Black Butler (2008) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Kuro Shitsuji Ep 5
TL by Pada
This isn’t the time to be playing chess.
Nothing good comes of overexerting yourself.
Why not leave it to Sebastian?
He’s nothing more than one of my pawns.
It’s me who gives the orders and moves him.
However, he is not a normal pawn.
He is a pawn that can get across the whole board in one move.
Like this.
Isn’t that against the rules?
Yes, if it was a game we were talking about.
However, rules hold no meaning in the real world.
There will inevitably be knights who break the rules, and pawns who disobey orders.
If you let your guard down for even an instant, you’ll be in checkmate.
His Butler,
There should be many ways for you to live
that don’t involve being the underworld’s guard dog.
My sister, your mother, would have wanted that for you as well.
Even so, the reason you have returned to this underworld
is that you want revenge for the death of your parents, isn’t it?
Even if you exact revenge, it will not bring back those who have died,
nor will it will bring happiness to them.
I did not return to the ways of the Phantomhives because of the previous generation.
I did it for myself,
in order to bestow the same pain and humiliation I felt
upon those who betrayed us and sullied the Phantomhive name.
I still remember the day you were born.
You were so small and fragile, and you brought out my protective instinct.
I was unable to have children, but I really do think of you as my own son.
If possible, I’d like you to take your leave of…
The reason I’m doing this right now is down to my own wishes and choices.
I do not regret it, nor do I wish to be indulged out of pity.
Not by anyone.
I’ll be fine from here, Sebastian.
Please do not stray from that child’s side,
so he does not wander off his path and get lost.
I shall, without fail. I intend to stay and protect him until the end.
I have come to pick you up, Mistress.
How is it?
No matter how many times I re-examine it, the answer is the same.
The viscount wasn’t involved in yesterday’s case.
That is correct.
It would have been impossible for him or anyone in his household.
That’s right, the people in there are…
At any rate, tomorrow we shall…
Sebastian… Impossible!
I’ve told you many times, have I not? I will not lie to you.
Of those with proficiency in the medical arts, connections to black magic or cults,
and who lack an alibi at the time of the incidents,
Viscount Druitt is the only one who fits the profile.
Does that mean the investigation was just a farce, then?
I am one hell of a butler, so I am faithful only to that which my master has ordered and asked of me.
Under one of your orders, I am to be your pawn and your sword.
So, please, Young Master, move me into check.
He’ll come if we hang out here, won’t he?
It’s true that, among the prostitutes who were killed,
there were other similarities apart from their organs having been removed.
Beautiful, shimmering black hair.
But why did he need to kill them?
That allure which could even be called sinful.
And also, I—
That wonderful softness.
Ah, that wonderful softness.
Listen when someone is talking to you!
I apologise. I was simply so taken with its rare beauty that…
There shouldn’t be any way for someone to go through.
Let us go.
You cannot…
You’ve splattered it around in a rather lavish way, have you not,
Jack the Ripper?
Greil Sutcliffe.
N—No, this isn’t…
I rushed here after hearing the scream and it was already too…
Do you really think you can feign innocence when you look like that, Greil?
This is the first time I have met someone like you in the human world.
You show the façade of a helpless butler to everyone.
You really fooled everyone quite splendidly.
That’s right.
I am an actress.
Quite an exceptional one at that.
But you aren’t just a normal Sebastian either, are you?
It’s the name I was given by the young master, so I am Sebastian. For now.
My, that’s quite the subservient personality you have.
However, I suppose that’s also splendid in a handsome man like yourself.
Well then, once again, Sebastian… No, Sebby.
I will introduce myself anew. I am the Barnett family butler Greil Sutcliffe.
As a fellow butler, please treat me kindly.
My, I finally get to meet you without a disguise.
I was quite surprised to begin with as it was the first time I had seen a demon act as a butler.
Surely that is my line.
For someone like you to be acting as a butler…
You are supposed to be a neutral being in the balance between gods and humans;
a Reaper.
Why would you, briefly like unto God, become a butler?
Shall we say for now that I fell in love with a woman?
And that woman is?
You know that without even asking, don’t you?
This was beyond my expectations.
To think that there would be someone able to see Greil’s true nature…
You were on the preliminary suspect list, of course, Madam.
However, your alibi was perfect.
You even suspected me, one of your relatives?
If the individual was capable of becoming “Jack”, blood relations had no bearing.
It was impossible for any human on that list to be involved in all the incidents.
However, if the accomplice were inhuman, then that would change everything.
If they were able to get into a room within a split second without us noticing,
and move from the viscount’s home to the East End in an instant,
then “Jack the Ripper” could be none other
than Madam Red and Greil Sutcliffe!
Among the victims of Jack the Ripper, there were other connecting factors.
They all underwent specific surgery at the Central London hospital where you work.
Among the list of patients we compiled,
the only one who had not been killed was the one living in that room, Mary Kelly.
We knew that, if we loitered around here, you’d be sure to show up.
Though we could not save her…
This is so unfortunate, Ciel,
my adorable nephew.
If you hadn’t noticed, we would have been able to play chess again.
However, this time, I will not give anything up!
What is that?
Reapers have a tool they use to prey on people’s souls.
It is the Reaper’s scythe.
Don’t give it a lame name like “scythe”!
I took such trouble to customise it!
It’s able to shred any substance that stands in its way.
Only I am permitted this death-scythe.
I was playing nice for so long that my skills have grown rusty.
It’s been a while, so I want a good workout
wi-th yo-u!
Can you refrain from making such repulsive comments?
I am in the middle of my work.
