.
- Prosecutor Choi. Long time no see.
- Gosh.
I hope you're well.
Seeing you after a long time
reminds me of when you were a prosecutor.
Oh, really?
Whenever I come here, the sight
of the Public Prosecutors' Office
makes me feel dizzy
that I survived those times.
- Goodness.
- Time flies.
I heard it's hard to make an
appointment at Dr. No's clinic.
My husband's nephew was asking.
Would it be hard even if I prayed?
- Dr. No.
- Yes, Mother?
Why don't you make a
room for her next week?
Mr. Lee's nephew's asking.
Is it possible, Dr. No?
To be honest,
I can't change the existing
appointment for a favour.
One second.
I'm sorry,
but I'm fully booked for this month.
But if you give me your
nephew's phone number,
I'll tell my manager to contact him.
Oh, my. Thank you so much.
- Chairman Lee.
- Yes?
Dr. No will book an appointment.
Oh, my. Thank you, Dr. No.
You're welcome.
You must be so happy, Prosecutor Choi.
Yes, of course.
My daughter-in-law lets me put on airs.
Oh, no.
It's something I must do.
Considering the relationship
between you and Father.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Let's go.
- Yes.
- It's great.
- Yes, it sure is.
Let's go, Mother.
Is everything all right?
What could possibly happen?
It's always the same routine.
Is it
Is it about So Yi?
Did you get dumped?
Then what is it?
Are you going out with her?
Tell me. I won't tell anyone.
As if. You'll tell everything
to Mom if she asks.
I'm not the one who'd say that.
You let Mom control you.
That's because I love her.
What about So Yi? What's she like?
You don't need to worry.
She's completely different from Mom.
Is he following you?
Are you crazy?
Look at his face.
So Yi.
What are you doing today?
It's about time to get a haircut.
You think so?
They're alike.
Yeong Won.
What are you doing here at
this hour? You should be at work.
Yeong Won, I don't think
I'm fit to be a salesman.
No, it's not that. I don't
get along with doctors.
Why do I have to make myself available
when doctors want to have a meal with me?
I have a life too.
That's exactly what salesmen like you do.
If you're going to keep
that attitude, quit it.
Yes, so I quit.
Seriously! You little
You quit again in less than a month?
I have plans.
Plans? What are they?
I'm going to start a start-up.
Start-up, my foot.
Yeong Won, I've thought about it.
We'll let people listen
to your diagnosis
via call.
Or text messages.
It's kind of like the AI chatbot system.
We'll charge fees, so more people can
Yeong Won. The world
now operates on big data.
This isn't unprecedented.
Yeong Won, think about it.
For more people to share
your precious counselling,
no service is better than this.
People who live outside the city or abroad.
They're all your potential customers.
Can't you see the money?
Gosh, this is an amazing
idea. You're not influenced?
Yeong Won,
aren't you getting sick
of dealing with people
and counselling them?
How about trying something
new and counselling dogs?
There are ten million
people living with dogs now.
Dog camp with Dr. No Yeong Won.
- Isn't it
- You little
People are totally wrong.
They think you're generous,
but they need to know
how violent you are
Cut it out.
- I'm disappointed
- Leave now.
I am leaving.
Stop urging me.
I'm disappointed.
My goodness.
(Recipient: No Y. Won)
(Is your family well?)
(Is your family well?)
(Is your family well?)
- What's that?
- What?
I booked an appointment
for Chairman Lee's nephew
the week after.
Good job. Thanks.
Not even Chairman Lee can buy
an appointment with you.
Stop it.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
Bear it with me.
Yeong Won, it's fine.
Sometimes you slip in life.
It hurts when I slip.
That's what ointment is for.
When it's more painful, you have me.
All done.
Yeong Won, life
isn't always
this smooth.
You might fail,
and sometimes you
might slip like you just did.
So life goes
up and down
and that's how people become resilient.
Then are the slides on playgrounds
there for you to practice slipping?
I'm not going to slip.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm fine.
Well done, Jae Jin.
Let's go eat.
Everyone must be hungry.
We should.
(J Plastic and Reconstruction
Surgery Center)
The kimchi stew place I know is
Mr. Choi.
Oh, Tae Oh.
What brings you here?
You should've called me.
You have a plan for lunch already?
I should've called you.
Dr. Oh, I forgot that I
had a prior engagement.
A prior engagement?
You didn't mention that.
I'm hungry.
Oh, okay.
Here. Go and eat something delicious.
Eat something delicious. Bye.
What is this? You didn't even call me.
I wanted to see you.
Doctor of the Year Award?
I expected that much from Dr. No.
