Bittersweet Hell (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

(All people, incidents, and backgrounds)
(in this drama are fictitious
and unrelated to reality.)
(Also, children and animals were
filmed under production guidelines.)
We will now announce the
Doctor of the Year Award.
This year could be a more
special award ceremony.
As you all know, we have a
married couple as our co-recipients.
We will announce them now.
In the Psychiatrist
category, Dr. No Yeong Won.
In the Plastic Surgery category,
Dr. Choi Jae Jin. Congratulations.
(Doctor of the Year, 2023 KDA Awards)
We sincerely congratulate both of you.
I've checked,
and this is the first time
that a married couple
is receiving the award at once.
We must hear how you feel.
Dr. No Yeong Won.
You can go ahead.
No, you can go first.
You go first.
Yes, well
I'm not exactly sure how this happened.
I don't know if I'm worthy
enough to receive this award,
but I will continue to work hard
to treat patients and help
people throughout my life.
And until I received this award,
she has stood by my side
to give me so much
help and teach me as well.
My beloved
Dr. No Yeong Won.
I'd like to thank her for this award.
Thank you.
As we've heard, he is
such a loving husband.
Then, Dr. Choi Jae Jin's
spiritual leader and teacher,
and the doctor who's taking
charge of the mental health of Korea,
Psychiatrist No Yeong Won.
We can't miss out on hearing
how she feels, can we?
I also feel so grateful.
I always feel that I'm lacking,
but I will try even harder
to become a doctor who can fill
the empty spots that patients may have.
To my husband,
who did so much to support me from my side,
Ms. Hong Sa Kang,
and the person who would have been
happier than anyone
else to see this. Father.
To Father, who cherished
me like a daughter,
I would like to dedicate this honor.
(Psychiatry: No Yeong Won,
Plastic Surgery: Choi Jae Jin)
when I listen to Dr. No's
counseling and solutions,
it all seems to end with family.
Then, what does family mean to Dr. No?
To me, family is
a lifeline.
A lifeline?
It's where the true No Yeong Won exists
and the strength that gets me back up.
Without family,
I would not be here today.
That is why family is
the one thing that I must
fight for until the very end.
Protecting my family so
that it doesn't fall apart
is my life
and the reason for my existence.
(Doctor of the Year, 2023 KDA Awards)
Oh, my.
What do you think you're doing, Ms. No?
Mother, I have something to tell you.
Tell me? Right now?
What's so important
that you're going this far?
What is it?
You remember how my
father passed away, don't you?
I do. He died in vain.
The case that my father was involved in
I think he was framed for everything.
And I think
Father played a part in doing so.
"Played a part?"
I do remember that Prosecutor Choi was
was in charge of the case on Director No.
Don't beat around the
bush, and just tell me.
Prosecutor Choi,
take care of Director No.
And you have to join us in Hwang Ju Group.
But sir,
he's such an upright person.
I don't think Director No
will just sit back and take it.
That is why we must get him involved
with this sexual harassment case for sure.
Yes, then,
you mean that the secretary
will give a false statement
that she was sexually
harassed by Director No, right?
But sir,
that female secretary
must clearly do her part.
You know this, right?
Of course.
All right.
We'll give it a try.
This guy is a pain in
my behind even in death.
How could Father
take part in framing my dad?
And then, he brought me into this family
Mother, did you perhaps know?
Is that what matters to you now?
So, what do you want to do, Ms. No?
Will you report this to the police?
Or will you reveal this to the world?
I understand. You must want to kill him.
But, Ms. No He's dead.
Director No is already gone too.
Whose apology do you want
at this point, and for whom?
Think rationally.
So, I should just pretend not to know
and just cover it up and let it all go?
You're too emotional today.
You're unlike yourself, Ms. No.
What's important is
what you can gain from
having this secret revealed.
What would I do when
they'd all passed away?
Still, at the very least,
wouldn't I be curious to know
whether the remaining family
knew about this fact?
As you already know, that man and I
were not in any relationship
where we'd share this kind of secret.
Also, it's not that I can't
understand how upset
and angry you feel right now.
I've spent my life despising
Prosecutor Choi too.
But you need to think carefully about this.
