Bittersweet Hell (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

(All people, incidents, and backgrounds)
(in this drama are fictitious
and unrelated to reality.)
(Also, children and animals were
filmed under production guidelines.)
I have a lot of photos.
Lee Se Na is Dr. Choi's secret mistress.
This is what I found out about Lee Se Na.
She's a witch.
A witch?
The cause of death of the
first husband was poisoning.
It was from the poison of a pufferfish.
It was true that fish had poison in it.
But the important thing is that
Lee Se Na earned
a great amount of insurance money
for the death of her first husband.
The cause of death of her
second husband was drowning.
Lee Se Na once again
earned a great amount of insurance money.
This would've been enough
for her to be sick of men.
She didn't get married to the third man.
It concluded as an
accident for him as well,
The important thing is that
the recipient of the third
man's insurance money
was Lee Se Na again.
That disgusting woman.
I should've taken care of her
before things came this far.
What is that about?
Are you saying you knew about this too?
Since when did you know about this?
How dare she take away my son?
You knew about the two of them.
Is that why you came to
the vacation home that day?
Out of all the men out there,
how could she take my innocent Dr. Choi?
Please answer me, Mother!
What has that innocent one done wrong?
Oh, Lord.
I guess I've been too careless.
No. I should report
this to the police first.
What if you do?
How are you going to describe this to them?
No Yeong Won's husband
ran away after having an affair?
Are you trying to let the
whole world know about that?
He just said my Jae Jin is with the witch.
Aren't you even worried about him?
What will you do if he really dies?
Listen, Mother.
I feel more anger toward the man
that has fallen into a woman like her.
That's not it.
My Jae Jin is an innocent one.
He was fooled by her
because of his innocence.
He was so innocent to have
kept this a secret from me
for a whole year.
But Mother, I can't lose
everything I've achieved
because of a man like him.
So what are you going to do?
I will find him.
Won't it be better for him
to be killed by me instead of the witch?
The fact that they fooled
me for such a long time
is what I can't tolerate the most.
I seriously had a raging fire inside me
that I even took psychiatric medication.
("No Yeong Won's Everlasting Solution")
I tried to get a divorce too,
but I don't think I can
because of the children.
Dr. No, today's story
is also very frustrating.
The husband had had another family
behind the wife's back for a long time,
but even her mother-in-law
had known about this fact.
And for 15 long years, at that.
When you hear about these
stories, a husband is a true mystery.
Right now,
I feel the betrayal and sense
of loss the wife must be feeling.
My heart aches so much.
This is
what you call absurd.
Right now, the wife must think
("No Yeong Won's Everlasting Solution")
"It's already been 15 years."
"What can I do at this point?"
She must feel like giving up.
But you can't give up.
This issue is clearly
the fault of the husband.
Also, the mother-in-law
can't do that either.
She's someone's wife too.
Only defending her own
son doesn't make any sense.
"Because we're family, you
should understand and let it go?"
You fooled her for 15 years.
How is that a family?
So, ma'am,
don't you ever blame yourself.
And don't tell yourself
to just endure it
and torment yourself.
You should be fully compensated
for how wronged you were for 15 years.
- Great work today.
- Good job.
- Yes, thank you.
- Thank you.
- Have a safe trip home.
- I will.
Your comments today were so feisty.
I guess your husband would
be too scared to have an affair.
Am I scary?
I'll see you next week.
Yeong Won. The shaman I go to said
you have some sort of
bad spirit stuck on you.
Something is going on these
days, isn't it? If there is, tell me.
And what if I tell you?
You should come and see the
amazing shaman I'm close to.
- Have my fortune told?
- Yes.
Don't you know I go to church?
Yeong Won.
Just think of it as a traditional
method of mental healthcare.
You might really explode at this rate.
From what I can see, you're the
one who really needs mental care.
Dr. No.
- Here.
- What's this?
Oh, I'm not sure either.
A fan of yours asked
me to deliver it to you.
It's a car.
Who gave you this?
- Pardon?
- Who gave you this?
Yeong Won, what's wrong?
He was by the entrance
Yeong Won!
Yeong Won!
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Who are you?
I'm a courier.
- A courier?
- Yes, a courier.
Then, who sent this?
I don't know that either.
