Bittersweet Hell (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

(All people, incidents, and backgrounds)
(in this drama are fictitious
and unrelated to reality.)
(Also, children and animals were
filmed under production guidelines.)
("The Mousetrap Has Gone Missing")
Dr. Oh.
Dr. Oh!
She's not dead.
It wasn't me.
Then, who?
I haven't been here long either.
And when I got here, she
was already in this state.
But, Ms. No
You're not suspecting me, are you?
Let's talk about that later.
She seems to have hurt her head.
We should get her to a hospital first.
You're calling 911?
Ms. No.
How will you explain this situation?
- Still
- Let's not make a big fuss.
Ms. No, someone the whole country knows.
Will you be able to handle it?
We have to save her life first.
We should take her to Honghak
Hospital as it's the closest.
Yes, good thinking.
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Mother, what are you doing?
- Me?
- We have to move her quickly.
Mother, it's the police.
Ms. No. You must remain
calm under these circumstances.
Please roll down your window.
Could you open it a little more?
You're Dr. No Yeong Won, right?
- Yes.
- Yes, she is.
Yes, you can go.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
your kingdom come,
your will be done, on earth as in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread.
Forgive us our sins as we
forgive those who sin against us
(Mother, 22 missed calls,
Yeong Won, missed call)
(Mother, 22 missed calls)
(Honghak Hospital)
Oh, my. Ms. Hong.
What on earth is going on?
Who is this person?
We came here on a trip,
but she suddenly got hurt.
It made me so flustered.
Being able to help in this
way is such an honor, ma'am.
Gosh, it's not like I expected
this when I did a good deed.
Goodness, of course not.
But we did receive
such great help from you.
We're always so grateful to you, Ms. Hong.
This hospital is still standing firm now,
and it's all thanks to you, ma'am.
Whenever you need help, please come to us.
(Chapter 3: Ghost Lights)
They say it's just a temporary shock.
I'm sure she'll regain consciousness soon.
It's a relief that she doesn't
have any internal bleeding.
But concussions could have
aftereffects after she wakes up.
Who could have done this to Dr. Oh?
I'm sure we'll find that out
when she wakes up too.
I think it's only right
that we report this.
We should find out who did this to Dr. Oh.
What are you doing?
Jae Jin could have done this.
Jae Jin?
I said he could have done this.
I didn't say that he did.
Mother, now is not the time for wordplay.
That vacation home
You remember too, don't you?
You used to come over when you were young.
I heard some time ago
that Jae Jin sold that place.
But it turns out that he didn't sell it.
Also, the fact that Dr. Oh was there
means that this has
something to do with Jae Jin.
A downright lie.
Don't you believe me?
I received a text yesterday.
It said, "A downright lie."
Who could have sent such a thing?
But how did you come to the vacation home?
And what about you? How did you come here?
Along with the strange text,
I got a miniature model
of the vacation home.
Before that, I received a photo of
Jae Jin at the vacation home too.
I thought it had something
to do with Jae Jin.
I came because I had reasonable doubts.
Oh, I see.
And on top of that,
the medical society Jae Jin
attended for a year didn't even exist.
The place he went to
every week for that society
was Yangpyeong, where
the vacation home was.
Why would Jae Jin have done that?
Dr. Oh had collapsed there,
and you were there. Of
course it looks strange.
What are you saying right now?
Are you saying that Jae Jin
had an affair or something?
Don't assume things like that.
Our dear Dr. Choi isn't like that.
Please tell me now. How did
you come to the vacation home?
- I went on a drive.
- A drive?
Why? Am I not allowed to
go for a drive in my own car?
I was just going for a drive, and
I got close to the vacation home.
And the vacation home
was still there as it was.
There were even lights on inside.
So, of course, I was curious.
No, Ms. No.
We shouldn't be suspicious
among family, should we?
Now, I wonder if this family
is what I thought it to be.
Anyway, I have to look into
what happened yesterday.
It hasn't even been a day.
You have people to say hello to here,
so you should stay a little
longer before you come home.
I'll contact Jae Jin, okay?
(VIP Room)
Is that so much fun?
Dr. No.
Did I tell you
that my husband was promoted to director?
Without him, that company
would not have existed.
The chairman told me that
as he held my hand tightly.
You must be happy.
My daughter
Did I tell you that she placed
first in her grade again?
There's nothing my daughter can't do.