Saying that your father-in-law,
a man the whole world knows,
is the culprit who drove your father
to commit suicide?
Then, what do you think
people would say of you
when you didn't even know about that
and joined that family
as their daughter-in-law?
No, everything you've
accomplished until now
Will you be able to let all that go?
I know how you feel.
How long have we spent
together in this house?
Why wouldn't I know?
But what's important here
is not revealing the truth
but the well-being of our
family. Don't you think?
With this one truth,
think about what will happen to our family.
Think about what you
need to protect, Ms. No.
The choice is up to you.
(Chapter 2: A Downright Lie)
It's such a blessing to spend
this kind of time every morning
with your family.
It doesn't mean you're a family
just because you eat together.
It's important to have such
emotional communication.
What do you think, grandson?
It's suffocating.
Good. Now that we've said
amen, let's all start eating.
It's braised pomfret.
Father used to enjoy
having braised pomfret.
Honey, come on. I
didn't braise it for this.
He loved having braised pomfret.
- Housekeeper.
- Yes?
- I'm having toast instead.
- Yes, madam.
I apologize, Mother.
Honey, are you okay?
Did you feel the same
when your father passed away?
I realized
what the word "sudden" meant.
After my dad passed away,
I was swept with a sense of
longing suddenly from time to time.
I bet you're going through the same thing.
You're right.
How are you hanging?
Of this whole family, your
father adored you the most.
Do you think
you knew everything about your father?
Why do you ask?
I'm just asking.
I didn't know much about him.
It's true my parents weren't on good terms,
but the way I see it,
she's greatly shocked.
Why else would she have
mentioned the biscuit box?
It seems to me
that she's acting brightly
to get over her grief like
a defense mechanism.
I don't think so
Be more attentive to her for me.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Ms. No.
Yes, Mother.
Could you get me a glass of lemonade?
I'll get you some cookies too.
No, Ms. No.
Buicuits sound better.
("Beast's Yesterday")
It's super boring.
The writer probably has no friends.
Friends don't talk to each other like that.
This is trash.
Reading this novel
just ruined my afternoon.
Your sentences show that
you have no talent for writing.
Don't waste your efforts,
and look for another job.
She's not like that.
What do you know, jerk?
You could get a scolding for this, jerk.
Ms. Hong Sa Kang, are
you having fun in secret?
What the Does this person know me?
How did it go?
The operation went successfully.
- Thank you.
- Thank you, doctor.
Thank you.
Can he get all better now?
Well, the thing is His condition
He's been very focused,
so let me explain it on his behalf.
The operation went successfully.
It did,
but Yoo Joon is only
a little kid right now.
As we watch him grow,
he'll have to go through
operations and treatments in stages.
Don't worry.
The doctor has agreed
to provide the rest of
the treatments for free.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you. Oh, my.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Let me pour a glass
for my father-in-law too.
(No Sun Ho rests here.)
Ms. No.
Isn't Dr. Choi a decent husband
and a tender-hearted son-in-law?
They were close friends
when they were alive.
They're resting side by
side even after they died.
Your father
faced such a futile death at a young age.
Go Myeon.
My brother wasn't the kind of
person who would die like that.
- Hello, Aunt.
- Hi.
There's no way he will rest in peace
after how futilely he died.
Goodness. How could he get
slammed by a rock to death?
What was the use of exercising
and taking care of his health all his life?
He got slammed by a rock to death!
I came because it was his
49th-day death anniversary.
You prepared just this wine?
And nothing else for the service?
We go to church.
I see. You go to church
and commemorate his
49th-day death anniversary.
Where's Do Hyun?
He went to school.
His grandpa's 49th deathday
is more important than school.
Jae Jin.
Can't you instruct your son better?
The right word is "educate."
I like the empty grave here.
- Son.
- Yes?
When I die,
bury my body next to my brother right here.
It's expensive, Mom.
- Very expensive?
- Yes.
How much is it per
burial plot here, Sa Kang?
- Jae Jin, let's go.
- Sure.
I know you've bought a few plots here.
Why don't you buy this
whole section for family use?
I bet my brother saved
quite a lot of money.
Don't you know how he spent his income?
Let all those women buy the empty plots
next to Prosecutor Choi.
