Black Butler (2008) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

Kuro Shitsuji Ep 3
TL By Pada
Ow! Hot! Hot! Hot!
I—I’m so sorry!
I’ll wipe it off straight away.
Young Master, why did you decide to take in such a useless idiot?
Like you’re one to talk.
This was one big miscalculation.
Hey, Ciel,
our Greil is completely incompetent.
Would it be possible for you to have Sebastian train him as a butler?
I’ll give you a big thank you in return!
I thought Sebastian would be the only one inconvenienced
and it wouldn’t affect the rest of us at all, but…
I am truly sorry for all the trouble I am causing you.
There really is no way to atone for my sins but to commit suicide!
Wait! Don’t be rash!
When did he get a knife?
You do not have to die.
If you stabbed yourself and bled everywhere,
it would be an even larger job to clean up.
Sebastian, how kind you are.
Was that kind?
At any rate,
to be bringing this farcical tea to the young master…
Take note: the amount of tea leaves you put in should be relative to the number of people, with one extra for the pot.
One pint of boiling water for every two portions is probably the best amount.
Young Master, it is almost time.
I shall have the carriage brought around to the front.
Well then, everyone, I shall leave the clean-up to you.
Greil, since you cause too much trouble, you should just rest and relax.
And if by any chance you turn yourself over to eternal rest,
please do so outside the mansion grounds.
Sebastian, what kindness!
His Butler, Almighty
His Butler,
Extra! Extra!
Mysterious prostitute murders!
Welcome, lad.
Are you here for your father or something?
Excuse me. We have come to collect the master’s cane.
Ah, this cane, huh?
I was wondering who would use such a short cane.
I never thought a child like—
It is a wonderful cane, lacking even the slightest dent!
Keep the change.
Finny’s insane strength really is tiresome.
Is a cane really something you can just bend by accident?
Thanks to that, my growth will be affected.
It’s not as if you have grown, so it was merely an inconvenience.
On top of that, we have had to add another troublesome servant to our ranks today.
We should return home at once.
Look, Mama! It’s The Phantom Company’s Peter Rabbit.
It’s the new one!
The Phantom Company: one of the most influential toy companies,
it rapidly expanded in less than three years,
and has this wonderful mansion to showcase its immense wealth.
Ah, what dignified construction.
It was only built about two years ago.
But it is quite magnificent…
That is how it was meant to be.
Ah! It’s Real Tanaka!
It’s been at least three months!
This mansion is an exact replica of the one before it,
and by “exact”, I mean that it has been restored to the point
where even the scratches on the very pillars are the same.
The Phantomhive mansion was engulfed in flames and burned down three years ago.
Pardon me for asking, but were Ciel’s parents, by any chance…
Yes. The previous master was lost in that tragedy.
I see.
Tanaka doesn’t usually use up that much steam,
so when he becomes Real Tanaka for more than three minutes, he falls into a slumber.
I… I see.
Why skulls?
O—Once again, I have caused a great deal of trouble.
I’ll die! I’ll die and repent!
You don’t have to kill yourself over every little thing!
B—But, if I don’t at least hang myself, how on earth could I ever show my face again?
I’m sure you must be tired, Young Master.
I shall prepare some tea immediately.
What’s the—
My mansion is…
What on earth
is this?
Sebastian! Sebastian!
Just what is going on here?
More importantly, what on earth are you wearing?
Ask that crazy girl!
Crazy girl?
What the hell are you doing?
As you can see, I am dying.
Take him down, Sebastian.
Ciel! I missed you.
Ah! I’m always telling you to call me Lizzy, aren’t I?
You really are just the cutest thing ever, aren’t you?
Lady Elizabeth.
Oh my, Sebastian. Good day.
Did you take him down?
Yes. It ruined the aesthetics.
Eh, really? Even though I decorated him so nicely?
Decorated him?
See? Look! It’s so much cuter, isn’t it?
My mansion has…
There shouldn’t be anything but the cutest items in this mansion.
Isn’t that right, Antoinette?
Tanaka, too?
I have a little gift for you, too!
Ah! So cute!
You’re always dressed in black, so I thought this colour might look good on you, too.
I am terribly honoured that you went out of your way to think up an outfit
for a servant like me.
It’s fine.
Anyway, Lizzy, why are you here?
Where’s Auntie?
I wanted to see you, so I sneaked out in secret!
Just what are you thinking?
Um, this would be…
She is the daughter of the Earl of Scotoni,
Lady Elizabeth Esel Cordelia Midford.
Sc—Scotoni Elizabert…
Lady Elizabeth is the young master’s fiancée.
Ah, fiancée?
No w…
Oh n…
Lady Elizabeth is the daughter of an earl, after all.
It is only natural for a noble to have a noble as a wife, is it not?
Oh, yes!
Since the mansion has been decorated so nicely, we should have a dance party!
And then you can escort your fiancée, and we can dance around in circles.
Ah! How wonderful!
Hey! Who said that it was all right to…
Wear the clothes I picked out for you, okay, Ciel?
I think they’ll be really cute on you!
Listen to what people—
Oh! I have to do my make-up.
Come on. I’ll make you ever cuter, too!
Listen to what people are telling you!
It would have been easier to agree with her,
and then subsequently withdraw from the event.
Hurry up and get her some dinner or something, and get her out of here!
I don’t have the time to keep up with her little girly games.
However, it seems Lady Elizabeth has invited you to a dance.
Young Master…
What is it?
I have never witnessed it, but do you have any proficiency in dancing?
No wonder. So, that’s why you intended to be a wallflower until you were called to the party.