She has good grades, and she's athletic.
She's such a beauty too.
I see.
But it's no use.
That wench
has a sharp tongue.
That spiteful wench.
I'm trying to quit smoking.
I see.
Did you check the CCTV
cameras? Were any of them on?
They were all off.
- What about Dr. Oh's phone?
- Nothing.
- In her car?
- Nothing.
Now that Jae Jin can't be reached,
I just can't figure out what happened.
There's something you need to see.
But this is Ms. Hong's workroom.
It's okay.
Stay still.
Sit down.
Don't talk about that woman here.
Goodness. This is crazy.
Give me a notice before you come.
Why? This is my vacation home.
Why don't you continue?
I should've burned this
whole place back then.
Clear everything away
here. Don't leave any traces.
Yes, ma'am.
But over there
Over there what?
You'll know when you go there.
This is ridiculous.
("And I Was Left Alone")
At least, he read some books.
(Jae Jin)
The person you have reached is unavailable.
You'll be directed to
voicemail after the tone.
What brought you here, Dr. No?
- Dr. Choi is off today.
- I know.
I was nearby, so I decided
to buy these for you.
Gosh. Thank you.
Dr. Choi left a text message.
He couldn't come today
because of an urgent colloquium.
But coincidentally, Vice-Director
Oh didn't come either.
So we're all over the place today.
Have you tried to reach Dr. Oh?
She wouldn't answer her phone.
Is everything okay with her?
She left work in a rush yesterday.
You should go back to work.
(J Plastic and Reconstruction
Surgery Center)
My dear nurses.
Where's my brother-in-law
I mean, Dr. Choi?
I have some business with him today.
Gosh. He's not here today.
So, why did you come here?
Of course, I came to see Jae Jin.
We're closer than you think we are.
We have meals together.
We go to saunas together.
We do everything together.
Come on. You're scaring me.
Young Min. There are a few things
that people do when they tell a lie.
Psychologically speaking
Well, there's no need to take it that far.
You know when I was in college,
I gave investigative
consultations as a part-time job.
- Yes.
- You
said you needed money.
- What?
- No?
Yes, I do. I need money.
This is great thinking, Yeong Won.
If you can invest just
50,000 dollars in me,
I have this brilliant business idea.
Oh, really? Tell me.
- Sure, listen.
- No.
About what happened
with Jae Jin that night.
The thing is
Right. I met him to borrow some money.
Brother-in-law. You startled me.
- Hi.
- Hey.
What brought you here without prior notice?
Prior notice? We can do that to each other.
And "Brother-in-law?"
Just call me Young Min.
I came because of this
brilliant business idea.
Well, Young Min.
I have urgent business right now.
Let's talk another time.
Is it very urgent? Where are you going?
I have a colloquium.
I'm running late. Let's talk later.
He rushed out, saying
he had a colloquium to go.
This is not good.
All right.
Let's talk on the way.
Young Min. I said we
should do it another time.
I'll get off on the way.
You said you were urgent. Move.
- But
- It won't take long.
This is what I'm talking about.
I told my sister,
but you know how inflexible
she is. She didn't even listen.
Speaking of which,
I need just 20,000 dollars.
You have that much money, don't you?
Well, right.
Yes? Or no?
Young Min. I think you
have to get off there.
"Meeting Plaza?"
Where is this colloquium held
that you're taking a highway?
- In Yangpyeong?
- Yes.
- I'll drop you off here.
- Goodness.
(Meeting Plaza)
I could've gone all the way to Yangpyeong.
Gosh, my phone.
But he didn't answer my
phone when it must've buzzed.
- So?
- Seung Jae came to pick me up.
(Meeting Plaza)
- Seung Jae?
- Yes, my military colleague.
Park Seung Jae who makes
corn guksu at a corn guksu place.
"Park Seung Jae who makes
corn guksu at a corn guksu place?"
He's my best friend. Don't you know him?
You've never seen him? But why?
See? This shows your
indifference toward me.
It was the same in the
past. No one cared about me.
Even Mom and Dad always
talked about you to others.
No one bothered to talk about me.
This is upsetting.
That's all.
So? When can you get the money ready?
What money?
What? I just told you everything
because you said you'd pay me.
You should've chased him to the end.
How can I pay you when
you brought me nothing?
What Is everything okay with Jae Jin?
Get out.