You can ask them for one.
Darn that
She's too tiring for someone to live with.
Don't you agree?
No, Aunt.
Yeong Won.
My brother adored you so much.
They say a daughter-in-law
is the love of a father-in-law.
Did you hear about this novel?
What novel?
So you don't know.
According to my son, rumors
are rampant on the Internet
that your mother-in-law was the
one who killed your father-in-law.
That he died exactly as
it is written in her novel.
You know your mother-in-law
isn't an ordinary woman.
Be careful.
One of her novels might be
about killing her daughter-in-law.
Oh, please.
You see, I'm not joking.
Look for it thoroughly
before you regret it.
- I'll see you later.
- Bye.
Ra Kyung, I'm on my way now.
Yeong Won, did you get the analysis data?
- Oh, right. Let me grab that first.
- Okay.
Now, come here.
You're such a good painter.
Why are you now holding
hands with Mom here?
I meant to hold her hand.
That's weird.
Well, look, Ga Young.
Mom's nails look like a witch's nails.
Do you know the biggest fear
among kids Ga Young's age?
They're afraid of hurting their moms.
So they'd lose their moms' love.
So children
soon hold their parents' hands
again even if the parents let go.
Children's forgiveness
saves adults from their guilt.
("And Then I Was Left Alone")
(The culprit put his
hand against his nose.)
Do you think you can find out?
We only deliver it.
We can't identify the exact
information of the sender.
Even if there's no sender,
we're obligated to deliver it
as long as the receiver's
information is correct.
- Okay.
- Here.
One second.
Is there a way to find out?
Aren't you Dr. No Yeong Won?
I think she is Dr. No Yeong Won.
Ma'am, can we meet for a second?
You must be surprised.
But I have to say I was surprised too.
Because he was never like this before.
Of course, there are kids
who give up on their exams.
Due to the pressure of going to university.
But Do Hyun
Did he come back after
he left during the exam?
He didn't come back on the same day.
But what worries me more is
that he was back the next
day as if nothing happened.
I don't know what is wrong with him.
He worries me.
Hurry up.
- Hey.
- Over here.
- Hey.
- Pass.
- Good job. Keep going.
- Watch out.
- Block him.
- Over here.
(Soft Hands)
Thank you for your patience.
Don't mention it.
You should fill yourself
up first with a warm meal.
here to ask you for a favor.
I've been waiting.
I will have to tidy up first.
Can I ask why you did that?
I'm sure you have your reasons.
I'm not scolding you.
I want to find the reason together.
You can tell me later.
I believe there is a reason
for every decision you make.
As long as you can be
responsible for your decision,
I will always support you.
You know that, right?
I'm home.
Ms. No, come here for a second.
How was your day? Where's Do Hyun?
I think he's tired.
Ms. No, I heard you met Tae Oh before.
Oh, yes.
Hello, Dr. No.
He asked me to come
for dinner at his house.
Ms. No.
Tae Oh turns out to be an elite.
He's a passionate young man
who likes George Orwell's novels.
Honey, is Do Hyun okay?
Yes, he's okay.
What's wrong? Something
happened to my grandson?
He must be under stress because of math.
If you don't mind,
can I meet him?
And to say hi?
Yes. That's a good idea.
I heard you won the International
Mathematical Olympiad.
- Yes.
- Is that okay with you, honey?
I'll be quick.
I thought he should say hi to our family.
When you said you were
going to Do Hyun's school,
I thought it'd help Do Hyun
to have a brother like Tae Oh.
I know that you like people,
but I'm worried about you
bringing strangers home.
You don't need to worry about that.
Do Hyun seems to like him too.
Speaking of which,
why don't we ask him
to tutor Do Hyun in math?
Did you say
he's your high school friend's son?
How come I don't know that friend?
You don't?
I doubt it.
Don't try to fool me.
Do Hyun seems to be
hiding something from me.
You two have been
getting on my nerves lately.
We wouldn't dare to fool you.
Everything is all right.
Good. You're doing great.
- Come here.
- Next.
Come on.
See? They're already getting close.
Now, use your wrist to throw it.
The real game is what matters.
When you throw the ball,
it draws an arc.
