Black Butler (2008) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Kuro Shitsuji Ep 4
TL By Pada
There are just too many people in London.
It is due to the social seasons,
where the upper classes migrate from manor houses in the countryside to their townhouses in London.
Seasons, huh?
The carefree slackers.
Sometimes, getting away from the mansion can be a good change of pace.
Those four aren’t accompanying us,
so we should be able to enjoy some peace and quiet.
Peace and quiet, huh?
Grief! Just where have they hidden the tea in this house?
-OP-TITLE-His Butler, Whimsical.
It’s nowhere to be seen!
Enjoy some peace and quiet…
There’s no way it would be in there!
Madam Red! Lau! Why are you here?
My, you’re early!
Since you have come, it must mean…
The Queen’s guard dog is on the move, correct?
His Butler,
Yesterday, at Whitechapel, another prostitute was murdered.
It wasn’t just your average murder; it was bizarrely vicious…
No, you could actually call it ‘supernatural’.
The victim this time, a Miss Mary Nichols, was cut down by a special kind of blade
Blackberry Cornmeal Cake.
that sliced her up completely, unhindered by any resistance.
Scotland Yard and the newspaper reporters are calling the killer
Jack the Ripper.
Jack the Ripper, huh?
The reason I hurried to London was also to confirm the situation.
Do you have the guts to visit the crime scene?
What do you mean by that?
The darkness and the scent of evil that now seep through that place
will call out to those of the same breed and eat into them.
If you set foot in that place, it’s possible that you will be engulfed by the madness.
Are you prepared for that,
Earl Phantomhive?
I came here to avenge her distress.
Don’t ask unnecessary questions.
That’s excellent. Those are good eyes.
Is something wrong?
This isn’t the sort of place good little boys and girls come to.
Hurry along back home.
Where’s the victim’s corpse?
What on earth are you talking about?
What did you come here for, Earl Phantomhive?
Is he an acquaintance of yours?
I came here to clean up the mess being made by dawdling hounds,
Sir Arthur Randall.
It looks like there aren’t any significant leads yet.
Scotland Yard are taking care of this incident.
Don’t stick your nose in where it’s not wanted.
Fine by me.
Let’s go, Sebastian.
Yes, sir.
What are you going to do?
Asking him would be the best option.
Earl, you can’t mean…
It’s just as you suspect.
So, where are we?
You looked like you knew what was going on a minute ago!
This is the undertaking establishment of one of the young master’s acquaintances.
An undertaker?
Are you here, Undertaker?
I thought you would drop by sooner or later.
Welcome, Earl.
Have you finally decided to get into your own, special casket?
As if anyone would come to do that.
Today, we’re—
You don’t have to say it.
I understand completely.
That particular guest is in an unfit state to be seen by those from the world of light.
I made her all pretty, you know?
I want to hear more about that.
I see. So, being an undertaker is just your cover.
How much is your information?
I don’t have the slightest use for the Queen’s legal tender.
Now, Earl, give me that.
Bestow the finest laughs upon me.
Then, I shall tell you whatever you want!
The sicko.
Leave it to me!
I was known as the Grinning New Year Tiger of Shanghai. Behold my true nature!
The bed fled!
I suppose there’s no helping it.
This Madam Red, known as the flower of social gatherings, will let you in on her top-secret gossip!
So, when beep did that beep the little beep was totally beeped
and they beeped and beeped and before beep… It was something like that.
Well then, the only one left is the earl! Last time, I lost,
but I won’t this time.
I suppose there’s no other way around it.
Everyone, please step outside.
Under no circumstances are you to peek inside!
Please enter.
It seems he is willing to tell us what we need to know.
I have seen Utopia.
Recently, I’ve been seeing something every so often;
“customers” who have a little missing.
A little missing?
Yes, a little missing.
Like a uterus.
It was a pretty harsh splatter, but her uterus alone was precisely cut out.
While it may not have been a largely populated street,
would it not be difficult for an amateur to perform such a precise task there in the pitch black?
You’re quite a sharp one, Mr. Butler. I thought the exact same thing.
First, to cut the prey’s neck, then to cut here
and steal what’s important.
He’ll definitely kill again.
He’s the type that won’t stop until someone stops him.
Can you stop him,
Noble of Darkness, Earl Phantomhive?
I swear on my family’s crest,
those who dirty Her Majesty’s garden will be dispatched without exception,
whatever it takes.
That story narrowed it down quite a bit.
Firstly, it is an individual quite expert in medical dissection.
Also, someone of that sort who has no alibi for that night,
and, from the fact that they took the organs with them,
someone involved with some manner of ritual, sect, or even black magic.
Just how does that narrow it down?
Dissections are something that any doctor – even I – can do.
Summer is almost at an end, too.
In one more week, when the season ends,
all the nobles will return home with the personal doctors they brought with them.
Well then,
we should just investigate until that time.
It is only natural for a butler of the Phantomhives to be able to do that.
I will draw up a list of suspects immediately and go through everyone on it.
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