You said you'd pay me if I told
you what happened on that day.
Then just give me 10,000 dollars.
You always hit me.
Get out. Get out now.
- Okay. Fine. I'm leaving.
- Get out.
People need to know how you have a split
Okay. Bye.
(J Plastic and Reconstruction
Surgery Center)
Seriously, I fell for her trick again.
Okay, Young Min.
I'll give you the money.
You see, your sister doesn't
know that I'm going to Yangpyeong.
She hates this association,
but I just can't miss it.
You know if I do anything that she hates
I know what you mean.
You're going through so much.
Then will you pay me when you
come back from the colloquium?
Oh, yes. I'll do that.
I better get it from him soon
before she mentions it.
he has no idea that she knows
he's going to the colloquium.
What a poor guy.
I should tell him at least.
Wait. What the
Gosh. My phone!
(Jae Jin's clinic)
- Hello?
- Yeong Won,
is my phone in your car?
Seriously, you are
Why do you keep leaving your phone?
I'm at Jae Jin's clinic. If you come here,
I'll wait outside.
Hang up for now.
(Kyung Tae)
- Enjoy your lunch.
- See you.
(Lobby, Operating Room, Treatment Room)
(J Plastic and Reconstruction
Surgery Center)
Is everything okay with her?
She left work in a rush yesterday.
(Use your fingerprint
or draw your pattern.)
Dr. Oh.
What on earth happened?
I'm sorry, Dr. Oh.
(Honghak Hospital)
She has known since then.
The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Your call may be charged after the tone.
Oh, son.
You need to answer my call at least.
Ms. No.
Don't you know how to knock?
Why did you clean it?
What are you saying? Speak English.
The cottage.
Why did you go there again?
It's a crime scene, Mother.
Are you expecting me to
leave everything as it is?
It'll permeate into the floor.
My goodness.
By the way, we need to find Dr. Oh's phone.
She's still the vice
director of the hospital.
We need to let the hospital know at least.
You mean this?
Oh, Lord.
You, Dr. Oh, and Jae Jin.
You've known each other for a long time.
Why did you hide it from me?
What do you mean? What did I hide?
You never asked.
Are you doubting the
relationship between the two?
Those two
are not in a relationship
like you think. Never.
It's just that Dr. Oh became
an orphan when she was young,
and my family happened to sponsor her.
What can I do about the fact
that she has a crush on Jae Jin?
We have to admit that
Jae Jin is good-looking.
"Sorry about the late reply."
"I am"
"on vacation for a while."
"I've told Director Choi already,"
"but it seems it wasn't passed down."
It's strange if the vice director
can't be reached for this long.
How wicked.
How dare she eye Jae Jin?
(Move this picture to the Recycling Bin?)
You can't just delete
the pictures on her phone.
What? It's my son's picture.
(Son, good night, and I'll see
you in the morning. I love you.)
Mr. Park, have you found anything?
(Soft Hands)
There's something you
need to check urgently.
Which is?
I found a video that
captured Dr. Choi that night.
You mean Jae Jin?
I'll send it to you right away.
(Juicy Fruit)
(A downright lie)
(December 4, Tuesday)
(Did you finish up the surgery
well? Want to have dinner today?)
(Sorry, I'm tired today.
(Let's eat together next time.)
If it wasn't Dr. Oh,
who was he with?
(Soft Hands)
Hey, does this have chunks in
it because it was made by hand?
Anyway, you're doing
errands for your uncle?
You punk, you're more
family-oriented than I thought.
I can't refuse to do Uncle's errands.
My uncle provided for my whole family.
My uncle is the most
successful person in my family.
Your uncle who runs a corn
guksu place is the most successful?
Well, this is just something he
does as a hobby after retiring.
What is this errand?
He told me not to tell.
You're more tight-lipped
than I thought, punk.
My uncle's lips are even tighter.
He's the most tight-lipped
person in my whole family.
Even during the presidential election,
he wouldn't say who he voted for.
Even to his family.
That's harsh. My sister is like that too.
Anyway, just stuff your
face and leave soon.
I have to let this dough rest before I go.
I'm in a very busy state.
You punk.
I have just made a big
deal with my brother-in-law,
and I will only focus on
my business from now on.
Why? Is your brother-in-law
giving you money?
What about me?
Hey, Seung Jae.
How much longer will you
work at your uncle's guksu place,
kneading dough and running errands?