If you're a courier,
someone must've sent this.
I'm sure it's from a fan.
- A fan?
- A fan of yours, Dr. No.
Actually, I'm a fan too.
I'm sorry,
but do you have any contact info
or the name of the person who sent this?
I was coming outside
from making a delivery
when I received it in person.
Then, did you see the person's face?
I did, but he was just
a regular looking man.
A man?
Yes, a regular, average man.
Wait, was it a woman?
He wore a black hat and a black mask.
And horn-rimmed I guess it was a woman.
("The Truth of Psychological Assessments")
(101N 9999)
(Is your family well?)
(101N 9999)
(101N 9999)
(101N 9999)
Do you still not get it?
We've been set in a trap.
(Chapter 4: Mutual Assistance)
(Seoul Gangnam Police Station)
Why isn't Mr. Choi Jae Jin here?
Well The thing is
He's at a colloquium.
The culprit behind the hidden
cameras has been caught?
You can have the culprit
punished 100 percent,
but that would depend on whether or not
you show mercy.
What would you like to do?
Would you like to see?
Mother, you're not going to
talk about Jae Jin, are you?
I made it clear you can't report it.
Hidden cameras have been found,
but neither the director nor
the vice-director has shown up.
Isn't that a bit strange?
It is strange.
That by coincidence, this
kind of incident broke out
while both the director and
the vice director were away.
Hardly anything in this
world works out as planned.
Goodness. But I have
this strange feeling
that somebody planned it.
Park Seung Jae, 35 years old this year.
- Right?
- Yes.
What's your job?
I make corn guksu at a corn guksu place.
You make guksu at a guksu place
No. I make "corn" guksu
at a "corn" guksu place.
Corn guksu?
What's that?
Is it different from janchi guksu?
Yes. It's different from janchi guksu.
Corn guksu is yellow.
Yes, my military colleague.
Park Seung Jae who makes
corn guksu at a corn guksu place.
why did you install those secret cameras?
In the men's changing room,
the men's bathroom, and
even the director's office.
- The thing is
- Was it someone's order?
Be honest.
I loved the director!
What? Out of the blue?
Yes, out of the blue No.
I had a crush on him for a long time.
But he didn't accept my feelings.
That's ridiculous!
Actually, it's not entirely ridiculous.
It feels like this punk
is hiding something.
I'll show mercy and forgive you.
- What?
- Out of the blue?
It's a famous saying from "Les Miserables."
"To love another person is"
"to see the face of a deity."
Out of the blue?
Mr. Park Seung Jae who makes
corn guksu at a corn guksu place.
I forgive you.
So please give up on Dr. Choi now.
Thank you.
Then, should we release him right away?
Yes. Please close the case.
Let's go, Mother.
Anyway, where did the director
go for this colloquium?
It has nothing to do with this case.
Shall we?
(Seoul Gangnam Police Station)
How did you know that
man to give him this job?
(Seoul Gangnam Police Station)
You have too many questions.
That's not important right now.
I get that you're angry because
I stopped you from reporting.
But Jae Jin isn't a little child.
They wouldn't even accept it
even if we reported him missing.
You must be so happy to be smart.
Dear son, are you watching this?
Your mother is the only
one who worries about you.
Mother. I also
You what? I'll find my son on my own.
Mr. Gu.
You seem mentally vulnerable right now.
Visit me in my clinic.
I'll do you a counselling.
(Director No Yeong Won)
I'm all right.
I made it with freshly-made noodles.
Was it really necessary?
Noodles are chewier that way.
No, not that.
I didn't expect
that my nephew would
say that he loved Dr. Choi.
No, not that.
Did it have to be secret cameras?
It was a means to close the
clinic without anyone getting hurt.
At least, your nephew
could hold his tongue.
Please have some guksu now.
I have no time for this.
I'm not even allowed to make a report,
so I need to find him much sooner.
I've been checking the
security cameras in Yangpyeong.
But there's too much footage to go through.
Gu Kyung Tae
Visit Gu Kyung Tae.
Gu Kyung Tae? You
mean Dr. Oh's boyfriend
who became a police officer
after 15 years of studying?
I hate myself.
I cry alone.
Why do you hate yourself?
Can you tell me
when that happens?
When there's nothing I can do.
