Black Butler (2008) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Kuro Shitsuji 6
TL By Pada
Scotland Yard and the newspaper reporters are calling the killer
Jack the Ripper.
A little missing?
Yes, a little missing. Like a uterus.
That is correct. It would have been impossible for the viscount or anyone in his household.
Sebastian… Impossible!
“Jack the Ripper” could be none other
than Madam Red and Greil Sutcliffe!
You should
never have been born!
I just can’t.
I can’t kill this child.
I am so disappointed, Madam Red!
I have no interest in you if you’re just like all the other women!
A demon and a Reaper.
Ah, I wonder if it really is impossible for us to understand one another.
The fleeting memories that we were allowed together…
It’s as if we’re in a Romeo and Juliet-esque tragedy!
Ah, Sebby, wherefore art thou Sebby?
If you were to throw away that repulsive name forced upon you by your master
and only look at me…
I will say just one thing.
From the moment my master named me Sebastian,
I was baptised in the contract,
and from that day forth, I truly became Sebastian,
as I vowed by the moon.
A vow that sways as the moon waxes and wanes?
You are quite the inconsistent man.
Your eyes are filled with an impurity that loves absolutely nothing.
You are a demon that befouls pure souls with your hands and lips.
Ah, how splendid you are. You give me chills, Sebby!
I want to have your babies!
Please stop. That is disgusting.
My, how cold you are.
The beautiful tyrant.
The angelic demon!
A crow with heart-shaped wings!
Ah, Sebby,
if only morning would never come,
we would be able to continue our love like this forever.
But our adventure must end here.
Let us part with a passionate kiss.
A thousand farewells!
Now, allow me to see your drastic and dramatic record!
-Op- His Butler, At the Funeral
His Butler,
At the
H—Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
Just what the hell is this?
This past year has been filled with nothing but that, after all.
I have no interest in such domestic flashbacks!
Show me the good bits!
I’m sorry, but the rest is pay-per-view.
Ah, my clothes are all ruined again.
This is completely gone.
To be worried about your clothes in a situation like this, you must be quite laidback, no?
But I like a well-groomed man, Sebby.
It was not my wish to employ this sort of tactic,
but I have no choice.
You’re finally going to be serious with me, then?
Let’s put an end to this with the next blow.
Farewell to this world. Let us be bonded to each other in the next, Sebby!
That dress jacket is made from the finest Yorkshire wool.
You will find that there is a lot of friction in wool production.
Once it is woven, it is quite hard to tear apart.
No way!
It was one of the items I brought from the mansion,
so I did not want to have to use it.
However, you had already ruined it.
Well then, I have a bit of confidence in plain fist fights.
W—Wait a minute…
Please, not the face!
Not the face!
Stop it!
I apologise. I misjudged the distance.
You’re in quite a state.
I had a little resistance, so…
Remember this!
My, that’s a Reaper for you. I suppose you would not die from blows alone.
Well then, how about this?
A Reaper’s scythe is able to cut through anything,
which means
it should be able to cut through you, right?
Wh—What are you thinking?
Sto— Stop—
It is quite unpleasant to be stepped upon. Doing the stepping, however, feels quite good.
It hurts!
Young Master, even though this hideous reprobate is a Reaper, a god of death,
are you prepared to accept the consequences of killing him?
Are you trying to make me give the same order twice?
Ah, it hurts! It hurts!
My, you do have quite an attractive screaming voice.
Let me reward you.
I will let you depart via this beloved toy of yours!
Please stop!
Don’t want to.
Don’t you want to know who killed your parents?
Forgive me for interrupting you mid-conversation.
I am one of the supervisors of the Reaper Dispatch Organisation,
William T. Spears.
I have come to take that Reaper back.
Will! William!
You came to save m—
Dispatcher Greil Sutcliffe,
you have committed several regulation violations.
First, the elimination of those not on the Candidate List.
Next, the use of a non-sanctioned death-scythe.
And finally, the disclosure of information
pertaining to the lives and the circumstances of death of the aforementioned departed.
I apologise profusely for any inconvenience caused by this.
Ah, here is my business card.
Honestly. Having to bow my head to vermin like you
really does smear mud across the Reaper name.
Well, in order for you not to cause the “vermin” further inconvenience,
please keep a close watch.
Humans are vulnerable to temptation.
When they are forced to stand on the hellish precipice of despair,
they will unfailingly take any route out of it that appears before them,
no matter what kind of web it tangles them in,
no matter what kind of person they are.
The ones who take advantage of that and taunt humans are you demons, no?
I am not denying that.
I suppose that those dogs kept leashed as pets
are better than the mad dogs that roam around with no principles.
Well then, we shall return, Greil Sutcliffe.
My goodness, at a time when we’re already short-handed, once again, I won’t get to leave today.
Of course, the director will scold us anyway…
If I keep having to do overtime like this—
You forgot that.
Thank you.
Well then, excuse us.
I must apologise.
Half of Jack the Ripper escaped.
It’s fine. It’s over.
You are rather chilly.
Let us return to the townhouse post haste.
I shall prepare some hot milk.
Young Master!
Young Ma—
It’s fine!
I can stand on my own.
It’s just…
I’m slightly fatigued.
Big brother!
Bro, there are lots of people here today.
Even though you’re our big brother, you don’t know?
I’m only twelve, so I don’t have to know, either!
That’s right.
It’s natural for a normal twelve-year-old not to know.
Today is the grandest of parties for a certain mistress.
A grand party?
Yes. The final and largest ceremony of a lifetime,
a funeral.