You should also have a
corn guksu place of your own.
Would I be able to do it?
Hey, don't you remember
when we were in the military?
Have you forgotten everything?
We had passion.
- Passion.
- Passion.
Bring it in!
- Go!
- Go!
Let's eat.
Where's Dad?
Didn't you tell him that
Dr. Choi went to a colloquium?
Oh, Dad went to a colloquium.
When is he coming back?
- Soon.
- After a while.
You know, Do Hyun
Idols go on world tours, right?
Dad was invited by several colloquia.
So, shall we say he went on tour?
But then, why is his phone turned off?
He must be busy.
I talked to him.
I guess my grandson was a daddy's boy.
It's not like that.
I was just bored without Dad.
Gosh, what is this? Isn't
this a hidden camera?
What happened?
There was a hidden
camera in the men's restroom.
A hidden camera?
There was one in the
men's changing room too.
And another one was
found in the Director's room.
Even in the Director's room?
But is Director Choi not here?
He was so shocked.
He's getting some rest now.
Right. It just so happens that the
Vice-Director is on vacation today.
Darn it!
How could there be a
hidden camera at a hospital?
How ridiculous is that?
He found the hidden
camera in the men's restroom.
Oh, I see. You must have been surprised.
Are you all right?
Oh, well, what can we do to compensate you?
How about monetary compensation?
Compensation is one thing,
but we should take action first.
Have you reported it?
Forget about that!
What I want is for this
hospital to shut down.
I will not tolerate this hospital
continuing to treat patients
after this debacle.
But sir, we didn't do that
Please calm down first.
Well As our patient
and the person who reported the crime,
we will follow your
opinion, no questions asked.
Are you sure? Then,
I'll trust you to it and leave.
I will be sure to check
whether you really
shut down or not. Got it?
Are you saying you'll
shut down the hospital?
Since things have come to this,
we should change the hospital's name too.
Let's freshen the place up
with some remodeling work.
Remodeling work?
Yes, just think of it as a
month of paid vacation.
- What? A vacation?
- Now?
Right now.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
Go on.
It was you, wasn't it?
What was?
If not, we should catch the culprit.
This time, I'm really going to report it.
Come on, Ms. No. Were
you always this righteous?
Why do you keep saying
you'll report every little thing?
The director and vice-director
of the hospital have disappeared.
Then, what should we do?
It would look suspicious to anyone.
Still, you're willing to shut
down the hospital like this?
Remodeling the place because of
hidden cameras is more suspicious.
You just seem to be getting
better at making harsh comments.
You turned this into an even bigger issue.
Are you trying to fool me again?
Again? What else did I do?
What on earth is it you're hiding from me?
You said
that you got a strange text
message one day, right?
This is the message
that I got on the 49th day
after Prosecutor Choi passed away.
(How would it feel if the husband
you wanted dead disappeared?)
It must be the person who wrote
that Prosecutor Choi's death
has to do with my novel.
It was exactly the same
as the story in your novel.
Do you still suspect me?
Actually, a strange parcel
arrived before that too.
It was a family photo
and a stuffed pigeon doll.
Was its head cut off?
Yes. That's right.
Well, it's an obvious cliche.
An obvious cliche just like saying
that I killed Prosecutor Choi
in the same way as in my novel.
Do you want to take a look?
(101N 9999)
No way. Did Jae Jin?
You know, Ms. No.
Our dear Jae Jin is
not that kind of person.
I don't know
what kind of person Jae Jin is.
Do you still not get it?
We've been set in a trap.
A trap?
Who is it then? Who set this trap for us?
Well, that's
How would I know all
that? I don't know that either.
But what is certain
is that we've fallen into a trap. So,
we have to figure it out together.
(J Plastic and Reconstruction
Surgery Center)
Well Who are you?
Oh, you're Director Choi's
wife and mother, right?
I've heard about it outside.
I'm Gu Kyung Tae.
I'm the vice-director's
Dr. Oh Ji Eun's
Oh, and what brings you here?
Ji Eun has
I'm aware that Dr. Oh is
on vacation at the moment.
All of a sudden?
That can't be.
She just notified it to
the group chat at that?
She wouldn't even answer her phone?
That's definitely not like my Ji Eun.
Dr. Oh isn't a little child.
She probably has her reasons.
Something definitely happened!
- What
- Gosh.