Like now.
I can't find my Ji Eun.
The truth is, I found Ji Eun's phone
at her place.
On her phone,
I found Choi Jae Jin's photos.
Mr. Gu, let me be honest with you.
My husband, Choi Jae Jin,
isn't on a business trip. He disappeared.
What? Your
Your husband can't be reached either?
Both the director and
vice-director disappeared.
Isn't it strange?
I said it was strange.
could it be that the two of them
That must not be true.
I can't be sure about that yet.
But it's certain that
they both disappeared.
I can't tell anyone else about this.
But Mr. Gu,
you're a police officer.
You became a police officer
after 15 years of
studying without giving up.
Let's look for them
together until the end
without giving up.
Why don't you look for
the director's car first?
We might be able to find
Ji Eun's whereabouts, then.
Anyway, why did your uncle tell you
to install secret cameras in that clinic?
I don't know.
You should've asked him that first.
You almost got a
criminal record, you idiot.
Hey, there's always a big purpose
when he tells me to do something.
(Just and Kind Police of Civilians)
I'm not even sure if I can
understand his profound purpose.
So how can I dare ask him?
Anyway, did you meet Jae Jin,
my brother-in-law, in the station?
I heard he was on a business trip.
Even the police found it strange
that both the director and
vice-director were away.
A business trip? Do
doctors go on business trips?
So, that's why I couldn't reach him.
Hey. Didn't they feed
you in the police station?
You're digging in.
Hey. It has your saliva on it.
(Seoul and Hongcheon, Yangpyeong,
Yangpyeong, Yangpyeong and Changwon)
(Investigation Division)
(The police shall take strict
action against drunken violence.)
That's the one.
(Just and Kind Police of Civilians)
(Criminal Division)
Uncle Kang Sung, what brings you here?
I'm here to see how my
future nephew-in-law is doing.
Have a seat here.
Oh, so you were
tracking an incident.
- To be honest, - Yes?
I think Ji Eun
accompanied the hospital director.
Oh, of course, I don't believe it yet.
Is that the hospital director's car?
Oh, yes.
He keeps driving to south
One for my future nephew-in-law.
While moving toward the south,
he stops here.
- One more.
- Thank you.
(Hamyang, Yangpyeong)
You're home.
Do Hyun's getting tutored by Mr. Moon.
I see.
Jae Jin?
Oh, you're home.
Oh, I spilled juice.
Do Hyun told me to
change into Jae Jin's clothes.
That's why I'm in here.
He has a lot of nice clothes.
I happen to be very interested in fashion.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Yes. Good job today. Bye.
- Get home safe.
- Bye.
Son. Do you want to grab a beer with me?
- Beer?
- Yes.
What? Don't play dumb with me.
Did you think I didn't know
Dad was giving it to you?
You and Dad giggled last time
thinking I didn't know.
So you knew it all along.
You know us like the back of your hand.
By the way, Mom.
Dad has never done this before.
To go on a business trip for this long.
You're right.
Maybe Dad needs some rest.
Do Hyun, do you want to go
on a trip with me this vacation?
For about a week. And
skip all your private lessons.
- Really?
- Yes.
I want to see the sea.
(Constable Gu Kyung Tae)
Dr. No Yeong Won. I finally figured it out.
I'll meet you at the river park tomorrow.
Did you find him?
I checked
all the CCTV footage from
Yangpyeong to all highways
until my nose bled.
After he left Yangpyeong,
he took the highway.
So I checked all the
CCTV footage on that road.
He kept passing.
South Icheon.
To Goseong toll gate.
He's moving toward the south.
Then the last toll gate was
Of course, I need to check
where he went after that.
What matters is
whether Ji Eun was sitting
next to your husband or not.
What's going to reveal that?
The speeding ticket.
He got caught for speeding.
Here. Look.
Here. Someone's next to him.
Watch carefully.
Do you see it?
It's impossible to see.
Then it's not confirmed.
No, I wouldn't give up here.
If I were to make a deduction,
to drive that far, you'd have to get gas.
And visit the restroom.
The rest area?
Bingo. From the CCTV at the rest area,
I found the car.
If you look here,
just before leaving the rest
area, he stops by at a gas station.
And while fuelling, they
both get out of the car.
It must've been suffocating.