And the chaff died, and fell upon the earth,
and finally became sustenance through water to nurture the living.
And to bring closure to the far off future,
those who live will pass through the gateway to death…
Auntie Anne.
…will pass through the gateway to death.
The Phantomhive.
A red dress?
How improper!
But the madam loved red so dearly.
Neither white flowers nor plain clothes suit you.
What suits you is the red of passion,
the colour of liquorice burning the landscape,
Aunt Anne.
Rest well,
Madam Red.
It must be about time for the funeral.
To think that the madam will never pay us another visit…
It really makes you feel lonely.
Why have you got such a depressed look on your faces?
It’s at times like these that we must provide support!
You have departed, haven’t you?
You’ve gone to the place of your beloved,
Lady Angelina.
You’re still here? The investigation is over.
But I cannot accept that!
Aren’t we of Scotland Yard here to protect the citizens?
Our country, Great Britain, has a long and deep history.
The more we have, the more old entanglements there are
that are part of the underground society that we must not touch upon.
This case was judged to have been resolved through the laws of that underground society.
Judged? Who by?
If you want to find out, keep on looking.
However, once you do, you’ll regret it.
It would have been better to have never known…
Are you not going to report the true identity of Jack the Ripper to Her Majesty?
There is no need for that. Her wish was simply for the case to be brought to an end.
That has been accomplished.
And just like that, you will continue to be dragged down into the quicksand.
Even if you came to a place you could no longer return from,
you would never show anyone your weakness by asking for help.
You are the Queen’s Guard Dog, and proud with it.
I will also try not to cause you any trouble, Earl.
The existence of these “opium dens” is starting to become troublesome.
If you’re going to pull out, now is the time.
If that were the case, I’d move into another business.
You also have the option of returning to your country.
I still haven’t run out of interest in this country.
Nor in you, Earl.
I am counting on you continuing to show me things of great interest.
There’s somewhere I wish to stop by. Come.
This is…
My last guest from the Jack the Ripper case.
It seems that she was an immigrant.
We could not find anyone to take care of the body.
That’s why the kind earl had me do her make-up, and went as far as to arrange a grave for her.
It wasn’t out of kindness.
That night, if we had prioritised saving this woman’s life, there would have been many ways to do it.
However, deciding against that, I instead prioritised capturing Jack the Ripper.
I knew that I wouldn’t be able to save her
and, in that knowledge, I stood by as she was killed.
My relative also…
Are you having regrets?
I’m not.
Jack the Ripper is no more.
Queen Victoria’s distress has been lifted.
Victoria, huh? I can’t quite like her.
She just watches from high above and leaves all the difficult matters to you, Earl.
This is the duty our family has shouldered.
It is something that has been inherited from generation to generation along with this ring.
That ring is like a collar.
It connects you to the Queen through a chain called “duty”.
The one who decided that was me!
I pray that collar does not one day lop off your head.
That would be too boring.
If anything ever happens again, please do come by the shop.
If it’s you and your butler, I’ll welcome you any time.
How kind.
Don’t make me repeat myself. This wasn’t kindness…
It was kindness.
If not, then it was weakness.
Why didn’t you shoot?
Standing by and watching a relative be killed?
Lies do not impress me.
At that time, if you had thought of shooting her, you would have shot her.
However, due to your hesitation, even if I had told you to, you would not have taken up your gun.
Were you afraid to kill the madam with your own hands?
Even if you could kill a woman you had no acquaintance with,
you could not kill someone close to you?
It’s because that’s your job.
I thought you would protect me with your life.
That’s why I did not shoot.
Our contract states that, until my goal is fulfilled,
you will become my power, and protect me without letting me die.
Demons do not have a sense of loyalty or conviction, right?
All they have are principles.
That’s why, in order to fulfil your own principles, you will protect me, no matter what.
Isn’t that right?
Then, why did you stop me back then?
As the madam was trying to kill me, there was hesitation in her eyes.
She was not able to kill me, a relative.
That’s what I thought.
If you hesitate for even a moment, it can be fatal,
just like in chess.
She lost her next move through hesitation.
That’s all there was to it.
That’s why I will not hesitate.
That’s how it has to be!
You should use your pawns in the best way possible and keep struggling to live on,
using the madam, myself, and all the other pawns within your reach.
Even if the empty shells of pawns pile up beneath the throne, once the king is gone, the game is over.
I will not stop moving forward.
I will not regret a single step I have taken.
That’s why I order you:
Do not betray me,
and do not leave my side!
No matter what.
Yes, my Lord!
If you wish,
I will follow you, no matter where you go.
Even if the throne crumbles and the brilliant crown rusts,
even if the empty shells of pawns pile up
and we rest upon their decaying bodies,
I will lie beside your small form.
And until the last bell tolls, until that time…
Nothing I say comes out right.
I can't love without a fight.
No one ever knows my name.
When I pray for sun, it rains.
I'm so sick of wasting time,
but nothing's moving in my mind.
Inspiration can't be found.
I get up and fall, but
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my life!
I'm alive!
I'm alive!
Oh yeah!
Between the good and bad is where you'll find me,
reaching for Heaven!
I will fight!
And I'll sleep when I die!
I live my hard life!
I live my life! I'm alive!
The young master has received an order from the Queen
to develop a suspicious village into a resort.
To be given the discretion to do such vulgar jobs… Only our young master could have received such an unrefined task.
The name of “Queen’s Guard Dog” is not just for show.
It wags its tail and barks on command.
Next time on Kuroshitsuji:
His Butler, Travelling.
His Butler, Travelling
After all, I am one hell of a butler.
We shall await you next time
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