Mr. Gu Kyung Tae, right?
Calm down a little first.
Wait. You're Dr. No Yeong Won.
Well That's right.
Dr. No. My Ji Eun's behavior.
What does it indicate
about her mental state?
What should I do now?
Mr. Gu,
why do you think Dr. Oh
got into an accident
just because you can't reach her?
Because it's the last
thing that would happen.
And she shouldn't.
Are you perhaps afraid it
might mean she has left you
now that she won't answer
her phone? Is that why?
Of course, love is accompanied
by a sense of anxiety.
- But
- It isn't
just my assumption.
Every circumstance
implies that something
happened with my Ji Eun.
Tell me. Are you a detective or something?
The truth is
I'm with the police.
The police
Just to be
a public official,
I studied hard enough to have nosebleeds
for as long as 15 years.
And my gut feeling says
that something
is fishy.
After the third day, I
can report her missing
and track her phone too.
Wait and see.
I'll reveal the truth behind this case
and make sure
to find my Ji Eun.
Mother. Why did you have to provoke him?
That's not important right now.
We have a variable.
Dong Tae, Myung Tae,
or whatever his name is,
Dr. Oh's boyfriend is a cop.
It's Kyung Tae.
He became a police officer
after 15 years of studying.
Constable Gu Kyung Tae.
Right. Constable Gu Kyung Tae
who became a police officer
after 15 years of studying.
Oh, right!
We have to take care of Dr. Oh's phone.
Do you know the passcode?
I, Hong Sa Kang, am the
Korean Agatha Christie.
How dare she It's Jae Jin's birthdate.
Dr. No.
Let's take some of her
clothes and stuff in the luggage.
It should seem like
she's actually on a trip.
Oh, right.
Her phone
Let's put it around here.
Now even if he tracks her
phone, it will come out to be here.
Then, he'll have no other way
to find her whereabouts.
You have a knack for hiding stuff.
Is she trying to sock it to me?
My Ji Eun
Gosh, Ji Eun
Ji Eun
I'll be good to you.
Ji Eun.
Ji Eun!
Goodness. Ji Eun.
Where did you go?
Darn it.
Who are you?
Excuse me!
What do you think you're doing?
Who are you?
I'm Dr. Oh's
I mean, Ji Eun's uncle.
And who are you?
I'm Ji Eun's boyfriend, Gu Kyung Tae.
Her boyfriend?
Are you here because
you couldn't reach Ji Eun?
- Reach her?
- Yes.
Check your phone.
(Madam Hong Sa Kang)
Dr. Oh is on vacation.
Well, you
must be mistaken.
Ji Eun went on a trip.
She texted me.
- Here.
- What
- Really?
- Yes.
No. Something's strange.
Somebody could've used Ji Eun's phone
to text you.
It's a common method
in missing person cases.
A missing case?
The truth is, I'm a police officer.
(Gu Kyung Tae, National Police Agency)
It's strange that her phone
turned off all of a sudden.
And to say she went on a trip,
her luggage is right there.
(My Ji Eun)
(Kyung Tae)
What? I'm hearing the buzz.
Where is it?
So what if you're her boyfriend?
I can never
tolerate this behavior.
Gosh. What behavior?
- Goodness! It's her phone.
- What?
It's Ji Eun's phone.
Why is her phone here?
I get it.
She probably left her phone behind.
Why don't we go outside
and talk over some warm tea?
- Wait. Her phone
- Come on.
- Let go
- What kind of food do you like?
- Sushi.
- Oh, sushi?
Wait a second.
Good work, Do Hyun.
You were quite fast.
You still can't reach your dad?
No It's turned off.
Do you think you know
everything about your dad?
What defines knowing
everything about someone?
I guess you're right.
It's hard to define that.
Tell me what you think, Do Hyun.
What do you think about your family?
Grandma and Mom's work?
I'll get going now.
- Are you going to your academy?
- I don't want to go.
- But following my schedule
- That's what your Mom likes?
Do Hyun.
It was also the same for me back then.
But this is what I think.
The choice is yours to make.
That was what your Mom said too.
Then shall we play another round?
Sounds great. Breaking the rules.
But if my mom calls,
you will tell her we
studied together, right?
Come on, Do Hyun.
You think too much.
Let's go.
My gosh! Who are you?
Ms. Hong Sa Kang and Dr. No Yeong Won.