But I didn't expect that
Dr. Choi would also get it.
Ms. Kim, you usually
don't have the best guesses.
Anyway, you must be so happy that
both your son and daughter-in-law
are receiving awards.
This outfit would be so nice
for the awards ceremony too.
I don't know. Do I really have to go?
Aren't you going to the
awards ceremony as well?
I'm not sure.
Then, where would you
wear this kind of outfit?
By the way, when is our award winner
coming in for a fitting?
How many years has it been
since you've dressed our Dr. Choi?
Just choose something you see fit.
And you know, my dear Jae Jin.
He has no interest in
receiving awards and whatnot.
No, I meant our dear Dr. No.
They say all the outfits that
Dr. No wears are all the rage.
I feel quite pressured, you know.
When will she be here for her fitting?
What's with this?
Ms. Kim, you're not as
good as you used to be.
You've lost your touch with this outfit.
(Soft Hands)
This place is still here.
(Soft Hands)
My goodness.
Does the broth
suit your taste?
It's been a while.
You've been well, haven't you?
But how is this place
You asked me what one should
eat when one feels empty inside.
At the time, this was the
only dish that I served you.
I remembered how you liked
it. In case the flavour changed,
I bought this place.
Is it too sweet?
I'll try it. Thank you.
It's way too sweet.
Have some coffee.
There's something I wanted to ask you.
Do Hyun is 18 years old, right?
Yes, he's in 11th grade.
I think you'd be a very
friendly dad. Is that right?
Of course, we're like friends.
He and I have the
worst brains in our house.
He used to be so adorable
- Jae Jin.
- Oh, honey.
- This is my husband, Jae Jin.
- Right.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- We'll go outside first.
- Okay.
- You must've had lunch here too.
- Yes.
This is a senior doctor's son. He
just got accepted to medical school.
He's going to go to the same school as you.
Oh, I see. It's nice to meet you.
Hello. I'm Moon Tae Oh.
Haven't we met somewhere
before? You seem familiar to me.
- Yes, we have.
- Where?
On TV.
You're so famous.
- Well, then. You should eat.
- Okay, I'll see you at home.
Okay, I'll see you later.
- It was nice to meet you.
- Yes, have a safe trip home.
I feel like I just met
a celebrity! Oh, gosh!
She must've had lunch here.
I was so nervous.
- You looked like it.
- Did I?
Hey, Ra Kyung.
Yeong Won, a video is
circulating on tabloids.
What is it?
Well, that is
It's about your father's case.
Okay. Send it to me for now.
Dr. No Yeong Won has been
saying that even family members
should be cut off if they make you suffer.
But did you know this?
That there is a family member
that even she couldn't cut off.
Dr. No has a father who committed suicide.
It's known that he committed suicide
while being investigated for embezzlement.
But you guys also know
that he was also involved in
a sexual harassment case, right?
What would she think of her father
who sexually harassed someone?
She couldn't even cut off
her own family member,
but she insists that her patients
cut people off themselves.
Does it even make any sense
that she can fix other
people's mental health?
Hwang Ju Group's Director
No Sun Ho was investigated
for embezzlement all night long
and returned home early this morning.
The investigation began yesterday
around 10am and lasted all night.
It ended around 5am today after 19 hours.
During the prosecution's
investigation on the 22nd,
Mr. No was suspected of embezzling
Hwang Ju Group's company funds.
Why did you do it?
- What are you saying?
- Don't be like that, Sun Ho.
Secretary Song already
made her statement
that she was sexually harassed.
Don't you know me? I'm
telling you, it's not true!
That's not what's important.
Secretary Song is making a very detailed
and consistent statement.
Go Myeon.
You should trust me, no
matter what anyone says!
I honestly don't know.
It's too late for me to
get a handle on this.
I'll be going.
Go Myeon. Hey.
It's not true, Yeong Won.
It's not.
I feel wronged.
I haven't done anything like
that. I'm telling you the truth.
Prove it.
If you're telling the
truth, you can prove it.
You said so yourself.
That you become
resilient as you slip and fall.
You've slipped and fallen this far.
You should become strong now.
You should protect your family, at least.
You're my dad.
Could you sign this, please?
(CEO Hwang Kyung Ju)
(Juicy Fruit)
(Shocking and Exclusive)
(Dr. No Yeong Won's Nasty Family Affair)
(A lunatic treats lunatics.)
So, did you look into it?
I found no criminal records.
The social media account is clean too.
It's clean, Mr. Choi.
That's why it's weird, though.
Look more into it.
I'm sure there's something.
Roger that.
I'll have a glass of whiskey ready for you.
You're still drinking, Father.
- You didn't go to bed?