Ah! How stoic!
That part of you pushes me over the edge, too!
You know, I love the colour red.
Hair, clothes, even lipstick.
Red is my favourite colour.
That’s why I gave those ugly whores a makeover
with their beautiful red blood.
Sebastian, I’ll make you into an even more appealing man.
I will carve you down to your inner depths,
scattering that beautiful rose-colour everywhere.
Reapers are those who should peacefully hunt down souls heading for death.
Butlers are those who should obey their masters like loyal shadows.
Your poor taste, which violates both of those ideals,
quite simply sickens me.
Oh my, Sebby.
Even so, I am a butler to die for.
On behalf of Her Majesty, and by my own sullied name, I order you:
Dispose of them!
Yes, my Lord!
Ah! Splendid!
Flee more!
This is terrific, Sebby!
See? If you don’t run fast, you’ll be shredded.
Hurting you little by little will be most effective, won’t it?
You and I have become the guard dog and the prey.
If you’re going to hunt me down,
there’s only one way!
Why would you, a doctor…
Even if I explained, a brat like you would never understand!
A brat like you…
Like you…
You should never have been born!
Young Master!
Stop, Sebastian. Don’t kill her!
My, Sebby, you’re so daring!
Even at the cost of an arm, you went to save that kid.
Look at yourself in comparison, Madam.
Hurry up and get rid of that kid!
My beloved sister…
My beloved…
Their beloved little…
I can’t.
I just can’t.
I can’t kill this child.
What are you saying after having cut up all those women?
If you don’t get rid of that kid, you’ll be the one who’s disposed of.
But this child is my…
I am so disappointed, Madam Red!
I have no interest in you if you’re just like all the other women!
This is…
The memories played back to be judged
on the list of those who are scheduled to die by a higher power.
That is the job of us Reapers.
What kind of human they are, what sort of life they led,
whether they should be allowed to live or be killed…
In other words, a flashback of their life?
My, do stop it with all those horrible, old-fashioned names.
The dramatic pain.
This is the true power of the Reaper.
Cinematic record.
Rachel, Angelina,
please welcome the Earl of Phantomhive.
I always hated the red hair I’d inherited from my father.
Your red hair is truly beautiful, Anne.
It’s like the colour of liquorice that burns a landscape.
Red suits you very well.
I came to love the red hair I’d inherited from my father.
I came to love red…
I came to love you.
Anne, I have something wonderful to tell you!
I came to hate the colour red once more.
However, I could never hate you.
I married a man I became acquainted with at a banquet.
Will it be a boy, or will it be a girl?
Men are so impatient! I don’t know yet.
It was different from what I had actually wanted, but…
Even so, this time…
A carriage went out of control and hit someone!
Someone call a doctor!
Somehow, it drifted away.
Your husband passed away immediately
and, in order to save your life,
we were forced to remove your womb and abort your child.
Your internal bleeding has…
drifted further away from me.
That which I had loved,
that which I was coming to love
was dyed.
It was all dyed
in the red colour I so despised.
My sister was able to pass on with her beloved.
If only my feelings had also been buried beneath the ground back then.
Children are just a nuisance.
You never know whose child it might be, and you have to keep things child-safe and can’t entertain men.
I, who lost everything…
Though they have what will never again come into my life…
Women who throw that away without a second thought…
I will dye them.
Oh, you’re the one from the other day.
What are you doing?
I will turn everything red with these hands.
My, you put on quite a show.
A bright red Reaper laughingly called out to me.
After a few months,
my nephew, who had gone missing abruptly, came back.
He brought along a butler clad in black.
You were all right!
I was able to have one thing back.
I am so glad that even you alone were spared.
Let me take a look at you.
The child of my beloved and my sister.
“That child came back, so why didn’t he?”
“Why did he end up with my sister and not me?”
This time, I won’t let anything be taken away.
I won’t give anything up.
I won’t give anything up!
I loved you covered in the blood of others, Madam Red!
To think you were such a ridiculous woman! I’m so disappointed.
You have no right to wear red.
The cheap show is now over.
Goodbye, Madam.
Sebastian, what are you doing?
I told you to hunt down Jack the Ripper.
It’s not over yet.
Don’t stand around.
Get rid of the other one.
I was going to spare you,
but if it’s your wish, I’ll send you there, too.
Both of you will go to Heaven together!
That has no hold over me.
You just aimed for a lady’s face, didn’t you?
You scum of a man!
I am one hell of a butler, after all.
Do you really think a demon can win against someone who is like unto God?
I wonder.
However, if the young master has told me to win, then I shall win.
You’re putting a lot of effort in for that little shrimp, aren’t you?
You’ll get burnt.
Even if you are a demon,
if you get “hunted” by a real death-scythe, you’ll be eliminated, you know?
Aren’t you scared?
At this moment, my body and soul, to the last hair, belong to my master.
As long as the contract continues, obeying his orders is my duty as a butler.
Nothing I say comes out right.
I can't love without a fight.
No one ever knows my name.
When I pray for sun, it rains.
I'm so sick of wasting time,
but nothing's moving in my mind.
Inspiration can't be found.
I get up and fall, but
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my life!
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my hard life!
I live my life! I'm alive!
Liquorice flowers, so red they seem to burn the landscape,
eventually turn brown,
wither and wilt.
Yes, this all obeys nature’s laws, death!
I apologise for that.
I do not wish to allow that terrible taste to prevail anymore.
I will have him take his leave by means of a swift death.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji: His Butler, At the Funeral
His Butler, At the Funeral
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
We shall await you next time
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