Who are you?
I have received a request
from Prosecutor Choi.
(Private Investigator, Jung Doo Man)
A private investigator?
We're usually known as private detectives.
Prosecutor Choi asked you for help?
Yes. I served him when I was younger too.
I didn't expect him to
go so easily like this.
I did pay my respect with condolence money.
What did he ask for help with?
He gave me a call one day and
asked me to investigate someone.
Lee Se Na?
Who is she? Do you know her?
She was my patient.
But why did she want
you to investigate on her?
I have a lot of photos.
That was why they were at
the vacation home together?
What are you doing?
Are you saying Dr. Choi has had an affair?
Yes. Lee Se Na is
Dr. Choi's secret mistress.
Prosecutor Choi worried
about Dr. No when he was alive.
That is why he conducted a
secret investigation into his son.
Prosecutor Choi felt something was off.
He was able to solve
cases with his intuition.
And his intuition proved
to be right again this time.
This is what I found out about Lee Se Na.
She's a witch, I tell you.
A witch?
Are we in the Middle Ages or something?
All have died.
All men who were related to her have died.
Two weddings and three funerals.
She experienced all of them.
So all of her husbands have died?
They say things happen
by chance in this world.
But could you find this to be
this ridiculously accidental?
what do you mean by the
2 weddings and 3 funerals?
I will tell you
how she started being called a witch.
Oh, to be exact,
she is the Whistling Witch.
- "Whistling?"
- Yes.
The Whistling Witch.
She always whistled
whenever a man died.
It happened every time.
The cause of death of the
first husband was poisoning.
It was from the poison of a pufferfish.
He was poisoned to death?
It concluded as an accidental death,
but it was true that
the fish had poison in it.
We do not know if it was
accidental or deliberate,
but the important thing is that
Lee Se Na earned
a great amount of insurance money
for the death of her first husband.
And that was when
that rumor started.
It sounded like she was crying,
but she was actually whistling.
The cause of death of her
second husband was drowning.
Lee Se Na once again
earned a great amount of insurance money.
This would've been enough
for her to be sick of men.
She didn't get married to the third man.
That man died too?
He burned to death.
It concluded as an
accident for him as well,
but we do not know if he was
burned to death deliberately.
The important thing is that
the recipient of the third
man's insurance money
was Lee Se Na again.
are you saying these were
murders for their insurance money?
Oh, Lord.
There can't be a conclusion
without any positive evidence.
But with 2 weddings and 3 funerals,
I'm quite certain she is a witch.
That disgusting woman.
I should've taken care of her
before things came this far.
What is that about?
Are you saying you knew about this too?
Madam Hong wouldn't have
known how dangerous she was.
Only Prosecutor Choi
had a hunch that Lee Se
Na was a dangerous person.
Things might not end here.
Dr. Choi Jae Jin could be in danger too.
The fourth funeral
might be coming upon us.
Since when did you know about this?
How dare she take away my son?
You knew about the two of them.
Is that why you came to
the vacation home that day?
Out of all the men out there,
how could she take my innocent Dr. Choi?
Please answer me, Mother!
What has that innocent one done wrong?
Oh, Lord.
Please save your innocent young lamb.
Dr. No.
I guess I've been too careless.
I should report this to the police first.
What if you do?
How are you going to describe this to them?
No Yeong Won's husband
ran away after having an affair?
Are you trying to let the
whole world know about that?
He just said my Jae Jin is with the witch.
Aren't you even worried about him?
What will do you if he really dies?
Listen, Mother.
I feel more anger toward the man
that has fallen into a woman like her.
That's not it.
My Jae Jin is an innocent one.
He was fooled by her
because of his innocence.
Right. He was so innocent to
have kept this a secret from me
for a whole year.
But Mother,
I can't lose everything I've achieved
because of a man like him.
So what are you going to do?
I will find him.
Won't it be better for him
to be killed by me instead of the witch?
(Bitter Sweet Hell)
We're on the same team now.
Shouldn't we find Jae Jin together?
This is what you call absurd.
- Dessert first, please.
- Darn it!
You're the wife of someone too.
What has that innocent one done wrong?
Oh, Lord.
Protecting your son no matter
what doesn't make any sense at all.
The heart of a mother
is truly beautiful and sad.
Everyone will die. Everyone!
Do you still not get it?
We've been set in a trap.
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