What do you need to do
to throw it in the direction you
want at the speed you want?
Strain in the direction I want?
You know it.
Baseball and math are the same thing.
- Let's try it again.
- Yes.
It's nothing hard.
- Come on.
- In the direction I want.
It's the same as math. Hey.
Gosh. It's okay. It's fine.
Mr. An.
Why are you suddenly playing baseball?
That's Tae Oh.
Hello. I'm Moon Tae Oh.
I'm An Yo Sub.
Let's go again.
I don't have the ball.
You must be pretty good at catch.
Shall we play again?
All right. Go slowly.
(Is your family well?)
Your next appointment
is waiting. Ms. Lee Se Na.
You were very surprised
that day, weren't you?
Yes, a bit.
Me too.
When you first came here,
did you come without knowing
that he was my father-in-law?
Is that important to you, Dr. No?
It's true that I came as a
patient wanting counseling.
Still, I have to ask.
What your relationship
was with my father-in-law.
Should I say that I'm thankful?
Or should I say that I'm grateful?
I still get like this sometimes.
I think it'd be best to stop talking.
That is why I'm bringing this up,
but I think it'd be hard to leave
out personal sentiments with you.
So, I will introduce you to another doctor.
He's already dead anyway.
All I want is to get counseling from you.
Are they happy?
What are you doing right now?
I was just wondering if
everyone was actually happy.
Life is short.
But it'd be too sad not to know that.
Ms. Lee, you must think
that my family doesn't look happy.
What do you think, Dr. No?
Do you think you're happy?
You're the one who
came here for counseling.
If you came here with the
intention of provoking me,
I will decline.
You said this last time.
Just because they're family doesn't
mean they have to know everything.
Is that really true?
Are humans
such beings
who can truly forgive
and understand each other
in the name of family?
Oh, right. Dr. No.
Isn't that so shocking?
Prosecutor Choi's death
was exactly the same
as Novelist Hong's novel.
(Patient's Chart, Name: Lee Se Na)
(Diagnosis: Mental unease, panic disorder)
(Recipient: No Y. Won)
Dr. No.
I'm here.
Please add two sugars
and one cream to my coffee.
Yes, ma'am.
My brother used to nag me so
much not to eat too much sugar.
Your father-in-law was so
meticulous about his health.
But what does that
matter? He died in such vain.
Honestly speaking,
your mother-in-law only has her
wealth from having a rich family.
The person who grew that
fortune this much was my brother.
My brother had so many
connections in politics and finance.
Gosh, but now that he's dead,
it's just like what people say. "One
man sows and another man reaps."
Auntie, you didn't come
here to talk about that, right?
("Murder in a Frame")
I doubt it really happened
like how it was in the book.
But isn't it a fascinating coincidence?
If you look in there, it makes sense
that Sa Kang's character
gobbled up my brother.
You know how much your
mother-in-law hated my brother.
Sure, it was my brother's problem
that he cheated his whole life.
But she looked down on him so much.
How would a man have any affection?
You know this too.
Your mother-in-law has that odd look.
Of looking down on someone
when she looks at you.
(Hong Sa Kang)
Isn't that so shocking?
Prosecutor Choi's death
was exactly the same
as Novelist Hong's novel.
Until then, I was a fan of Hong Sa Kang's.
No one can tell how human relationships
might turn out.
Don't worry, Yeong Won.
- Why?
- I looked into it,
and there wasn't any mention of you or me.
I mean, there was nothing
about a daughter-in-law
or a sister-in-law dying.
Come on, Auntie.
Why? I read it over again.
Just in case there was something
about a sister-in-law dying.
But do you know what's
even more surprising?
What is it?
Even in this book, the sister-in-law
absolutely hates the main female character.
- Auntie.
- Yes?
- Can I read this book?
- Yes.
(Mount Woomyeon rockslide accidental death)
("Former Prosecutor General Dies
Due to Rockslide on Mount Woomyeon")
This morning, former Prosecutor
General, Choi Go Myeon,
was found dead at the bottom of
the hiking trail at Mount Woomyeon.
Choi had gone on a walk with
his dog early in the morning,
and it has been revealed that
he died from being hit by a rock
that suddenly fell while he was walking.