- No.
Grab a glass and take a seat.
Let's drink after a long time.
Let me pour you some.
- Will you?
- Yes.
Are you concerned about something?
I'm reminded of him a lot today.
I mean your father-in-law.
Yeong Won's father.
I see.
You should be good to her.
Yes, Father.
Jae Jin, come close.
Back in the past, I
Jae Jin. Shouldn't you go to bed?
Dr. Choi, aren't you tired?
He's tired, and you
I guess your mom still
sees you as a little child.
Go to bed now. Rest up.
You drank a lot. You
should go to bed after this.
Good night.
What are you unhappy about this time?
All your life, you cheated on
me and hardly stayed home.
And now, you're suddenly playing father.
It's late, but it won't hurt.
while he was growing up,
you never let me go near him.
Why do you think I did that?
He had nothing to learn from his father.
Keeping a son away from anything dirty.
That's called maternal instinct.
Countless affairs you've had.
What you've done behind Jae Jin's back.
And what I've done to
keep your prosecutor title.
I won't ask you to be grateful for those.
just don't get on my nerve.
Oh, you did that for me just now?
You did that for our family?
No, you didn't.
It was all to keep your graceful image.
Why? You'll be humiliated
if the truth is exposed.
Don't make me laugh.
You have zero sense of empathy, don't you?
All these years, I've protected you
for you're part of my family.
But I regret it so much.
Look. Madam Hong Sa Kang.
Do you really think our
family and all that we have
could be protected only
through your efforts?
Your arrogance and prejudice
are ruining your life and that of Jae Jin.
You know that?
Not like that.
Good dog.
Slow down.
We're almost there.
I'm okay, Jae Bok.
It could've been bad.
My dear daughter-in-law, you remind me
of the flower language,
eternal beauty. Cheer up.
Hi, Jae Jin.
What's wrong?
Goodness. Go Myeon.
You took such care of yourself,
so how could you get
slammed by a rock to death?
You were never the kind of
person who would die like that.
- Goodness. Go Myeon.
- Should we escort her home?
Go Myeon.
- Go Myeon!
- Please go on in.
It will be okay.
I'll have the car ready.
Mr. An, you should stay here.
You know my father's mourners well.
Well Let me drive her home.
Will you do that?
Thank you, Dr. Oh.
Dr. No.
Ms. Lee Se Na?
What are you doing here?
Do you know my father-in-law?
The truth is,
there's someone I love.
He has a family that doesn't suit him.
Why can't they get divorced
when they stay married for show?
Why do they meaninglessly live together
just because they're family?
Kind of like this.
I'm sorry.
I'll see you again, Dr. No.
Right. You won't feel like eating either.
Just a moment.
Prosecutor Choi loved this photo.
It has been quite some time
since you started working for him.
It has been 15 years.
He made a joke about it,
telling me to work for him
for at least 20 years, even
though I may be sick of him.
He really liked you.
Thank you for staying with us.
I should've had another
glass with you, Father.
(My dear Go Myeon, how are you doing?)
(How would things be if you were
still alive? Did you have to leave?)
(1990 to 1998)
(Singing practice, "Three Bears")
Look at me.
There are three bears in a house
Daddy bear, mommy bear, baby bear
Daddy bear is fat
(Ballet practice)
(Ballet practice)
Prosecutor Choi,
take care of Director No.
And you have to join us in Hwang Ju Group.
But sir,
he's such an upright person.
I don't think Director No
will just sit back and take it.
That is why we must get him involved
with this sexual harassment case for sure.
Yes, then,
you mean that the secretary
will give a false statement
that she was sexually
harassed by Director No, right?
But sir,
that female secretary
must clearly do her part.
You know this, right?
Of course.
All right.
We'll give it a try.
Sir, the female secretary
must clearly do her part.
We'll be in big trouble if there
are talks about a false statement
and that nothing actually
happened. You know this, right?
She will definitely do her part.
Do you know how much I paid her?
It's not true, Yeong Won. I feel wronged.
If you're telling the
truth, you can prove it.
You should protect your family, at least.
(Hwang Kyung Ju)
(Hwang Kyung Ju)
Yeong Won.
Hey, Jae Jin. Come down.
Yeong Won!
(Bitter Sweet Hell)
There are rumours that your
mother-in-law was the one
who killed your father-in-law.
Prosecutor Choi's death
was exactly the same
as Novelist Hong's novel.
When is that conference until?
There wasn't a conference
for plastic surgery.
I have returned safely.
I'm proud of the things we
were able to achieve until now.
Did you know about this?
Is that important?
Family members must not
know everything about each other.
Is this really true?
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