It's guaranteed.
See? It's not.
I was worried that it might be Ji Eun.
By the way, Dr. No.
I watched it carefully.
Your husband
seems to be cheating on you.
How can he do that when he has
a famous and successful wife?
Thank you for your work.
Then where's my Ji Eun?
Dr. No.
Are you just leaving?
When can you counsel me again? Tomorrow?
I'll give you a call.
Give me a call.
(Juicy Fruit)
("That's The Way It Is" by SE O)
I'm sorry.
That son of
("Beast's Yesterday" you subscribed
has received a new comment.)
(Is this where the husband
died, Novelist Hong?)
(Is this where the husband
died, Novelist Hong?)
(Mr. Park.)
Hamyang Rest Area?
He's heading to South Gyeongsang Province?
Visit Gu Kyung Tae.
Gu Kyung Tae? You
mean Dr. Oh's boyfriend
who became a police officer
after 15 years of studying?
What do you think it means
that Ms. No gave him her number?
To have him come to the hospital.
And why would Ms. No, a busy
woman, want him to come to the hospital?
To use him.
Gu Kyung Tae must've
seen Jae Jin's photo
on Dr. Oh's phone,
and he'd suspect something
was up between them.
You hid Dr. Oh's car, so
it would be untraceable.
Then, whose car would he trace?
You're the Agatha Christie of Korea.
See, son?
I told you I'd find you.
Were you surprised?
How did you know?
Do you think I was called the
Agatha Christie of Korea for no reason?
This is what deduction is all about.
I don't trick others like someone
by using psychology.
Anyway, finding Jae Jin is the priority.
Right. As long as Jae
Jin returns safe and sound,
that's enough, isn't it?
It's enough if he returns safe and sound?
No. Even if he returns, he
shouldn't be safe and sound.
By the way, why did you hide the fact
that you were coming here from me?
You also have a knack
for hiding things, don't you?
Not as much as you, Mother.
My goodness.
You just seem to be getting
better at making harsh comments.
Anyway, Ms. No, we're on the same team now.
Shouldn't we find Jae Jin together?
Just like someone who
ran away, he came so far.
Tongyeong is
a very special place for me and Dr. Choi.
When Jae Jin was young, I
brought him here for the first time.
In today's terms, you
could call it a field trip.
I wanted Dr. Choi to
experience the village of poets.
Dr. Choi came here
because of the memories from back then.
This is a soundless shout
It is an everlasting
handkerchief of nostalgia
That I wave toward that blue field of ocean
Pure love, like the
waves, sways in the wind
At the end of the post of
the clear and upright ideology
Sorrow spreads its wings like a white heron
Oh, who is it?
The one who knew to hang
one's sad and desperate heart
In midair for the first time?
I'm sure he's around here somewhere.
It is this place.
(101N 9999)
It would be better if
I know. I was going to
go. This is about my son.
Why did you appear on TV anyway?
It is amazing
We came to Yeongdeungpo together
It is amazing
Nice! Let's go!
Having a fun time
My life is going well
Excuse me?
We are going to have fun
It is amazing
Having a fun time
Who are you?
Everyone. Hello.
I came because I had something to ask you.
Yes, what is it?
I'm looking for
the owner of the car out there.
Does anyone know?
Do you know the owner of that car?
It's my son.
That's great.
He won't answer when I call him.
Oh, were you unable to reach him?
Did he arrive the day before last?
Didn't he say he was going to Yokji Island?
Right? He came and borrowed a car from me.
He came with his lady.
Oh, and where is that Yokji Island?
It takes about an hour from here by boat.
There aren't any more boats now.
There won't be one until
tomorrow in the early morning.
Oh, you said he was your son, right?
Then, please settle his bill.
Oh, shall I?
- They won't have wine, right?
- No.
(First Leaf Soju)
I'm rather relieved.
If he's on an island, it'll only be a
matter of time before we find him.
Is this something to feel relieved about?
We're here to catch
him in the act of an affair.
Ms. No.
I know my son Jae Jin well.
I can see how Jae Jin, who
has such an innocent soul,
would have fallen for that scary girl.
Also, men just do that sometimes.
Especially, from Dr. Choi's perspective,
he could become curious about a woman
who is the complete opposite
of you, the perfect wife.