Police say that the recent rainfall
caused the soil and rocks
on the hiking trail to loosen,
leading to this accidental
death in a rockslide.
They are currently investigating
the detailed cause of the accident.
The rockslide accident, which
was known as his cause of death,
is being questioned as to whether
it was a simple natural disaster
that led to an accidental death.
According to investigations,
the hiking trail at the time
was not weakened to the point
that a rockslide could occur.
The police are looking into other
possibilities for Choi's death
("Murder in a Frame")
I was curious
whether you could simply conclude
that an accidental death by rockslide
was a natural disaster.
He was so used to hiking in the mountains.
It's still hard to accept.
So why didn't you do an autopsy?
What do you mean, an autopsy?
I'm not really sure
why you're questioning this at this point.
We clearly suggested that
you could do an autopsy
even if it was a death
caused by a natural disaster.
It was your family that declined to do so.
We declined to do an autopsy?
Who did?
Hang on.
You can take a look at that.
(Disagreement for Autopsy)
Ms. Hong Sa Kang signed it.
She's Mr. Choi Go Myeon's wife, correct?
The mountain where he
ran around for decades
was more like an even carpet
than the flat ground itself.
Could he have slipped from
the early morning rainfall?
Or could he have misstepped?
What could have gone wrong?
His body was slipping down.
No, a life doesn't end just like that.
He had always been confident
that he was the one to end things.
Was there someone who
laughed at his overconfidence?
A heavy rock slams right into his head.
If it wasn't an accident from a rockslide,
could someone have
Mother, what are you doing there?
Well, it's the mountain behind my
house. Can't I even go for a hike?
So, why did you just pop out from there?
I dropped my lighter.
And what about you, Ms.
No? What are you doing here?
Are you perhaps suspecting me?
Do you believe the rumor
that I may have killed that man?
You did hate him that much.
Even if he were alive, wouldn't
someone have wanted him dead?
But Mother.
Why didn't you agree to do an autopsy?
I heard that the police officers
suggested an autopsy just in case.
He was a sinful man.
Even if he was murdered,
wouldn't it be better to tell the world
that he got smashed by a rock?
(Soft Hands)
("Beast's Yesterday" you subscribed
has received a new comment.)
("Beast's Yesterday")
I just got goosebumps.
"Murder in a Frame" is said
to write about the same death
as how some prosecutor died.
That's an insult to the
great art of literature.
I shall stop the beginning of this rumor.
Sandglass, this idiot, showed up again.
This idiot
will show up until people
like you are all gone.
What's your relationship with the writer?
I cannot forgive anyone
for insulting the writer.
(It was the same as usual.)
Knock, knock.
Tae Oh got me this wine.
Try some.
- It's nice.
- It's good.
What is it? Are you
concerned about something?
The truth is,
I got a strange package a few days ago.
A package? What was it?
A stuffed headless pigeon and
It must've startled you.
Who sent you such a thing?
It had no sender's name.
I guess a lot of people are
jealous here and there these days
because you're on a roll.
It seems like they want you
to fall rather than be praised.
I know.
You should also be careful just in case.
I'm going to bed. I'm sleepy.
Oh, right. You're going to
the colloquium tomorrow.
That colloquium has been
going on for more than a year.
When will it end?
I'm not sure.
Good night.
("Murder in a Frame")
The picture in the frame is complete.
Will you be able to claim it?
- Goodness.
- Good work.
- My pleasure.
- Bye.
Did the filming go well?
Yes. Did you do what I asked?
Yes. I installed a total of five more
at the entrance and in the counseling room.
But why did you want to
install more CCTV cameras?
It's just a regular update.
I'm getting a text. See you tomorrow.
(Withheld Number)
(Dr. No, do you know
everything about your husband?)
(Withheld Number)
(Jae Jin)
The person you have
called cannot be reached.
You will be directed to voicemail.
There was no colloquium
for plastic surgery.
Not even last year.
(Monthly Schedule for
Exhibitions and Events)
(December 2023)
Thank you.
I'm sorry. The colloquium took long.
Where did you say it'd take place?
It's the same place every time. Songdo.
I see.
It's over, and I'm going out of the hall.