I am busy with work.
I have no time to be idling with games like…
Pardon my directness, but dance balls are quite a regular occurrence,
and at events such as banquets and dinner parties, it is an irreplaceable cultural skill.
Orchard Fruits Pie
If you wish to be a gentleman with the finest degree of class,
it is only natural for you to be able to dance.
If you were to refuse to dance with a lady,
your reputation at social gatherings could be thrown into the gutter.
I get it. I get it. I just have to do it, right?
Call me a private tutor or something.
Lady Bright, Lady Rodkin, or someone like that.
There is not enough time to call for the madams.
While I am a poor replacement,
I shall take on your dance supervision.
Don’t be stupid! As if I could dance with a huge guy like you!
In any case, your dancing must be…
If it is the Vienna Waltz, then leave it all to me.
I often intruded upon them at Schönbrunn Palace.
May I have the honour of this dance,
my Lord?
The first step is always from the heel.
Hold the lady’s back firmly.
Then, once the melody begins, from your left foot… All right.
Next is a natural turn.
Put your foot forward, as if you were skating.
Rather than saying you lack the talent for dancing, it is probably better to call your skills abominable,
Young Master.
You should not just dangle off me.
It’s your fault for being too big!
Above all else, though,
first you must wipe that sour look off your face.
It would be rude to show that to a lady.
Now, smile, as if you were having fun.
Let go of me!
Young Master…
Anyway, I
have long forgotten
how to laugh as if I were having fun.
This is so embarrassing!
Well, just resign yourself to it for now.
This… This immature, girly little white dress is so…
If I were going to dress up, I’d want to do it in a passionate red,
with a sexy cut that would look truly decadent!
That’s what’s bothering you?
If I have to live with such shame,
I… I may as well die!
Isn’t anyone going to stop me?
I think blue is definitely Ciel’s colour!
The clothes I brought with me today are ones I instantly fell in love with while shopping in London.
All right! It’s your turn, now!
I’ll make you even cuter.
I am severely long-sighted, and without these, I can’t see anything!
The world of dreams is something you feel with your heart, not see with your eyes.
Leave it at that.
Ciel! You really are cute!
I really have an eye for this kind of thing!
Ciel! What about the ring I prepared for you?
There was a cute one that matched your clothes, wasn’t there?
This ring is fine.
No way! After I went to all the trouble of making everything so cute,
to have your ring be the only thing that’s not cute…
Are you saying you don’t want the one I got for you?
How horrible!
It’s not that.
This ring is…
Just kidding!
I got it!
It really is way too big for you!
The one I got is just the right size for you, and—
Give it back!
Give that back right now,
Why are you getting so angry?
I went out of my way, and…
What is it?
I was just trying to make everything cute.
So, why are you getting so angry?
I hate this ring!
Young Master,
you have forgotten the cane you took so much trouble to get.
That ring was something incredibly important to our master.
It was one of a kind, passed down through generations of Phantomhive family heads.
Please forgive my master’s rudeness.
Th—That precious a ring…
Ciel, I’m…
Ciel, what are you doing?
It doesn’t matter. It was nothing but an old ring.
Even without it, the head of this Phantomhive household is me.
How long do you intend to cry for?
Your face looks terrible.
It is absolutely unsuited to a lady.
I wouldn’t want to ask a girl like that to a dance.
How wonderful.
Sebastian can even play instruments!
I will, too!
Woah! He’s got a good voice!
It is customary to forget the bad things at an evening ball and dance, is it not?
My lady.
I shall take responsibility for delivering Lady Elizabeth home safely.
Will you be all right?
Yes. After all, I am one hell of a butler.
Sebastian, I have learned so many things about being a butler from you.
It is said that once people are on the precipice of death, they relive moments of their life.
I believe that when I am close to my own demise, I will relive tonight’s dreamlike world many times.
How ironic for you to say that.
He’s the type who ends up living forever.
What a disgraceful day today was.
It seemed as though you were having fun, though.
Don’t be stupid.
Who is the stupid one?
It’s an important memento to you, is it not?
Putting on a façade like that in front of Lady Elizabeth…
It is only natural for someone who serves under the Phantomhives to be able to do this.
This ring is something that exists for the sole purpose of being on your finger.
Please take good care of it.
That’s true.
This ring has witnessed the death of its master time and again.
My grandfather’s, my father’s; eventually, this ring will even observe my death.
This ring has heard the final gasps of the family head again and again.
If I close my eyes, I can hear it, too;
that heart-wrenching cry.
If I threw it away, I may not be able to hear it anymore.
That’s what I thought.
It’s pretty stupid, really.
Ah, the moon has already risen so high.
Please rest now,
otherwise it will affect your body.
stay by my side until I fall asleep.
My, my. Are you showing me your weak side?
It’s just a simple order.
I will be by your side, no matter where that may be, until the end.
The head of this Phantomhive household is me.
Stay by my side.
Well then, I have to make the necessary preparations for tomorrow.
Nothing I say comes out right.
I can't love without a fight.
No one ever knows my name.
When I pray for sun, it rains.
I'm so sick of wasting time,
but nothing's moving in my mind.
Inspiration can't be found.
I get up and fall, but
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my life!
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my hard life!
I live my life! I'm alive!
Serial murders rock society.
In order to catch the culprit, the young master’s help is absolutely necessary.
Now, don’t be scared.
It will only hurt for a moment.
See? It’s already this close to the end!
Just a little. Just a little more, and that will be it.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, whimsical.
His Butler, Whimsical.
His Butler, Whimsical
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
We shall await you next time
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