Is having an affair something that's
passed down through generations?
Just like his father
How was it for you, Mother?
When Father did such a thing.
I didn't expect much.
Then, I suddenly realized
that I should've expected something.
That way,
he would've blamed himself
for letting his family
down at the very least.
are you saying I should
expect something from Jae Jin?
Until the end?
Still, Jae Jin listened to you.
Why is that important?
That was all a ploy to fool me.
Ms. No.
I'm not asking you to understand Jae Jin.
But you must think about your family.
You have received the
expectations of our family.
Are you sure you can let that down?
Will you be able to handle
yourself after letting that down?
You mean a family for yourself.
I wonder if I really
am part of this family.
What would you do if Do
Hyun was in this situation?
Like a certain poet said, a son
makes you desperate just by calling him.
That's how a mother feels.
You and I are mothers
first, and women second.
I asked him to come.
It's not easy to search
through an island, you know.
Hello. My name is Park Kang Sung.
Hello. We've met before, haven't we?
You're the patient who found
secret cameras in the clinic
and Dr. Oh's uncle.
Things happened that way.
I apologize.
Did you look into the rented car?
Yes. I tracked it down
and found a record of it
boarding a ship to Yokji Island.
But there was no
record of it returning here.
I think the car is still on the island.
Thank goodness. It's such a relief.
Do you know what time the
first ship to the island takes off?
I'll look into that.
Why did you have to call me
all the way over to Tongyeong?
I didn't know you were here too, ma'am.
How have you been?
I called him over.
Anyway, why is Seung Jae's uncle here?
Seung Jae?
Seung Jae who makes corn
guksu at a corn guksu place?
So your friend is
Mr. Park's nephew?
And you're the madam he's working for?
Jae Jin is on an island with some woman?
Is he out of his mind?
Calm down.
I'm not in the situation
to go around freely,
so I called you over.
I didn't know Mr. Park would come.
Yeong Won.
Seung Jae's uncle serves Madam Hong.
And I'll serve you. Don't worry.
Are you leaving? See you.
Jae Jin, where are you?
Yeong Won is going to Yokji
Island to get you tomorrow.
Call me first when you read this.
(Director Kang)
(Director Kang)
Dr. Oh, are you okay?
Dr. Oh, are you feeling all right?
Yes, madam.
What is wrong with her?
What is wrong with her?
She's inarticulate right now,
but she'll eventually get better.
Dr. Oh, do you remember that day?
You went to the vacation home.
I went to the vacation home.
Gosh, it's frustrating. What
Can't we just exchange texts?
Hold on, Mother.
Dr. Oh.
Did you perhaps see Jae
Jin in the vacation home?
What is that? Does it mean a no?
I didn't even get
to see him.
I heard we'd die.
- What?
- What?
I heard we would all die.
That everyone was going to die.
That we were going to die!
Dr. No! That my Jae Jin
That my Jae Jin would die!
- She's in shock.
- That he would die!
I'll stabilize her and call you again.
What was she saying?
(Yokji Island)
When did they start this relationship?
A year and six months?
It's probably been that long.
I was the only one in the dark.
I recently found out
that it was still going on.
I thought
they broke up back then.
I should say
she had a strange vibe for a patient.
(Director's Office)
It was around then
that Jae Jin started changing.
Will you have lunch with me?
We'll have dessert first.
You probably didn't know,
but I could see through my son.
Did you leave them be when
you knew about his affair?
- Bye.
- Bye.
- No.
- Goodbye.
I didn't just leave them be.
(101N 9999)
You're Novelist Hong Sa Kang, right?
I'm a huge fan of yours.
Maternal love
is beautiful
and sad.
She was cheeky.
To look back on that
moment, she was different.
Unexpectedly enough,
she understood right away.
She took the checks,
so it was all over then.
I mean, I thought it was all over.
Jae Jin said he broke up with her.
Why didn't you tell me?
Because we were family.
The winds are blowing too much.
Anyway, I wonder what her intentions are.
You said she was cheeky.
She took the money, so why again?
Dr. No.
What kind of mental state
would you say she's in?
In my opinion, this is just an affair.
To say that she's after
the insurance money
like the private detective said,
this affair has been going on for too long.
Isn't it strange?