I'll call you again.
(Dr. No, do you know
everything about your husband?)
You know every single thing about me.
Oh, right. You're going to
the colloquium tomorrow.
That colloquium has been
going on for more than a year.
When will it end?
I'm not sure.
Good night.
I'm home.
How was the colloquium?
It was the same as always.
I'm especially tired this week.
Aren't you going inside?
Let's go.
(Use fingerprint or enter PIN.)
(Wrong PIN)
(Wrong PIN)
(Watch footage)
(My folder: 0 files)
(Park Seung Jae who makes
corn guksu at a corn guksu place)
Jae Jin. My phone was
in your car, wasn't it?
Why was your phone dropped
in your brother-in-law's car?
(Soft Hands)
Answer my question.
- Yeong Won, the thing is
- Yes, I'm asking you.
Why was your phone dropped
in your brother-in-law's car?
He wanted to treat me to a meal,
so I met up with him.
Maybe I dropped it then.
When? Where?
Do you have delusional jealousy?
Give me the straight answer.
Jae Jin had a colloquium today.
When and where did you meet him?
Did you know it all?
He said you didn't know that he
had a colloquium in Yangpyeong.
A colloquium in Yangpyeong?
I should've kept it from her.
Yeong Won. Don't tell him that you
(Dr. No, do you know
everything about your husband?)
(License Plate Number)
(Hi-pass Transactional Details)
(Deferred payment)
(Yangpyeong, Seojung, East Seoul)
(Day, Entrance gate, Exit gate)
(Tuesday, Yangpyeong)
Come on. You scared me.
Why? Did you think I ran away?
I did.
You looked especially tired last night.
What was the conference about?
As a solution to facial asymmetry,
a restoration method using
three-dimensional implants
was developed.
A mixture of ceramic and
polycaprolactam materials
and an implant customized to
the patient through 3D printing.
We discussed the
characteristics and clinic examples.
And Gosh, it's what I do,
but it really sounds boring.
I find you so charming when
you talk about these things.
Honey, I'm
proud of the things we were
able to achieve until now.
It was all thanks to you.
I'm getting a call.
Oh, hey.
(Dr. No Yeong Won)
Yeong Won.
Oh, hey.
Is something wrong?
- No. I'm fine.
- Come on.
What do you mean you're fine?
How long have we known each other?
I know there's something
wrong when you're like that.
- What is that?
- Something came.
But I don't see the sender.
(Recipient: No Y. Won)
Ra Kyung.
Try opening it.
What is this?
Looks like a miniature of some sort.
(Unread Messages: 2)
(Withheld Number)
(A downright lie)
We have the exact same taste. I love it.
So, what do you want to do, Ms. No?
Will you report this to the police?
Or will you reveal this to the world?
I understand.
You must want to kill him.
But, Ms. No He's dead.
It was the same as always.
I'm especially tired this week.
Seojeong-myeon 742-3.
(Seojeong-myeon 742-3)
(Gyeonggi-do, Yangpyeong-gun,
Seojeong-myeon 742-3)
(Yangpyeong-gun, Seojeong-myeon 742-3)
Look carefully, Jae Jin.
Don't be scared. One, two. There.
You have to catch the ball with your chest.
Don't be scared and move away.
You can't move away from the ball.
Don't move away and catch it by your chest.
By your chest.
Here it comes.
You have to look at the ball.
Are you okay? Let me take a look.
Are you okay?
He's fine.
I threw it lightly.
He's fine.
Yeong Won. Do you
want to play catch with me?
Here it comes.
What was that?
- You're great at this.
- You're really good.
Yeong Won is really good.
Here it comes again.
You must feel great, don't you?
I also want a daughter like Yeong Won.
It won't be easy.
(Yangpyeong-gun, Seojeong-myeon 742-3)
("The Mousetrap Has Gone Missing")
Dr. Oh.
Dr. Oh!
She's not dead.
(Bitter Sweet Hell)
She's a witch, I tell you.
I should've burned
down this place back then.
I don't know what kind
of person Jae Jin is.
That isn't important right now.
We have a new issue in our hands.
Do you still not get it?
We've been set in a trap.
Who is it then?
The one who has set that trap.
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