Just what's on her mind?
You ask me a question, but
you don't listen to my answer.
What's on your mind?
Have I?
Dr. No.
Don't be too sensitive.
Your skin might age.
I saw her on TV.
- Me too.
- Who is she?
- Isn't she Dr. No Yeong Won?
- She isn't.
She's pretty.
- Young Min.
- Yes?
Check the CCTV footage nearby.
Okay. Now?
We won't eat first?
Fine. But why won't you feed someone
and just make them work?
Fine. I'm going. See?
Gosh, she's so pretty.
She looks amazing.
My goodness.
Hey, get in.
Why be on television?
- We should hurry.
- Right.
- Mr. Park.
- Yes?
Where's a good restaurant here?
A good restaurant?
Jae Jin is a gourmet.
You really don't know your husband.
Jae Jin is a light eater,
but he enjoys having seasonal foods.
Wherever he goes,
he's a warmhearted gourmet
that looks for a good place to eat.
He would've visited
a good restaurant first.
I found one.
Where is it?
It's Gesekki Jjamppong.
- Sorry?
- Gesekki?
It's not what you think.
Crab for "Ge," shrimp for
"Sewoo," and pen shell for "Kijogae."
That is why it's Gesekki Jjamppong.
It's a place you must visit on this island.
That sounds delicious. Geseggi Jjamppong.
It's Gesekki Jjamppong.
Gesekki Jjamppong.
Then I will depart.
You've brought the
pictures of Lee Se Na, right?
Yes. But why do you ask about the pictures?
I can't be going around saying
I'm looking for my 40-year-old son.
How impressive.
You'll be in the car, right?
I know that showing your
face won't be a good idea.
(Jjamppong, pork gukbap)
Has this person visited this place before?
We have so many customers that visit us.
How would I remember every single person?
I'm busy, so please move away.
We know that you're busy.
(Soft Hands)
I make pretty good noodles myself.
You should get some rest.
She does look a bit familiar.
Have you seen her?
Isn't this her? She came
around four days ago.
- Don't you remember her?
- I don't.
The two of them ordered so much food.
The very pretty woman
and the man that ate a lot.
They were incredible.
- Didn't they sit there?
- You're right.
I remember them because
that man ate so much.
It's delicious. You should eat too.
- What is it?
- It feels like an eating show.
It's fun to watch.
- Is that so?
- Yes.
Should I switch jobs while I'm at it?
"I'll be eating Chinese food today."
I should add in some rice.
Hold on.
Did you say he ate a lot?
Have you mistaken him for someone else?
My son doesn't eat a lot.
He usually eats salads
and foods high in protein.
Right. The really pretty
woman didn't eat a lot.
The man ate incredibly.
He had a large bowl of Gesekki Jjamppong.
He had a tangsuyuk, a yusanseul,
an ohyangjangyuk, and even a palbochae.
I thought he was filming
for an eating show.
I felt sorry for your daughter.
The man must be rich.
That must be why he eats like a pig.
I just kept it at that in my mind.
Mr. Park, let's get going.
Why is it so noisy outside this morning?
I don't know. It's a mess out there.
I think I heard that
someone committed suicide.
They found a car in the sea.
All have died.
All men who were related to her have died.
What on earth is going on?
I'll tell you once I get back.
It's strange that you
want everything cancelled.
You've never done that before.
Oh, Yeong Won,
the Buddhist saint told me you
should head south to find a way.
I see. That saint must be good.
Hurry up and get in, Ms. No.
I'll call you again.
Where are we going now?
Did you find him?
I heard a car was found in the sea.
- A car?
- Yes.
- What's going on?
- Did you hear?
(Restricted Access)
(83H 2949)
It isn't his car, right?
(83H 2949)
H 2949.
It is his car. The one Dr. Choi rented.
Oh, gosh!
What is that?
(Bitter Sweet Hell)
There are things that have
happened that you can't know about.
You feel relieved, don't you?
I told you that we
needed to call the police.
It's upsetting not
knowing why he had to die.
I just don't get what's going on.
I don't know what is real and what is fake.
I'm not even sure about my own family.
- They will all die.
- You cut your hair.
I'm scared too. But what can I do?
I'm Do Hyun's mom.
I can't let myself break down like this.
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